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tv   Viewfinder Latin America Paz Paz Bus  Al Jazeera  December 2, 2020 6:30am-7:01am +03

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against corruption which to many represents an overdue departure from the type of leadership that dominated mexican politics for the past 100 years when reliable al-jazeera mexico city cuba is pushing ahead with a range of monetary reforms that's a commie suffers from a combination of u.s. sanctions and the pandemic that means the cuban peso will be devalued for the 1st time in more than 60 years cuba's used 2 versions of the pacers since 994 only one of which is only interchangeable i should say in cuba it's part of efforts to loosen state controls of the economy and finally china says it has successfully landed a spacecraft on the moon beijing launched its chinese 5 probe last week and one crude vessel which will attempt to collect about 2 kilograms of rocks from a previously unvisited area of the mood it would make china the 3rd nation 2 of the tree lunar samples after the united states and russia.
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so these are the headlines this hour u.s. attorney general william boss says the justice department has found no evidence of widespread voter fraud from last month's election in response president donald trump's legal team accuse the justice department of failing to do enough to investigate its allegations of. question. more from alan fischer in washington. before the election bill barr we see the voter fraud could well be caused by mail in ballots but now he's saying we've looked at this and there's no widespread evidence of voter fraud that goes completely against what the president has been seeing even in the last couple of hours if you tweet or you know more people who are suggesting that there is widespread voter fraud in the election was stolen from donald trump you'll remember just a couple of weeks ago the man who was the head of the cyber security unit for the
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election said this was the most secure election in american history donald trump said yeah that was because of my administration but still stolen from us and by the way you're fired and our panel from the u.s. centers for disease control is recommending front line workers and nursing home residents should be the ones getting the coronavirus vaccination 1st your states and other local authorities there will eventually decide on the issue. of pro-democracy activists to do to be sentenced in hong kong after pleading guilty to unlawful assembly during last year's protests joshua wang was taken into custody last month along with 2 other campaigners they could face up to 5 years in jail you're up to date with the headlines here on al-jazeera we will be back after viewfinder latin america. the american people have finally spoken america as i see it when america is off balance it will become more dangerous the world is looking for
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a split mixture of sanusi feet. with the election behind us the republican party dumptruck the feel we can take on us politics and society that's the bottom line view finder fresh perspectives through the lens of local filmmakers around the globe.
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the same young arab allies his prognosis we're getting sick a look a look at the rap. battle. in atlanta the man i'm going to talk about coming back home and also a fantasy mama says many good to her and i think a tsunami and things that are as young going to get them to hear us even call us when we die money and a lot of. the scenario a new school in syria for the profit it is in desperate. need of those images from by yet in the saloon and those it was just a must this year though you know some of the. muslim in the most innocent that they wear this persist and they make us any assumption to the extent that they get to be thinking about you if you wanted this here but we can't leave it to walk for any
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fornicate when iraqi or any part of me go off. and expect the real me when you know if you. look at things that. you believe understand that one again i mean. it's not a perfect that we can answer that one equating even though i don't want to put it in effect and i think you know. people believe in what the cia asked me and some in britain but still but close on it i want to hear it when there came to us for much good and that's what was shown in the inference that the problem was. i think. this president took him. to promise in your. immediate response to our country colombia it's coming some support for libyan pit in response was to ramos but yet as they are the same there with the
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reality of this police. this have reduced the vehicle we saw the media. see girl could also go more and more western the court order lasted me a common psyche number of arguments corners he was undergoing you know and you know what is to me to see him but so come all. the who we are not the mr the summer number 3 the norm printers and those have to go and this will be a slope and so no. you're out of the but here are you on me you might hear he has to in particular be a stop at the government oh yes and compared it to me in a new community have been summoned to court the movie has noya and this is a guy must come on this here knows i know. i don't like it anyway i get there now you know this is not. going to find the same focus he enters as humans because when i consider you know me i can say hello yes. there is mrs. puzzles
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but she's going to start to start to learn. a little. you know i just say yes this prism about. this is good for you. i must as well as they get a minute they don't. want to start long before the lord evelyn. you were supposed to say you look at the needle you know proper. really i mean i'm a savvy enough i'd better put into this you know it's not like i am the only child in your purcell who was you not a developing 1000 louis when you transform oprah cannot uncover the commune. you know part of the process all get at the book and noise but i know one of the few nearly completed becomes the system most important but i'm going to need us there you've got a muzzle that is really strapped on the part of what i see on the. paper but look
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yes you know before that but yeah you give us your point i think the point where you got a. oh it has been there. ever been a little bit how do we know why not given that is my back going to whatever must i do the work you do yes pretty soon this queer love for you when i'm so sick from our love to mr years and where group but a good place to get those rhythms but if he says putting them in pinellas querulously from the post didn't look to see what the but i go to his new nose silis him. and i'm going to the roof will have to mean that he is. king who do you. know most and i've only been in the audience
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and you. don't say were in fact out of plywood in the process of the transfer must be on the morrow want to be doing something so noble as need you see me you know see what this is all going to meet us this is not going to have some coffee oh everybody got a job girl woman below 0. i was looking all over everything oh well we don't know what to do you know oh oh. oh oh. suze palooka oh i saw. for her school's a chorus from. her old leader from across a good girl with a sentiment message. of all around the circle of a man music lessons for those he didn't. see in the summer this is
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a kid story need and why he was a good woman one of those we're going to see this. ga-ga there's many many more going on. your i didn't do it he didn't tell me what loaded. but it was so good i'm going to walk over here. we've got guns for one don't want to go so many young fellow sure they really do want to go do you want me to go pee or you call me you want to go to your boss or call. or was. that. you. can. get that lawyer i think that
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that little bit scary that that was exactly how you feel you know it feels good to think. that it was something. that yeah i didn't i don't. yes yes yes of course that's going to be up to the. sec and the fed is so now of drew on the gun and. then in. the what even. say the soul and studio but i guess in this regard up in the in official they were really has the. last edition family sorry we must be another going to be a must see the leafs yes but at but only are they standing like. what is was that city got.
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that's what to say to the controllers that they're going through a letter the 1st one. but i'm not looking. good but i'm eager and they're going to come ok seriously. wasn't going to guess at the. purpose that up on the put a moment but i mean we're not there not be an easy place to look as though you know they've got our all right we're going to see what i mean but i'm looking. at us and . it will imply the why and then run yeah. i guess. you say i like you. like to see me oh no you must compensate do you know you're the one who never gets like ups like i must but alas plant.
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well you got there we are. not very far from where i reside in the activity i mean we're at. this point they cannot operate yeah you recollect in the property rest. yeah i know as i got there is obviously. a thing regardless of. the family was you know the corporate medical is going to get in your graphic for now so it's very common people have already have it because for most of us for millions beneficial it's contents we took almost 3 in probably 10 at the end. still going to the cinema let's just because we can't even with what the particular much i'm talking about this is not a misconception as an illness but a set of enormous losses which will still cost you can more or less. but most of you in the middle of the system will probably have a good francisco because she is a particular about coming to london to see us talk on the stories for you when you
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see stories about what we're seeing in our lives that are where we stand. by the different cities project at the regional government world. goes to someone's body as they're given a community that might have more haters in a community that get the name assistance that's not the least asked but when there are no no no. nothing is mean hell of a nice. thing when those are the signs say in fact of iraq at the same time. they were full of wonder like it or not many toasters most of those photos with children were sort of my girls too so you really just words to use your photos of the most of the same singleness of us don't know your family see us to be like you know i was making that possible to maybe i don't want to know. you know the real you must come up yourself boys in the car but i mean the thought of them are simply
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broken from. what is so then someone else the story as they all said cynthia disappears for took on the circle one also has some different to go on the escape personas could do in this like a blessing of the sea i don't mean i want to feel and look at what's already. within. the bush before i think the middle east and the love to think is this a good thing. to. do if it does not speak out for it all is doomed to suffer body took form that will be i am here. because this is the studies that support me until you step back you see guess you could say if you put your people particular emphasis to do that on the off course it's impossible to get it done for you. would still have been
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downloadable and. people assumed to be out on. the sea level so but unless you come up again you're semi just simple all the system will take up to 7 days the 2nd time omaha they're going about it will stay around long here's c i get the limit of 50 just to see that it's. the same stuff that a step back from the still. get out and pick it up and i think that i mean most people start to get hooked on it up whether you. have a brother who is close isn't quite right for that a bagel scene the place of possibly be some open set of left on the right not what's good is come of the personality more that why not. it was up at least this time once i know about that but i think in the hope. grandma said i want i mean they want. what in my hand.
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do they get to see put forward. from a family that nothing but i mean mr nobody really knows him to struggle for his life through orders to be given another year i mean that is to have 3 level medical care for my nana he informs us he has a soft. mr museum. this just in the last one lasts as the mouse does this what you call. there must be what they last. eat eat mass well but it's just about. what it does even though i praise god because we truly thought he wasn't going to fail was mad at that but i guess the most obvious of the continued good beginning
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of this whole. number of missed the most. stomach of the sermon. i just another day i laid out a switch of course but i love this comment i want. you to port facility a minute let's give people look at the video they are what keep them in prison my young son no no food notice what i'm not all of us will go down on the phone because one else will get local. news of this news must limit your mental discipline to the team missed. and can put a dubious in the consumer is mainly a man think even the let you do they leave let me d.l.'s from this list politically criswell were a ruthie's system. in the could think up list. was a bit of the for us to store no i've got to tell us though about what was going up but i do we have a case out of i.c.u. i think you said i want to hear you so i was what i get sick of that but i'm going
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to we are going to put the money in with what is going to be and we will keep the for enough of those. savings. to last. i could but i missed out on them but i hope this time also set up all those poor forgot to most of the. manacles when most of us was going to spend on the sediments when we. look at the numbers keep them up modestly mentally sound moving on mostly. basis i could. there be sure i'm going to you. this was new to came to the muscle in me on some of the must see i was a chemist there but i don't know they connect them without a don't want to see me smoke something part of the list goes on mass. to
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you this is all that i was going to but i guess ill for boys what else you can do what i would never go to look what i will see and know the estimate is that you are to explain could be a being cut off and turns them off to. the in. many ways so if you can come up with this i got a sister place to go with what i said to a child out of his truck is moved out of the pot again in the bottom of the 2nd house so all i want to but i mean i still can't put his last 30 minutes you'll notice again we face just what other kind of good you want but then again if they are trying. to stab you see it and if they do have it. you're not interested of course attack. will get it most is not what but also man. was quite
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a lot of that i asked this but i've been out of north as you grew so you well you may be but are you satisfied with how this is off base good luck that it was his but it was a sell out what i thought i'd be a son. he could give a lot well because he lost so for the sub sort of stuff but i want him. to start to look out for his own lives ha ha ha ha ha you want to play destiny which was to stay so that your me he could call this has been stuck on the i want us to make a space for the last the last time any bosses but the last couple select the rest. you're supposed to keep it a very good thing i can so i forget the television program i was going to have to get to night and back but i get busted no capacity because i don't know how to get one thing then he wouldn't even begin to guess which i went on a budget that gets me that he gave. me guess it will be a little. brother as the song i want to get the embellishment think i'm going to
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see simply says he said. i'm going to put you just as i want to use one sees when he says that when you post something must put legal means have to see him to step muslims around the symptom of the whole book then they'll go one told him for the one that was. the choice of course i'm going to see most of it was it was almost a 2nd because it was this time unix you come up with. the most of the other clinics that are good enough because if you give me. a little. bit we'll see on your. home i just want to see if they know what i'm getting. in says mccord is momentos fullest or put your thought he could be in this christmas scene biggest thank you would be really good most of us who think that means there's some good news doesn't that if you needed to look at this very moment
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because stuff and you remember the way we bicycled the kind that we're going to have this is not going to. have the oath that i. want to have just i just hope that oh yeah hold up an email let me know what you can do to get it all . i mean whether see it. in that. i'm not going to get money it's important to see about it because the way i love establish the intake that i'm a little while that i will become one of those that just can't. and whether he is talking about what all the numbers us busy of us i want to. know who gave us the soup is moon or. isn't your human you know basically this is another one of the young remove them you know move them you see that we will be 0.
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000-0000. 00. 0. 0. 000. there's so many pantone restress whom i used to put aside so the people who commute idea a lot of other me experience here and the freedom to practice and i used to know nick ok these pillars of us were good the ocean they took the ground of ripples in the cycle that you know she has been in korea not include us here in and i think are you in this are you living for those who can.
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persist but i must do that. some of them moved to tell most cause of this product and. most important of those it was a body. years who took him into his 1st impulse to solve it but i've got to be a bit well most of what in sumatra les paul says. is the most that i'm going on but out of money does you know if you've got issues that you are a puzzle that is causing blows his whole lot of people it's just not good at the commercial buildings in the city and most of all to put them over this if we allow them to afford to eat. lots of love. love love love love love love. love love love feeling little balls love the puppy up the look at the mercy of the love love love love love love.
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there's a new player who still believes in the movie the single purpose who crucified. in their lives to stay silent this is for this young took a look at what this means his confession to you that everybody else has put on so they can see you can see because he was. told who is masts played a big. part of the 1000000000 people he came as being. but
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this is one mass. is to communicate to him of this when you. see i do not. notice he needed me for them to see that. when you see your. face across the big. either. didn't see me and put up a. part of the united. arab emirates. the but i mean look at us right now though supporters that are what you're looking here at all on earlier is 0 point of them daily the argument but good morning to you look what i said december place below this president bush released border look at it before we read it for us but all of them but they're going to him.
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it captures memory and present realities. that camera as a tool photography and often share. in one of the most deprived areas children who have nothing. now have a voice. to danielle's close up part of the viewfinder latin america series on al-jazeera. there is no channel that covers world news like we do we revisit cases we stay on jazeera pretty invests in that and that's a privilege as a journalist. dissecting the headlines in the midst of a pandemic let's start with some of the ground realities affecting the news
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coverage what's the lay of the land there stripping away the spin ripping story about presidential corruption it is real reporting it's not in your challenging assumptions and the official line we all decided we need to tell our story we don't want to they lie on. the listening post on out is iraq. these explosions were not an act of war. these nuclear bombs were experiments by the soviet union. to the kazakh people you lived in the vicinity the motives might be little different it's rewind silent. on how to see. if you want to help save the world. into your own well.
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the u.s. attorney general says there's no evidence of widespread election fraud while anger grows among election officials over threats to stocks. it has to stop. mr president. you are not condemned these actions with this language. hello i'm come all santamaria here in doha with the world news from al-jazeera priority covered 19 vaccines are recommended for health care workers in the u.s. as countries around the world to see.


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