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tv   News  Al Jazeera  January 20, 2021 2:00am-2:31am +03

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the money this is and it goes straight into the coffers of. a 2 part people in power investigation bureau 39 cash for kim parker one just. to heal we must remember. joe biden pays tribute to the victims of the pandemic as the u.s. records more than 400000 deaths the day before he assumes office. my money inside this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up i stand before you truly proud of what we have achieved together donald trump folds says achievements in his final address and deflects blame on china for the massive damage caused by
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the coronavirus outbreak. but the u.s. president comes on the fire from his own party veteran in the senate for his role in the capitol. there were. crazy. hours. and security is asked an all time high in washington d.c. hours before joe biden's integration. on the eve of joe biden's inauguration the number of corona virus deaths in the united states has surpassed 400000 odd and says his number one priority is containing the pandemic he spoke at us on the memorial for those who passed away to shield. we must remember it's hard sometimes to
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remember but that's how we hear. it's important to do that as a nation that's why we're here today between sundown and dusk. to shine the lights the dark days along the same could pull of flexion remember all we lost. well donald trump has given his farewell speech celebrating achievements at home and abroad he blamed china for unleashing a virus that ravaged the economy we imposed historic and monumental tariffs on china made a great new deal with china but before the ink was even dry we and the whole world got hit with the china virus our trade relationship was rapidly changing billions and billions of dollars were pouring into the us but the virus forced us
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to go in a different direction the whole world suffered but america outperformed other countries economically because of our incredible economy and the economy that we built all trump went on to condemn the storming of capitol hill calling on his supporters to show restraint 25000 national guard soldiers on high alert in washington d.c. to prevent a repeat of the attack which took place 2 weeks ago ok we have 3 correspondents following all the latest developments with the heidi castro he's going to talk about the 1st confirmation hearings for biden's incoming administration john hendren will tell us about donald trump's farewell address but 1st let's go to. who is in miami and joe biden coming horace attending a very poignant memorial for those co the 19 exodus.
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yeah it was very poignant and i think it's worth remembering that 15 other states carried out similar memorial services so you had bells ringing out across this nation to mark that horrible figure of 400000 u.s. citizens of now succumb to the covert 19 pandemic many people of course asking how we got here many people blaming the trumpet ministration never came up with a federal plan and joined up thinking if you like to tackle this virus some people blaming states for not putting simple things like mass monday sim place and many other people simply confused because there's been so much misinformation fed to the american people over the past 12 months and let's look at what the pandemic is doing to this country and what the future might hold. california in the time of the coronavirus state hit so hard that bodies are being moved to temporary storage containers. newly confirmed cases arising at a dizzying rate despite lockdown restrictions now health experts are warning that
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a more contagious variant 1st discovered in the u.k. could feel another wrenching surge of cases and deaths could and likely will get worse in the next couple of weeks or at least maintain this very terribly high level of infections and deaths that we're seeing vaccinations are rolling out to slowly but the u.s. is nowhere close to reaching herd immunity. however coverage of how they talk about the fact is covered covered president donald trump continually play down the pandemic politicize the wearing of masks and blame states for moving too slowly now with his presidency in its final days it's trump who is being blamed for failing to act and allow the virus to spread so fast in may the u.s. recorded 100000 deaths by september that figure doubled now it's doubled again with the new administration promising to ramp up vaccinations to a level it is so far come nowhere near close to what was promised. work or plan is
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as clear as it is ball get more people vaccinated for free create more places for them to get faction. mobilized more medical teams to get shots in people's homes increase supply and get it out the door as soon as possible. for many 2021 was a year that would bring reduced hope stead new cases threaten to cripple already overwhelmed hospitals claymore lives and leave many wondering when this nation will turn the corner all of this of course coming on the eve of president elect biden's inauguration a new administration that's promised to tackle the pandemic head on but an incoming doctor someone who will be part of joe biden's team has warned that by this time next month the death toll could be $500000.00 many thanks but.
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for us in miami in florida we can turn to john hendren who's life for us in washington d.c. john we've also heard from president trump in the last few hours releasing a farewell video and it's fair to say he stayed pretty much true to form right to the very end. that's right trump's administration is ending much as it began with him taking credit for things his critics would say that he didn't deserve and for hardly ignore his rivals in this case he said there was a new administration coming in but never named joe biden he took credit for economic progress much of which almost all of which has been reversed since then and he took credit for what he called a medical miracle in the response to the covert 19 epidemic i think it's fair to say his critics would say that was flat out untrue that he was absolutely way
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behind the curve in response to that pandemic and that of course is what we heard from joe biden so many times during this campaign that what the nation needed was a complete turnaround in its effort and that's why joe biden has taken aggressive efforts he plans to have a no mask man or a mask mandate rather on federal land to increase vaccinations 100 jabs he says by his 100th day in office and then of course more spending when it comes to go over to relief for working people and others but trump in this very unusual farewell normally it happens right back there with the capitol on the back grounds at this time trump won't be there and so he gave his video address which is something he's been doing more and more of lately speaking to people and controlled circumstances without the press being able to shout their questions at him doing it just as he wants and he has tried throughout this administration to control the the message
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with mixed success and now on his way out he's essentially taking credit and rather on honestly saying that the movement that he and others have begun is just starting so what exactly that means we don't know doesn't mean he's going to be possibly. holding rallies it seems to clearly suggest that he still wants to be the head of the republican party despite what you've heard from the senate leader mitch mcconnell and others clearly trying to separate themselves from him john hendren thank you let's turn to hadija castro who we said earlier has been following the confirmation hearings the last senate session she's also live for us in washington d.c. interesting comments today from the senate majority leader mitch mcconnell one of those people who's been loyal to the president for the for the last 4 years but even he seems to be trying to turn the page on trump's presidency exactly
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milian and just like john was saying that these words from one of trump's most loyal foot soldiers as once considered mitch mcconnell and this is a dramatic departure just for some context a year ago during trump's 1st impeachment mcconnell who was also a leader of the senate then valid that he would not be an impartial juror and that he would not convict trump that was before any evidence was even presented will now this was the 1st time that the senate was back in session since that january 6th violent storming of the capitol that led to 5 deaths and a mcconnell very squarely put put some of this blame before the feet of trump. asked on the senate convened we're just reclaim the capital from violent criminals who tried to stop congress doing our duty the mob was.
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they were provoked by the president and other powerful people and they tried to use fear and violence to stop a specific proceeding of the 1st branch of the federal government which they did not like but we pressed on we should together and should or angry mob would not get the job power over the rule of law in our nation so as we were saying a number of confirmation hearings today took us through the highlights. that's right you're seeing sort of a dual personality of the senate starting from today they're going to push forward with shaping the boundaries of trump's impeachment trial of the same time working on incoming president joe biden's agenda and namely getting his cabinet secretaries hearings to be confirmed and that's why we saw a slate of 5 nominees all testifying on capitol hill today this afternoon we saw
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the hearings begin of biden's nominees for secretary of state and secretary of defense now for state he has nominated and the lincoln who is a career diplomat well respected here on capitol hill for his time working as a staffer of the senate foreign relations committee he was also deputy secretary of state under president obama and lincoln's confirmation is expected it might take a while though he said today in prepared remarks in his remarks that he looks forward to renewing american leadership around the world in a world of rising nationalism and receding democracy he said he sees china as no doubt posing the greatest challenge of any nation to the u.s. and he says he will withdraw u.s. support from the saudi led war in yemen we also are hearing from lloyd austin biden's pick to lead the department of defense he will be the 1st african-american
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to lead the department of defense is confirmed and his confirmation is expected as well this is a 4 star general who has served for decades in uniform rising to leader of u.s. central command overseeing the withdraw of u.s. troops from iraq and widely respected by both parties there is the one thing in his background that is to his detriment which is his recent service in the military by federal law the secretary of defense should be out of uniform for at least 7 years before assuming that civilian. host of leading the u.s. military and so austin would require a congressional waiver and he was very clear today testifying on capitol hill that he would see his role leading the defense department out of uniform very differently than he saw when he was general. custer many thanks. still ahead on al-jazeera we'll look ahead. 100 days.
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and we'll tell you about the arrangements that race out there without precedent. for. how low the weather set looking pretty calm and quiet across much of the u.s. for inauguration day at the moment we have got a little area of high pressure just across that eastern side of the country but some pieces of cloud of gray down towards the deep south but that's that they say is going to be a cool one crisp sunshine coming through brighton breezy sunny intervals temperatures no hiding around 3 degrees celsius the say they will be last he tried astronomy to warmer still as we go on into thursday some wet weather moving across the southern plains because some wintry weather there into that eastern side of
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kind of that with some snow and some snow just around the pacific northwest but notice some wetter weather there down towards new mexico southern parts of arizona pushing into mexico itself and we got a lot of cloud and rain moving across the caribbean just easing its way across cuba jamaica could see some shabby rain for a time the wetter weather will be across the a western side of the caribbean so into central america just about anywhere here well the caribbean coast in particular could see some sharp showers some wetter weather that just coming into panama and also into costa rica further east it's looking good for the east and warm sunshine coming through push down with a top temperature of 26. the 2nd episode of the series exposed the rise of the major drug cartels and their reign of terror in the sentence mexican government little told the traffickers we
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have to produce the body as they know it is good. american public enemy number one is drug abuse and the launch of the international war on drugs drug trafficking politics and our. drug lords on al-jazeera. they're watching al-jazeera mind of our top stories this hour the number of coronavirus deaths hers the past 400001 the eve of president elect joe biden's in the ration he's attended the memorial and says he's number one priority is containing the pandemic. outgoing u.s.
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president donald trump has delivered his farewell speech celebrating achievements at home on a board he took credit for vaccine development and once again blame china leashing a virus that damaged the economy. and senate confirmation hearings are taking place for joe biden's incoming administration the senate leader mitch mcconnell spoke the head of the session and criticized charm for misleading and inciting people at capitol hill 2 weeks ago. ahead of biden's integration the pentagon says 12 national guard members have been relieved of duty for the integration off to an intensified vetting procedure. we have 2 individuals that identified had made inappropriate comments or texas those 2 individuals were removed no one of those was flagged by 5 within the command and then we have another group of individuals that have been flagged in vetting process for
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a number of different reasons like i said unrelated to the events here and the concerns let's go to brian. directs the center for modest man and homeland security arizona state university joining us live from phoenix via skype many thanks for speaking to us on al-jazeera if you worked in security for the want tell us what would you be worried about tomorrow well i think i think we can. say that we're not going to see a repeat of the january 6 right at the at the capitol the. situations are much different there was clearly under preparedness sciri to command failures on january 6th the current. planning situation planning environment is is under the direction of the u.s. secret service and they've taken a much different approach so i think we're not going to see anything approaching
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a repeat of a of a mass riot or any anything of that nature there was this concern but for military and former police officers were involved in the january 6 attack how how do officials tackle that in terms of the inauguration. well as you have you as you just noted in your in your lead in there is a vetting process there is there is an issue of of. a growth over over the last it ministration a significant increase in. extremist movements particularly white nationalist movements in the us. some of that has affected law enforcement in the military so a series of vetting procedures about the backgrounds of individual national guardsman for instance in this case that are deployed to washington d.c.
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. that goes on on a routine basis it's accelerated because of the you know your ration and the unique circumstances but the there are well defined processes that the f.b.i. and other other agencies follow to sort out what kind of connections to groups extremist groups or or other sort of minutes of disloyalty or or hostility to the federal government or other other government entities it's interesting that the f.b.i. have described these far right groups on paul with isis do you think that the current situation the concept from these far right groups is as bad as that. yeah i think i think. the u.s. department of homeland security in this past october did its annual national threat assessment and they identify extremist organizations most of which domestic
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extremist organizations most of which are are white nationalist organizations as the most pervasive in significant domestic terror threat in the united states so it's a very real problem i think the biden ministration will prioritize this this threat and i think we're going to see. in the coming weeks a number of the insurrection is who are tied to that extremist movement. will be will face charges they'll face legal consequences for their actions on january 6th but that's going to be connected to a broader effort at addressing domestic terrorism. very good to speak to you care director for the center for management homeland security at our zionist state university thank you incoming u.s. president joe biden says the twins' threats of the 19 the sinking economy will be
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his top priority biden will enter the oval office at a time when the u.s. death right is at its highest point since the pandemic began when millions of americans are struggling to put food on the table and special reports. our rescue and recovery plan is a path forward with both seriousness of purpose and a clear plan. january 20th is an important date in 2020 it was the day that the 1st covert case was can fund in the us the chump administration has been criticized for sure sponsor over the past 12 months no on the 20th of january 2021 the problem becomes joe biden's this horse is so far out of the board there really directing it is going to be hercules and asked and we need to get the new administration and the new president i think a significant amount of leeway in trying to redirect the ship we direct this force
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biden has already indicated he wants a $1.00 trillion dollar relief bill more money for ordinary americans to get through the economic crisis more money for vaccinations he wants 100000000 vaccines administered in his 1st 100 days and much greater federal involvement in putting it all together this is one of the most challenging operational efforts we have ever undertaken as a nation will have to move heaven and earth to get more people vaccinated to create more places for them to get vaccinated you. know it's a plan that doesn't come with a potential political fallout i think you're going to see more and more people dug in suggesting that somehow because you have an illegitimate president now attempting to infringe upon our freedoms people are going to become increasingly dug in to through war what the policy changes this new this incoming president is
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going to try to employment joe biden has said is his number one priority insists the reaction will be driven by science not politics something welcomed by those on the medical front lines. joe biden is going to look like a rock star by simply embracing what the best science says there are polls and experts that say if donald trump or taking coronavirus seriously from day one through an resources at it rather than pleaded down he'd be about to start his 2nd term in office how the incoming administration marshall's the recovery will go a long way to deciding how history remembers president joe biden alan fischer al-jazeera at the white house speak to dr william petraeus professor of medicine pathology microbiology immunology and counsel biology at the university of virginia school of medicine speaking to us from charlottesville in virginia many thanks for joining us a 400000 people have died of covered in the u.s.
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did you have a sink that the u.s. could reach those sorts of numbers. no i didn't really write my heartfelt condolences to everyone is listening to this who's lost a family member or friend from this fan demick and perhaps even more scary think is that over 100000 americans died in just the past 5 weeks. yes we're clearly into the 3rd wave of the pandemic in the u.s. likely to travel over the thanksgiving and christmas holidays here. how much do you point the finger point the finger at the rate at which we've seen that increase in america on. president trump well i think that. not uniform mask wearing is contributed.
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him gammick in the u.s. but i think right that. failure of travel restrictions or similar sites the c.d.c. advice to the contrary lots of people travel over thanksgiving and the christmas new year's holiday season clearly contributed. are you hopeful from what we've heard from joe biden so i thought that his administration will be able to get a handle on this pandemic. oh oh absolutely and i think that one of the really bright amazing things are the vaccines the m.r. nay back scenes are good total revolution. we never had back cesar 95 percent effective and that's what's going to lead us out of the pandemic ok good to speak to dr william petit jury from the university of virginia school is going to send us wrap up this palace and with more integration on wednesday reports on how
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a range went looking very different from those in the past joe biden is calling on the public to stay away from inaugural events a request he'd already made due to the pandemic but one that has taken on added emphasis since the riots of january the 6 nonetheless seats have been installed on the west side of the capitol where biden will take the oath of office at noon on january the 20th it's clear that the president elect felt it was important that the entire inauguration not be virtual i am not. saying your idea of inauguration. i 6 know it's america where stand out stand up. enough enough enough but instead of some 200000 tickets just $1070.00 will be issued for members of congress and one guest along with v.i.p.'s that this year will include all living presidents except for 96 year old jimmy carter vice
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president mike pence says he will attend donald trump says he will not follow the ceremony and a military review biden will travel to allington national cemetery with the former presidents to lay a wreath at the tomb of the unknown soldier before being escorted to the white house by the military government instead of the usual inaugural parade a televised and live streamed virtual parade will be broadcast that will be similar to this summer's virtual democratic national convention featuring diverse voices and musical performances authorities say the security perimeter in downtown d.c. is larger than previous at all gracious and will be in place for longer far more national guard members have been deployed on the national mall where in the past the public has gathered to watch proceedings on large screens so the seas matters are asked for all permits for gatherings to be declined but inaugurations are traditionally times for political protest.
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and it's clear that since police were overrun by trump supporters on capitol hill authorities already have a different posture towards demonstrations this protest attracted barely 50 people protesting against the republicans who supported donald trump and yet very very quickly masses of police appeared followed by the national guard not far behind or . at least some plans for protests by progressives on inauguration day intended to pressure joe biden to the left have been cancelled our reprimand for people general. up the road that are under the right wing white supremacy actors quited out with us before they have created this problem they need to deal with it i'm not recommending personally that anyone take a risk free and in any way. put themselves at risk as for the future that they didn't block and others fear that even the authorities had existing laws and
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military equipment to clamp down on the violence capitol hill protest as the result will be even more restrictions and repression of legal dissent against those in power in the coming years she every time see al-jazeera washington. this is al-jazeera these are the top stories the number of coronavirus deaths in the united states has surpassed 400001 the eve of president elect joe biden's inauguration but morals have been held across the country and says it's important to remember the painful lessons of the past year to heal we must remember it's hard sometimes to remember but that's how we heal it's important.


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