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thousands of our programs will be tweeting documentaries and. subscribe to. al-jazeera english. mexico's president becomes the latest world leader to test positive for corona virus but says his symptoms a mild and he remains optimistic. hello i'm daryn jordan this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up president joe biden plans to renew a travel ban on several countries as a total number of coded 9000 infections in the u.s. a passes 25000000. israel closes its skies to most international flights in an
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effort to contain a new highly contagious strain of corona virus. called the edge of the atlantic in the city of san diego in what is a disco world heritage sites being destroyed by the rising you should find out it's white people you're struggling to cope with a changing climate. he's been criticized for his handling of mexico's pandemic now president manual numbers up or door has tested positive for covert 19 himself the 67 year old tweeted he's being treated for mild symptoms and will continue to work from the presidential palace john heilemann has more now from mexico city. he's 67 years old he has got high blood pressure he also had a heart attack in 2013 so this is a president that even when he got into power there were certain questions about his
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health so far during his tenure as time in power he hasn't had any serious health problems but will be keeping an eye on this and it comes at a time in mexico when there are serious problems for the country in trying to deal with the pandemic the hospitals in the capital are close to full and have been for some weeks now there's a real shortage of oxygen tanks for those who are trying to to treat their relatives at home so it's a real critical situation this week alone recruits have been broken more than once of the number of people that die daily from coated and the number of daily patients from coated and president and his men will look his oprah dork throughout this pandemic he and his administration have been criticized the handling of it he's someone who has not like tunas occasions refused to wear a mask especially at the beginning of the pandemic he was hugging his supporters when he went out and tool was his own administration was in
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a vising people to maintain social distancing and meanwhile he said to continue working from the national palace and tomorrow actually on monday he has a coup with russian president vladimir putin the russian leader to talk about vaccines or he's trying to keep working and he's hoping that his symptoms don't get any worse. the united states will reinstate a travel ban in an effort to contain a highly contagious corona virus variance but it won't apply to u.s. citizens and residents president joe biden has promised to administer 100000000 doses of covert $9000.00 vaccines in the next 3 months and also wants congress to pass and the 2 trillion dollars to make relief bill rosemann georgia has more now from washington d.c. . it's the worst affected country in the world nearly a year after the u.s. recorded its 1st covert 19 case that number has climbed to more than 25000000 people but the little boy that's one in 14 americans infected with the disease
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almost 420000 of them have died president joe biden says the pandemic is his top priority but his team is already revising his goal of that's an eating 100000000 americans in 100 days it was a little bit of a misunderstanding what we're talking about is 100000000 'd shots in individuals so a shots as in other words when you get down to let's say a certain part of the 100 days at the end of 100 days you're going to have some people who will have gotten both shots and some will still be on their 1st shots what the president is saying 100000000 shots in the arms of people within 100 days and buy into fish oils are accusing the trumpet ministration of making a grave mistake in its endemic response plans everyone american has seen the way in which people get vaccine is chaotic it's very limited we've seen this factor all over the country where millions of doses have been distributed about half of that
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has been given out the president wants congress to approve nearly 2 trillion dollars in pandemic relief spending this on top of a $900000000000.00 measure passed back in december biden's fellow democrats say supporting the economy is critical right now but congressional repub. we can say not so fast idea that we need a stimulus is a little hard to understand because i'm one of those is convinced that if you want to see this economy get going we've got to get beyond cove if we get beyond cove it i believe that the economy is going to come roaring back and spending and borrowing trillions of dollars from the chinese among others is not necessarily the best thing we can do to get our economy to be strong long term. before donald trump left the white house he lifted a coke at 19 travel ban on not americans coming from europe and brazil but on monday that ban comes back and will extend to those coming from south africa by the end of the week the u.s.
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reportedly is trying to stop the spread of the so-called south africa variant of code that 19 another variant from the u.k. has already been found in 20 u.s. states and it said the list of countries could get longer if that's what it takes to end the pandemic rosalyn jordan al-jazeera washington israel is suspending a travel for 2 weeks to prevent new variants of covert 19 from entering the country only international passengers with special permits will be allowed to fly the country has started to see a drop in cases office with vaccine rolled out its lockdown is set to expire at the end of the month. is in west jerusalem with more on the new restrictions. this is just. the israeli go something that's. has not been done. and they make. some concern on the deputy attorney general as to whether would even be legal prevents israeli citizens from returning home during the course
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of a cabinet meeting on sunday and has now been approved monday midnight. arrivals and no exits through israel's main. be allowed unless there is special permission granted in exceptional cases this is an attempt to stop new strains coming into the country to a time when the program is going at a much faster pace than anywhere else in. approaching any 30 percent of the population as a whole being vaccinated so there is evidence of the vaccine starting to work what they don't want in israel is for new strains which might escape the vaccine to militate against some of those effects and also there's been some political pressure on. the merged that's even been in a tent to prevent people coming in without a negative coronavirus test in the proceeding 72 hours that's something that was
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eventually put in place just yesterday on saturday and is now being superseded by these much more stringent regulations ultra-orthodox protesters bath with police in 2 major israeli cities after regulators tried to shut down religious schools. to try to close the schools for violating coronavirus lockdown restrictions several officers were injured 4 people arrested. a growing number of us democrats are condemning israel for not vaccinating palestinians in the occupied west bank and gaza while israel has already become the world leader in vaccinations per capita palestinians in the occupied territories are yet to be inoculated human rights watch has called on israel to carry out its obligations under international human rights. protests against the newly imposed curfew in the netherlands have spread to several cities the night time restriction wednesday effect on saturday police used water cannons to disperse crowds in central amsterdam the city's mayor declared the
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area a high risk zone. and in a separate protest in a village northeast of the city demonstrators set fire to a covert testing facility riot police were sent to the town after reports of the fires and damage to police cars nationwide more than 3000 finds have been issued for violating the curfew. several world leaders are set to attend a virtual summit to discuss how to mitigate the effects of climate change one place under threat from rising sea levels is the city of san louis in senegal france on the world bank have been aided more than $40000000.00 to help people living in the u.s. go world heritage site adapt to climate change because of stock reports. an unexpected tide swept away zena goofballs home with it a lifetime of memories remember she says to her son at emma how in a matter of hours our living room where you used to watch t.v. kitchen and your bedroom were wiped away by the ocean's currents you now live on
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the outskirts of the city with thousands of others displaced a new life the city council told them to adapt to that sound but being forced to live a difficult life here this was supposed to be temporary and we're living here now for 2 years there's no food no help and no sign from authorities anything will change he won't be able to return home. to save what is left of what used to be the capital of the colonial era french west africa france and the world bank have raised $40000000.00 for what they call climate adaptation the funds have so far been used to buy more tense educate displaced children and construct new embankments but when the tide recedes the ocean's destruction appears entire neighborhoods of a historic unesco world heritage site are swallowed into the atlantic in 2006 the city cut a 3 metre breach in an embankment thinking it would empty out the water instead it allowed more of it in with the breach growing to 8 kilometers long making matters worse you sand formation has made it dangerous for fishermen to navigate. with
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but it's a catastrophe more than 500 fishermen have drowned because of the breach people are desperate now that's why so many young people are leaving suddenly to try to get to europe. more than 20000 people made it to spain's canary islands last year many from sunday week as a result the spanish coast guards you know be seen patrolling southeast shores. first protecting europe from a wave of illegal migration starts here but there is no protection against the rising oceans for this and they believe living here and rich polluting countries asked for countries to adapt to a changing climate people here say the damage is done it's too late. in the camp an elder takes in a blue son adam aside you have nothing to lose he explains showing him a picture of a young man who is now in madrid with so much loss adapting to
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a changing climate means letting her son go and braved the oceans tight in search of a safe place to live it was hawk al-jazeera. senegal it's time for a short break here and al-jazeera when we come back the difficulties of educating during a condom and how the coronavirus is further widening the gap between rich and poor . 11 miners trapped in a gold mine in china 2 weeks are rescued but the fate of 10 others is still unknown more than that stings. temperatures in the levant are slowly rising the wind strength in the shambolic wind out of the gulf is dropping so temperatures large to rise a little bit more in doha but you'll notice precious little else happening
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throughout the arabian peninsula through iran and most of turkey it's sunshine by day and maybe chilly nights for some western turkey is a bit different we're going to change taking place here moving slowly uses what it is going to affect the weather in the van to toll beirut up to 70 degrees you'll notice now. part of the equation with the active weather has been the cycle an alley ways which has made landfall admittedly left this sort of stuff widespread flooding in central was a big bear area in particular had some wind damage with gusts in excess of 140 kilometers per hour now you can't see this thing anymore but it's this massive cloud here and given that rain is the main problem once these things come and generates big thunderstorms and in the kruger national park hail was a result you see is that table tennis ball size i think coming down very quickly and for sunday monday and tuesday this whole area is to risk of yet more of them monday specifically is going to be still south mozambican east inside south africa
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on tuesday it spreads further west into botswana. but. once hosni mubarak became president so began a story of conflict and isolation on one side a wife and son their sights set on succession on the other president increasingly distant from the egyptian people when his beloved grandson by mubarak need to step down but then the flames ignited in tunisia exploded in egypt and everything changed episode 2 of the fam.
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welcome back a quick amount of our top stories here at this hour mexico's president under his manolo press of a dog has tested positive for cope with 1967 year old says he's being treated for mild symptoms and will continue to work from the presidential palace mexico has the world's 4th highest death toll on. the biden administration is reimposing an interim ban on most non us citizens who've been in countries with highly contagious variants of cope with 19 nations affected into brazil the united kingdom and a majority of european countries south africa will also be added to that list. and is really suspending air travel for 2 weeks to prevent new variants of cope with 19 from entering the country only passengers with special permits will be allowed to fly the country has started to see a drop in cases after a swift vaccine rollout. france is being warned by its top medical advisor that it will probably need to impose
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a 3rd lockdown as early as next month it comes as new coronavirus variants circulate around the country leading to a surge in new cases the government will meet on wednesday to decide whether it needs to take further measures france is aiming to that's made up to 8000000 people by mid april. thousands of brazilians have held a 2nd day of socially distance protest against the president jabs an arrow was under fire for his handling of the pandemic cars paraded through the streets of sao paolo and more than a dozen other cities as demonstrators called for his impeachment anger is mounting over the slow pace of the country's vaccine rolled out which began last weekend. well the coronavirus pandemic has severely disrupted the education of $1600000000.00 children and teenagers and this month 258000000 are unable to attend school due to closures those in more developed parts of the world have been able to continue classes remotely but many without access to computers or the internet have
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been unable to learn some of their get reports. the school year unlike any other they've known started classes mandatory hand sanitizing and of course one vital piece of uniform the face mask when the number of infections in any given area becomes overwhelming they too are forced to close students then left at the mercy of their home circumstances especially those from households where parents are still going out to work. senate has a mini me. i'm a mother and i also have a job to do so i'm worried about leaving my kid to learn not harm during the penn demick i don't know if she will eat on time and study by herself staying at home alone without the company of her friends may also of course in psychological problems and i feel sad about this with parents taking on the role of educators juggling their work and teaching has left many fearing for their children's futures digital learning has taken over the classroom but for those who have children with
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special learning needs that can mean an extra expense on already strained household budgets when. i have a child who needs a special assistant he has autism he needs special assistance and special school one day per week is not enough for him he is in a 3rd grade he doesn't know how to read write or spell. the economic fallout of the pandemic has had far reaching consequences for children around the world as well as losing out on their education many are being forced prematurely into work in order to support families. every day when i come back home. i take a shower have a meal sit with my father and then go to sleep i go to work from 9 am to 9 pm i work for 12 hours and then. i do not want the chrono pandemic to affect my studies as i want to finish them to become
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a pilot and make my dream come true. educational experts predict that 10000000 of the world's most vulnerable children will fail to return to school and they're urging the international community to do all that is possible to prevent more lives from being disrupted and to get educators vaccinated faster so schools can open sooner rather than later if you get a community has and understood what's more there all the pictures play with it's not just that role of instruction and passing knowledge it's their role as essentially leaders in their communities and many teachers around the world really done the most good to keep in touch with the students and what is happening that's something we should be really cherishing the pandemic may have exposed the inequalities in education systems around the world but also the role that educators have in students' lives which goes beyond just teaching so how you go al-jazeera
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or catherine tell us is a child psychologist she says the absence of school not only affects education but the safeguarding of children. there are wide differences depending on poverty and even gender so at a very basic level the loss of structure and routine has a huge impact on children psychological well being. of seeing their friends the loss of key people in their lives their teachers and it's important to remember that teachers are the 1st line of defense in terms of safe parenting against neglect and abuse so there are so many aspects of this from the beginning with social learning and right up to protecting against neglect and abuse well within south africa who else has remained close for an extended period of time and for many children their attending school is the one place where they can access the need so they may be at home or know their parents may be either unemployed or still
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going out to work so you can either have financial hardship or lack of supervision there is lack of access to electricity for hours at a time lack of access to devices and internet so the education is extremely patchy and what it's doing is it's taking any disadvantage that are vulnerable or saying that was already within a family in just magnified means many times over and if you look as yemen schools were closed for quite some time and after the 1st wave schools began to reopen in october and what we're seeing are huge overcrowding within classrooms and many children didn't return and so for many children this is their premature end to their education we have increases and domestic violence substance abuse gender based violence and sexual abuse and early child marriage and child labor so there are huge strains. report by the reuters news agency has found multiple cases of
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soldiers raping female refugees in ethiopia to gray region many of the attacks happened weeks after the government announcement secure the capital and its conflict to the rebels last november the military entered to great to dislodge the governing party and rebel groups triggering a humanitarian crisis sammul get to choose a journalist with a reporter he says a situation integrate his dive i've been speaking to half a dozen people in the past week there echoing what's being reported by reuters there are many many people that are suffering in terms of not just sexual harassment but literally running out of food and all kinds of stuff still a conflict area. and again people are desperate and get many people are still going to the sudan and many are coming to the other side of ethiopia including the region and also coming to addis ababa there are many many people that are attempting to
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just leave the region because again it's an area that's in conflict that's been depressed that's been neglected and there are no jobs many companies have been looted many factories have been destroyed again it's a very dark. you know era of this conflict the government is insisting they're sending donations donating products to the region but there are many many people that are still starving no food no medication this has been a conflict area for the almost for the last underlain 100 days and i don't know how much is enough to help these people but i guess it's a very desperate situation that's being echoed by all sites. portugal's center right president marcela rebel or d'souza has won a 2nd 5 year term the 72 year old secured more than 60 percent of the vote in south
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wales polls but turnout was low amid a surge in corona virus cases members of the u.s. house of representatives will deliver the article of impeachment against donald trump to the senate later on monday paving the way for a trial the senate majority leader says trump's 2nd impeachment hearing will be fair but will move quickly everyone wants to put this awful chapter in american history behind us but sweeping it under the rug will not bring healing the only way to bring healing is to actually have real accountability which this trial affords and so we will move forward with the trial it will be fair but it will move at a relatively fast pace 11 chinese miners trapped underground for 2 weeks have been rescued they were among 22 caught in a blast in a gold mine in shandong province at least one miner died but the others i want to counted for more but money reports blindfolded to protect his eyes after 2 weeks in
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the dark but grateful to be a life this is the moment a gold miner was pulled to safety after being trapped hundreds of meters below ground he's part of a 5th group of miners rescued in east china's shandong province. 7 miners were able to walk to the ambulance others were too exhausted from their ordeal. rescue teams say they pulled up those most in need 1st. critical case comes before the light one which is the principle of mine accident rescue so the severe ones have been pulled up 1st and the following are in better physical and psychological conditions. but more a still trapped. and animation shows what happened a blast deposited large amounts of rubble in the shaft rescue teams then began trying to rescue those stranded a handwritten note from the miners was hoisted above ground using
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a metal cable it read don't stop trying to reach us rescuers load food and medical supplies to the economy the rescuers checked the miners to see if they had any injuries and covered their eyes for protection generally speaking the rescue operation proceeded faster than expected after lifting all the trapped miners discovered will go on with the search for the other missing miners the safety of miners in china has improved in the past few years following a government campaign that's after hitting a peak of $5000.00 deaths in 2003 but what went wrong in this mine is yet to be determined the al-jazeera. thousands of buildings have been damaged or destroyed in mozambique in the wake of tropical cyclone eloise 7000 people have been forced to flee their homes after strong winds and heavy rain lashed the san sebastián peninsula on saturday it also caused power cuts in the coastal city of vera the
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region is still recovering from another devastating cyclamen 2019 which killed hundreds of people. now for more than 300 years the netherlands colonize what is now modern day in the media and took thousands of cultural and religious artifacts after years of negotiation the dutch government returned some items last year but has just got washington reports from jakarta and the nation historians want more to be returned. this dagger was called the crease in indonesia it's made from gold and is covered in precious stones it's one of $1500.00 items returned last year for more than 300 years dutch colonized is occupied what is now indonesia. they stole thousands of precious cultural and religious artifacts and took them to the netherlands. after years of negotiation the artifacts were finally handed back the 1st time such a large collection has been returned to indonesia it includes this shield used by
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the dayak people in cali mountain hundreds of years ago decorated with the hair of the enemy. but. it shows that as a colonized country we had our historical culture and this is important for future generations to understand. getting these items back took 6 years of planning and putting them on display was delayed due to the outbreak of covert 19 the dutch government offered to return more than $12000.00 artifacts in total the indonesian authorities chose to select only a small percentage of them indonesian historians say some items should remain in the netherlands so that indonesian culture can be experienced there too but there are also financial reasons. and with a meal that we don't want to museum to become a warehouse by taking items which are not important it would just add to our maintenance costs because all artifacts need special care this manuscript for
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example contains instructions for protecting against witchcraft it needs to be stored at $25.00 degrees so that it isn't damaged by humidity there are thousands of indonesian artifacts still in dutch museums and authorities hope to eventually bring more for them home but it's a long and complicated process and historians say they'll need to carefully curated items that are returned those of great interest are the ones that reveal more about the country's past. but when they get out and it's you know many of our items are related to dougherty they add to our understanding of the many ethnic groups in indonesia which we did not have before in october a dutch commission on colonial collections recommended its government return items taken from former colonies that includes the diamond which once belonged to the sultan of punjab muhsin and used to be 70 carats it was violently seized by dutch troops who are bullish the sultanate and sent the rough diamonds back to the
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netherlands to be caught into this rectangular 36 karat jam. if something belongs to indonesia they should return it to indonesia but the repatriation of such a valuable item is complicated the descendants of the sultan say it should be given to them and not to the government jessica washington al jazeera jakarta. tough a quick check of the headlines here on al-jazeera mexico's president and rez money lopez obrador has tested positive the covered $19.00 the 6 or 7 year old says he's being treated for a mild symptoms will continue to work for the presidential palace mexico has the world's 4th highest death toll. the bible administration is reimposing an entry ban on most non us citizens who have been in countries with highly contagious variants of.


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