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has taken a stand against male aggression with a carnivalesque display of peace and unity the fans who make football ultras in angels on al-jazeera. an inquiry into the source of the coronavirus pandemic gathers pace in china. i could train you in who caught your team of world health organization scientists is about to leave quarantine in the hotel behind me they'll investigate sites them to the earliest close account actions. but i'm down in jordan this is al jazeera live from coming up we've also drew
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travel from 22 countries where there is a risk of various types of covert 9000 restrictions are announced in the u.k. forcing some travelers to isolate in hotels for up to 10 days plus. if. iran comes back into full compliance with its obligations under the j.c.t. away the united states would do the same thing the new u.s. secretary of state says the door is open for an american return to the nuclear deal but only if iran meets the terms of their original agreement. and a potential breakthrough in mali to end the violence that's killed thousands of farmers in recent years. so we begin in china where the 1st cases of corona virus were reported the team of investigators sent by the world health organization is they're preparing to leave the hotel quarantine where they've begun their investigation into the origins of the pandemic independent scientists to interview people from research institutes
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hospitals and the seafood market linked to the initial outbreak the long awaited inquiry comes after months of negotiations let's cross now to katrina you she's in katrina so how helpful is the chinese government likely to be to this team and what are they hoping to find given that it's been over a year since the virus was found. and there is a really good point there certainly is a quite a lot of skepticism about how willing the government is going to be in terms of cooperation with the world health organization team it's well documented that beijing has been tightly controlling any information any doctor around the origin of the outbreak and in fact it will reportedly reluctant to provide access to need of a hater if this is what's taking them up to a year to arrive here and of course many all saying that much of the key evidence around when the 1st outbreak started now must be missing in therefore it will only still i mean this investigation and it doesn't help that this mission is also
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highly politicized we've had the u.s. government and a number of other governments around the world pointing blame at the chinese government saying it was not transparent especially in those early days and that is what led it to becoming a global pandemic now experts we have spoken to say that this is a key time for beijing if they are able to cooperate with the mission if they are able to clear the path for this investigation they can really prove to the international community that they're willing to be open and transparent so far we have spoken to a member of the team who is inside the hotel behind us adults religious by the name of marian mens and she says that the team is in good spirits she's want to get any skepticism and says she spent the last 2. it's having daily meetings with chinese scientists and their plans for the next few weeks once they leave quarantine aren't finalized yet but they certainly have a few theories that they were going to investigate the going to investigate the market is going to investigate whether this virus 1st came from the baton they're
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also going to investigate the lab which former president donald trump alleged cover 19 indeed leaked from so there's much for them to tackle and her main message to the public through us was that this is going to take time so be patient and get treatment in terms of the big picture across the country chinese new year is just a few weeks away is there a worry that infections will rise with just so many millions of people traveling across the country. this certainly is there a lot of governments in the north of battling resurgent cases hundreds of millions of people typically travel around the country during chinese new year and the government this year discouraging people from doing that to prevent further spread so they put in some policies saying that people can have refunds for that tickets and some governments are even providing financial incentives up to $300.00 for my good work is willing to stay in the city and as a result we've seen travel bookings for this chinese new year period down about 40
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percent this year all right to katrina are you there katrina thank you for united kingdom has recorded its 2nd highest day number of deaths in the past 24 hours with more than 1700 lives lost just a day after the u.k. passed a total of 100000 deaths the government's now defending its handling of the covert 1000 crisis in an effort to stem the outbreak it's announced new restrictions for some people flying in. more than 100000 dead livelihoods lost in a generation put at risk with no clear end in sight and a prime minister unable to announce a way out of the national knock down and he give a date of when a plan might emerge we remain in a perilous situation with more than 37000 patients now in hospital with almost double the peak of the 1st wave but the overall picture should be clearer by mid february by then we will know much more about the effect of vaccines in
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preventing hospitalizations and deaths. the caveat being if no new code variants emerge and the vaccine rollout continues as planned then look down is particularly tough on children school closures have led to mental health plummeting and inequality soaring the government says classrooms may reopen on march 8th but it will take years for students to catch up on lost education meanwhile new quarantine rules for some arrivals into the u.k. to try and protect the country from unknown clothing. u.k. citizens and residents flying in from $22.00 countries will be forced to isolate hotels for 10 days at their own expense the high risk countries include south africa and brazil like a variant already circulating we have also banned all travel from 22 countries where there is a risk of known variants including south africa portugal and south american nations
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and in order to reduce the risk posed by u.k. nationals and residents returning home from these countries i can announce that we will require all sorts of rivals who cannot be refused entry to isolate in government provided accommodation such as hotels for 10 days without exception. the airline industry says with no exit plan these measures will effectively close the u.k.'s borders and argue the country already has strict protocols in place while some ministers want to quarantine every traveler we need a much stronger defenses of our borders we were one of the slowest countries to take any measures or all those when we had a quarantine system not many people and here we are today without a comprehensive way of protecting our borders at the very least is urgently needed . vaccines are providing hope for many but the u.k. has the highest death toll in here at the prime minister insists he has followed
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the science throughout the country make it the scientists disagree and grimly predicts another 50000 people could die charlie and al jazeera. the new man in charge of america's foreign policy says one of the top priorities of the biden administration will be how to handle iran in his 1st press briefing since taking office u.s. secretary of state anthony blinken said washington wants to return to the 2015 nuclear deal which donald trump pulled out of but blinken called on iran to act 1st jabatan see reports i give the new u.s. secretary of state once again pledge to rejoin the joint c.p.o. iran nuclear deal president biden has been break clear in saying that if iran comes back into full compliance with its obligations under the j.c. v.o.a. the united states would do the same thing. but there is still a great deal of ambiguity about the new administration's approach sometimes officials around biden appear to be saying the administration will rejoin the j.c.
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as it was with no change lifting the u.s. is crippling economic sanctions concurrently with iran's return to compliance while leaving open the option of follow on deals to address other issues of concern that did seem to be what lincoln said on wednesday but at other times they suggest the u.s. will use its economic leverage to strike a tough a deal before it lift sanctions we are a long ways from that point iran is out of compliance on a number of fronts and it would take some time should it make the decision to do so for it to come back into compliance and time for us then to assess whether it was meeting its obligations both blinken and have repeatedly pledged unconditional military aid to israel and that the u.s. embassy will remain in jerusalem despite the occupation and it's clear that the israeli government understands biden will be a close ally and. we are in front of the era of
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a new american administration that is friendly to israel and we will know how to start to correct a strategic dialogue in the near future we will use all the tools available to us politically economically intelligence and security. but some wonder if the israeli government is concerned about exactly where the bike ministrations stands they have the very real prospect the united states and iran you mean negotiations at a very high level these are things that the israelis are trying to grapple with and they're doing so by in my view really trumpeting a threat from iran that has not changed in the past ever. iran meanwhile continues to reiterate that it will return to compliance with iran nuclear deal once the signatories decide they really are prepared to abide by the agreement if they rejoin the deal will do so as well and for an entire year we kept going forward this way but we've always said as soon as you return to the deal will return to full compliance the next hour. in the meantime the biden ministration are sending
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conflicting signals even on tuesday sending a b. $52.00 bomber on a round trip from the u.s. to the gulf in a show of force aimed at iran used by the trumpet administration several times in the dying days of its presidency. of the state department. meanwhile the u.s. has temporarily frozen arms sales to saudi arabia and the u.s. secretary of state anthony blinken says it's typical for a new administrations to review pending arms sales donald trump's administration had been doing deals down to the wire including one for 50 f. $35.00 fighter jets some lucky martin to the u.a.e. the u.s. ambassador to the u.s. says his country will work closely with the biden administration to its peace and stability in the middle east where william laurance a professor of international relations at the american university he says the sale to the u.s. will eventually go ahead. well there's sort of 2 stories here one is that it is entirely normal as the administration is saying to review such weapons sales when
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a new administration comes in what's unusual is all of these public statements and all of this turmoil including tweets by senators you know and all and all the brouhaha around it that that's quite a typical it's very likely that these sales will go through but it's the way in which the children ministration hastily went through a whole bunch of quid pro quos relating to the abraham accords and other hasty actions at the end of the ministration created a circumstance by which even if the democrats and the by demonstration and really the arms sales structure there's a kind of bitter taste in their mouth about the way in which trump going to about it and that's really what's under review and so what happened last year in the year before is to murder. and the war in yemen sort of in one issue at the level of the senate and there was a lot of comments by senators about what you think you can trust saudi arabia can't trust yemen and much as much of that was as much directed at the trunk of
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ministration and their relationship with this country as any human country's was doing and then what happened after that is they got $55.00 votes in the senate 55 votes against the arms sales but they needed 60 votes to break the filibuster and that's still about the same ratio in the senate so if it came up for another congressional review the sales would go through again but the opposition to the conduct of the war and you met and world's greatest humanitarian catastrophe is something the senate's going to continue to raise the alarm bells about lots more thoughts coming on al-jazeera including. we desperately need a unified national response to the climate crisis because there is a climate crisis u.s. president joe biden puts the fight against climate change at the heart of his government's agenda. and cracking down on campus crime the greek government can spring sun needed at universities but students think otherwise more that states.
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active weather is south of that it is danbury 5 and dry 22 celsius here in doha with some pleasant sunshine the sunshine stretches down across the gulf of aden into the horn of africa a few showers just around the lake victoria into the rift valley and then as usual showers there across a good part of southern africa the wettest weather will continue across the eastern side of angola coming down across the botswana into the eastern half of south africa now remnants of a real tropical sites in the shallows continue here with wet weather the zimbabwe. qatar airways gay com and may show you're not hyping the situation to be part of the debate my main characters are women when no topic is off the table the law is in the last allow child marriage to happen legally these are basically archaic walls dads off in the jet mines and legalized pedophile on adult online
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jumping to the comments section and meeting to be part of the discussion this stream on out is the era. welcome back a greek of our top stories here this hour a team of investigators sent by the world health organization is preparing to leave quarantine the chinese city of new looking into the origins of the corona virus covered 19 was 1st detected in late 2019. the new u.s. secretary of state has laid out how joe biden is of ministration plans to rebuild ties with the rest of the world and to me blinken says if iran returns to full compliance under the 2015 nuclear agreement the u.s. would also come back to the to. the brink and also announced
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a temporary halt in arms sales to saudi arabia and the u.s. donald trump's administration has been doing defense deals down to the wire including one of the 50 f. $35.00 fighter jets from lucky martin says the u.a.e. . rival ethnic groups in mali have signed peace deals after months of mediation that's been years of violence between the magic herders and farmers hundreds of died and thousands displaced the reports. i'm only the cattle in the slaughter house on the outskirts of the capital bamako are families hiding from death they are ethnic dogs and for long herders members of 2 agricultural communities who have been fighting over arable land in central mali their knowledge big side by side in the capital waiting for the violence to subside and you peace agreement mediated by swiss negotiators has been signed by both sides the deal is supported by mali's transitional government but the people here are still too afraid to return home
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there than there are how can i don't believe a few signatures on a piece of paper can bring peace 1st we need to disarm everyone i mean each and every one by one needs to forfeit their weapons to allow us farmers to return to our land and bring this war to an end or. rainfall and more droughts have made central mollies arable land a source of conflict full on the nomads encroach on dawn farmland to graze their cattle in $2900.00 this learn dispute turned violent according to the armed conflict location and event data project almost 3000 people have died in the fighting mostly in central mali in the absence of the money and state to mediate this crisis armed groups stepped in fueling divisions eisel and al-qaeda affiliates protecting the full on the herders fight against doggone militia groups done. supported by government forces the fighting is spreading beyond central mali to
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neighboring bric enough are so almost 2000000 people are displaced. doggoned says we are the same people we are all we need to peace accord that can go on to security for all this is what we need for us to come and live side by side together again as part of the swiss brokered peace agreement full arnesen do go on living in the region of coro agreed to forgive past crimes stop carrying weapons and agree to build trust to allow the return of displaced people and the statement this was center for humanitarian dialogue says the support of the mali and authorities will be crucial in consolidating these new achievements this peace agreement comes as france plans to reduce its military presence in mali where 5000 french soldiers are stationed the government of transition is seeking a shift in policy calling for dialogue with armed groups the aim is to end the violence so that people can return to their land because hark al-jazeera u.s.
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president joe biden has signed the executive orders to address the climate crisis and includes cutting fossil fuel subsidies on pausing oil and gas leases on federal land biden says climate change is at the center of the u.s. national security and foreign policy. and just like we need a unified national response to cope with 19 we desperately need a unified national response to the climate crisis because there is a climate crisis we must keep we must lead the global response because neither challenge can be met as secretary kerry has pointed out many times by the united states alone we know what to do we've just got to do it when we think of climate change we think of it this is a case where conscious inconvenience cross paths where dealing with the sex the sense of threat to the planet and increasing our economic growth and prosperity are
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one in the same out official has more now from washington d.c. . well climate change was always going to be close to the top of the agenda for joe biden he said throughout the election campaign and know here he is one week in the oval office outlining plans that he believes are essential for the united states to take among the executive orders that he signed he's cutting fuel subsidies to those in the carbon industry he's trying to overturn a decision by don't trump to overturn a measure that barack obama introduced he knows that there is a political tightrope to walk here because he emphasizes very much so the idea that green jobs will be created but it's still not enough to convince many republicans they've been critical of what they've had from the white house on wednesday they say as far as they're concerned this is simply big government getting involved in the lives of ordinary american people again and making sure that they could possibly lose their jobs and also challenging joe biden suggesting that he is
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giving up the energy independence that the united states has enjoyed over the last several years and making them dependent on foreign sources because they won't be able to produce enough energy that a growing economy is making as for joe biden he believes that this is important and incidentally i spoke to john kerry who is the new climate czar essentially he is going to organize the global climate conference for april he's going to get many countries involved it's a sign that the united states again wants to take the lead on the climate question after what many here in the white house say was 4 years of neglect by donald trump . firefighters in argentina are struggling to contain fires destroying large areas of forests now for a 3rd day the area affected in rio negra province nearly doubled on wednesday now $11000.00 hectares have been destroyed the cause of the fire is not yet known but 2028 was the country's driest in 15 years. health authorities in the brazilian
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state of amazonas have set up 2 field hospitals to handle a large number of coronavirus patients many seeking treatment from across the state have been sent to the regional capital mine else but it's hospitals are already overwhelmed scientists have identified a new variant of code 19 in the city i'm a zone a state and the lockdown on monday argentina's president alberto fernandez says all of latin america must join forces to combat the pandemic the region remains the worst hit the democracy of the dean and i will never hear you know that we have to make latin america an integrated region because we are now seeing what the disintegration of the region means we are seeing it in what's happening in public health in what's happening with the purchasing of vaccines were each one of us runs in a hurry to solve a problem and if we had all been united everything would have been easier for the funerals of 3 high profile zimbabwean politicians who died from corona virus last week have been held in the capital harare they include the foreign minister. and
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a retired general for cabinet ministers have also died to cope with 19 in the past 2 weeks zimbabwe has recently experienced a spike in cases the opposition though accuses the government of using the virus as a weapon by detaining its supporters an overcrowded jails where the disease is easily transmitted. spain's government says it's opening new camps on the canary islands for undocumented migrants in preparation for a significant influx of new arrivals the government refuses to transfer migrants to mainland spain because it says it would encourage more people to come to reach the islands many migrants braved the open sea on small boats and critics say keeping them in camps is a rights concern and isn't good for both migrants and the local population. china is due to start a large scale military exercise on thursday in the disputed waters of the south china sea it comes at a time of increased tensions with the neighboring island of taiwan as beijing waits
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to see what impact the biden the ministration will have on china u.s. relations is rob right. that's an air force base in the south of taiwan fighter jets practice for an incursion towards the island by military planes from nearby mainland china jets have been scrambling for real more often as china has stepped up its military patrols most recently last weekend it seems to be beijing's reminder that it will always regard taiwan as part of china and its prepared to take it back by force if necessary wellman we make no promise to renounce the use of force and reserve the option to use all necessary measures our position has been consistent and will not change taiwan's president saying when inspecting her military's preparedness says the island is ready for any aggression to war from last year our radar stations have detected incursions by nearly 2000 chinese
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military aircraft and over 400 military vessels we drive them away in a timely manner and secured our maritime an airspace. increased activity across the taiwan strait comes as the u.s. conducts a so-called freedom of navigation exercise sending an aircraft carrier group into the nearby south china sea angering beijing which regards it as largely its own during the recent turbulent years of the trumpet ministration taiwan has often been caught in the middle of strained relations between china and the us and the new biden administration might not mean an end to that turbulence i also believe that president trump was right in taking a tougher approach to china. i disagree very much with the way that he want to about it in a number of areas but the basic principle was the right one the major players in east asia geopolitics are embarking on
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a new era but bringing with them the same tensions from the last one of the bride al jazeera. police in moscow have raided the apartments and offices of relatives and associates of russian opposition leader alexina valley around his brother only it was among those arrested police surgeon about his anti corruption foundation and the studio where he produces his online videos it comes just days after thousands of his supporters across the country tested against the bally's arrest. students in greece are protesting against a bill that would create a new branch of the police for university campuses the government says the force is needed to fight violent crime and great universities reports from athens. if the government has its way student protests like this could become a thing of the post a new bill would ban noise pollution and political banners in universities it would also introduce a campus police empowered to arrest and charge those considered troublemakers and
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disciplinary boards with power to suspend or expel students the government says too much crime goes unpunished on campuses where faculty members have the turks or bricks into their offices and students have been raped but these students disagree with that guy and this whole discussion about insecurity and how universities is not based in reality if you look at police statistics the crimes committed on campuses are negligible what where really afraid of is what's in the bill the sanctity of university campuses goes back to 973 when the military dictatorship then ruling greece used the army and police to crush a student protest here. at the athens polytechnic although no one was hurt on campus an estimated 3 dozen people were killed on the night of the operation and the following day. in 1902 police were forbidden to enter campuses but anarchist
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groups often took advantage of this to escape the rest after confrontations with police police community was abused in other ways police recovered this expensive equipment stolen by intruders from the athens polytechnic to be sold on the black market. when it came to power in 2019 the conservative new democracy government allowed police on to campuses at will. the only thing the government is achieving is to irritate an already vexed society and a student body that is anxious about its future and is giving the kiss of life to extremists specifically the leftwing syria's opposition so to start a cat and mouse game on university campuses we don't need this tension the government decided to tighten campus security last october after 8 assailants held a university rector hostage in his office and called for a return to immunity from policing to the main problem is created by from people
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who come from outside the university students so i strongly believe that 90 percent of the problem is going to be sold we think to a doctrine of the checking of the people who went there in the universe to be the students are protesting against the bill the government has the votes it needs in parliament but the students are claiming the streets jumps out o. plus al-jazeera athens. time for a quick check of the top stories here on al-jazeera a team of investigators sent by the world health organization is preparing to leave quarantine the chinese city have. been looking into the origins of the corona virus covered 19 was 1st detected in in late 1900 between and you have the latest from move on. to some.


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