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tv   Talk to Al Jazeera Mohamed Abdirizak  Al Jazeera  February 12, 2021 5:30pm-6:01pm +03

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the impact of the coronavirus is g.d.p. shrank nearly 10 percent and 2020 that's the largest decline among g 7 countries the families of $35.00 men thought to be trapped inside a tunnel in the indian state of wood tara cond say only a miracle can save their loved ones now it's been 6 days since the tunnel and much of the surrounding valley was flooded when a part of a glassy a collapsed into a river at least 36 people have died around 200 all still missing. olympics or tokyo's organizers say they will try to find a new president a soon as possible mori officially resigned on friday over his recent sexist comments mori had been facing backlash in japan and abroad after saying that women talk too much during meetings and have a strong sense of rivalry and countries across east asia are marking the lunar new year at this time it's the year of the ox in taiwan
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thousands flock to temples to pray for luck and prosperity people are required to wear a mask and the government has canceled some of them meanwhile hundreds of people also went to buddhist temples in china's capital despite their gates being locked officials in beijing have been discouraging travel in the lead up to the holiday after the discovery of new cases. that this is al jazeera and these are the headlines. an emergency panel the u.n. human rights investigation for me on law says there's growing evidence security forces have used live ammunition on protesters 300 members of parliament in myanmar calling on the u.n. to investigate human rights violations committed by the military meanwhile myanmar has seen one of the largest days of demonstrations against the military coup so far hundreds of thousands of people have taken to the streets for a 7th straight day despite the government's efforts to quell those protests. the
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impeachment trial of donald trump resumes in just a few hours time the former president's defense lawyers are set to make their case on thursday democrats argue there is overwhelming evidence that he incited the capitol hill riots the u.k.'s economy has recorded its biggest annual contraction and more than 300 years driven largely by the impact of the coronavirus its g.d.p. shrank nearly 10 percent in 20 twentieth's the largest decline amongst g 7 countries from mr johnson hopes that the country's fast vaccine rollout will allow the economy to open up in the coming months. new case supreme court is allowing nigerian fishermen and farmers to sue the oil giant shell in english courts the judges say shell has a duty of care despite the multinational company arguing that the court didn't have the jurisdiction. those are the headlines adrian finnegan will have more news for you to talk to al-jazeera stay with us. on counting the cost has iraq's
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oil wealth gone from phantom civil servants to corrupt politicians take a closer look and the technology behind covert 19 vaccines how long before it's used to find the cure for cancer counting the cost of that. world to. see. this week on talk to al jazeera the troubled country of somalia faces a new crisis political deadlock i'm changed by the u.n. headquarters in new york of the 30 years of chaos and conflict this was going to be a pivotal year for somalia that was supposed to be the 1st one person one vote elections in 15 years however in september that plan was the pound the place with indirect elections the parliament in december and then for the president. neither
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but. now the official time in office of president mohammed abdul now he from our show has come to an end and without political agreement opposition leaders have declared for much owes government in the judgment so what next for somalia will the government remain in office or will there be a power vacuum would explore somalia's escalating electoral crisis in depth as the country's foreign minister mohammed abdul razak talks to al jazeera. mohamad. foreign minister of somalia thank you for talking to a time that appears to be a crisis for somalia it's a time when there was supposed to be presidential elections they haven't happened can you tell me whether the government you represent is now illegitimate thank you for having me. the government we have. our
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constitution stipulates that the somali government is essentially and practically a parliamentary system. mix but the parliament has system and the parliament has a mandate of 4 years. after the parliament to selected it elects a president who then appoints a prime minister who had been appoints a captain and in that system it is starts with the parliament so the parliament is sort of the mother of our governance system the parliaments mandate it was supposed to run out on december 27th of last year but. over the course of the last 3 and a half years the federal government of somalia has tried to have an election.
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design and the election that was supposed to be a one person one vote which then did not occur mainly due to the refusal of some of our members so that all member states. but. the political process and the fellow governments dialogue. it is acceptance of. conditions set by those further member states this process continues and finally on september 17th last year. the federal government and the federal member states signed an agreement that would not be a one person one vote but a an in direct election system close to the one we had in an assistant but that indirect election was supposed to take place on february 8th feel lection no not taken place and i've looked at the constitution of somalia article 91 the president
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of the federal republic shall hold office for a term of 4 years starting from the day he takes office takes the oath as the president well after that time after that 4 years he is no longer the to no he the president cannot be a fact him the federal parliament in both chambers have signed voted for by a majority of 215 in the lower house and 40 senators to have. a law that would allow for the parliament with its full authority to continue with its mandate and for all of the institutions of the federal government to continue so we have a law and that low allows for the both the federal parliament and the federal government to continue until and the election is organized now you cannot have it both ways you cannot have a situation where the federal member states and de all the others are refusing to go to an election but at the same time saying that the time has run out elections
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have to take place well we have to have what they are saying government deal that was. saying the president for maggio's term has ended and they're now calling to have a transitional national council what you know you're going to have the truth it's not the whole truth yes the president's term is 4 years the parliament's term is 4 years but also there is so low that that's not allow for a vacuum to take place and and that is the full truth and in order for that. there to be a political transition there has to be an election how worrying do you believe this situation is i spoke recently to the current president of the un security council currently the u.k. holds the presidency ambassador barbara woodward told me not holding poles will increase the risk to security and stability in somalia but the position of the
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federal government of somalia is that we want to have an election the federal government of somalia wanted to have this election organized worked on a model agreed on for the last 3 and a half years and that hasn't happened but what the federal government wants is an election that is inclusive not a partial one and the election that is transparent and the election that all the people who are eligible to vote and who compare to support in the elections through to participate but the fact of the matter is that the federal government has been asking and has been trying to have an election organized for quite some time all the delays it is as a result of the federal member states well it will come in the moment to their problems that they have with the election and their complaints their dispute about the election but just to be clear you said they can't be a partial election that's the position too of the international community can you
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confirm they talk about any alternative outcomes including a parallel process or partial election would be a setback can you confirm that your administration your government will not consider anything other than the no full of action the federal government of somalia is charged and has been we have present to spin elected legally by the federal member for the parliament of somalia and the government dat has been given the vote of confidence by the federal parliament of somalia. that is charged with the responsibility of organizing an election and that government's desire is to have an election that is inclusive fair and transparent let me talk to you about this election because a prominent person no less than the chairperson of the national independent electoral commission abraham has described what you're planning as
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a selection not an election this isn't a proper election even but that you're planning it's it's an indirect election isn't it a bit of an indictment of the administration that you represent has been in power for 4 years that it hasn't come to a position where it can hold a one person one vote absolutely not and let me share something with you there. about 3 and a half years ago i became an advisor to the president on elections and democrats. and since then we have included all federal government relevant institutions as well as the federal member states to design an election that would be a one person one vote that would ensure the meaningful and full participation of women at least a 2 of 30 percent and that model has been projected by the federal member states
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so it is not true to say that the federal government did not want to have a one person one vote it is the others who wanted to have an election that is in direct election and now it is truth in order to avoid a vacuum this is what they have to negotiate in a 70 it's called the 17 september agreement which they again refused to do except do you accept that if you have an election under that agreement it will be similar to previous elections in somalia and i quote from the russian ha she who's the director of the most prominent think tank in somalia the heritage institute for policy studies about the last time you had an election like this an indirect model he said it was very flawed the corruption was beyond description there was no fair competition there was no oversight conflict of interest was rife on horror stories report were reported across the regions what you know what is being planned now is bound to be flawed and jansz that election that you just described was organized in
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health by the previous government so we should not be dated on the basis of the performance of the previous government but what what you went to. the analysts dissenting is that the that election. the design of it is very similar to what we're going to be don't which is what the further member states have agreed to this is what they wanted that the government has conceded accommodated their. request well what the federal member states particularly jubilant and point land and opposition leaders say they're unhappy with is the implementation committees for the election they claim that president from our show has installed loyalists on the polling committees and stacked them with members of the intelligence agency civil servants and supporters this is the practice that all previous governments of done charms of organizing election committees what is true
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is that president mohamed up to life from my joe went in front of parliament on february 6th and confirmed to the whole world that he had only shoe requests one was to preserve the national independent electoral commission and to have a 30 percent women strippers and patient and both were rejected this is what we need to tell the world this is what everybody needs to know and all somalis need to know the leaders of jubilant. and say that there is a pattern here of president for maggio trying to destroy the federal power structure what do you say to that what i would say is that in somalia. we have a process of federalization. which has not being all agreed on which is in the process our constitutional review and finalization process is well
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underway and these things take time and in that process somalia and somalis have to figure out what is the best way to go or by federalizing somalia it's not the best time to be debating the future of the country in terms of its federalism and all of these important questions in an election cycle and in the midst of what's supposed to be an election period as we look at tensions in the federal system in somalia it's worth reminding our viewers there's one piece of territory very large piece of territory that's normally under the control of mogadishu but it is a defacto state in itself somaliland has its own army police currency politicians it has its own elections as well it has all the trappings of a state is it not time now for a last thing settlement between somalia and somaliland this government the federal government of somalia so continue to have
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a dialogue with. piece of modern man in the situation. in the last of which was. this in 2020 and in djibouti the talks have not produced any fruits but it will continue and somalia will under no circumstances give up on its territorial integrity sovereignty and political independence the current tensions in your country just play into the hands of al shabab do they not tell me about al shabaab how strong is it now. all know and i mean of the some of the people and immediately that has over you over the years continued to change and that that. but. an enemy that adds currently. it's not an existential
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threat to the federal government of somalia or the somali state i think the option of. having a military and in the battlefield is very important and that will continue for the foreseeable future when the time to strike. there's. the opportunity is you know right for negotiations we will see when that comes but right now from what we see we would have to continue to protect our people protect our borders and protect our state amis psalm the african union force which numbers about $20000.00 uniformed personnel is supposed to slowly draw down and eventually leave the country and hand over to the somali security forces is that handover really going to happen right now the man did of his son is come
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sunday and and we expect that to be used in the coming weeks. but we want to have the basis of moving forward to be had some on the transitional plan which calls for a number of steps that will enhance such transition the recent report by the u.s. inspector general to congress talked about your own somali security forces it says they continue to rely on international support for operations and al shabaab is not degraded to the point where somali security forces can contain its threat independently went on further details about the somali security forces operational capabilities are not publicly releasable they don't want to say the. of the problem publicly but it's true that your forces aren't up to the job yet are they well it's
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unfortunate that the reports and other sorts. some of the national army do not talk about the fact that we're still country that is under arms embargo and that. we don't have the capability. or our. troops and and as long as that is the case i think we will continue to need some support from our friends in the fight against terrorism and instability when you talk about your friends you talk about i am a song you also got an e.u. training mission in somalia about 200 strong you did have another important force there training the somali security forces and helping with their operations that was u.s. troops and yet those u.s. troops $700.00 of them have all been pulled out by the united states by the trumpet ministration they had all left by january was it mistake of the trumpet
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ministration to pull out those forces it is true the u.s. troops have been pulled out and relocated them or if you position. from there cross the border into neighboring countries. and but that doesn't change the operations security operations the joint security operations in somalia you were on a recent trip to the united states so you must be quite glad to see the back of the trumpet ministration not only that they pull out the troops you have the trump travel ban somalia was on the list of islamic an african countries that couldn't come to the u.s. and you remember president trump himself used that vulgar language to describe african countries are are is your government of the people of somalia glad to see donald. amp is no longer in the white house the federal government of somalia has strong and historical relationship with the goldman united states and we
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are happy that there is now a new ministration there we hope soon we will sit down and view our bilateral relations common interest and continue. into the future let's look at relations with your neighboring countries and let me start with ethiopia because clearly an alarming situation in t. grey just across the border the new us secretary of state antony blinken has described it as having grave concern when he spoke to ethiopia's prime minister. the u.n. secretary general antonio caetera said he was seriously concerned and the un high commissioner for human rights michele basher lay says it's extremely worrying and volatile situation is spiraling out of control she says there's corroborated information of gross human rights violations and abuses how worried are you about
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what's going on in t. graham what's the ethiopian forces backed we hear probably by eritrean forces are doing that. dissimilar governments and the ethiopian government to have a very strong. will you spect or relationship. according to the african union. constituents are facts we are prohibited by salk and by the internal affairs of a sisterly country what is going on in ethiopia is something that. should be the european governments we have our hands to show but surely you can you you're not being silenced by the african union if you want to speak out about gross human rights abuse of citizen that must be an issue of concern that must be an issue of concern for you or are you worried because there are many reports that
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your predecessor was sacked because of comments calling for a dialogue in tikrit absolutely not it is a matter of choice and no one is silencing that some talking to you with all the freedoms that a half. but it is a practice we are complaining about internal. you know political interference this so we do not want to be also aggressors and talk about other country's internal affairs what about the reports of eritrean forces also operating in te grab a that seems to be confirmed state department officials will tell you it privately so will un officials look i would have to believe when the grand speak i would have to take it for there were 20 feet up in say something about what's going on if you have fear i take them for their word so you believe the words of eritrea and
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ethiopia let me move to another neighbor kenya there your government has been more forthright about its problems with kenya you even cut diplomatic ties for a time at the end of last year explain why there are so many problems with kenya when it's a place of refuge for so many years for somalis even you yourself used to be a resident. so you did your research very well yes i did live in kenya but it is also true that we've had. violations of both our territorial integrity and sovereignty and political independence from from kenya documented as a list that is long and the federal government of somalia has in the last 3 plus years has tried to address this issues bilaterally with the
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kenyan government and have fallen in deaf ears we were left with no choice say to say that when you saying you say it you say that somalia also listens to bodies its members of the gad the into governmental authority on developing which is the regional body sent a fact finding mission and expects on aerated kenya from allegations of somalia's sovereignty. i can tell you that you get. fact finding mission which was mainly it was a frivolous reports embarrassing the frivolous report and everyone knows it. the fact finding mission was invited to come to some avia which they did and that was their 1st trip there were supposed to go to kenya go to the border area talk to the people on the ground which they did not they were supposed
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to come back and talk to the minister of defense talk to the minister of aviation talk see other relevant ministries interview people that has not happened when you look at the situation for ordinary somalis it's a longing you've got coded 19 doesn't locust drought you still suffering also from the effects of flash flooding from november's cycle all you worried that you know a few years ago i remember there was a london conference and 20121 in 2017 the perhaps somalia despite these problems is slipping off the international agenda the reason why some of the remains on the agenda the international agenda is the fact that we raising hope that we are ending 30 years of low listeners and no government and this government has embarked on
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a series of reforms and secured to perform for the 1st time you have some other national army that has bio data registration that has their weapons registered that getting regular salaries that have their structure and that are fighting our ship up this give us the international community and partners hope that we have also said on political reforms which is i think the hardest part right now because. the still the constitution is under review and the fact is that elections are not taking place in time but because of these series of reforms and achievements somalia is raising the hopes that a country like somalia can turn the corner and that is why they are partners and the world has not given up on us do you really have such high hopes as you say it's 30 years since the end of
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a dictatorship that's now meant 3 decades of conflict chaos and turmoil and you playing to positive picture but you'll now facing a major political crisis. i have been. working with some on the government and with the international organizations working on some money for the last 21 years and i have never been more hopeful map than at any time in the past 2 decades and that i say from experience that i say from what we're seen and what we're doing and seen but. the somali people will be able to tell their story mohammed of the razak the foreign minister of the federal government of somalia thank you for talking to our . thank you brother. i.
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it's one of the most recognized sites around the world to sing for support from far and wide. but for the fans back home it's more than just a football club and i want to say as policy it should be left also for you know doesn't know about football isn't about politics and this is he's not going to have . the passion and the politics over liverpool f.c. the defiant giant. part of the fans who make football series on al-jazeera. they were sent to afghanistan to help but now with strategy of soldiers facing allegations of war crimes including murder. one i want to east investigates on al-jazeera. there is no channel of coverage from world news like legion the scale of this camp is like nothing you've ever seen. what we want to know is how do these
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things affect people we revisit please stay even when there are no international headlines. al-jazeera really invests in that and that's a privilege as a journalist. this is al-jazeera. alive adrian for the good this is the news are live from doha coming up in the next 60 minutes shaping up to be one of myanmar as biggest days of protests against the military coup hundreds of thousands of people the fire arrests of a crackdown to the model return to democracy. let us be clear the indiscriminate use of lethal oil.


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