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tv   Inside Story  Al Jazeera  February 12, 2021 8:30pm-9:01pm +03

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able for what possible reason to the house managers withhold it from the american people and president trump's lawyers for political game how did they get it how are they the ones releasing it it is evidence in hundreds of pending criminal cases against the rioters why was it not released through law enforcement or the department of justice is it the result of a rushed snap impeachment for political gain without due process house manager raskin told us all yesterday that your job as jurors in this case is a fact intensive job but of course as several of the house managers have told you we still don't have the facts speaker pelosi yourself on february 2nd called for a $911.00 style commission to investigate the events of january 6th speaker pelosi says that the commission is needed to determine the causes of the
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events she says it herself if an inquiry of that magnitude is needed to determine the causes of the riot and it may very well be then how can these same democrats have the certainty needed to bring articles of impeachment and blame the riots on president trump they don't the house managers facing a significant lack of evidence turned often to press reports and rumors during these proceedings claims that would never meet the evidentiary standards of any court in fact they even relied on the words of andrew feinberg a reporter who recently worked for sputnik the russian propaganda outlet you saw it posted by the way the report they cited was completely refuted. the frequency with which house managers relied on unproven media reports shocked me as i sat in this chamber and listened to this and there's
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a lot that we don't know yet about what happened that day according to those around him at the time reportedly responded to trump reportedly reports across all major media outlets major news networks including fox news reported reported reportedly summoned reportedly purportedly not accidental according to reports president trump was reportedly who reportedly spoke to the guard and was widely reported media reports according to reports reported reportedly as any trial lawyer will tell you reportedly is a euphemism for i have no real evidence. reportedly is not the standard in any american setting in which any semblance of due process is afforded an accused reportedly isn't even here is some circumstantial evidence it is
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exactly as reliable as i googled this for you and if you're worried you might ever be tried based on this type of evidence don't be you get more due process in this when you fight a parking ticket one reason due process is so important with respect to evidence offered against an accused is that it requires an opportunity to test the integrity the credibility the reliability of the evidence here of course former president trump was completely denied any such opportunity and it turns out there is significant reason to doubt the evidence the house managers have put before us let me say this clearly. we have reason to believe the house managers manipulated evidence and selectively edited footage if they did and this were a court of law they would face sanctions from the judge i don't raise this issue
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lightly rather it is a product of what we have found in just the limited time we have had since we 1st saw the evidence here with you this week we have reason to believe that the house managers created false representations of tweets and the lack of due process means there was no opportunity to review or verify the accuracy consider these facts the house managers proud of their work on the snap impeachment stage numerous photo shoots of their preparations and one of those manager raskin is seen here at his desk reviewing 2 tweets side by side the image on his screen claims to show that president trump had read tweeted one of those tweets now members of the senate let's look closely at the screen because obviously manager raskin considered it important enough that he invited the new york times to watch
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him watching it now what's wrong with this image actually there are 3 things very wrong with it look at the date on the very bottom of the screen a manager reston's computer screen when we zoom into the picture the date that appears is january 3rd 2020 not 2021 why is that date wrong because this is not a real screen shot that he's working with this is a recreation of a tweet and you got the date wrong when you manufactured this graphic you did not disclose that this is a manufactured graphic and not a real screen shot of a tweet that to be fair the house managers caught this error before showing the image on the senate floor so you never saw it when it was presented to you. but that's not all they didn't fix this one look at the blue check mark next to the
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twitter user name of the account read tweeted by the president indicates that this is a verified account given the blue checked by twitter to indicate it is run by a public figure the problem the users real account is not verified and has no blue check mark as you can see where you're trying to make your account seem more significant or were you just sloppy if we had due process of law in this case we would know the truth but that's not all that's wrong with this one tweet house manager swalwell showed you just tweet this week and he emphasized that this tweet reflected a call to arms he told you repeatedly that this was a promise to call in the cavalry for january 6th he expressed we lead you to believe the president trump supporter believed that the president wanted armed supporters at the january 6th speech paramilitary groups the cavalry ready for physical combat the problem is the actual text is exactly the opposite the
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tweeter promised to bring the cal very a public display of christ's crucifixion a simple central symbol of her christian faith with her to the president's speech a symbol of faith love and peace they just never want to seem to read the text and believe what the text means you'll see this reported in the media last evening also words matter they told you but they selectively edited the president's words over and over again. they manipulated video time shifting clips and made to pure the president's words were playing to a crowd when they weren't let's take a look after this we're going to walk down and i'll be there with you we're going to walk down or i am going to walk down to the capitol and i was there when i walked down to the capitol the i was going to cheer on
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our brave senators and congressmen and women and we're probably not going to be cheering so much for some of them thank you because you'll never take back to our country with weak this you have to show strength and you have to be strong the they are we have come to demand that congress do the right thing and only count the electors who have been lawfully slated lawfully slated. i know that everyone here will soon be marching over to the capitol building to peacefully patriotically make your voices heard and we are going to walk down to the capitol they showed you that point why are we walking to the capitol well they cut that off to cheer on some members of congress
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and not others peacefully and patriotically the supreme court ruled in brandenburg that there's a very clear standard for incitement in short to paraphrase but that the speech was intended to provoke imminent lawless action and was a likely to do so go to the capitol and cheer on some members of congress but not others they know it doesn't meet the standard for incitement so they ne down we heard a lot this week about fight like hell but they cut off the video before they showed you the president's optimistic patriotic words that followed immediately after. fight like hell and if you don't fight like you're not going to have a country anymore our exciting adventures that boldest endeavors have not yet begun my fellow americans for our moon for our children and for our beloved country
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and i say this despite all that's happened the best is yet to come to it there's that famous quote like one of the house managers said a lot i will travel halfway around the world before the truth has a chance to put it chews on well this lie traveled around the world a few times made its way into the biden campaign talking points and ended up on the senate floor the charlottesville lie very fine people on both sides except that isn't all he said and they knew it then and they know it now watch this but you also had people that were. very fine people on both sides you had people in that group excuse me excuse me i saw the same pictures as you did you had people in that group that were there to protest the taking down of them a very very important statue and the renaming of a park from robert e.
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lee to another name for the past year now this is a good book washington was a slave owner was george washington a slave owner so will george washington now lose his status are we going to take down his me are we going to take down are we going to take down statues to judge white how about thomas jefferson what do you think of thomas jefferson you know like i'm. good how are we going to take down the statue because he was a major slave are now we going to take down his statue so you know what it's find you're changing history you're changing culture and you had people and i'm not talking about the neo nazis and the white nationalists because they should be condemned totally but you had many people in that group other than neo nazis and white nationalists ok and the press has treated them absolutely unfairly now in the other group or cell you had some fine people but you also had troublemakers and you see them come with the with the black outfits and with the helmets and with the
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baseball bats you got you had a lot of bad you know a lot of bad people in the other group can barely stand settlers are you saying you were saying the presence treated white nationalists unfairly often are serious and there were people and that rally and i looked the night before if you look they were people protesting very quietly the taking down of the statue of robert e. lee i'm sure in that group there were some bad ones the following day it looked like they had some rough bad people the own nazis white nationalists whatever you want to call 0 but you had a lot of people in that group that were there to innocently protest and very legally protest because. you know i don't know if you know they had a permit or the other group didn't have a permit so i only tell you this there are 2 sides to a story i thought what took place was a horrible moment for our country a horrible moment but there are 2 sides and the country does anybody have
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a final does anybody have a you have an infrastructure where. this might be today the 1st time the news networks played those full remarks in their context and how many times have you heard the president trump has never denounced white supremacists now you in america know the truth here's another example one of the house managers made much of the president's supposedly ominous words of you have to get your people to fight but you knew what the president really meant he meant that the crowd should demand action from members of congress and support primary challenges to those who don't do what he considered to be right support primary challenges not violent action i know what he meant because i watched the full video and so did the house managers but they manipulated his words you will see where they stopped it and to give it a very different meaning from the meaning it has in full context let's watch you
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have to get your people to fight he told them you have to get your people to fight and if they don't fight we have the primaries the hell out of the ones that don't fight the primary we're going to let you know who they are i can already tell you frankly the people who need to fight are members of congress. why do we have to skip the necessary due diligence and due process of law and any lead that any legal proceeding should have it couldn't have been the urgency to get president trump out of office house democrats held the articles until he was no longer president moving their case hatred animosity division political gain and let's face it for house democrats president trump is the best enemy to attack i want to say this for donald trump who i may well be voting to impeach dallas' i was already done
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a number of things which legitimately raised the question of impeachment i don't respect this president and by. day i'm telling them. that is well to start of each month proceedings those are grounds to start of each but those are growls the start of each of proceedings and yes i think that's a process started it's received i rise today mr speaker. so cohen for the impeachment of the president of the united states of america i continued to say. i had my thought it was right. so we're calling upon the house begin impeachment hearings immediately on the impeachment would you vote yes or no i would vote yes i would i would vote because we're going to go in there we're going into the mother but the fact is i introduced articles of impeachment in july of 2017 we don't impeach this president he will get reelected mouse reparse made of
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a firm each month at a beach but here he is this for a lot of his cast for representatives should begin impeachment proceedings against this president and it's time and contrary to our interests against bringing impeachment charges my personal view is that he richly deserves impeachment and if he really. well we can teach him every dead weight but anything he does. that same hatred and anger has led house managers to ignore their own words and actions and set a dangerous double standard the house managers spoke about rhetoric about a constant drumbeat of heated language well as i'm sure everyone it's watching expected we need to show you some of their own words. i just don't even know why that comprises the country maybe there will be there needs to be on the rest of the streets for as long as there is a rest in our lives and i would be very just throwing a punch and throw
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a punch they can do to go back and punch you in the face that i thought he said to punch him in the face feel like punching him like to take it behind him but firing i was in high school i'd take you behind the gym and beat the hell out of you know i referred to was going to take you beyond it q i will go and take trump out tonight right now. they're still going to have to go and put a bullet in doll truck show me where it says the protests are supposed to be polite and peaceful. i have thought an awful lot about blowing up the wind sleeves get up in the face of some congress people people would do what they did i wanted to start i want to tell you you haven't thought you have go far away and you ok
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try to go in there really. but this is just a warning to. be careful. what might and for those of you who are so tutors make them happy if you have the 2nd elevator with you their presence our fight against jeff sessions to what it says about us have to come out alive. and there's more i promise to fight. every single day one i'm a fighter and i'm relentless but i'm a fighter and i'm relentless fighter and i'm relentless i will fight like hell but the way i see it now is that we pick ourselves up and we fight back that's what i think it's all about we stand up and we fight back we do not back down we do not compromise not today not tomorrow not ever you can if you're lying don't you
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couldn't you couldn't whimper you can pull up in a ball you can decide to move to canada or you can stand your ground and fight back then and that's what it's a battle we need to fight back but we are going to fight back we are not turning this country over to what donald trump has sold we are just not blood people are upset in their right to be upset now we can remember we can whine our way can fight back naomie harris. because we will not forget. we do not want to forget we will use that vision to make sure that we fight hard we fight tougher ad way fight more passionately for it than ever we still have a fight on our hands 5 hard for the changes americans are demanding to get in the
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fight so winning the fight fight fight injuries fighting the use every tool possible to fight for this change well fight will fight to fight fighting hard series about fighting and fight we got together our. way call him out and wave. as i am fighting i am fighting in this fight. to get them. and fight in we all need to be in the fight we all need to stay in the fight we stay in this fight we fought back we fought back i am not afraid of a fight i am here. all the way yet i don't care what your junk fight for our fight our fight we are in this fight for our lives this is the fight of our lives but we are going to make sure that this fight does
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not end the night this is a fight. for our lives the lives of our friends and family. members and neighbors it is a fine fine and it is a fight that we're going to want to make sure continues it's a fight it is a fire. it is a fight and that's what this fight us for when i'm wired to fight anyone who is doing their job. i'm john tester and you damn right i approve this message. and i have lots of fights ahead of us and i'm ready to stand up and keep fighting the fight for we're going to fight we're going to fight we need to fight fight fight and we need to fight we're going to fight we got a few more fights we're going to take the privilege of a few more fights and we have the biggest fight of all i will never stop fighting i will fight like hell to fight back against anyone we need to say loud and clear
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that we are ready to fight so that bernal's fight now they're going to have to actually fight back against people the fight has to be conducted in sylmar no need to fight fight terror fight we have been fighting i was fighting very hard time is of the essence both in terms of the fight i think we should be fighting i don't really believe we need to fight and we're simply not going to take this lying down we're going to keep fighting so i'm going on my home this is the fight of our life whose side are you on who are you fighting for they're fighting for and fighting or both fighting we will fight that we're not going to just take this lying down i'm just going to keep the fight up what we have to right now is fight as hard as we can we have well i've done it and bite back and so we're going to fight and we're going to continue to fight i'm going to be fighting i might help keep fighting fighting fighting or we kept fighting and we did so we're going to keep fighting we have to be fighting every every single day we have to fight back and we have no
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choice but to do that i think we're doing the right thing to do that fighting and i'm fighting. what i would drop right now is to fight is really important i'm going to keep fighting i'm asking for the support of people across the country to fight back and you've got to be. enough fighting to be rounded and fighting for i've told president biden i will. tell you what now when we have to fight like hell we have these goggles on the floor of the side and i'm going to go down. there i'm going to be down there a little but we democrats are fighting as hard as we can democrats are fighting as hard as we can credit but we're fighting what we've got to do is fight in congress fight in the courts fight in the streets fight online fight at the ballot box and pushing around the clock fighting continued to be brief and be strong and keep fighting we getting people in the fight we're fighting we've got to keep fighting and keep focused continue to fight fight this is going to be a fight we'll also fight him and challenge him in every way that we can in the
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congress in the courts and in the streets to continue fighting we each have an important role to play and fighting and this fight like so many before it it has been a fight the american people are going to have to fight and about the importance of fighting i will always fight fighting but we always must fight joe biden has a deep deep seated men to fight and to fight and about the importance of fighting we always must fight to fight to fight and to 5 as our willingness to fight continued the fight as joe biden says to fight it's about fighting for what we're fighting for we will tell them about what we did to fight. a fight actually have to believe that we're on the side and believe that we are and if they believe we are in a fight i believe we are and. i. fight for all of this and so we're
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here to fight we know how to fight i'll go and fight oh fuck. we know how high we could fight when we were born or that the fight this fight is our fight there's a fight there's the fight there's the fight there's the fight. back in the fight our mission is to fight that is the guiding purpose of house democrats fighting she has never forgotten who he is fighting for marching for and we just have to fight but this is a fight for our country fighting the health crisis of copd didn't i lead the fight and continue to fight never never never give up this fight i'm a citizen for any means not only for the leader who for progressive change is a forum for food was as well as other fights he's and i'm proud that to have him in this fight with me above all it's time for america to get back up and once again
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fight we will fights when we must fight what kind of america are we fighting for we've been fighting so we need to fight but we also need to find a good one america i am going to wake up every day and fight hard i have been fighting we're going to fight we are going to fight fight are going to buy and i will fight we're in the fight of our lives right now we fight like hell to fight to fight fight against trump administration democrats are standing up to fight where in this fight in a serious way you're fighting were eager to take on this fight in this fight and we'll fight it out i have taken on the fights as representatives for the people as legislators here in the halls of congress our jobs to fight who has led us in this fight to fight for this this fight and every day i'm in the united states senate. in one of the things we do is fight short point and because my constituents send me
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here each and every day to fight they have been fighting the fight and we need to be side by side so we can succeed and so i hope that you all join us in our side and if we fight and as the next governor of georgia i will never stop fighting we can show the old guard something new and we can fight might find those fights to fight to fight it ministration requiring us to fight and fight we will their fight and their fight their fight the fight is a fight and so when we fight the fight that we are in when we are fighting this fight we fight this fight the strength of who we are is we will fight and we will fight we will fight the fight we will fight we are in a fight the fight fight fight fight it is a fight is a fight and it is a fight born out of patriotism this is a fight fighting i say fight on fight on fight on fight on i'm here to say one more time and publicly this is not
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a fight i want to take on but this is the fight in front of us now every single one of you and every one of you. that's ok you didn't do anything wrong it's a word people use but please stop the hypocrisy. and did you tone down the rhetoric last summer when all of this was happening did you condemn the rioters or did you stand with nancy pelosi who said people are going to do what they're going to do this with a movement i'm telling them they're not. and everyone be aware because they're not going to stop in a moment they're not going to stop our election day november and they're not going to stop after. and put forward says the protests are supposed to be polite and peaceful. i think the ones that are uprising to the country you know. it was about
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my incentives to shop until david in cold blood to story property which can be replaced if not by reducing the order on fire and it just collapsed a building just flat though where they kill these people they would know that this is just a snapshot of some of the damage that people will be waking up to how. proud to be your and i'm proud of the protests. is damage everywhere you look honestly it looks like a listen heartwarming to see so many people turn out the way. they can to get to the day after day. to countries in the nation to protest the patriots where protesters. say john's church is on are pretty disappointing once we do that that's good. for.
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france alex. thank you is. there nothing like that that makes it. you claim that it's wrong to object to the certification of election results you long with your allies in the media attempted to cancel and censor members of this chamber who voiced concerns and objected to certification manager rascon you'd been congress only 3 days when you objected in 2017 it's one of the 1st things you did when you got here. because 1029 electoral votes cast by florida were cast by electors not lawfully certified is the objection in writing and signed not only by the member of the house represent.


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