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tv   News  Al Jazeera  February 26, 2021 10:00pm-10:31pm +03

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when i won a smiths the scientists trying to trace the virus from the animal kingdom to events on al-jazeera. remaining to stand the differences on the semantics of cultures across the world around us and not someone who seemed willing to bend news and kind of fast that matter to you. already. a u.s. intelligence report finds that saudi crown prince mohammed bin salam approved an operation to capture or kill journalist jamal khashoggi. hello i'm maryam namazie and london you're watching al-jazeera also coming up on the program to. me and my own ambassador to the united nations urges the world to act as police dispersed and he could protest as in yangon. use any means
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necessary. against them. and. for the people of myanmar. also coming up on the program in nigeria as far as state after gunman kidnapped more than 300 schoolgirls in a nighttime raid. u.s. intelligence officials believe the saudi crown prince approved the operation to capture or kill journalist in 2018 that's according to a long awaited report just declassified by the bite an administration it says mohammed bin zalman was in absolute control of the kingdom's intelligence and security services meaning such an operation would not have been carried out without his authorization it knows that the crown prince is
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a threat and broadly back to violence if it was needed to silence him the report is 21 individuals u.s. intelligence has high confidence what complicit or sponsible culpable for her death in the saudi consulate in istanbul they include 7 members of the crown prince's elite personal protective detail so we're now joined by i want house correspondent kimberly allocates and it can be i suppose this report really confirms what has long been suspected about murder of jamal khashoggi. there's no question about it highly anticipated already the link has crashed so many in the united states and around the world trying to access this report that has been declassified by the director of national intelligence it certainly is confirming what many had long suspected that the conclusion of the u.s. intelligence services is that the saudi crown prince mohammed bin solomon ordered the murder of the washington post journalist. the report cites
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a number of reasons why this conclusion has been reached it says based on the capabilities of decision making abilities of the saudi crown prince and the direct involvement of the security detail in the operations also that the crown prince. as a threat to the kingdom and broadly supported violent measures to silence him now it goes on further in the report to say that saudi officials overall had prepared a cording to u.s. intelligence unspecified operations against the show she it's unclear if those were violent however it says that if those involved knew of the extent of the operation is also unclear but certainly there was a feeling in the conclusion of this report that there was an environment that many of those working intimately in the security details for the crown prince may have been intimidated felt like they must carry out tasks for fear of being arrested or facing harm themselves so there's no question that when it comes to the murder of
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jamal has shows you that the u.s. intelligence as long suspected now that this report has been declassified has concluded that this was ordered to directly by the saudi crown prince mohammed bin solomon of course we know that president biden spoke to the saudi king ahead of the publication of this report. i suppose the question now is what if any action will be taken against those deemed culpable for the mud. the white house press secretary . speaking aboard air force one just in the last hour or so was asked this very question would there be a travel ban put in place would there be sanctions we're getting a clearer picture although this is not been officially announced it is being widely reported based on a fact sheet sent to members of congress that in fact something known as the policy is being considered that would apply sanctions to 76 saudis. that it would impose visa restrictions on individuals in gauging counter dissident activities so this
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could include even beyond the kingdom of saudi arabia to include other adversaries of the united states that are known to allegedly be committing actions in the united states that include intimidation russia for example china iran so this is a parrot lee in action that is being considered what we should point out in all of this is that congress had tried under the trumpet ministration to take action before in fact there was broad bipartisan support based on this report that we are now seeing that they had seen previously the prompted them this bipartisan punitive action against the king of saudi arabia of course it was a very different administration than one that in fact turned a blind eye despite saying that it would hold the highest levels of the saudi government accountable donald trump used his veto power to block efforts by congress to block a weapon sales to saudi arabia among other actions so being report being released
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is being applauded by members of at least the democratic party on capitol hill in fact one senior senator saying that we must ensure there are real consequences for hope mohamed bin solomon if not autocrats around the world will get the message impunity is the rule so this is already being well received in the united states highly anticipated and again the headline being of this report is the. conclusion of the u.s. intelligence agencies the saudi crown prince mohammed bin solomon ordered the killing of the washington post journalist. thank you very much. i want house correspondent want to head now to istanbul where saddam who joins us on it's an m. and a so. turkey played a pretty crucial role in the early days in terms of keeping up the pressure on the international community and releasing a stream of evidence that really undermined those early denials from riyadh about involvement in the mud to tell us about reaction there.
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well miramax will this is not a short for turkey because the report that has been declassified is actually absolutely matching with the turkish territory in the file that was prepared by stumble 1st chief prosecutor's office about this killing so basically as you said there were some evidence as in the most important evidence it was the voice recordings that was gathered from inside the consulate general consulate building actually those were that like around 10 bucks that have been planted probably by the turkish intelligence inside the saudi consulate earlier due to some other by literal challenges and and the voice recordings of those bugs actually changed the course of this prosecution and evidence gathering and i remember back at the time the former cia director mrs howe spells or came to the turkish
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capital ankara with when it with a delegation of 21 and at that time. turkish counterparts made them listen of the whole record exactly the turkish shared some of the very important parts of those voice recordings with the e.u. contra ports as well but a whole recordings were actually physically shared with the u.s. intelligence team and there were there were to be some technical members there is some analysts there was also an expert by united states who was actually a professionally following up with the saudi dissidents abroad so basically those voice recordings and especially the telephone signals that were gathered afterwards the the talkings between between the. 2 members of this hit squad before the killing after the killing of jamal has shift inside the consulate at the worst the those were actually carefully studied by the turkish police and the turkish intelligence units and carefully. collected by these symbols. cicutto is
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office and for instance turkish presidents are down who has been very vocal about this killing has never recited the crown prince name is mohammed bin someone he always tried to always prefer to talk with his counterpart which is king someone he never mentioned a moment for someone but he always said this killing could have never have happened without an order from the very top official person inside the royal kingdom pointing out to mohamed bin someone basically the turkish security sources that i just spoke to had of prior to this live shot told me that like around 7080 percent of what this report that has been declassified actually is based on what the turkish intelligence shared with the u.s. counterparts and apparently the the u.s. intelligence also had some extra information and they they came up with this
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assessment that mohamed bin cell man ordered the killing of course this is a change of tone in turkey there is this trial is ongoing there are 26 suspects in the jamal who shoot g in killing trial and next week there will be a trial. of course no one expects that a verdict yes at least this report supports that yeah as you say it was their decision to the reserve court very significant thank you very much in a case or go in istanbul john donnelly is with us now chair of the national press club press freedom teen joins me now from skype by skype from washington so the report really confirms what many already knew that the saudi crown prince sanctioned the premeditated murder of jamal khashoggi how significant a step is this in terms of the understanding the transparency count accountability for the death of. it is an extremely important step it was
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ridiculous that the united states government was not publicly acknowledging what had been widely reported and known which was that mohammed bin salman did ultimately bear responsibility for the gruesome act in turkey and so it's it's refreshing to see an administration that is going to just tell the truth about this the previous administration actually violated the law because the united states congress said pass a law and the president signed it containing a provision that required and unclassified assessment of what happened including the accountability of any senior saudi officials so that law had been completely flouted so it is good news that we are finally talking about this openly and that the administration is going to in their words recalibrate their
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relationship between the united states and saudi arabia to account for this kind of thing instead of just look the other way. what is your reading of the when you say that they recalibration we know that the president spoke with the saudi king before the release of this report to to soften the blow. we know that america has also spoken about the saudis right to defend itself in t. in the region recalibration doesn't mean a fundamental change of shift in the relationship. great point and i definitely don't want to overstate that because there are it will be on the margins where things will be affected by the ministration has already restricted arms sales and cooperation between the united states and the saudis in the prosecution of their war in yemen. but fundamentally the saudi government is in and the nation
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of saudi arabia is too important to the strategic interests of the united states for us and us several relations with them so i think for the most part things will continue as before but not completely and exactly how they will be changed on the margins is still to be determined your correspondent earlier was talking about the possibility of sanctions i would not be at all surprised if that happens if saudi officials are sanctioned because of the pressure would be murder murder but again it's t.b.d. but it least it's not this what the trouble ministration did which was act as if nothing changes if nothing had happened and that was an affront to journalists everywhere and that's who i'm speaking on behalf of we had 21 journalists killed just for doing their jobs across the world in 2020. 2018 was just
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a particularly heinous and gruesome example of something that happens far too often well why do you fear something like that could happen again. you mean at the hands of the saudi government. or yeah i mean abroad i mean in that with the set of circumstances. yes i think it's less likely though now that they are being publicly shamed about this by really by the president of the united states even even if he hasn't directly said anything at least not yet. pointing the finger at mohamed bin solomon the fact that this is happened i think makes it less likely that they'll do something that like this again you know i don't even know that they necessarily intended for things to turn out. as they did they may have wanted something short of a murder to happen. but they were but what the assessment of the intelligence
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community was that mohamed bin salman authorized the capture or kill of. so yes this could happen going forward i tend to think it's less likely but this is a regime that violates human rights quite broadly you know in a lot of different ways not just for journalists but for other outspoken people inside saudi arabia thank you very much john don the chair of the national press club press freedom. thank you. mean was ambassador to the united nations has made an emotional a pale need to national community to take the strongest possible action against the ruling gen to he made his plea at a u.n. general assembly meeting to discuss the military coup and subsequent crackdown on protests across the country kalmoe tun said he was speaking for the elected
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civilian government led by and sang see cheney is now being detained for almost 4 weeks he said no country should recognize the new government. he has. that's the political and civilised society. now is not the time for the international community to tolerate the war crimes and crimes against humanity committed by myanmar military the international community must ensure that who has no place in the modern world as banned by in the un secretary-general in that regard we the committee representing our. duly are the united nations the united nations security council an international community that prior to build peaceful and civilized global society to use any means necessary to take action against the myanmar military and to prove a theory and security for the people. they had to platic editor james base at
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united nations and says the ambassador statement was a big surprise this was a very dramatic moment it is exceedingly rare for an ambassador of the united nations to speak out against events in their own country my memory the recent memory of this the only one is libya at the start of the uprising against gadhafi the deputy ambassador and then the ambassador defected and certainly there was quite some shock in the general assembly hall when this happened speech like that was from from the ambassador i think most people have been expecting this bastard or just to read out a current statement as put out by the military but he defied the military and certainly other ambassadors said it was a most courageous move among those the new u.s.
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ambassador. in myanmar itself police have been trying to disperse the ongoing protests against the coup protesters in yangon were hit with rubber bullets and stun grenades it comes as the military moved out of leader unsung suchi to an undisclosed location she was under house arrest in the capital naked all but sources in her party say she was taken 6 days ago and they don't know where she now is. to nigeria police in the northwestern part the country say $317.00 girls have been kidnapped by armed attackers who carried out a nighttime raid on their school it happened in the town of django be in zamfara state where police and they've launched a search and rescue operation fishel say a gunman stormed the government girls science secondary school shortly after midnight firing sporadically before taking the girls they are believed to have been moved then to a forest it comes just over a week after is 42 people most of them students are abducted from a boys school in new gestate ahmed idris is in abuja.
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i must have operation is underway involving ground troops as well as with the support of local vigilantes who know the tree is under way in i don't tend to be under 40 surrounding that community as officials say that they want to make sure that before sunset the at least rescue these students 317 of them or pinpoint the exact location before they abductors move farther away from the community also today shortly after the abduction government officials attempted to go to join give it to assess the situation civilian officials actually and they were typed in among them of course in the convoy were journalists who went to cover the story and eventually some of them were. injured in the attack you know these calls to question the latest abduction calls to question these them for a state government. program or project to negotiate with bae and it's to convince
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them to submit their arms or surrender their arms only yesterday just hours before the kidnapping a group of these so-called banded submitted or surrender their weapons arms and ammunition to the police and government officials in goose i was in for a state and then this abduction happened we this is coming just 9 days after a number of students were also taken from another boarding school boarding school in they bring niger state 9 days after that is no word as to when that will be who so this is becoming more and more complex as security forces struggle to deal with the situation it looks like a quote when you ask many nigerians they will tell you that it looks like this quarter forces are not able to deal with the situation and there is fear spreading in the land as this criminal activity is spread farther inland from the northwest down to the center of the country and don't stop. now the white house is saying us as strikes targeting an iranian backed militia group in syria sends an unambiguous
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message that. didn't biden will act to protect americans and officials from the hezbollah group says one fight it was killed and several others injured in the strike the main target of the president's 1st military action was the military base near al become ill close to syria's border with iraq and again says the operation was in response to recent attacks against american personnel in iraq. with. the target that we were there believe. were targeted toward the. shia militia. we did this right. president joe biden is in texas a week after the state was battered by a deadly winter storm is set to talk food banks in houston and meet volunteers assisting with the recovery efforts at least 2 dozen people were killed off to subzero temperatures left millions of people without power or water for days
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president biden approved emergency federal funds for the state is leadership has come under criticism for its handling of the crisis now american conservatives have gathered to discuss the future of the movement around donald trump with a reminder of his pandemic response when they were asked to wear masks i know i know it's not the most fun. you know you have the right. the in and out soon as you can hear that was met by boos at the conservative political action conference in florida is being held in person indoors despite the andranik discussions are likely to center around what direction the republican party should take all owing transfer moodle from office. john hendren is in orlando and joins us now how big of a shadow is donald trump costing on this event. well
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in the republican party is undergoing something of an identity crisis right now you've got sort of standard conservatives like mitch mcconnell the senate republican leader who clearly wants to take a new direction and move into a post trump era but if you walk through the halls and see pack the conservative political action conference what you see are trophy cases full of trump memorabilia hats people wearing the maggot hats that make america great again pat he is very much still of force here and i would say the stronger force of the choose sides going on in the republican party right now he's even talked about running for years from now later on in about an hour or so his son donald trump jr will be speaking it is possible if not likely that his daughter of trunk will be there and and really of all the people we have talked to they have been largely supportive of the
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former president i talked to a senate candidate who is going to run against another republican marco rubio of florida from the right saying that rubio doesn't add here closely enough to the principles of trump and then you have ted cruz who famously before the 2016 election trashed trump and then embraced him afterwards this is a little of what he had to say today. and they look at donald j. trump and they look at the millions and millions of people inspired who went to battle fighting alongside president front and they're terrified. and they want him to go away let me tell you this right now donald j. trump no one anywhere. and that is the word from ted cruz we'll hear from donald trump himself on sunday when he comes to address the conference one of the things that we know that he's
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interested in doing is backing conservatives who it here to his america 1st policies will run against republicans that he considers too moderate trump himself is talk about running again in 2024 this is the most we are likely to hear from him since the 2nd impeachment trial which of course did not and in a conviction that donald trump is very much a tour de force here at the conference we'll hear more from him when he talks on sunday. thank you very much from orlando john hendren should be interesting few days that now in other developments the democrat controlled house of representatives is set to push the president biden's 1.9 trillion dollars coronavirus a package this includes direct payments of $1400.00 to most americans but it doesn't have a rise in the minimum wage to $15.00 an hour about was blocked by officials in the senate in the years since the coronavirus has taken hold it stalled much of the
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economy and kill half a 1000000 americans and all the 2417 deaths were reported on thursday alone. a day after armenia's prime minister accused the military of an attempted coup thousands of protesters have gathered in the capital demanding is down full opposition supporters have set up camp near parliament and blocked a major road on thursday top military leaders demanded nickeled question young resign due to his handling of the war amini a lost to azerbaijan but the prime minister refused telling a rally of 20000 of his supporters that only the people could decide his future president has yet to approve pushing on sacking of a top army general robin forestier walker has more now from yerevan. this is by grammy and ave this is the heart of government in yet about over to my right we've got the problem and you can see a security presence outside. this way you could the constitutional court and behind
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it beyond the crowds the presidential administration so the opposition that are here now that they've camped here they shut down the street making their mark they world's nichol. the prime minister of our media and his government to step down. that. it wasn't for nickel passion your reputation may have been critically damaged by the way he handled the war with azerbaijan over the gold i care about people here think that he gave away too much in this peace deal that he managed to agree with azerbaijan mediated by russia in which a media fared so badly having lost so much territory surrounding the dollar car back and serving the military dogs last i don't think that the leader who has lost the war has any place in the government he should resign and let the people to
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decide what's i'm here to try and worried about the future of my country because we leave in tragic times we are in a very bad. thing this challenge to nicole partin years of 30 has been given added it's meant to now that all the senior army generals say they too want him in his government to resign. this is no a battle of wills between. the police he still has hope you know supports you know i mean for the reforms that he wants to carry through all the crowds assembled here he believes that it's time for him to go. well political tensions are rising and people are demanding the opposition. they freed hundreds of people marched through the streets of the capital before gathering outside parliament police raided an economy as offices on tuesday and held him on charges of inciting violence 2019 the planned arrest prompted
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a curate to resign as prime minister last week he'd want against arrest and many are saying it would lead to unrest. a huge iceberg is completely broken free from the antarctic ice shelf is more than 1200 square kilometers in size that his larger the new york city icebergs don't actually come apart from the 100 feet of pete me to fix ice shelves but scientists think that it is a process that has now been accelerated by climate change event comes almost a decade after scientists at british antarctic survey 1st detected growing ice cracks the growing cracks in the ice. bitcoin is at record its worst week since last march promising almost 20 percent world's biggest critic currency had risen as much as 60 percent from the start of the year before this week's sell off of risky assets triggered by shaky global bond markets earlier this month at an all time high topping $58000.00 off to companies
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like telesur and mastercard embrace the adoption of digital currencies but investment banks have expressed concerns of a sky high valuations and governments called for tighter regulation as well well more everything we're covering right here al jazeera dot com of course there is analysis there that takes you behind the headlines but and also actually the option of watching us on life streaming. so our top story this hour saudi crown prince mohammed bin zalman approved the operation to capture or killed a journalist jamal khashoggi according to the assessment of u.s. intelligence agencies in a new declassified report the saudi journalist who was resident in the u.s. was killed in the kingdom's consulate in istanbul in 2018 his.


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