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from the favelas of caracas to the battlefields around also our job is to get to the truth and empower people through knowledge the. the. me and lars military ignores calls for restraint killing another $38.00 protestors on the deadliest day since the coup. hello i'm barbara star of this is out to 0 live from london also coming up on the program the international criminal court says it will investigate alleged war crimes in the palestinian territories and bring israel a month after the storming of congress capitol police say that they've uncovered a possible plot by a militia group to breach the building on thursday and the growing calls for
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a nationwide covert lockdown after brazil records its highest daily death toll yet . a day after neighboring countries pleaded for restraint to me and maher has seen its deadliest day since last month's military coup in several towns and cities across the country the un envoy for me and maher says that at least 38 people were killed and that security forces often resorted to live fire with little warning at least 2 of the dead are believed to be teenagers in the main city young gone witnesses said that at least 8 people were killed a several of those an incident of sustained fire from security forces with automatic weapons that's of also been reported in the sega's 2nd biggest city of mandalay. the northern town of account and the central town of minyon well earlier
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it was announced that the pose the president winning in is facing new charges including breaching the constitution which could result in 3 years in prison if convicted he was arrested hours before the february 1st coup along with the fact a leader on sounds hoochie scott hyde reports. new tactics and new equipment for the protesters as the crackdown for myanmar security forces escalates. but despite this wednesday's protest again turned deadly with live ammunition being used along with rubber bullets and stun grenades the protesters now wear helmets use homemade shields and even create smoke screens themselves to hide from snipers and gunmen. but when the smoke clears the protest barriers their line of defense are gone. in mandalay
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a regular scene for gatherings during the month of protests they have also increased their protection against the police and military but even with the added measures there is little they can do against live rounds. and in the southern city of daraa way the red flag of unsung to cheese end of the party was hoisted images of the military leader men on lie pasted on the ground. as the protests continued on wednesday also present when men will face 2 additional charges his lawyer describing what it could mean. she'll be punished with imprisonment of either description for a time which. is a with far away. some feel that the charges against women and aung san suu kyi are trumped up possibly to prevent them from ever returning to politics despite women being detained since one degree you don't notice it existed was lawyers and his lawyers haven't even received a copy of the child to see the case file so these are from the means will be right
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at the trial right. place on top of everything else so as the protesters continue their stand against the coup on the streets across myanmar their elected leaders are facing their own battle in a judicial system that appears to be working against them it's got harder. health care workers joining the civil disobedience movement against military rule shortly after last month's coup since then many have been trying to offer medical help to protesters al-jazeera has obtained this video from a young grocery store the c.c.t.v. footage it shows what appears to be officers forcing volunteer medics out of a vehicle before beating them with rifles and the batons there is not being able to verify the footage makes accuse me and mark police of repeatedly targeting them. and in the last hour before the nightly internet shutdown i spoke to a protester in myanmar who were not naming for her own security she told us what
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she witnessed a little earlier. i have been protesting things safe worry says run in part then. but i reset the military coupe is a very fast. as they have. the number and now right now they are shooting. pretty you know read. the site see in navajo glass park township that ship is in. the yandell. and they are also should take the hospital i don't know why but there should be and. kidnapping people right now even even i'm talking to you. the most pressure that we spoke to
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a little earlier well the un special envoy on me and maher expressed her shock at the base violence. of the block they think to have been done the horrors of the paper a re. you have to be a only 2 day 38 people died you have now more than war 50 people died because darkie many are one good. meanwhile 81 ringgit refugees are still stranded on a boat in the andaman sea with no country willing to take them in the ship has been adrift for 2 weeks and 8 people aboard have already died indian authorities are providing food and medical aid but they're refusing to allow passengers to enter the country they say the boat must return to bangladesh.
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the international criminal court has launched an investigation into alleged war crimes in the palestinian territories the palestinians who joined the i.c.c. in 2015 have asked the court to look into israeli military actions in the gaza strip in 2014 the prosecutor says they will take a nonpartizan approach into crimes possibly committed by both the israeli military and palestinian armed groups the decision has been condemned as anti semitic by israel's prime minister but welcomed by the palestinian authority need a break he him is in her mouth less she says palestinians hope the investigation will primarily focus on israeli settlements in the occupied palestinian territories . wide welcoming remarks from many palestinian officials and n.g.o.s that have been working with the palestinian authority on advancing this issue in the international
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criminal court this is the main point that palestinians were hoping to get to since the palestinians have to join this line. in 2015 and some even say that this is the reason why the palestinian authority has seek its diplomatic and international approach at the u.n. security council with the hopes to get a full membership of course this didn't happen they got a nonmember state status of the the general assembly which has allowed them to go forward and join their own statute and ask the i.c.c. to investigate crimes now one of the main issues that the palestinians hope that the i.c.c. would investigate is the illegal israeli settlement on the ground they hope that the prosecutor would look into this as the main violation of international law and they believe that this has been a policy by the israeli authorities it's not just a war crime here or they had they believe that the foreign minister has released the statement they say that this has been continuing and if these were crimes are
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ongoing which is why they want to i.c.c. to investigate and conclude its investigation urgently they view their from harry false it has more now from west jerusalem on how israel has responded to the development. well this announcement has brought broad condemnation from a pretty big swathe of israeli politics chief of the critics of the prime minister benjamin netanyahu he has long argued against this development from happening he worked very closely with the trumpet ministration as was to try to head it off and yet now it has happened and he's making his case again the decision of the international court to open investigation for war crimes is absurd it is under the illusion anti semitism in the height of hypocrisy without it into a situation desired it are brutal jews who do every precaution to avoid civilian
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casualties against the worst terrorist in the world who deliberately diverted. is our soldiers who are war rooms it was similar language from other leading israeli political figures the foreign minister gabi ashkenazi said that it was a morally bankrupt and legally flawed decision the president rivlin said it was scandalous that main challenger from the right in the election later this month get on the saw he said that the court had been hijacked by terrorist supporters it's worth noting that the court investigates individuals not states that's something that benny gantz the defense minister referred to on tuesday when he was talking about the prospect of this happening he said that he as the former army chief in 2014 could be in the crosshairs of investigation and self as could hundreds of other military figures he said that soldiers would be protected by the israeli state there was some support from the left of israeli politics from the human rights organization that selim which said this was a necessary step to address crimes that have been going on for decades and was
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still going on now. police say they've obtained intelligence showing a possible plot by the identified militia group to breach the u.s. capitol on thursday this comes nearly 2 months after thousands of supporters of former president donald trump stormed the building thursday is the day that far right conspiracy theorists believe that trump will be sworn in for a 2nd term in office. alan fisher is following events for us in washington d.c. ok so let's start with this 1st idea that there could effectively be another attempt to storm the capitol tomorrow thursday. well after january the 6 norm wants to take these threats lightly and certainly no one wants to don't play the risk there's going to be increased security around here that seems hard to do given the since january the 6th we've seen meters and meters of fencing with
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razor wire on top national guard on patrol in the inside the complex supporting several police services and no we know that members of congress have been warned that there is this possible threat but having said that this is being picked up on the internet there are some chatter no one actually thinks there's any group that is intending to travel towards washington d.c. either to protest or. to to create violence but they don't want to don't plea given what happened on january 6th you're probably asking why march the 4th well this goes back to be on the 1930 s. when the u.s. changed its inauguration day from march until january and so many of these people on the far right websites believe that actually the president should be sworn in on march the 4th and they think the door trunk will come back to washington d.c. on that date and so they're calling for people to show up and support and give him backing on that day there's no suggestion that that's going to happen but as i see
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the security here doesn't want to take a risk they don't want to get caught oh on the way they did in january 6th so that's why they're flagging up one extra measures are being taken for the not going to reveal that but everyone here is on high alert for march the 4th. and and of course allan as you say memories of january 6th is still a very fresh but all of this is happening while actually at hearing into that storming of the capitol about 2 months ago contains. just wrapped up just in the last few minutes what we've heard from today who we've heard from today rather is the head of the national guard in washington d.c. william walker he is. major general and he was saying that he was really surprised that when he got a call from people here on capitol hill saying look please send as many national guardsmen as you can and we have been breached there is a real risk here we are being overrun he called the ministry of defense that's what
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he's got to do is got to call the pentagon to get permission from the secretary of defense to deploy troops he said he made that call and it was more than 3 hours later 3 hours 19 minutes later that he finally got the approval from the secretary of defense to go ahead and deploy troops when he got that ok they were here on site within 20 minutes that's because he realized this is where it was going so he made sure that a team of national guardsmen more on buses ready to move as soon as they can they spent a couple of hours on the buses waiting for the call he said he was surprised to don't trump a team at the pentagon quite as long to give that approval here was another thing that caused him a difficulty he had a rapid response team set out at andrews air force because ready to move in to either support the police here in capitol hill or support national guardsmen who are coming under fire he was told by the secretary of defense he couldn't deploy those people unless he came up with a plan of action for them he said that was really unusual and compare and contrast that with in the summer he said when there was
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a call for national guard officers to be deployed in washington d.c. because people were targeting one humans and protesting a row in the white house he said it happened in an instant there's a big concern among senators that security. clues were missed in the run up security and intelligence clues were missed in the run up to the 6th of january that's why we're seeing the increased security here over the next 24 hours they don't want to be caught again absolutely alan fischer with the latest there from capitol hill allan thank you. still to come in this half hour why former french president nicolas sarkozy speaks publicly for the 1st time since he was convicted of corruption and move. clear his name plus meet the japanese billionaire who is inviting 8 people on an all expenses paid trip to the moon.
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however it is set to turn somewhat cooler across northern parts of europe over the next couple of days we've got a rare of high pressure into central parts and that's getting squeezed out of the way so that's going to allow some banks of cloud and rain to just roll in from the atlantic and will see that what's the weather moving across southern parts of england through wales as we go on through thursday down across the low countries sinking down across the good parts of germany further east we still have some restate in the snow there from moscow 3 degrees celsius is that system makes its way through 7 celsius in london 12 degrees there in paris we go on through friday we'll see that cold wet a and wintry weather its highs sinking further south with the 7 degrees there in paris by this stage is that set disturbed weather just pushes down into central possibly some wet weather around the balkans italy seeing some showers still
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a few showers there into space and post-school a little drier by this stage across the eastern side of the mediterranean we still have one of 2 shallows in place and that shabby rain just drifting down across the phone or face of egypt for a time want to see showers as well into northern parts of algeria really that western weather that we have moving across portugal alice lie down across the straits of gibraltar bringing some rain into northern parts of morocco. amidst destruction and despair a group of friends resist. rescuing books from the rubble they build a refuge for freedom and democracy. a secret library of hope from which they endeavor to rewrite their story and that of their country. to witness.
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a library under bombs on al-jazeera. to know. the in the room. welcome back here's a reminder of the top stories on al-jazeera police in myanmar have ignored calls for restraint leading to the deadliest day since last month's coup the u.n. special envoy in myanmar says 38 people died on wednesday with security forces using live fire potential war crimes in the palestinian territories are now under investigation by the international criminal court it says it will take a nonpartizan approach into possible offenses by both israel and the palestinians.
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and the militia group is planning an assault on the u.s. capitol on thursday that's according to the police force which guards the building it says intelligence suggests a possible attack like the on the inside rection back in january. saying the u.s. health experts are warning against any relics ation of covert $1000.00 restrictions it's in response to texas and mississippi state leaders announcing plans to lift all current measures including their mascot mandates that director for the centers for disease control hazards the public to keep following health guidelines regardless of local rules. are just on the verge of while on the culmination of a short scientific it's. the ability to that any country in just a matter of 3 or 4 more months how this plays out is up to us the last 3 months a pivotal and asking you to reach to protect our nation and to protect your lock
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whether mandated or an arts of individual and community we can still take the right approach of actually protect ourselves and others. let's speak to a white house correspondent kimberly have kit i mean kimberly effects a nation is going well in the united states but these easing of restrictions you know planned by texas and mississippi are they based on the decrease in the number of infections or what exactly are they based on. yes they are based on a decrease in the number of infections but critics argue that that is plaque towing not the sharp decline that we were seeing a few weeks earlier the reason that texas and mississippi say they feel confident they can move ahead is that they believe now the nuff people have been vaccinated but also they believe that there are the therapeutics another words the treatments should someone become sick with covert 19 in order to increase the survivability
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now the argument is that especially in states like mississippi that have lower than average national income in many cases there are large communities of color that don't have in some cases equal access to health care that those therapeutic certain not available to them this really comes down to an issue of political ideology these are republican states controlled by republican governors at least and their feeling is that they believe in less government controlling people's lives not more and so it's really a political ideology that is the heart of this even more so then the the science itself the critics argue in fact the white house was pushing back on this saying they believe that mass save lives and in the words of jen psaki the white house press secretary she said that the united states has already seen the effects of political leaders ignoring the science making sort of a veiled sort of reminder of the previous president donald trump and his sort of
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reluctance to encourage americans to wear masks that she says cost lives yeah i mean in the u.s. and everywhere really we've seen this tension between science and politics of course because the can all make impact of lockdown is so damaging and president biden scope it really fail is actually now in the senate where it's due to be debated in the coming hours what can you tell us about that. yeah when they're forgot to tell you in your previous question that was pretty important is that joe biden had actually just reacted to the. easing of restrictions in mississippi and texas in fact this quote what he's saying is that now is not the time for neanderthal thinking so he clearly does not think that not wearing a mask is a very good idea something he said from the get go now getting to your question about the economic cost you're right they're great and there are millions of americans that are still without any work looking for those $2000.00
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a month direct payments that joe biden promised on the campaign trail of course that's now been whittled down to $1400.00 and as of today we're hearing that the white house has worked out a deal with some members of the senate to now say that that will be $4800.00 in direct payments only for those making $80000.00 or less so the conditions keep piling on this is pretty typical when you're dealing with congress and in terms of getting that out there is an optimistic timeline much like the vaccinations that in the united states the promise from this white house ever went should be able to get one by the end of may they're saying that they believe they can get this code relief done before march 14th that day significant because that's when a lot of those benefits run out so this is likely to begin debate in the u.s. senate as early as the next couple of hours or so it could take a few days to work its way through but so confident this white house they're going to get it through that joe biden's delaying his state of the union address he says until after this is signed into law and we have it with the latest from outside the
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white house kimberly thank you. calls are growing for a nationwide lockdown meanwhile in brazil as it suffered its highest number of deaths in a single day since the pandemic began on tuesday another 1641 people died from the virus new variants of the virus have left intensive care units and more than 2 thirds of brazil's state capitals on the verge of collapse but restrictions that remain controversial as monika gallic have reports now from rio de janeiro. a battle of wills in the midst of tragedy one that has killed more than a quarter of a 1000000 brazilians in a year the 2nd highest death toll in the world local authority shut down brazil's capital city brasilia to save the health system from total collapse more than 90 percent of the intensive care beds are occupied in $1000.00 infections are on the
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rise. emergency lockdown was met with anger by some who took to the streets shouting we want to work and president. took their son he threatened to punish governors and mayors were pushing for lock downs in curfews cutting off federal assistance was you know millions you know. will bear this from now on the governor who closes his state who destroys jobs will be the one who pays for the emergency aid. but he offered no solution to the health crisis the worst since the beginning of the pandemic 20 out of brazil's $27.00 state capitals have run out of beds in their intensive care units and an estimated 70 brazilians are dying every hour from couvade 19 meanwhile back scenes are
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slow in coming in only 3 percent of the population has been inoculated so far. as if we do not stop the outbreak will face a total collapse of the health system we can increase the number of intensive care beds all we want but if the number of infections continues to grow they'll never be enough the only solution is a 14 day nationwide lockdown like other countries have imposed with success but here we face a lack of leadership and total denial several brazilian states and the capital brasilia have been posed restrictions to fight the 2nd wave of the pandemic but here are wary of the janeiro life continues pretty much as usual people are making the most of their summer staying on the big as you can see until nightfall. but fears of a 2nd wave in the total lack of unity in fighting the pandemic are affecting business capital fury says he rarely leaves the house but has decided to enjoy one
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last night out he's sure things will get much worse before they get better money can you not give al-jazeera rio de janeiro a former french president nicolas sarkozy has spoken publicly for the 1st time since he was found guilty of corruption on monday so close it was handed a 3 year jail sentence for bribing a judge after leaving office but will not spend any time in jail in the last few minutes he's been giving a live interview on french t.v. well let's cross live now to the cash butler who joins us from paris so let us show what did he say. well the former french president nicolas sarkozy is certainly in a very defiant mood to during this prime time news interview here in france the 1st time that we're seeing sarkozy in public since monday when a paris court found him guilty of corruption and influence peddling convicting him giving him 3 years in prison though he'll have to serve just one of those probably
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under house arrest nevertheless a huge blow to nicolas sarkozy who over the past few months has meant taint his innocence in the television interview he repeated the same assertions that he was innocent that he had done nothing wrong he said that this was a travesty travesty of the justice system that he had been profoundly a shocked about by the outcome of the trial he said that although of course he supported the justice system in france in the chords he said that he believed that perhaps some in the justice system were perhaps acting against his interests there during the trial and in the past nicolas sarkozy when he comes as legal troubles often pointed the finger at political opponents saying that these troubles were part of a political smear campaign suckers he said though that he intends to appeal and he said that if he is to lose his appeal in france he may even take his battle to the european court of human rights the senate in a very defiant mood nicolas sarkozy in no mood at all to say that in any case that
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the outcome of this trial was justified. and with the latest from paris thank you a japanese billionaire is looking for 8 people to join him on a trip to the moon in just 2 years time. you suck or mark is a says he'll pay for the entire journey and he wants to recruit people from all kinds of backgrounds on what he calls the deer moon mission the fashion mogul and art collector was named 2 years ago a space x.'s 1st private passenger to the moon perspective passengers have until a week on sunday to apply. under the name of the key space if we were informed internally that space x. development status is very good i thought there might be delays and i was not very hopeful but everything is on schedule i want to reach out to a wider more diverse audience to give more people across the world the opportunity
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to join the strange little. and you can find out more on that story and everything else that we have been covering on our website the address al jazeera dot com. now the minder of the top stories on al-jazeera police in myanmar have ignored calls for restraint leading to the deadliest day since last month's coup the u.n. special envoy on man maher says $38.00 people died on wednesday it takes the total number of people killed to more than 50 security forces are reported to have used live ammunition with little or no warning in several towns and cities across the.


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