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now. the world needs w.-h. of making you feel world. everyone. fears of a new threat security is ramped up in washington d.c. and u.s. politicians council a session amid reports of a plot to breach congress. i'm about this and this is all just here on live from doha also coming up the international criminal court launches an investigation into alleged war crimes in the palestinian territories. police move in to
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break up protestors in senegal after the arrest of the opposition leader. and excitement turns to despair for the 3rd time iran musk's test of an unmanned rocket ends in flames. a u.s. house of representatives session on thursday is reported to have been canceled because of fears of a possible attack it's 8 weeks since the world witnessed the storming of the capitol by supporters of donald trump law enforcement officials face criticism in congress because help didn't arrive for hours alan fischer reports from washington d.c. . there's been tight security around capitol hill since the day the complex was attacked . high fences razor wire national guard backing up several police services know
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there's to be increased security after the f.b.i. and others picked up reports of another possible breach the idea is donald trump will be installed as president on march 4th the date of the fust inaugurations in the u.s. until it was changed in 1933 the rumor spread on conspiracy websites on this talk of a protest to back it up the current security posture for the capitol and he wants we are working with law enforcement partners as well as the national guard to provide a robust security around the campus of course that security posture in the air we have an outer perimeter as well as an outer b.c. to the new security measures announced as the senate tries to figure out what went wrong on january the 6th the latest to give evidence the head of the national guard in washington major general william walker says local officials are frantically played for help he called the pentagon for approval to send troops
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a final decision inexplicably delayed by don't trust team at the pentagon i learned at the u.s. army senior leadership at the request of the approval for chief signs we quest would eventually come from the acting secretary of defense and be relayed to me by army senior leaders at 5 o 8 pm about 3 hours and 19 minutes later as congress continues to investigate an intelligence failure which field to support the threat on january the 6th one leading f.b.i. figure insisted there was nothing concrete to act on none of us had any intelligence as suggested individuals were going to storm and reach the capitol and that was the intelligence that we lacked and with a new threat a warning of why defenses are being increased i agree any time an adversary is successful others pay attention and so we're worried that this would be an inspiration. capitol police say the threat has been assessed through increased
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internet chatter but there's nothing to suggest that there's any group ready to head to washington d.c. with a plan of protest or violence but after january the 6th no one is ready to downplay the threat or take the risk of getting it wrong alan fischer al-jazeera on capitol hill. and democratic representative talon boss says there are a number of reasons those in session was called off but security was in mind i think that it was easier for us to just go ahead and get all of our business done as you know tomorrow begins the republican issues conference and so i think that there were a multitude of reasons but i do have to acknowledge the fact that many of my colleagues and staff and maybe even some of you who were there during the insurrection people are deeply concerned about what tensional threats could be out there and it's not just threats here but it's coming here it's we all live out in the community and so you have heard already from the capitol police that threats
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are up 90 percent to members of the house so i think it's reasonable that we just went ahead and finished our work. the u.s. house of representatives has passed a bill aimed at preventing police misconduct that includes restricting funds to local governments that a lot of officers to use chokeholds pos the george floyd's justice in policing act days before a former police officer goes on trial for his murder last year and son cyrus and whether the senate will approve it george floyd's killing sparked a nationwide protest against police brutality and racism. protesters are back on the streets across me and more after 38 people were killed in the most violent day there isn't as crackdown a final has been held for one of the demonstrators who died on wednesday. that was killed german confrontations with security forces witnesses reported seeing soldiers firing into crowds with little morning despite the deaths demonstrations
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are again getting underway with the u.s. which is imposed sanctions against the military leaders has called in other countries to take action against the gentle we are appalled and revulsed to see the horrific violence perpetrated against the people of burma for their peaceful calls to restore civilian governance we call on all countries to speak with one voice to condemn brutal violence by the burmese military against its own people and to promote accountability for the military actions that have led to the life lots of life of so many people in burma the site of that coalition fighting in yemen says it's destroyed a ballistic missile fired into the kingdom's territory by who 3 rebels so the media says the missile was launched towards design in the south of the country earlier who the rebels said they shot a missile at a saudi oil facility in the city of jeddah most of these oil facilities are located in the east that's more than
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a 1000 kilometers from jeddah. the international criminal court is set to open an investigation into alleged war crimes in the palestinian territory the court's prosecutor says it will look into violations committed by both the israeli military and palestinian on groups is being welcomed by the palestinian authority but criticized by the israeli government is able to him as more. this is a moment many palestinians have been waiting for the international criminal court us to getting allegations of war crimes in palestinian territory including violence against protesters near the gaza israel fence a few years ago but the clearest violation of international law is the illegal israeli settlements in the occupied west bank more than 600000 israelis live in jewish only settlements killing any possibility for a future palestinian state it's been 6 years since palestine joined the
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international criminal court earlier this year the i.c.c. is chief prosecutor received a green light from the pretrial chamber confirming the court's jurisdiction over gaza and the west bank including occupied east jerusalem i think that we will be encouraging of prosecutor to look at all the situation in palestine all crimes crimes against humanity and war crimes and mainly the settlements regime because there is no complementarity and such. and this is a state policy and this is the state the government of israel policies and it's a systematic and widespread violation for international law at a cost family hopes the court brings them justice he is $1.00 of 70 palestinians bodies have been confiscated from their family. of collective punishment a recent report by you case for n. sick architecture says it was shot and bled to death after being denied medical
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treatment israeli soldiers killed at a checkpoint near. the army said he tried to run over soldiers but the report says he didn't pose a threat and lost a little girl at that he used our son as a guinea pig a subject for the training this is a continuing policy of dozens have been killed like this after my son and hundreds before him. dies is chief prosecutor says it's also investigating allegations against palestinian armed groups in gaza. you can't equate the oppressor with the oppressed and the israeli occupation policies constitute a grave violation of international law but our national resistance is legitimate. israel is not a member of the hague based court prime minister benjamin netanyahu termed the decision absurd and anti-semitic. the cited are
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brutal every precaution. against the 'd worst terrorist in the world. is our soldiers who are war the israeli government says it's considering functioning palestinian officials and in response to the i.c.c. opening its investigation they might even advance more theft in the building in. the occupied west bank. police in senegal have far tear gas and rubber bullets to try to break up anti-government protests one person's been killed senegal's opposition leader osama and some call was arrested for participating in an unauthorized rally in dakar he's due to appear in court to face a rape charge which he denies and says is politically motivated the military stationed outside the police station where he's being held it was at the demonstration in dakar. police have been firing tear gas and if you look right behind me over there there are hundreds of protesters in one of the main arteries
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of the capital there are supporters of opposition leader with one song go and look there over here to and inside the university which is a strong full force on coke now they're protesting because he was arrested earlier this morning on his way to meet a judge over a case of alleged rape he says that case is politically motivated but the authorities say it's a criminal case and since he has refused to attend those meetings with the police he is now in detention he's also in detention for causing public disorder and what you're seeing right now. the opposition accuses the government of heavy handedness previously the courts in senegal have charged rivals to mikey cell including the son of former president. the former mayor of of deckard all ended up in jail with this arrest of this bears and other significance because he's
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seen as the voice of young people young people that have suffered during the coronavirus pandemic young people that are fed up with the restrictive measures put in place to prevent the spread of the virus and have suffered economically for this and so much of this protests is less about the opposition figure but more about young people trying to express their discontent towards the government. there have been chaotic scenes in nigeria as 279 schoolgirls kidnapped the last week of the returning to their families. police fired shots into the air after parents burst into a hole where government officials were giving speeches in front of the children but mrs say they were impatient to be reunited with the girls after their 5 day ordeal students say their kidnappers threatened to shoot them as they were marched into
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a forest. still ahead and al jazeera venezuela's president is accused of using the country's gold reserves to evade international science and it's. not enough jill why this small business says so on time cash relief to help britain's battered economy isn't an elf. it's time for the perfect gin and. sponsored plan qatar airways we've left the deepest winter months behind february and the soul is taking place so some flooding because of moving ice is taking place in latvia but it is still the time when you get some deep changes in the weather is more cold air coming sastre europe having seen the temperatures rise recently in the next 24 hours or so back down to single figures the london berlin and warsaw on this rains it spread
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south on the frontal system produce more right at least on the north and slopes of the alps for example most other places the south that quite warm and dry but not of portugal portugal seeing the rain battering the algarve on places further north something that will keep going bordeaux shows how far south dakota gets 18 down to 11 by the time we get to saturday this is friday's picture that is cold enough to see some snow on its back edges well on the high ground but sometimes on the low ground too and it'll keep moving science weekend and again some rain in the algarve in portugal and probably going across towards africa and he's that little slow circulating system will affect morocco there's still some shows because it's quite strong wind gathering up the cloud that's running into north korea and for west africa the showers are starting to share now as the season changes. sponsible cuts at ways to jump into the stream there is
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a lot going on in this and julian on global community when i don't have all the misinformation i think we are more afraid than we are and where be part of the debate don't ever take anybody's one word because there's always a difference when no topic is off the table we have been disconnected from our land we have been disconnected from who we are and would love to hear from you in the to be part of today's discussion this streamed on out is there a. i want to go to 0 reminder of our top stories this hour the latest u.s. house of representatives session has been canceled reportedly because of fears of
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an attack security has been ramped up since donald trump supporters stormed the capitol building in january. the international criminal court's opening an investigation into alleged war crimes in the palestinian territories it says it will take a nonpartizan approach into possible crimes by both israel and palestinians on. police in senegal have fired tear gas and rubber bullets to break up anti-government protests one persons killed $7.00 opposition indorse one song called was arrested for participating in an unauthorized dryly in dakar. nicolas sarkozy's says he'll fight his corruption conviction to the end the former french president was sentenced to 3 years in prison on monday with 2 years suspended for influence peddling and attempting to bribe a judge speaking in french t.v. for the 1st time after his conviction he said there was no proof of any wrongdoing on his part but tasha bottle has more from paris. well former french president
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nicolas sarkozy was certainly in a very defiant mood on a primetime television news show here in france it was the 1st time that we've seen sarkozy in public since monday when a court in paris convicted sarkozy of influence peddling and corruption and gave him a 3 year prison sentence with 2 years suspended now sarkozy reacting to that said it was a travesty of justice he called it an untimely cratty decision he said he was innocent and during the trial he has maintained that this is all the result of a political smear campaign that there are those in the justice system perhaps in the police service that are simply against him now sarkozy said that he intends to appeal he doesn't know how long that appeal will take but he is determined he said to clear his name. if once i've come to sage the french people i am a man who was always assumed his responsibilities i will keep my head high because
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i am being blamed for acts that i did not commit it is an injustice i will fight to the end until truth prevails when it goes sarkozy said the long before this trial he had already decided to step out of politics that he was always going to of course take an interest but he wanted to spend his time with his family doing other things however there are many people many of his supporters on france's right in the french conservative party that are perhaps hope the nicolas sarkozy might even run for president in next year's presidential election he said though that simply wouldn't happen it is clear though the nicolas sarkozy's political career is over not only because of this conviction but also because he faces at least 2 other trials. but as far as oppositions accuse president nicolas maduro his government of illegally selling the country's gold reserves to evade american sanctions a representative offices in the. door made the allegations before a u.s.
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congressional committee he claims the gold was refined in mali and then sold mainly in the united arab emirates the opposition says last year model scheme generated more than a $1000000000.00 in cash from the dunes government america at its embassy in yemen has more from santiago in chile venezuela's opposition foreign commissioner who has held a news conference in which he revealed what he calls are the details of a cash for gold scheme being carried out by president. in venezuela in order to circumvent u.s. economic and banking sanctions it deals with sending tons of gold to countries like the united arab emirates on russian planes via sometimes countries like mali or other countries in africa this is not the 1st time that these allegations have been made but this is the 1st time that so many details have been
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been spelt out his did not make any of the documents public but he does say that he gave them to the u.s. congress to the u.s. office of foreign asset control or as well as to the u.s. state department interestingly this coincides with the 1st face to face we presume meeting between opposition leader and the new u.s. secretary of state this was followed by an announcement by the white house that it would continue to regard venezuela as a threat to u.s. national security and this is the mechanism that used to justify all these wide economic sanctions that were 1st imposed during the barack obama administration. britain's chancellor of the exchequer says he'll do whatever it takes to help the u.k.'s battered economy recover from the coronavirus pandemic misses and made the
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pledge as he unveiled this use budget that offers more short term relief for businesses but it's going to push the deficit to its highest level ever in more than 50 years challenge reports from london. the funny thing is. in your diary spring up in the afternoon. if only britain's economy had as much bounce to it as one of 6 peers loaves the baker has gone from bread making in her kitchen to start up on a north london high street right in the midst of the u.k.'s worst economic contraction for 300 years you come to us right now because it is a risk full stop there is no choice but to go ahead and and and so you may as well put all the effort and all your money into this and make it flowers so you sort of treat this as a much bigger project than it may have been if it hadn't been. she wasn't impressed with state assistance helping new businesses rise the u.k.'s chancellor to prove he
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can do better. but next priority this past year hasn't been creating new jobs it's been protecting millions of existing ones. much of the economy and in his 2021 budgets he's announced the government will carry on paying the wages of workers until september they will continue to receive 80 percent of their salary for hours not work until the scheme ends as businesses reopen we will ask them to contribute alongside the taxpayer to the cost of paying their employees. the government has already pumped $390000000000.00 of pandemic spending into the economy public debt is close to 100 percent of national income for the 1st time since the early sixty's cast to continue this larger whilst also giving some sort of indication of how eventually it's going to be paid back in 2023 the rate of corporation tax. on company profits will increase to 25 percent
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even after this change the united kingdom will still have the lowest corporation tax rate in the g 7 the chancellor is attempting the difficult task of appearing both generous and economically responsible is also fighting on 2 fronts it's not just there are the difficulties of brecht's it too many import export reliant companies are having big problems with that add into this mix the urge not to let a good crisis go to waste. there's opportunity for a wholesale restructuring of the economy should the government choose to take it and the problem we've had with the pandemic is all of the government support to business have been about supporting business as it was and as it is rather than as it should be so what needs to happen is we're moving from the air from them and then it into the process of recovery government support business needs to be more
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about nudging alterations in behavior towards a new form of a commie which would be a de carbonized economy pretty soon or did say green bombs would be issued this summer for environmentally friendly projects they'll be infrastructure funding to level up the u.k.'s regions sharing investment in affluence beyond the sourdough hungry middle classes of london this is a long game though and the proof sophia might say will be in the pudding or a challenge al-jazeera london. medical experts in canada are recommending 4 months between coronavirus vaccinations so that more people will be able to receive a 1st dose their advice applies to inoculations with vaccines from pfizer madonna or astra zeneca but critics say extending the time between those this is an experiment with unproven consequences canada has had a shortage of vaccines compared to a regional estimates for the vaccination drive health experts in the united states
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are warning against any relaxation of covert 900 restrictions texas and mississippi state leaders have announced plans to lift all current measures including their mask mandates but the director of the centers for disease control has urged the public to keep following health guidelines regardless of local rules. we are just on the verge of capitalizing on the come culmination of a historic scientific. ability to vaccinate the country in just a matter of 3 or 4 more months how this plays out is up to us the next 3 months are pivotal i'm asking you to read seek to protect our nation's top and to protect your loved ones whether mandated or not as individuals and the community we can still take the right public health action to protect ourselves and others. well the coronavirus pandemics already delayed the world's biggest sporting spectacle by a year and as the tokyo olympics get even closer there's now the prospect of
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a lot less fanfare david stuart's reports. the tokyo game starts in 5 months but now seemed destined to take place without overseas friends a japanese newspaper is reporting that the government has already made up its mind as it looks to allay the fears of an increasingly skeptical public about hosting a medical able health crisis. now. regarding spectators from abroad we will listen to the scientific experts personally i want a decision by march the 25th before the torch relay starts meanwhile the international olympic committee says it's trying to get as many participants as possible vaccinated before the games although it's not mandatory a considerable number of. national olympic committees. are ready and secure these talks very soon asian not all athletes will take up the offer jamaican sprinter you know how blake earlier this week said he'd rather miss the games than get the vaccine but others like german
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canoeists brendel are prepared to do whatever it takes to get to tokyo. workers should get their vaccines 1st so the sporting world doesn't want to shove its way to the front of the queue but of course it would make it a lot easier for us as far as preparations go. here rendell competed at both the london and rio olympics and won 3 gold medals he's expecting a very different type of games this time around in fact as his doctrine i assume that it will happen without fans and there will likely be no olympic village but we've all been told that it's happening and this is really important for a lot of the disciplines. back in tokyo the games organizing committee has now ratified the appointment of 12 new female members it means 42 percent of the board and now women including the new president seiko hashimoto whose previous essay resigned last month over sexist comments hashim otoh when her new look organizing
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committee had their work cut out with lots of questions still hanging over the games and only 142 days to come up with the answers david stokes al-jazeera. cricket's pakistan super league has been postponed indefinitely after 3 more players tested positive for the corona virus the total number of cases inside the tournament's bubble going up to $714.00 of the shadow of $34.00 matches completed before this announcement the pakistan cricket board were considering moving all remaining matches to karachi. well it's been 3rd time unlucky again for billionaire in a mosque and his attempts at a successful test flight of an unmanned rocket i mean look. if you're doing. it. everything seemed on target until the space x. rocket landed it's not clear what went wrong 2 previous flights crash landed in
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fireballs despite the latest failure musk remains optimistic he'll one day's send the futuristic starship to the moon and mars said webb is an astronomer at swinburne university of technology she says when it comes to rocket development this kind of setbacks expected. the thing that sets this rocket apart with that it did manage to land and stay pretty steady as it landed unlike the other 2 previous test front so that in itself is a huge success but unfortunately then it didn't blow up which is unclear exactly why that happened but still pretty successful in comparison to the other 2 to launch any type of engineering feat what you not only developing news had to post in the system but a new type of fuchsia laish has so many testing boundaries that have to occur and say it's not on surprising that we have seen that he cut a play out in real time but it is a good thing because this is how we land this is how engineers and scientists are able to gather more data and figure out exactly what needs to change so space x.
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is trying to achieve something that we've never done before as the human race so by trying to create a rocket that is able to not only leave earth's orbit but come back and return and land and be usable and as you can probably imagine there at heart and having things that are useable is very helpful you can imagine if you're caught with one essentially it be a very expensive time trying to get anyway and that's the same when it comes to space industry you want things that have reusable and sustainable for production that is the ultimate goal. this is all just 0 these are the top stories the latest u.s. house of representatives sessions been counseled reportedly because of fears of an attack security is being run thompson's donald trump supporters stormed the capitol building in january democratic representative calabasas.


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