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from a class to sustained over generations. most vocal junior supporters of interviews club callers. in an epic feud of rich versus poor the friends you make for. just the. whole process and set a goal as opposition leader or small song call is released on bail the charges of rape his supporters say it's been this is the motivate. other can but now this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up an interim prime minister is named in ivory coast where disputes continue about who's winning the parliamentary election. libyans of children across england are back in school
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setting off a nervous wait for parents and health officials. also after a year of pandemic hardships women mark their international date with protests celebrations to. a judge in senegal has ordered the release of opposition leader after formally charging him with rape sokol supported surrounded supporters rather surrounded the courthouse in dakar as the hearing took place cheering but also promising more demonstrations some call says the allegation is politically motivated to stop him from challenging longtime president marquees sell his arrest sparks days of violence in the capital as well as in other cities let's go straight to nicholas park who is in dakar nicolas you're at a rally now of so-called supporters what's happening there.
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what were called the nation square where supporters of response were told that he would come here and address the crowd and show his face after spending a week in detention but since there are still thousands of people have gathered if you look around me but just moments ago the police the right police are further ahead have been firing tear gas to remove the crowds and now there is smoke billowing in the distance here now it seems that the security forces do not want this gathering to happen we never were under the state of emergency because of the crew and a virus and public gatherings are banned and in fact it was originally stopped because detained because they were because he was accused of. organizing a protest illegally so now there's these protesters are out and about we saw protests earlier on that turned into celebration now we want to see people here
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want to see you swansong out addressing the crowd and that's what people here are waiting for and expecting him all right nicolas i think we are going to leave it there. make sure you say stay stay safe we'll come back to you a little later if we can it was not there and. the president of ivory coast has appointed an interim prime minister despite concerns about the results of saturday's parliamentary elections both the governing party and main opposition are claiming victory even though complete official think is still trickling out the oppositions also alleging widespread fraud which the government rejects and interest joins us now from abidjan. who is actually is the new interim prime minister and when can we expect official results from the parliamentary elections. interim prime minister. sharon. president does not sound like and i'm not
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a very long time and this is a man who only 2 nights ago one of these legislative seats in parliament is kind of leave it people stuff in the presidency and it's going to be very influential in the what kind of government for very long time now the election results are still trickling in and i think we are at the last hurdle now when the final results will be announced and already like you said in the introduction that a lot of allegations haikus actions and counter-accusations are flying it out between the coalition of the opposition and the ruling party now the election commission yesterday not to step in to warn both sides to stay calm and stay away from announcing that they have won the election because it says the power to announce wins the election rest with us with the in korea election commission a constitutional so that's what we see right now most of the results have come in
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and a lot of us the latest that just love contested the election must have no known their fate and the end all things we are waiting for just for a few dozen seats that's around $32.00 seats left to be announced by the election commission which is by the way it's on the way now. ahmed there was food is all violence because what happened after the presidential election people was still one reads have any of those been realized. yet the concerns are still there the concerns are will go in by the history of elections in this country from 2010 the presidential elections the. referendum is 2016 and the procession actions not yet that was boycotted by the opposition we've seen also today in the run up to the legislative elections step in tension in the air
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and even on election day cases a lot of court in various voting to succeed in ivory coast although there are minimal and observers say that these are not enough to impact the overall outcome of this result however people here are really afraid to ask any ivorian on the street here and they will tell you that concern about what will come after the final results in and that one for 11 section of the political divide is declared either having an outright majority in parliament oh it's a winner of this election they're not concerned with they only get you home for old hand on occasions of favoritism on the part of election commission that they could be violence on the seats of abidjan here and a few other places in ivory coast. but for now thanks for that purpose just their end of it john. protests isn't made back on the streets in defiance of a curfew earlier there were reports in local media that 2 people had died the
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police fired on protesters in the northern town of michiana trade he means a calling for a total economic shutdown their campaign against a military coup a short while ago the government revoked the licenses of 5 independent media outlets that were covering the protests scott hartnell is monitoring developments from bangkok in neighboring thailand. there's been some violence in the northern catchin state there are protests up there in the capital city and that turned deadly for 2 protesters gunshot wounds to the head there were both police and military forces confronting the protesters there that happened within just the last couple of hours so that is something that you know again we're seeing that some of these protests are turning deadly and they continue to turn deadly you know in young gone there are protests again as well the same parts of the city that we've seen most over the last month and month plus a week going on so that has been going on but also there is a strike a general strike that was called by labor unions and that has really shut most of
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the shops and businesses but also factories in myanmar the the purpose behind this they say is they want to bring the economy to a halt thus putting more pressure on the judge to because of what they have done because of their takeover of the democratically elected government back on february 1st they're using this as leverage the protesters they say yes today is good monday's going to be a general strike but they want to be ongoing we know that you know civil servants have been taking strikes have been not showing up for work over the last couple of weeks so that's also coupled with this they hope to pressure the judge to come to some type of a negotiation but as we're seeing what's happening on the streets a great across the amount that's not happening. and the strain here has added more international pressure on me and miles generals suspending a defense cooperation program we have reviewed our military engagement and i announced yesterday that those activities would be suspended we've also reviewed
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our development assistance because one of the things that i do not want to do and the distributors not want to do is to penalize the people of myanmar the people of myanmar who are amongst the poorest people in as eon and who have been dealing with significant challenges for a long period of time. supply disruption fares have pushed the price of oil above $70.00 a barrel for the 1st time in 14 months jump comes a day after yemen through the rebels launched another attack on saudi arabia's energy facilities reports. more soldiers loyal to yemen's u.n. recognized president of the car bomb and so hardy are facing their biggest challenge in years preventing who threw fighters from taking control of mareeba the province east of the capital sinai is birch in oil and natural gas has also had his last chance to regain control of yemen. but the who these have been sending
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reinforcements they know the battle of could decide the future of the country. further south fighting has intensified around the city of tire as government forces have launched an offensive to retake military bases controlled by elite army units moyal to the her thirty's. iran backed rebels hold ground in to prevent government forces from advancing to was mad if the north violence is spiraling out of control why that's going on the whole things have launched an attack targeting oil facilities inside the arabia was a learned go in was say all the artillery and drone divisions were able to conduct a wide offensive in the depths of saudi arabia with 14 drones and 8 ballistic missiles we targeted around cole in ras port and other military facilities and their mom more military sites were targeted in
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a syria and design and the strike was precise. but saudi arabia says its defenses intercepted the drone and b. sila tax return was swift the saudi coalition launched air strikes in the capital sanaa. the escalation comes as the u.s. on void to yemen. visiting the region to rally support for an and to the conflict to more to land the king is hoping to bring all the parties and give diplomacy a chance but the last breakthrough in yemen was short lived in 2019 the un convinced the warring factions to agree on a ceasefire a prisoner swap and political talks on the future of the country weeks later the deal collapsed and fighting has not stopped ever since. 0. still ahead on al-jazeera in israel some tax and i think some palestinians but most people in the occupied territories are still living without protection from covered
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19. what some are calling the. america's 1st female vice president sounds the alarm bell about women leaving the workforce. it's time for the perfect gentleman. sponsored point qatar airways however we're going to return to love the warm spring sunshine for japan over the next couple of days of course because every of high pressure just nestling in here so that'll keep it generally quiet and fall little bits and pieces of clarity to the east side of honshu yes at the moment that will grassy just not out of the way 13 celsius in tokyo then on tuesday afternoon similar temperatures the full salt had woman there in beijing but as we go on into whedon's they can see how those temperatures thoughts just it's up in the right direction 719 in tokyo at that stage most of pleasant sunshine in the light winds it really will feel presently
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warm $66.00 in found high that is wet weather down towards southern parts of china see some heavy showers here which will just edge they way down it's in more than parts of vietnam where some wet weather to making its way into sri lanka way over the next day also some heavy showers just starting to slide in across southern parts of the bingo mostly some of those showers just beginning to nose their way across into to do so we'll see some wet to where the creeping hit for much of india the warm sunshine and sees me warm sunshine does continue still getting up around 38 celsius and that pool has 100 in found we have got a few showers around the foothills of the himalayas could see a westerly disturbance spring up across northern pakistan by thursday. qatar airways. are counting the cost of rising seas a threat to millions but where's the money to go defense a big investors hand out billions to startups about women and ethnic minorities are
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missing out rich americans are moving to florida to avoid fights months and. counting the cost on al-jazeera. be the hero the world news. washington. you're watching are just there are a reminder of our top stories this hour a judge in senegal has ordered the release of opposition leader response in court on bail after formally charging him with rape sancho says the allegation is politically motivated is arrested to days of often violent protest and his supporters have promised more demonstrations. the president of ivory coast has
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appointed an interim prime minister even as a dispute continues over the results of saturday's parliamentary election official results are still coming in but both the ruling party and the main opposition have claimed victory. protesters in manama are back on the streets in defiance of a curfew trade unions are calling for a total economic shutdown their campaign against the military could. u.s. court has delayed jury selection in the trial of a white police officer charged with killing george floyd it will now take place on tuesday with many in the u.s. and the world closely watching the case the judge to set aside 3 weeks to choose 12 jurors hundreds of people are expected at a vigil in minneapolis calling for a day of prayer and justice for the unarmed black man's death died in may after an officer kneeled on his neck for nearly 9 minutes. libya's parliament is gathering
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for a crucial vote on whether to endorse a new interim unity government minister designate some of the hundreds to be bar has met members ahead of the vote the u.n. is overseeing the process which it hopes will bring unity after a cease fire deal between the 2 rival administrations if the government is approved it would steer libya to would elections in december. police in india and administers kashmir based 168 for him to refugees have been sent to a holding center for possible deportation it's part of an increased effort to check for valid documents there's an estimated 5000 muslims living in the region who fled the military crackdown 2017. syrian president bashar assad and his wife asked have both contracted coronavirus both show minus symptoms and reportedly in good health syria has had more than 15000 cases and 1000 confirmed deaths from the virus the testing capabilities a limit in the war ravaged nation actual numbers are thought to be much higher amid
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a recent surge of infections israel has started vaccinating palestinians who cross the border for work out west indians who work on the construction of illegal israeli settlements are also being inoculated a force that reports from the occupied west bank. after a small pilot program last week in a delay to the start of this process on sunday this is the 1st day proper other plants are vaccinate more than 120000 residents of the occupied west bank those with permits to work either in israel or inside illegal settlements in the occupied west bank the process will see them over the 1st 2 weeks getting the 1st dose of the madonna vaccine and waiting a month and then another 2 weeks to get the 2nd dose and become fully vaccinated we spoke to one young man who's a a mechanic who works inside israel. its protection for yourself it will allow you to work freely you'd still have to wear a mask but hopefully things will be better in the future israel has faced criticism
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from some quarters in the international community from human rights groups for not as they put it meeting its obligations under the geneva convention to more fully vaccinate people who live under occupation in the occupied west bank and in gaza israel maintains and indeed the palestinian health ministry has said that it is its obligation to vaccinate its own people but the numbers the disparity is very stark israel is vaccinated more than 5000000 people with at least one dose 3000000 with both doses inside the gaza and the west bank there have only been a few 1000 vaccinated so far the palestinian authority has been given $22000.00 vaccines so far with another $60000.00 or so to follow this month but this comes at a time when there's a big spike in the virus itself inside the occupied west bank so those who are able to get the vaccine at this point remain the lucky few. now the 7000000 students in
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england are back in school as the u.k. eases its coronavirus lockdown parents and teachers have shared their relief and excitement about the turning after more than 2 months of isolation home schooling and disruption paul brennan reports from portsmouth in southern england. this 1st step out of the u.k.'s lockdown has been eagerly anticipated by children and parents alike with high school pupils were clambering excitedly out of the school bus was clearly relishing a return to the familiarity of friends and face to face learning. sites just to get back to less. just maybe seeing my friends to see i'm very very. age is not seeing anyone so it's really comforting my teach them my friends it's just really great to have to see people actually have lessons in an interaction especially because i'm doing a science based object so we're going to go the practical. difference against u.s. defense. in scotland and wales children won't return to full time schooling for another
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month but in england alone nearly $7000000.00 pupils are returning on mass well i'm hoping they're going to go smoothly i'm hoping the rate stays down and schools stay open but obviously we will respond to whatever the safety message is testing is widespread and as part of their return secondary school children are being asked to have 3 target tests at school followed by an ongoing program of home testing but that is voluntary and it remains to be seen how many will opt out. preparing for. the primary schools to a year of disruption in the past 2 months of homeschooling has taken its toll on role being as well as learning attainment i think roger's toddler emotionally exhausted and we're on our last little not at all battery of kind of of energy so looking forward to getting back to normal. by april 12th the u.k. government hopes to have non-essential shops open again but it will be a nervous wait to see whether the data will allow that allowing $7000000.00
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children to mix and mingle again even within the constraints of your group bubbles will inevitably lead to an increase in infection the crucial question for the government and its scientific advisors is whether that increase can be managed well enough to allow the next steps out of lockdown to proceed as timetabled paul brennan al-jazeera portsmouth. international women's day is being celebrated in a time of staggering health and economic crises the pandemic has disproportionately affected women and the u.n. secretary general and turnover terrace warns its consequences could last for many years to come priyanka gupta reports. this 3 metre fence was meant to guard mexico's presidential palace from protesters on women's day instead it's become a towering symbol of the violence women here face these are the names of those who have been murdered because of their gender last year 939 were killed between
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20152020 the number of women who have died for this reason increased by nearly a 130 percent only was. today we come to give a voice to these women who are no longer here today we come to write their names to remember them so that they are never forgotten and that justice is done for them. 6 in pakistan activist rally demanding shelters to protect women from abuse around the world aid agencies say the pandemic. and lockdowns have led to both cases of domestic violence women of course during lockdowns been confined so in the case of women who are living with an abuser they are trapped in that 2nd layer of course it's been much harder for women to access offices so some services have to close down during lockdown periods or absolutely not be physically accessible for women. and we've also seen
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a very very concerning trend of increased violence online in france activist granted against existing inequalities made worse by the pandemic. in the philippines protesters blamed their government for a rise in unemployment and poverty the pandemic and government restrictions have made women more economically vulnerable and added to the invisible burden of unpaid domestic and care work out estimates show that across all regions women have become more likely than men to become economically. it was also so that when his wages have been. so women's total wage bill in the countries where we have a fallen by a point one percent according to our as compared with 5.4 percent for men and women have been on the frontlines of the fight against over 1970 percent of health workers and 1st responders are women yet the gender pay gap sits at 28 percent.
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the u.n. says an equal future is within reach if everyone chips in but for now it's largely women who are bearing the unequal cost of the pandemic. to 0. in india lack of senator has led to widespread discrimination against men straining women according to one indian survey only 36 percent of women use senator pads the rest rely on rags hosking ash leaves buds in soil to manage their parents several organizations have made it their mission to change this manufacturing pads and distributing them in schools and rural communities talking to young girls and boys about menstruation has also played a crucial role in normalizing to boost subjects. on a week is one of the leaders of hashtags spot the stigma and initiative trying to normalize the discourse about menstruation she says girls dropping out of school is one of the biggest challenges. but and 23000000 girls in india drop out annually as
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soon as they start getting that because again like i mentioned schools don't have proper proper access especially in rural areas and then you have ritualistic already attached to people and what different always in centuries in years and years that when you run your peers you're not supposed to enter the future when you're on your period you're not supposed to and the temples you have some visuals and in your way they ask you to keep outside in the rain hut where you sort of also when you on your peers are all big my has acted as a huge bag used to women to get access to equality to getting empowered and empowering to feel like it so why are we when in the 21st century youth you're treating something so natural as something so simple there are so many taboos around all of this so i feel like although we are projecting to today in the 21st century still a lot to do that is not just the fact of evolution and i being in terms of getting
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access but to just drive a conversation to just meet people g.-r. life that you know even if the practice is that you can doing things centuries and even if this is something that your culture may be thanks doc questioning the policies easy choices the solutions that you've been calling that be like that is. very very far to read from achieving gender equality act a bigger level in india. u.s. vice president carmel howard has called the number of women being driven out of work during the pandemic a national emergency she says this could impact the economic recovery and the stability of families kristen's live reports from new york. linda hamis hold her management skills as the chief operating officer of a multinational consulting firm i want to put my name here and valentinian there but these days she's spending more time in her backyard than the boardroom she left the job in the early days of the pandemic to care for her children now $4.00 and $6.00 my mindset was how to patch together and enough hours in the day so i would
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get up early and i would start working around 6 or 630 sometimes she became one of 2 and a half 1000000 women to leave the workforce in the last 12 months compared to 1000000 men my husband and i had to make a choice right you know which one of us is going to be at home with the girls and has not there was no other choice when schools in care facilities close to women began leaving the workforce in droves some like those in the service industry who were laid off had no choice others did what they thought was best for their family but the impact on the economy has been profound what some have labelled and she session nicole mason chief executive of the institute for women's policy research came up with the term women of color have been just personally impacted mainly because they're overrepresented in service sectors while men and women are now returning to the workforce mason says many women are working fewer hours for less
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pay while others have stopped looking for jobs altogether when we talk about you know working women and mothers their general who are often responsible for the majority are here responsibilities and families and the lack of job here and all those years have had a devastating impact on working working women with only about a quarter of the nation's children in school full time the worry is gains made by women in the workforce will be lost or peers or competitors it best economy democracies have a more built up or in child care and they wind up having substantial. higher level. women have us is hoping the last year will inspire systemic changes like flexible work schedules and better childcare options it's really an economic issue it's a societal issue it's a business issue it's not a one in social she herself is exploring some promising new job opportunities but
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like many mothers is waiting to commit to anything full time kristen salumi al-jazeera new york. they can model says a member of the british royal family was concerned about how doco sons skin color would be the duke and duchess of sussex were interviewed by oprah winfrey for a 2 television special they explained more about their decision to step back a senior members of the monarchy last year. in those months when i was pregnant all around the same time so we have in tandem the conversation we won't be given security it's not going to be given a title and also concerns and conversations about how dark his skin might be when he's born there are several conversations a conversation with you with harry about how dark your baby is going to be. potentially and what that would mean or look like.
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and you're not going to tell me to have a conversation i think that would be very damaging to them. that if you were to brow that that would be a problem are you saying. i wasn't able to follow up with why but that if that's the assumption you're making i think that feels like a pretty safe one. this is al jazeera and these are the top story a judge in senegal has ordered the release of opposition leader or swan song on bail after formally charging him with great song course is the allegation is politically motivated his arrest led to days of protests that supporters have promised more demonstrations and these are some of those demonstrations is a lot of pictures coming to us now from dakar as we said response has been freed
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from jail he was expected to speak to some of his supporters who gathered as we were speaking to our correspondent earlier his big concern that there would be some violence we could see that tear gas is being.


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