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you know if we think. part of the plan for most always on the long haul we are the ones grabbing at a mile where are the media going to go we go dear and we give them a chance to tell you story. the air. the air. tensions high in senegal as opposition leader it was months song co is formally charged with rape the president says violence is not the answer. the e. blow and barbara sever you're watching al-jazeera live from london also coming up at the thought from a series of blasts at a military base in equitorial guinea the 98.
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people defied me and marse curfew to rally against police cornering hundreds of fellow protesters in a district of young gone and brazil courts are known as the criminal conviction of former president lula the scene for clearing the way for him to challenge shaded bill so that all in next year's election. senegal's president says that struck the violence is not the answer to his country's problems was speaking as tensions continue to run high with protesters in the streets after the opposition leader was charged with rape was one song call appeared in court to be formally charged before being release released to await his trial he says the allegation is politically motivated to stop him from challenging president south the arrest the sparked days of violence in the capital and other cities which has left there. we have to
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show our differences in a way other than destructive violence because whatever our political choices we are a single family and none of us can have a separate destiny like from that of the senegalese nation. or our individual and collective work orders us to work together consolidating the fundamentals and not destroying them. nothing is more important than the preservation of keeping the soul of the senegalese nation. the president speaking there was a different message from opposition leader who called for a bigger protests after his release. this mobilization must be maintained it must even be much larger but it must above all be peaceful it must be peaceful today the people have regained the rights that macky sall confiscated 9 years ago at the demonstration the people have taken it back by force we must not
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lose this right nicolas sarkozy gave us this update from outside the opposition's headquarters in dhaka. well i think that he wants to reassure the population and say that he understood i understand the need empathizes with those that have dropped into poverty last year due to the coronavirus primary due to the economic fallout of the current virus pandemic he also addressed the criticism made by the opposition specifically this month sancho who argues that he is arrogant and he takes decision on decisions on his own he says that he works towards consensus addressing and also engaging in dialogue with the opposition without. by which he comes up with measures but what's interesting here is the star difference between the formal address of president mikey cells inside his palace and what has happened here at the un song headquarters difference in the
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language might be sol addressed the nation in french who spend some code addressed his supporters in wolof which is the local language the top 5 most senegalese difference in tone and we spun some go 1st started his press conference by naming those that were killed during the protests also engaging with the security forces saying that the security forces are the pride of the nation he also condemned the looting and he also insisted that the importance here is the restyle blish meant of the rule of law still criticizing like you saw saying that he is illegitimate that that to that he is an arrogant attacking president might be solved personally and yet saying that politicians need to move away from personal attacks. equitorial vice president says the number of people killed in a series of massive explosions at
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a military base has risen to 98 this is rescuers continue to search the rubble the blasts happened in the city of baton not far from the western coast reports. the force of the explosions appears to have flattened most of the buildings in a city of a quarter of a 1000000 people equitorial guinea's mainland coast was using was ok look at the over the years we don't know what happened everything is destroyed these people say you know some of. the negligent handling of dynamite at the military barracks was the cause of the blast according to a statement from president. bush his son and the vice president. visited the scene with his bodyguards. the defense ministry says high caliber ammunition exploded after a fire in the barracks if such many people
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a fair to been trapped under the rubble of collapsed homes hospitals have been overwhelmed with the wounded the health ministry has made an appeal for blood donors and volunteer health workers on the government is appealing for international help. i'm asking from your excellent sees assistance from brotherly countries international organizations to help the republic of equitorial guinea in this lamentable situation we have. the equitorial guinea is an oil rich country which has been run by president obiang for more than 40 years critics say he and his family enjoy lavish wealth while most of the population lives in poverty the country suffering a double economic shock from the coronavirus pandemic and the fall in the price of crude oil which provides 3 quarters of state revenue burnitz al-jazeera. victims of convicted congolese military chief bosco in one candour have been awarded
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a record $30000000.00 in compensation by the international criminal court that was sentenced to 30 years in prison in $21000.00 for murder rape and other atrocities that he committed in the democratic republic of congo from 2002 to 2003 as that and that doesn't have the money to pay for the reparations and self the tribunal's own trust fund has been asked to set up and finance programs to support the victims of his crimes. the u.n. and u.s. are urging me and maurice police to allow hundreds of protesters they've cornered in young go on to leave safely and without reprisals thousands have defied the nationwide nighttime curfew taking to the streets to express their their anger at the siege another 3 people died in protests on monday taking the number killed
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since the protests began last month to more than 60 catalogers hodder young reports . back on the streets defying a curfew in myanmar this protest against the military began like others with people marching in the streets of machine are. but moments later. at least 3 people were shot dead by security forces witnesses say several people were then hit by gunfire from nearby buildings that's. exactly right it's part of an ongoing crackdown on those who oppose the military's recent coup that was. kneeling before security forces the scout like none pleads with them to stop the violence. the government has revoked the license of at least 5 independent media outlets that were covering the protests large scale
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demonstrations have taken place every day across many cities and towns in myanmar i . bought these demonstrations come to risk the dog and one of your the media i want to speak out and i want us to stop being afraid i will women to join and save this movement by protesting alongside men against the military dictatorship. dozens of protesters have been killed the united nations fears more jets will fall. in a statement it said we are deeply concerned about the fate of some $200.00 peaceful protesters including women who've been cordoned by security forces and young gone and may be at risk over arrests or ill treatment. signs of resistance have followed a spider rust and violence hanging women's clothes across the streets of myanmar may be one of the most creative lines of defense walking beneath female clothes this traditionally considered bad luck for men and many soldiers are overjoyed ing
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crossing the line being i mean you're to me down and as a woman for me i'm ah this is motivating me this garments are considered secret so using this superstition to fight back against the military i think the military denies responsibility for protesters loss of life it claims toppled leader on songs which she deserved to be pushed out last month she was elected it says amid a widespread electoral fraud but thousands of protesters disagree and say the public outcry will continue. al-jazeera 18 protestors in thailand have been charged with sedition over anti-government rallies held last year another 3 protest leaders were indicted for defaming the monarchy and jailed pending trial next week for other activists leaders are also in jail awaiting trial thailand's pro-democracy protests movement has been calling for the prime minister's resignation and reforms to the monarchy since last year.
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we always say to that when we decided to join this fine we giving all we've got even if it means our lives are we going to be in jail and that's in the end even if there are more people in prison even if i'm not the person who ends up in prison those who outside can keep fighting it's not necessary to have us continue to fight . brazil's former president louisiana who led the sievers had his criminal convictions an old by a supreme court judge according to court documents the ruling restores us political rights ahead of elections set for 2022 the lead governed latin america's largest economy between 200320118 was convicted of a graft allegations in 2018 and released in late 2019 while monica yant a key of isn't near the janeiro a forest now so how is this news going down in brazil.
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well brazil is a very divided country the 2018 election showed this clearly many people voted for right wing president. because they were against a former president was enough to lead us to what will be the left wing party the workers' party and so the division continues but little i had been out of the political scene because of the conviction because he was not allowed to to run for president last the last election so now bringing you back in the scene when we were more have elections next year is like making the country polarized again so people are those that were against him are still against him and those that were. because little was out of the scene and were having doubts about whether they should continue to support or not may now think twice.
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and how do you think that this will affect next year's election how worried do you think also that 0 is that no one is allowed to run. while they both reacted both president to some not all saying that he says that the justice that took that this decision is on the side of of of the left wing party and lola who says that this decision proves he has been right all this time and that he was wrongly convicted he says even a cent and this is part of like a political persecution this was part of. the whole investigation began with this car wash scandal which involved the engine nearing companies the oil company and people that were getting kickbacks for it and in
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return for public contracts now there also was another scandal called the car wash leaks scandal which showed that the judge at the time several more to the people that were investigating it they were taking sides they were having conversations with. i mean it would be weird so impartial as they seemed so this is what is now being discussed in brazil the whole judiciary system is being questioned and while the political the political divisions continue money to kiev with the latest from the a visionary domenica thank you. up 232-0000 venezuelans living in the u.s. will be allowed to stay in the country for longer they're being given temporary protected status in a bid to up the pressure nicholas went to hold free elections it fulfills a promise that president biden made during the election to give shelter to
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venezuelans who left the economic collapse and political turmoil under a doodle more than 5000000 people have fled the country. still to come in this half hour millions of people have lost their jobs during the pandemic but in the u.s. why are most of them women and. in london where the british royal family remains deafening least silent following that bombshell interview with a jew conductress a k a. how i recall quite a bit of writing the full cost for australia over the next couple of days is saying some lovely showers rumbling away across the top and now these weather systems well they represent some areas of cloud that spill away into central parts of the country down towards the southeast
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a few showers still in place there across that eastern side of new south wales southern areas of queensland still sings about the weather and we've got that west of weather pushing up towards the pober across the top and that dominates those 2 celsius in the cloud and right if it's sunshine you're after getting up to $33.00 celsius in perth more warm sunshine here over the next day or so the showers will continue to southern parts of queensland the northeast of new south wales want to see showers to push into south australia victoria does generally stay dry i'm fine temperatures 22 celsius similar conditions that into tasmania but the wetter weather as we go on through the middle part of the week will stream across the good parts of new zealand we had some wet weather recently some cool weather pushing away from much of pav brightest guys are returning high pressure in charleston a few showers around the eastern side of japan as we go through chews day warming up nicely for wednesday that form spreading across northern parts of china but the weather distance across the south.
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to. make a change. change your life or the path of a country challenge the accepted truth if you want to create something to break you continue remolded up to turn the status quo and fight injustice to the monsoon rather than the full. dogs. will witness documentaries deception on al-jazeera. the earth the over. the in. the on.
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the back is a reminder of the top stories on al-jazeera senegal's president says the struck the violence is not the answer to his country's problems tensions continue to run high with protesters back in the streets after the opposition leader was charged with rape equitorial guinea's vice president says the number of people killed in a series of massive explosions at a military base has risen to 98 this as rescuers continue to search through the rubble and the u.n. and u.s. are urging me and marse police to allow hundreds of protesters cornered in young go on to leave safely and without reprisals other protesters have defied the nationwide curfew to express their anger at the siege another 3 people were killed in protests on monday. saudi arabia is promising to take all necessary measures to protect itself after yemen's who the rebels launched more attacks on its energy facilities the latest escalation comes at a time when the u.s. of ministration has been trying to restart peace talks among the feuding factions.
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reports. more soldiers loyal to yemen's u.n. recognized president of that album and so hardy are facing the very biggest challenge in years preventing who fighters from taking control of mareeba the province east of the capital sinai is birch in oil and natural gas it's also how does last chance to regain control of yemen. but the who these have been sending reinforcements they know the battle of could decide the future of the country. further south fighting has intensified around the city of tire as government forces have launched an offensive to retake military bases controlled by elite army units moyal to the whole thiis. iran backed rebels hold ground in to prevent government forces from advancing to was mad if the north violence is spiraling out
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of control while that's going on the whole things have launched an attack targeting oil facilities in saudi arabia was the last heard of joe it was a all the artillery and drone divisions were able to conduct a wide offensive in the depths of saudi arabia with 14 drones and 8 ballistic missiles we targeted around coal in ras port and other military facilities and their mom more military sites were targeted in a syria and design in the strike was precise. but saudi arabia says its defenses intercepted the drone and b. sila tax return was swift the saudi coalition launched air strikes in the capital sanaa. the escalation comes as the u.s. on voyage to yemen is visiting the region to rally support for an and to the conflict to land the king is hoping to bring all the parties and give diplomacy a chance but the last breakthrough in yemen was short lived in 2019
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the un convinced the warring factions to agree on a ceasefire if prisoner swap and political talks on the future of the country weeks later the deal collapsed and fighting has not stopped since. 0. well the u.s. state department has condemned the who these latest attack on saudi arabia and urged the group to work towards a cease fire who these in our view and in the view of our allies and partners have to demonstrate their willingness to engage in a political process they need to quite simply stop attacking and start negotiating . it's international women's day and around the world there have been protests against inequality and violence against women in istanbul women demanded more stringent laws to protect women from domestic violence it comes after
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a video appearing to show a man beating his ex-wife on the street calls outrage present threat if a better one has announced the parliamentary commission to look specifically at violence against women or women and women are currently out to marking the day across latin america or latin america editor lucien newman is in santiago so violence an issue for many women around the world unfortunately what are the main issues in chile where you are. certainly violence femicide the rising number of femicide especially during the pandemic both here in neighboring argentina and elsewhere in latin america in fact this international women's day is being marked on the heels of a report that just came out specifying that the region in the world with the highest number of femicide per capita is latin america so it is really a pandemic some are calling it in fact some women are calling for it feministic
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emergency to be declared in the world to put an end to this in chile there's also the issue of abortion which is not available readily of to women unlike in some neighboring countries like argentina and uruguay and finally just the fact that the fair and free treatment salaries of male chauvinism something that is so well known in latin america the list is very very long but there is one thing barbara that people are celebrating on this international women's day in chile and that is the upcoming constitutional assembly which after a lot of pushing and fighting out here on the streets women were were able to get 50 percent of the day that was the delegates to be women in other words for there to be gender parity to right to. new constitution and that certainly can be considered a great achievement because i was just going to ask you lucy you know the stay rolls around every year and you know us media everywhere kind of focuses on issues
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but i guess what you're saying is that the least in chile there are changes that are tangible differences in improvements for the life of women there. well that is not quite unfortunately that is not quite happening yet but there is that sense that you will happen that it's possible because women are going to have a huge say finally in writing the laws or at least the most important law if you like the magna carta of this country that's going to be better lection is going to be in april and it is mandated that 50 percent of the delegates have to be women women's movements here have become much stronger and much more powerful and influential so i think that in the shorter rather than long term we will see important changes and stephanie hope so they see a new man with the laces there from santiago in chile or less in america editor thank you. for u.s. vice president have a harris says called the number of women being driven out of work during the pandemic a national emergency and she says the issue could impact the economic recovery
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christen salumi takes a closer look. linda hamis hold her management skills as the chief operating officer of a multinational consulting firm i want to put my name here in valentine isn't there but these days she's spending more time in her backyard than the boardroom she left the job in the early days of the pandemic to care for her children now $4.00 and $6.00 my mindset was how to patch together and off hours in the day so i would get up early and i would start working around 6 or 630 sometimes she became one of 2 and a half 1000000 women to leave the workforce in the last 12 months compared to 1000000 men my husband and i had to make a choice right you know which one of us is going to be at home with the corals and his not there was no other choice when schools in care facilities closed or women began leaving the workforce in droves some like those in the service industry who were laid off had no choice others did what they thought was best for their family
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but the impact on the economy has been profound what some have labelled and she session nicole mason chief executive of the institute for women's policy research came up with the term women of color have been just personally impacted mainly because they're overrepresented in the service sectors while men and women are now returning to the workforce mason says many women are working fewer hours for less pay while others have stopped looking for jobs altogether when we talk about you know working women and mothers their general who are often responsible for the majority are here responsibilities and families and the lack of job here and all those years have had a devastating impact on working working women with only about a quarter of the nation's children in school full time the worry is gains made by women in the workforce will be lost hamis is hoping the last year will inspire systemic changes like flexible work schedules and better childcare options it's
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really an economic issue it's a societal issue it's a business show it's not one it's a show. she herself is exploring some promising new job opportunities but like many mothers is waiting to commit to anything full time kristen salumi al-jazeera new york the british royal family is under mounting scrutiny following oprah winfrey's explosive interview with prince harry and meghan markle the duchess of sussex accuse the royal family of perpetuating false ones against her and raise the specter of racism at the palace reports from london i just didn't want to be alive anymore the pressure cooker of palace life push make it markel to the brink of contemplating suicide in a candid interview with the queen of chat oprah winfrey meghan also accused the royals nickname the firm of spreading lies about her i don't know how they could expect that after all of this time we would still just be silent if there is an
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active role that the firm is playing in perpetuating falsehoods about us and when megan was pregnant she said there were questions about her son's color macon's mother is black and her father white so we have in tandem the conversation we won't be given security it's not going to be given a title. and also concerns and conversations about how dark his skin might be when he's born to feel really looked down but also in the spotlight prince harry's relationship with his father prince charles and what i was seeing was history repeating itself but more perhaps or definitely far more dangerous because then you add race and you add social media and there were echoes of the $995.00 t.v. tell all with prince harry's mother princess diana when she revealed details about her and prince charles's marital affairs and her mental health crisis diana died in
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a car crash in 1997 the sad thing is that royalty is diminished by. coming down into the gutter and having a public fight it benefits from keeping a distance from common argument unfortunately neither side is going to come out of this particularly well and indeed i think we can assume fairly safely that there are faults on both sides ahead of the interview the palace launched a formal investigation into allegations make a mark or bullied her former aides something she strongly denies the family feud has led to a frenzy of claims and counterclaims in the tabloid media and social media are separated into 2 rival camps in the u.k. united states the meghan versus timana. the police has been accused of double standards for investigating the bullying claims but not prince andrew's ties with convicted sex offender geoffrey epstein the rose meanwhile have been focusing their
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attention on commonwealth day celebrations with a message of unity from queen elizabeth the 94 year old monica was praised by how he and meghan as a warm and caring grandmother but the overall picture painted by the 1st black member of the royal family is of an institution awkwardly out of touch with modern attitudes and a hostile media bent on taking meghan down the park al-jazeera london. reminder now of the top stories on al-jazeera senegal's president says destructive violence is not the answer to his country's problems sounds folk in the.


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