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oh are the is. protesters in myanmar's largest city of yangon are allowed to leave after a tense standoff and violent crackdown overnights. followed i'm having my head in and this is al-jazeera my from doha also coming up a judge in brazil clears former president lula da silva of corruption paving the way for a possible return to politics. calls for peaceful protests in senegal after the
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release of opposition leader it was months on gold. and a global shortage of microchips highlights how a monopoly on production is hurting high tech industries around the world. activists in myanmar say hundreds of protesters who've been cornered by security forces in a district of young gone have been allowed to leave earlier both the u.s. and the u.n. expressed grave concern for their safety security forces were raiding homes in the city on monday night searching room by room for protesters to stage their 1st nighttime demonstrations defying a nationwide curfew and as the crackdown intensifies the military has stripped the licenses of 5 independent media organizations. and malaysia's high court has a load rights groups to challenge the deportation of myanmar nationals more than
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a 1000 people were sent back to myanmar in february including asylum seekers well scott haidar is following all of these developments for a c joins us now from bangkok in thailand and scott let's start with the situation inside myanmar and just give us a sense of what's been happening overnight. well overnight how as you were mentioning there were hundreds of protesters who were kind of corralled surrounded by security forces after protests on monday they prevented them from moving that's what we heard that international condemnation as you said because there was no freedom of movement they said they were going to go in and arrest them and punish anyone who was harboring them in their apartments and they were nighttime raids in there are a lot of patrols that went around in the area they're finally released early hours on tuesday but then you know despite that across the country more protesters are coming out down in the southern city of way they're coming out and they're coming
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out in other places as well so we're seeing this continuing despite this crackdown despite this increase of intimidation tactics used by the security forces in myanmar so they're still coming out but luckily it doesn't sound like a huge number of protesters they were corralled last night were arrested there was a mass mass arrest we are hearing at least 2 dozen were arrested after that night time crackdown and the military are also cracking down on press freedom just tell us more about the stations the media outlets that have little stand licenses. you know these media outlets are some of those who are out on the streets reporting on what's happening within these protests what's happening with the violent crackdown so obviously it's very important work that they're doing to get the word out of what's happening yes obviously with in myanmar so the people inside the country where this is taking place can find out what's going on can get good
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information of what's happening but it's also externally important so we the international community can see what's happening there so they're vital. bodies to get the information out but what's interesting is that yes although they might have lost their license in myanmar it will probably will probably still be able to transmit their information through social media and other mechanisms in other ways so although they might have lost their licenses in myanmar the important work i would imagine will continue just as it has the last couple of weeks and. this somewhat related to the situation i significantly see this this court ruling in malaysia is the court of course 11 rights groups to challenge the deportation of myanmar nationals i mean actual. people who were affected by the initial case of already be deported. yes right so it's not really how they're going to
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be the best of news for them 1086 citizens of myanmar who were already deported on february 23rd they're probably going to stay in myanmar what it will impact is about $114.00 who are still seeking asylum in the still processing in malaysia they will be able to nothing will be able to have happened to them and no decisions by the immigration department until the next hearing at least which is on the 23rd for this case but why it's significant is that previously there has been no courts there's been no legal way to challenge in the court system in malaysia a decision by the immigration department this is the 1st time that they are allowing that the courts are allowing that to happen and these 2 rights groups are to have petitioned for a hearing on this decision back on the 23rd and that is proceeding so that is that is something that has not happened in malaysia court before ok scott hyde low that
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across all those developments from bangkok scott thank you very much indeed. brazil's former presidents luis inacio lula da silva has said for what's been described as a sensational political comeback a supreme court joan chance tonight his conviction on corruption charges the decision restores his right to contest next year's presidential election. from rio de janeiro. recently. i was leading the polls and $28.00 team the left wing political leader would have probably been elected brazil's president for the 3rd time had not been convicted on corruption charges and banned from running now less back in the political scene as the country faces its worst moment in the cool than 1000 pandemic and he poses a serious threat to right wing president jalal so narrow in next year's elections.
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that it's good news that comes at the right time because the political situation in the country is so dire with a cafe here i would not believe a politician who has already been arrested for corruption and i don't think lula is the right person to run our country. has always said that he was wrongly convicted and imprisoned he says the bribery money laundering in corruption charges were part of a scheme to strip him of his political rights after years of judicial battle a supreme court judge on monday a null licken fiction's against. the decision has nothing to do with the lolas innocence or guilt the supreme court judge argued that the former president had been tried in the southern city of quote egypt when he should have been tried in the capital brasilia. it may be a technicality but one that could be shaped brazil's political and judicial landscape the fact is that lula can now run for the presidency and he still has the
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support of half of brazil's voters according to a recent poll some of them took to the streets to celebrate and to protest against what they call president bows and arrows mishandling of the pandemic. reacted on twitter saying be an element of the charges proves he has always been right. accuse the supreme court judge of acting on behalf of the workers' party and. brazil's political divisions deepening in the midst of a deadly pandemic monica and i give all jazeera rio de janeiro. sen john paul president says the labor party minorities are in the brazilian senate he says this is great news. we are very happy that i have to justice was belief that must was done. in fact it's not exactly a technicality only it's a. set of mega technicalities but above all you know
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has been evidence clear evidence indicating clues are between prosecutors and magistrates on the carwash operation. meaning that if any government when you want to look prosecute and punish the. wrong growth spurt or forms of government you have the real channel through do with injustice you know in brazil and this was not done what was done was not at a time of a certain time of the investigation all of the investigation become to be. contaminated by wallet by political discussion by pulling people dispute and this was what made the process now to be an old. senator lisa position leader
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was calling for peaceful demonstrations after his release on monday at least 10 people died june protests against his arrest on rape charges president's macky sall is also appealing for calm nicholas hunt reports from dakar. a night of celebration after days of protests i there he is released on bail. addresses the nation in this press conference by his side are leading figures of senegal's opposition. the people are sending us politicians a message no matter our convictions or beliefs we have a dysfunctionality to unite the show and bring back politics to its noble cause presenting the people. several people died in scores were injured after he was arrested over rape charges his supporters believe the case is politically motivated . the presence of the military did not deter demonstrators nor did the tear
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gas nor the police dressed in civilian clothes will the baseball bats restricting the internet to did not stop the hash tag 3 senegal from trending. hundreds if not thousands of people are gathering here still the flying the security forces who are farming tear gas there's a sense among supporters. that when the end detention it's a victory for them and a reminder through the government that they're accountable not to big business in corporations but to the people. demonstrators looted supermarkets accusing president mikey cell of failing the country's poor by protecting big business interests. after days of protests he finally addressed the nation realizing that the demonstrations were not just about who's months on co but about many senegalese feeling disenfranchised. the generation faced with so many hardships it's verses on
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happiness is quite understandable to me at the same time let's avoid participating in anything that the laser's in the quest for a better future. when you're in 2nd visions when you take the goods of others you don't create jobs or you destroy them you don't reduce poverty you make it worse. the president extended the coronavirus curfew until midnight to allow small shop owners longer business hours but for many the protests are not just about the economic crisis or politics but about defending senegal's a long standing tradition of democracy and freedom values protesters say are worth fighting for the cliff hawk algis the right to carr. says iran's government has signed a peace deal with opposition groups the agreements in kenya includes a ceasefire which will president see years of violence we see the governments and
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an alliance of opposition movements nearly $400000.00 people have been killed and at least $4000000.00 displaced in the 7 year civil war inside sudan fixin's of convicts is congolese military chief bosco ntaganda have been awarded a record $30000000.00 in compensation by the international criminal courts the commander was sentenced to 30 years in prison and 2900 for murder rape and other atrocities committed in the democratic republic of congo and 2nd doesn't have the money so the tribunals trust fund has been asked c. finance support programs for victims. the president of ivory coast as a point is an interim prime minister despite concerns about the results of saturday's parliamentary elections both the governing party and main opposition are claiming victory even though incomplete official figures are still slowly coming
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out the opposition says there's been widespread fraud which the government's projects. still to come here on al-jazeera securing the u.s. capital the task force recommends sweeping upgrades saying police were poorly prepared to handle the january 6th attack. and why jury selection has been delays in the case of a former minneapolis police officer is accused of killing george from lloyd. it's time for the perfect gentleman. sponsored point qatar airways how it's looking cold and quiet across the central east and parts of europe at the moment all too much going on at present because we still have our area of high pressure in place where we're tracking in the winds from a general maulvi direction things will turn somewhat milder over towards the west
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the 6 big bank a plow these areas of low pressure just roll in from the atlantic and it is going to turn increasingly wet and windy over the next couple of days those winds will be strong at times damaging winds gales coming through so that could cause some problems across ireland initially and gradually making its way in across scotland england whiles as we go on through the middle part of the week for the south has seen some lovely showers into central parts of italy that's a wetter weather that wintry weather at times will roll across a generic house pushing into serbia into rumania a fair bit of snow here and temperatures as you can see struggling to get to one degree celsius in bucharest cold enough in moscow it just minus 10 celsius some bits and pieces to slow the just around about iris and cold enough to scandinavia as well with temperatures struggling to get above freezing in oslo see the temperatures around 9 celsius there for london and also for glasgow further south in squatting down across in and portugal off to some of the wintry weather recently somewhat weather will make its way across northern parts morocco with rain there
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for northern areas of algeria. qatar airways jump into the story there is a lot going on in this and julian and global community when i thought of all the misinformation i think we are more afraid than we are aware be part of the debate don't ever take anybody's one word because there's always a difference when no topic is off the table we have been disconnected from our land we have been disconnected from who we are and would love to hear from you in the to be part of today's discussion this streamed on out is there a. my . this is al jazeera
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a quick reminder of the top stories this hour hundreds of protesters who have been cornered by security forces in yemen gone have been allowed to leave police raided homes overnight and protesters broke curfew to keep protesting the brazilian supreme court judge has thrown out the criminal convictions of former president luis in our children that are silver the move for the low the popular politician to run in next year's presidential election. and senegalese opposition leader is one song go is calling for peaceful demonstrations after his release on monday at least 10 people were killed during protests against says arrest for rape charges. fully vaccinated americans can gather together indoors without its wearing a mask or social distancing that's according to new guidance from health officials the centers for disease control is also advising fully vaccinated people they don't need to quarantine if they come into contact with someone who's tested positive for
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covert 19 bunts the c.d.c. says restrictions can only be fully lifted once most people in the u.s. are vaccinated and gallacher has more from miami. well these are century are quite long awaited guidelines but let's give you a snapshot of what's going on in the u.s. at the moment something like 30000000 or so people have been vaccinated that's hovering between 9 and 10 percent of the population of course we need to get to about 40 percent before we get to that magic herd immunity so this is very specific advice for those that have been fully vaccinated or in other words if i had both shots and waited the appropriate time so what we're talking about here are more elderly members of the population people who perhaps aren't seen their families for the last 12 months remember people who haven't been allowed to visit for instance long term care facilities so for these people this is a boon this is extremely welcome news because this will help their mental condition they can reconnect with their families but there are some caveats if they are going
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to visit their families it has to be local only c.d.c. says their advice is not to travel also if they're out in public they still need to social distance and wear masks because the science behind these vaccines is not completely yet known it doesn't know if these people can still spread covered 19 despite the fact that they have been vaccinated but these guidelines have been a long time coming i think for those that have been isolated in a way for their families for such a long time this is extremely welcome news. the death toll from a number of explosions and i could feel giddy on sunday has risen to 98 when 600 people were injured in the powerful blast that buildings apart in the port city of butter officials say the explosions as a military base were caused by improperly stored dynamite along with sample burning in nearby farms. saudi state media say the kingdom's air defenses of intercepted another attack from yemen its missiles to cause an explosive drone heading toward
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the city of homs. the area hosts a number of military bases and has been targeted before by hoofy rebels the head of the u.s. central command's general kind of mckenzie says his forces will continue protecting saudi arabia the last wave of attacks even before that we have done a number of things to help the defense of saudi arabia and you'll understand i can't go into those and you'll understand that for operational reasons but we continue to help saudi arabia defend itself we haven't backed away from that promise and i think we've been very helpful to them very close to war with iran because of their or their strike on the al assad air base we negotiated our way through that through that very dangerous period of time i think right now there were again in the spring of 2021 we do have an opportunity to find a political way forward on the ground in yemen government forces and who the finances have been locked in fierce battles near the city over ties here you can see the government troops firing on who the positions yemeni media say the rebels
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were forced to be treats but the fighting is taking a heavy toll on civilians in the area. libya's house of representatives is due to resume consultations on whether it's been dorce a new interim unity government if confirmed the cabinets a prime minister does and that's a deal hammered the beta will replace the 2 rival administrations in the east west of the bia parliament has until march 24th to make a decision. members all of the u.s. congress are doing major security changes recommended for the capitol building the proposals come from reports on the security failures that happens on january 6th when supporters of the former presidents breach the halls of congress heidi jocasta reports from washington d.c. . to security experts who watched the january 6th riot at the capitol memories of the 2012 at the hats on u.s. embassies in tunisia and sudan came to mind my draw jaw dropped because of the fact
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that it happened to see. people in the united states doing this is opposed to what happens overseas keith used to this is president of fabrication designs inc a manufacturing firm that makes reinforced doors and windows for u.s. government buildings his products were not installed at the capitol where a mob successfully broke through using their fists and a flagpole that allowed them to enter through the through the openings of the glass and it really felt a need to be stronger perimeter the nonpartisan task force charged with reviewing security after the capitol breach agrees its report recommends reinforcing doors and windows the deployment of mobile fencing and retractable barriers the hiring of more than $800.00 capitol police officers and a more efficient decision making process for security leadership in
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a crisis more than 5000 national guard troops remain protecting the nation's capital a jarring. site for americans who are unaccustomed to seeing their military at work outside of natural disasters or foreign wars but these troops will eventually go home the plan is to replace them with a rapid response team of local guardsmen who could deploy to the capital at the 1st sign of trouble and after the suspension of 6 capitol police officers for their alleged role in supporting rioters on january 6th background checks are recommended for all identification card holders who work at the capitol of people are going to be here protecting us we'd like them to go through the same background checks and security assessments 2 months after the riot the so-called people's house still stands behind barbed wire and armed guards security experts say the u.s.
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capital can return to its normal look we do it either with additional concrete and steel or we do it with laminated and polycarbonate glass. or you know the doors that's right but also all of that can be hidden the cost of the security recommendations run hundreds of millions of dollars and some members of congress have already baulked at the price but included in the report is a warning the threat from domestic extremists is growing and the need to arm a robust defense is urgent. castro al-jazeera washington. and u.s. courts in the city of minneapolis has delayed the stars it selection in the trial of a white police officer charged with killing george floyd's the judge is awaiting an appeals court decision on whether a new charge can be added floyd c. was dying to a in may after the officer now on his neck for nearly 9 minutes his death triggered
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an see racism process a run the while it's well john hendren has been outside the courts and explains what's behind that's only. let me 1st set the scene if i may because you know how raucous it got here over the summer when this incident happened. you could see a few stragglers over there there were about 100 protesters but because it's just jury selection we are not seeing the huge amounts of people that i expect we will see during the trial and possibly after the verdict in this case so what's happened is they were supposed to begin jury selection this morning and what happened was the judge said he was going to consider as he is required to do to a recent appeals court decision whether a 3rd degree murder charge is appropriate now here's how it works in the state of minnesota 1st degree is intentional premeditated murder that is not being charged here 2nd degree murder is intentional but not premeditated and the idea in this
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case would be that when this police officer derrick show of and put his knee on george floyd's neck for over 9 minutes that he intended to kill him this could take one day might take a few days they might take evidence on whether this is a 3rd degree charge with the defense derek chauvinist lawyers they say they don't want that charge and essentially what the prosecutors are doing here is giving themselves one more opportunity to convict derek children and that's something he doesn't want his lawyers seem to be going for all or nothing. the u.s. is grand saying temporary. protected status to venezuelan migrants living there the decision could help around 320000 people and follows up on election promises made by president joe biden as administration says it's working to coordinate international pressure against venezuelan president nicolas maduro to hold free and fair elections. 18 percent stars in thailand have been charged with sedition for
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anti-government rallies they held last year another 3 protest leaders accused of defaming the monarchy are being held in jail until their trial next week thailand's a pro-democracy protest movement has been calling for the prime minister's resignation and reforms to the monarchy since last year 4 other activists leaders have had their bill denied 5 times and are still in jail awaiting trial a global shortage of semiconductor chips is hurting high tech industries from the makers of games consoles to all some of eels car plants are reporting production delays of up to 1000000 vehicles and the problem has highlighted the dominance of 2 of the world's leading chip makers taiwan and south korea mcbride reports from seoul. between them south korea and taiwan have a near monopoly on the world's production of processing and memory chips it's
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a dominance in a strategic commodity that's been developing over years but now making itself felt as the world becomes increasingly technology driven but from here on out it's going to reorder considerably to 8 ships with everything in sight or. it's not. your electric vehicle in your cars it's going to have a retreat it's getting old like other car makers this general motors plant outside seoul has been experiencing delays because of a global shortage of chips it's been a wakeup call for many world leaders but the investment of time and money needed to become a chip maker means south korea and taiwan will maintain their lead for years to come it's a global shortage that's been made worse by the pandemic when car factories ramped up production again late last year it coincided with a surge in demand for consumer goods also needing chips and
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a move towards online activities requiring greater data processing that needs yes ever more chips frank wang is the founder of one of taiwan's chip manufacturers whose business has grown as the island has come to dominate the sector this is a burning portal with one continual so why a bell in the porch opinion of the state and other your country on this so buying toys in. the laws your process if we have a problem the war or a problem it's this indispensable that works well right now taiwan's chips are also indispensable to mainland china providing it with the so-called silicon shield against beijing's expansion in the region but also raising the stakes in the increasing comp. tition between china and the u.s. semiconductor is strong taiwan is strong but it's becoming so strong and so we need
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to be careful so is the better to keep it neutral because if stand the conductor of silicon shield you know distress is being used as a weapon while we are getting off it with the conflict between us and china and that is the dangerous there is to protect you if you try to get it increased reachin great little. extra jewelry washington type tried a conflict in competition south korea's and taiwan's production mastery of a tiny component that makes any potential conflict in east asia a matter of global concern rob mcbride al-jazeera seoul. al-jazeera and these other headlines hundreds of protesters he had been cornered by security forces in young gone.


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