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and or own 1 pm on january the 6th that was just before a big crowd moved towards capitol hill to try and contest the results of the presidential election many people thought at the time that this was a decoys plant that those devices which were attached to timers would go off and detract resources away from capitol hill therefore making it much easier for the crowd to sweep into the building which was of course endorsing the electoral college results but also this video tells us what the f.b.i. doesn't know and that is that they would have gotten forensic of the backpacks they will be able to perhaps get d.n.a. maybe even fingerprints but 2 months on that has led them nowhere 3 jury members have been selected so far for the trial of a white policeman accused of killing george floyd in the u.s. city of minneapolis he said. he wasn't tom who. they were interviewed in
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a courtroom and their identities have not been revealed floyd's death in police custody in may last year triggered worldwide protests former officer derek shaw is facing charges of 2nd degree murder and manslaughter the court has set aside 3 weeks to choose the 12 jurors john hendren has more from minneapolis. on day one of jury selection in the case of the former police officer accused of murdering george floyd the court picked 3 jurors one a white chemist a man from minneapolis another is a white man who works as an auditor and says he's got a friend who's a police officer and he's got a relatively negative view of black lives matter the 3rd is a woman of color who says her uncle is a police officer and all 3 said that they felt they could judge the case fairly race is particularly important in this case of a white police officer accused of killing a black man in a racially charged incident that was videotaped by bystanders and went viral that
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video sent protesters into the streets across the united states and set off riots here in minneapolis and elsewhere it's rare that a police officer is charged with murder in river still that one is convicted in the concern here in minneapolis is that if derek show of an is found not guilty of these charges that those riots that began on may 25th i interrupting not to take you live to brazil where as promised the press the president lula da silva is holding a news conference in a solid pound 0 this coming a day after a court overturned a judge the supreme court overturned his corruption conviction let's listen to what he asked to see. products for years now much.
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i have been involved committed to prison i guess by well 900 i was in the center of. i didn't want to be imprisoned obviously. a man of my age. a man with a big background. of. appearing in the papers. and headlines as a fugitive i did not want that for. the world. what i want is to remain here and to prove
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my innocence was. but my judgment morrow. i love with him now. that's one of the. yeah yeah i thought that at the end i would. and i did get to. the old man. in the cup it will not be. every day god will be bad. you're going to be like.
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a unity to me and i remain one. of the. 'd social world with my top priority look up with a bit there. immune of excessive risk that would not see them as up middle. school as a new mommy separate ways. the boys were paying for us to start this. academic. stuff. you know participate in quality products. so the boys and. i remember when the cap to any awards here we had a problem of the pie. for the new mom because i believe. reading about committees my resolution to the problem can change. 'd the way an.
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acolyte you will like it back i under that gap or whatever i said so cope if you are part of the. same press pack or the running. from his crappy controller side with. through you. still. my aim was to build a political awareness and the people get. that traffic that whatever. our political consciousness of things working class is a privilege. that. i believe that is the justification about political activity can. tell you that your paper a pulitzer prize that i'll put up with all. the star wars. you know where i could.
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put you 6 the record with that will fade. out of them and that is why i haven't been q.c.'s to super represent the people. and i will be the one will mark. them all bill was. cool of a guy. like that but i'll invite. anybody i love and 'd. who. was the. last. name find more a kind of back to back that will not raise their voice share robredo look at what i
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did last year but other. feel. like if out you're going to put a woman to work with this there is a proposal him and. what i mean there was that it was. so keeping the feedback bell today you have some of. my wow the way the fuel. if you're just joining us on when listening here to brazil president lula da silva addressing his supporters and the media for the 1st time since a corruption charge against him was overturned monday's decision by a supreme court judge numerous chances to make a political comeback in 2017 he was convicted and served 18 months in jail and he was gone from running in office. for running for office rather and speaking
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here he said he trusted at the end that he would get victory and he did get a victory. and i can lose in rio de janeiro for a small. feeling vindicated it was same yes and as we can see he's adopting a moderate tone he's talking about the injustice of his imprisonment but at the same time saying that he trusted that the system that he turned himself over because he was not going to be a fugitive and he thought that the truth would be found out at last. i don't know if it was you were seeing on the images he has in the background already something showing a difference with the government. the poster behind him says vaccines
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now and emergency aid now. while the emergency aid was just suspended in january and the vaccines there's been a big controversy here in brazil because the program has been delayed partly because the president himself doesn't. downplaying the pandemic all along so he's adopting a very moderate troll but bringing marking the differences with the government how popular a figure is he still. he is an extremely popular figure. and we could say the country split half and half practically but also both is pretty popular too so it's a very divided country right now at the same time they're both 2 political figures that can be hated by the other part so they have to play with this the rejection
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of the other half of brazil's population could make a political come. in the middle right he could make a political comeback monica but he hasn't exactly said yes whether he would stand in next year's election no and i think also it's i don't know how what he'll continue saying because this will continue for some time but people from his party have said it's. just a fait a political campaign for an election that will be by india. there's a lot going on but he will be a figure even if he doesn't run or he doesn't. put himself forward and it i think that they're going to 1st try to force since with the other but we already saw today 20 some governors uniting and asking. to
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create a you. apologies for that we have lost connection there to money. in brazil we will bring up related to find out more about what you know there's a silver the former president of brazil has said in his 1st news conference since corruption charges against him are overturned that's had to chile now where chinese state owned companies are gaining a bigger foothold corporations are extracting billions of dollars of resources some politicians are suggesting ways to stop them a lot america at its embassy in yemen reports. from the $1000000000.00 acquisition of one of the world's largest salmon companies to the purchase of copper and lithium mines to wineries and fruit fields. china has set its sights on chile it may be a small country but it has a very long and strategic pacific coastline and lots of resources that the agent
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giant needs but that's not the only attraction the most important thing for china is. window shop in. their region. to say. you know you here we are in. america but while chile's economic growth a great deal to china members of congress are warning of an aggressive investment offensive not from private capital but from the chinese state yes you might want if you don't regulate the participation of reforms light in your economy that economy could be nationalized not around country but rather by a foreign state that's what we've presented a bipartisan bill to level the playing field for everyone because we're facing an offensive by the chinese side the wants to take over strategic sectors of the economy the congressman has called drafted a proposal that seeks to regulate farm state ownership in strategic and
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geopolitical sectors of the economy on the top of his lip. it is the chinese state's majority control of electricity distribution in chile cherry orchards like the one you see here may not seem to fit that description but chinese companies are increasingly buying more and more agricultural land like this farm to produce one of chile's prime exports fruit especially cherries and that's raising concerns that china may be moving towards producing packing and exporting its own fruit eventual eliminating the chilean entrepreneur altogether. 6 weeks ago at the height of peak season $1000000000.00 cherry exports to china ground to an abrupt halt. it's very suspicious exactly when we started buying this bill in congress who social networks in china who controlled the slight became denouncing that sure he's had traces of coke at 19. chiles foreign ministry refuses to entertain the notion
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of foul play at least publicly but nevada role is not alone in suspecting that china was sending a veiled message that there's a high price to pay if chile decides to limit china's economic influence in human al-jazeera. the chinese government is being accused of breaching every single act of the un genocide convention in its treatment of way gore's inching john a report by more than 50 global human rights experts say is there's clear evidence china is responsible for committing genocide against the muslim way of course as from a veranda 1000000 have been imprisoned in camps in recent years mostly in the region china denies allegations of human rights abuses as a member him is from the news lines insisting that the organization that published a report he says is significant in terms of international accountability. these are
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independent experience in international law in general say in china's policy of all the evidence of those and those ins tens of those in the testimony use from the terms of chain us policies and you know collaborated dumbass changes laws in china step that and come to the conclusion very very clearly that cheney is in breach of the $91.00 genocide convention on multiple occasions so this is extremely significant in terms of international accountability or what to do is change means a chain is in breach of the general convention so the onus is no on other countries are party to the general convention and this would under them set you one of them and remember cheney is also a party to this convention so the onus is on them to keep this as a seriously as it deserves they must essentially you know put into place. policies that issue that chain as they would accountable for this convention was set up not necessarily to have an academic exercise after
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a general happens to discuss whether it was a general so you're not but essentially it probated to make an ism but it's just got general to it's happening in the 1st place or is the onus is no on countries to behave in a manner that actually whole chain are countable and not be passive otherwise they are also criminally liable for be complicit in the general say let's change. france's president to mannion michael says his government will speed up the declassification of secret documents from its colonial era the decision will make it easier to access information relating to the algerian war of independence but critics say blocking off thousands of once public documents shows there's still a long way to go in january a truth commission was set up to look into france's colonial history historians have called for victims sesa monies to be included algeria's war of independence lasted from 1954 to 1982 and was one of the world's bloodiest conflicts algeria
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says more than 1000000 of its people were killed. yes spoke to us of one bell who is a professor of political science at catalina vessel he says some all cerium spinal french colonial roles benefited the country i think the police in these documents and the archives will get a long way toward start let's not forget got reports by benjamin should just to make available in the archives but he also ruled out. i believe that michael has made significant steps but to apologize for france's behavior in not julian would not be the would not be good for his electoral campaign leave that until he inside has not been called in for that. the public day because they are dreams have not made so much effort in these
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demands and also there are so many deep people influence who do not necessarily believe the reason was a bad thing they believe that the french adventure in one julia was too civilized was some veges it's flowers that created the cherry on it for us the big you frustrate you not julia and therefore they have nothing to apologize for if that is in opposing it should come from the un jenny in the terrorists who committed that there was of course cities. the u.s. state department is placing new sanctions on too even in officials accusing them of human rights violations secretary of state antony blinken says the 2 members of the islamic revolutionary guard were involved in the torture and punishment of peaceful hottest stars in $212021.00 can say as a 2 interrogators along with their families will be banned from entering the u.s. say gordon o'barr is
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a political analyst and an expert on the reigning in gulf affairs he says the u.s. is signaling to iran that the 2015 agreement is no longer sustainable i think from from an iranian perspective. the american the american initiative just today yes it's another setback because iran would like to strictly adhere to the gypsy view a all but 2015 and now brought in to scope of the discussions i think from the american perspective things have changed and i noticed that in 2015 when the united states and its. partners in the u.n. security council plus germany signed the d.j. c.p.u. 8 it was a young belief and there was a hope that. they would lead to greater confidence between iran and the united states and that iranian are truly changes i regional foreign policy. posters that has not happened so now the political consensus. in the by their
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station seems to be that the status quo on 2015 was is not sustainable so therefore what the united states is trying to do is to put in additional pressure on iran in the government while they have the sanctions in place to try to bring iran not just out today negotiations they will over need. the nuclear file but also over human rights and. other regional activity. the united arab emirates is appealing for the lifting of u.s. sanctions against the syrian government at a news conference with the russian foreign minister the u.s. official said this sanctions were making it more difficult to end the 10 year civil war the us imposed economic penalties accusing syria of war crimes against its own people. in ivory coast the governing party has retained its majority in parliament winning 137 of the 254 c's reactions to the results have so far been peaceful
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in a country with a history of course election violence i mean these are it's reports from abidjan. michel boko son of former ivorian president laurent gbagbo savors a whim of a sitting target the biggest supporters static about the victory away of the tensions in the land show one of the new faces in parliament says it's time the country heals it's been like well you know a page it was going to go and we are going to work on reconciliation in the return of ivorians in exile including my father that way democracy in our country will be strengthened. reassuring words for citizens who feel the worse. the opposition had hoped for better results but given it boycotted lost his position election some of the over say the coalition performed better than expected . anyone not satisfied with the provisional results can
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go to the court in the next 72 hours the result of the election gives president alassane ouattara and the ruling r h d p party total dominance over ivory coast politics. the opposition is a monolith party that's. at lex national spirit as it's clear we've won the parliamentary majority we sit out to achieve. election observers call the process to respond despite incidents recorded in some parts of the country but this is a. minor issue compared to the. fake or the p.d.p. . election. claims and counterclaims a victory by the leading political parties nearly price the country into another round of violence businesses here in the economic capital abidjan remain open during and after the announcement many here say the country is pulled back from the
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brink of another round of post-election violence but he also warned what political leaders say or do in the next few days will determine what happens next. the results will now go to the constitutional court to decide in 3 days either to reject or validate the outcome comedy treece al jazeera. israel has partially reopened its airport to foreign a rival's but only those granted special exemptions tourism remains off limits and that includes the religious pilgrimage is so important to life in the old city of jerusalem. reports. jerusalem's catholic patriarch leads a lent a procession down the ancient steps to the church of the holy sepulcher normally the priest would process through throngs of tourists and pilgrims but now the square like the church behind stands all but empty. first dedicated as a church by constantine in the 4th century on the site where jesus is believed to
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have been crucified and buried it's shared by 4 christian denominations and draws hundreds of thousands of visitors a year. to a set situation that they're not here at all i hope the coroner will be. ghana with at least to minimize it if they get to the population and they will start coming this is the holy places as usual as they did before between 20162800 more than half of all foreign tourists to occupied east jerusalem came here the old city's most visited site now in the run up to easter its giant doors are officially open again but israel's main airport is still partially closed only handfuls of specially permitted foreign nationals are allowed in a far cry from the more than a 1000000 christian tourists who would enter in a normal year living interest from this is a place i've been to pretty frequently and when it's full of devoted pilgrims from around the world it has a real emotional power but on
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a day like this when it's all but empty in some ways the ancient nature and beauty of this place or more fully revealed those who are here now we found a mix of foreign workers academics and locals have the place almost to themselves no competing for snatched moments in revered spaces details that might have been lost amid camera clicks and excited shouts now gleam quietly undisturbed but this period of quiet comes at a cost in the form of missing religious donations and struggling shops in the alleyways outside merchants say 95 percent of their business has simply disappeared . adeeb judaize family has held the keys to the church for nearly a 1000 years even in that context he says these last 12 months have been extraordinary. thing or serene it's been a year that we're suffering and the old city is the most affected and within the old city it's the tourist reliant businesses and places of worship. there is shared
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hope among priests and shopkeepers but the talk of a vaccine driven return to international travel will indeed soon materialize and this place will once again welcome the world back through its doors hard force it occupied east jerusalem. i want to take you want to go into sol pollo where former president president lula da silva is speaking for the 1st time since a corruption charge against same was overturned has told his supporters and the media gathered in sao paolo that he always knew he would be vindicated monday's decision by a supreme court judge to overturn a corruption charge girl says his chances to make a political comeback a conviction in 2017 saw him serve 18 months in jail and barred him from running for office or could become president boss now as main leftwing rival in next year's election is criticized also narrow saying that he doesn't know that inequality is the greatest problem in the world we'll have more on this story and the rest of the
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day's news coming out very shortly on al-jazeera that's it for me for he left to go but so rahman is with you next to stay with us. i am. it's been 10 years since the most powerful earthquake ever recorded in japan caused a massive tsunami. taking 18000 lives and igniting the world's worst nuclear crisis since the chernobyl disaster joining us as we revisit those most affected in a series of reports on al-jazeera. is only a change because some people believe in a purpose that is bigger than there. is the last month to make a little the most in the news that the city they put themselves to make the changes that. we should have taken to the amazon to.
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have a disco to slosh and work to create new york areas we have to change this culture and one of the fortunate ones in an establishment but all the people and on. that majority of these illegal of us are talking about just good hardworking people that want to live the american dream like our ancestors these are here to refugees are terrified that they may be forced to return to myanmar. levanon is grappling with its worst economic crisis in generations. exasperated by the corona virus pandemic and then this. one of the biggest non-nuclear explosions in history shine a light on a nation already in economic and political freefall people in power travels across
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the country to find out what's next for the trouble states lebannon the state to collapse on i'll just say you know. be the hero the world needs right. washington. this is al-jazeera. you're watching al-jazeera news our life my headquarters here in doha coming up in the next 60 minutes the u.s. house is set to vote on a covert 19 relief package worth nearly 2 trillion dollars to give joe biden a big political win also. a push for equal out.


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