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you can watch al-jazeera english streaming live on the teacher channel. plus thousands of our programs the winning documentaries and in-depth loser folds. subscribe to you choose forward slash al-jazeera english. the in the in. the news. london's police under pressure the tough response to a vigil for a woman allegedly murdered by an officer the to call for the commissioner to quit. hello i'm maryam namazie in london you're watching al-jazeera also coming up on the program an abundance of caution or a delay that could put people at risk island joins the list of nations suspending
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use of the astra zeneca vaccine. 30 protesters a killed in me and ma the head of the sideline civilian government tells people to take defense into their own hands and. the future is nothing. the last generation a life that could only get worse for the 1000000 children born in the decade since syria descended into civil war. and welcome to the program our top story this hour thousands of people have again been taking to the streets in london in demonstrations of the issue of violence against women but this time the anger in the emotion was directed against the police handling of saturday's vigil for sarah ever on the woman abducted and murdered earlier this month large crowds gathered outside london's metropolitan police headquarters and the houses of parliament sara ever odds body was found on
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wednesday and a serving police officer has been charged with her killing on saturday hundreds of people joined a rally to demand action on violence against women there was a heavy police presence officers handcuffed several women and dragged them away but the commissioner of london's metropolitan police said no one wanted saturday's vigil to end as it did also defended the actions of our offices. we had a really big crowd that gathered lots of speeches. and. quite rightly as far as i can see my team felt this is now an unlawful gathering which poses a considerable risk to people's health codes the regulations. really invidious position for most us to find themselves in well as correspondent jean barber was at one of those protests in central london. there were many many hundreds of people outside
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police headquarters and later a parliament square a mature fog a square down the road where some of the crowd a still making themselves heard now the slogans just now have been along the lines of what people would thinking about on saturday ahead of that vigil in cop and coleman though saying sisters united will never be defeated who streets our streets reminding people of the dangers that women across the u.k. face just going about their daily lives and the numbers of women that are killed in attacks by men every year but earlier on a police headquarters they were denouncing what they saw as police brutality heavy handed tactics when they moved in on saturday to forcefully remove women protesters from the area where there were tributes to sara ever raj and you saw those videos and pictures of male officers dragging women away that has caused outrage not just
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among the people who've taken to the streets but among a lot of people around the country the police say that they didn't want to be in a position to have to enforce regulations that's because it 19 regulations which do bind gatherings of more than 2 people that originally when we were down there on saturday they were keeping their distance very low profile didn't end up like got to talk and a lot of people are wondering exactly why it had to be like that the organizers to try to reach a compromise with the police to make it lawfully happen if the when that didn't come through they actually council via vent now they've said that what we saw on saturday night was extremely emotionally triggering for people already upset with the fact that a police officer has been charged with sarah ever odds kidnap and murder. now after isolated deaths in hospital admissions in several european nations ireland has now halted the rollout of astra zeneca as coronavirus vaccine it follows several other
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nations and regions with investigations underway into the incident of blood clots in people who had received the chap in the past hour the drug says it's reviewed the data of more than 17000000 people given its vaccine and says there is no increased risk john holl reports now from london. arlen's decision to call a temporary halt to the use of the oxford astra zeneca vaccine could have far reaching consequences the country's immunization orthe already pointed to a safety alert raised this week by the norwegian medicines agency after 4 health care workers suffered serious blood clotting events within 14 days of receiving the astra zeneca jab denmark and iceland have raised similar concerns with the ripple effect extending to bulger area and as far afield as thailand the irish move was described as precautionary we will continue to monitor the situation and if we can
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be satisfied that these events are coincidental and not caused by this vaccine we will reassess the situation the u.k. based astra zeneca has defended its vaccine saying that safety data collected with 17000000 doses administered so far shows no evidence of increased risk of palmeri embolisms or thrombosis pending further investigation the european medicines agency says the benefits of the vaccine outweigh the risks and the world health organization says it's rollout should continue it really doesn't mean that it is potentially unsafe it is been tested widely now there have been no reported problems beyond what you would normally expect with a vaccine. with any you at sea and really the occurrence of these drone attacks against the globe. is no greater in the vaccinated population ron it is in the unvaccinated. so why why regulators in these countries are taking no chances and
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beyond being extremely cautious. is not really clear inevitably now concerns will linger the oxford astra zeneca vaccine has been beset by problems including political disputes and delivery delays now add safety concerns it's important to note that no one is alleging a conclusive link between the vaccine and these blood clotting events but the longer the doubt is allowed to persist the worse the effect on trust therefore the overall vaccine rollout jono whole al-jazeera london. well in other news brazil's covert 1000 infection rate has continued to rise with another 76000 new cases and almost 2000 deaths recorded on saturday but police in one city were forced to step in to stop a huge party overnight armed officers broke up an illegal gathering of nearly 600 people in
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a windowless cell paulo nightclub says he is under code red restrictions right now and that includes a 2 week partial lockdown with non-essential businesses and eating hospitality closed and the number of cases is surging in the country at least 12000 people have died in the past week that's more than anywhere else in the world countries recorded around one $100000.00 deaths overrules it's the beginning of the year it's being driven by a more infectious variant it was 1st detected in the amazon region joins us live now from buenos aires and the husband's a very confusing messaging from the government particularly the president there in britain in brazil but people the general public just not taking this seriously. well certainly large numbers of the public seem to be you seem to have 2 different strains here despite those horrendous figures you've mentioned of the number of infections and deaths and then brazil has now overtaken india as the country with
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the highest 2nd highest number of infections in the world over 11000000 just behind behind the united states you mentioned party 600 people the police and health workers went in there with assault rifles with axes to break down the door they said there were no windows in this building with 600 people in there they arrested the organizers but on that same evening they also broke up a gathering of about 200 people clandestine in a casino also in sao paolo where they arrested the international footballer gabriele bought a borsa known as gabby gold plated plates for the national team and in brazil as well as other celebrities in brazil and other venues with less people in the but at the same time people quite brazenly breaking the breaking the rules as you mentioned the paolo government has brought in these new emergency measures all
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non-essential businesses will be closed there will be a nighttime curfew schools public schools will be closed places of worship will be open for individuals to pray but not for services but we have seen people protesting in sao paolo against those measures no doubt some of the same people who want to carry on partying going to the beach despite the figures and i thought it was interesting that one of the party revelers being herded out of the party urbanites was questioned and said we pay our taxes we know that the 19 is dangerous is a risk we know are infecting our families but we have the rights a live and we have the rights of party so despite the information out there people are still. going going about their business and partying and going to the beach regardless meanwhile the vaccine rollout has been quite slow and really painstaking in the country how much pressure is the health minister facing a this because we have already seen several health ministers lose their jobs in
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brazil well i think across latin america i think health minister must be one of most precarious political jobs in the region we see many fall this one eduardo door up i swear law the brazilian health minister he's the 3rd since the pandemic started friend of president jabal sonali fellow military man yet he's under pressure from people close to the president also nod or to go it's reported that he's coming up with some medical problems why he needs to leave also reported that 2 doctors cardiologists are on their way or the arrived in brasilia to talk to president bolsa naro who will choose between them his 4th house health minister since the pandemic started thank you very much and when is our astonished.
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there's been continuing violence and may in ma political prisoners advocacy groups as 38 protest as were killed in the past day allowed. has now been declared in 2 areas in the largest city young gone against that backdrop the acting leader of the ousted civilian government has supporters to stay on the streets tony chang has our report now. defiant protesters again marched through the streets of mandalay on sunday in strong voice and in large numbers they were clearly bound by the violence of the day before that's when the security services shot dead at least 6 people in a crackdown in myanmar 2nd city and injured many more but with the death toll rising a call for revolution from the former vice president now leading a sabellianism ministration in hiding. this is the darkest moment of the nation and
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the moment when the dawn is close this is the time for us citizens to test their resistance against the dark moments speaking of a new federal democracy the message was clearly aimed at bringing diverse ethnic groups together to overcome the army and. when forming a resistance unity plays a vital role despite our differences in the past this is the time we must grip our hands together to end the dictatorship for good. these diverse ethnic groups are scattered across myanmar's borderlands divided they don't represent a significant threat to the military who've been fighting them for decades but united they could be a considerable obstacle. but there's long been distrust between these groups and the n l d the national league for democracy bringing them together would be no small task. in peaceful defiance protest as break the curfew to honor the dead in candlelit
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vigil is across the country you never heard them say look at me and now we come out on the street to show that we are against military dictatorship by breaking the kofi order imposed by the junta we've you continue fighting it is the military continues with its brutal tactics on the streets calls for a revolution that's not so peaceful may gain increasing support tony ching al jazeera. you have al jazeera live from london more still ahead on the program u.k. police launched an investigation into british born astronaut a sad accusing the syrian 1st lady of inciting terrorism. and new york's top cop a foreman says now the city's musicians that livening up the streets despite coronavirus restrictions.
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how it went to hasn't quite done with us yet to cross year we've got more snow in the full cost areas of cloud and braced streaming in from the atlantic on this cold front here because so much cooler air coming in it will see a fair bit of snow coming in across the alps as we go on through the next couple days tony practice of us a strong wind blasting in from the northwest as that snow coming in across southern parts of germany so than in the eastern parts of france down across the alps slighty just a rather dinar accounts pushing it crossed so the balkans easing over towards that's a western side of belgariad basin basis nights into ukraine 4 celsius in moscow that's not too bad getting surrounded 11 in london i think glasgow for monday some swamps coming through helen ridge of high pressure should keep it quiet and find that dry weather aggression making its way into paris as well funded trough much
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just bite in portugal but not so across the eastern side of the mediterranean quite a strong wind blustery conditions for the eastern med and some sleet and snow there coming into turkey over the next couple of days ago as you go on into tuesday most not going across say which was eastern passport skies over towards the west look pretty good he was make a way to the middle part of the week that lets you draw in brought across northwest impossible africa but of course we have got those blustery showers for all the pos of libya and egypt. when afghan filmmaker her son 1st catches the taliban's attention a bounty on his head forces him to flee with his family desperately seeking sanctuary they journey across continents chronicling their multi-year saga on their phones. midnight travel an odyssey of hope was the aliens and ultimately one family's love for each other and witness on al-jazeera.
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to me. the world. welcome back our main stories this hour thousands of people in london are protesting over the handling of a vigil for sarah ever offered the woman abducted and murdered earlier this month london's police commissioner has defended her office as actions and refused to resign ireland has joined in number of countries holding the use of the astra zeneca vaccine over blood clot concerns the drug firm says it's review dater and says there is no increased risk. and they political prisoners advocacy group says 38 protesters have been killed in me and maher in the past day the acting leader of
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the country's ousted civilian government as supporters to stay on the streets. in other news britain's foreign secretary says it's unacceptable that iran is pursuing a 2nd case against nazneen zakari radcliffe the british iranian woman who's been detained in iran since 2016 has appeared in court on a new charge she's now facing a charge of propaganda against the system and as named finished her previous 5 year sentence for a separate conviction only last week. well monday will mark 10 years since protests began in syria which would descend into a civil war more than 13000000 syrians are either internally displaced or sheltering abroad and there are concerns that work worsening economic conditions or threaten to operate millions more many are in camps in lebanon's bekaa valley from was a harder now reports. in the midst of war
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a generation grew up in exile at least 1000000 children have been born since 2011 when syria's peaceful uprising began before it turned into a war home for many has been informal counts like this in neighboring countries in lebanon's bekaa valley life has been one of poverty and uncertainty that the actual there are around 200 children under the age of 10 in this camp boys and girls whose lives have been destroyed their future is nothing. more than 13000000 syrians that's half the pre-war population remain displaced inside and outside the country nearly 900000 are registered in lebanon the highest number in the world relative to its population and as the conflict enters its 2nd decade with no political settlement in sight there could be further displacement.
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i. write which is actually. syria's economy is collapsing and international aid organizations are warning it is pushing millions deeper into poverty many are jobless and hungry the united nations says 60 percent or $12400000.00 syrians don't have regular access to enough food. but economic and certainty is not the only challenge there are those who fear for their safety in the absence of a political settlement some are vulnerable where they are and need protection like resettling them in a safe country. about 570000. needed to be said that there are other than $9300.00 refugees or.
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not that hard to believe that this is a very lot of them considering that. despite the battlefield being largely quiet for a year aid agencies say the daily suffering of syrians is worse than it has been at nearly any point throughout the conflict and the hardship has not stopped at syria's borders that hired me from. our life has been reduced to this in syria they waiting for a box of aid and here we're waiting for our box of aid we lost hope of going back. for those who have already lost so much it may be a long wait for political change in damascus or for humanitarian conditions to improve to allow them to return home. because of valley eastern lebanon apolo mary police investigation is underway in britain into the wife of syria's president a small assad is accused of inciting and encouraging terrorist acts during the war in syria she faces possible prosecution and the loss of her british citizenship
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well as well as i grew up in london and attended the prestigious king's college her father is a cardiologist and her mother a form a syrian diplomat both are subject to u.s. sanctions now she moved to syria to my bashar assad who became president in 2000 they have 3 children she is said to have developed a charity and a business empire and has given several speeches supporting the syrian army just last week it was announced that she and her husband had contracted covert 19 or toby cadman as a human rights lawyer in the founder of 37 which submitted the evidence against her . our roof has been working on this all over the last 6 months and so. many limbs sure. were incitement. to. service them and serve. some of which is what we would call conventional vents so
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these are grasses a little use of chemical weapons. in sort of. sources . sources in syria. and i'm going to merkel's party has lost out in 2 key regional elections just months before the national german polls to choose her successor the chances christian democrats came 2nd in the votes for the state legislators in pardon votes in bug and economic powerhouse and in neighboring rhineland platen it it suggests growing support for the greens in the social democratic party's merkel's processing its popularity wane of the year of the coronavirus pandemic and the struggle to pick a successor to the long term leader. now police in the netherlands have forcibly broken up an anti lockdown demonstration they used horses and water cannon to disperse hundreds of people gathered in a park in the hague and with the dutch parliament lisa tweeted before the event
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that they would allow a maximum of $200.00 demonstrators on a social distancing rules and say they acted when people ignore their warnings to leave. meanwhile the actual voters go to the polls on wednesday in the 1st major european election since the start of the pandemic campaigning during the lock down is keeping most candidates well away from voters though a step fastenal ports one right wing party is making a notable exception. from the front to the market his style has been compared with former us president donald trump ignoring covert restrictions the leader of the anti immigration populist party. is trying to attract voters by calling covert 19 a common flu and blaming international conspiracies for being behind the pandemic. understood people at the moment are in the hospital right suffering from corona many people in an island have died more than 15000 so it's a serious issue here that's a normal number for a series flu we've had that for thousands of years every year just have complained
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of hospitals are full they can't cope with the work flow. well those stories are highly disputed would ask party became the largest just 2 years ago but fell apart after racist anti-semitic messages will make public now a stepping in to a growing sentiment against a lockdown with an american style campaign based on conspiracy theories and tax on the media. sentiment in the netherlands against lockdowns has grown especially after a nighttime curfew was introduced in january riots broke out in several cities and covert testing facilities were attacked far right parties like form for democracy appeared to be benefiting from this anger economy and the stuff i can go anywhere i want to and even if i didn't go out i should have freedom that has been taken away from us and that is horrible. i like what he says about freedom i want schools to reopen i'm
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a 1st year student and i can barely follow my studies because it's all online. well good as party is polling around 3 percent of the vote another anti immigration party the freedom party of wilderness is predicted to win around 20 percent on the come the 2nd largest like it did 4 years ago the 1st time it's not about immigration or islam it's about corona yeah it is and i'll take a. sponsible viewed as well so people because we're really in 4th in the public health as well are making that a big issue not a problem for you it's not about immigration well if you look at the polls it's not that i think are responsible for you that we will benefit from it but it's not it's not like you want to benefit from a pandemic i'm just doing my job this chance to become part of the government are slim since nobody wants to govern with him because of his views on immigration and islam converse and writer of a book about willis says that even though around one 5th of the dutch electorate voted for far right parties their influence remains limited in the netherlands are
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sometimes called as the middle finger fold so people who are middle finger to the political establishment and want to shock the establishment and how can you shocked us by choosing somebody who is always shocking. their politicians in the debates and that is what will this does the main question is how successful a complaint soley based on covert restrictions will be and many in the netherlands are fed up there's also a large group who do take the fight against a virus seriously that fastened al-jazeera in. our concerts and other performances are largely for belgian in the united states thanks to the pandemic but some musicians have found a safe way to play for a live audience as christian salumi now reports from new york. violinist charles. and pianist peter do. have played
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both carnegie hall and the kennedy center. but these days if you're lucky you'll find them playing an empty storefront on a random street corner on manhattan's upper west side. the musicians aren't exactly roughing it steinway donated the grand piano and they're getting a decent salary thanks to a local philanthropist who came up with the idea this is not typical performance experience by a long shot but it's one of the 1st shows that we've been able to do for an actual live audience and. we're very grateful that we can do it here for people that might not go to a concert hall or an arena and just hear different kinds of music that they might not have like before. still these are precarious times for performers according to the local chapter of the american
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federation of musicians 95 percent of their 7000 local members are out of work we've never experienced anything like this apparently art of a career and i'm pretty much disappeared. for on line for more important things like that but it's just not the same feeling or thirds not as much work to go around concert halls and performance spaces like the iconic lincoln center were among the 1st places to close in the pandemic and they're likely to be the last ones to reopen not only depriving musicians of their livelihoods but also new york of its life blood. 60 shows with 100 performers have been scheduled organizers can't say where or when for fear of drawing too large a crowd. word is starting to get around this neighborhood no. for the arts it just gives me this energy that makes me or you are a bit more in the way i think you're going to be that close and be able to see the
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performers interact with each other was really fascinating and usually can afford seats that are. a bit like a musical scavenger hunt at a time and a neighborhood busy where such a performance is the ultimate prize. cristen salumi al-jazeera new york. main story the south thousands of people have been taken to the streets of london to protest the handling of vigil for sarah ever on the woman abducted and murdered earlier this month large crowds gathered outside london's metropolitan police headquarters and the houses of parliament sorry of rods body was found on wednesday and a serving police officer has been charged with a killing on saturday hundreds of.


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