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dealings of the surveillance industry. these are the nuclear weapons of the 21st century al-jazeera investigations. face to face but not seeing eye to eye the biden administration holds its 1st high level talks with china. over on the stand here today and this is out of their life and also coming up chideya expands its lockdown to cut the hof its population has coronavirus cases spike and hospital capacity is stretched to the limit. hoping for a more fruitful future but there's new anxiety in afghanistan about the withdrawal
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of u.s. troops. and let the countdown begin more signs the turkey olympics will go ahead with a state of emergency about to be lifted. not china has warned the u.s. to stay out of its internal affairs as top diplomats from the world's 2 largest economies hold talks in alaska chinese foreign minister one new also says it's time to repair relations with the u.s. which are at an all time low it's the 1st high level meeting between the superpowers under president joe biden's administration u.s. secretary of state and blinken says they will discuss a wide range of human rights issues including taiwan hong kong and the crackdown on weaken muslims and he accuses china of threatening the wild order china retaliated
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by pointing out the u.s. cannot speak for the rest of the world. with the judged by population scale well the trend of the world the wisdom world does not represent the global public opinion so we hope that when talking about universal values or international public opinion on the part of the united states we hope the u.s. side will think about whether it feels reassured saying those things because the us does not represent the world it only represents the government of the united states i have to tell you in my my short time as secretary of state i've spoken to i think nearly $100.00 counterparts from around the world and i just made my 1st trip as i noted to japan and south korea. i have to tell you what i'm hearing is very different from what you describe i'm hearing deep satisfaction that the united states is back there were reengaged with our allies and partners i'm also hearing deep concern about some of the actions your government is taking. the magic at
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a james bay is that too early to tell if there's been any sort of break kerry. there certainly was a rather unusual and frank exchange of views from these 2 sides normally when you get an event like this the 2 sides sit down and you get some very brief polite remarks from both sides that is not how it played out this time the u.s. secretary of state was the 1st to speak and he cited very specific concerns the u.s. has about china the chinese side responded with a senior politburo moment member yang jiechi and he said this wasn't diplomatic protocol what the u.s. had just said and he then cited his own concerns about the u.s. saying the u.s. chooses its own type of democracy china has its own democracy he cited us a regime change in the middle east and then he talked about human rights here in
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the u.s. talking about the slaughter of black people was the quote that quote interestingly was not used by his translator when she translated it back to those in the room including the u.s. secretary of state and national security adviser after what they've heard they heard though they then spoke again and the chinese wanted to speak again yet again at which point the reporters weren't able to hear that they were ushered out of the room it's very hard how to how to judge this because it was very very frank it may have been a exchange of views that will clear the air it may have been the much deepening of the division between the 2 countries i don't think we're going to know for now because the talks continue behind closed doors and it will depend what happens in those talks well katrina here is in beijing and she says anger has been building on china's part in the lead up to the meeting. this comes off the back of
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a few days of the us being in both tokyo and seoul and spending those 2 days criticizing china outright for being a bad international actor also behind the scenes we've had a flurry of actions by the u.s. against china back home for example they've cut the license of a chinese telecom company in the us they've subpoenaed a number of chinese technology companies and this week they've also sanctioned or expanded sanctions on a number of chinese officials they say are responsible for curtailing freedoms in hong kong so it does seem that beijing has been sincerely caught off guard by these actions to the point that younger true china's top diplomat in that meeting in alaska actually asked anthony blinken if these actions were taken on purpose in the lead up to this meeting so there has been quite a lot of anger building on beijing's part in the lead up to this to this meeting and we have to keep in mind it's not only the u.s. who has an audience here china has its own audience 1400000000 citizens who are
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increasingly nationalistic and china is very determined to appear strong they don't want to appear subordinate to the u.s. they want to be taken as an equal and so we've seen a young pitcher and the foreign minister one year really let rip induced 1st few moments of this encounter on north korea is agitated by the u.s. again for its part and what it calls a hostile act the state broadcaster's website says it will cut diplomatic ties with malaysia for a court ruling and allowed a north korean citizen to be extradited to the u.s. on money laundering charges north korea says the charges are politically motivated and warns that the u.s. will pay a price robert bride has this update for us from seoul. north korea of course is suspected of using all sorts of illegal activities overseas in overseas countries to get access to funds or to goods that it's not meant to have as a way of getting around international sanctions it has reacted very angrily to this
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particular case branding this as an unpardonable crime by malaysia saying that all of these charges are completely trumped up that it is a pure fabrication it's gone further though by saying that behind this is the united states that this is a part of some sort of u.s. inspired conspiracy saying that the u.s. itself will pay a price now of course u.s. north korean relations are very much in the news at the moment coming straight after a very high level u.s. mission to northeast asia as the new bided administration formulates its policy on how to deal with north korea as far as malaysia itself is concerned traditionally it has actually enjoyed relatively good relations with north korea one of few countries that has been fairly easy for north koreans to go to malaysia or do business that of course changed and relations were downgraded in 2017 with the notorious poisoning and killing of the north korean leader's half brother kim jong nam but kuala lumpur airport when he was made with a nerve agent apparently
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a plot inspired and carried out by north korean operatives relations improved somewhat since then but now with this latest round there is according to north korea a complete breakdown in diplomatic relations now canada has been denied access to attend the trials of 2 of its citizens in china one of those trials is due to begin very shortly for and former diplomat michael coverage and businessman michael spar or were both arrested 2 years ago the pair are accused of spying in a move widely seen as retaliatory over china canada's detention of men wang show and executive from chinese telecoms giant while way. now brazilian media say the mayor of rio de janeiro is ordering the closure of the city's beaches this weekend to cut the spread of the corona virus and to be the 1st time they've been closed since the start of this pandemic and it follows
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a dramatic increase in infections and deaths across the country which is pushing the health system to the brink of collapse whereas mit is also appealing to the federal government for the resumption of financial aid for struggling students this will be because this will never be that often people do not have the means to bring food so i want to appeal to president both sonora to congress that it is not possible to imagine a country like brazil we 90 percent is under lockdown a blockade with a frozen economy that there is no stimulus that they are no effective measures for the transfer of income that there is no type of aid for business people for merchants so that we can face this pandemic. well a rapid increase in corona virus infections is forcing chile to put a half of its population into an indefinite lockdown more than 6000 new cases were recorded in its latest a report while deaths have reached their highest level since during a latin america telling senior in reports now from santiago. this time they mean
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business that's the message chile's government to send by deploying thousands of soldiers onto the streets to help police enforce new lockdown to nationwide here in the capital residents 100 lock down can only leave home with special permits and risks fines or even arrest if they don't have them. do deceive us lug a very harsh measures for the population. and every affected county by county we haven't taken this this is in light. in the last 24 hours infections and deaths from coated 19 with the highest since last june leaving hospitals on the brink of collapse critics say that excessive relaxation of restrictions during the summer and insufficent of force and of the restrictions that remain is to blame for this sanitary crisis now one out of every 3 chileans is under total lockdown and on the
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weekends 95 percent of the country will have to remain at home the government is also declaring full lock downs for an even larger portion of the country and. it's very sad what's happening many of those in hospital may never see their families again. usual with debts climb to a new high every day members of the very indigenous tribe in amazonas state received their 2nd dose of the sin of act vaccine with a sigh of relief but all of the ability for the book for the village it was very important because it took away the thought the concern that people had that they were going to get sick and die ready. despite recent doubts about. that safety a brazilian laboratory has just finished producing half a 1000000 doses of the astra zeneca vaccine for the domestic market they should help speed up what has been an extremely slow process of inoculation mexico's government is also receiving 2 and
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a half 1000000 doses of the astra zeneca vaccine from the united states my left back in chile the only exception to the rules for those under lockdown is have people who are going out to get a vaccination a new clinical study by chile's catholic university indicates that with 2 doses the center of that vaccine provides immunity in 90 percent of cases but until vaccine herd immunity can be established. forcing people to remain home yet again is the only option you see in human al-jazeera sente out or. head here on out there revisiting the crimes of colombia's civil war 2 notorious warlords appeared today for a controversial. and for new normal in haiti's capital and now police joining the demonstration.
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there we have severe storms clearing away from the southeastern corner of the united states like see this massive cloud little bit of a board low rolling through large trial on this system and severe storms and we have seen possibility wanted to tornadoes as this system continues to make its way further east was into the eastern seaboard so some wetter whether that will push through as we go on through friday clearer skies come back in behind it's got to be fresh temper just now higher than around 4 celsius in new york and a similar value that for toronto much of north america into canada what across the u.s. looking fine and dry but i would say was the northwestern corner we have got some rain sleet and snow tumbling in to the west assata kind of through the pacific northwest across the rockies and that's going to continue making its way further eastward so some blustery and cold conditions coming in here pushing across the
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mountains as we go on through saturday central parts latif odd and dry temperatures set to recover in new york to around 9 celsius still a few showers down towards the southeastern corner at this stage not too many showers across the caribbean but we got a little area clouds and storms ever to the western side of the region so it's going to the southern half essential america will see the majority of showers over the next couple of days elsewhere is fine and dry. but. it's one of the wealth most powerful and. dangerous criminal enterprises central to the likelihoods of hundreds of thousands of people and behind the deaths of many more exceptional access to some of its key players reveals the inner workings of an organization telling the name to many as the blood alliance inside this in a low a cartel part one of a 2 part investigation people in power on al-jazeera.
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hello again i'm starting. our top stories here this hour china has warned the u.s. to stay out of its internal affairs as top diplomats from the world's 2 largest economies hold talks on alaska and the 1st high level meeting between the 2 global powers and the u.s. president joe biden for ministration. young says it will cut diplomatic ties with malaysia after the out of north korean citizen to be extradited to the u.s. on money laundering charges north korea condemned the decision as a hostile act saying charges are politically my space. or rapid surgeon coronavirus
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infections is forcing chile to put a half its population into lockdown more than 6000 new cases were recorded in its latest daily report deaths have now reached their highest level since june. now 2 notorious colombian warlords have appeared before a so-called truth commission installations development aimed at shedding light on crimes committed during decades of civil war. reports now from bogota. it is. for the 1st time 2 of the most feared warlords in colombia civil conflict feast each other in the country's streets commission albeit virtually. or fark in a war against the colombian states the less 260000 people dead until the signing of a peace deal in 2016 and the other salvatore man calls the who led the right wing death squads the murder of thousands of union members farmers in fark sympathizers
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he is currently being held you know united states prison and drug trafficking charges. mortal enemies in the past. need to kill each other in a civilized manner. and barbarity said we commit to. the 2 are promising to confess their crimes in a symbolic and potentially revel the tory series of meetings. we arrived here with the sincere desire to contribute to the truce in a spirit of reconciliation we're not looking for justification or to celebrate the horrors of war colombia's 2016 peace deal but the victims of the conflict at the center of a process that promised truth reparations and a guarantee of no reputation best face many her criticism in particular from political military and intrapreneur sectors that are trying to avoid facing
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responsibilities yet the process is moving forward in january a special tribunal set up following the peace charge and 7 fellow former far cleavers with human rights abuses including kidnapping it also revealed that more than $6000.00 people were murdered by the army and falsely presented as combat kills to be expecting the rebels numbered 3 times higher than previously the revelations have emboldened victims groups. who ordered the killing the jesuit priests who runs the commission says their role is to reveal the truth and protect the victim. but we cannot let this be a platform for the culprits to themselves as actors of war but to shed light on the all the actors have put the victims. their testimony coming as the country continues to take a listen the. gunman and mexico have killed at least 13 policeman
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and what's been described as the west attack on offices since 2019 it happened in quite a pack in central mexico on thursday and security minister says the convoy was ambushed by a gang whilst out patrolling and repeller has one out from mexico city deaths of at least 13 law enforcement officers in the state of mexico the state that directly neighbors mexico city now authorities say that on thursday afternoon police in a convoy were ambushed by armed gunmen while police were trying to carry out an operation against armed groups in the municipality of quote they pick dina's now mexico's national guard has been deployed to participate in a multi agency investigation to at the moment are searching for now this latest attack against law enforcement officials highlights the many dangers and risks that law enforcement officers and security force in mexico take to try to curb violence in the country which has worsened under the code at 19 and nationwide at least 524
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police officers were killed in 2020 that number unfortunately stands at 86 police officers that have been killed so far this year with the state of mexico continuing to be considered one of the most violent in the country. demonstrators have stormed several police stations in haiti's capital they freed 4 offices arrested over a ledge coup attempts last month reports. a common sight in haiti's capital port au prince. protesters angry at the political economic and health crisis gripping the nation. roadblocks and other disruptions have been an almost daily occurrence this year the sights of uniformed police joining the demonstrations is more recent 5 months to hide their identities they stormed several police stations on wednesday setting one of them on fire and releasing full colleagues from police cells they'd been accused of an alleged coup attempt against
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presidential been and always last month a claim they do know. 'd that the come on we've been suffering for a long time we took our destiny and we're telling the haitian people that they are free today or never yet that's why we support the release of the police detained we're also here to tell the president he has to admit that he can no longer run this country according to the article $134.00 to his mandate is finished. the police officers belong to a group they formed called fountain 5 a noise that calls on the resignation of the national police general they're also demanding the release of the bodies of 5 officers killed in a botched raid on a new terrorist gang a week ago. we're blocking the roads we're dropping our weapons and we're not going to work at the police stations so we send a clear message to the director of police and the prime minister to go and get the bodies of the killed offices. haiti is the poorest country in the americas gang
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kidnappings rape and murders all rule on the rise and i'm arrest has been growing. for the 1st because we cannot live in a society works violence is wreaking havoc and they are using this violence as a method against us. critics say the government does not provide the police with enough resources to tackle gang crime the opposition coalition democratic and populist sector is accused present noise of colluding with. a powerful gang alliance formed last year by a former police officer keep certain areas of the capital under control and accusation the president annoys on wednesday a state of emergency was declared. in some areas of port au prince. as. well protestors have held a mass rally in the syrian city of tehran they chanted anti-government slogans and for the syrian opposition to mark 10 years since the beginning of the uprising against the rule of president bashar assad said he was controlled by rebels until
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2018 when it was recaptured by russian backed government troops. all rights groups are piling the pressure on the israeli government for the detention of palestinian minors they say israeli authorities show absolute disregard for their wellbeing and next year brian reports a dull obeyed mother says this is the toughest moment of her life it's the 3rd time her 16 year old son's been detained in the past 6 months and this time he's going to prison accused of throwing stones at israeli forces. whenever stones are thrown at the occupying forces they come and arrest me the last time i was put under house arrest i wasn't allowed to step outside the house. he says he had to choose between an open ended saint unsound a house arrest or 2 months in prison. we have always been through hard times but this is the hardest it's the toughest ever to hand over your own child to the occupying forces may god protect him adela lives in the isa we
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a neighborhood of occupied east jerusalem israeli security forces have been accused of provoking palestinian communities carrying out a daily raids setting up roadblocks and going back at night to make arrests many of those detained are under 18 many don't know what rights groups say more than 200 miners are being held in israel last week at this video went viral it shows 5 boys aged between 8 and 13 being detained by israeli forces while out picking vegetables they were held for 5 hours the 2 eldest were told to return for questioning. unlike israeli children palestinians living in the occupied territory have few if any rights and they're tried in military courts you're talking about interrogations off and where they are denied access to a lawyer you know answer not present in interrogation is there help for very long periods of time before going to trial now with the coronavirus and they do not yet
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this is from their family members there are very few phone calls even to maintain contact with their parents so it's just a very long line of fire mission these children's rights israeli police have defended their actions saying there am is to preserve public order and that all authorities act within the law of dollars says he chose the prison sentence because at least he knows when he'll be released but well palestinians live under israeli occupation many say teenagers like adela will never be truly free. brian al-jazeera. and u.s. president joe biden. hinting that his remaining troops in afghanistan may have to stay longer the deadline to withdraw the taliban insists american soldiers must be out by may the fast as a grade with the trumpet ministration failure contra for he has one hour from kabul . shop owners in kabul are getting ready for the afghan new year after 20
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years of conflict and a dire economic state they welcome a chance to celebrate a happy occasion. this could also be the 1st year american troops will not be here to help local forces keep the peace while. if we will reach an agreement among us there will be no need for the americans to stay here if we not huge we will be able to bring security ourselves. u.s. president joe biden is facing a may 1st deadline to withdraw all american troops from afghanistan as agreed by donald trump's administration the white house is now scrambling to have a peace agreement in place between the afghan government and taliban before it fully withdraws its troops concerns have been mounting that without one of ghana's down could plunge into another civil war. if there will be no peace we are
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obligated to have america here until there is security. the violence is increasing multiple bombings and assassinations the target civilians especially in kabul have become a daily occurrence but it's not only the war that makes the future here look bleak the uncertainty over afghanistan future is exacerbated by a humanitarian crisis all afghans are struggling to survive and poverty is on the rise but a bit same time before an $800.00 trees were lied on for 20 years is also being reduced analysts some politicians have expressed fears the afghan government could collapse without the financial support of the international community on the ground there are more battles between the security forces and taliban fighters afghans are angry they're demanding peace. you'll reach an agreement among the americans should leave afghanistan the foreigners are keen here and destroyed
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our country other is the same sentiment calling on the americans to leave. the presence of americans will not benefit afghans anymore is this day for the last 20 years to don't have any benefits because they did not have an effective plan. but america has signaled its desire to get out of afghanistan soon and whether that's by may 1st or a bit later it is the afghans who are likely to suffer the consequences for many years to come contrary al-jazeera. coronavirus stationwagon see is about to be lifted in japan and not a big step towards the tokyo lympics actually going ahead it's now just over 4 months until the game is to begin their margins he was announced in january and extended twice japan's prime minister says it will now end on sunday because while hospital beds are available in tokyo. because you know madonna however the number
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of new infections remains at the same level slightly increased and in some areas there's also an increase of people going out the food there are concerns about a rebound of new in fiction numbers and we also need to stay vigilant about the spread of new variant us and another big meeting is scheduled for saturday to decide if overseas fans can cheer on their champions and tire care but a 4 time olympic gold medalist says that ruling should not be rushed i hope it's not made too early because i see no reason why decisions need to be force fed when the world is changing vaccines are big rolled out. i think that's a decision that doesn't necessarily need to be made 'd at this moment. a drug scandal still hangs over russia but up to 10 of attacking to will be allowed to compete at tokyo as neutrals athletes from the sporting superpower have been banned since the 2015 report found evidence of state sponsored doping while the athletics
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are well let russians take part as individuals if they prove they are drug free. and iran is out of their army for the headlines china has warned the us to stay out of its internal affairs as top diplomats from the wilds 2 largest economies hold talks and alaska heads a fast high level meeting between the 2 global powers since u.s. president joe by.


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