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2 years after new zealand's deadly mosques you chains one o one east returns to christ church to find out how those most affected are coping . and surviving a massacre on al-jazeera. are at. or near an. wrong hong kong taiwan cyber attacks on the united states a public display of differences as top u.s. and chinese diplomats meet in alaska to try and reset relations. i am. fully back to you watching al jazeera live from doha also ahead tanzania is to swear in its 1st female president to succeed the late john model fully. challenging times for chile the military is
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helping in force a knock down after a surge in corona virus cases. i feel scared at all time to get into it alone. and asian american communities on alert after deadly shootings we had planned to stoke fear of 8 products. i am. the end. thank you very much for joining us a meeting between the united states and china aimed at reducing tensions between the 2 countries has gotten way under way with a very frank exchange of views it was supposed to be a short introduction at the start of the talks lasting more than an hour china has warned the u.s. to stay out of its internal affairs while the americans told their counterparts that china is threatening the international order of diplomatic editor james space
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reports from anchorage alaska. this is a meeting that will shape the future relations between the world's 2 biggest powers relations that are currently at a low point good afternoon. and welcome normally opening remarks at events like these a brief and polite but the u.s. side went on to list their specific concerns and since wrong hong kong taiwan cyber attacks on the united states economic coercion toward our allies the chinese response was long and just as frank the foreign minister wang ye said you don't welcome guests with sanctions a reference to the blacklisting of 24 chinese and hong kong officials in the hours before the meeting his senior colleague politburo member yang jiechi was clearly unhappy. well i think we thought too well of the united states we thought the u.s. side would follow the necessary diplomatic protocols he went on to complain about
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regime change in the middle east and the u.s. is only human rights record and yet the challenges facing the u.s. and human rights are deep seated they did not emerge over the past 4 years the slaughter of black people the problem existed for a long time police are the words slaughter was not translated into english for those in the room by the chinese delegations interpreter on one second please journalists were about to be ushered out when the secretary of state made it clear his delegation wanted to speak again i just made my 1st trip as i noted to panic south korea. i have to tell you what i'm hearing is very different from what you describe. i'm hearing deep satisfaction that the united states is back there were reengage with our allies and partners i'm also hearing deep concern about some of the actions your government is taking
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a confident country is able to look hard at its own shortcomings and constantly seek to improve and that is the secret sauce of america alaska is a midway point just over 6000 kilometers to beijing just under 6000 kilometers to washington d.c. this was a meeting that was supposed to build bridges what we've seen here could be a welcome clearing of the air or perhaps the beginning of a deepening of the division it all depends on the crucial talks which now continue behind closed doors james is out zira anchorage and al-jazeera is in beijing she says anger has been building on china's part in the lead up to the meeting. this comes off the back of a few days of the us being in both tokyo and seoul and spending those 2 days criticizing china outright for being a bad international actor also behind the scenes we've had
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a flurry of actions by the u.s. against china back home for example they've cut the license of a chinese telecom company in the us they've subpoenaed a number of chinese technology companies and this week they've also sanctioned or expanded sanctions on a number of chinese officials they say are responsible for curtailing freedoms in hong kong so it does seem that beijing has been sincerely caught off guard by these actions to the point that younger true china's top diplomat in that meeting in alaska actually asked anthony blinken if these actions were taken on purpose in the lead up to this meeting so there has been quite a lot of anger building on beijing's part in the lead up to this to this meeting and we have to keep in mind it's not only the u.s. who has an audience here china has its own audience 1400000000 citizens who are increasingly nationalistic and china is very determined to appear strong they don't want to appear subordinate to the u.s.
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they want to be taken as an equal and so we've seen a young pitcher and the foreign minister one year really let rip induced 1st few moments of this encounter and china's 1st trial of the 2 canadians charged with espionage has ended with no verdict this is when michael spot or appeared in court in the southeastern city of dung on friday canada was denied access to the proceedings 5 or and former diplomat michael called break were arrested 2 years ago in a move widely seen as retaliation for candid as the detention of monk and executive from chinese telecom giant wall way. in other world news tanzania's 1st female president is said to be sought in this hour after the death of john michael fully vice-president sam yes who hassani is expected to be promoted to the top job as we've said in the coming hour this comes 2 days after the announce death of president john michael fully the government saying he died of a heart failure at the age of $61.00 is observing $21.00 days of mourning let's
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bring in katherine sawyer who is monitoring developments from kenya's capital nairobi so the swearing in ceremony happening this hour in douma with time the tanzania having its 1st female president very soon tell us more about who she is and what direction she's likely to take the country. well i've been speaking to people in tanzania just about. who and what she is about and what is coming out of there is that she is definitely no that's a name that was given to former president. present fully because of how he did things so her leadership style is quite different from him telling me that she is more thoughtful listens to counsel more is a strictly for procedure so she doesn't make decisions and she is also well known internationally if you remember the president hardly ever traveled outside of
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tanzania for international events so he would send her to represent the country so she is known by international partners and i think that they will be confortable working with her but you but she is also she was also she is also very loyal to the president and he's very much guided by the ruling c.c.m. party and its policies in the agenda so it's going to be interesting for you to see how or if she will deviate very much from the policies of the former president of the late president and by extension the policies and agenda of the ruling party right so interesting to see what happens in whether there's going to be continuing but when it comes to covered 19 catherine john michael fully put tanzania in the global spotlight with his handling of the pandemic are we going to see a change in strategy in 1000 after his death which. view as the opposition has said is linked to coronavirus.
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a lot of people in tanzania are also looking to see how she's going to handle the coronavirus. present myself well as you mentioned has been under a lot of flak for how he handled coronavirus he never put the country on lockdown now encourage citizens to implement a social distancing measures wear a mask until very recently when he told them that they can start wearing locally manufactured mosques but then people have also been very worried because increasingly been we've been seeing more people being hospitalized we've been seeing more deaths religious leaders have come out saying that there have been dying we've seen senior politicians who have died because of koran and so it's going to be interesting to see whether she is going to change policy and a lot of people expect her to do that because there is a lot of worry. being told by some analysts that perhaps it's going to start slow
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telling people to social distance to wear masks perhaps it's going to be interesting to see for example importantly if she is going to allow for a vaccination program in that country president before he was set against that so people are saying that she needs to change strategy it's going to be interesting to see if she's going to do that she's going to address the nation at some point today so we're going to get an inkling of what's going to happen going forward thank you for that catherine soy in nairobi and the swearing in of tanzania's 1st female president happening in. dar es salaam this hour. the corner virus pandemic now and brazilian media say the mayor of rio de janeiro is ordering the closure of the city's beaches this weekend to curb the spread of
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covert 19 it follows a dramatic increase in infections and deaths across brazil pushing the health system into crisis on thursday the country suffered its worst day of the pandemic with more than 2700 deaths rio de janeiro's mayor is appealing to the federal government for the resumption of financial aid for struggling residents this will be because this will live up to the often people do not have the means to bring food so i want to appeal to president both sonora to congress that it is not possible to imagine a country like brazil where non 2 percent is under lockdown a blockade with a frozen economy that there is no stimulus that they are no effective measures for the transfer of income that there is no type of aid for business people for merchants so that we can face this pandemic while a rapid increase in corona virus infections is forcing chile to put half of its population into an indefinite lockdown more than 6000 new cases were recorded in
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its latest daily report while deaths have reach a highest level since june a latin america at its in asean human reports from santiago. this time they mean business that's the message chile's government aims to send by deploying thousands of soldiers onto the streets to help police enforce new lock downs nationwide. here in the capital residents under lockdown can only leave home with special permits and risks to find so or even arrest if they don't have them. do deceive us look done a very harsh measures for the population. and every affected county by county we haven't taken this this is in light. in the last 24 hours infections and deaths from coated 19 with the highest since last june and even hospitals on the brink of collapse critics say that excessive relaxation of restrictions during the summer and insufficent of force and of the restrictions that remain is to blame for the
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sanitary crisis now one out of every 3 chileans is under total lockdown and on the weekends 95 percent of the country will have to remain at home the government is also declaring full lock downs for an even larger portion of the country. it's very sad what's happening many of those in hospital may never see their families again. in brazil where deaths climbed to a new high every day members of the by ray indigenous tribe in amazonas state received their 2nd dose of the scene of act vaccine with a sigh of relief but all of the a political book for the village it was very important because it took away the thought the concern that people had that they were going to get sick and die. despite recent doubts about its safety a brazilian laboratory has just finished producing half a 1000000 doses of the astra zeneca vaccine for the domestic market they should help speed up what has been an extremely slow process of inoculation mexico's
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government is also receiving 2 and a half 1000000 doses of the astra zeneca vaccine from the united states my left back in chile the only exception to the rules for those under lockdown is for people who are going out to get a vaccination a new clinical study by. catholic university indicates that with 2 doses the sooner that vaccine provides immunity in 90 percent of cases but until vaccine herd immunity can be established. forcing people to remain home yet again is the only option you see in human al-jazeera sente out. still ahead on al-jazeera where in northern nigeria where it's not just schools being targeted by armed groups and mexico sees its worst day of violence towards police officers in yes.
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we got some beautiful spring sunshine across northwestern parts of here now we're seeing a little bit of time weather just teasing down the north sea that is the sort of england pushing into the low countries across parts of france but high pressure comes in behind that will keep it nice and quiet but to the east of that high we're tracking cold air from an old direction so single figures across a good part of central and eastern europe with some snow there was some snow flurries around the outs pushing across parts of germany into poland easing through into western side of russia and that was the southeast as well some west of weather there once again. turning a little drier and brighter for grace on places like that for the western side of the med. showers will continue to rumble away as we go through the next couple of days and on into the weekend in the west of weather that will make its way back
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across the balkans most snow coming in here some showers into northern parts of grace up towards a northwest that's the place to be fine and will turn a little breezy across the far north of scotland but it will be lost the settled and sunny side of the city for the northeastern corner of africa but i would also northwest what's the weather coming through here those showers that we have across that western side of the mediterranean will bring some rather wet weather to more the parts of algeria and sunni shia. but. what should americans be thinking and doing right now it should be a bad idea they don't care about their work is all they care about is. making money china is not going to be left out of the colleagues who are in the bloated defense budget to be high the bottom line on us politics and policies america in the world . if you want to help save the world.
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enduro. in the in the. the in. you watching al-jazeera live from doha a reminder of our top stories the 1st your us china talks under the biden administration are off to a confrontational start beijing has warned washington to stay out of its internal affairs while the americans have accused china of threatening the international order. tanzania is swearing in its 1st female president this hour after the death of john. sutton yes so who has done is expected to continue the policies of her predecessor. and brazilian media say the mare of rio de janeiro is
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ordering the closure of the city's beaches this weekend it follows a dramatic increase in covert 1000 infections and deaths across brazil. and the u.s. says it's finalizing plans to load millions of doses of its stockpiled vaccines to other countries 2500000 jobs will go to mexico and another 1500000 to canada tens of millions of doses a sitting unused in american warehouses as they not be authorized for emergency use in the stockpiling has sparked an international outcry. india has had its highest number of new corona virus cases in 3 months as it battles a 2nd wave of infections more than $39000.00 cases were reported on friday bringing its total to 11 and a half 1000060 percent of new cases are in the western states of my russia according to the health ministry authorities say crowding and. behind the news.
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not to nigeria where hundreds of schools have been forced to shut in the north because of more attacks by armed groups organized crime is also threatening fama as in what started as a conflict with headers for land and water resources reports this is what schools in nigeria's north are looking more like every day now isolated dangerous in like an image occasion. in the past month attacks by bandits and the kidnapping of hundreds of students has had a devastating impact on classroom teaching but it's not only schools that are being targeted for generations the north has been at the center of nigeria's agricultural production today that's in decline because of insecurity attacks on farmers on their land have risen sharply in the last 3 years with an increase in deaths and displacement and there are warnings that will continue
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a little urgent action is taken. what should be our focus as leaders and the stakeholders in the nigerian project and the people of nigeria is to establish peace of the country that should be the number one priority of every leader of this country will most have a country 1st before you can have any ambition poverty inequality corruption and institutional failures are blamed by some experts or nigeria's problems we are electing people who are highly in it isn't you who have. also also. been in division or crisis in our country. we don't have isn't it if you don't have anybody you don't have any blueprint for people you see the only language you understand is how to make and commit money their tax and farmers and schools are largely blamed on some nomadic katzman who
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themselves have been victims of bad governance deprivation and exploitation. just this week right here is beautiful statistics that unemployment levels to more than 33 percent in the last quarter of 22800 cultural production isn't continuous decline at all shortages. desperate nigeria's young population is increasingly drawn to kidnapping alright. and criminals find it easy to smuggle arms through the country's borders. call source a prick police force 4 states have been ignored but the demands are getting louder . i believe that nigeria is the only federation with the one centralized police force which is in adequate in numbers as well as equipment and training we think it is time for nigeria to have state police to improve the security footprint across the country and also for very clear demarcations between investigation and
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prosecution of federal crimes against its crimes as a central government struggle strickler more vicious criminal gangs take advantage of the pass know in the services of the security forces of nigeria. in adequate to manage skewed structure of this country better trained manpower more equipment should be more sophisticated than the ones in the hands of the enemy is not just about funding. the money. we are actually doing what we're supposed to do with the funds. distraught about the worsening security some states have to continue go shooting with the kidnappers but critics say that simply encourages them to carry out more abductions the government has called in its military forces to put an end to the school attacks but there's no sign yet that's having any effect. al-jazeera northwest nigeria. in syria
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protesters held a mass rally in the city of day around thursday they chanted anti-government slogans and you know the syrian opposition to mark 10 years since the beginning of the uprising against several of president bashar al assad said it was controlled by rebels until 2018 when it was recaptured by russian backed government troops. rise groups are putting more pressure on the israeli government for detaining young palestinian boys they say these really authorities are showing absolute disregard for their well being and has the details. adela obaid mother says this is the toughest moment of her life it's the 3rd time her 16 year old son's been detained in the past 6 months and this time he's going to prison accused of throwing stones at israeli forces. whenever stones are thrown at the occupying forces they come and arrest me the last time i was put under house arrest i wasn't allowed to step
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outside the house. he says he had to choose between an open ended saint unsound a house arrest or 2 months in prison and this mother you know we have always been through hard times but this is the hardest it's the toughest ever to hand over your own child to the occupying forces may god protect him adela lives in the isa we a neighborhood of occupied east jerusalem israeli security forces have been accused of provoking palestinian communities carrying out a daily raids setting up roadblocks and going back at night to make arrests many of those detained are under 18 many don't know what rights groups say more than 200 miners are being held in israel last week at this video went viral it shows 5 boys aged between $8.13 being detained by israeli forces while out picking vegetables they were held for 5 hours the 2 eldest were told to return for questioning. unlike
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israeli children palestinians living in the occupied territory have few if any rights and they're tried in military courts you're talking about interrogations off and where they are denied access to a lawyer you know answer not present in interrogation is there help for very long periods of time before going to trial now the coronavirus and the army they do not yet visit from their family members there are very few phone calls even to maintain contact and so it's just all very long line of fire ration these children's rights israeli police have defended their actions saying their aim is to preserve public order and that all authorities act within the law of dollars says he chose the prison sentence because at least he knows when he'll be released but well palestinians live under israeli occupation many say teenagers like adela will never be truly free. brian al-jazeera. gunmen in. mexico's
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mexico have killed at least 13 policemen in what's been described as the worst attack on offices since 2019 it happened in central mexico on thursday the region security minister says the convoy was ambushed by gang while out patrolling. mexico city. federal police say an investigation is currently underway to locate and capture armed gunmen responsible for the deaths of at least 13 law enforcement officers in the state of mexico the state that directly neighbors mexico city now authorities say that on thursday afternoon police in a convoy were ambushed by armed gunmen while police were trying to carry out an operation against armed groups in the municipality of what they pick dina's now mexico's national guard has been deployed to participate in a multi agency investigation though at the moment details are still limited as to exactly how many suspects authorities are searching for now this latest attack
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against law enforcement officials highlights the many dangers and risks that law enforcement officers and security force in mexico take to try to curb violence in the country which has worsened under the code 19 and down nationwide at least 524 police officers were killed in 2020 that number unfortunately stands at 86 police officers that have been killed so far this year with the state of mexico continuing to be considered one of the most violent in the country. that members of the asian american community are expressing outrage and sadness at the atlanta upon a killing spree some accuse former president of playing a role in stoking an asian hades where this rhetoric about covert 19 rob reynolds reports. the american flags of the white house were lowered in mourning for the 8 women killed in georgia on tuesday 6 of whom were of asian heritage around the country asian american communities are reacting with shock and in to the rising
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number of hate incidents i feel scared at all times and you know that alone and sometimes i have to walk on the street at night and then yeah it's scaring me i hate the fact that now my wife my daughter. my mom my knees they all have to sort of watch their back just because of the way the asian american studies professor ki a young park says race and gender stereotypes may have d. human eyes the victims in the killer's mind they are seen as really passive bands that receive all hyper sexualized little objectified or exotic style used or you don chipp or even the abode of britney some are fighting back in san francisco an elderly chinese speaking woman was punched in the things then beat her
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alleged assailant into submission with a piece of wood 'd sending him to the hospital. at a congressional hearing lawmakers of asian descent spoke out this hearing was do address the hurt and made of our community center find solutions and we were not like you take our boys away from us barely 3800. crimes in just a year old mom it was step by the works of former president donald trump the sop to shift the blame and anger over all want response to the coronavirus he used racial slurs on georgia law enforcement officials say they're still investigating the suspects motives but indicated he was acting out of sexual guilt feelings rather than racism and yes there was a really bad day for him and this is what he did many asian americans reject that explanation that upsets us and our community is the fact that sheriff there are men
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who basically sort of. was on the side of the perpetrator and the criminal that actually killed 8 people 6 of them being asian woman 2 dismissed that as a sort of like he was having a bad day president joe biden will travel to atlanta. on friday to pay his respects and meet with community leaders and elected officials robert oulds al jazeera los angeles. again i'm fully back to bo with the headlines on al-jazeera the 1st us china talks under the biden administration are off to a confrontational stot beijing has warned washington to stay out of its internal affairs while the americans have accused china of threatening the international order diplomatic editor james space has more from anchorage.


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