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tv   101 East New Zealand Surviving a Massacre  Al Jazeera  March 20, 2021 6:30am-7:01am +03

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meets for the 1st time a computer generated double to show none of us is indispensable or beyond manipulation for south korea all this technology has very serious applications as our lives are transformed by the models of all to social with. bring you know change is where the we like them. but with bright oh this is so numb so through. that this is al-jazeera i mean from the headlines brazil's president diable sanaa is taking several of his country's states to court to try to force them to overturn pandemic restrictions on friday the country recorded more than 2800 deaths the 2nd highest number in a single day meanwhile germany's national disease control center has warned the coronavirus cases there are rising at an exponential res and says more contagious
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strains have wiped out the progress made last month and containing this pandemic chancellor angela merkel says some restrictions will have to be reimposed the us president has condemned an increase in violence and called on americans to unite against hate joe biden and vice president come a harris have been meeting asian american community leaders in atlanta at follows a mass shooting that killed 8 people including 6 women of asian descent they've been attacked late scapegoating harassed they would verbal assault physically assault and kill document that is against of hate against asian americans have seen skyrocketing spike over the last year hate and violence often hard in plain sight it's often met with silence that's been through throughout our history but that has to change because our silence is complicity. we cannot be
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complicit hours of tense a high level talks between china and the u.s. have ended in alaska with no major breakthrough both sides said the meeting was constructive but they also traded criticism over human rights and economic power. at least 9 protesters have been killed in manama during the latest rallies against the military. a rights group says more than $235.00 people have been killed since the military seized power last month a volcano has erupted in iceland southwest it's situation in the middle of a peninsula between the capital reykjavik and the international airport a no fly zone has been set up with all flights in and out of the airport halted the eruption had been expected well those are the headlines i'll have more news for you here off one o one east stay with us. for a goalkeeper from one is
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a. home world cup was what dreams were made all. of it turned into one night matter by rushton told jim but argentina's been turned. in the 1st of a new season footballing legend eric cantor now introduces plug your time buddy to one of those special few stood up for their beliefs whatever that cost. football rebels on al-jazeera. on march 15th 2019 new zealand's sense of security was shattered when 51 people were shot dead in 2 christchurch mosques another 40 wounded for those who lost loved ones finding ways to deal with the trauma is crucial. they could i it is the pressure i know i would never probably be totally but somehow i have
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a go of it really took katie. for some of the injured the atrocity set them on a new path what happened then crushed came and sure motivation. to serve my community. 2 years on one o one east returns to christchurch to join survivors on their journey of recovery. was. was. going to keep going. when a gunman began shooting at a christchurch mosque it was packed with worship as attending the friday service. mostafa valls tas found himself in the firing line running for his life despite
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a bullet in his leg he came across a boy lying on the ground 0 as someone other than a. he was lying there in there his eyes open and i just kind of want to way i had to stop at that stop and he had a phone on his hand and. i believe it was his mom and i talked to the lady on the fire and said please come to the mosque i'm sure to have now 10 minutes later a police officer found him on the ground and i built a stand he revved up molly and he was there the whole time of the place over saying i'm different has got me up on the shoulders and drag me to the and what's. made out of christchurch the police response around the country was unprecedented for some the attacks cut particularly deeply obviously as a muslim as
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a place later i think. there was a really big national operation going on my role as a district commander was to make sure our mosques and places of worship. for muslims in our community were saif side that means sending place strike to those places mediately after the incident we didn't know how many offenders were at large we didn't know there was a potential for any sort of copycat taught been silent. as new zealanders braced themselves anxious families in christchurch fear the worst. i was hopeful little snow was a life. so full of resource to protect new york just outside of the police cordon they were starting to call here. if they knew from places if anyone had seen.
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the telephone call from a detective and he said to me they're truly. this is me you know me. i know your wife we know each other for long. in asking you don't wait here any longer go. home and was. the hardest on. the whole sky. asking anybody who saw him and someone somewhere who recognized him because like if he's alive he would be sent to the hospital. and also because his very school uniform and
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a school uniform has as a name so it would be easy. to identify. but i know they know he says that he's not. alive anymore. 9 people were killed at another mosque 7 kilometers away. it was known who was making plans my head was working there probably so many people who really especially muslims he was there to know so many of the who fellow muslims were killed. maybe if the seamy. him nor tinley and just describing the story. maybe there 2 really come message will maybe they can give something good to the
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war. saw they decided to be strong you know it was hurting me inside. so i came home i was waiting for a doctor to come. she came in she looks to me well it was mom. it was very hot. here i told her a moment as with. survivors and their loved ones have to negotiate grief and trauma. for those who were shot the healing journey starts with the physical so the 1st injury was for a gunshot to my leg and i travel to my limit so i still have a shrapnel inside me and the other one was my hand when i broke the window so i cut
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through. and the other one was when i was trying to climb over the wall i pulled my shoulder. yeah. right now i have to get my professional right everything right to be able to pull the muscle back to be able to support my shoulder injury before the shooting i was able to trace 100 years and now barely can do 60. fareed knows all about physical rehab 22 years ago he was hit by a drunk driver he spent 2 weeks in a coma in christchurch hospital with who's not by his side she was to the. lie. you know did chance was 93 percent. when i came out it was mentally emotionally it was quite fine.
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here in baden physically and i was a paraplegic then they went to the hospital for retraining ways. on the whole chip so it was not easy very her or. lie went through depression after my accident. i used to think of dane but i could not commit suicide because it is against playfully. so i decided. to restart my homie for the course chrome for a total bit. they're good they're gave me peace of mind in focused on something positive fareed and has now reacted with compassion for the driver we forgive her for. her smile and i will. you know we
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were feeling sorry for him. who were not only with. a move to christchurch worked hard and prayed for a child after my accident we. lost all hope here in. having a turn was extremely jurf will hear very precious. fareed has learned to move from his grief my teaching. was a deep side so you know it has become part of me sometimes sacred in a thing it is holy. or dead cried does not stop me. doing my work if indeed i was depressed it is just my love for. him to makes me love sometimes i could.
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release the pressure a more. i would never probably be out of grief but. somehow i have got some realty to carry. new stuff i know he has to work on his mental as well as his physical health that's not injure it's mental tardiness. i know what he can do what our brain says. as jess feel i feel tired mentally. a lot of things changed i 1st couple weeks i was really sensitive i was. i was going angry will easy. not in the good head space
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bob fosse tried to 4 months later i feel much quieter and i feel much more calm and really focused with my life i'm not there and this get me down. he finds peace through his faith and is getting professional help. praying praying to god because when you pray you leave all that in the primary and you just pray to god and i'm seeing a counsellor. who is a really nice lady and she house me quite a bit to talk openly about my forte's so you hear me talking about it to my family freeness and it has helped me a lot. at the time of the attacks was stuff i was studying engineering and christchurch but as plans have changed when i was landed on the hospital bed i was franking really really hard with i want to go back to study or change like area and . what happened then crash. motivation. to serve my community.
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he decided to apply for the police back in his hometown of the need to. know ryan he's been struggling to deal with the grief of losing his son sajjad and i didn't cry so much as i cry now every day compared to the 1st few days because i received a lot of support and i feel so much strength that i really hope that. now when this is sure that people are still preaching. to all of us the mothers. or the wife's or give us strength because we need we need this right you need. they're praying.
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today the local maori community is hosting a commemorative event for sajjad extended family and friends 'd the maori group invited us just for that. yet because he's one of the people who are loose in this area and we are part of this lead the community and the muslim youth to be part. of the group who who would be at the ending with the other that the youth as well. i personally agree to it then it is because when it happens i found the most important the there really is better support this. stuff has goal of joining the force keeps a motivated for now he's focusing on his rehab with the physical abilities test in
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mind he's working closely with his physio even just letting the scholer hang on that immobile position in the hospital for a while to really slow down your rehab and prevent all those muscles from kicking back on like they are by what the doctor said that trap and reabsorbed has not yet so we're we're on the healing journey or in the process and how much do you have to run for the test. to prove forgive me it is 2.4 k. and that's hard to do with a ball in your head as you should know if the muslim. those afraid to. the terrorists and to people. how many times they wonder how many of. them. been sick and. my sister's calling to say don't going to mostly has been this one for it was edited just didn't look to me calls the. once
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a year yet no you take as much time to me. how you don't rather. good to be what it was sickening. better won't feed us from. the start. you're going. there's only one. down. well there are people all over the world just. isn't very good at. you know what all is which they talk about your ball. to get it all over. your head new worry for a 2nd you know it. has been a false alarm it's not at the mosque. still same thing you know it doesn't matter whether the mosque us home or ass you still get that thing off the feeling that i
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had left it for much. just a little blood came to it and. it. gave me a big ask a and i. just i'm not i'm going to experience the same thing again. and stars people that are not as i was a kid as well. and. that's just not my friends as anyone i don't want that to see that heaven turned on and i want to innocent the. cooking time at 40 it's house is nice 500 does what she can to help out as he adapts to losing the partner he worked with so closely him anything we deed we complemented one of the. you nearly think teaching her knowledge is she looking
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after the community listening to that which you probably. read says he wants to make the most of what time he has. been the waiting room on my way you know i spend what is 3 fourths every day i take classes in the mosque i do some social. you know homeopathy. study to get more knowledge. it is true but something in me say's you know make use the time you never know tomorrow you might not get the chance. i'm not the public they are quite aware of the most things out especially the woman.
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for me personally like whenever i go out people are more friendly. people are more friendly and people are more like like saying that. you are welcome . we know eenie arrived in new zealand 25 years ago she was given some good advice i was told to learn how to drive so. that's what i think when they were i see woman now when they come i say learn how to drive because it's good you know to. to be independent it's good to be dependent. because you and they would know that when you need to be. after the 15th of march many women had to manage on their own it's
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a big city traffic lights come. on. we cannot depend on a man to do something that didn't think because this is what happened. men have possibly. this simple thing like driving it will give us the ability to do you know to go forward easily you know you don't have to start going that they have as you don't have to then they have to drive because you can drive now. back into need and most stuff is feeling more like his old self before i had heaps of moderation i do now as well it's just loading it up and getting back to it was. he's training hard but still mindful of this bullet wound industry. that's just getting out really well don't you get it fixed me is like the softer
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one and stuff other there. and also. brightly i had a t.v. take that but it also hurts it's good stuff. but as long as i wear the compression socks it's all good. for now he's focusing on the rehearsal for the physical abilities test his 1st attempt is tomorrow is just. what he was in one of the protocol for. when i go shopping and it was a place. it was just 40 percent like and i want to be that guy. and. yeah those are your job of getting you put a smile on their face. function and the same place you have. a. good receiver he makes the walk for going to comment. it's compulsory for police
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applicants to do at least one rehearsal before they attempt the real thing on your . seat. the important yeah so i'm going to give hundreds it. means a lot to me i want to do my best and then the 4th. time was 9 minutes 29 seconds. am really really surprised and happy about it yeah if. you learn what i expected i mean i passed so i was working for nothing. no raney's son sajjad was a keen member of his school's foot cell team he's a goalkeeper yeah. you know like when he played football or every time. when he said the ball of course we're so excited but when he didn't we say that was
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ok you know you try you try very hard. on going connection with the team is bittersweet i still feel quite emotional you know. a mixture of happy and sad. so this is this is one of the babes used to wear and he played. it also has like a medal from our sports alternate which he didn't get to go to. every year just into it it's not like it's not something we can easily get over and i think we're doing the best we can but. it's still. early and so that's why we need the team that's emailed just to play for. actually i'm really proud of what part of the blogs did they really think so much i'm going to really say it's friendship with
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them even to say that it's not here. mustafa's feeling positive about his chances of progressing through the police college application process after my ph d. i had my uncle as a show up to place new zealand it was really good we had a good chat but when he filled out the medical form online one of the questions stood out have you been exposed to any trauma to stray sions and i of course you can't lie and things changed at least for now i was saying that it's been declined my medical care. and. they told me to not give up and have my hopes.
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because and they said in the plays i'll be dealing with like traumatized people and traumatized rationed and they don't want me to be exposed to that to see they want to they want me to give some time. i was got to you know i was i mean you can argue it. so i just went along with it and i just i said i can't you know i don't i don't take this as a failure i am going to. get my hopes up and. i want to come back next year and. reply. this morning nora eenie is with friends practicing gulf swings early every evening having a good time i'm really glad you know that. we enjoy that enjoy the day. and get our 1st ration gone. and this is the good.
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oh. when i hit the ball. all my anger gone. and you'll come back again and then i hit again until i have not much energy left. that is not fair because life goes up and down. the beach at least. i should not hard to you you should work hard if we can agree on this as a human family. then. we'll be fine let us love one another that love doesn't cost $1.00 cent. makes your heart happy and my heart if it doesn't bring any loss for the new simple. there to spread
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just this. russian national. force. to bring fame fortune and i thought that's one of what he invested on al-jazeera. if you want to help save the world's. sneeze into your own. mixing the traditional with the modern love what he knew what to expect ignoring cause divides the only thing with united the force the music greek music blaring to the speakers wielding the power of music to turn up the volume on india's social
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injustices when i saw the performance. and shake things out we went on stage or something we brought us to just something that's witness causeless collective on al-jazeera. next stop court brazil's president launches legal action to keep the economy running as states and cities impose restrictions to stop the spread of private 19. there on the stasi attain this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up. more killings threats to school children and journalists detained military.


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