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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  March 20, 2021 1:00pm-2:01pm +03

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this is al jazeera. closer raman you're watching al-jazeera news our life my headquarters here in doha coming up in the next 60 minutes fearing another wave of covert 19 several european countries impose new covert 90 restrictions and lockdowns will be speaking live to the u.k.'s vaccine minister. another day of violence and me and maurice and hugh protesters continue to defy the military also. he can have no say for.
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the u.s. president says attacks against asian americans must stop after a mass killing in the state of georgia. just. creating an alternate reality how technology is helping bring back stars of the past to life and changing the world as we know it. i'm joining us just go with the sports as take your pick organizers need to discuss overseas fans we expect a decision saying. welcome to the news are parts of europe are back under lockdown as the continent struggles with a rising number of corona virus infections france poland and ukraine all imposing new restrictions hoping to fend off a 3rd wave or parisians rush to leave the french capital before the lockdown came
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into force packing trains and jamming roads germany's national disease control center is warning that coronavirus cases are rising at an exponential rate which means it could add new measures in the. days but infections in the united kingdom are dropping and the british government says it's on track to give every adult in the country at least one job by the end of july let's join the tasha butler speaking in a moment obvious peaky of course to natasha and also to the vaccine minister in london but 1st natasha people of course in several parts of not just france but in paris ready for lockdown again just tell us a little bit more. yes people in 16 regions including paris and suburbs are back in lockdown for a 3rd time in the past or 12 months now what that means is every time people in these areas want to leave their house they have to fill out a permit they have to have
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a reason to go outside whether that's exercise going for a walk or going to work shops are now shots except for essential ones so they join the restaurants bars cultural and sports facilities that have been closed since october and a nighttime curfew will stay in place even though will now start a little bit later is 7 in the evening rather than 6 the government did though however want to relax some rules so people are now allowed to be out and about in the fresh air for as long as they want before the curfew in the day but they have to stay within a 10 kilometer primitive from their homes that's why you can see behind me lots of people taking exercise going for a walk trying to make the most of some of the freedoms if you like that they have been granted now the french are prime minister said that these new restrictions were necessary because these parts of france are effectively battling a 3rd wave of corona virus infections daily infection cases have been around $38000.00 over the last
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a few days that's much higher than nearly 10 days ago when there were about 20000 cases a day intensive care units in hospitals in paris are reaching saturation point in fact over the last week we have seen patients being flown from paris to hospitals in other regions so serious situation the government wants to try and stem the spread of this virus they say it is circulating more rapidly because mainly because of the so-called u.k. variant of course. various government officials as you just mentioned the prime minister but the president to have been sort of trying to avoid the potential for another lock down and they sort of talked about this in january you know with more restrictions and lockdowns now in place one wonders whether the government's critics are going to say you failed. well it is a question though i'm sure will be debate is over the next few weeks i mean present demand all macro made it very clear towards the end of the year beginning of the year that he didn't want to impose another national lockdown now the french
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government are slowly putting rather positive spin on these new restrictions they are saying look we're only putting in regional restrictions we have still managed to avoid a national knock down they say that they've managed to avoid a national knock down and that's meant over the last few weeks that that's been good for the economy it's been good for people's mental health they've managed to keep schools open since last may when many schools in other countries were shocked when we've seen more national knock downs in other countries so the government really trying to put a positive light on this but there are of course health experts and doctors who are saying that this 3rd wave could get a lot worse that the virus could spread and not more rapidly to other regions the other regions that aren't in lockdown they say that a national knocked out should be in place should have been put in place even earlier than the now and they say that if these restrictions day work we could be facing a rather drastic scenario then really the government would be highly criticized
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imagine by many indeed natascha butler in paris for us thanks very much let's cross over to london now where i can speak to the united kingdom's vaccine minister the department of health the team as to how he joins me and i could tell you with us minister on al jazeera before we sort of talk about the intricacies of what's going on in the u.k. can i just bring in news line that's just dropped from germany at the e.u. chief 1st of all the delay and has said that she's threatening to hold exports of astra zeneca vaccines if the block does not receive its 1st deliveries obviously in this escalating round over shipments how is that going to impact on the united kingdom. well we are obviously in continuous dialogue with our european neighbors friends and partners and we send 10 engineers to the hail explained in the netherlands to make sure that the astra zeneca vaccine production the vaccine substance and the drugs substance
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and is to scale so that this can supply us and supply the european union i completely understand the pressures that. live on the line it is under as. all leaders around the world to try and vaccinate scale and speed their populations i think the way to do this is to get to work together we continue to do that in that spirit which is why we sent the engineers to explore art in the netherlands to make sure that production. that passed as i'm confident we can we can work together ok in terms of the last week or so a great deal of you might say pressure on national governments to work out what to do with astra zeneca vaccine when we had sort of the blood clot concern working alongside your european colleagues i mean how does that actually work when the u.k.
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is you might say out of the e.u. block you still need to work with them. very much regulates the m.h.r. a the medicine that. regulates or not a king actually works very closely read the european regulators. which have both reported looking great deeds on the reports of blood clots that were emanating from europe and reported in the last 48 hours that actually. deploy in our case and of course it's not going to get in the case of those going through that. will sort of impact has that scare had on the u.k. public in terms of taking up the vaccine when you're dealing with vaccine deniers and also a skeptical british public be it a small number of them worried about the variety of vaccines that now the british
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government is offering. so vaccine confidence is incredibly important to all of us around the world it's why we through our presidency of the g 7 are leading a program around communication of vaccine governance not just to the european union or the united kingdom but also to the rest of the world because there is a tsunami of misinformation disinformation you quite rightly talk about the anti vaccine. that. worrying people and you need to get that information translated into many languages and information out there that people can rely upon when they make the decision vaccines are safe they are saving millions of lives every year whether the vaccine is a polio or measles mumps and rubella now cope as well so the important thing is to work together i think you're right to say that when people hear mixed messages it can have an impact we saw anecdotally some people sort of leave their g.p.'s and
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worrying about it but actually the numbers have come back up again in a really easy way we're now a look at the percent today of the adult population and protect it without 1st dose it in of course you talk about sort of the confidence in the british public to believe and to understand that the pressures that governments under in trying to get that scene out but the government scientific advisory group for emergencies known as sage is sort of calling for or calling for the prime minister's road map and easing restrictions to be taken carefully because professor neil ferguson who was also on that committee up to last year would say is saying that sort of the variance in south african variant is prevalent on mainland europe you should be keeping a very close eye on it in the united kingdom so is the government's focus not just about the the vaccine and the issues of the strain in the u.k. but variants like the south africa which is already taken hold in parts of the u.k.
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. very much so so if you recall the roadmap the prime minister shared with the nation with the effectively the step by step with 4 weeks plus $15.00 week in between each step is deliberate so that we can see how the virus is behaving as we effectively have more social interaction as we open up with an 8th of march schools and then we move through the different steps with the road map you also talked about the 4 tests one obviously the deployment of vaccines that scale to the effectiveness of the vaccines and seeing that efficacy data come through 3 is about keeping infections low so coupled with the vaccination program that i gather is a big surge in testing capacity so when we began this pandemic last year we only do about 2000 tests a day last week we got to 1500000 tests a day so the capability to surge test by postcode isolate and then genome
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sequence rapidly we do about a 3rd of all positive. cases we genome sequence the combination of the 2 i think will put us in a strong place to keep an eye on the various which is the 4th test where the problem is talk about so we take nothing for granted i think it's very important that we have those intervals as we go steadily through that road because we never want to go back the other way we need it to be irreversible and it just finally minister. much has been talked about rich countries hoarding vaccines we know that the u.k. is part of the kovacs scheme you've contributed $734000000.00 to the scheme in recent weeks we're now seeing the united states sending its extra vaccine to mexico and canada only yesterday i spoke to individuals personnel in australia who are sending that's the pup for new guinea poor countries or countries in difficulty that need help is the u.k. hoarding vaccines and if not who are you helping. as
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a part of our commitments go back it was great to see the astra zeneca vasant landing in africa and garner in the philippines in also in light of the coast. other countries will also get more of that the oxford ask what about seems like. the syrians and others no profit loss the pandemic is with us and there will be over 300000000 doses but it's going up to lower and middle income countries because of that. work and that ability plus the g. 7 summit the prime minister also did. raise more money back some of the more $1000000000.00 from the g 7 but also commit our excess we don't have any excess those in mobile but what we do have excess notice and they will go through and the bulk of them will go to go back to. the team you case vaccine minister thanks so much sir for joining us from london thank you very much indeed. 3rd results
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president has asked the supreme court to overturn curfews lockdowns imposed by mares and state governors charbel sora says that acting as dictators and starving people by forcing them to stay home during the pandemic while a chaotic here has more from rio de janeiro. the beaches in rio de janeiro seem to be a world apart far from the couvade 19 pandemic spiralling out of control throughout brazil this couple from neighboring argentina came here despite news that latin america's largest country is facing the worst health care system collapse in all of its history. in argentina the media kept hammering that brazil has become the epicenter of the world pandemic that everett his dying that is all doom and gloom but we came anyway and look what we found a paradise. a paradise that will shut its doors on saturday we use mayor
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has just joined other cities and states imposing restrictions to try and stop infections from spreading killing 15000 in just a week intensive care units across the country we're already running out of beds now hospitals in 1000 states say they're running out of medical supplies to intubated their patients given the huge volume of patients we start to suffer from the scarcity of basic materials we're going to have serious problems in the coming days with cedar tips and neuromuscular blockers and this is happening in all hospitals not just this one. doctors have been calling out for a nationwide lockdown but president jalal sonando has asked the supreme court to overturn curfews imposed by governors and mayors he says they're violating the constitution and acting as dictators. imposing
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a state of siege which is unconstitutional they cannot do this without the approval of congress humiliating the population most saying they're saving lives how can they be saving lives if the starving people. back in rio bolsa not his words were received with mixed feelings but brazil is one of the you know countries with you know worst number of cases of covert 19 and it's really like preoccupying almost the entire world except our president actually and it's really not. it's not ok i think that it is the law is that it was the month. if politicians are going to stop us from working they must 1st find the means to guarantee our survival i feed my family by selling hotdogs on the beach if i'm forced to stay at home what will happen to us. the beaches in rio are like an open marketplace and many informal workers make their living here crawling everything.
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how will. they rent chairs they sell art and they have no way of making a living if the beaches are closed specially that they haven't been receiving emergency aid since january. the government has promised a new emergency aid package starting april coronavirus has hit brazilians hard and next week the country is expected to reach another grim milestone when it will have a total of 300000 deaths from covert 19 monica al-jazeera rio de janeiro. well plenty more ahead here on the al-jazeera news hour including american and chinese diplomats wrap up a tense round of high level talks with both sides but all of us on average we have operating with one or 2 days of which is really every drop counts we look at why zimbabwe's blood banks are almost empty. and an earthquake shakes
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a tennis semifinal in acapulco us all coming up with joe it's been. a tsunami warning has been issued in northeastern japan after a strong earthquake the $7.00 magnitude quake struck off the coast of maine yaki prefecture and has resulted in power outages across the region the quake was felt in the capital tokyo and briefly interrupted a meeting of a limp dick officials who are deciding whether to allow overseas fans at this year's games though a series of developments in miramar has at least 2 protesters have been killed overnight in the city of macaque protests continue across the country despite an increased use of violence by the janitor rights group says at least 237 people have been killed since elected leader and son suchi was deposed on february 1st today
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at least 2400 people have been arrested by the security forces because if there is suspected participation. in the situations the vast majority of these people are held incommunicado still. and we're hearing increasing reports of sexual based sexual base violence against us and i think it's really important and is that many of these people. killed through gunshots to the head by snipers or peaceful demonstrations our correspondent tony chang is monitoring events for us from bangkok in neighboring thailand and tony it's an ever moving event and. the protests continue. they do absolutely we've seen them again all over. in the north in the southeast in the west in the big cities
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again where they have been so brutally put down over the last 7 days and you mention the rising death toll more than 100 have died in the last week alone in tom way in a very affluent neighborhood close to central yang go on they went out early this morning there was footage on social media of large groups of people going out shouting and then had to retreat again once again coming on the live fire carrying the injured back and we understand that some of those injured as you just heard suffering from head wind so it appears the snipers have been working again and a new tactic today from the military they've been using bulldozers on the streets in many of the big cities to try and clear barricades the protesters have put up well in term way to. the side just plow into cars parked on the side
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of the street causing huge amounts of damage but the intention appears just to be to terrorize and demoralize the local population the course. not an affluent country at all owning a car is a very precious possession so clearly their intention just to destroy private property in much the same way as we've seen from the military but interestingly i was checking in with a contact in mandalay city which is also seen a lot of violence in the last 7 days and then the person i spoke to the said it was curiously quiet they said that was even more unnerving and i think again you can see this atmosphere that the security forces have created because they're worried when there is violence and then they're worried when there isn't violence sitting there waiting for the violence to start and i think it's an indication of just how horrible the situation in myanmar is. in bangkok for us thank you very much.
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india's defense minister the u.s. secretary of defense have also agreed to enhance security cooperation between their countries or at austin's trip to new delhi follows similar visits to south korea and japan are seen as an effort to improve ties to china's growing influence in the pacific region. despite today's challenging security environment the partnership between the united states and india the world's 2 largest democracies remains resilient and strong and we will seek every opportunity to build upon this major partnership so our discussions today focused on our wide ranging defense cooperation and expanding military to ability engagement across recent information sharing cooperation in imagine factor sort of defense and mutual stick suckle we need you would dump wide gamut of by and by to look
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at it for failure and agreed to punish you you know hans cooperation if you don't you left you don't i think come on come on and africa come on. is the defense and security affairs analyst he says china will feature high in the talks. the elephant in the room whenever india and the united states talk is clearly china and that is likely to have been good right at the top of the agenda especially given that the indian army has been in a face off on the himalayan border for 11 months now in kashmir. the indians also cooperate with the united states navy in the south china sea in the pacific area that will also have come up for discussion also the major defense partnership india is a major defense partner of the united states they would have discussed ways of doing
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that partnership forward joint exercises joint military exercises i should say. overall you know from the united states point of view this was a signal to all its allies in the region that we are here china continues to do large or not as a major security threat and that allies will be consulted and taken into account whereas when the united states takes any decisions in the area if the u.s. ever gets together of 1000 ships me it has spoken of doing including the ships of all its allies the indian navy which is $100.00 ship navy is going to be right up there that don't have that grew big so there is there has been a lot of cooperation many joint exercises many creating exercises and sort of a building up of interoperability between the indian forces and u.s. forces in the into pacific so to that extent there is a real sort of
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a role for india relations between the u.s. and china remain strained after hours of tense talks today meeting in alaska and with both sides saying it was constructive but differences remain diplomatic editor james bays has more from anchorage. the chinese delegation arriving for a 2nd day of these talks reactors beautiful operating talk face to face again with their u.s. counterparts this time the door was quickly closed and reporters were not invited into the room well less than 24 hours earlier the 2 sides had spent over an hour denouncing each other in public when the talks concluded this time the words were more moderate in tone although the u.s. still make clear the areas where there was the biggest disagreement we we certainly know knew going in that there are a number of areas where we are fundamentally at odds. transactions in john
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regard to what on convent recently i want as well as actions that it's taken in cyberspace. and. it's no surprise that when we raise those issues really indirectly we got a defensive response there were also though the u.s. said issues where the 2 countries interests intersected including iran north korea afghanistan and the climate crisis the chinese delegation later gave a statement to chinese media in their hotel presenting a reasonably upbeat assessment. these times study dick dialogue dyadic frank and constructive the biden administration for now has been able to stick to its planned asia policy on a trip to the region the secretary of state and the defense secretary kept to their promises they would construct a strategy after consulting fully with their closest allies and in anchorage as
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they said they would they talk tough with china on some issues while endeavoring to work with it on others after the explosive starts of this meeting the 2 brief statements at the end show that both sides want to lower the temperature for now but the divisions a deep and they're real and it's far from clear whether there's been any actual improvement in relations between the 2 most powerful countries on earth james pays out 0 anchorage well still out here on the news hour. and john hendren in chicago reporting on fatal police shootings of people with mental illness. also a volcano in iceland springs to life near the capital the 1st eruption in early 800 years and this border u.f.c. fighter is called the fight is called off after one of the fighters faints in the way and.
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now over the last few days it's got cold most of you have for years come down from the north as has a cloud instead of big circulation rather an area of high pressure to sit just the west of on and so the wind does this sort of thing but it's course into it a bit warmer and so although it's cold narrow as that thing come saturday call a warm front if you like it's still cold enough to g.'s rain or snow in poland the baltic states and train back to the alps as well but they are temporarily behind it gets a little warmer now where that cold air force reached the water the measuring. it sets up the last load of storms or persistent rain or snow on the high ground and that will keep going as you can see we're now into monday and you've still got that northerly breeze against the wall which was used to get the snow for you of the coppers you know and beyond that but burdens warmed up a bit to 8 degrees and paris is about 10 degrees now we just sadness because most
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of the actions in the mediterranean anyway spills over into the north of africa that we see any proper weather a spot as mark sees some what is now early spring snow i was reading going to an algerian it's quite a stormy system here but we're dragging dust out of the sahara through egypt it'll be nasty for a couple of days. this thing is a set and it's time for a different approach one that is going to challenge the way you think i'm asking the questions now is the new host of the next season of the show that's got no space for sound bites only cavities so let's leave simplicity into the headlines join me as i take on the last dismantle the misconceptions and debate the contradiction. i'm marc lamont hill and it's time to get up front right here on out is there. examining the impact of today's headlines it didn't matter if you're
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rich or what your religion is if you want battling this and i mean you're staring at it in the face and you're dealing with it setting the agenda for tomorrow's discussions with that are unfolding on capitol hill international filmmakers the world class journalists bring programs to inform and inspire you each and every one of us in the responsibility to change those things place for the you know on al-jazeera. welcome back you're watching all deserve this news are with me still run the reminder of our top stories parts of france poland and ukraine are back under
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lockdown on saturday as they struggle with rising numbers of krona virus cases the french government says restrictions won't be as harsh as those imposed last year. also at least 2 protesters have been killed overnight in the meanwhile city of. demonstrators continue to despite increased use of violence by the military junta rights group says at least 237 people have been killed also india's defense minister and the u.s. secretary of defense have agreed to it hunt security cooperation between their countries the move is seen as an effort to improve ties and counter china's growing influence in the pacific region. now the u.s. president has condemned an increase in violence against asians and called on americans to unite against hate joe biden the vice president couple hours spoke after meeting asian american community leaders in atlanta now their visit follows a mass shooting in which 8 people were killed including 6 women of asian descent
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gabriel is on the reports of from washington d.c. trying to console the nation president joe biden said on friday evening that hate crimes against asian americans needs to stop too many asian americans have been walking up and down the streets and worried waking up each morning the past year feeling their safety the safety of their loved ones or stake they've been attacked late scapegoated harassed. they've been virtually assaulted physically assaulted killed the comments came in a previously planned stop by president biden and vice president camila harris in atlanta where on tuesday 8 people were killed 7 of them women 6 being up asian descent the alleged gunman a 21 year old white man was arrested and charged with the murders investigators have so far resisted calling the murders
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a hate crime but on friday vice president harris herself of asian descent as her mother was born in india said racism is alive and well in america ultimately this is about who we are as a nation this is about how we treat people with dignity and respect everyone has the right to go to work to go to school to walk down the street and be safe and also the right to be recognized as an american. in new york where there have been more than 10 documented hate crimes against asians in recent months a peace vigil was held calling for an end to the violence really holds i really hope this is the culmination of the hate and bigotry in the asian american child he said clearly that they will not have to be another vigil in this seemingly never
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ending state of hate against asian americans while in atlanta biden stopped at the headquarters of the centers for disease control and prevention or c.d.c. to thank the officials there it was meant to be a celebration of sorts as the u.s. has distributed over 100000000 vaccines with the president saying he expects to reach 200000000 in the next couple months president biden and vice president harris planned a political rally on friday night in atlanta but decided to cancel it and instead met with members of the asian american community in the wake of the tragic shootings gabriels andro al-jazeera washington the mass has been held for president john mica fairly who died at the age of 61 of the things a lot of pictures from dar es salaam where people are paying their respects like a fairly will be buried in his hometown next week voice president some in a saloon who was sworn in as his successor becoming the country's 1st female
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president. turkey's president has pulled the country out of a global treaty on preventing and combating violence against women recipe the one issued a presidential decree ordering the country to withdraw from the 2011 istanbul convention and the agreement was signed by more than $45.00 countries is a promise by governments to take tougher action on domestic violence marital rape and female genital mutilation critics of the treaty in turkey say it damages family unity encourages divorce and supports the l.g.b. t.v. movie mint effect bhaskar to is a lawyer we will stop femicide platform joins me now via skype from istanbul kentucky with us on the program response court i mean why has turkey done basically a complete u. turn on an agreement that they signed of hosted. their. it's
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their frustrating news actually do present the queen just and came on their official paper is very late last even and it is a surprise loss as well because last summer there was a great win against the stomach and mention in an older woman's n.g.o.s have raised there were. women and n.g.o.s close to the government as well they also said that it's not possible to discuss anything against stumble convention because it's basically lays down the legal grounds who are older national mongers who come but against while it's against women and so it seems like that it's that it's there and it's a decision that's not being inspired by their public or the public movement. movement basically if there is a great support for this within
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a society which in theory conservative elements are pushing this forward where is the resistance coming from. the last 3 years their convention has been interesting with sound as the length would be out to move a month and that is that and also they raise the indignant voice placing us one and . a man have been curtains man i've been discussing their own money that they've been paying so all these this question say that. convention is going their family life and freakish. public and so forth but i didn't say that is the main. discussion that is the main opposition against this number convention but this is a constantly. more than 8000000 population how the
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population or woman they have been there is seen an increase in cases last year only last year 300. 170 cases were unidentified so many are saying while. investigating why the we are being no why is an increase in milan and the not to mention so there is not public agreement hugely greenman all the grounds of the stumble convention so there is not public support for making pregnant signature from the convention even if there had been rallies let me just jump in there because obviously there's a lot of anger an angsty history in turkey at this as it happened so quickly overnight how do you expect the other countries signatories the global community to react to this especially the european union which already has already has quite
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a fractious relationship with ankara. it is i mean it's there's going to be. political and social problems as small i mean that seems to be expected. to last few months as already being facing problems or not it's not the european court of human licenses then i know it's not. i mean european union has not been easy on the exam the floor of the government for some you know for some years now i know and me years back. to the group that monitors its number convention graveyard a public rate in their report on progress and it's not really is a lot to give a lot and. for great point ok none of this is going to be in 6 i mean is executives' know it's there but it's getting darker and darker makes
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a great woman and that's great but we'll see what happens and what the outcome of this is in the coming days for the moment depict both quote thanks for joining us from istanbul thank you thank you. but health officials in zimbabwe are appealing for help to replenish the country's blood banks capability not downs of restrictions on people's movement of lead to fewer donating blood that's left national supplies are critically low levels are with us reports. it's elaine about lose 1st time giving blood she says a father's sudden death made her realize how important this is my dad was a police officer here part of the zimbabwean police force here and he got shot 6 months ago and unfortunately he didn't survive but i mean that weekend he was in the bad old trauma center we had to rush up and down there is a place near cork road one of the hospitals that we had to keep rushing to get blood and platelets you know in order for the heart the doctors to do whatever they prayed and he he lost almost all of the blood in his body before the 1st operation
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so that's why i said every time i see like somebody to donate that's going to be my intention like it could potentially save anyone's life. government enforced covered 19 lockdowns and restrictions on movement have led to fewer people donating blood supplies are dropped to critically low levels across the. moment for its very living from hand to mouth most will have one or 2 days cover because when you talk about strokes we're looking into how much quicker we would sing and for how long we would cover as a nation so on average we are operating with one want to do which is really very little we want to do operating it's minimum 5 days stroke if we have to be ideal destruct up into ready for any emergencies and earlier this month the government eased its grown a biased lockdown and an overnight curfew it's imposed in january more people are now coming in to give blood but the numbers are still small the public is being encouraged to support the blood drives across the country in
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a few months it will be winter here in southern africa and health workers are warning of a 3rd wave of coronavirus infections and if the government enforces a now that lock down it will put even more pressure on the backs of other countries around the world are also worried about winning blood stocks in zimbabwe health workers are approaching eligible donors and using social media to get more people to support. blood donation programs right now every drop counts how do. the u.s. judges rejected an attempt to postpone the trial of a police officer charged with murdering george floyd last week the city of minneapolis agreed to pay $27000000.00 to floyd's family lawyers for the direction of our had argued the highly publicized settlement jeopardized his chance of a fair trial but in a show of a kneeling on george floyd's next protests around the world last year.
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each year in the united states place encounter an individual undergoing a mental health episode far too often those interactions begin with a call for help and end in death john hendren spoke to the family of one man killed by police when they say the only person he was considering hurting was himself christian hall stood on a pennsylvania bridge suicidal gun in hand in the midst of a mental health crisis video shows him with his hands up high the gun apparently no longer in them then officers fire. yes he did the police report says he was aiming a gun and officers in advancing toward them look for yourself what do you see it looks like it's in ricci that people. that they may be fabricated a story like that pennsylvania state troopers knew they were responding to
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a call about a suicidal young asian man traumatized by a recent breakup all he made it was a happy man and they gave him but the why would you shoot 1st and ask questions later we know the police can deescalate when they want to critics say that far too often when police are called to help in a mental health crisis in the united states the crisis ends in death they could have done other things other than a bullet they needed to be sure that many times they'd need. to kill him but police forces say they are usually trained to respond to threats not mental health crises in the past 6 years more than 1300 people suffering such crises have been killed by police according to a database compiled by the washington post that's about one in 4 fatal police shootings in america. many involve minorities such as daniel pruett of rochester new york who suffocated naked in handcuffs in the winter cold after police put
1:45 pm
a bag over his head and then there's christian hall would have been different had he been someone else had he been white yeah. extremely believe it major cities such as chicago have crisis intervention teams that include mental health experts some cities are hiring mental health workers to respond to some emergency calls but over the past 2 decades many have cut those jobs cutbacks. have unfortunately what these these kinds of horrific outcomes in many cities have done not blaming officers but who are doing officers into situations in which they are not fully prepared to respond aaron. we need to bring notice. until that happens he says mental health crises will likely often continue to end in tragedy and bloodshed john hendren al jazeera chicago
1:46 pm
will still have hailed al-jazeera will be speaking to the olympic silver medalist having to take a fall the olympics coming up with in sports so they go on. al-jazeera as investigative unit takes you on for months on the cover of course to prove. you had actual victims who had survived torture detention and feigning this was the cause of my arrest revealing the illegal dealings of the surveillance industry. intercepts dish on your kids these are the nuclear weapons of the 21st century al-jazeera investigations 2 years after new zealand's deadly mosque shootings one o one east returns to christ church to find out how those most deeply affected are coping. and surviving
1:47 pm
a massacre on al-jazeera. played important role in protecting human. face. talk about tough a spot on history thank you very much we start with some breaking news out of japan where organized the tokyo lympics have just confirmed that overseas fans were not be allowed to attend it doesn't come as a surprise to several reports in recent weeks suggested the japanese government had
1:48 pm
already made up its mind the main reason for blocking foreign supporters is to reduce the risk of spreading coronavirus the games have already been delayed by one year because of the pandemic let's bring in a british n n pin the tail of mohammed in manchester who will be competing in taekwondo at the take care games that taylor overseen spans won't be able to come and what she can paint how does that make you feel. well. i think it was probably to be expected we've that such an unusual year. you know because of pandemic i guess it kind of makes sense but it definitely will be different for me one day biggest things about lympics is having that supports. you know flooding from family and friends so analytics without that is going to be with but let's face it it's been a very. hair really has and what about the japanese fans i know that you were
1:49 pm
telling me earlier that you're expecting a specific atmosphere when you get there from that. yes i mean japanese bands are notorious for being in very quiet and very polite is like small influxes of excitement then it goes very quiet again so i'm very fortunate to have competed in japan before so i'll be used to it but i think it's going to be a bit of a culture shock for many libyans who have been that previous sports events is going to be a bit different how it worked it is what it is i'm just very happy and grateful that the olympics is happening and why not why not different doesn't always mean bad it certainly doesn't well there's been a lot of talk about the athletes being vaccinated before they get to take care what's your own situation will you be vaccinated and has changed maybe said anything to you about vaccinating the team i would not be getting back and they did
1:50 pm
the message i have received from team g.b. is that there will be no mandatory back seen. i'm of the mindset that it's not necessary i have full confidence in the japanese organizing committee see and team g.b. to make this let's say this clean list environment but there's ever been for an olympics in history with book global pandemic situation i think we can all expect that so i don't think the vaccine will be made mandatory but he at least was that think the japanese organizing committees but do everything they can we've just seen what what they're doing with the foreign affairs not being allowed to come in they go through everything they can to make sure it's safe all the athletes we spoke to at the end of last year about training in this pandemic you've been quite lucky you've been able to train some athletes haven't been able to train they haven't had the access to facilities so are you concerned about the take care and
1:51 pm
picks being a level playing field. i think it's going to be a real concern we are right now currently seen a 3rd wave going across europe believe paris and some areas of france will be shut down for one month i know it's early is now going back into lockdown maybe in a lockdown already so that's going to affect many athletes across the globe not just in europe i know toronto and some parts of canada so these are big nations who we normally expect to win big medals at the olympics my heart goes out to those athletes who are training tool which has already been massively affected. is going to be even more protected and we are very fortunate that g.b. take wonder where we've been a loud to train gz why elite athlete exemption it's been very organized i'm very
1:52 pm
grateful that but across the world i know that is not the case for everybody plenty of quarantine and lack of access to facilities another being that nobody's really mentioning is the qualification situation half of the athletes have still not been able to qualify due to the cold but pandemic so that's massive in excel i believe the box in qualification. but 20 men got halfway through the athlete's qualified then they had to cancel the tournament last year so it's hard to boxers still waiting to know what's going on and that's not just box and that's across all the sports so there's a lot of things to clear up in this for months before we get to tokyo and just very briefly you've got 4 months now to prepare how are you feeling a failing gold medal fit. very very it's yes bronze in london sylvie in rio and i'll let you finish. the only better one chase
1:53 pm
in tokyo is about gold medal it's been difficult it's been hard to focus to maintain focus but thankfully i've got a wonderful team around me jerry hall is a tremendous leader great coaches great athletes and we will help each other to get to this point so 1000000000 gold medal pits and i can't wait but he opportunity to get back on that podium and on top this time because i want to be number one well you sound so positive and we wish him all the best in take you know taylor mohammed thank you very much for speaking to us thank you very much for having me and i'm always positive. world tennis is world number one novak djokovic has pulled out of next week's miami open because of current virus or strict restrictions he says he wants to spend time at home with his family instead rough on a doubt also withdrew from the event this week and roger federer decided earlier this
1:54 pm
month that he wasn't going to play either meanwhile world number 8 sandra little ed had his 23 match a.t.p. 500 winning streak ended by compassionate aslam cat set in dubai cats have won the russian semifinal 2 sets to won the australian open semifinalist also becomes the 1st wildcard to reach the device finals since 1907 place south africa's void harris . but not even an earthquake could stop world number 7 alexander's berra from reaching the final in mexico the 5.7 magnitude quake struck during the 2nd set of his semifinal match against dominic kupfer both the players and the umpire were left surprised but there was unshaken as he went on to win in straight sets. now as the u.f.c. in a fight has been cancelled after one of the contenders fainted twice during the weigh in this was bantamweight you don't go on the scales in las vegas before staggering back and collapsing after
1:55 pm
a few minutes to live with the lithuanian said she was fine and stepped up again but the same thing happened she was taken to hospital and her fight was called off many combat sports athletes often subject themselves to severe dehydration in the build up to fights in order to make weight which leaves them vulnerable to situations like this. a right that is obvious but for now i have more for you later thanks very much joe. a long dormant volcano is erupting in southwestern iceland situated between the capital ratio of the international airport but no one has been ordered to leave but a no fly zone is in place the 1st eruption in this part of the country had always 800 years. south korea is using artificial intelligence to breathe new life into music so popular entertainers are forgotten and that includes people like freddie mercury of queen fame who died 30 years ago from what brought explains. it's a t.v. show that brings together 2 great passions in south korea popular music and
1:56 pm
technology a computer is told to sing like pop star kim kwan salt who died 25 years ago it then recreates his voice to deliver a song written long after his death. to the amazement of his fans. the same technology produces the distinctive vocal range of the late freddie mercury from queen to sing in korean. stars of the past brought back to life thanks to a i when i watch the reactions of these people to conform their yes this is the we have to go and this is a future of the artificial intelligence the company developing the cutting edge software is not only recreating voices but changing existing ones mary have little to make you younger i really had a little and a woman was wired to it's one of the growing number of start up companies located
1:57 pm
in south korea's equivalent of silicon valley on the outskirts of seoul that sassenach the government wants south korea to be a pioneer in ai as part of its push towards transforming the economy with high tech innovation to korean government is implementing the digital new deal project to transform the country into an advanced economy and humans battling ai is helping fuel the debate on popular t.v. in this show a former golf champion takes on a robotic opponent in another contest a renowned de tray. asked to beat a computer program trading on the stock market and on another network a well known news reader mates for the 1st time computer generated double to show none of us is indispensable or beyond manipulation for south korea all this technology has very serious applications as our lives are transformed by the models
1:58 pm
of artificial with televisions bringing about changes where the we like them. but with brought out. some saw through. the news for now hadrian's up with a full half hour of news that don't go away but stories. what should americans be thinking and doing right now it should be about ideas they don't care about their work is all they care about is making money china is not going to be left out of the calling for the bloated defense budget to be high the
1:59 pm
bottom line on us politics and policies and their effect on the world. mixing the traditional with the mountain nobody knew what to expect ignoring cause divides the only thing with united there was the music greek music to the speakers wielding the power of music to turn up the volume on india's social injustices when i saw the performance i was like wow and shake things out we went on stage or something brought us to just simple witness kostis collective on al-jazeera. the health of humanity is its stake a global pandemic requires a global response. w.h.o. is the guardian of global health delivering lifesaving to loose supplies and training to help the world's most vulnerable people uniting across borders to speed up the development of tests treatments and effects see keeping you up to date with
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what's happening on the ground in the wood and in the land now more than ever the world needs w.h.o. making a healthier world for you. to everyone. for . fearing another wave of covered by a team several european countries impose new restrictions and walked out will be speaking to the u.k.'s vaccine minister. however if it again this is al jazeera live from doha also coming out another day of violence a man laws and teco protest has continued to defy the military. and been attacked lames the rats call from president biden to end
2:01 pm
a hate crime against asian americans. and turkey has an impact organizers say that .


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