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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  March 20, 2021 6:00pm-7:01pm +03

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telling the name to many as the blood alliance inside this in a lower car town part one of a key part investigation people in power on al-jazeera talk to al-jazeera. you tell me the government you represent is now illegitimate and we listen we do not sell the fence material any country the conflict in yemen we meet with the global news makers and about the stories that matter. al-jazeera. hello i'm not matheson and this is the news hour live from doha coming up in the next 60 minutes fearing another wave of covert 19 in several european countries impose new restrictions and lockdowns. anti-government protests in thailand
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hundreds of people break through police barriers to reach the world powerless. american and chinese diplomats wrap up tense talks the frosty atmosphere leaving a cloud over what comes next. and protests against domestic violence in istanbul president out of one post turkey out of a global women's rights convention. i'm joined again with sports take here the nicest band overseas fans from attending this year's games because a face over the spread of corona virus. parts of europe are back under lockdown as the continent struggles with the rising number of coronavirus infections france poland and ukraine are imposing new restrictions hoping to fend off a 3rd wave parisians rush to. leave the french capital before the lockdown came
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into force they are packing trains and jamming roads germany's national disease control center is warning coronavirus cases are rising at an exponential rate and that means it could add new measures in the coming days but infections in the u.k. are dropping and the british government says it's on track to give every adult at least one job by the end of july and the tasha bottles joining us live from paris natasha talk us through how the lockdown is going there. yes people in paris and 15 regions in france in their 3rd lockdown was well underway but it has to be said it's certainly a more flexible lockdown than the previous 2 people are allowed to stay out all day for example their time is limited to just one hour and they can also move around within a 10 kilometer radius which is more than before it was one kilometer in the past
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never the less shops are shut that adds to the many other businesses that have been closed since october including restaurants bars in the mars cultural and sports facilities schools will remain open though and some so-called non-essential shops in the past such a float for some bookshops are permitted to open this time so a little bit more flexibility the government there however has said that these restrictions are very important they are calling upon employers to make sure that as many staff as possible work from home because many people started to sort of filter back to their various offices the government say that we are here in france and parts of the country firmly in a 3rd wave cove it infection cases have been rising over the last few weeks nearly 40000 a day for the last few days asserting much higher than 10 days ago when it was about 20000 a day and in paris doctors say that the intensive care units are nearly saturated
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in fact some hospitals in the city have had to fly their patients out of the city to hospitals in different regions of france so an alarming situation says the government they are calling on people to be vigilant they are hoping of course that these restrictions will work and stop the spread of the virus there french government have been really avoiding having to put restrictions like this back into place how are people feeling about the government know that they're facing yet another round of restrictions. yes beginning of the year the french president emanuel mark rohr made it very clear that he wanted to avoid another national lockdown at all costs so from the french government's point if you they are still managing to do this they are saying look we are relying on regional restrictions but we haven't had to reimpose a national lockdown they have managed to keep schools open since last may even though for example schools in many of the european countries like germany have shut
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for extended periods over the last year so the governments are trying to put a positive spin on it also saying that all the weeks that have not been in lockdown with all of north in lockdown in the regions those are not now under these special restrictions well that's how the economy has helped people's mental health in those areas so that's very much the government line however of course some medical experts and doctors are saying that these restrictions are not going to be strong enough that we may end up down the line in another national logjam because they say that the virus is spreading so rapidly particularly because it is being fueled by the multiplication of the so-called u.k. variant of the virus so they are warning we could have some very tough weeks to come but actually thanks very much indeed just a touch a bottle talking to us from paris well earlier we spoke to the u.k. vaccines minister. told all jazeera the governments everywhere are working hard to
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ensure people know vaccines are safe. vaccine conference is incredibly important to all of us around the world it's why we through our presidency of the g 7 are leading a program around communication of vaccine conference not just to european union or the united kingdom but also to the rest of the world because there is a tsunami of misinformation disinformation you quite rightly talk about the anti vaccine. that. worrying people and you need to get that information translated into many languages and information out there that people can rely upon when they make vaccines are safe they are saving millions of lives every year whether the vaccine is a whole year will measles mumps and rubella now cope as well so the important thing to work together i think you're right to say that when people hear mixed messages
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it can have an impact we saw it anecdotally some people sort of leave their g.p.'s and worrying about it but actually the numbers have come back up again in a really pleasing way we're now over 50 percent today of the adult population. protected with that 1st dose mark on lance is a professor at the university of london and the reader institute for medical research and he's joining us from brussels is great to have you with us tonight is it a thank you very much indeed if i understand it correctly i mean germany france italy and spain had a void like the big spikes of infections that we had seen in the u.k. at least towards the end of last year but now we're in a situation where these countries are all facing potential lockdowns what's happening and why the change. i think europe and many other countries around the world are or at least the book relation perceives that they're in an endless cycle of the epidemic going up and into the mix going down and that cycle is accompanied of course then by long runs and subsequent relaxations there is
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a lot of pressure on the population to keep the moral i it's it's not easy to do in these in these circumstances and i think that the only solution to stop that and the cycle is is going to be the vaccination program how much responsibility for all of this does do the governments hold because obviously they are trying to balance the health considerations with the economic considerations that led as we know to several governments delaying the start of lockdowns does that play into this and does that mean that the government is trying to get ahead of the game this time by bringing these lockdowns in this time and. that's what you would hope you would vote governments would be would have wizened up by now and would realize that if they impose a lockdown early and not shorten the do you ration of the lock down but making that decision that ocular decision is extremely difficult or proves to be extremely
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difficult for some governments secondly we're hearing reports which were not yet been able to establish that there is some backlash already and in parts of germany because of a potential lockdown there this must have been a consideration for the government about the potential public backlash to these lock downs how do you enforce a lockdown on people find you're facing a problem like that. when you when you announce a look down you should not allow that to for a bit because then people get organized and some some position can really form however i think we should stress that the response of the population overall has been extremely positive people except they know what's going on they basically receive fire all of the classes for over a year now so they realize well well that's what's at stake then and they accept these measures and most people read a follow these extremely unpopular measures really very good part of the issue in
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the last period for that when we've had the pandemic is of course the difference in information that has been coming out and different interpretations of the information that governments have been giving how much are people just at the point of basically suffering fatigue from the pandemic and how can we push people through that fatty fatigue and realise that the vaccines as you say are probably the solution but they mean this may not be ending anytime soon. this is extremely crucial and this becomes increasingly difficult course but the cavalry is at the horizon we can we can but we were vaccinating him not in all the countries in in europe and we see small successes countries that were 1st in start new traction engine campaigns there you can see it going down and then other countries such as belgium where we're starting to the action issue campaign results net about 10 percent of the population but we've actually to the elderly homes we can celebrate
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that we have almost no more than the anymore in the elderly omes so i think we have to point to the successes of the next election campaign and that's why the problems with the with our star seneca and country stopping the vaccinations i think unnecessarily. is is not a good thing because confidence and positivity is going to be key or they're going to be key to guide us in the whole crees going to be the final part of this is a. lot of advice we appreciate your joining us and i'll just say to thank you very much indeed for your time thank you pakistan's prime minister has tested positive for cover 19 and on consols that is to confirm the infection as has khan is self isolating at home he was vaccinated just 2 days ago pakistan is grappling with rising infections as the government rolls out inoculations starting with health workers. but more ahead on the news including a day after the u.s.
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secretary of state's met his chinese counterparts the american defense secretary visits india. they will attack. iran. a call from president biden to end hate crimes against asian americans. and an earthquake shakes a tennis semifinal in acapulco that's coming up with joad sport. but 1500 protestors in thailand have broken through barriers around the king's ceremonial residence in bangkok police used water cannon to push them back since mid last year a movement's growing demanding the government resigns and reform has been made to the monarchy but he chang has more from bangkok. the police fired water cannon and then charged against them also firing tear gas and her peer to have pushed them
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off none the less i think this is a sign once again that these protests have bubbled up now it's i think important to note here that the protesters were far outnumbered by the police about 1500 protesters we think of more than 3000 riot police were deployed we're not seeing the kinds of numbers in the protesters ranks that we were seeing towards the end of last year where we were seeing tens of thousands of people coming out very difficult at this stage to gauge whether the sting has gone out of the protests but there is an awful lot of unhappiness amongst the protesters and elsewhere the protest leaders have been arrested currently awaiting charges of less majesty of insulting the monarchy which is being fairly freely handed out at the moment in time and particularly against the protesters but i think also the government has really made no substantial of efforts to look at reforming. the constitution and
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the administration that they were so unhappy about the still very much in place there to support proxy wanted she's dean of the faculty of political science at university is joining us now via skype it's good to have you with us on al-jazeera tony was just explaining a little bit of the background to these protests but it sounds as though they are going to continue unless the government does something how likely do you think that is. thank you for having me when we look at doing is to start. there. and then the 2nd that was our. line and but we what we can see really is what happened from last year is an ongoing protest to call for reform and actually dan has remained in line for the prime minister and he's fallen into it because they with this government
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releasing a couple meant because. we had an election in 2009 and but because the constitution was drafted by the military who led by prime minister they did. and they call all rewrites and all new. people. and that is amendment that's the last week at the parliament there are men. and women in mind the form of the institution of the morning and i think when you look at. their. list with their future if they're one and then be a democratic country but what we have seen today and now become men is actually trying. different test because they are employed in markets but then to go in
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actually one to remain in their release you wanted to stand by keeping it on station and that. so did. a man rain man did to. remove the power of the point that $257.00 and that was in order to ensure that. the men. that we have seen and the irish thing is that. that on a few more elements with indictments so that this is the very important for the future of democracy and if it's not let me say i'm going to interrupt you because i want to find out what the mood of the people on the ground is in thailand they've been living with the situation with these protests for since the middle of last year as you say it seems as though both sides are pretty much entrenched in where
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they stand and yet people in thailand are trying to carry on their daily lives are people getting fed up with this or do they genuinely believe that the time is right for change he had to resign because now we have the current so is it true that have been in support of men and of course those groups with the and they don't want to go on but protest and get one to the country to be more democracy to be a democracy country didn't mean you won't give them up it's a pretty specific them. if you will and most people if you don't believe that we have to modernise the myth and very especially after the past and 14 and we couldn't have you have almost absolute control on everything so it's. protests that have been very very disparate and it just one too which
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is new government to evolve and who are many. more in markets but then what we have seen the future and it's situation would actually go on like is from my own because the government. i. don't want to take strong action because if anything. then that would mean the end of that power now to the point party line ranch where your time sir i'm afraid time is against us but thank you for joining us on al-jazeera yet thank you 2 days of testy talks between the u.s. and china have shown there is little common ground to reset relations that have sunk to the lowest level in decades both sides have described their meetings as constructive but big differences remain our diplomatic editor james bays reports from anchorage where the talks took place the chinese delegation arriving for a 2nd day of these talks. to you. face to face again with their
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u.s. counterparts this time the door was quickly closed and reporters were not invited into the room where less than 24 hours earlier the 2 sides had spent over an hour denouncing each other in public. when the talks concluded this time the words were more moderate in tone although the u.s. still make clear the areas where there was the biggest disagreement we. we certainly know knew going in that there are a number of areas where we are fundamentally at odds. transactions and john. gardner was on hand to bet recently i want to as well as actions that it's taken in cyberspace. and. it's no surprise that when we raise those issues really indirectly we got a defensive response there were also though the u.s.
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said issues where the 2 countries interests intersected including iran north korea afghanistan and the climate crisis the chinese delegation later gave a statement to chinese media in their hotel presenting a reasonably upbeat assessment these time steady dick dialogue and addict frank and constructive the biden administration for now has been able to stick to its plan asia policy on a trip to the region the secretary of state and the defense secretary kept to their promises they would construct a strategy after consulting fully with their closest allies and in anchorage as they said they would they talk tough with china on some issues while endeavoring to work with it on others after the explosive starts of this meeting the 2 brief statements at the end show that both sides want to lower the temperature for now but the divisions a deep and they're real and it's far from clear whether there's been any actual improvement in relations between the 2 most powerful countries on earth james pays
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out 0 anchorage. the u.s. defense secretaries reiterated warnings to allies that they should steer clear of russia's s. 400 air defense system lloyd austin made the comments in new delhi where he's been meeting india's defense minister india's paid 800 $1000000.00 towards purchasing the s $400.00 but no pods have been delivered yet the u.s. placed sanctions and turkey last year for buying the russian system austin's trip is seen as an effort to counter china's regional influence. as a defense and security affairs analyst he says china will have been a significant focus. the elephant in the room whenever india and the united states talk is clearly china and that is likely to have been good right at the top of the agenda especially given that the indian army has been in a face off on the himalayan border for 11 months now in kashmir. the indians also
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cooperate with the united states navy in the south china sea in the pacific area that would also have come up for discussion but also the major defense partnership india is a major defense partner of the united states they would have discussed ways of doing that partnership forward joint exercises joint military exercises i should say. overall you know from the united states for interview this was the signal to all its allies in the region that we are here china continues to do large or not as a major security threat and the allies will be consulted and taken into account whereas when the united states takes any decisions in the area if the u.s. ever gets together of 1000 ships me it has spoken of doing including the ships of all its allies the indian navy which is $100.00 ship navy is going to be right up there that don't have that grew big so there is there has been
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a lot of cooperation many joint exercises many creating it's. sort of a building up of interoperability between the indian forces and u.s. forces in the into pacific so to that extent there is a real sort of a role for india the u.s. presidents often support asian americans and announce a surge in hate crimes targeting their community joe biden and vice president calderón horace visit atlanta where 8 people were killed and i'm not shooting the reports from washington d.c. . trying to console a nation president joe biden said on friday evening that hate crimes against asian americans needs to stop too many asian americans have been walking up and down the streets and worried waking up each morning the past year feeling their safety in the safety of their loved ones are at stake they've been attacked blame
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scapegoated harassed they've been virtually assaulted physically assaulted killed the comments came in a previously planned stop by president biden and vice president camila harris in atlanta where on tuesday 8 people were killed 7 of them women 6 being up asian descent the alleged gunman a 21 year old white man was arrested and charged with the murders investigators have so far resisted calling the murders a hate crime but on friday vice president harris herself of asian descent as her mother was born in india said racism is alive and well in america ultimately this is about who we are as a nation. this is about how we treat people with dignity and respect everyone has the right to go to work to go to school to walk
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down the street and be safe. and also the right to be recognized as an american in new york where there have been more than 10 documented hate crimes against asians in recent months a peace vigil was held calling for an end to the violence really holds i really hope this is the culmination of the hate and teaching the asian americans have recently that they will not have to be another vigil in this seemingly never ending speech of hate against asian americans while in atlanta biden stopped at the headquarters of the centers for disease control and prevention or c.d.c. to thank the officials there it was meant to be a celebration of sorts as the u.s. has distributed over 100000000 vaccines with the president saying he expects to reach 200000000 in the next couple months president biden and vice president harris
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planned a political rally on friday night and it led to but decided to cancel it and instead met with members of the asian american community in the wake of the tragic shootings gabriels on doe al-jazeera washington. japan's confirmed that overseas fans will not be allowed to attend this is talking olympics the band's not a surprise but it is unprecedented and it's another significant blow to the games already delayed because of the pandemic events talks reports. with $125.00 days to go until the olympics in tokyo the organizers have made a major call for the 1st time in the game's history there will be no overseas friends in an effort to reduce the spread of coronavirus we have to take a decision so which are may need to sacrifice respecting who these priorities of the safety of. all impede your games this is largely been driven by
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the japanese public recent polls have shown a growing skepticism about holding the games and of particular letting foreigners in during a global health crisis is there an easier take we thought we should make a decision early because of accommodation and flight reservations they were also request domestically for making a decision as soon as possible. set to cost $25000000000.00 the tokyo games are already the most expensive ever and the absence of foreign fans will make a further dent in the budget tokyo's hotels restaurants and other businesses will miss out on valuable trade and around a 1000000 tickets already sold abroad now need refunding british fans just in reid had tickets and flights booked but he's looking on the bright side if you're sat on your sofa watching it you know you can record it in your own time watch what you want to watch you can flip between the 2 you can get as many events as you want so i will merely picks may have lost me in past but i will still be watching and a bit of them are around 4500000 tickets have been bought domestically but while
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japanese fans are expected to be allowed in the venues will almost certainly operate at a reduced capacity in japanese are notorious for being very quiet and very polite is like small influxes of excitement then it goes. quiets again so oughtn't to compete in japan before so we used to work but i think it's going to be a bit of a culture shock. athletes like to tell him how it continued to train all around the world and organizers still have the massive challenge of bringing in more than $15000.00 of them for the olympics and then the paralympics. the next big test will be the olympic torch relay which is coming up on thursday starting in fukushima 10000 runners will crisscross japan over the next 4 months to reach the opening ceremony on july 23rd local crowds just like their foreign counterparts are being asked to stay away. david stokes out 0. still ahead an al-jazeera brazil's
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president goes to court to stop regional governments from posing lockdowns despite a rise in infections. and in sport and you have seen fights called off after one of the fighters things said the way it. well after one day of record breaking march temperatures things are settled down around the gulf states that their house down to a maximum of 32 degrees daryn is pretty similar and riyadh with that show mild blood not a particularly dusty one and the weather is now typical for most of the year which is more or less dawn to dusk sunshine there is more cloud building in the levant and in syria and iraq as active weather in turkey but germany speak he's the winter coming across into egypt and they bring with them dust which will show the next
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change i think 1st of all a dusty breeze another run through i think the passing states north of saudi arabia and then eventually further east as well i don't think will generate much in the way of thunderstorms but it might generate one or 2 but they'll be a pall of rather dirty air all the sandy and dusty air coming across syria and iraq and work into northern parts of saudi. now we have got a lot of shasta philippine south after this on shore breeze coming it's a brief need to always builds thunderstorms it looks like most of the active weather stays offshore temporarily but the time we get to sunday something very obvious moving up through south africa crossing the border into southern mozambique these may well produce flash floods in this part of southern africa. but. they are hold her most hard core. after egypt's revolution that fashion turned into something. big guy.
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mixing the traditional with the mountain nobody knew what to expect ignoring kath divides the only thing which united their voice the music greek music blaring through the speakers wielding the power of music to turn up the volume on india's social injustices when i saw the performance i was like wow and shake things out we went on stage or something we brought us to do something that witness consciousness connective on al-jazeera.
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you want your legacy to remind of our top stories this hour parts of europe are back on the lockdown as the continent struggles with rising coronavirus infections france poland and ukraine are among those clamping down germany's warning the cases a rising exponentially. about 1500 protesters in thailand have broken through barriers around the king's ceremonial residence police used water cannon to push them back since middle of last year and movements grown demanding the government resign its reforms were made to the monarchy. india and the u.s. have agreed to enhance security cooperation but the visiting u.s. defense secretary has also warned india and other u.s. allies against purchasing the russian military systems. well coronaviruses is
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surging again across much of latin america in brazil rio de janeiro's closed its famous beaches intensive care units near 100 percent of their capacity fears are rising in neighboring argentina over the government's imposed restrictions and is discouraging any travel and most of chile is on a strict lockdown as new infections come close to the record highs of last june let's for more let's go to daniel who's in buenos aires to just bring us up to date with you if you can with what the situation is across latin america because we do seem to be seeing another surge in several countries. what we do regarding the situation in few countries in latin america is promising with regards to the pandemic as you've mentioned the beach is closing in brazil they have closed before we're going to have to see what kind of measures are taken to police of those measures they've also banned the income incoming traffic buses
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bringing sure it's in rio de janeiro to limit the numbers of people on the beaches there and that has caused a great deal of concern in neighboring countries the government here in argentina on friday reduce the number of flights coming into the country especially from brazil remarkably many are still taking their vacations on brazilian beaches and the government asking them not to do that here the situation in the hospital is more or less under control but what we're not seeing is a great roll out of the vaccination program which was promised towards the end of last year beginning of this year and it's great fanfare we're seeing presidents vaccinating themselves the 1st there with early people the failed health workers being vaccinated the vaccines in many places seem to have dried up we're not getting them here in argentina the one country that has been successful with the vaccination program is chile but despite a very successful vaccination program something like 30 percent of the population
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receiving the vaccines there as you mentioned the numbers of people being infected still going up there we're also seeing a number of scandals around the region ecuador has just lost its 3rd health minister since the pandemic started again another scandal with ministers ensuring that their friends and colleagues are vaccinated ahead of those who have been promised the elderly health professionals essential workers so that is a trend right across the region we've lost health ministers in brazil in argentina in peru and ecuador now the 3rd the 3rd one after just 19 days in office so a very patchy picture right. the region some vaccines are still arriving arrived in the paraguayan early today you require as well but not nearly fast enough the numbers still going up especially as we've mentioned in brazil and people read kind of desperate very impatient to have those vaccinations and see an end to this pandemic but it doesn't look like it's on the horizon and it's time soon there one
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can imagine that people are anxious to get the vaccinations but of course they're now facing more lockdowns as well done a lot there how are people reacting to yet another wave of restrictions and lockdowns because they've been through so much over the last several months in latin america. well i think one of the greatest problems in latin america is that so many people work in the informal economy and they simply can't afford to stay at home they know the figures they see what's happening but they really can't afford to listen to their politicians saying please stay at home we need you just you know we need you to stay indoors especially when they're seeing their own politicians flouting the regulations and it's very difficult to get that message across i mean some people are those who can afford it are that many more out on the streets selling their wares doing the work that they have to do as you say impatience as well and we see the in the last few weeks people heading to the beaches in brazil when the last the last time they they they put the restrictions
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on they're also pop people holding parties with hundreds of people poorly ventilated rooms not wearing them masks here in argentina people generally do i think the ones i see certainly on the streets are still wearing their mass that have been some people breaking the restrictions but in general people are abiding by the rules and as a result we're not seeing this overburdening of the hospitals that we're seeing in neighboring brazil but the fear is always that it will spread across borders we know it's a virus that doesn't respect borders so yes inpatients and frustration of the politicians really keep repeating the messages about staying at home. or bringing us up to date with the situation of covered 19 across latin america talking to us from one a service in argentina daniel as always thank you very much. well as daniel was just saying over there is nato has closed its bitches to the public as infection rates in brazil sorto record levels why can you not have reports from rio de
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janeiro. the beaches in rio de janeiro seem to be a world apart far from the couvade 1000 pandemic spiralling out of control throughout brazil this couple from neighboring argentina came here despite news that latin america's largest country is facing the worst health care system collapse in all of its history in a bond game in argentina the media catamarans that brazil has become the epicenter of the world's pandemic that ever his dying that it's all doom and gloom but we came anyway and look what we found a paradise. a paradise that will shut its doors on saturday we use mayor has just joined other cities and states imposing restrictions to try and stop infections from spreading killing 15000 in just a week intensive care units across the country we're already running out of beds
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now hospitals in 1000 states say they're running out of medical supplies to into bait their patients given the huge volume of patients we stop to suffer from the scarcity of basic materials we're going to have serious problems in the coming days with cedar tips and neuromuscular blockers and this is happening in all hospitals not just this one. doctors have been calling out for a nationwide lockdown the president. has asked the supreme court to overturn curfews imposed by governors and mayors he says they're violating the constitution and acting as dictators. imposing a state of siege which is unconstitutional they cannot do this without the approval of congress humiliating the population most saying that saving lives can they be saving lives if the starving people. back in rio boll so now those words were received with mixed feelings. brazil is one of the you know countries with
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you know worst number of cases of covert 19 and it's really like preoccupying almost the entire world except our president actually and it's really not. it's not ok i think that it is the law is that it was the month. if politicians are going to stop us from working they must 1st find the means to guarantee our survival i feed my family by selling hotdogs on the beach if i'm forced to stay at home what will happen to us. the beaches in rio are like an open marketplace and many informal workers make their living here crawling everything. how will. they rent chairs they sell art and they have no way of making a living if the beaches are closed specially that they haven't been receiving emergency aid since january. the government has promised
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a new emergency aid package starting in april coronavirus has hit brazilians hard and next week the country is expected to reach another grim milestone when it will have a total of 300000 deaths from covert 19 monica al-jazeera rio de janeiro. there are protests against domestic violence in istanbul is turkey withdrawals from a global women's rights convention president richard the one issued a presidential decree pulling the country out from the 2011 istanbul convention agreement signed by more than $45.00 countries it's a promise by governments to take tougher action on domestic violence motl rape and female genital mutilation critics of the treaty in turkey say it damages family unity encourages divorce and supports the l g b t movement there are some women in turkey who say they can't trust the state to
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protect them from violence and other money. we used to have trust in the government and the police but we can't trust them now we don't have an assurance who will we trust there is no state no police behind us to protect us where are they tell me my mother how is the state protecting her it isn't but i think the law should stay at least it's a deterrent. well turkey's not alone conservatives and right wing governments across central and south east you're of have been fighting against the treaty for years in 2018 the bulgarian government decided not to ratify the convention after the court ruled it violated the constitution slovakia rejected the treaty in early 2020 nationalist and far right groups said it represented extreme liberalism in may hungary's parliament formally called on the government to hold about a fixation and poland said it would start of freshly withdrawing from the treaty in july saying it's ideological and harmful and rebecca kristi's
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a nonresident fellow at the brokered think tank in brussels and she's joining us live via skype thanks very much indeed for being with us. talking about turkey is not the only country to withdraw from this and it says that its critics of the treaty of saying it damages family unity and encourages divorce is that true. it's so discouraging to see turkey where the treaty began the treaty of it's done ball is given its conventional name because turkey was so early to sign on and so to see this change in the name of family it's really a setback when people talk about families what they're really saying is we want to tell you how to have a family and we want to make sure you know that you're not safe unless you have the kind of family that we see that is completely at odds with the kind of values that people were trying to promote with this effort as we were talking about turkey is not the only country to be taking action against their withdrawing or freezing
6:44 pm
their response to this treaty why do you think that is why do you think these particular countries have decided to take this stance. there's been a real rise in traditionalism in response to a lot of the economic challenges of recent years politically it's a hot button issue it's easy to push buttons of some voters to say oh these people are coming for our culture they're coming for our tradition instead of looking what is actually at stake which is the right of women to control their own bodies to decide what kind of medical care they have and who they have relations with which is a pretty basic thing that when you phrase it that way most people support this is this was signed back in 2011 it was signed by 45 countries and yet the stories that al-jazeera and other media networks cover every day give an indication that the levels of violence against women are still very very high did this treaty actually achieve anything. so the council of europe which is the international body that put
6:45 pm
this together is an international coordinating group that really tries to find common cause among countries that aren't necessarily connected by other alliances that's why there are so many countries outside the e.u. working with countries inside the european union and this effort it's an aspiration as opposed to an in forcible trade deal we see unfortunately that women continue to be unsafe around the world in the u.k. this week we've seen reported cases of violence against women committed by members of the police force and the difficulty in finding justice by them and their families the difficulty in protesters being allowed even to speak about this i'm sure you showed the photos of british police forcing women protesters to the ground who were on the streets to say that the police didn't make them feel safe it's a very strange time right now and to see even these aspirational efforts being shut
6:46 pm
down is discouraging to say the least in countries like turkey and the countries that we've talked about poland and bulgar area and so on how concerned are you for the safety of women do you think that as a result of pulling back from this treaty or freezing on it we are going to see a significant increase or are levels are actually just going to carry on as they are unknown. the treaty is more of a symptom of public opinion and public trends rather than a specific cause when you have a situation where people in charge think they can score political points by withdrawing even nominal protections for women in vulnerable populations you have a situation where people who would like to target those who believe they can do so without any sort of penalty this goes not only for women but also for members of the lesbian gay bi and transsexual community and other people who are in any way perceived to be outside of very carefully prescribed definitions of quote
6:47 pm
traditional and that's the danger of talking about the family when people say the family what they're really saying is if we don't like your family you deserve to be punished and that's very chilling it's really interesting to get your thoughts on this rebecca christie thank you very much indeed for being with us on al-jazeera thank you who the rebels have admitted responsibility for a fire at a detention center in sanaa earlier this month at least 45 ethiopian migrants were killed hundreds were injured the who theophany it and ministry of interior says 11 of its fighters threw smoke bombs to stop protests in the facility and that's what started the fire they've now been placed under arrest the u.s. and the e.u. are calling for a full investigation iran's president says the drop in oil prices and increased u.s. sanctions of pushed the country to its worst financial year in decades but haasan rouhani said that despite that the economy still grew by more than 2 percent honey
6:48 pm
made the comments during his speech to mark notes the traditional persian new year . mileti iran that a holy been out of the ball iranians were fighting this virus but they were not only denied international aid to fight it the x is to their own assets frozen in foreign banks was blocked a dramatic drop in oil prices and oil sanctions we had the lowest oil revenues in 6 decades in the past 42 years since the islamic revolution i can't remember a year as difficult and tough as the one that's just finished. urban cities have developments and man ma what happens to 2 protesters have been killed overnight in the city of moggach protests continue across the country despite an increased use of violence by the rights group says at least 237 people have been killed since all sides sochi was deposed on february the 1st. to say at least 2400 people have been arrested by the security forces because of their suspected
6:49 pm
participation. in the demonstrations the vast majority of these people are held incommunicado still and we're hearing increasing reports of sexual based sexual baseball once again and i think it's really important and is that many of these people. have been killed through gunshots to the head by snipers for ready peaceful demonstrations. a u.s. judge has rejected an attempt to postpone the trial of a police officer charged with murdering george floyd last week the city of minneapolis agreed to pay $27000000.00 to george floyd's family lawyers for derrick chauvin the highly publicized settlement jeopardize his chance of a fair trial video of kneeling on george floyd's neck sparked protests around the world last year and death became a rallying cry for the black lives matter movement in the u.s.
6:50 pm
. still ahead and al-jazeera we're going to hear from an olympic taekwondo fighter and what he thinks about overseas fans being shut out of the games. is really is a bracing for a 4th election in 2 years benjamin netanyahu is facing a new set of challenges with a new message vote for the man who brought the vaccine to be enough to secure israel's longest serving prime minister a decisive win. join us for special coverage of the israeli election on al jazeera . when freedom of the press is under threat demonstrators and journalists are dealing with internet outages police intimidation and charges of said dish shift the focus of covering the way the news this covered the listening posts on a. on county of the coast miree draggy save the euro but can he turn around italy's
6:51 pm
struggling economy. and the oil rich libya's unified government uniting the war told he's done west including the country to central banks and chile rethinks china's investment counting the cost on al-jazeera. what's most important to me is talking to people understanding what they're going through here and i just we believe everyone has a story worth hearing. most of the supporters joe rob thank you very much well as you've been hearing fans from outside japan will not be allowed to travel to take you to watch the olympics or paralympics because of the current virus pandemic a joint decision was made earlier by the international olympic committee the japanese government and local denies this who are concerned about overseas visitors
6:52 pm
bringing in cases games organizers will now begin the process of refunding around 600000 overseas ticket holders for the olympics but they won't cover the cost of lost hotel bookings or flights earlier we spoke with a.p. sports journalist stephen weight in tokyo. the i.o.c. the japanese organizers basically bowed to japanese public opinion 80 percent of the people here in one form or another and one poor another have said we don't want the games to go on we want a cancellation another postponement i think one poll said 77 percent did not want overseas fans here so the organizers and the i would see were just bowing to reality you know the reality of the of holding this thing in a pandemic is difficult and they need really as few people involved as possible you know the economic impact short term is very small this is a commie with 5 or 6 trillion dollars the olympics are small potatoes it's a couple weeks what really gets affected is the organizing committee this privately
6:53 pm
funded budget the budget of about $6700000000.00 ticket sales are the 3rd largest income source almost $800000000.00 they're going to lose a big chunk of that in these refunds and the shortfall in this privately financed budget has to be made out by as usual japanese taxpayers the japanese organizing committee is not in charge of refunding this money for these overseas buyers the overseas buyers buy tickets through something called an authorized ticket reseller every country has one every national implementor points one they will be doing the refunding and many of these overseas sellers put on about a 20 percent commission on the tickets so nobody is saying whether the these fees will be refunded certainly the tickets will be refunded but that 20 percent carrying charge i doubt is going to be refunded and i'm sure some some people bought tickets are going to be upset about that for sure before the pandemic a year ago thomas bach the head of the i was c said these are the best prepared
6:54 pm
olympics ever bar none so japan was doing great they might have spent too much money they might have been over budget but they were they had it all in control and then the pandemic set them back it cost them another almost 3000000000 dollars to rejigger this thing but if you step back a little bit you have to think that japan is one of the few countries on earth that could start from scratch and do this again there's very few places that could try this again and japan probably will pull it off because japan is a place where people work hard and very precisely and that's a that's a big plus for these games i think which is taekwondo fight hella taylor mohammed tells us that while it's a big blow to not having foreign fans he's just happy that the games still going ahead. for me wonder biggest things about lympics is having back support. you don't mind it from almost family and friends so and olympics without that is going to be weird but let's face it it's been a very we year we are very fortunate that g.b.
6:55 pm
take wonder where we've been allowed to train gz why elite athlete exemption it's been very organized very group about but across the world no that is not the case for everybody plenty of quarantine and lack of access to facilities another thing that nobody's really mentioning is the qualification situation half of the athletes have still not been able to qualify due to the cold pandemic so that's massive in excel i believe the box in qualification. but when men got halfway through pop the athletes qualified then they had to cancel tournament last year so it's hard to boxers still waiting to know what's going on and that's not just boxing that's across all the sports so there's a lot of things to clear up in this for months before we get to tokyo. and his batsmen have put their team in a strong position in the winner takes all t 20 against england that's despite it's amazing that a fielding by england's chris jordan. catching the ball one handed before
6:56 pm
offloading to jason roy to complete the catching get rid of unlucky batsman soria kumar yes that still india have racked up an impressive $224.00 runs which means and then have it all to do and they're currently $28.00 for one. southampton or into the semifinals of the english f.a. cup after 3 nil whenever bournemouth after setting up their 1st goal nice redmond's brilliant solar run and finish made it to nil he also scored 73rd as they put their premier league struggles aside to make it into the last 4. now to the usa a little i knew as you know insists she's fine despite fainting twice during the weigh in for her fight this was the bantamweight on the scales in las vegas before staggering back and collapsing. many combat sport athletes of elite to hydrate themselves to make weight in the build up to the fights still airing co says the
6:57 pm
problem was that she made wait a few hours too early which left her with no energy for the way and she says now she feels great and ready to fight the athletic commission won't allow it. but not even an earthquake could stop tennis is well number 7 alexander's vary from reaching the final in mexico the $5.00 magnitude quake struck during the 2nd set of his semifinal match against dominic cup for both the players and the umpire were less surprised as fair up was unshaken as he went on to win in straight sets. i didn't know what happened needed dominic i just we just heard the crowd i guess. dish that the light started shaking and you know the crowd felt it more than we did we were running around the court so we actually finished a point during the earthquake so you know we didn't feel much but still i mean obviously. i know it happens here in a couple of witness to before so. i guess it's normal for.
6:58 pm
all right that is all the sport for now gemma will have more feel a bit later rob thanks very much indeed joe that said for me you've got madison for this news i'm going to be back in a moment with more of the day's news johnny then if you can by. from the al-jazeera london broil call center to people in thoughtful conversation generally whenever you talk about race and race and people. with no host and no
6:59 pm
limitations our society has structural racism built into it and need season of studio to be unscripted. convenient blindspots you know some aspects of our history bases have been different types of prejudice coming soon on al-jazeera. al-jazeera has investigative unit take she won 4 months on the cover of course. we had actual victims who had survived torture in detention and saying this was the cause of my arrest revealing the illegal dealings of the surveillance industry. to see if. there's. the nuclear weapons of the 21st century al-jazeera investigation. this was wrong to cheat children away from the appearance and herd them into a school against their will there was no mother no father figures they put his
7:00 pm
in the big player and we sort of looked after so i don't remember the children's names but i'll never forget the kind it is dark secret on al-jazeera. understand the differences and similarities of cultures across the board. take it we'll bring you the news and current affairs that matter to you. favoring another wave of covert 19 several european countries impose new restrictions and locked us. are above us and this is all to 0 live from doha also coming up demonstrations near the king's palace in thailand demands include
7:01 pm
a change to the constitution new elections and the release of protest leaders.


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