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tv   The Listening Post  Al Jazeera  March 20, 2021 10:30pm-11:01pm +03

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on thursday starting in fukushima 10000 runners will crisscross japan over the next 4 months to reach the opening ceremony on july 23rd local crowds just like their foreign counterparts are being asked to stay away. david stokes out 0 was born everything right here al jazeera dot com you can get analysis that takes you behind the headlines that also the option of watching us on live streaming if you. look at the headlines now millions of people have gone back under lockdown across europe as the continent struggles to contain a rise in corona virus infections all of poland and almost a 3rd of france's population under the new restrictions it's a hot one has more from paris. now the government is saying that these restrictions they were absolutely necessary in these regions because covert infection rates have just been soaring in those areas about 38000 daily infections we've seen over the
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last week or so much higher than the previous 20000 about 10 days ago oh the french government saying this is clearly the 3rd wave that is being battled in these regions i see units i see you units for in paris hospitals meanwhile brazil has recorded its deadliest weeks since the pandemic began with more than 2800 deaths reported on friday rio de janeiro's famous beaches of now being closed as governors and city mayors introduce more restrictions and other headlines police in thailand's capital of used water cannon to push back anti-government protesters advancing on the king's palace about 1500 people broke through barriers surrounding cox grand palace calling for reform and curbs to the monarchy. hundreds of people have been protesting in turkey after the government withdrew from the istanbul convention a landmark european treaty designed to protect women from violence was women have
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been carrying purple flags and pictures of victims of violence gathered in istanbul to voice their anger at president wants decision comes amid a rise in violence against women. that are going on here all femicide will rise even more it didn't protect us when it was in effect anyway every day women are killed in the street in the past in the car there are women who are beaten by their lovers in an elevator who reads these stories when you go to the police they say it's ok here's your husband forgive him for the sake of your children but when that woman returns home the same police officers go there the day after and take her to her funeral. and at least 2 more protests have been killed in myanmar rights groups are saying at least 237 people have been killed since the coup on february 1st and up next in the listening post the program. is deploying its digital forces to stifle news coverage.
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somebody so money stays a practice. shooting itself how to do so and on. top of that stuff that's just suppressed 6 the fury let's say that they occupy a topic out. hello i'm richard gilbert and you're at the listening post where we dig into the coverage and look at how news is reported here are the stories we're examining this week me and mark the opposition movement that refuses to go away and is providing news material the mainstream media either won't show or cannot show complete with a soundtrack from the streets a britain braces for
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a broadcast news formula born in america and russia's alexei navalny locked up in prison yet still managing to get the word out. it's been almost 7 weeks now since me and mars' military took power in a coup d'etat deposing the democratically elected government of on song suchi with the resistance refusing to give up and thousands on the streets day after day the crackdown was inevitable and it is proven to be intense sunday march 14th saw $74.00 protesters killed most of them reportedly gunned down by men in uniform this regime is undeniably out to curb the news coverage 5 independent media outlets have had their licenses revoked their right to broadcast or publish taken away dozens of reporters have been arrested the rolling internet blackouts continue anyone with a camera which means just about anyone with a phone is considered
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a threat and for good reason citizen journalists the images they capture the stories they tell provide most of what we know about what is unfolding in me and mark and they are proving to be much better at this technology thing than the generals they're out to take down our starting point this week is young. people are still risking their lives with his feet and we see the dates of protests and if. they say names of the parents you. are willing to risk and be willing to eat everything you like to take. the coup d'etat playbook if there is such a thing reads like us take power from a democratically elected government tell the people you're acting in the country's long term interest take over
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a few news outlets to control the narrative shut down the internet if that's what it takes to tolerate a demonstration or 2 then put on a show of strength. and get on. government that's not how it went down in me in my . brain now the military miserably failed. because over 6 weeks now the military has not been able to consulate the any of them to justice and not only demonstrate in your in that tape but also tonight despite all that healings arrests we continue to come back stronger and try to do everything they can to stop the military and main objective is to get the speech and send it to their wall to show them what's going on so they might not be a professional journalist that they are all doing what they can everyone you has if i don't is a journalist. to post these words for. the region has arrested
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more than to the only people during my time raise. because also. more than a 100. $1000000.00. is like a protest and it is truly a wall is on people and the door to. having deposed on songs to cheese government the junta took more than a month before revoking the broadcast licenses of 5 news outlets including me and mark and the democratic voice of burma those organizations have been doing for one reporting under difficult conditions covering the crackdown feeling its effects they also play an important editorial role with material provided by citizen journalists layering those images with context and more information. burmese reporters spent almost 50 years under military rule before elections in 2011 turned
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the country into a quasi democracy the lessons they learned under that have prepared them for this one. as have some tricks of the trade they picked up during this pandemic. likely. just the 19 or 'd pollution have been pretty much decent place so everybody walking from the remote places. of the stories wherever they are and in fact for us i mean have been operating from exile for 20 years we continue to operate fully we are not a lot to distribute via any kind of. so this car all kinds of publisher for. but despite various challenges we do get published you know but it will be is truly a difficult for all of us if the original capsule of all the internet.
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has is probably. the generals are clearly reluctant to do that to put an indefinite block on the internet and mobile communications the country's 3 g. phone networks have been completely shut down why 5 and broadband blocks come and go the longest lasted 3 days now they come mostly at night when the police raids take place beyond that the junta does not want to go it realizes that since at last held power the world has changed and it needs the internet as much as the news media do. if they shut down the anti or into not than they will be able to find either their business a small be able to functions and actually that will become the favor for the protests just because the protests just to date are trying to do everything to stop
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the economy to to stop all these functions of a governments will and now they have to find another way to only restrict. internet and life life if they shut down the internet. for the whole country they will suffer and they will you know it will hurt the economy so they are having an internal debate between $100.00 to shut down in internet and wanting to stoke the a slew of information going out and on the other hand they want this economy besides and they have the money money keep coming into the pockets. mian mars military leaders have a stake in the economy that is beyond political it's personal they're concerned about business in banking mining tobacco and tell a cause that the generals to. control of the last time they held power and have never relinquished shutting down the internet affects their bottom lines too so the junta has chosen to win the hearts and minds was misinformation internally.
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retired and israeli traitor turned lobbyist to spin the story in the last by contending the former civilian government and the demonstrators china somehow controlled by beijing which is like calling the kettle black and the generals are relying on state owned media outlets like the global new light of myanmar to spread the idea that the protesters killed many of them shot in the head. by their own crime given the mounting evidence collected and shared by demonstrators and me and maurice geo political realities both of those narratives are getting the traction they deserve which is. the military side deep doo doo movie anything new to be using the same old technique and you're like oh dear mistreated killing each other by themself and the. other myanma it's and paying into
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a victim would tell. so so so me a call the day i have. nobody believed and see what happened in the in the hoods. and the option the government t.v. chair move the story become a total opposite and. doesn't walk. the rigid ones to make a good relationship with all the time but this is the reason why there again trying to put forward this. but nobody is taking this seriously. when the norm. without approval from for the chinese. obvious military life a lot of trying. to get it what. they're also going to get at the
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united nations is a. huge amount. of chinese influence know the truth in the. launch that could. prove a green light from the jaw. and the beijing would not tolerate scenes like these on its own strip its citizens contesting the narrative. defied an authoritarian government. and challenging the conventional wisdom of the coup d'etat place which says that 7 weeks into the military takeover the resistance should have faded away but it is not that is the story they are determined to tell come what may. turn into russia now having survived the poisoning widely believed to have been ordered from the very top opposition figure alexina vali is now in prisons
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sentenced to 2 and a half years we did not know his precise location however until this past week in office been following the story where is and of all the and how did we come to learn of his whereabouts while we now know that nirvana is being held in a notorious prison camp east of moscow penal colony number 2 i k 2 and the source of that information is the man himself an instagram account now being run by members of his team his post says he was surprised to learn it was possible to build a real concentration camp 100 kilometers from moscow but he says that overall he's doing well now valley's unseen corruption foundation which is. russian elites including lot of my puter with this huge tube investigations actually released a video about this prison camp not long ago in that we get reports about inmates
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being beaten up by staff novelli says himself that he hasn't seen any violence yet any evidence of violence but he does make reference to georgia a wealthy 19 eighty-four and what he calls education through dehumanization in the valley is part politician part journalist when he was arrested in january that was a huge story in russia give us an idea of how many reporters have paid the price for covering so according to the legal organization ovi d m $4.00 in the 4 weeks after an avanti returned to moscow $11000.00 people were arrested in 125 cities across russia but included more than $150.00 journalists some reporters and activists were charged some were jailed simply for expressing an opinion on social media staying with russia and of i guess yet a moscow newspaper well known for being critical of the kremlin what's this about reports of a chemical attack on its office well there's
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a video of this incident taking place richard a man in a koreas uniform walks up to know via goods yet as office with his bike then sprayed some kind of gas from the back wheel the star said it left a pungent chemical smell the emergency services turn up reportedly find nothing dangerous no harmful substances but this incident just adds to a long list of intimidation and violence faced by staff at the newspaper for their investigative work back in 2006 reporter anna politkovskaya was gunned down in her apartment block in moscow and in 2018 a funeral wreaths and a severed head were left outside the entrances to the newspaper with a note that read to the chief editor of know via the theater message sent thanks to our. after the us presidential election britons were among those shocked by what
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they saw coming out of washington the allegations that the vote was somehow stolen the blizzard of misinformation conspiracy theories the riot on capitol hill with right wing news channels fox and its ilk at the heart of it compared to the american broadcast landscape britain's airwaves are far less opinionated they're more impartial the broadcast regulator off god has seen to that but it's about to change off com has recently approved 2 new news providers both willing to the political right one is backed by rupert murdoch who owns fox news the other will be chaired by one of his former acolytes so why now given that off commas regulations haven't actually changed they're just being interpreted differently well the skeptical view is that boris johnson's conservative government wants to tilt news coverage its way fox news style with a british accent the listening posts flow phillips now on to newcomers looking to
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disrupt broadcast journalism in great britain. i believe the direction of used to beat in britain is increasingly walk around out of touch with the majority of its people. some journalists and commentators seem to contradict the birth of the liberal left assumptions must surely be shared by every sensible person in the wound but many of those same sensible people are fed up they feel left out and so on heard the news is aimed squarely at those people. those are the words penned last month for a right wing tabloid newspaper by a veteran of the british airways andrew neil until recently neil was one of the b.b.c.'s most prominent broadcast journalists now he has a new job chairman and host of the soon to be launched g b news. they're out to disrupt this traditional way of doing television news in
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britain. years disrupt search thinks it will shake things up they're going to probably put forward an opening position and then under the rules they should really have a variety of views expressed within the program now is that going to be other journalists or is it going to be politicians we don't know but it's quite clear from what andrew neil has said about g.b. news that there is an important political element to it. despite his long association with the public broadcast andrew neil has a right wing resume before the b.b.c. he was a murdoch man 1st is that the chair of the sunday times then as founding chairman of sky t.v. neil isn't the only rupert murdoch protege at g.b. news its c.e.o. is a former boss of sky news australia and one of the channel's presenters is down once
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executive editor at murdoch some news paper. on a drive time presenter on his talk radio station the g.b. news doesn't actually have anything to do with rupert murdoch himself and rather than being outdone by those protege murdoch plans to compete with them he's launching something similar from his news u.k. stable a streaming service evenings only it is being set up overseas by rupert murdoch who created for night it states its chief executive is david rhodes who is a former fox vice president but i think it's going to be less political than. now of g.b. news we know that it's much newsier i think much racier going to thrive on opinion which is a new departure for british television i mean not to sound like a crutch to the old marxist but you can tell a lot about an organization by who's funding them so so far cheeping news has managed to attract about 60000000 pounds in investment and
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a significant portion of that money has come from 2 sources one is the like a term fund course also funder right wing think tank or the like it's an institution another source of funding is hedge fund manager sir paul marshall and he's someone who's also funded the vets that campaign so if you're thinking about where g.p. news sits in relation to the political establishment if represents quite a break not just from social democratic or center left values but also center right for the people behind these channels can see there's a gap in the market. they believe that there is an appetite for news which is more popular right wing if you like and this is a very important moment because it's opening up the broadcasting field to new entrants who are by all accounts going to be offering something rather different to a british audience than they've been accustomed to 'd. that's certainly true when
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it comes to the existing television news providers all must follow the rules on impartiality sent by office the regulator as well as their own self-imposed guidelines on political balance i guess one of them is radio nobody's ever asked me about what i don't quite frankly i don't commercial stations like l b c all murdoch's talk radio have recently demonstrated just how violent the regulatory envelope can be perched it's a development that isn't lost on regulators from years gone by i think the key moment was when at least one radio station in the u.k. looked at the rules and said actually these roles don't actually say what we all think they say they do allow in some circumstances for presenting reporters to offer their opinions once they are no longer mandatory we're going to ask to be will be the giveaway of people who i want to know those of us who follow things went back to the rules and said yes you can have a comment on one important condition that other viewpoints are heard they can be
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run up to he's either you have a programme which points one way i don't want criminals in this country what's wrong with trying to prevent them from coming in and that's followed at some point by a program that points the opposite direction with boris johnson courting racist fights proper timing he was going to be quote tougher on immigration or within the program whatever the presenter may say other voices can be heard one of the bosses of off gone recently said that of com had never outlawed the idea of broadcasters having. political viewpoint i think that off color. change is coming is that there is genuine dissatisfaction on the right of british politics with the broadcasting landscape as it currently is. no government is intent or rebalancing that broadcasting landscape in their attempts to drag the country's
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broadcasters to the right british conservatives have long been casting an envious i across the atlantic dominic cummings and till recently the prime minister's chief advisor was doing that as far back as 2004 blogging about quote undermining the credibility of the b.b.c. and creating a fox news equivalent to shift the center of gravity giving news and news u.k. a coming but the right has opened up yet another front advancing that agenda. is about to get a new chair it's a political appointment and the leading contender is a man if we better synonymous with the u.k.'s right wing tabloids rupert murdoch editor in chief of the daily mail group paul dacre well paul dacre to be appointed as head of off home that would be like a point saying hannibal lector chair the vegetarian society is a completely incompatible values and interests how can we put this man who
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fundamentally doesn't really think the b.b.c. should exist who oversaw the pumping out of misinformation as editor of the daily mail he put him in charge of a broadcast regulator. throw in the fact that data doesn't much like regulations press is already. being regulated and that makes him the perfect holy imperfect candidate for the job depending on your politics. in america trust the british conservatives would be wise to remember that it was. regulation into american crude cross sector their appeal of a policy called the fairness doctrine the pave the way for the hyper partisan journalism americans are subjected to today what some call the fox to cation of the us airways we are seeing a gradual erosion of the sorts of standards of impartiality and neutrality that we have enjoyed in this country so the benefits of all we are seeing the beginning of
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a concerted push to change the center of gravity of the british broadcast media as that center of gravity moves to the right there will be more outspoken views expressed on the left the polarized nation is a it's a bit of a one way valve it's very hard to pull back from it the fears about fox that occasion hugely overdone because the regulations remain in place these new broadcasters are still going to be under the control of offical even if paul dacre does get the job change will be gradual evolution really not revolutionary hopefully one of the consequences of having a new entrance on the scene is that we're going to get a healthier balance in the national political conversation it's long overdue. it seems that wait is over. the news is tiny a new way to british news and debate. i believe it will be
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a channel you want to watch but only you can be the truth judge your. t.v. news is yet to broadcast a single 2nd but andrew neil can definitely count on a few people tuning in the regulators. back to me and mar now and the creative ways that activists there have been blending art poetry and music into their pro-democracy demonstrations the burmese have a rich history of protest songs many of the anthems in the streets. today echo the uprising of 1988 that was a pro-democracy student movement also opposed to military rule that ultimately failed landing many of its participants in prison for decades one song being played across the country these days is cut by my table which translates to we shall not surrender til the end of the world it's an adaptation fans of the american band
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kansas and their $977.00 song dust in the wind will recognize the melody we'll see you next time you're at the listening post.
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coveted beyond well. taken without hesitation the forgotten died for a possible power defines our wild dogs new babies were dog i did it. it's the black babies the dead people in power investigates exposes and question the use and abuse of power around the globe. on al-jazeera.
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al-jazeera. hello i'm maryam namazie and london a quick look at our main story now millions of people going back into lockdown across europe as the continent struggles to contain a rise in corona virus infections all of poland and almost a 3rd of france's population under the new restrictions which brings us more now from paris. it was clear from the number of people exercising and joking by the riva saying in paris the people who are making the most of being allowed outside the government.


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