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tv   Up Front  Al Jazeera  April 2, 2021 10:30pm-11:01pm +03

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the accident happened at the start of the festival when people return to ancestral villages to clean the graves of their relatives or taiwan has a vast train network with more than a 1000 kilometers of railway tracks transporting more than 200000000 passengers every year the dramatic mountainous scenery in the east makes it a popular tourist draw which means the eastern row a line is heavily used winding its way through towering mountains and valleys the train derailed just north of the city of haile n. while travelling from taipei to thai tongue adrian brown reports. it was the rescue team scramble to reach passengers trapped in the front carriages carriages that folded into each other after coming off the rails as the train entered a tunnel. this woman yells carriage for carriage for has everyone come out 350 passengers paid for seats with more than 100 others
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reportedly standing with them up for double duty here or i could feel the emergency brake was put on and the train just shook and then stopped it and i didn't i felt the make sense and sometimes you don't know we're fine but some of the passengers in our compartment were injured. on the inside the narrow tunnel emergency workers struggled to reach the indra feeling that there was no other way for us to get out so we had to climb to the top of the train and then climb down i was sitting on the aisle side and i was thrown to the floor. the spokesman for the rail network says the accident was caused by one of its construction trucks sliding from a work site above the truck the fire department later released pictures of what appeared to be the wreckage of the truck beside the d. rail train. this is taiwan's worst of the train accident and it's believed many of the dead and injured were heading home to mark the 4 day annual ching ming holiday
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when chinese people tend to. all this is the scene of the vehicle that has just been involved in an attack outside the u.s. capital we have had confirmation in the past 45 minutes or so that one u.s. capitol police officer has died from injuries suffered in that attack just outside the u.s. capitol the attacker rammed his car at a barricade and then emerged from the car wielding a knife we had an update from from police officers just a little bit earlier on and you can see while the forensic team is obviously on the scene investigation in the early stages but that area will be completely sealed off . as the crime scene and they will be gathering the evidence as part of the investigation of course national guard troops have been deployed although we also learned in that press conference earlier on that there is no ongoing threat as
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a result of this one police officer though has died and the suspect also died at hospital of course initially both officers were hospitalized one tragically succumbed to his injuries we've not had any information about the officer who has died without any information either about the suspect except to say that it's there is no ongoing threat and it doesn't appear to be related to terrorism at this point but obviously that needs to be subject to the investigation and it but it also comes i mean the context this is it comes less than 3 months after armed insurrection a storm the capitol as as congress was voting to confirm joe biden's victory in the election. and so you still have in many ways a police force in mourning for what happened 5 people lost their lives in the
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violence and now this attack comes just less than 3 months later and you can see that the area has been completely sealed off there's nothing to suggest that there is a link between what has taken place what happened on january 6th and the incident today but obviously that's something that has to be explored further and of course 5 people did die in that january 6 riot including a capitol police officer those police were outnumbered in trying to defend the area from the protesters in then. we saw security really being strengthened in the area after what took place that something that you would expect to happen authorities they installed that very tall parameter fence just around the capitol and there were these strict rules in place for months so you couldn't have traffic along the roads closest to the building and it comes just as and then of course
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there was the inauguration and what happened on on january 6th and of course security measures will be fed up but some of those emergency measures will being eased in recent weeks and that's probably likely to be reversed in light of what has happened today condition worth mentioning that conditions and circumstances over also very different right now to the breach of the capitol 3 months ago because actually congress is in recess right now we have the easter break coming up so actually you won't have anyone there in the area pretty deserted but it is worrying that this is a security checkpoint that would be typically used by staff for working in the building and by by senators and congress people. congress to be in session right now. it's not going to necessarily. be a source of reassurance or comfort that it's in recess it will focus minds on
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floors in security and whether attacks of this nature can be prevented because as far as we know i think we learned in that press conference earlier on that the suspect was operating under the radar so it's not clear if police or security services agencies or the f.b.i. would have had any details on this individual if they would have been tracking him if he would have been under surveillance in any way we have been given that information these types of attacks very difficult one to support but nonetheless officials confirming that one police officer has died the suspect is dead there's nothing to suggest that the threat is ongoing but they can see this is the image of the. of the dark colored. sedan that's crashed against that vehicle barrier.
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bring you more on that a bit later but in other news we're following the european union is expected to host a meeting with all parties involved in the 2015 iran nuclear deal next week in vienna the conference will include the united states which withdrew from the landmark deal in 2018 on the donald trump's presidency washington says it's open to direct talks with iran but the iranian foreign minister mohammad javad zarif tweeted that such a meeting is necessary i said big guys move from tech wrong now. well the news was welcomed by iran's nuclear chief he said that it was good news in the fight over who should take the 1st step in terms of the 2015 nuclear deal had now passed he also said that he was optimistic that the deal could be revived now for mr deval 3 1st tweeted he said that the aim is to get those sanctions lifted and then iran would return to its commitments but he also said that there will not be a face to face meeting between iran and the united states he said that it was
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unnecessary now one of the chief negotiators for iran abbas iraq she now what he has said is that there won't be any direct in direct talks between the united states and iran however if the europeans want to go and speak to the united states well that's a matter for them now what he's essentially saying is that iran will not acknowledge any form of direct or direct or indirect talks with the united states but those are possibly take place because the europeans would be talking to the united states now the reason he said that is because of the domestic politics inside the country nothing has affected that to more than the nuclear deal and those sanctions everyday life is affected the banking sector the oil sector the economy has suffered but iran's iran's position still remains the same they don't want to step by step process to this they want all the sanctions lifted that were imposed by former president donald trump and then iran will start returning to its commitments in terms of that 2015 nuclear deal. well now to ethiopia disturbing footage showing
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what could be a mass killing in the 10 grey region has been posted online the video shows men who appeared to be ethiopian soldiers in the town of bear a day ago following unverified footage which we advise our viewers is of graphic content emerged on social media and is reportedly from early march armed men wearing military fatigues can be heard speaking in. just off camera that's the local language they are venting dragging a group of dead men off a cliff with access and internet connections video limited integrates been pretty much under a intimate information blackout it's very difficult to verify this information because the conflict into gray has been months in the making prime minister ahmed took office in 2018 and united ethnic based political parties but the to great people's liberation front teeth p.l.f. which had ruled ethiopia for 27 years refused to join last year promised to
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perspire and elections because of the coronavirus pandemic but the t.p. l.f. called him an illegitimate leader and defiantly held its own local vote in september which was strongly condemned by the government the situation deteriorated rapidly off to tea p.l.f. forces attacked a federal military base in of them by killing dozens of soldiers the government then responded with of an offensive and now controls much of that northern region but the fighting hasn't ended sammul get to choose a journalist based in addis ababa and says that if these videos are authentic they contradict the government's version of events. the prime minister for your p.r. the ultimate has promised there will be a full investigation done but there has been a lot and lots of allegations made against all actors that have been involved in the region so this will take much of the country's resources. the prime minister promised and going to be fulfilled but the kind of allegations we've been hearing
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that from day one we're just beginning to see actual video evidence of the allegations has not been made by the people up to cry from from last year from end of last year watch trucks news or most. people i mean we've been hearing from day one that people have been dying there is an issue of famine that's coming up. there has been limited resources and we've been hearing high numbers of people that have been dying in that region we just haven't been able to see their faces until now and this videos are showing us that there have been people dying and we're beginning to see the faces behind the numbers and that's why it's having on such a strong impact just with the new york and many many countries that have interest in helping ethiopia advance forward. one return to developments in the u.s. capitol now where one police officer has died. succumbing to his injuries following
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an attack by a suspect who rammed his vehicle into a barricade just on the out of primitive there just outside of the u.s. capitol of course security barricade that was in place we had confirmation that he then the suspect then emerged from the vehicle and lunged at police officers with a knife he ignored instructions and commands by the offices the suspect is now dead one police officer has also died there is nothing to suggest that there is an ongoing threat obviously there is an investigation underway and you can see the offices on the scene collecting evidence and combing through the area for their analysis as part of that investigation but that is the image of the car that rammed into the barricade and mike hanna joins us now from washington and mike we are seeing continuing expressions of sadness and sympathy from members of
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congress following the death of another capitol police officer just not 3 months after the insurrection on january 6th. yes indeed the speaker of the house nancy pelosi has ordered that all flags be flown at half staff the lockdown now we are told has been officially lifted obviously that lockdown was put in place within minutes of that incident happening shortly after 1 o'clock d.c. time and now the lockdown in the south the perimeter has once again been partially opened up the vent as it is is over it would appear capitol police are saying that they believe that this was the work of how they describe a lone wolf there were no collaborators they insist that this particular point in time as you said 2 people killed the driver of the car who attempted to breach the
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barricade and one of the capitol police officers another capitol police officer was also injured all 3 were originally taken to hospital to the capitol police officer and the driver of the car subsequently died details as well be driver apparently attempted to break through the barricade outside of the congress just of constitution avenue which is a road running up behind me here he tried to get through a barricade about 100 meters up that particular road he lunged as the capitol police put it at the police officers you had a knife or a machete in his hand so there we have the details 2 people. dead now dead as a result of this incident but the lockdown naam area has been lifted although the security arrangements that had been in place since january the 6th although they've been partially lifted they are still there as you can see the fence that was a wreck to the round the entire capitol complex along with those concrete slabs
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that you see were all put in after general of the 6 so those security details remain in place another thing that must be mentioned is the immediate deployment of the national. oh god here now 2 and a half 1000 members of the national guard stayed in d.c. after the general the sick the bent at special request they were deployed within 30 minutes of this event happening they immediately became part of the cordon that was a risk to the around the entire capitol complex this is very different from what happened on january the 6th then it was a number of hours before the national guard were deployed questions still being asked about why it took so long for the deployment of the national guard on this occasion within 30 minutes as i said the national guard was in place securing the perimeter around the capitol so certainly much quicker action then and also an indication of just how more intense the security and response to any threat has
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gotten since the events of general 6 obviously because of those particular events mary i'm all right thank you very much for now mike hanna in washington. now the netherlands is a spending the use of the astra zeneca covered 19 vaccine for people under the age of 60 following the death of a woman who had received a shot around 10000 scheduled appointments have now been canceled the woman was one of 5 people who suffered blood clots between 7 and 10 days after vaccination it comes a day off to germany halted the use of the vaccine for people under the age of 60 meanwhile germany's just reported 21000 daily infections it goes through its 3rd wave of the pandemic the nation was going to be under a strict lockdown over the easter weekend but that was scrapped last week and just a day after it was announced and as stephanie decker now reports from palin as more
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and more confusion the government's policy. it's a constant adjustment julian boy says he had to sell a successful 126 mexican restaurant now focusing mainly on burger deliveries but it's also about keeping up with the current virus restrictions monitored by local authorities known as the arkansas got to enforce all the rules as well which was tricky because every week the rules changed a few times the order came in and they weren't even sure of the rule or time one of one of them was googling right in front of me when i was supposed to be doing and feel no that confusion apparent in a rare public apology from the german chancellor just today after announcing a strict lockdown during the easter holiday which would have seen even supermarkets closing their doors and americal said she made a mistake would not happen not because it wasn't needed but because it was too last minute and had confused people. germany's vaccination campaign has been sluggish
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because of delays in the delivery of vaccines but also the decision not to give the astra zeneca shot to people under the age of 60 after reports of blood clots only 10 percent of germans have been vaccinated so far the country is facing a 3rd wave of the virus who germany's top disease control body warning this one is showing signs it could be worse than the ones before despite the back and forth new measures have now been introduced here in the capital and they include things like having to present a negative covert 19 test before entering what the government deems non-essential businesses things like getting a haircut and you going to have to wear a mosque of a certain medical category before entering all shops because it's not mandatory outside. a similar theme emerges when we asked people about the lockdown measures and i might be country and they could be more united i mean once they decided to say we'll do it like this and then a few days later they do something different i find that a bit difficult. because it is going to do is get out of here not consistent either
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you say there is a lockdown then everyone stays at home like for example in munich whereas in berlin they say one thing but then a few days later it's completely different they are not consistent if you want something done and implemented hard and strict. for julian as a business owner who was directly affected by the changing rules he says it's unfair if you as a person living in berlin like lockdowns no lock down nothing seems to be clear right now they change the rules on a weekly basis and it seems that the people who cop it the worst of the small businesses so you do get a lot of normal people complaining about being locked down in a home office and all this sort of stuff but there's absolutely no lockdown enforced at all. and with numbers steadily rising again germany's head of the association for intensive in emergency medicine has warned hospitals could were not available intensive care beds within a month if stricter lockdown rules are not enforced stephanie decker urges are.
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now one of india's greatest sportsman the cricketers such intend has been admitted to hospital after contract in covert 19 last week is being treated in this hospital in his home city mumbai and what he says is a precautionary measure the 47 year old batsman retired 8 years ago after a record breaking career and is still one of the most popular and recognised celebrities in india today india reported more than 80000 cases on friday the highest number in 6 months with cases surging in nearly every state. now to me and ma demonstrators a back out on the streets a day after the military government shut down wireless internet services across the country people have been laying flowers in public places to remember those killed during the crackdown in may in ma 2nd largest city mandalay there are reports of more gunfire by security forces at protests as on thursday the un security council strongly condemned the use of violence by the military against civilians but it
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stopped short of any action at china's insistence. well anti india protests have broken out in the disputed region of kashmir after 3 suspected rebels were killed in a raid the suspect died in a gunfight with indian security forces in the cockpit or a village in southern poland. hundreds of people in solidarity with the rebels calling for an end to indian rule over the region. mostly divided between india and pakistan but both countries claim the region in its entirety. and bangladesh at least 3 rango refugees have been killed in a fire he could to pile on camp the blaze broke out at a makeshift market in the early hours of friday morning it comes less than 2 weeks after a large fire destroyed thousands of tents and killed at least 15 people at the camp could have fallen as the world's largest refugee settlement and home to more than 600000. will stay with bangladesh in protest as
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a revolting against a violent police crackdown on demonstrators at demonstrations last week at least 11 people were killed at rallies during the visit of the indian prime minister and the random ody. demonstrations in the capital dhaka. thank you. thousands of people have gathered in front of i come across on the largest mosque in the country most of the supporters from have fathered a slimy and other religious body there demanding the release of their fellow party men who are detained by police and also to bring justice to those killed by police firing in recent violence that have fostered the leftist party have been protesting against modi's visit in bangladesh in last several weeks actually on sunday several people were killed in a shutdown all across the country following days there was also violence when the opposition brought out a rally in trigger garden and dhaka the government said they had to crack down
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because that to quell the violence many buses and trucks were done and many properties were damaged the rights group of criticize the government on cracking down on descending guys there's no room for freedom of expression there's a digital security act which cartels any kind of expression in the social media mainstream media they also say the police have been using heavy handed tactics to quell any kind of legitimate protest in the country in recent years. the united nations has forced 4 of its peacekeepers have been killed in northern mali several others were injured in an attack on a space in the northern town of the u.n. says the attack has also suffered heavy losses but no one has claimed responsibility though there are a number of armed groups one to operate in the region some of them affiliated to i cell. greece is accusing the turkish coast guard of assisting people smugglers great coast guard say they spotted that turkish counterparts is courting filled
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with migrants 6 times in 2 days this is a party one such incident near the island of less boss there's been no reaction yet from turkey but both countries regularly trade blame of the migrants turkey previously accused of illegally sending migrants back without allowing them to apply for asylum it is beyond doubt that these migrants departed that the shore and given the fact they were supported by their key we're not at that is we call on you to stand down and stop this on one of the. route then these migrants to. and live up to the 2016 joint statement on migration we're turning now to developments in the u.s. capitol where there's been another attack a suspect ramming his vehicle into 2 police offices just outside of the u.s. capitol where a barricade was in place he then lunged at the police officers with a knife the suspect is now dead and one of the police offices succumbed to his injuries that has been confirmed that one police officer has died national guard
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troops have been deployed in the area obviously there is an investigation taking place the lockdown the actual lockdown itself has been lifted but obviously the crime scene in the area around that is secure in order to allow offices to do their work well mike hanna joins us now from washington mike has there been any further reaction. well none from what you've just mentioned there confirmation that 2 people killed died in this incident the driver of the car her tempted to breach the capitol along with one of the capitol police officers another capitol police officer was injured his condition at this particular point is not known that speaker of the house nancy pelosi has ordered that all flags be flown at half staff as a result of this event the lockdown that was put in place shortly after tatton just
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after 1 o'clock local time that lockdown has now been lifted although the added security that was put in place after the events and generally the 6 are still there although they had been lowered in recent days the massive fence that was around the entire capitol complex has been taken down in recent days but other security precautions still in place as you can see the long black fence behind me along with those concrete barricades there was an immediate lockdown when this happened and a very speedy deployment of the national guard now some 2 and a half 1000 you can rationally guard officers were kept in d.c. at special request when the others who were brought in after generally the 6 returned to their bases they were on constant standby and were deployed very very quickly in the wake of this incident they were part of that perimeter that was formed around the entire complex here behind me the names of those killed and
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injured capitol police say they will not release until the next of kin have been informed or relatives have been informed capitol police all saying saying they do not believe this incident was terrorist related they describe it as an act of a lone wolf so it does appear that this event is over capitol police have announced that the lockdown has now been lifted and the duplicity fairly dessert. the capitol behind me here because all members of congress have gone away for what used to break a 10 day recess in place so very quiet around the capitol following the use of indeed we can see the streets deserted except for a few cars there as you say the lockdown itself has been lifted off to that attack but obviously the area immediately surrounding the site of the attack itself is under restricted access as officials continue to comb the scene for evidence and that is the blue sedan that rammed into the barricade and rammed into 2 offices one
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police officer has died we'll have more on this just. on counting the cost of the billionaires the bank has finally had enough of brazil's president green bombs how the world plans to reduce carbon emissions and turn vast tracts of land back to nature plus europe's rush for battery technology. counting the cost i'll just see it. from the al-jazeera london broadcast center to people in thoughtful conversation i got much worse races than when i was at the university of oxford which really scared me because i was like these people are going to be in positions of power with no host and no limitations empire is the reason that we live in a multicultural society part 2 of pfizer's shaheen and adam rather fit studio
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unscripted on al-jazeera seems a promising path out of the pandemic but implementing the greatest inoculation in history is testing the global community around the world already a clear gap as the match between rich nations and poor ones when it comes to vaccinating their populations from the geopolitics to the pure economics the misinformation and the latest developments what's going on here is very different for a start look that's incomes in the form of the nasal spray special coverage of the coronavirus and the mic are not just. a showcase of the best documentary films from across the network. his iraq. plan is a wondrous diverse ecosystem but human activity is the escalating climate change and posing an x. the stench of threat in the lead up to us to al-jazeera around special coverage
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documentaries discussions under pool exploring the consequences of our actions and inactions and showcasing ways in which some are seeking to turn the time the season of programming exploring the climate crisis ahead of the day on al-jazeera. war. the u.s. capitol on alert a police officer is killed after a car rams into a security barricade just outside the capitol the suspect also died after being shot by police. in london you're watching al-jazeera also coming up on the program. if you knew some other persons know the can kill.

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