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tv   News  Al Jazeera  May 3, 2021 11:00am-11:30am +03

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cloud i'm in no way to see how one center is harnessing the energy of these fuel rods to stow our digital information without a heavy carbon footprint i'm not too good of the north coast of the u.k. where the global green energy revolution is taking on new element earthrise on al-jazeera. india's embattled government looks at ways to produce more desperately needed oxygen mask over 1000 infections and deaths mind. hello there i'm how the more he's in this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up argentina's president announces tougher restrictions to try to get on top of the 2nd wave doctors though say it's still not in our. no sales
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no exports and even fears of harder times to come we speak to people in charge struggling after years of conflicts. and an experiment in covert young tricky and negative test result. but 1st india has reported more than 300000 new corona virus infections for a 12th straight day taking its overall quarter castels to just under 20000000 according to health ministry figures almost 24000 people have died from covert 19 in the past week with hospitals overwhelmed and medical options supplies still critically short's the government is scrambling to respond to anything through the prime minister's office occurrence never enter moody's says considering the
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requirement of medical oxygen and it's to cope with 1902 asian the government of india is exploring the feasibility of the conversion of existing nitrogen plants to produce oxygen. and the mini oxygen plant is up and running inside a covert 1000 treatment center in new delhi can support 20 patients at a time and vaccination efforts are stepping up to as elizabeth for a reports from new delhi. we are outside one of delhi's many public schools which are being used as vaccination centers vaccinations for all adults everyone above the age of 18 was supposed to start 2 days ago but delhi like most other states in the country doesn't have enough doses the government made appointments available today but the process isn't going smoothly people have been waiting here in line for hours they were told after the appointment was supposed to start that the vaccinations hasn't arrived yet and it's a similar picture across delhi and it's vaccination program began in january but
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since then only around 2.5 percent of all adults have received both doses of the vaccine only around 12 percent have received one dose india is seeing shortages not just of vaccines but of oxygen and medicines to shortages that are resulting in the deaths of quote mine 1000 patients that's why international aid is still arriving the indian air force is airlifting cryogenic oxygen tanks from germany and transporting them around the country meanwhile the indian supreme court has asked the government to seriously consider imposing a nationwide locked on but only after it takes measures to ensure that it looks after the hundreds of millions of daily wage earners in india people who have to work every single day to survive and that's because the nationwide lock down last year was a disaster for those people so it's her aravinda soaring as chairman and chief surgeon madame's a liver transplant institute she's also
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a reader investigator and medications to treat covert patients he says she hopes the situation will be under control in the next week or so. i think to an extent the scale wasn't anticipated and it wasn't talked you know in december or january that we will have such a 2nd. but example of my hospital which is a 1000 bed coordinated care hospital indoor ground daily we normally use about 3 to 3.5 metric tons of oxygen every day we're now leading to use about 11 metric tons and somehow we are managing to get in about 6 to 7 metric tons every day so we are still falling short by about 4 or 5 and that means we have to cut down the use of oxygen within the hospital we have to reduce the number of oxygen beds that can be available for cold patients so it is a very difficult situation how long it will take is a 1000000 dollar question i wish i knew what the answer but we certainly hope it's
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going to happen in the next week or 10 days so certainly non-code can is suffering the elective going to stand be cases among the non-kosher diseases are being was full on these people are not being admitted however we are getting on a bit lifesaving here with transplants we are just not doing maybe 20 or 30 percent of them which don't need immediate surgery but the rest of the liver transplant us and carry on but this is at the country's premier hospital it may not be the case every event that enter modi's hindu nationalist party suffer defeat in a fiercely contested regional election seen as a barometer of his handling of the crisis with his in the battleground state of west bank go overwhelmingly back the 0 india trinamool congress over and b j p party in j.p. also failed to win in 2 southern states. and carola of a 5 week general elections overall. i'm not going to have very covert 1000 will
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be my 1st priority i was working and will keep working to improve the pandemic situation across the state our officials are already working in this direction the swearing in will be a low key event because of the coven $1000.00 situation although we had a landslide victory malaysia has detected its 1st case of the highly infectious covert $1000.00 variants identified in india not official say it was found in a person who travelled from india during airport screening you didn't say when the case was detected but are urging the public to remain calm when they should ban flights to and from india on wednesday there are warnings africa could face a similar emergency to india dr may soon the harbor school director at these uncovered 1000 research group she says the situation there is very concerning. from one period of time before culbut our deaths have been largely invisible except when you're experiencing them they are not invisible to my colleagues in sudan who are part of a wide network of useful tears going out to try to measure the impact of mortality
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in their communities they tell a very different story my colleague monastic who is 22 year old nurse speaks of daily professions daily daily prison processions of funerals of it feeling like this is nothing like she's ever experienced before and sometimes it's hard for her to wonder whether this doesn't almost seem like the end of her world ever at least for a world as she knew it so i think it is difficult when you are not living that reality to not believe the official figures but time and time again the official figures have been proven wrong and i think it is time to dismantle this notion that those official figures represent the reality of people on the ground we speak daily with friends and colleagues who are moving from hospital to hospital to try to find hospital beds for loved ones and failing to do so we speak daily with people who are seeking care not just for old but for for other illnesses but the hospitals are overwhelmed and they are not able to get care for. you know kidney disease or
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cancer or or even for preventable issues so this has an impact far and wide and i think we are really feeling it. i think when i look at india across some of what we feel is going on in sudan and perhaps elsewhere. latin america is struggling to meet the demand for covert 19 vaccines in argentina or cases of my past the 3000000 mark when a small number of people have received the job the president's from paul's obstructions and curfews as i will surely report someone assignments. the numbers keep rising argentina like the rest of latin america is suffering a 2nd wave of covered 90 infections deaths. the government has imposed a further 3 weeks of new lockdown restrictions a nighttime curfew and schools returning to online classes here thora to say their
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main aim is to relieve the strain on hospitals or if you don't say that you're not no nor support today the house system can cope with another patient not one more we've reached our limit the number of contaminated patients even if it doesn't go up has reached a breaking point it's overflowing we can keep extending measures every 15 days or 2 more years but what we've got to do is test and vaccinate. vaccines has been slow to sporadic the argentinian government says it's doing all it can to find new supplies but so far in a small percentage of people have had both jabs the elderly and those with already serious health conditions in the meantime the only other option is to keep asking these people to be patient and cooperate. people need to be more aware and realise that our hospitals are full that the health workers are exhausted and we only to understand what we as citizens need to do to fight this.
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there have been demonstrations against the government measures the argentine economy already facing severe difficulties before the pandemic has been hit hard and is it the mustn't get out we're trapped in a situation which we understand is for our own good but we've got no help from anyone to help us fight through the nomic. the constant requests to pack up early stay indoors keep your distance have become for many an annoying drone in the background even though they understand that it could be a matter of life or death 3000000 infections is a grim statistic in a horror story that also includes growing unemployment homelessness and poverty figures that will only keep rising until the coronavirus is brought on the role. primarily to 01 of cyrus. a decade of boko haram attacks a rebellion in the north and now the pandemic have left chance economy in ruins business for the space trading partner in the region nigeria has a fax
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a very old people are worried there are tougher times ahead. reports from. these articles and your sweltering 43 degree celsius weather waiting for buyers most of them have been here for weeks with only a few customers stopping by to make enquiries it's the same story of the cattle and camel section just a few 100 metres away traders say poor sellers only got worse recently my views does that there's been little or no export to nigeria because a book around coming of business with nigeria then coronavirus the rebellion another political uncertainty after the death of the president. 4 years chad has exported animals heights and skin traders than buy cheaper goods from countries like cameroon and especially nigeria not any more boko haram attacks have cut of those supply routes. goods destined for nigeria and are being routed through
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cameroon eating into any profit at this market in germany a truck loads cartons of basle one of the few products people here can afford to buy. that has been sitting at his shop all day and was unable to sell even a grain of rice. university and the business for us and stuff transporting goods from also down our libya is too expensive the audrey chaldean cannot afford to pay the extra cost. the discovery of oil in 2003 was hailed by the government as a new dourness cotton production the main export fell behind then oil prices crashed in 2020 due to convert 19 punching a big hole in government finances last year charged warned that it will have to default on commercial payment its not only trade that's been crippled many hotels here in the capital like this $1.00 either operating well below their capacity off
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shut down altogether and that's what's been the unemployment in this landlocked country economy say any recovery will depend on how fast the country and that a 1000000000 the insurgency and achieve political stability create. a unity government should quickly be put in place and political dialogue must start immediately the army must also quickly tackle insecurity that's how will revive the economy win back investors and re stablish trust among chaldeans charts economic and political crisis made worse by high unemployment figures an estimated 75000 graduates in this country of 16000000 have no work experts warn unless the country find ways to engage the non-state actors hungry for power well ahmed edris. jim innit. coming up after the weather.
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controversial tax reforms are shelter after days of farming process in colombia. celebration and commiseration 100 years since the creation of northern ireland. it's time for the perfect gentleman. sponsored point qatar airways got some lovely sunshine across get past this southern year through the mid it's rated it is largely set that want to show us the best of the sunshine down towards the southeast and further north we got some rather wet weather some cold weather making its way across the baltic states snarling over towards that western side of russia and we've got some very wet weather some proper bank holiday weather rolling in across the u.k. in the form of this deep area of low pressure so increasing clouds some very heavy
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rain and some damaging winds possibly as we go on through the next 24 hours or so winds could gust to run 100 kilometers per hour 70 something to watch out for a notice possibility some snow here snow over the higher ground here as well temps isn't ascared about 7 celsius to 13 there for london let's look further east ahead of that cloud and rain around the baltic states moscow getting up to 18 celsius this on a par with monaco and for the time being as we go on into choose day to bat the across southern parts of france and western weather just coming up across the other low countries area of low pressure just making its way into scandinavia and you must go cool so significantly a 10 degree drop as we go on through choose day but the waltz continues into the southeast athens with a high of 25. at ways. it's the political debate show that's challenging the way you think i want to know where you're to stand on cancer culture decreasing the range of ideas that can be
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heard from international politics to the global pandemic and everything in between if tech companies are the ones with all the power what do we do with the solution 'd we get organized what are world leaders or governments missing thread talking about targets like 2040 we're trying to clean when we're talking right now up front with me marc lamont hill on al-jazeera. the as. this is so i'll just share a quick reminder over our top stories this hour india has reported more than 300000 new coronavirus infections for 12th straight day efficient death tolls now 290 in fairness and but experts say the true figure is likely much higher prime minister
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narendra modi's hindu nationalist party suffered defeat in a fiercely contested regional election seen as a brahma service handling crisis in india in the battleground state of west bengal overwhelmingly backed the all india trinamool congress over 40 s b j p party. and the number of argentina's covert 1000 cases has no past 3000000 the government's extended a nighttime curfew in the capital and closed schools in a small number of people have been vaccinated so supplies on the road. at least $26.00 people have died after 2 boats collided in central bank that ash police say the accident involved an overcrowded speedboats and a vessel loaded with sand it happened on the pad meridia units and ship channel 5 people were rescued. colombia's president is withdrawing a controversial tax reform proposal after days of violent protests across the
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capital ivan duquesne system the plan was necessary to maintain economic stability at least 6 people were killed as protesters for security forces at the center appear to have reports from bogota. after 4 days of intensifying protest and widespread opposition from lawmakers president given ducat didn't have many options left but to withdraw his controversial tax reform. i'm asking congress to withdraw the law proposed by the finance ministry and urgently process a new law that is the fruit of consensus in order to a wide financial uncertainty the reform is not of the reform is a necessity to withdraw it or not was not the discussion the real discussion is to be able to guarantee the contributing of social programs. celebratory consider lasser's beating on pots and pans could be heard in the capitol building just minutes after the announcement was friday duca had already promised to make changes
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to the law removing the most controversial point like new taxes on food but in the face of a growing death toll looting an accusation of abuses by the police he pulled it all together. protestors hailed the announcement as a victory but they still have a long list of grievances and say that the protests will continue i mean a lot of. there's also labor reform pension and health reform the issue of corruption increasing violence against community leaders the protests will continue and we will not grow tired some analysts in the country consider a tax reform necessary to stabilize colombia's finances in maintain its international debt credit but blame the government for pushing forward the bill nobody liked the government still court have prevented all the pain all this. offering that went into the 1st 4 days of protests if it had at least listened to
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people if he had listened and consulted with the political parties that he had listened and consulted with public opinion when they decided despite everything to go ahead and introduce the reform in spite of their knowledge that it was deep you know popular some parts of the withdrawal shows just how isolated president ok is in a country increasingly on edge while he's hoping to gather support for a revised tax reform with less than a year to go before a new election the political reality on the streets and in congress might make it unlikely alison the m.p.'s. israeli security forces say they are searching for a gunman who opened fire at a major intersection in the occupied west bank 3 officers were injured in the attack the gunman reportedly escaped in a car with palestinian license plates earlier on sunday israeli soldiers say they shot a palestinian woman who approached them with a knife this really is
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a calling for an independent commission to investigate a stampede at a religious festival in israel 45 people died during the jewish orthodox event on friday a group of retired police commissioners say any investigation should have wide ranging powers to question senior politicians critics or say there have been widespread repeated warnings of price the family's safety. war heart broken shattered into a 1000000 pieces there's no words to describe the feeling of the entire country it's like a day of wailing for entire country said wherever you go whatever part of the country people are talking no one topic what happened here in iran on the night of a sudden the break. that the entire country waits for and you have approximately half a 1000000 people coming up here for the 1st of all to celebrate its somalia's draw it is forcing families to leave their homes in search of water and grazing land for
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council it's left little time for muslims to observe the holy month of ramadan. reports waiting for meals that may never come how ali is finding it more and more difficult to provide for her children on a daily basis her family and many others have been pushed into mogadishu by drought . we live a very complicated life here and we can't get back to where we came from kevin 1000 has complicated the situation even further as we can't work will get any aid sometimes we can't even get food nearly 3000000 people have been forced to migrate due to climate related disasters and conflict numbers likely to grow now that 80 percent of somalia faces drought forcing livestock and communities to pack up and move but there isn't much waiting for them when they arrive at informal camps like these. it's amazon now we don't have anything to break up foster with we're facing very tough living conditions charities are doing what they can but demand grows
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along with the population of the camps for aid in limited supply. you know we've provided 2500 families with needed aid but this doesn't cover the need on the ground. drought and flooding pushed thousands of families from rural areas towards the capital each year to escape hunger but compounding crises mean many are left to fend for themselves fasting whether they choose to or not and or chapell al-jazeera . pro british unionists a marking a 100 years since the creation of northern ireland for nationalists nothing to celebrate they want the entire island unified under one irish flag under simmons reports from belfast thank the drumbeats of the flint mark northern islands 100 years of existence and the marches in defiance of coded regulations celebrated we in turn a street away though you can see the underlying mood isn't happy many of these
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protestants feel like out costs there's a lot of people in the follow up businesses they're not they're not criminals or they're made out to be and for us it's a pos tame as well as a cultural but i think if there was even a threat of irish unity that it will be focused what we did on the street and maybe a lot more. teens views are i code by fellow band members marching all over this vast universe housing estates on the outskirts of belfast the police try to get them to disperse. but they march on under surveillance of above this isn't code it's a mark of 100 years since the birth of northern ireland it's aimed at the political classes hope the protestant church well perhaps. it's a call for a return to the sort of hardline thinking of the late reverend ian paisley
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a firebrand preacher who founded the democratic unionist party the team that did you hear of kevin and year after year on the look want to keep on government and. the need the need there needs to be any structure rappers out in the working class people and tend to step down that's one of the reasons for the ousting of alim foster 1st minister and do you prefer leader she may be replaced by evangelist edwin poots sitting beside her here he's a minister who's blamed cathy. it's for spreading cove it. in west belfast republicans have a resentment that 100 years celebration after the partition of olland and thousands of deaths on both sides that ensued and so more instability ahead alan mcbride thinks he lost his wife is a liar a bumbling lady 28 years ago and has campaigned for unity and i would just.
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just encourage in just a pain to our politicians to start to get around the table start to govern this place with us with a sense of just wanting to improve life for everybody not just their own particular tribe or particular organization or group or community where they're coming from you have to make it better for everyone as long as people like dene feel alienated and others feel empowered the risk of violence still hangs over northern ireland and to simmons al-jazeera belfast. a us court battle begins later on monday which could have repercussions throughout the mobile tech world the company behind popular video game fortnight is taking on apple in me to break the only for makers grip on its app store epic games accuses apple of abusing its app store monopoly and charging too much for commissions apple denies this charge booted fortnight from its own mind marketplace last year. there's been a new sign of life
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a side of normality rather in the city where the crew on virus was 1st identified with strawberry music festival as the largest outdoor concert in china it's a day event was canceled last year but the government says the city is now almost completely virus free you know you were out last year we suffered from the corona virus it's not been easy to get to where we are today really could have a music festival like this one people here but in huge efforts have already paid a big price so i feel very excited to be here. to be seen their minds so many things happened last year during the current virus outbreak before that this music festival was held every year so it is wonderful that this year the festivals are back again. and a crowd of 5000 music fans of flocked to liverpool in the u.k. for one of the 1st live in person concerts there since the pandemic began people
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were allowed to mingle and dance with no social distancing or masks with one big condition journal reports. imagine a time before masks and social distancing elbow greetings and hand sanitizer. on sunday in the band the blossoms played to a crowd of $5000.00 under the big top tent in liverpool sefton park it was the 1st live gig without restrictions in more than a year part of a series of trials hoping to point the way towards mass gatherings beyond the pandemic the resumption of life as we used to know it is yes sir good a little bit it's just feel a bit uncomfortable almost but i just feel i just feel so happy that it's going to have to be in proportions covert tests and make sure that everyone's you know before we even got to the search area people make sure that you test the negative entry required proof of a negative test result with. tests provided to be taken during the following week.
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the weekend also saw liverpool's club scene rise temporarily from the dead 3000 people partied like it was 2019 does a really exciting opportunity for liverpool to be part of the event's research programme which is the national program evaluating the impact of holding events in this way we're hoping to learn loads from the events that we've got this afternoon and from the ones we've had over the last couple of days certainly around transmission of the virus but also around how people move and react within different venues what the airflow in the ventilation looks like within different venues and how you need to organize events to be coped safe in the future other events have included football in front of actual fans the $8000.00 who were allowed to attend last weekend's calibur cup final at wembley hoping the days of canned crowd applause are numbered various test events will culminate at london's wembley stadium again when a quarter capacity crowd of 21000 fans will gather for football's f.a.
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cup final on may the 15th that'll be just 2 days before england reopens further with the planned resumption of international travel heading into a summer in which the government hopes all pandemic restrictions may be lifted by late june jonah how al-jazeera london. this is al-jazeera and these other headlines india has reported more than 300000 you coronavirus infections for a 12th straight day fishel death toll is now 20900000 but experts say the truth figure is likely much higher with pradhan has more from new delhi situation very much critical karnataka this other.


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