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we have to reduce our consumption here but we also need economic justice for. studio b. unscripted on al-jazeera. warnings of a catastrophe hospitals are overwhelmed in nepal after an alarming rise in the rate of coronavirus infections. and the world's answering india's call for medical help as a battles a growing death toll. climbs a promise you're watching of is there a life my headquarters here in doha coming up in the next 30 minutes an attack on democracy the maldives president announces an explosion that injured his feet. and
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a forecast of worse to come as flooding already forces tens of thousands of people from their homes in burundi. there are fears in nepal's quote a virus crisis is becoming as bad if not as worse as neighboring india it has $57.00 times more prone to virus cases than a month ago and it's reporting about 20 new infections a day for every 100000 people that's roughly equal to india 2 weeks ago now lockdown has been extended in the capital katmandu and then a 3500 people have already died and i'm at the limbo has more from kathmandu. we share 18 kilometers a 200 kilometer border porous border with india and part of the 10 of the checkpoints are open most of them are closed because of coronavirus. the health ministry or health authorities have the district health officials in the to deal
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with those coming across the border taking temperatures handing out sanitizers ma but you must understand that people are coming in you know in 100 so we think we help facilitate the human resources in case it is very challenging. or. the existing health infrastructure that they had to deal with the people who are coming in from states like maharashtra or not that's. where the food. is out of well out of control it took a couple of decision to round up oxygen cylinders in the capital so that it could distribute it to the hospitals in in kathmandu in the valley it has decided to look for face to manage 4 bodies of people who have passed away or died from through the virus and it is so it is so i don't
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think it's actually thought that far and it is of course there's a lockdown in space has to be knocked down which is being suspended for that for another week and we have hosted international flights and domestic like for the time being but i think it's a little a little too late this is what critics and help of the public i think at the moment . maybe 3 people are dying of covert 19 every minute in india there remains the toughest battle in the world right now against the virus reporting another record daily rise of the 410000 cases just on friday billions of dollars worth of emergency equipment medicines continue to pour into the country from governments from around the world but the situation remains dire with many states saying they're still waiting for supplies to reach their hospitals let's get more this from our correspondent in new delhi elizabeth piron liz it does seem that the much needed aid is finally getting through to the people and states that need it most
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but after much angst. yes absolutely so the government has been forced to release 2 statements this week the 1st on tuesday and the 2nd on thursday night about the say it said that it was allocating and dispatching it and that this was an ongoing process the reason it's had to release these statements is because early on in the week a local investigation showed that 6 days including delhi which has been one of the worst affected and whether aid as landing head of the cvs any of the foreign aid now that has since been rectified in delhi but later another blow the best a geisha show that the government had informed the standard operating procedures for distribution this aid to states to the 2nd of may when the aid had been arriving since the 25th of april again the government has said that they were dispatching the aid even before forming these procedures that they are working as
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quickly as they can but there are a lot of different agencies involved the red cross is receiving it then it gives it to a government agency that's looking after the storage that's looking after the just ticks and then it has to travel across a very very big country and it's hundreds of tons of a central at least 40 countries including the u.s. and the u.k. whose governments after these reports here and local media have. when asked about where the taxpayer money has been going indeed of course the commentators again in india political and civil society are sort of trying to connect the dots now that states that held elections all local elections are now bearing the brunt of this new wave of infections. here the 4 states where polling took place and april are recording their highest number of cases in some of the highest numbers of cases in the country the southern states of cattle and of a lot of the eastern state of west and go all the northeastern state of us our
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situation is very bad and cattle are they've had to impose a very strict knock down from saturday in the southern city of chennai which is the capital of government not the seeing long lines of ambulances carrying called 90 patients waiting outside hospitals which are completely full 13 patients died in time and not earlier this week when their oxygen supply ran out now the government has faced a lot of criticism for allowing large political and religious gatherings to go ahead and there was a very large hindu festival which was about to take place in the state of the truck and it also is recording very high number of cases it's hospitals are full and patients died in a truck and on wednesday when their oxygen supply ran out less problem in new delhi thanks very much for the update was now strongly as prime minister scott morrison says repatriation flights for its citizens stranded in india will resume in 8 days last week the government imposed a strict travel ban for citizens and residents with harsh penalties for anyone
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breaching the rules it's part of his backlash with critics saying that it sets a dangerous precedent it was the 1st time australia made coming home a potential criminal offense for its own citizens said dick is an international humanitarian law if she says the australian government is so has broken its promise to protect its citizens. i hear stories every day speaking to relatives and friends of the paralyzing fear that they are suffering from and of course that includes you know strengthen citizens that are stuck there as well the stories that you hear that aren't making the news would make anyone wait you know they are all in such a precarious dangerous position by they feel imprisoned because they have to stay imprisoned in their accommodation in order to minimize the risks and they are literally frightened for their lives and as i said every day that this. this ban
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as it's being colloquially called is in place ease increasing the harm for the very citizens that this government has a mandate to protect we should have done the opposite we should have been moving heaven and earth to return our citizens to their place of home and you know the we're talking about hundreds and hundreds of people out of 8000 citizens that are stuck in india hundreds of people that went to india because they were the only relative that was able to bury their loved one or be with their loved one in their final moments and they went well before the spike so and this ben that might be lifted in 11 days the reality is that it will still take weeks and months to repair these people. now the president of the maltese has described the explosion that injured his predecessor as an attack on democracy mob in the shade whose the current speaker of parliament is in hospital following the blast near his home in the capital. the ripples. mohammed nasheed had just left home and was
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about to get into his car when a bomb attached to a motorbike exploded the former president with injured in the blast in the capital mali the sheet he's the current speaker of parliament is being treated in hospital for shrapnel wounds his spokesman says he's in a stable condition this is very significant in terms of scale in terms of target that you have a former president still a very prominent political secure a great prominent democratic leader in a region that's now marked by strong that in our line nationalist so support prominent figures at a pretty big deal it was targeted the president of the moldy abraham mohammed soulé with seen leaving the hospital after visiting his friend and ally in 2008 the she became the 1st democratically elected president of the mole deaves but he was ousted in a coup in 2012 led by abdullah you mean. the motives of political turmoil and do you mean he systematically silenced opposition voices
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including the sheet he was convicted on terrorism charges human rights watch said during it means presidency criminal gangs and what it called religious extremists enjoyed political protection and she'd was granted asylum in the u.k. in 20162 years later so they ran for president promising change and took 2 thirds of the vote. an investigation is underway into the blast no group has so far claimed responsibility it could be some type of political motivation political rivalry that's always a possibility but there is a history a modest history islamised no one can see. there have been several. over the last 2 years including one or 2 claimed by the isis organization the maldives is heavily dependent on tourism analysts say it's relatively stable compared to other countries in the region and the hope is this is an isolated
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incident but for some the explosion on thursday is a violent reminder of the chaos and uncertainty of the past in a country best known for its tranquil beaches victoria gate and be al jazeera more than 25000 people in burundi have been forced from their homes after lake tanganyika rose to nearly historic levels flooding multiple western provinces the u.n. is warning of an unprecedented emergency with heavy rain expected for weeks alexandra byers reports. they've watched the water rising for month lake tankini harnessed by so many in landlocked burundi as a source of life and livelihoods but grown wild and beyond their control now the lakes turned against its people reaching hundreds of meters inland pushing them out . when we woke up the house was already starting to collapse we couldn't salvage
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anything tens of thousands of people down the western side of the country have evacuated their homes and food stocks destroyed without any way to earn a living others have stayed put defined in submerged houses children learning as waves lap at the school door all this despite the real risk of disease or worse. each time the children try to get to the rest of the house to see what they can say the crocodiles chased them away crocodiles are hunting everywhere and these waters like the water aid agencies are rushing in the task is monumental burundi is one of the most densely populated and poorest countries in africa the amount of usable land and resources is low only 15 percent of its humanitarian funding has been met for 2021 there's just one month worth of emergency stocks in the cupboard short term worries me the worst is the
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fact that the statistics and the experts are saying the rains will continue which means a greater number of people in need emergency assistance and most critical about emergency assistance is the shelter it is safe drinking water it is better hygiene and sanitation services and while tides may change this situation will not experts blame climate change for new more damaging rainy seasons much of the indies coastline will have to be permanently abandoned here one of the world's most vulnerable populations is already shouldering the burden of its new normal alexandra byers al-jazeera. still ahead here on al-jazeera. rights groups are calling it a massacre calls for an investigation after a deadly drug sting by brazilian police and as u.s.
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troops pull out of afghanistan thousands who fought alongside them say they fear for their future to stay with us here and i'll just. it's time for the perfect gentleman the weather sponsored point qatar airways it still singularly fails to look much like spring in europe at the moment this cloud rushing in from the atlantic and that tried is a frontal system dividing north from south once more this is rather cold and you might like it there's a warm bit down in the southeast corner including belgariad hungary in plano much of the remaining however these temperatures will not last once again that will push sassi go from 27 down to 22 i think in the next couple days are over the weekend a cool feeling and the rain a bit of a white quite widespread really from germany east was most countries get some rain
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there's more snow for the alps temperature wise well we're up to about 15 in london so that's ok but much of central europe is still $111213.00 degrees and then there's this again for the 2nd weekend in a row there's a storm system this is may i remind you it's not made like weather that has the added advantage as opposed to some of lifting temperatures induces a southerly breeze bordeaux for example the 30 degrees that doesn't last you to lose your heat you don't about 18 but time you get to monday because that rain spreads in through portugal and spain the same time and induced wants is happening in central europe berlin's up to 25. at ways of killing the debate you don't see this stuff action and amplify your voice you're only giving a certain narrative the media will miss when true story no topic is off the table
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why in the world would we humanize an individual domestic terrorist this was an illegal occupation of a country what they're doing is they're removing or just historical truth and it's in the street where a global audience becomes a global community on al-jazeera. welcome back you what you all deserve it means a whole rob a reminder of our top stories there are fears a krone virus numbers and nepal are reaching similar levels to neighboring india it has 57 times more cases than a month ago a lockdown has been extended in the capital katmandu. the 3 people are dying off coronavirus every minute in india friday reported another record all day in the
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rise of more than 410000 cases and the president of the maltese has described the explosion injured his predecessor as an attack on democracy have been a sheet is a hospital after the blast there is home in the capital. amnesty international is calling a police operation that killed 25 people in brazil and justifiable massacre other human rights groups want an independent investigation into one of the state's deadliest raids police say those killed in a rio de janeiro's slum included leaders of the city's biggest criminal gang trees a bow has the story. it was the deadliest operation in rio de janeiro in years the police entered the. new allegedly to fight the recruitment of children and teenagers by a criminal organization suspects try to escape across rooftops as police entered a slum in our more vehicles and helicopters flew over the area the intense fire
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fight left at least 25 people dead among them up with officer rio has suffered for years from drug related violence and attempts by different administrations have failed to control it was police agent at a senior us one of the basis of. the most powerful drug trafficking group in the country was they say among the dead were leaders of the gang that dominated life in the slum at least 10 suspects were arrested all. all the protocols established by the federal supreme court were complied with without exception all protocols were complied with unfortunately there were many clashes in the community and we should not celebrate the outcome due to the number of people who died there is no way to console ourselves of to the death of a policeman but human rights groups say the operation was mounted to avenge the deaths of 4 police officers a few days earlier the supreme court has banned security operations in rio slums
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because of the abuses and killings denounced by residents in the city's poorest areas the institute of public security says almost $500.00 people have been killed so far this year at the hands of the police. some of the rest in durango they say the police committed a massacre and are demanding an investigation joy you said that is a human rights lawyer in rio. and to do the same dynamic to 5 or 6 houses houses destroyed shootings executions there was an execution one man died sitting on a chair from a chair nobody shoot. barbaric this has no solution. senor is one of the poorest communities in rio most residents here are caught in the middle of a conflict between criminal organizations and the police. and. his parliament has agreed to designate the 2 great people's liberation front as a terrorist organization it's a setback for peace talks between the central government and the t.p.
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which dominated national politics for 17 years until recently ruled the northern tier a region fighting between the 2 sides broke out 6 months ago the conflict believed to have killed thousands of people and displaced more than a 1000000. the u.s. has begun its withdrawal of troops from afghanistan but the soldiers head home the lives of thousands of afghans who work for the american government to risk in washington to prioritize the visa applications to move to the us before it's too late for your concert fury has more from kabul. as you knew she was risking it all when she started working as a contractor for the u.s. government her house has been attacked and she's received many threats her supervisor suggested she apply for a special immigrant visa for herself and her family to safely move to the u.s. that was in 2017 she still waiting for approval in this country most of the people
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are not agony even the woman who worked for afghans the worst thing is that the situation is getting worse the baby and her as we all know with the taliban would take over the government so what will happen to our lives the main thing which i'm concerned is about myself and my family security who would take this responsibility because most of the people can do good nice me even though i'm hiding myself but i cannot guarantee that i was who is one of about 18000 afghans who have worked alongside u.s. troops diplomats and other government personnel and are awaiting decisions on those special immigrant visas the process is long and grueling a report published in airlie april found the program ineffective in addressing the needs of those applying by law the application process should take 9 months but on average it takes 4 years if not since the announcement of the troop withdrawal the
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us state department has said it is aware of the risks afghan visa applicants face and that it is committed to the program but it has yet to commit to any concrete reforms to address the backlog or accelerate the approval. as u.s. troops withdraw pressure from congress and organizations including no one left behind has been mounting if we don't do anything if we do not expect itis processed and premature after the withdrawal they will be tortured and killed in front of their families and their videos will be uploaded on the social media for other people to not support the u.s. government in the future dozens of afghans who worked with astrology and troops in afghanistan are also pleading to have their protection visa applications processed the taliban considers those afghans who worked with the u.s. and other foreign countries as traitors and has vowed retribution against the.
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dozens of afghan interpreters and contractors have already been killed several while waiting for their visas i have no option and the option i have is the only way to die here in this country or get my visa to have safe life in the says since 2009 when the visa program was established thousands of afghans many with their families have relocated to the united states and are zoo along with thousands of others desperately want to join them before it's too late fully accounted for al-jazeera kabul. council's foreign minister says no one is above the law following the arrest of finance minister ali sharif marty the qatar news agency says it's because of suspected misuse of public money and abuse of power he's been removed from his position pending further investigation. yes and had the thing that it to many all the action taken so far has to do with the finance ministers public office
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other institutions and companies observe clear and solid policies of governance and they're subject to checks and balances rules and regular audit therefore they are doing business as usual simply because an office cannot be impacted by the absence of a particular office or officials come and go and public institutions are up and running in the same fashion they were originally built to function qatar's foreign minister has revealed more about mediation efforts that led to somalia resuming diplomatic relations with kenya mogadishu suspended ties in december for what it called political meddling somalia accused kenya of interfering in the electoral process in one of its semi autonomous states which is close to disputed offshore oil and gas deposits in arcata what jobby a 10 very positive steps have been taken 1st is innate in the prime minister to oversee the election process and related security measures this is welcomed by all the political parties there in addition extensive and inclusive talks were
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initiated between the envoy rulers of provence is the candidates and other political parties if it was centered on encouraging them to maintain the dialogue and revisit the previous agreements among them like israel supreme court will hear challenges next week to the eviction of palestinians from their homes and part of occupied east jerusalem human rights groups say if jewish settlers claims to the properties are upheld it would set a dangerous precedent or a force that has more. this has become a nightly scene in the east jerusalem neighborhood of shake terror. vigils and protests aggressively broken up by israeli security forces at stake the homes of hundreds of palestinians long subject to an eviction campaign the current tensions were sparked partly by this viral video in which local woman could confront a jewish settler you almost marry her. it was the dollar judgment of just how close minnes family and 3 others are to being forced out they've lodged
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a final appeal with israel's supreme court which is now saying it will hold another session on monday when his father now bill who's already had one house seized by settlers fears what could happen if the court rules against the man. who will be in the streets because all of us like me we are old people we don't work we don't have incomes and the cheapest rent around here is $2000.00 how can we afford the homes were built for palestinian refugees in an arrangement between the united nations and jordan during the period of jordanian rule after 948 a jewish settler organization says the land was owned by jews before 948 and should be returned in light of israel's seizure of east jerusalem in 1967 the lawyer representing the palestinian families says their counter claims of ownership have not been properly assessed by the courts we are dealing with the domestic legal.
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system it rejects and denies the international humanitarian law and international law. should be applied and is jerusalem the families legal battle has been constrained by the limits of israel which israel 6 to apply here in occupied east jerusalem but there is another legal argument based on international law and israel's obligations as an occupying power an argument that requires political pressure somehow has come. from campaign groups and diplomats in recent weeks britain's mission to the palestinians tweeting out this video statement the restitution and planning rules here and their implementation are on fire and they breach israel's obligations as an occupying power since the start of the holy month of ramadan tensions in east jerusalem have been unusually high from gaza hamas is military wing is warning of a high price for israeli actions in shape sure are the consequences of a massive action here could be felt well beyond the families under threat of losing
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their homes. are a force at al-jazeera occupied east jerusalem britain's ruling conservative party has secured an election victory in an opposition labor stronghold the parliamentary seat of hartley paul england's industrial northeast has voted conservative for the 1st time in its history thursday's elections are the 1st big test for prime minister boris johnson's government since $2900.00 general election several breaks it supporting regions once considered labor safe seats one conservative at the last election now results scotland's parliament elections could have a significant effect on the u.k. the scottish national party says it will seek a 2nd independence referendum if it wins a majority despite prime minister johnson saying he won't allow it the s.n.p. needs to gain another 2 seats for that majority. u.s. president joe biden has made his 1st stop in a republican state to pitch his $2.00 trillion dollars infrastructure plan joe
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biden has been visiting the city of lake charles in louisiana where he spoke in front of a poorly maintained bridge by the same in to gather support from congress to upgrade roads and airports and invest more money in public transport. can't deny there is a real change in weather and if we go 1.5 degrees warmer we're going to be in real trouble point of no return a matter of fact a lot of we're going to have to build back now in terms of infrastructure we've got to build back to a different standard not to want to work it's got to be better because the climate change enough now they're still going to rise 2 feet when the going rate still going to get a bill for what is needed now and i promise you we're going to do that so what would you pay for a bottle of wine that's quite literally out of this world this to true 2000 is a month's 12 bottles of french wine that of orbited the earth for more than
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a year it was sent to the international space station as part of a wider research project it's expected to fetch a $1000000.00 at auction truly is a unique bottle of a fantastic bordeaux so it's been tasted and assessed so it's a scientific research and so the reports from the tasting i wasn't lucky enough to be there because it was done in march importer this year the reports are that it matured fantastically well so so that said great news. your daughters are with me the whole robert one of our top stories that affairs occurred of ours numbers in nepal are reaching similar levels to neighboring india it has 57 times more cases than about the go a lot down has been extended in the capital katmandu.


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