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tv   News  Al Jazeera  May 7, 2021 2:00pm-2:30pm +03

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we believe everyone has a story worth hearing frank assessments of the government while one exactly how and what measure they're taking for the situation might not be able to give and in-depth analysis of the day's global headlines inside story on out just 0. warnings of a catastrophe hospitals are overwhelmed in nepal after an alarming rise the rate of coronavirus infections. if you want to live is there a life my headquarters here in doha coming up in the next 30 minutes the world's answering india's call for medical help that battles a growing death toll. confronting a coronavirus emergency restrictions are extended in tokyo just 2 and
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a half months out from the games. and the byelection victory in england offers a big boost for the u.k.'s boris johnson. welcome to the program the coronavirus surge that ravaged india for weeks is now spreading to nepal where there are deep fears the crisis will be just as bad or worse nepal has 57 times more cases than a month ago and it's reporting about 20 new infections a day for every 100000 people that's roughly what the situation was like in india 2 weeks ago a lockdown has been extended in the capital kathmandu and the government has tried to ready the hospital system but critics fear it's too little too late across the border in india nearly 3 people are dying of covert 1000 every minute it remains the toughest battle against the vi. in the world reporting another record daily
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rise more than 410000 cases on friday. joins me now from. the focus for the authorities really seems to be those arriving back from india and coming along all through a very long land border area. i would apologize last. link that we're trying to get back to shortly but continue with she has more from new delhi the government has been receiving a lot of criticism about where the aid is really going we've seen images of aid coming in but states have said that they haven't been receiving aid for a while they've been media saying that because of bureaucracy a distribution has been delayed but the government has now come out and said that
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all the aid that has been received until may 5th has been distributed that's also. but the delhi high court has wrapped the center. the center to not just in short this tradition of is to the states but also to n.g.o.s and good who really been undertaking a lot of the humanitarian work to help people in need right now 2 of the top 5 states right not the mulatto and carola have been the top 5 states when times to cover cases just there remains number 11 of the cities are getting a lot of caseload is bengaluru which is india has. nearly hof the cases of. the 2nd most hit states right now is coming from that area the other state that's really worrying is the state of. this is one of the largest also one of india's most populous states but also one of india's least medically self states so this is one of the most worrying states right now. plus if we can join russia they were
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going katmandu and for sure the technology failed both of us good to see you on the program but the focus for the authorities it seems where you are is about those nepalese that are arriving back from india and coming through what is a very long border area. yes at the moment we are seeing. workers returning from call being called in stricken indian cities or states like my russia or not a different age which nepal borders i mean back home in huge crowds. and. there is the health system has set up. checkpoints at the border to test temperatures to simply c.r.s. but there's a just a great lack of like florentine centers isolation centers holding centers which are
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very necessary so we've seen a huge struggle in that department to curb places in terms of the pandemic it's been ongoing now for what 14 months but what preparations has nepal made locally certainly when we're now seeing this next phase this next wave of the infection hit south asia pretty hard. quite. i think the government there the health ministry did warn repeatedly did one of the government about what would happen health experts issues have been warning the government but i guess that it's like a similar case in india where there was a lull you know early in the wind and right lol still he felt he was part of the project or like you know the south asian immunity was working so the government hasn't been taking those signs seriously and then of course in nepal
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there's a political a political wrangling going on the political leadership and more focus has been on this on the cool bit crisis where we see what happens certain you keep in touch with you as preparations continue there in nepal limbo there in katmandu thank you quote of virus restrictions have been extended in japan's capital just 77 days before the shuttle start of the olympics and state of emergency was due to end in 4 days but cases still surging in hospital beds are filling up highly transmissible variant is being blamed restrictions have now been extended to 6 metropolitan areas across japan the worst affected is osaka there are concerns about how prepared tokyo really is to host the olympiad. is in tokyo with more. basically the prime minister in his press conference now he has described the situation. as worrying and that's why the government had decided to extend
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the state of emergency at the end of the month they have been expecting this infections during this period and actually the start of a measure of emergency which has started on the 25th of april was designed specifically to increase off infections during the gold and we. hold we call for vacations and the prime minister has tried to emphasize that the success of this. in decreasing the number of infections but contrary to that the minister of health say that although we saw about 30 percent of 30 percent decrease in the number of infections but that was due to the holidays in that this thing for cities at hospitals so we have been still seeing large numbers of infections it's almost now in the $4000.00 range daily and the government is warning that maybe if they don't do any they don't take any other measures that the numbers would be still they
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could keep increasing and that. would lead to more doubts about the possibility of holding safe and secure olympic games australia's prime minister scott morrison says repatriation flights for its citizens stranded in india will resume the may the 15th last week the government imposed a strict travel ban for citizens and residents with harsh penalties for anyone breaching the rules that sparked a fierce backlash with critics saying it set a dangerous precedent it was the 1st time australia made coming home a potential criminal offense for its own citizens robin city has an international humanitarian law and she says they're straining government has broken its promise to protect its citizens. i hear stories every day speaking to relatives and friends of the paralyzing fear that they are suffering from and of course that includes you know strengthen citizens that are that are stuck there as well the stories that you hear that aren't making the news would make anyone wait you know they are all in
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such a precarious dangerous position by they feel imprisoned because they have to stay in imprisoned in their accommodation in order to minimize the risks and they are literally frightened for their lives and as i said in every day that this. these bears it's being colloquially called is in place ease increasing the harm for the very citizens that this government has a mandate to protect we should have done the opposite we should have been moving heaven and earth to return our citizens to their place of home and you know they were talking about hundreds and hundreds of people out of 8000 citizens that are stuck in india hundreds of people that went to india because they were the only relative that was able to bury their loved one or be with their loved one in their final moments and they went well before the spike so and this ben that might be lifted in 11 days the reality is that it will still take weeks and months
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to repatriate these people prisoners governing conservative party has secured an election victory in an opposition labor stronghold the parliamentary seat of hotly pool of england's industrial law the east has voted conservative for the 1st time in its history but 1st those local elections are the 1st major test for prime minister boris johnson's government since 2019 challenges of heart people explains why the so much national attention on the regional vote. it is a huge win for the conservatives and the candidate here gillmore some racked up. 15 and a half 1000 votes compared to the labor candidate paul williams 8 and a half 1000 so it's no no time in recent history post-war history has a ruling party one such a convincing majority in in a by election with such a big swing to to that party so we're for the conservatives is
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a huge win for labor that devastating loss and i think it will you know it's easy to read too much into by election results because there are they are essentially just one westminster seat but there are huge warning signs for labor here and it suggests that that kind of realigning of voting patterns voting behavior that was already apparent before the brics it referendum in 2016 and was accelerated by that referendum is still underway labor is still bleeding heavily particularly in places like the poll for you know the redwall these come former industrial heartland where labor supporter used to be strong and is no longer what labor used to be able to do was to have this kind of electoral coalition of metropolitan liberal educated voters together with more socially conservative working class northern places like leichhardt to pull that electoral coalition seems to a fragmented for labor and it's unclear how they're going to be able to put it back
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together again no results or scotland's parliamentary elections could have a significant effect on the u.k. these cultish national party says it will seek a 2nd independence referendum if it wins a majority despite prime minister johnson saying that he won't allow it. to gain another 2 seats for a majority chokehold is in edinburgh. a number of constituency seats due to declare on friday include some that the scottish national party nicholas sturgeon's party must win if they are to improve their position in the holyrood parliament behind me shy of an outright majority going in to this election and remember it is that focus on a majority a majority for independence that is really the point of this election the big thing to watch in this election whether the s.n.p. wins a democratic mandate for independence that nicolas sturgeon will then use to take to westminster to demand a 2nd independence referendum referendum for boris johnson some of the prime
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minister has said he will stand in the way of there was a referendum remember in 2014 lost by the pro independent side by a 10 point margin since then we've had bricks it something that a majority of scots voted against they see that their country is being taken out of the e.u. essentially against its will and the only way back into the e.u. being as an independent scotland and that has reinvigorated this whole independence debate. general forster in edinburgh still to come here on al-jazeera in the u.s. florida becomes the latest state to tighten voting rules republicans say it'll prevent for the democrats say that's just an excuse for making it harder for minorities to vote. and this one's a corker bottle of wine aged in space is up for all 3 will tell you what it's expected to fetch.
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it's time for the perfect gentleman the weather sponsored point qatar airways the still cold air looking in the middle of siberia and it gets wrapped of rassmann like this just a storm head now the tail of it is cold front before it disappears no longer more than a streak of cloud but head itself might well bring snow back into north korea don't think it'll come south but it's there all the same but beyond that the weather is of you fairly standard now for spring this is the line of traditional spring like right is missing japan but it's definitely there in china it tends to disappear up into the highlands in southwestern china and it's between the big river systems we're heading slowly south during sunday beijing might get a shower too but instead around about $26.00 degrees now this is the time of year where increase heat and humidity do some pretty big storms particularly in
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northeast india and in bangladesh nick quite deadly the seasonal rain hasn't really arrived yet as the increasing likelihood of rain through well carol are kind of tucked up towards go up but it's these big blooms up here in northeastern and bangladesh we should watch because they are the dangerous thunderstorms pleased to say the rain of course much trouble in yemen is no longer a problem a few thunderstorms in the west otherwise it's pretty hot throughout the middle east. sponsible qatar airways 100 years ago britain and france made a secret deal to divide the middle east between them now we can dora. but what was the last thing affects of this agreement there's a of the original set to sites because it's at those borders were drawn without consulting the people after that with the. psychs pickup lines in the sand on al-jazeera.
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but the market watching officer with me is the whole run the reminder of our top stories there are fears that corona virus numbers in nepal are reaching similar levels to neighboring india it has $57.00 times more cases than a month ago a long time has been extended in the capital kathmandu. also nearly 3 people are dying of corona virus every minute in india on friday reported another record daily rise of more than 410000 cases. and coronavirus restrictions have been extended in japan's capital just 77 days before the shed will start of the olympics a state of emergency was due to end in 4 days the cases are still searching.
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thousands of palestinians from the occupied west bank have been blocked from reaching the al aksa mosque in the old city of jerusalem and the compound is a constant point of contention in the palestinian and israeli conflict israeli forces set up several roadblocks and checkpoints along the way to the holy site only small numbers of people have been allowed to pass through and that's what concerns amongst many who've been wanting to perform the last friday prayer of the sacred month of ramadan now iran's supreme leader says the fight against israel is the fight against oppression and terrorism and ayatollah ali how many address the nation as the as the country marks al could stay in solidarity with the palestinian people some demonstrators held a rally against israel's actions in the capital tehran to mark the day. of arias life or a say in tehran and besides what the ayatollah said he was also making reference to perhaps we might say all eyes on vienna and the resumption of sort of those stalled
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negotiations over iran's nuclear deal with the west. certainly it was notable because the supreme leader didn't mention anything specifically about the negotiations that have resumed in vienna the talks are now in their 4th round since they began in early april the feeling here is that this is a very crucial stage in those negotiations because this is now well into the 2nd month of dialogue between iran and the p 4 plus one this is about how the united states will return to the nuclear agreement and what iran will do to return to compliance the negotiations are taking a long time because according to officials there they say the united states and iran are not talking directly to each other they are going through the european officials as well as some officials from france so that is taking some time as well but the core issue is whether or not the united states is willing to come to terms
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with what iran is asking for and whether or not tehran is willing to lower its demands in order to you for the united states to return to the nuclear deal there is very 22 very important deadlines approaching for the iranians one is may 21st that is a 3 month that line that iran said for the. remaining signatories of the nuclear deal to return to full compliance otherwise iran will continue to limit its access and cooperation with the international atomic energy agency that are the deadline is may 21st the 2nd one is of course the presidential elections here that are going to be held in june 18th this negotiations will have very significant impact there is a lot of opposition from the conservative camps inside the country trying to derail these negotiations but of course the iranian government is adamant they can reach some kind of an agreement before they have to leave office all eyes on vienna now
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and the deputy reigning foreign minister up us are she has said that there is some progress but of course it's taking a long time to. because there is a lot of details to hammer out so work spect in the coming days to see where this dialogue about the detail discussion will go we've heard from the united states secretary of state anthony blinken who says the jury's still out whether or not tehran is willing to come to terms with what the united states is asking for the so all eyes are now on vienna to see how did discussions will come to fruition in the coming days george thanks very much for the update dosage of our the force in tehran. florida has become the latest republican to run the u.s. state to restrict voting by mail floor imposes new identification rules governor rod descent assigned to live on the right wing fox news channel having bought of the media follows former president donald trump's unfounded claims about mail in ballot fraud just brown dennis is
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a voting rights expert and executive director with advancement project national office though she says florida's move is yet another effort to prevent minority groups from exercising their right to vote. what governor the census and the republican legislature is trying to do is to make it harder for people to vote what we saw in this country in 2020 was record turnout a vote for and what has happened is that republicans the best least the state level has moved to make sure that that doesn't happen again because they don't like the people who actually turned out places like georgia where you had african-americans turning out in record numbers so now there is this effort to make it harder to vote because they saw too many people coming out and because we know that the changing demographics of the united states shows that black and brown people are increasing
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in numbers and that we will probably see a shift in power in this country and so this is being have to slow that they've done is that they they actually with precision look at the laws that affected black voters in particular so for example in texas the they had drive through voting in houston texas where over 127000 voters mostly black and latino voted they want to get rid of them making early voting cutting back on early voting hours that they know black voters used in places like georgia and in florida they want to get rid of that or limit that the united nations says more than $500.00 cases of sexual violence have been reported since the start of the conflict into gray basic terms of struggling to cope with the psychological impact of the whole deal which is there is hippa morgan
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has been speaking to one survivor who fled to saddam's got to respect. when fighting began in ethiopia region last november this woman who we are calling but it's a can to protect her identity says she was working in a farm in her hometown of. fearing for her life and that of her 2 year old son she says she fled in search of safety but she says she and her son ended up in a situation she'd never imagined. for military soldiers from the am her region got me and took me to a house there 2 of them raped me for a day they refused to give me food or water they'd beat me whenever i tried to run away i still suffer from back pains i begged them to stop and asked them why they were doing this to me they said it's because i'm from to gray but it took and now lives in a camp in sudan's go bad of state along with 20000 other refugees more than 63000 to greens have crossed the border since the start of the government offensive on
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the regional to great people's liberation front the conflict has left thousands killed or internally displaced aid agencies say at least 5000000 are in need of relief supplies and the united nations says at least 500 cases of sexual violence have been reported its groups say sexual violence and rape are used as weapons of war in the conflict their government blames the ground forces but survivors say its troops from the neighbor. and. the atrocities in what appeared to be revenge attacks if you will and eritrea leaders have also accused activists from the group people's liberation front of freaking rape cases as a propaganda tool that's despite evidence of rain from survivors and health workers in the region dozens of cases have been documented in the refugee camps in sudan aid organizations say the real number is likely to be higher. everywhere. there is many there is. like.
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and. we do our best and we want to reach every woman. and empowered but it took on says with the memories of the days she was sexually abused constantly haunting her she's finding it hard to move on. sometimes i lose the will to get out of my tent and sometimes i get nightmares and crying before i realize that i'm no longer trapped in that house. she says she hopes the day comes when she can put the horrors of the assault behind her but is worried how long that will take people morgan has their own camp out of state. the u.s. has begun as we draw all of troops from afghanistan but as soldiers head home the lives of thousands of afghans who work for the american government or risk their own washington to prioritize their visa applications to move to the u.s.
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before it's too late for your conscious or from kabul. are you knew she was risking it all when she started working as a contractor for the u.s. government her house has been attacked and she's received many threats her supervisor suggested she apply for a special immigrant visa for herself and her family to safely move to the u.s. that was in 2017 she's still waiting for approval in this country most of the people are not agony even the woman who worked for afghans the worst thing is that the situation is getting worse the baby and her as we all know with the taliban would take over the government so what will happen to our lives the main thing which i'm concerned is about myself and my family security who would take this responsibility because most of the people can do good nice me even though i'm hiding myself but i cannot guarantee that i was who is one of about 18000
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afghans who have worked alongside u.s. troops diplomats and other government personnel and are awaiting decisions on those special immigrant visas the process is long and grueling a report published in airlie april found the program ineffective in addressing the needs of those applying by law the application process should take 9 months but on average it takes 4 years if not since the announcement of the troop withdrawal the us state department has said it is aware of the risks afghan visa applicants face and. that it is committed to the program but it has yet to commit to any concrete reforms to address the backlog or accelerate. as u.s. troops withdraw pressure from congress and organizations including no one left behind has been mounting if we don't do anything if we do not expect i this
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process i'm pretty much sure after the withdrawal they will be tortured and killed in front of their families and their video will be uploaded on the social media for other people to not support the u.s. government in the future dozens of afghans who worked with astrology and troops in afghanistan are also pleading to have their protection visa applications processed the taliban considers those afghans who worked with the u.s. and other foreign countries as traitors and has vowed retribution against the. dozens of afghan interpreters and contractors have already been killed several while waiting for their visas i have no option and the option i have is the only way to die here in this country or get my visa to have safe life in the says since 2009 when the visa program was established thousands of afghans many with their families have relocated to the united states and are zoo along with thousands of
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others desperately want to join them before it's too late fully accounted for al-jazeera kabul. so what would you pay for a bottle of wine that's been really quite literally out of this world well this bottle petrus 2000 is among 12 bottles of french wine that orbited the earth for more than a year now it was sent to the international space station as part of the wider research project they purchased 2000 normally sells around $4000.00 this one is expected to fetch $1000000.00 at auction though for that you also get a 2nd bottle which hasn't been to war but it so you can compare the taste that's probably. truly is a unique bottle of the of a fantastic bordeaux so it's been tasted and assessed so it's a scientific research and so the reports from the tasting i wasn't lucky enough
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to be there because it was done in march in bordeaux this year the reports are that it matured fantastically well so so that's great news. your job was there with me so horribly reminder of our top stories there are fears that krone virus numbers in nepal are reaching similar levels to neighboring india it has 57 times more cases than of 2 months ago a lockdown has been extended in the capital katmandu from there i mean out the limb brewhouse more on the government's response it took a couple of decisions to round up the lenders in the capital so that it would distribute it to the hospitals in in that mind you in that badly.


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