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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  May 15, 2021 1:00pm-2:01pm +03

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al-jazeera. hello there are have more hits in and this is the news our live from doha coming up in the next 60 minutes funerals are held for palestinian mothers and their children killed during an israeli airstrike on their refugee camp in gaza. more communal violence between israeli jews and palestinian israelis as more far bombs into homes
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. where palestinians are marking 73 years of neck. and dozens more bodies of suspected covert victims are found floating in india's ganges river as 2 of india's poorest states trade blame. i'm joining us rosco with a sport where there's a big f.a. cup final in india later and brazilian athletes began receiving a makeover to vaccines ahead of the take care lympics. israel has continued to bombard gaza from the air and the ground after a night of continued attacks this was the scene in the past few hours after the latest israeli air strikes destroyed buildings at least 10 people including 8 children were killed when an israeli airstrike hit
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a refugee camp large crowds gathered for the funerals in gaza earlier on saturday well after the refugee camp was struck hamas for rockets towards israel one struck a building in ashdod. 3 people inside escapes unhurt and since a communal violence in israel continues in one incident young children were burned on a far beyond the stone into heights 139 palestinians have now been killed since the offensive began on monday 9 people in israel have diets well in a moment we'll be live in gaza with you not a sides need abraham is standing by for us in ramallah where palestinians are marking nakba the day in 1948 when tens of thousands of palestinians were forced from their homes this is state of israel was created but 1st victoria gate and bay begins our coverage with more on the attacks on the refugee camp overnights. the
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the rescue workers in gaza dig through rubble for survivors at the shattered refugee camp after a house there was hit by an israeli airstrike. also if it's my cousin's house we were surprised by an airstrike that hit the house without any warning we ran outside we saw the 4 story house get completely demolished it was completely leveled his sister and her kids were visiting and they were all killed all of them but. the 1st thing. this 2 month old baby called omar was one of 2 survivors who were rushed to hospital but at least 5 other children were killed and. we are still trying to recover more bodies and figure out who is who this is truly a massacre that cannot be described in words we don't know how he managed maybe he just stayed alive to be a witness of what happened to the rest of his family. israeli jets tanks and artillery attacked other sites across causer on friday including
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a bank as well as the interior ministry. israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu says the bombardment of gaza will not end anytime soon and i'm additional to the senior leaders of hamas below. leave that they can escape from our armed forces but they cannot we can reach them everywhere we reach all these people and we will continue to do so they attacked us on our holiday in our capital and fired rockets at our cities they have paid and will pay a heavy price for that this is not over yet. the math and its allies responded to friday's attacks by firing about raj of rockets from inside gaza the israeli military said most were intercepted. as the fighting continues the humanitarian crisis in gaza grows steadily worse dozens of children have been killed since the shelling began and hundreds more have been displaced with their families aid workers say many palestinian children are already traumatized by past
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wars this is why it's so critical that we have to have immediate cease fire and decision for still. carry lifelong injuries mental health issues visible physical disability as well palestinians are sheltering where they can but they say no wearing gaza feel safe right now the jury gave him be al jazeera. or as fair to human palestinian journalist and gaza residents are you not things right now. well yesterday was a really really violent night i mean every night that comes we say that this has been the most violent since the beginning of the escalation but the night that follows is even more violent the raids that shook that refugee camp and the
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massacre that has been committed there was very like it was really extremely violent when i see a shot that refugee camp i mean that i'm talking about 10000 people living in one square kilometer this is the most densely populated area not only in gaza strip but in the entire world as we have several in that in the past reported. that they actually got a warning call telling them or asking them to evacuated their building because it is going to be targeted and once they went to their uncle's building which is the heart of building a 3 story building where also the privately was targeted they targeted that same building that they actually went to take refuge in 88 children were killed 2 women 10 people in that massacre. the father himself was not even in the house if
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for any reason israel might say that they would be targeting people who they think are part of the hamas brigades and so on. only one infant was brought alive out of the rubble even his daughter who is 5 years old at the hospital who was still alive died minutes after she got to hospital. amount of destruction in the houses around that building that was directly targeted is enormous when we say that one building is being targeted in gaza that means that 10 turns and dozens of the. other houses and buildings have also been totally if not partly destructed that means that thousands of families like we have now 10000 cratylus that have been displaced and are staying at schools at this moment so the situation is not getting any easier the statics of the early hours just the airlie
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hours there was an air raid in the harbor at st in the west end of the gaza strip houses are still continuing to be targeted we have 2 houses that have been a house in rough one that has been directly targeted and i don't want. we have one . as well and there is also a martyr in it one that has been killed which brings by the way the death toll to 140 people dying until now 22 of them were middle women and 1000 or kill have been doing that and 39 of them are children try getting of houses * all culture still goes on until this moment the raids are still violently going on we also know that there are no any international. there no any and there's no any international effort that has helped or has actually been able until now to
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bring a deescalation to this war going on ok. bring us the very latest from. the front very much indeed let's speak to tamara the director of strategic communications and a spokeswoman with the united nations relief and works agency chief joins us by skype from karl rove it's good to have you with us 1st of all can i ask your reaction to the bombing over your shop the refugee. we're extremely shocked to extremely that the state that we give our condolences to the families who have lost loved ones one family the family lost 10 family members so we're extremely the stressed about that development just like you are distressed about the entire situation in gaza and actually the entire situation of the occupied palestinian territory because what's happening in gaza cannot be the social there where the what's happening in the west bank the protests and the in this criminate use of
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force by the israeli security forces that were the trigger for the events in gaza and for what is now a humanitarian catastrophe in gaza and israel says they're not targeting civilians they say that hamas fighters are hiding among them so can you confirm are hamas sheltering in un refugee camps and facilities. i cannot confirm in any way something like that this is typical this information to hamas hiding in and un camps and that being the reason for striking either extremely densely populated refugee camps or causing excessive that much to the owner headquarters like what happened 2 days ago what i can say is that gaza is probably the most densely populated spot on earth and it has been under 14 years of air or sea and land blockade it is
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a place where the spare is extremely high and were civilians are trapped and where they receive every couple of years every 3 or 4 years they become the subject of an international of a for humanitarian crisis of international magnitude in the middle of this what is most important is to keep the focus on the palestinians themselves in the case of a drought on palestine refugees which are the predominant part of the society in gaza gaza is a society of 1900000 people 1.4 of them are originally palestinian refugees from somewhere else who fled the conflict in 1948 to gaza and whose status as a palestinian refugee has not changed so it's important to bring the focus back to the palestinian refugee unresolved situation which every few years becomes the subject of a conflict and for international viewers who are perhaps not not familiar with the
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ongoing situation we usually only return so. gaza and these refugee camps when they come under bombardment for just 6 plain suits it's of yours what conditions are usually like you pointed to the fact this is a very densely populated area a very small area what are conditions like how many hours a day do you usually have ever trust to for example when you're not coming under sustained bombardment. so gaza is a place that receives these bombardments every few years and where the infrastructure is routinely completely destroyed it's a place that because of the many years of blockade has not at all been able to develop at best every few years the humanitarian the international community manages to rehab illit they to rebuild some of the infrastructure where it works like health centers or schools right now of the power supply across gaza dropped to
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8 to 10 hours a day which really hugely disrupts the provision of basic services health services hospitals machines the water supply gaza is the place where the spare is really high where unemployment to soaring where the social economic conditions are really bad again primarily because of the blockade but also it's a place where cover it has hit really really high vaccination rates the months palace that in palestine are 5 percent that's very very low and while in europe has been at the forefront of responding and trying to mitigate the spread the government 1000 i have to reinforce here the message that covered 1000 comes on top of many many layers of conflicts and blockades and unemployment and despair and then massive psychological crisis in gaza if you're a 15 year old today in gaza all you've known as gaza and being under blockade the
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psychological impact of that is huge and the youth who find no prospects when they are in gaza today ok we're out of time unfortunately it's about out of 5 director strategic communications out on rockets thought sank you for joining us on the news our. well fighting between israeli police and palestinian demonstrators continued since then ice in occupied east jerusalem there's also been increasing violence between israeli jews and palestinian israelis and what the president has called a senseless civil war and a warning you may find some of the images and harry forces reports to stress and. after days of depressing racial violence across israel friday night in brought a new low throwing fire bombs into homes including that of 12 year old mohammed he and his younger sister burned his father said they'd been sitting in the living room when the molotov cocktail was thrown in he rushed mohammed to the bath the
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neighbors came to help but across israel neighbors a turning on each other on a scale that few can remember more gun violence and loud where 2 jewish men was shot the previous night by palestinians. and one of our guys tried to the from behind the mosque where he was shot we don't know the settlers or police or undercover forces the town has seen religious sites desecrated a jewish synagogue a muslim cemetery the prime minister was there again on friday. groups of writers are coming from the arab public and harming jews because they are jews i am explicitly saying that this is not the entire arab public and not even the majority of the arab public but it is a significant minority that harms violently and also harms the fabric of life we have built over the years between jews and arabs. and so to the crackdown israel's internal security agency detaining a senior cleric of the northern islamic movement for alleged incitement accompanying violent confrontations dozens more palestinians injured some
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critically. stands accused of fueling this fire courting and legitimizing the extreme racist right at the last election. to tackle gun crime within palestinian israeli areas. in the occupied west bank a violent flare up of a different kind confronting soldiers in forcing a military occupation this was just west of ramallah. this was hebron. and this close to the illegal israeli settlement. where try. to defend our land we have no arms nothing as in gaza and israel the toll mounted quickly israeli forces using live ammunition shooting protesters dead hundreds were injured. the in occupied east jerusalem jewish settlers and palestinians faced off one palestinian
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man was shot and injured. as well as erupting in the occupied west bank and continuing here in occupied east jerusalem this violence between jews and arabs is continuing to flare in israel itself the image that shocked so many earlier this week was the beating of side mussa he's now given an interview to israel's channel 13 t.v. saying his assailants 1st asked him if he was an arab yes how can i help was his reply the simple open innocence of that question now seems from another time carry force at al-jazeera occupied east jerusalem. when they'd abraham is in ramallah in the occupied west bank and needed today is david norma significance to the palestinians i was the recent violence impacts in all of this. there is a general strike to commemorate and also to mourn the death of past indians who were killed by israeli army by the israeli army either in gaza or in
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the occupied west bank we've seen confrontations erupt in several locations here in the west bank and we've seen medical figures about more than 1700 palestinians being injured 26 of them critically injured we have 8 we have 11 palestinians who lost their lives in his ready fire on friday one of them the israeli army said that he tried to carry out an attack against israel and this is why his body is still withheld this is a practice that the israelis do to kind of it's a punitive measure against these palestinians which also affects their families we are expecting more of the same today we are expecting palestinians to be heading to confrontation points where they say that israel has been using an excessive force against them to disrupt these protests and prevent palestinians from taking to the
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streets and this is why a palestinian to have been looking very positively at the news that came from the chief prosecutor have been sued who in march has opened an investigation into suspected war crimes in the occupied territory and she has released a statement lately warning against work crimes during the latest round of palestinian israeli escalation and joining me here to talk more about this issue is she's a legal research organization which is a human rights organization how do you view that statement from the i.c.c. . the statement of the i.c.c. prosecutor and the entire investigation open investigation into. israeli crimes in the occupied in occupied palestinian territories an important step towards accountability and ending israeli impunity that it had enjoyed for above 73 years
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without any consequences and israel has been committing its crimes and violations against the palestinian people without any meaningful consequences from the international community palestinians are do not trust into the israeli justice so called to destroy the system and so they are seeking accountability at the i.c.c. but we need to remember that holding if this investigation succeed into holding israeli individuals who are responsible for committing war crimes and crimes against humanity be it the apartheid crime or be it the displacement and willful can a and destruction of palestinian property this is important but this is not enough for a palestinian criminal justice is just one corner of justice that palestinian deserves palestinians need their right to return to their homes they were displaced from since 1980 they need to reclaim the properties that have been appropriated by the palestinian israeli state through its discriminatory laws palestinians need to
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their right to exercise the right to self-determination they need to protestant without being killed they need to sleep in their homes in gaza without fearing that the next day they leave they don't need to be sleeping in one bed fearing that. they want to be as one family in one bed not to losing their life as a whole family together recently we've seen in a report released by human rights watch it said that israel is committing apartheid for you as local palestinian n.g.o.s you've been saying that this has been the case for years how do you think that report and the international attention that is being focused on the palestinian issue right now helping you advance the case further the record. mission of apartheid by international human rights organization an israeli organization is important but as i've said this is something palestinian civil society groups have been saying for ever and unfortunately that the
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international community does not give much attention to the palestinian voices as if palestinian voices need an israeli or international very fire to say that israel is an apartheid regime but nonetheless this is very important recognition is the 1st step to words have being action toward ending this apartheid regime it is the time now that all these people that are acknowledging israeli apartheid to push for actions to push for extensions on israel so that the apartheid regime is and that sanctions and these and these countermeasures are not a favor for it to ask from the international community it's their legal obligation and if you're recognizing that israel is an apartheid state you need to act on this crime thank you very much a seal bridges she is the good researcher of organization which is the palestinian local n.g.o.s as we heard palestinians have been saying for years that there are living under occupation and many of them are using this opportunity that the world
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is watching to remind them that they still live under occupation and as they say next but for that is still ongoing ok to abraham they're bringing us the latest from ramallah need to thank you. as i'm assertions are being organized around the globe in support of the palestinian people this was the scene in sydney australia where a vigil was held earlier to protest against israel's actions in the u.k. . and south africa to germany crowds are set to join their cones following some of the demonstrations held since monday. well white house correspondent kimberly hall consistently says so in the u.s. political reaction. white house press secretary has been asked to clarify the president's position after critics accused him of failing to condemn israel she is continuing to do some cleanup the comments by the u.s.
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president joe biden on thursday where he stated that the response by israel is in his view not significant for a 2nd day agent psaki found herself having to address those comments by the president saying that in no way was this a minimizing loss of life that in fact the united states is working very hard and mourns the loss of every life whether palestinian or israeli take a listen to what she had to say israel has the right to self-defense our focus remains on continuing to use every lever at our disposal to deescalate the situation on the ground i think it's also important to remind people a mosque is a terrorist organization hamas does not represent the views of the families of the people who are suffering all of the palestinian people who are suffering as a result of this violence on but there is no justification for 1500 rockets coming
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from hamas so the argument being made by the white house press secretary as you heard there that she doesn't believe there's any justification for any firing of rockets what the white house is being accused of not just in the united states but around the world is being very selective about the starting point and once again completely ignoring many of the facts on the ground including those forced evictions of many palestinian families from occupied east jerusalem. ok we'll bring you know some live pictures though this is from ramallah in the occupied west bank we see protesters are gathering there to continue to protest the ongoing occupation is interfering former correspondent. need to abraham this is of course there's a when they're marking the 75th nakba so there we are live pictures now i bring in those. were protesters are gathering. to protest
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the ongoing occupation this is of course very much still an ongoing situation we're going to keep an eye on all these live pictures bring them back see bring you back to them rather soon as things develop and see the u.s. now are remembers all of the u.s. congress responded to israel's assault on gaza including palestinian american high standard. now on thursday she brought out a tweet spy and basher who'd been writing about life under heavy bombardment i want to read something a mother named the man in the gaza wrote 2 days ago she said quote tonight i put the kids to sleep in our bedroom so that when we die we die together and no one would live to learn the laws of another when. well played forwards her message to congress saying a man's words
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a powerful and she wished she could wrap her and her babies up in safe say what we can speak and i too am an basher she joins us from gaza by skype thank you for speaking says on the news a very powerful tweet and certainly you saw the reaction there from the congresswoman just explain to us it's out of worry that you often have the you and your children will die. yes of course. it doesn't people are living surviving my. every single day. we wake up to reply to messages like are you alive and. we're scared every single minute missing that we are next. when i do we didn't i wrote it while i was crying and. i want to remember her i want to say that.
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gazan people have 2 methods in dealing with such. such turf ignites. they either pull their the whole members of the families in one room. so that either of the of the bombing happens on the israeli warplane strike perhaps they all died together. or are they you know there's another method that. every individual member in the front room so that if a massacre happened or they bought the house one member would survive it's heartbreaking that the gazans. do choices while they don't actually have war shelters to predict them. well there's something. so to cut you off though that's something i wanted to ask you about just while we're speaking
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we're actually showing our viewers pictures of there were films by a gazan family showing all the families together reacting to the sounds of bombs outside i mean it's quite distressing watch for people who are not used to this if you don't live with this daily reality any israeli is really going to but they have safe rooms that they can shelter and it's not a facility available to families like yours in gaza when the worst happens is the replace of safety for you to take your children or to you just have to wrap them in blankets and hope for the best. there is no place actually it usually doesn't speak to the rule that it be think it is safe. and it will be horrible embers in it. or sometimes when the houses and. the palestinian families are gazan families in that with no holes they go on or was schools. because they think
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it is safe. and you can hear me actually while you were speaking there is. sound so bumping. here we can we can hear that actually and we do hope that you're that you're safe there. it is difficult for people who are not living in that situation to comprehend what this must be like what kind of effect this is having on your children if if it's ok to share that i mean how are they coping with this do they still smile do they still laugh. incidentally it was difficult when we slipped actually at 4 am and my kids skipped waking our. every every minute and i was it my husband and i took a very long time to call them down. it's terrifying it's traumatizing i don't want my hips to live like this i want it's
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a little meat so i don't want the the word to get to hear those screams that's why i like to eat it that's why i am writing. i believe of the powerful or i believe in the power of words and i want my kids to survive all of this and i don't want to say to them that's it you're not going to grow are to fulfill your dreams. and your tweet struck a chord with russia. i have important was that someone heard your message because the situation here your family live and it's been like this for years now do you think that this could make a change though people are listening this time around yes yes i believe that words are as powerful as well and will rashida played. with might we i
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watched it and i burst into tears because i felt like the whore were. the whole world has listened to us that well athenians aren't silenced and. i will keep writing i will even forming the whole world about what's happening. until then we live in peace again ok. joining us live from gaza thank you so much for sharing your experience your family's experience and as we talk we can hear those. those bombs and those shells being drops in the neighborhood we hope that you can get to safety with you and your children but for now i thank you for talking to us here on al-jazeera we appreciate it we're going to give you are going to take you back see these live pictures on the right hand side of your screens for viewers watching that's the live shot of gaza as we were speaking with him and passion of course we have we heard. we heard more bombing in
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the background the daily reality but we'll keep an eye on those pictures and see. see if more of those shells drop which areas of the territory are affected her mind of course causes a very very small circle of land a very densely populated strip of land as well on the left hand side of your screen more people gathering there in the occupied west bank in. a gathering there on the stage. the nakba known see palestinians as the catastrophe which is of course when the mass fleeing of refugees which led to the creation of the state of israel. so lots to keep on top of cheering this news hour we're going to keep our eyes on it for you bring you back and see those seas as soon as we have the latest developments but there is more news still to come on this al-jazeera
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news our british g.c.t. this rising star the trump loyalists is now the 3rd highest ranking republican in the u.s. house of representatives and the oldest count competition of football is set to be decided which she manages hoping to win a very 1st trophy in england's joe we'll have all the details for you in sports. all of a sudden there's no shortage of rain this is spring rain if you want to be generous it's fairly heavy rain unfortunately quite a few particularly where you get these 3 things coming together so that's a place to watch the size of france not all end up going through northern italy eventually towards slovakia and poland are just focusing on what's particularly
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heavy in the spring snow and that as well everywhere else most likely you'll see rain rather than not right unless you're in spain or portugal a good part of italy albania and greece now you should stay generally speaking far and that darker blue is the heavier rain through the east of austria most say slovakia and then poland beyond it well well behind it it's just more showers and frayed and typically innsbrook showing the difference the average time for this time of year should be about $21.00 that's fairly typical throughout the middle part of europe and it's going down if anything about how to get to wednesday was frequent showers or thunderstorms it is this thing a moment whereas in the south of spain the southwest and taken to the thea where there's a record of $41.00 you're not far off and you're well above the average and it's going to stick as well the. the west sounds quite hot here too not record breaking but hot all the same and it continues.
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in hebron boys breed and fly pigeons but in this occupied palestinian city boys are also close to watched by israeli forces at times and often are arrested. and delicately told tales filmed over 5 years of a coming of age in a place where even a child's imagination is every restricted the skies above hebron a witness documentary on al-jazeera. cultivating food is the foundation of human civilization but food today is a global commodity if the industry did not make money how many people would be and how it's cultivated a contentious debate public interest in the public safety is definitely not taking precedent and in-depth examination into agribusiness and the conflicting interests at play industry doesn't want any regulation interest want to put their products on
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the not get the price of progress on al-jazeera. the. this is al jazeera quote one of the top stories this hour israel's ground forces continue to fire heavy artillery into the gaza strip for 6 days this is the scene palestinians of woken up to the aftermath of explosions all rising across gaza skyline funerals have been held for the 2 palestinian women and their 8 children killed in an israeli air strike early on saturday morning their home in gaza's are shot the refugee camp was hits their deaths mean 140 palestinians have been killed since the offensive began on monday. palestinians in the occupied west bank are
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marking nakba day all the catastrophe and 750000 palestinians were forcibly displaced from their homes in the war that led to the establishment of israel in 1948 this is the same right now in algeria where crowds have gathered. there saturday is the final day of registration for candidates who've been to succeed president hassan rouhani following iran's election in june this year's vote comes at a critical time with johanna and world powers engaged in diplomatic negotiations to revive the 2050 nuclear deal. the bodies over around 100 suspected covens victims have been found forcing in india's river ganges in the past week most were recovered in india's poorest states
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bihar that has the country's worst health care system there is only one doctor for every 28000 people and a warning the strip or from or india correspondent elizabeth piron i'm contains images some people may find distress and. the fires continue to burn in one of the many cremation grounds on the banks of the ganges river considered the holiest source of water by hindus many want to be cremated near it and have the ashes scattered in the water work a say in recent times they've never had to deal with so many bodies. the daily concretes changing some days we cremate 4050 or even 70 bodies it's even reach 145 in one day but over the past week around a 100 bodies suspected to be of covert 19 victims have been found floating in the ganges in the states of be hard and author pretty in bihar they have been reports
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of a shortage of wood for funeral pyres because of the unprecedented number of cremations that's denied by the local administration but be hard is also india's poorest state with only line to community health care centers for 120000000 people. bob and i've been there pandey traveled from his home town to the capital partner to find a hospital for his wife he told al-jazeera he can't afford the medical care or food for himself. or. i have to buy medicines every day we get few tablets from the hospital for free but they are for basic illnesses we got medicine to work they don't grant decent and that's it we have to buy everything from elsewhere they give food to the position but not put the relatives . she had lost his uncle to coronavirus he is amount of many people in bihar who say their relatives would neglected because of
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a lack of health care workers there was only one doctor for every 28000 people. by the health system across india has collapsed whether it is the i.c.u. or the general ward relatives are not being allowed to stay with patients and patients the dying there is no one to feed them water clean the sort clothes. health experts say most call that 19 deaths in bihar and he has rural areas with 65 percent of the population live on not being counted on the 2.4 percent of the deaths and be hard to medically certified. i have no more room. for him to bear. for me it is not there. to come to a hospital. cases of the virus and they have now tops $24000000.00 but more than a quarter of a 1000000 deaths but it's widely suspected that the actual figures are likely to be
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much higher elizabeth pradhan al jazeera new delhi. well we can speak now to parker do it and you say it's the news and current affairs program just story she joins us from veyron r.c. by skype it's great to have you with us on the news are it's distressing seeing these images of balls he's floating in the ganges what can you tell us about this. how many bosses are there until we know who they are. well hello thank you for having me i'm coming to right now from the prime minister's own constituency in voter nessie in easton and just minutes ago i personally went to a river bank by the holy ghost and counted 7 bodies that had to be buried in retreat leaves that had actually been abandoned nobody knows by who over the last 3 days i've traveled to the interior they have been it least 3 different villages
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where i have counted hundreds of bodies and it's gone well past the 150 bodies that your audience 1st heard about in fact estimates suggest that they could be 2000 up to the house and qualities so to just floating about in uncounted unacknowledged not even i did in the us call the house and basically we do not know if in bodies are being abandoned because we are stigmatized by having obeyed all that will not have money or commission. is mass graves by river banks and the big question is these bodies are never going to be tested for called it so when india is counting it's called it dead these are the bodies that are not even going to be included in our final count so the moral question that's really raised by the sight of salt cops is in the leader of the congo is are we ever going to know the full scale of the calamity that is on sort of being killed in the hinterland in the uk that is the border question that is really captured in the voting caucuses that i
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have. 3 different villages counted myself in the hundreds of the which is a very distressing tara testimony you're giving us there barca given the fact that you are in the prime minister's constituency and your testimony is showing us that the situation is much worse than even the distressing figures that we are seeing coming out over india it does beg the question what is the government doing do they recognize how terrible the situation is and is there any attempt being made. to tackle this crisis. but i think that we have not got the acknowledgment of the full scale of the calamity that we need from the government in fact i do not think the government is communicating with our citizens in the way that it should with the transparency and the truth telling in fact that it showed i would go so far as to say that these bodies are testimony to the fact that many people are actually
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dying. without access to a hospital the other disturbing thing that is happening is that many local doctors are refusing to certify these debts that have to. ask all that i met with families to be either not been given it get such a big hit or if they've been given it gets it though the doctors though believe 2 of them that they have called it that get so difficult that they were given was for typhoid so between an institution a sort of senior a fear to count the dead the stigma attached or that in many parts of the india where people are just dumping bodies the absence of resources it takes up of a false and refused to meet a quality a condemnation accorded these complex factors along with a. better. election i think points to the fact that you know all that dead might be one of the great under-reported. under side to
1:46 pm
these awful modern while you're doing important work there. reporting on these under kind. very much for sharing that with us here on al-jazeera barkha to their editor at more joel story joining us inviting us in. the u.s. republicans have appointed a donald trump loyalist to a senior leadership role in the policy congresswoman of the stuff on it replaces liz cheney who was pushed out for her recent criticism of the former president john hendren reports from washington d.c. . donald trump might seem like a man enjoying semi retirement but his grip on the republican party hasn't slipped just ask fellow republican liz cheney she spoke out against him i will do everything i can to ensure that the former president never again gets anywhere near the oval office her party repaid her by ousting her as the republican conference
1:47 pm
chair the party's number 3 leader in the house of representatives even though donald trump is no longer commander in chief even though he no longer sits in the oval office he still controls the party he still will be enormous influence over the party and what you're seeing are republicans making it started effort to try to not only rewrite history but also rewrite it and the way that center is everything around donald trump and that's for good or bad cheney was replaced on friday by a least a funny who made no secret of where her allegiance lies i believe that voters determine the leader of the republican party and president trump is the leader that they look to stiff voted not to certify joe biden is the winner of the 2020 election earning her the support of the man still claiming he won it is this is a rigged election everybody you know republican congressman adam kinzinger says only a few of his colleagues really believe that donald trump won the last presidential
1:48 pm
election but few were willing to speak out against him so while the party is getting an injection of new leadership the man who calls the tune remains the same as for the man who by every official count did win the election he seems to want to turn the page liz cheney are suggesting it is above my pay grade i mean i have enough trouble figuring out of my own party all the time let alone the public with that could be difficult with his predecessors constant criticism and his frequent hints that he wants a rematch in 2024 john hendren 0 washington. china has successfully landed a spacecraft on mars follows the u.s. and the soviet union to become the 3rd country to have a rule for touch tyrion on the red planet's the 6 wheeled jur only it's named after the gunfire in ancient chinese mythology china's most ambitious space mission so
1:49 pm
far. let's just take you back to the occupied west bank for your life pictures now of. where palestinians are protesting gathering to protest the ongoing conflicts and also the it's a commemorates the nakba one of course 3 quarters of a 1000000 palestinians are forced to flee to the establishments of the state of israel so ahead here on al-jazeera driver who survived for a crash takes pole position one of the world's most famous faces that's coming up after the break and sports. halfway between tokyo or not she was then relatively sleepy place not a lot of violent crime so when 4 people get killed on one occasion in as bloody
1:50 pm
a massacre as this was new tracks a lot report. the task force of each research service was created to find out what happened. police counted more than 40 stab wounds all together the victims . or.
1:51 pm
it's time for the sports here's joe hallett thank you very much what with just over 2 months to go until the take care lympics brazil's government has begun vaccinating its athletes against the 19 the country's health minister was in rio de janeiro to personally administer some of the vaccines to athletes coaches referees and accredited media brazil will use just over 4000 doses of the phase the shots and another 8000 from chinese company sent of iraq if follow similar moves by other countries including the us great britain and australia. well with current virus restrictions easing in england $20000.00 fans will return to london's wembley stadium later for the culmination of football's oldest cup competition the f.a. cup chelsea face less is he in the final a win would give chelsea a huge boost going into the champions league final against man city in just under 2
1:52 pm
weeks' time and it could be a 1st english trophy for thomas tohu who only took over in january but this will be a big test for them to chelsea will need to have rebuilt their confidence after a midweek loss in the premier league to all small and they'll play leicester again in the league on cheese day as they battle to finish in the top 4. i cannot absolutely not judge it because. this is these are 2 fines and we don't think about anything else than the 2 finances of final 4 cup in this final 4 top 4 for us is clear we missed the chance against arsenal to be decisive and decisive advantage so now we have to cope with it lest city's manager brendan rodgers is also looking for his 1st english trophy the club hasn't played in the f.a. cup final since 1969 and he thinks that the underdogs. got a lot of really good momentum over these last few months and. said the probably
1:53 pm
been the favorites for the game because of where they're are and everything else but but for us what we're so looking forward to could be a great occasion but focus on performing well. man just as he had beat newcastle 43 in their 1st premier league match since being confirmed as the new english champions says he was pushed hard by the home team who took a one to lead pep guardiola as men overturn their answer go to one up they had to continue to fight after falling 32 behind farren taras hit a hat trick as the champions eventually run out winners by 4 goals to 3. 9 time african champions actually host mamelodi sundowns in the 1st leg of their champions league quarter final later on saturday the much sees iraqi coach puts a muslim on a come up against his former side mausam on a coach sundowns between 20122020 before joining the kyra giants and he has won the
1:54 pm
african champions league with both clubs. i make sure that the team is very strong for the champions league and i made sure that the team is strong for us out of the governor next 4 years. they're not coming year for one position they're not coming in for a throw we are coming here to try and win the match or even if you draw it's a chore that is in sight. the washington wizards have secured the final playoff spots in the eastern conference of the n.b.a. a few changes in format mean that the teams finishing between 7th and 10th will compete in a mini playoff tournament called a play and tournament the 2 top teams from that will join the top 6 teams in the conference for the start of the more traditional looking playoffs russell westbrook triple double helped the wizards beat the cleveland cavaliers 122105 here west contributing 21 points 17 assists and 12 rebounds it was his 183rd career triple
1:55 pm
doubles. the golden state warriors will be involved in the play and tournament in the western conference after winning 3 n.b.a. titles in the previous 5 seasons they missed out on the post season last year when their squad was ravaged by injuries on friday the age the new orleans pelicans 125 to 122. well despite missing 8 players who tested positive for current virus even after they were vaccinators the new york yankees were able to pull off a win on friday. came off the bench as a pinch hitter in the 2nd inning to hit a 3 run homer as the yankees got past the baltimore orioles 54 the previous night's new york the humbled 9 won by the tampa bay rays will be happy to put that behind them. elsewhere los angeles angels to a star share tawny hit his 11th home run of the season against new york's bitsa rivals the boston red sox tani's exploits how of were not enough for the angels babied cell back also got in on the action doll but hitting
1:56 pm
a 2 run homer in the 7th inning as the red sox defeated los angeles $43.00. and finally a nasty collision in major league baseball reigning m.v.p. of the american league chicago church jose breyer collided head on with kansas city's hunter dozier both players removed from the game and white sox later confirming a prayer left with facial bruising a laceration as well as a bruised left knee but no concussion while the royals reported dozier is being treated for heavily bruised quote and neck discomfort. kentucky derby winner medina spirit has been cleared to race in the 2nd leg of the triple crown later the favorite for sas face preakness stakes past 3 rounds of pre-race drug testing readiness spirit tested positive for steroids after winning the derby trainer bob baffert put it down to the horse being treated with an aunt. american goal for sam burns leads at the halfway stage of the 18th tee byron nelson tournament in texas he topped the leaderboard on friday with a career low $62.00 after waiting 10 birdies including 4 and row he heads into the
1:57 pm
weekend 17 under par with a 2 shot lead over sweden's alex noren. well less than 6 months ago formula one driver roman groeschel walked away from a fiery crash after hitting a barrier 192 kilometers per hour in bahrain the frenchman burned both his hands but returned to racing in indy car incredibly has just taken pole position in only his 3rd race was quickest around the famous indianapolis motor speedway track on friday beating 2 time indy car champion joseph new garden for pole yes yes i mean that feeling. for what he was earned on his 1st port of call it was struggling a bit. when she made some really good change over the runs and we go down the last 6 of her summer runs club red ties in the car. amazing.
1:58 pm
a great comeback story there from grace on the right that is a list for now thank you very much indeed joe well that is it for this news hour to keep it here at al-jazeera net clark while we were here on the other side of the break. it's a very bleak picture for a lot of americans out there white supremacy impacts all of our patients you're putting more money into the hands of some others taking money out of the hands of other workers that won't goes to their camp and becomes a us versus them this is the deal about constraining your nuclear program the bottom line the big questions on out is there when the news breaks had been waiting
1:59 pm
for more than 12 hours but with hospitals out of beds and often when people who need to be percent of the people here are in debt many for trying to find food and the story needs to be told there's no safety in my country how can i go back there in live with exclusive interview real fighting against the military including troop movements which is iraq has teams on the ground all to to bring money moral glue documentaries and light nice cultivating food is the foundation of human civilization but food today is a global commodity if the industry did not make money how many people would be out and how it's cultivated a contentious debate public interest in the public safety is definitely not taking precedent and in-depth examination into our great business and the conflicting interests that play industry doesn't want any regulation interest would put the products on the market the price of progress on al-jazeera. what. when an
2:00 pm
island built the tourist suddenly has no visitor. one o one east travels to bondi to find out. which is iraq. palestinian protesters are on the street survey occupied west bank marking nakba the day in 1908 when tens of thousands of palestinians were forced from their homes as a state of israel was created. i don't know drug this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up on the program funerals were held for palestinian mothers and their children killed during an
2:01 pm
israeli air strike on.


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