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tv   The Listening Post  Al Jazeera  May 15, 2021 10:30pm-11:00pm +03

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broad and the colombian authorities are warning that a surge in coronavirus cases is putting pressure on i.c.u. units the government says hospitals are almost full in big cities cobra deaths in colombia of past 80000 for the capital bogota recording its highest number of deaths on thursday since the pandemic began in the past week an average of 470 deaths have been recorded a day. top stories are 0 deaths amounting in the gaza strip as israel continues to bombard the area with air strikes and artillery fire 145 palestinians have now been killed since the offensive began on monday 41 of them children and israeli airstrike has destroyed a building housing residential apartment and international media including our jazeera and the associated press the building was evacuated after receiving
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a warning an hour before the strike al-jazeera has condemned the bombing as a clear act to stop journalist reporting on events the associated press says released a video of its staff evacuating the building in gaza before the israeli airstrike a president a c.e.o. of the news agency gary pruitt says the company only narrowly avoided a loss of life he told others there you would like to see proof that hamas had a presence in the building. i can tell you that we've been in that building for 50 about 15 years with our bureau we certainly had no sense that hamas was there we would like to see the evidence we're not sure whether hamas was there or not we don't know but i can tell you the impact will be that the world will know less about what's going on in gaza because that building was leveled it had great sightlines to show the world what was going on in gaza and that will be lost. a 5 month old baby is the only survivor from an israeli airstrike on
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a house in the shuttle refugee camp in gaza baby omar is being treated in hospital for a broken leg ah and throat injuries and bruising his mother and 4 siblings all died in the attack along with 5 other relatives they were visiting relatives for each celebrations dozens more rockets have been fired from gaza into israel one man was killed when a rocket exploded in a street in the suburb of tel aviv nearby buildings were damaged by the shrapnel warning sirens have been heard in tel aviv and across central israel 10 people have been killed in israel since monday including 2 children as that lines coming out power palestinians are using social media to document the violence the listening post is up next on news stream after that i found out. we understand the differences in similar items of cultures across the wound so no matter how you take a al-jazeera. the news and current affairs that matter to you.
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down to 0. below really. kind of like. the analysis of the right. there for them ok. that is. lower richard burton you're at the listening post where we dig into the coverage and look at how news is reported here are the media stories we're looking at this week. gaza under assault bloodshed at the al aqsa mosque social media is the place to go for the coverage of this story except when the platform's take issue with what's being posted thailand used to be a safe haven for journalists on the run from me and mark those days are gone mammy just a bell and sapphire do they look familiar we examine the stereotyping of black women
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on screen and cartoon propaganda turkish style someone says. something that to the delight of the president's critics comes back to bite the heir to want to govern what is currently taking place across the occupied territories is both familiar and unlike anything we've seen in recent times the israeli settler violence is not new nor are the forced evictions of palestinians from their homes to make way for israelis the police brutality on protestors and worshippers at the al aqsa mosque the israeli military is bombing of gaza in response to rocket fire that's coming from the other direction but in other ways this escalation is distinct in large part because of social media palestinians have been documenting every stage of this story starting with the israeli police cracking down on protesters in east jerusalem shake shot off
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a neighborhood where palestinians are on the verge of being forced out social media companies removed. many of those posts even suspended dozens of accounts content moderators to easily triggered have since been overtaken by of hats and footage filmed by gazans under attack has mobilized palestinians in a way that has not been seen in years within the occupied territories and israel itself our starting point this week is gaza city. the last thing that the 2000000 palestinians living in gaza want to see on their social media feeds is that gaza is trending. because when gaza is trending it usually means the israelis are bombed. and civilians are getting killed. even if it's the last week of ramadan during a pandemic when gaza is trying in the israeli army says it's out to destroy
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military targets only residential tower spur reduced to rubble. schools and media organizations. and palestinians find themselves telling their story on social media to elements of the global media that don't seem to want to understand. the video a little boy. that ship with another video was. forming on that residential building. you just saw a lot weekly flat i think what it does is it showcases israel's brutality for me to the images that stick in my one of the flags in gaza with call ups. the future. of ours is the morning and you can.
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see more and more. what social media does that allows our ordinary. to select our words selector and midges based on what we see rather what an editor or rather what journalist the destruction of civilian property which is filmed on captured this is all evidence that's been collected for what one day it will probably be working on trials at the international criminal court so there's a new dimension to the social media test of under the charter politically very. the initial fuse for this escalation was lit not in gaza but in east jerusalem shake shot up a long time in arab neighborhood where palestinians are now facing expulsion from their homes by yet more jewish israeli cities. there's
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a lot. of armed someplace confronted palestinians on their doorstep as the demonstrations that took place and the crackdown by israeli security. led to what many news organizations still call actions that were more like mismatches israeli police used tear gas stun grenades and rubber tipped bullets against unarmed protesters more than $600.00 of them were injured compared to roughly 20 police. some of the shooting took place in the al aqsa mosque itself and provoked tom in gaza to launch rockets into israel. many protestors armed with nothing more than their phone used to document the shake shot off story on social media particularly on instagram we have seen the video of an israeli and jewish settler in the backyard of a palestinian family how hard my her i don't know and that video
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which has made so many rounds is a testament again to daily ongoing ethnic cleansing of palestinians blood. videos that went viral were of the israeli settlers going around shift with their guns and their pistols as though they are in some video game counter strike with something but they're actually shooting at people palestinians. this young woman many iraqi think who was arrested by israeli police in jerusalem and as she was being handcuffed she was imploring him if this is what he dreamt of being when he was a child maybe you have to have kids and it takes so much strength and bravery to be able to do that with the potential of being taken to a police station that is notorious for its torture of palestinians social media has developed so quickly so to the last song. on this facebook or twitter
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instagram. you name me. this clears off conventional the moment and also to make a message to. the shake shot a story that's coming in the images grew more difficult to watch twitter and facebook started taking down content to some was flagged as hate speech many accounts were blocked palestinians have seen this before big tech platforms deleting material that exposes israeli human rights crimes often those platforms are told to do so by the authorities something israel's justice minister boasted about publicly in 2016 this nation. coming. to my own facebook to see the man.
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palestinians also know social media companies mainly facebook which owns instagram have handed over some of their users data to the israeli government leading to hundreds of arrests so when twitter and instagram which is headed by adam oh sorry an american israeli blamed their content takedowns on a technical bug palestinians weren't buying it here is a question if your system. targets only or disproportionately vulnerable communities at crucial and sensitive political times at the peak of their activism at the peak of the need to see and document human rights abuses then you need to fix your system if it wasn't technical bug and there fixed it well. if it hasn't been fixed and this technical bug has permeated. provide. coverage of palestine israel then it's
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a technical bargain there are more of. news organizations. some are struggling to keep up with this israeli ground troops moving on to the border with darts communal violence breaking out in multiple israeli cities reports of attempted lynching on both sides. talk from the israeli president of a looming civil. there was a time as recently as a year ago the palestinians could tune into arabic language news channels based in the gulf and find reporting that would help redress at least some of the imbalanced coverage on western media outlets that is no longer the case the abrahamic normalization agreements between israel the united arab emirates and box have tempered the coverage on some gulf based pan arab channels like the saudi owned. and sky news arabia which broadcasts out of the u.a.e.
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their viewers are seeing output on palestine that is more muted and sporadic than it used to be back here happy man i know a lot it's not a clock when we're not going out when we're not. just in this conference has been held to have laid it out and that's why you cannot. cannot cannot get the sauna and it leaves palestinians ever more reliant on social media american big tech companies bugs biases and all palestinians have been geographically and politically fragmented for decades and that is not by coincidence is by design and social media as you know we reunited us palestinians living in jerusalem in the west bank in gaza even palestinians living in the das for i myself included one reason why we. demonstrations not just from go. on the west bank but also in.
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jaffa inside israel but. fundament can boast of power mcgraw military political remains probably an issue a trooper and just like they're censoring palestinians now they're going to censor others struggle as a palestinian i rebuke the separation of our censorship from the censorship of others struggle this is something that is problematic with them these corporations . are yet to receive that right this is something that's much bigger than that. it's been more than 100 days now since me and mars new military rulers took power and things are not getting any easier for journalists inside the country or out for philips has been talking to some of them flow let's start with how this story has moved beyond me and mars borders and into time northern thailand to be precise richard last week 3 bernese journalists were arrested that they work for an
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independent outlet the democratic voice of burma d.d.p. now d.b. is a very popular t.v. and radio station that has been extensively covering the military coup far too critical for the hunter's liking back in march the authorities banned forcing many of its journalists either into hiding or to flee across the border the 3 reporters in question then set up a makeshift studio in thailand to continue that work but a neighbor reported on usually activity in the building the thai police entered searched it and the rest of the journalists for crossing the border illegally what are the chances that the thai authorities will now deport them back to me and it's hard to say because d.v.d. does have a history of working in thailand back in the early 2000 when memo was all-star under military rule d.d.b. did a lot of its work on the thai side of the border as did many journalists and you'll remember from when we covered that story which is that the title thirty's were fine with it but things are beginning to change we spoke with the executive director of
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dv b. h. and 9 who says that the bomb is consulate in chiang mai has been. pressuring the thai authorities to deport the genesis and they've even tried to visit the reporters in jail unsuccessfully and one important thing to note should these jenna's get deported it will be a violation of international law the principle which protects the sign seekers who face persecution back if they are deported back to me in mar what kind of fate awaits them there as you know richard media workers are still being arrested and the crackdown on dissent that continues we've been getting stories of journalists taken from their houses in the middle of the night and tortured and this past week a d.v.d. reporter based in young dawn was sentenced to 3 years in jail joining 3 of his colleagues already behind bars so the situation is pretty bleak all round ok thanks flow this past week the u.s. television network n.b.c. announced it will not be broadcasting next year's golden globes awards as
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prestigious film and television awards go the globes are 2nd only to the oscars and d.c. is reasoning the group behind the globes the hollywood foreign press association has persistently come up short on the issue of diversity it is a problem that runs right through the industry and people behind hashtags like oscars so white have been demanding change despite some signs of progress the roles offered to actors of color particularly black women are still often built around stereotypes simplistic depictions some dating back to the slave trade but somehow live are so many black female artists have turned away from an industry dominated by white men to tell their own stories complex layered ones that hollywood seems to have an aversion to the listening post johannah who is now on the stereotyping of black women and the push for change in an industry where diversity and inclusion have been far too long in coming.
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then. you tell me what you want done and i think a lot of the jazz about. and this. submissive sexy sexy 3 stereotypes of black women that return to our screen over and over again. the mammy is probably the most familiar to people it's usually a made be taken care of the family he's. this. is what she is a sexual she doesn't have really a life of her own she's really only there to support the family and probably one of the most famous examples is a mammy from gone with the wind. somebody who is always seeking out to put aside her own desires her own needs for white families white men white
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women white children eat sugar you know 6. deadliest chicken and. the 2nd stereotype is the jets about and that someone who's generally oversexed is misty her only power is in her body and the influence she has over men and then finally the sapphire character i think that scene in t.v. more often than anything else gets some kleenex wiped you know cause it a damn sand the sapphire is usually start. manipulative woman who emasculate her husband. there was actually a carrot so-called sapphire stevens on the imus and i d. show how do you think you could. get a job done by you know. the representation of a i'm very black woman and that's kind of metamorphosis to today where we just have sassy angry black women. doesn't take anything from anybody.
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caricature is that black women have been around in western culture for centuries. they're rooted in the transatlantic slave trade and stereotypes were used to commodify black bodies and justify slavery. these characters were popularized in american school and shows comedic performances in which white actors in blackface black people just to entertain other whites. by the early ninety's hundreds minstrel shows are fading in popularity but the stereotypes endured they make the jump to film the electronic media and they have survived to this day. throughout history more often than not white women are depicted in reductive ways denies different experiences and emotions that
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are part of their life and you're my graphic. depictions of white women in the media throughout time have been used to put forward ultimately oppressive ideologies generalisations are useful are constantly favors but they're also short cuts and it feeds into our own racist imagination. and we miss the realities the full depth of black women's stories because you are essentially rising black people you're saying there is no complexity beyond this well it's not going to be no surprise that the audience and the creators alive are going to constantly think that we have represented black women in the way they are wouldn't give me what they've for epicenters just the same racist caricature over and over again. stereotypes like the mammy jazz about sapphire
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however in. forced over time reinvented in characters like the welfare queen and ceci black friends. looking for sassy black free oh no i did where you got one now girlfriend. in the wake of the black lives matter protests there has been renewed push back against this kind of racist imagery. tyndall dreadful yet writes will have rest with thoughts because that is me since he sees no sign to give it to me. i have to strive to play the part of the welfare queen and my mom is playing the mommy and it's too like stereotypes to get. with like deep interrogation as to watch a test once again and use case of. we just like pop pop as like best friends of like all white leads us remember being on set and almost being asked to give us more sides give us more i chew you know. i watch his back and i
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absolutely was complicit in the problem for him and he brought that. advocated. rhetoric. for the sake of capitalism for the sake of a credit. for black actors caricature is are no longer the only parts out there. t.v. shows like scandal how to get away with murder and in secure future layered black women in their living rooms. at such complex multi dimensional characters are the exception all stereotypes are token black rules remain the. effect that is at least partly explained by a lack of diversity behind the camera at the writing desk in the director's chair. one of the problems that they're just really on a lot of people of color who are making decisions who are writing who are producing
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. right it's like no joke. no me. all of this. is actually really good but when you think about a show like insecure on h.b.o. does that because she is a black woman she has black writers black producers and so she makes it her business to make sure that the full story is told but complex part that's reality and we just don't see a lot of that on t.v. or in felt. for the majority of part of the white. predominantly male absolutely adds to the. sort of modernization. and contribute to the misrepresentation of who we are and i was storing what i have all over. this is just different names you know what you make right and so i think we're turning to the internet because
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the internet allows us to. commune mobilize to stabilize. educate. and free ourselves from. the dominance that is like now why the white culture. the internet has offered artists a space to tell their own stories and they have proven successful web series like salt fish and he says results were just girls and that's large followings online and both shows were then she picked up by big broadcasters. but it's taken a lot of clicks and likes for t.v. executives to acknowledge that black women stories the good the bad the ugly are worthy of their screen time. a lot of major networks consider it a risk to black stories because they're not always sure that the mainstream world received them while on. fortunately black creators are in
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a position of having to prove over and over again that our stories worth telling. content created by plot women can credibly talented but have often been overlooked by industry is engaging is interesting is dynamic and also because it typically doesn't conform to the conventions of industry that have been very narrow and prescriptive it's more exciting in many ways in what is offered in the mainstream the white world if you will tells of stories like they are global stories whereas when black people tell their stories those stories are only stories about those people i think that that is something that people really need to question. because the way why stories are told the rest of us the supposed to find our humanity in those stories why can't why people find beyond humanity you know with stories as well. and finally
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following on from the story that we did last week on president air to one's attempts via you tube to connect with the latest generation of turkish voters his ruling ak party has tried to use animation to do the same thing it produced a cartoon about turkey's leading opposition party the c.h.p. called the lie production center the cartoon tells the story of a mad scientist and the machinery behind anti government propaganda launched with much online fanfare and highlighted on the act party's official social media accounts the video then crashed and burned the government took an absolute hammering online from accounts that it cannot control and the cartoon was deleted within 24 hours now to wants people say the cartoon had reached its intended audience but what were they going to say that it backfired on them we managed to find a copy of it that still. making the rounds online so take
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a look for yourself we'll see you next time here at the list. first got in the action can. take. a stick to get a shot of that. yellow. photo make it a yellow. because of turn a message out. to live as a listener. if. you don't love. the. job yet also could offset. some of. the most of that don said.
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oh man says he. catch cannot have also talked like an atomic have a quote top and i'd be out of it. he imus but i don't know. jack. on counting the cost the return of fake government trillions in spending in the rich world but with super charged inflation stifling the economic recovery and football's business model wasn't working before the pandemic and it's not working night. counting the cold on al-jazeera. what happens when an
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island built the tourist suddenly has no visitors it's. one no one east travels to bali to find out. which is iraq. israel destroys a gaza tower block housing al-jazeera and all the foreign media as well as many families. this is funerals are held for 2 mothers and their children killed by israeli jets in a gaza refugee camp. or intended this is our.


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