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it's because they usually come suffering from malnutrition high blood pressure and that's the least it's sometimes worse we tell women to come to us as soon as they know they're pregnant so we can give them the right care but many are hesitant so when they give birth they're health risks not only for them but for the new babies that are born how is says she knows the risks she's facing and doesn't want to become another addition to the mortality statistics in chad she says she hopes to have a normal delivery but fears that at her age the odds may be against her and her child people more than al-jazeera. her again i'm fully back to go with a look at the headlines on al-jazeera israel has launched a new wave of airstrikes on gaza in the last hour palestinian factions have also fired a barrage of rockets towards israeli city of ashkelon stuff on the latest from gaza all the southern just. 55 israeli airstrike shake gaza city
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we have learned that the targets included several military bases and security bases in gaza some empty. and east of gaza city also next behind the main compound of shifa hospital which is the biggest hospital in gaza city. at least 197 palestinians including 58 children have been killed since the conflict escalated a week ago 10 people in israel have also died in these really fun minister says the offensive will continue with full force the u.n. security council meanwhile met on sunday to discuss the escalating conflict between israel and palestine but was unable even to agree on a joint statement china accuses a binding administration of blocking it with the us being israel's most powerful ally. in other news polls have closed in chile following
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a vote to 155 delegates to rewrite the country's dictatorship era constitution half of the seats are reserved for women and 17 for indigenous people many say a new constitution will address social inequality issues that led to violent protests nearly 2 years ago it's also seen as a test of support for the government ahead of presidential elections in november and britain's government says it's confident existing code 1000 vaccines will protect against some more transmissible variants now spreading across the country the strain for is detected in india has become the most dominant in parts of the u.k. although new case number has remained steady at around 2 files and today packs a nation's then testings have been scaled up in northern english towns and on sunday it was revealed more than 20000000 people have now been fully vaccinated in the u.k. you're upset with the headlines on al-jazeera have more news for you after the stream stay with us. cultivating food is the foundation of human civilization
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but food today is a global commodity if the industry did not make money how many people would be and how it's cultivated a contentious debate public interest in the public safety is definitely not taking precedent and in-depth examination into our great business and the conflicting interests that play industry doesn't want any regulation interest would put their products on the market the price of progress on al-jazeera. ok on today's bonus edition of the stream an exclusive interview with baker a palestinian social media activists he lives in gaza our collection was interrupted by israeli air strikes sand by feel questions about the quote a virus in india and we revisit a passionate debate about covert vaccine inequality. look we need the u.s.
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to act immediately the short term solution devised to do that you don't want you don't like astra zeneca give it to us we had to get it right the long term solution from factories near term solution force companies you fund it to share their deck knology with manufacturers who can begin and use it you know this is not funny anyone that this is sick what's happening in india is we need to happen to every vaccinated society whether it's in sub-saharan africa or southeast asia if we don't act we have to explain that to our children and i grandchildren and i would love to see what they have to say. that was actual proper public health advice based in bangalore getting an a round of applause from dr de i like. the african union vaccines and if we as also in the panel delta question now die a comma from state he's not in favor of waiving vaccine patents have a listen but we have to get to
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a more distributed model of vaccine manufacturing globally india has traditionally been the workhorse of manufacturing and we saw that that model isn't fit for purpose in the midst of a pandemic right now india is manufacturing 70 to 80000000 doses of vaccine a month which isn't enough just to meet domestic needs much less the needs of the rest of the world so we've got to look at other parts of asia africa latin america especially to invest now in building up capacity even if it takes 6 to 12 to 18 months to come on line my worry about ip waivers is that right now it's a distraction in the long term i think it's a positive indication that the u.s. is taking this very seriously want to play a leadership role and is willing to invest and partner with others around the world unfortunately an ip waiver even if granted today wouldn't increase the amount of money and wouldn't increase the number of doses in the next 3 to 6 months that doesn't mean we shouldn't do it i just hope we don't get distracted by that and
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forget to do all the other urgent things that are still needed there you know to jump. after isn't it max yeah sorry i mean i have to say i absolutely disagree that vaccine waivers are destruction right now i think the distraction is trying to move us away from that scene waivers because what vaccine waivers do in this moment is that it shows that we're grabbing the opportunity within this crisis with those hands we are i do disadvantage of the lower middle income countries of the world because for instance let me use africa we have we have 25 we use 25 percent of the world's vaccines produced good belief in any given. we produce one percent of those vaccines 99 percent we import we have seen that when a crisis like this comes as you said that the vaccine manufacturing is not that plotless i would argue that the anti global health infrastructure that we have at the moment is shown not to be fit for purpose it isn't just delivering for you in the u.s. it isn't delivering for the u.k. it isn't delivering for india and it isn't delivering to africa if yes it is not
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a quick fix way doesn't a quick fix in this moment right now but waivers if we if we get them in place and if we get the technology transfer and we get the know how put in place then what it will show is that this this virus isn't going away we've got another year another sadly another 2 years perhaps so we can prepare it's about preparedness it's about being ready for that next thing that is that is coming our way so i disagree that vaccines are just as our destruction i think they're absolutely critical and i think the signal that has been made by the u.s. is very welcome and we call for the rest of the world to do the same i think it's crucial that we vaccinate as much of the world as possible as quickly as we can but i don't think patents are really the bottleneck murderer has opened up theirs and there hasn't been a takers yet that's because the real bottlenecks are expertise supplies of key ingredients a lot of technology that's very hard to replicate if you haven't done it yourself
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so it's already scaling up in north america in europe and india and china i think that's a good place to put the effort in the bigger scale factories which are already being enlisted i mean boosting information so this is this is this is something that's been repeated and you hear there's a lot if you've been out of foreign affairs units you're not to go to do on this if you open up the wall street journal and you'll see not a goodbye a board member of pfizer saying this is the vaccines are complex not this is the sort of phrase that is not giving me i was actually i mean it literally makes me bring out into high explosive and so i apologize for being so excited but i'm in the. and i really you know it's become so personal love that i can't be rational about this but let me just give you the cigs and that's what modern a i said that they would not enforce the f.b.i. agents on their vaccine during the pandemic but guess what but they're not doesn't actually not they're baited so one of the beaton's in the modern rock scene is owned by the national institutes of health and i imagine that licensed it by the n.h. in the united states another bit it was developed at the university of pennsylvania
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license to a biotech company who then for the license to promote an a and to pfizer modena cannot give away its breed and even if it's one wanted want i'm sorry to say so the only way that this is possible is by a blanket waiver that suspends pharmaceutical monopolies in intellectual property in the pandemic in order to get that clutch of intellectual property rights around this vaccine otherwise you're going to go one by one case by case and my god if you tried that the legal really you would be spending the next couple of years trying to untangle that mess right it is it is absurd but the 2nd point i want to make is that derek lowe is talking about the m r in a technology which is a revolutionary platform that pfizer and what it used with great success that's had great results so far but you know the interesting thing about it is you know there their story is that because it's a new technology it's more complex and no one can make it i have been in conversation and we wrote
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a piece about this in the atlantic last week with my colleague chelsea clinton where we talked about the capacity that exists the m.r. name axioms do not use biology they don't grew viruses so because there are chemical processes guess what they're easier to me and because of that guess what there are potentially $250.00 plus companies in india who make injectable pharmaceuticals who are manufacturing units that are perfectly capable of attempting to make an m.r.i. on a vaccine and possibly succeeding that no one's ever going to check but this is what that is. it's guess like that make me excited about coming to. every day and the live conversation that stream has with you is joining the show when the team notice how many questions you had about the crisis in india we put together an episode to answer them and had to go show wants to know about the black fungus infection that's being seen in covert 19 patients in india he stopped to calm the kuchar explaining what it is. we are seeing
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a rich. they present with a new coat of my courses that's the name of the disease that has been done does that fungus so patients who are on stood oyez of patients were immunocompromised or you know going on steroids so these are the kind of patients who are more susceptible to it also without infections which may be betting factions which may be fungal infections so this is something that that's going around in. this is where we saw the 2nd wave of early even in delhi within a few cases people are coming up with being in there around it around that odd bit you know the food head so the you know the patients who are going to put it as the medicines without antifungal medicines and. ations what immunocompromised patients who are you know that kind of vision we need to be very careful with amount of studio word start with steroids and then this dog just did. a lot of
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people i nor who are digging stewards far for it mind you this is something that's not recommended anywhere people are just. you know. there's something that's not recommended anywhere in the world and i would say did anybody was watching this we needed to not be extended or if it's not indicated by your doctor or somebody who was actually treating your do not start to go out on your order go to doctor so what i'm showing here on my screen is a tweet and it's also on your instagram post about what that fungus is dr so in and of people your ideas of exactly echoing dr tucker about when you should use steroids when you shouldn't and the complications that happen from that the cause of black fungus so that is there is you can go to dr alvin dissing so ins instagram or so his twitter and you'll find that information there it is potentially deadly this is one such handschuh. she says i really want to ask
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about the auric and survive prime minister it has destroyed us there's a lot of complaining on the you tube comments about prime minister modi because of the way he has handled this entire situation with a 2nd wave in india as a reporter how is that being played out in india. absolutely and there's good reason babs why the doctors may not be able to would they need to do their job. we have a prime minister this is a 2nd term that he is the prime minister he's been he's one with an overwhelming majority so he's an important man and i have wondered if that reporter watching several broadcasts that he has made to the nation why on any of these broadcasts he wouldn't prove used that amazing time that he has with the whole country wrapped around his finger why he didn't use that time more effectively to do just tell us the kind of things that we need to tell us you know he's
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a prime minister was speaks in hindi in the is the is a language that's spoken by large majority of this country to speak to people in the language they understand you know there's so much of all in adulation for this prime minister just tell people the kind of things they need to hear this is also a government that likes to brag and as a journalist closely tracking statements from this government watching their press releases they have lagged but you know the evidence right now does not allow it anymore bragging and. you know my sense is that although i like wheat and i took a look at it it's going to be to the some time ago i said if there's an election to be this government will still win again i do believe that because that a number of reasons why there is love for this government in this prime minister. you know i think. everybody whether you support his government or you don't whether you have had your business prospered or you have and everybody has lost someone this pandemic and that will impact at some level the next time we go to vote so we
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have so many questions on i.e. cheve comment sections thank you everybody for taking part in this program it really shows how much how much the information is needed and our experts have done an excellent job one of the things i haven't done though is they're taking care of you i'm wondering he's taking care of a dr tucker how medical professionals do and how is that playing scenes that we've seen in the last few weeks are excruciating how is your mental health how are your colleagues mental health. but i know i know a lot of people around me who are on a good depressants right now who are digging on the end i did gobbler to out on pedigree date now a lot of my colleagues who just want to resign did just want to get out of medicine as a good he had it as a little. we are hanging by a thread we are. well i'm proud we had a look and it's really hard to put into words how how you know young doctors in dylan's doing it as has been seen it is going to put in there that were doing this
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last one well your and even now the band doesn't seem to end just just witnessing so much misery even witnessing so much that. we were never prepared for this never never but. don't you go don't you go to work everybody like you don't. why do you go to i don't know red it's just emotive words because you still have that you still have that zeal inside you to save lives i think that is what is driving us so why you what you said is absolutely true we had all of the end of the oil obviously we want out of this but i think that the moron in the spirit of workers is still pretty and you know they may be suffering on the bus not trent but on the professional front i don't think there is any let up or told everybody that . i think partly because the emboldened by this time the all blacks need to most of us are. you know but example i had my 2nd bout of starting about 3 and
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a half weeks ago madison sort of but you know i had symptoms for about 5 days but look at the odds of that i was ok and through the 15 days that i was isolated i was doing about 20 to 25 crossroads a senior adult encouraging a young doctor joining a global pandemic we had so many reactions to that shadow on you doug hunt what adult so and it was one of the most moving things i have seen in ages these people and nothing shows of heroes j.t. responds yet that stray you never catch things like this on the names that within a cheesy scene if it were in a movie now because this is a bonus edition of the stream i can take you behind the scenes and say moments that have never been seen on t.v. until now after the hour because anything about covert 19 in india episode the guests and i still have plenty to talk about this is what happened after the shot.
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at our hospital people who test positive for among the health care workers who are suitable to be are starting to the cold war so they are all just of health care workers were lots of dramatic were actually working and taking care of patients they're doing good we're doing fine but it's just every day that you know someone are there there is having a breakdown and somebody somebody is infected and they're an orphan we're doing double duty they're doing that well shit i'm just wondering when you see you as a janis we train ourselves to reality tells a story whatever the story is but at what point did it get. i don't know what at what point of god and we when i think. i would say that you know your specific question regarding how my mental health is or how you know some of my colleagues are doing well not doing well at all and it's not ok and i wish there was more you know support that we could get but there is no break and you know
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a lot of therapists or people concerned about mental health the docking about how you know you need to take a break from the news limit your social media uses limit your news consumption and for me i you know there's been blinking i haven't been able to blink for your i am now into my 2nd year i mean you know so this is not till the end it's not ok and we should not have to be in this state where we you know as every country we have to be vigilant 247 because you know our governments have dropped the ball and you know have abdicated their responsibility and it's not ok for bookers to be going through this awful journalist to be going through this we'll continue to bring you the cover story in india and around the world and make sure that your questions are answered right here on the string. one of the biggest stories we've been covering at altus a way this week is israel's bombardment of the strip after weeks of violence in occupied east jerusalem on monday i wanted a personal take on the headline so i spoke to social media activists far in gaza on
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instagram life well i tried to put a connection kept on dropping when it finally stabilized far explained what the problem was. because of the continuous chilling and israeli war planes and the drone so i think that they aren't there interrupting the connection so this started as i told you israelis are attacking al aqsa mosque with the players. and the soldiers are defending settlers they are attacking worshipers and the holiest month of ramadan the holiest days so what we people employed in gaza could understand this still we try to do to stand with them on social media by tweeting and using cash. and today the palestinian resistance 13 and israel if they don't leave the force i mean that israeli forces and settlers if they don't leave some mosque by 6 pm they are going to fire to israel and this is what but then and so
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look at israel back. there 27 people died in gaza today while they were preparing for it if but i'm sure 48 you know reactive online when you see the hashtag general which is that we you. actually there is nothing to do i just keep shooting tears and my heart to breaks for everything that we see. it although we use hashtags and everything but i just see the point is that i still don't understand how can some people and especially at a country's like running towards to normalize with israel i think that this is still on your mind and illogical this is i don't understand how they do this. i think that people don't have to be pro palestinians to stand with us and they have to be humans only they rates that were taking place to my conversation with
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our new throughout the week this is video of phonology tower collapsing after was hit by israeli fighter jets and we showed the footage on the gas no all day pause for a moment with sentance. this is a an area that has been battered battered continuously for over 14 years psychologically what we're talking about is a population that is trapped with nowhere to go oh you know you're showing a building that houses a lot of our memories as journalists and houses housed many offices. and media offices including the a.f.p. and reuters i think at one point or a.p. . but anyways so when there is talk about you know more or maybe ground troops in gaza we know what that means we know that now that the
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death toll will go dramatically higher now the pain will increase more and now the the attempt to even reconstruct the pieces put the pieces back together in gaza will be all that much more difficult. and to know that this is done for political expediency just makes it all the more difficult to be honest to just swallow even given all of this what about isn't that we're hearing yeah i mean i think you know time tunder still in the situation today we have to look at sort of how we got to this point in terms of some of the shifts in israeli politics and you know i absolutely agree with with that guy on the fact that it this seems like a very sort of deliberate and calculated process that led us to this point even before the original court date for the ships or often leaves the israeli authorities had several opportunities to deescalate the situation in
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jerusalem and chose time and again the path of escalation and further confrontation with people closing off public space shutting off the speakers in the al aqsa mosque closing access to the damascus gate and ultimately coleman aiding in attacks with. then the al aqsa mosque itself then raging site to people all over the world. and i think to understand how we got to this moment you also have to see the dramatic and increase shift in israeli politics to the far right and today you know israeli politics is dominated by right wing ideologues to an extent that we have never seen before. really today in the knesset the vast majority of the knesset seats are held by right wing ideologues the choices today are between you know the party and the crude light extra could alter all it's all saying you know various
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flavors of the same right wing ideology this is come to dominate israeli politics and we have columnists today that are within the israeli knesset and one thing we should keep in mind about benjamin netanyahu he is perhaps unique among israeli politicians of his stature and his ability to utilize communal violence and to motivate activists into taking extreme measures when his when his political prospects are in jeopardy and you know anybody who watched the role that he played prior to the assassination of yitzhak rabin and the 1990 s. knows knows exactly what he is capable of so when you ask about the by an administration look really politics has moved in this direction within the context of complete and total impunity because of american policy and protection when we have sent the message time and again to the israelis that the more aggressive you
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get the more belligerent you get the palestinians we're going to continue to reward you with our support and with our cover and with our tax dollars we've incentivized the race to the right and that's and that's exactly what happened the united states . has a great degree of complicity in the monster that's been created today and it's only getting uglier you know you have less than a minute but you know what 3 and a half years to address that do you see a change of course in the way us till his role i think is change that you're starting to hear in conversations about this that's increasingly coming into you know the the spaces where elected officials exist but it's not yet with the administration that said they may not be in a position to ignore this particularly as things get more and more violent and ugly and more people are calling on them to recognize their role in enabling it. thank you nor your public opinion in the u.s.
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is shifting on this including within jewish communities i think there will also hopefully play a role in getting the administration board to. accept change and that's a show for today i will leave you with images of gaza from this pos wake and so watching the next hour.
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of protest by a palestinian out east using a symbol of national identity to create postage and possible steps. well as for some burglaries are not free during your life come fly anywhere sending
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a message of resistance about the arab israeli conflict. with come to palestine. palestine sunbed a stamp of defiance on al-jazeera. on march 15th 2019 whose ilands sense of security risk shattered when 51 people were shot dead in 2 christchurch mosques another 40 wounded when a gunman began shooting at a christ church mosque it was packed with worshippers attending a friday service for those who lost loved ones finding ways to deal with the trauma is crucial. shige when she of steamy world was a tory heard momos with. 4 months later i feel much quieter and i feel much more calm and really focused with my life let us love one another that
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love doesn't cost one cent it makes your heart happy or my heart if it doesn't bring any loss for the new simple they're just practiced this. warplanes launch another series of heavy air strikes on gaza palestinian factions fired more rockets at israel. play you're watching al-jazeera live from doha fully back to bow with the latest on the israel palestine conflict digging for survivors the israeli bombardment flattened buildings in gaza killing.


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