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tv   earthrise Natural Wisdom  Al Jazeera  May 21, 2021 7:30pm-8:01pm +03

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are seeking a humanitarian solution for the group of 5, but it's a very delicate situation for the administration here. tie prime minister pro 10 or a former general who initially came to power through a coo, has a close relationship with me in my junk liter gentlemen. online for the journalist still in me and mark they have a decision to make almost every day stay and continue to report. or if they have the means go into hiding or leave the country and continue to work in exile. got either al jazeera, bangkok ah hello there. this is al jazeera, i'm these are the headlines, sees 5 between israel and mos appears to be holding. it went into effect on friday after 11 days of fighting, which killed these $243.00 palestinians. 12 people died and israel, both sides claiming victory. i shall, that'd be the home that shook it. we stood united shoulder to shoulder looking only
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at one thing, bringing back the security and quiet to the people of israel as the prime minister of israel. the only thing that influences my decision is the safety and security of israel and keeping at citizens and soldiers alive. the main goal of this operation was to hit the terrorist operation hard and bring back peace to date. not everything is known to the public and to whom us, and it will come out in time. at the stage, what i can say is we did brave and new things. or elaine had a muscle allow these 2 are palestinian people into all free men worldwide. i bring to you this good news, good news of the victory, and it is the victory created by the palestinian people. it is a victory carved by the noble blood of the fallen marchers. all resistance groups, joint forces and delta, one heavy blow to the enemy. this blow will leave an indelible mark on these really occupation forces on their political security and military. we salute our
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resistance and their leaders. what on tensions remain high across the occupied west bank, where dozens of people have been injured during demonstrations on friday? have a look at these latest pictures from mala i haven't cautious ad between palestinian protested and israeli forces in face. and earlier they will also skirmishes between israeli police and worshippers. b. l acts mos compound witnesses. a tear gas was fired as armed police tried to dispense the crowd following friday pres there, at least 15 people were injured. and then on the in other news, a major conference on how to beat the current, a virus has kicked off. italy is co hosting a g 20 summit with the european commission to address the global health crisis that you says it will donate 100000000 vaccines. while leaders are also expected to discuss scaling up vaccine production. while those the headlines, i'll have more news for you here after after i me ah
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ah ah! in on all those she gave them was more some more savings pledges. these fans of us. so my new paul was a hold of a office that he thought of being viva. my sense of the beauty that you give
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a tional muslim family memorial, whatever his face will stick, you will plan a thought that he won't be able to give you the last on mom or was that back? is they go to solve it? that's what i mean. it all over when they go, you modeling for abilene fed like, well, you can, you got me and as much because it's an army but they, me and then they, he's nice, almost 4 family shows mental bath. i mean they've been with them is my dad. i was amazed why someone that's what is some of them, some of them in this, the g and the money now, but that's what is done. so if you look at these to get
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so some a put you on a society most stuff. so then i will keep them was up in the last couple months and they're close to one. but at that point, you know that kimberly in australia is from northwest. it's one of the most electrically and tech regions in the world. that remoteness alone, ca protected her and now it's under increasing threat. some activities, traditional owners have pay thousands of years, taking the late and caring to their country, painting out with scientists and government to create an indigenous lead marine protected area. i'm excited to say this collaboration through my work as a marine scientists. i've become passionate about bridging the gap between traditional knowledge and science. over $800.00 islands make up the kimberly's
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buccaneer archipelago, a place rich and see it now under threat from development and climate change. carl often provides an early warning system, so i'm making liberal and from the kimberly marine research center. she's been monitoring local carl's to signs of stress. what's so important about these cars and kimberly, one of the biggest stand out features is their exposure to the elements on the law taught. so to have that non made a taught range here, which is insane to many other places of the world, you know, they've got this thermal resilience, which we don't say with a lot of other car. the carl here can we stand? i'm president the temperature extremes of up to 8 degrees celsius, the de enabling it's a better code as our temperatures rise. so we use them on a called every mater. we get a show and it's the sign photo year after year and month after month. so why do we say so, mocks along the lawn, which i see here is just that little spirit level into the center. well, that's quite tricky to get it. phyllis, man,
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i could fix that easy and then carry on. okay, 60 more to go. me simple method allows liam to compare the face of the curl over a period of time and have noticed signs that even this hate resilient carl is reaching its limits. here is fully, but there's not no growth on it. bleaching occurs when the wilshire's too long and lp the carl food source is expelled. really completely while it's really flowing in life is just a huge pitch. you would look at your rape as it goes, system engineer, and to lose that building block, you just lost your structure. you lost your community lock, taking someone's house. and we have this co system out here which is chris day, but it is also on the cost of having this pledging event. so it's, it's definitely something we need to keep a very close eye on carl's support a course. or if there was a good time to predict,
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but up to 90 percent could disappear by 2040 it makes creating a marine pot even more leading the way is the indigenous body joey community. they arrange a tame, regularly work closely with scientists. so we're going to speak, you agree? so you can do that, or if today, marine biologist scott, why thing is joining them to carry out the research trip known as a turtle radio. your little point here is a really dramatic turning point. they also the company on how come on to settle on the right. it is so they must be pretty important for you guys. stories in, in history reflect data as being the closest secret yet to the body body. if you were with a lot of people, always lived off the ocean, we still go hot and do, gentle and share what our tribe for thousands of years,
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the body joey, hunter, green, sea turtle sustainably. these days, the knowledge of the church was behavior is proving invaluable to scientific conservation that but working with local people, it's really important. i don't think of any way in understanding completely what local people now about turtles is important. we put a management plan out there to make sure there's a bunch of turtle for future generations channel. but recent pressures mean they can't do us alone. we don't have that other data from other areas to show the full effect of what's happening. basically. we didn't really think about climate change, pollution need to work with science and with the knowledge that we have is traditional, honest to better environment. not just for the dental stuff, which has been as of everything that lives in the state in 2019 the body. joey paper presented there, designed for the buck in iraq, appellate guy marine pac. it's now in the planning phase and likely to cover 6000
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square kilometers is combined native partial area integrating birth more than size and indigenous cultural values from this early stage is rarely achieved. the, the now it's time to hit the water and planning into action. apparently there was a carpet outside this morning, me better out of the pretty much said i live is a really big what i mean really with the area this is what i call it a search already. i the ranges jump on the boat right onto the turtle. back out the gave
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a run around and eventually one quick, so some extra credit that a lot of them, what would be able to do to tell where they come from and that will be management. so it just says tagging, let's look at the individual tags and want to get to the other one can be time to move on to the main bike. and i've been trusted with the tight, little bit of you know, and the way that we align things in handling with, with my luke craft. but it doesn't. greens, gathering this data is vital for conservation. 67 please. yeah. she's gotta get to 97 centimeters before she grade them all through there. is that like the drive so nicely for the help the population that's happening?
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it's trip. it's part of the range of scientific training. after this, they'll be independently catching turtles and collecting data on a regular basis. and it just makes something you would. so when you were very rude and you learn, we even, but just one of our grandfather, then they get a little more than the funder get to learning. and it's clear there's a real merit and using traditional knowledge in scientific research sciences, sometimes it will get a snapshot at a very brief you thought it, what's happening on what attrition knowledge is set longer 10 knowledge it brings together to knowledge systems. for those progress back in iraq, appellate guys, i remain that until recently, scientists and you very feel about that. and this one place of extraordinary by
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diversity, they would never found without the body. joey guessing that today is proving tricky . was a recent when you thought 5, why very the timing, any 3 of these extreme tide may be difficult to navigate, but twice a day was received. a hidden world is revealed in a what the todd springs despite changes everything. we have a graph here which that totals alone when the time goes up, these rock pools here and these pools of water get extremely hot to 40 degrees. they're living that the age to be frauding. working with research, we started to understand the russ grove, one sunday. wow, that's really fast. so i'm going to see groceries that have healthy tells me this course is unprecedented for a plant that is fun. rubles,
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warming and grass absorbs carbon dioxide up to $35.00 times faster than a rain forest. it's conservation, it's racial. it's extraordinary discoveries like these that are driving the creation of the moraine pack. this area, it hasn't been mapped before and say that that's the big thing. is, is mapping it all out knowing way you want to protect things. we got the clan ropes and they started wrapping their own areas, what they value put into marine parks, planning for zoning and all that type of areas that you want to protect. but even if you're indigenous or less and scientists, you still get the same objective to protect their country. for future use the back in iraq, appellate guy marine pac should be established by 2024. with scientists saying that at least 30 percent of the world's oceans need protection in the next decade, creating a refuge in areas like these guys, a long way to achieving that goal. and working with indigenous people is proving
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essential to safeguarding by diversity. can you tell me what the marine environment means you and what are people in the body that we people believe we can be separated to see and whatever is in this he may this what glee oh yeah. we have to look after country. we have to keep it. i said was when i was young, i have to do it or i think i've always paid last pay for appraisal, by the way. ah, i am part of the autonomy paul take indigenous community which is located in the highlands of mexico. and for me, coming from an indigenous background means that i leave my live in a more holistic way. one of reciprocity where we acknowledge that what we give to the earth is what the earth if to us. and so it's our responsibility of human to
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protect us relationship. when i grew up, i had the idea that everybody saw the world, the way i did that everybody had a made love for a mother. i soon realized that that relationship was being broken by a lot of different companies and extractive is projects around me. i see it now my role to communicate to people that indigenous philosophy is not only for indigenous people. anybody can embody that philosophy or reciprocity, but anybody can have a connection with mother nature. i think that indigenous communities are not only being neglected, but also this respect that and i, if we ever then when you've seen a lot of industries that are perpetuating the climate process, actually going to indigenous communities to put their infrastructure up. you can see that with fracking with pipeline, with the wayside, with all sorts of polluting infrastructure. so that is like the fight for the big
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nitty of indigenous communities is the same as the fight for climate justice. when you lose your forest, you lose part of your culture. and when you lose your culture, you lose your identity. and it's our duty to tell people you have to do are reset on your settings and connect with mother. you have to realize that right now we're living in a world that have lost it and we need to recover that. and there are people who know the way deerish around in the south could do a mountain range. and the hard to do is home to a unique ecosystem where the amazon rain forest meets the tropical savannah of this ad. dish avant is our indigenous people who have been living here for over 500 years. this territory is sacred to them, but their homeland is under threat. climate changes impacting the landscape and
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illegal invasions for like minded, shy plantations and cat arrangers are common occurrences here. the same story all over brazil. indigenous land has been seized by profits years enabled, where government focused on short term gain, the costs of the environment. but very indigenous people rename nature flourishes. i am on my way to meet in such a guardian of this land. there are 18000 shavani and 1500 of them here. our i have file. i keep them. it's a bar bozza l d a money that you keep weekly ads. this is i'll be as you star. i'm went to what stamp it. what's problem? my star vision. all yonder there
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with the here we want to move to the views you had the kid at the vision chiefs who died takes me to see an old house which your own for to use to go was occupied with group or for the 20 farmer. mother says amber jim phones moved to my badger, but it was my pleasure for me to give you martha. there man, are you before? she would supreme dot more move. i was the one feed and what has to be done with food as to what budget money don't need me another minute. not that bad. no, no. i didn't know what to do well. what to what, what as who they were treated as martha
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was your so fast, don't as you keep up with you soon said i can form that. you want to want to know your ascii mr. about your me do want to get invasion, such as the one at his house for the dish event is to fight for the rights to their land. from the 19 sixty's onwards omega with his sanction i saw a strange and ethical you out of the america. so my, my dad just simply is poor. was he was that a c. c. mush can again, i will use and show me what they sell the ny bavarian. well, by today he was not a spice concealed demarco. one of the people who instrumental in this process was matters, luna, who is in as british was 1st indigenous congressmen in 1982. and however, today,
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in the article, in the middle of the numbers, if you get the main report to see jenny follow mac, wanna keep that research plus revision. as it said, bill history, in 1988, a new constitution was passed, which recognized indigenous people as the 1st occupants of brazil. this event is where given the legal rise to their land, an area of more than 328000 actors. but despite this, the invasions continue in 20198 implemented by boise over the past 2 decades. this advantage of the last 18000 hector's, of the territory down to one of the lookouts responsible for guarding the border. get faster and get a significant lot at the see what the morning while i'm on the the, the off by adding the hawaii off that all lot we are in the middle off there. by
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the time you know what it was thought about new or thought on the why human of that was of that, but it was was what you are human to see women while they was only when the one who know that your mother through all was recently this event is were given a useful tool of history, which has enhance their surveillance capacity drawn from when we, when we will remove these will be there is this jerome issue once they're able to what you are an area of 600 actors at one time was the thickness brown's mom was on
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the phone and i said, no, thank you so important. you know, would you still would be shot at be meant by boys. and i've seen how the shavone to protect nature. we're trying to keep intruders out. my next stop is the village of here where the community is preserving biodiversity, using seeds or g. c, g. very good job. moody is a traditional expedition in nature. today the whole village is going on to get your see this? oh, the bracelets necklace and paint which is made from wood and tackle are believed to have the protective property.
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mom, mom i only had to. so i seen the mom on that one minute, dave. now i went to the d as now, but it would you and you can either send me to cooper. this is him in to and would you choose you can of losing the competition here. you got a few in the quite a few with the ludowici lead tomorrow. they were going to put in warm water for one day and they didn't have it for breakfast. big part of the food by the village
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in the negative decision. we'd enjoyed if i just got the video that you mentioned, but if you do this, the data will rest of the right underneath the hood, one of the is the cd. down the last day when i'm at home, i love the ross as be my mom who or who's, who's their nephew miller's the so they take the food and then have all the seeds you boil it feed your family like a bank is real gold. more than 600 kilograms of seeds are connected
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by the community every year. summer. so the local fairs to both indigenous and non indigenous communities and others representing 52 species from this unique ecosystem or planted and village lands. duplicates again for you. if you do it, you know the very do you get it by this pro fish? i can do more work to do audio. you vote the hippa notice that keeps from an s plan, you may call of h in dc. built, the community can help to preserve the areas reach by diversity in your house, minutes, that could you know, no mom, i didn't know the stress h as in most to the model, but i was little a
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doing my time here. i've gained the real understanding of how intricately connected mission punches, way of life is with the world around him, and how deep their knowledge of it runs. your true defenders of nature and their rights to remain here, serve as it's guardians must be defended to me . me me me me neither of them though i am. i didn't know that other phone any that but that's up to me and i think that a bit later the line and will be at the end of it. it is enough for many of them this some of the things i need
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a bit of this is the most noble i'm with me. no one will read that. i'm supposed to. yes, i was there to be the missing. and if i say to another man, but he met i studying and the quote i while you but i yes, in the, in the idea that the name of the, in the, me like that. yeah. you know what i mean, we can move this up, but i see the one that this up, but it's similar to the suffix that eating from my people sac, if enough of that. but he made amended that will be at least get a can know, my you know, my, i'm in the, in the, in the, in the back. it kinda gets on the left hand to get the in it,
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the mall. you don't get a good idea or the anchor to this. i guess i did it, but i mean i don't mind. give me the news news news, news news a father should be a protector. forgot tara. he was her tormentor ah. betrayed. for years she carries the evidence inside her or that will be enough to find justice in afghanistan. patriarchal society,
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a 1000 girl, blank me a witness documentary announces era. i know covering all of latin america for most of my career, but no country is alike and it's my job to shed light on how and why me . i see fun between israel and her not has health through its 1st few hours with both sides, claiming victory. ah, hello again, i'm the soviet hey, this is al jazeera life and also coming up even as the contract and gaza stopped. dozens of people are injured in skirmishes between israeli forces and protests and both occupied east jerusalem and across the occupied westbank. and other news
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concern in india about a fungal infection affecting coven.


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