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ah, al jazeera, ah, ah, ah, hello, i'm marianna was in london with a quick look at our main stories now. and now is there a reporter is in custody and occupied east jerusalem after being arrested by israeli police? the harbor dairy was beaten and then the name wrong. she's been doing lives. this was on algae. there is arabic channels throughout the day or has really to statement saying you're going
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to zation whole the israeli government, responsible for barry and demand certain media release. a bill how mean has moved from occupied east jerusalem. the 1st charges that they wanted to put on is that she had assaulted as female israeli soldier. but then because they were all these videos around and really the moment of her detention was filled from all sides, the lawyer showed that to the office that those charges were dropped. and now the charge is that she didn't make herself known. she didn't identify herself. the lawyer argued, you know exactly who she is, has been a journalist here for many years. she's been going on a nearly daily basis, or at least each time there's some sort of protest happening there. and today i saw
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her while she was doing her job. we were covering as much as she was with the flak jacket she had written, press on the front and the back. she was holding a microphone with the logo. so it was very clear who she was. now we're waiting to see if she's going to be released tonight if she's going to spend and as you get to spend the night at the police station, if she's going to be released on condition or not, we still don't know what we know that at the moment there's an investigation going on and she's being interrogated and the government and became a fossil says armed men of killed at least a 100 civilians in the northeast of the country. attack happened overnight in the village of saw him close to the border with no government says holmes, and a monk it will burn to the ground. nicholas hock has more from neighboring. molly. what we know is that in the early hours of this morning, a regular police patrol that were around the east of 15 f. i say next to the town
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to so hum came across a market like the one that you see right behind me. but instead of seeing people going about their business animals, they saw the market completely burned to the ground. the animals, all die killed and hundreds of bodies lie in words. the governor describes as amounts. there were men, women, and children. you know though no one has claimed responsibility for this, it's not good. it has the hallmark of the islamic state and the greater so hard because that group has launch several attacks in that same area in the last few months in february. and that in may and, and in the run up to this attack, we saw several teenagers that have their arms amputated because they were accused of that effect. and this attack just comes week after the minister of defense of burkina, faso went on the site and told the population you are now safe, we will guarantee your security. and there was a military barracks not far away from where the attack took place. they didn't
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react, they never arrived on the scene, and it's a feeling that people now across this a hell feel which is that they cannot rely on their own security forces to protect them. and as a result, in the last year, a 1000000 people have been displaced in fossil alone. now an outbreak of algae and the sea of mama in turkey is alarming scientists. the algae is mutated into a slimy substance that's threatening wildlife environment and local businesses. it's the largest outbreak on record, the ecological impact of a sony thinking congo ship off shank because coast is getting worse, authorities are preparing for the possibility of a major oil spill. the ship was carrying oil, nitric acid, and other hazardous chemicals. although the headlines this, our, our air world is coming up next ah
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in the media your most me nation. lot of be in the, one of your father, digital dictionary game in an abilene, looking at the new school year and model of the bus. you said that was c t to keep clinic. the masa coach. can we turn this in and actively amid the bit? could many. so, and the my going to be must of the believe me with
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me. i mean, listen was of the coming to us now occupied east jerusalem, where al jazeera reportage of our of the diary is speaking to the practice. now explaining what took place. i don't have courses in reporting on the door and for the past couple of hours she went and was that when she was actually there reporting on the development in the neighborhood of shaft, jo ron, when she was assaulted, harassed by is writing this incident was on live camera, this is the footage that you have a very powerful footage of what took place. she was subsequently rapid and then
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taken into custody and services that you can just see. you've been very speaking journalists now, but yeah, this is the footage that we had a little bit earlier of what took place there. and of course she was covering linda developments in chicago. there was a morrison run between 2 neighborhoods just yesterday, but it continues to be a flash point in pensions over the recent days a week. mom, as we see continued attempts to forcibly evict palestinian families. and of course, she was covering that, but it has drawn attention to a broader issue of the way in which patterson in john is treated in israel and the occupied territories when speaking to various organisation today, including reporters without food, as you've been mentioning,
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the nature of israel treatment towards john list, and this is called a great deal of concern, but these are some of the images and such that was captured earlier on today. she had been doing live report on algae. there is arabic channels throughout the day when she was approached by rating police and her accreditation. now it's worth mentioning, the report there that is very well known in the region. she's working for the channel for many years. so caused a great deal to shock, surprise arrest, in many ways no one expected. but she was asked to present her accreditation to is ready police. and just as she was making her way to the car in order to get the accreditation, she was arrested. but you can see in some of footage we ran earlier, she was surrounded by several female police officers and this is what
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ensued. and initially she was initially july with very, with israeli. the that was the initial accusations that you can see that screaming and pleading with the criminal to leave her alone. and that should not be touched. and then obviously you can see attempts to try and conceal what is taking place. it is very powerful footage and a key piece of evidence, very important that was captured on live camera. she's been doing her job throughout the day and we actually have an update. the genora dairy has been expelled from shakira for 15 days. now. she had been reporting on recent developments
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and reporting on the story in that neighborhood, but now we learned that she has been expelled. so she will not be able to report on what is happening there. but obviously she is someone who has been she has the official accreditation from me, israeli government, she has the permit, and the officials documents that she would need in order to work in the area. but nonetheless, she has been expelled for 15 days. it's not clear why in any case, algae zara has issued a statement on this a bit later in the reaction in reaction to what has been happening with al jazeera has released a statement saying that the organization halsy, what do you israeli government responsible for the dairies welfare and that was
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before she was released from custody. jaffar baterri speaking her forces earlier on, obviously this is something that has gone into a great deal of attention. and she was speaking very briefly just explaining what has taken place. and she was in company with israeli security forces that she has now been. she has now been released from the mother latter dollars for a lot. you better and better, but we're going to speech our poor correspondent who is in occupied eastern islam very shortly on the bill. i need was with dr. arbor diary throughout the day. and actually she was explaining a little bit some of the details of what happened prior to her arrest by israeli


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