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currencies don't really add that much. now amazon found a jeff bezos has revealed that he and his brother will had to space next month. on the 1st human flight launched by his rocket fan origin, they'll be joining whoever wins the auction for a seas on the new shepherd spacecraft on july 20th. and hope to the occasion will usher in a new era of commercial space travel through our dealer is facing stiff competition from l on mosque space x ah, this is out a 0. these are the headlines. the leader of 2 military crews and less than a year has been sworn in. as molly's transitional president cannot see me going to a pledge to on a regional and international commitments and hold transparent elections. we get them to this new situation, offered us the opportunity to put the process of transition back in the direction desired by the people challenges and months. the legitimate expectations of the
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people are as big didn't we have to, according to the roadmap, implement the actions necessary for the success of the transition. notably the organization of credible fair and transparent elections. but i'll help schedule it not to train and have collided in southern pakistan's, fin, providence killing at least 40 people rescue workers are still looking for passengers who are trapped in the wreckage. meanwhile, prime minister in ron kong has said he was shocked by the accident. and called for an inquiry preliminary results and peruse presidents will run off giving right when candidate cake says maureen and nero need was now more than 90 percent of votes counted, but he left his driver. pedro castillo is still expected to make gains. carmella harris says on her 1st trip abroad as us vice president, she's arrived in guatemala as part of
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a regional efforts to address the root causes of migration. harris is usually quite small as president to discuss how to fight poverty, corruption, and climate change. noise for the sri lankan government, say the erna and crew as a container ship thinking off the coast, tried to cover up the incidence, the government and seeking damages. what's been called the country west and the marines is after. on the, i think the proceedings prosecute to the ledge. the vessels operators were aware of the fire early on, but hid the information from officials. google is sent to pay nearly $270000000.00 fine and france after regulators. they're founded and abused its dominant market position in the digital advertising sector. this is the latest move by european authorities who have been trying to rein in what they see is anti competitive behavior by u. s. tech giants. well, those are the headlines. the news will continue here with doreen after talk to algebra to stay with lewis. johnson will host world leaders at
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a u. k. coastal town for the 2021 g 7, summit corona virus, vaccines and carbon emissions will be high on the agenda. but with roster in china out of the loop, how much progress can be made in tackling the global issues of our time. the g 7 summit on al jazeera with the product cade's russia has been our major player when it comes to the middle east. whether that's been academically politically or militarily, from theory out to libya, ron and of course, the ongoing illegal is ready, occupational, pun, assigned, must have had a role to play on dr. young from petersburg. we're down with the countries deputy foreign minister on the covenant. special in the region dental. as you talk to al jazeera, i your excellency mr. mcclain, dental. thank you very much for talking to alta 0. let's start with israel's latest
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warren casa, and it's continued attempts of ethnic cleansing the our population of jerusalem. russia was seemingly absent in this latest crisis compared to, for example, other countries. egypt, the united states. carter, even as a member of the cortez were how do you view what has been happening and what has been your role in this latest episode? no less that they know what it on. no, no, no. i can't agree that we were absent during this crisis. the 10 day grace says immediately after the events in east jerusalem and shift for the district. the problems in the mosque, the tension in east jerusalem because then the shelling started rocket aerial raids.
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we were in contact with the concern parties with our brothers, the, our friends, the palestinians, the authority in romano. i was personally in continuous contact one twice every day with the palestinians and israelis. so we were in contract with the leaders in the palestinian factions. also the p l. o lay this president abu mazen. and we have direct relations with the people in guys that hum as and in the higher where the political leaders of hamas, their foreign wing of ham, as and it's mainland, ia a beloved of
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a lead and the most liberal missouri. i spoke almost every day with the leaders of her mess and also with israelis. we talk to them on a daily basis into levine and the l embassy works hard there. we also have an embassy in ramallah. so over the phone we talk with all of them in multiple even we received people from the rainy foreign ministry and also we were in contact with the gulf part is for example, the minister lab rove was in contact with his counterparts in aged to them actually suffer thee in jordan and within the quartet movements more than once. we organize the v due
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meetings with our counterparts in the european union that nations united states we had but consultations with our american partners. member hattie, who was in charge of this matter. so we were trying to convince, bought is to stop the made it lay the blood shedding, disraeli, government, the prime minister, that's anyhow, was rejecting the seas fire. probably, there were some political goods. that's why the crisis took longer time. and by the way, we have proposed and we have supported some out of initiatives from egypt from and other initiatives still discuss the matter in
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a serious way. within the security council in new york, we issued a statement. but unfortunately, the americans called the nation with israel, where delaying this where without having fruitful results, why did netanyahu, and for that matter, the united states refused a ceasefire in the beginning. very frankly, this is not a pain in these is something that lead filezilla government from israel, a prime minister that they want to continue the ministry action, the shelling in order to destroy as much as they can from the high mass medicine infrastructure. so to stop us in the future from launching rockets on the as really tired phase, that's why as well was attending to physically liquidate all the high mass
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military equipment in garza so as not to attack israeli territories. once again that so the crisis took longer time. what end of the day? we had this is fire and it seems that the damage was big here that even within the israeli community, the georgia state had a lot of damage and there were victims as well because of the military operation. and this has affected the mood of the people, leave it in israel. also the internal problems of this is known to have the one amongst israeli citizens whether the jews or of arabs in the air of the jewish communities as well. this, by all the contradictions in your view, do you believe that israel succeeded in weakening hamas militarily? that it succeed in the aim?
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that it sets out in terms of reducing how massive military capabilities i have doubts, i have doubts, i think even amass has launched numbers. of miss sites that were not expected. the messiah of the military ability in i'm ass, were more than the expectations of israel. and the fact that i think, yes i'm as has lost some equipment, but not comprehensively. from this particular point of view, this railey attacks, again this to gather that where i am at hitting high mass military preparations and equipment minisey equipment. these attacks are not successful. this latest, warren gather, didn't come out of nowhere. it came after the continued attempt by israel to
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ethnically cleanse jerusalem from. it's our pilot thing in population. what is russia spawns with regards to israel's policies of ethnic cleansing in palestine? we are supporting the peaceful coexistence between religious factions, jews, arabs, christians, moslems. that's why we support dialogue and this filica existence, the jews, the arabs, ada palestinians, also who lived in the elk, but that it was for mister bug that of these peace talks have been going on for decades. the political process has been gone, gone for years and years and all the while. israel continues in its policies of ethnic cleansing, force displacement of home, demolitions and policies that have been described by human rights watch and other organizations as apartheid. whilst there has been no power to essentially holt israel from continuing these policies, the solutions, the energy solutions,
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this go to cancel resolutions, the general some resolution of the intellectual resolutions, the human rights. all of these matters are discussed, are being discussed for decades. and now, none of these main resolutions have been implemented within the framework of israeli, out of the wall crisis. where is the 2 full to resolution? it's accepted by everyone because the project of to photo illusion was accepted by both the sides and the americans. this was the notion was the base full. so taking out the problems, the full of june lines, which means the withdrawal of israeli occupying forces behind the blame of 4 of june 1967. but the end of the day there was an agreement that the new merican administration went back to the 2 state solution. the rational situation is
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clear as the very beginning after the declaration of independence from g area, the national policy and security. we accepted and we lodge the policy and, and the pin to the step on to the $6.00 to $7.00 boulders with him as capital. so our position was pleased since the eighty's and this was during the era of model the palestine and president have you are the russian government tried to persuade israel from halting the force displacement of patterson in families from the shifter off neighborhood in occupied jerusalem. now, listen, we say that you are neighbors, jews, and arabs are neighbors. so you should agree on peaceful coexistence according to the bases that have been approved by the united nations. the petition decree,
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the 2 photo resolution were the base of the solution in a sense that israel and plan a spy and 2 neighboring states, living in peace within, accepted and acknowledged. both does, according to these principles, accepted international lake through direct negotiations and the bilateral negotiations. the bilateral talks, since all slow were imported in this connection and based on also mar up. and that is one noble peace prize. and the prime minister robbins and a boy mar, have exchanged letters of acknowledgment between p, a low and the state of israel. which means this agreement was the base for the positive dollar between both bosses. let's move to another of the many crises that
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russia is heavily involved in the iran nuclear talks that are ongoing in vienna. how do you use those talks that have been going on for the past couple of months now? listen at the very beginning. what has been written by some american officials, the agreement of the very beginning, when the whole story started regarding the iranian nuclear program, there were, must cut secret talks. but now everything is well known when both parties, iran and america agreed on certain formula of the deal of the agreement. we joined to this russia anglo in france, germany, china, your opinion, we joined is already the ready agreement as a result of the possible to iran and not to the states. now those individuals who took part at that then from tokyo and they'll buy it then officially is now
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thought that this was an achievement for them. and for the region useful in the international relations. because this would prevent iran from having an nuclear bomb. and the nuclear watch dog will be watching this. that's why i think this is all right. and that these should be as it was, that's why the folks that took long time and the balance between all the details. with that and end of the day, this deal has been signed by the participants approved and in those by the security resolution. so it's binding, according to the un charter. this is an agreement between the concerned parties and this has been accepted in those by the international community. several weeks ago,
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there were reported leaks of comments allegedly made by iran's foreign minister of the reef. in those quotes or statements he's proposed to have accused russia of filibustering or even trying to sabotage the initial around nuclear deal back in 2000. and 15. is that true? no, this is not accurate at all. this is the exaggeration. we cannot, and we will not delay or disrupt or prevent, as long as there was agreement between iran and the united nations. why should we disrupt this? there is the, it's a national watch dog. good. that has the cost of monitoring and inspecting all the activities of the nuclear program in iran for diesel goals. that's why them will always support these efforts,
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particularly of the iranian u. s. efforts. this is not accurate at all at all. they're not on the opposite. i think the, the iranian for him at the jo at the reef as apologize about this. his words were not accurate at all. not true at all. mister bog down of obviously it was the united states withdrawal from the iran nuclear deal, which ultimately led to its collapse. and that was under former president donald trump. now we have a new administration in the white house. how do you and your government of you, that administration, particularly its policies towards the middle east? and i think the elements are there for better condition. and the, the new u. s. administration repeats the old situation of the 2 state solution in the
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middle east between the politics of israel is the policy and in issue is just the issue. so when is this solution that to stand solution and the return to talks with iran about the nuclear program, with the participation of china and european countries. so this is another positive indication, promising indication, i hope the administration, the new one will go further. and also we need collective efforts. we were sponsors of the madrid conference. i was a member of the soviet union. we work with the americans as sponsors for the magic conference, and this full, the peace process in the middle east. the multi part is process is quite important . also bilateral talks between as well as the jordanian policy,
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and in delegation with anybody's integration with the student delegation we corporate, we deal with all of them. we help the american efforts and disregard. there are some indications that the collective work will start again with the quote that we work on that with an antum quantum thrown out and see us at dot. donald trump cannot to be a little bump it up the up of course, because the full mer, u. s. administration of the trump administration have proposed oh, the so called sentry deal. and it was not a bad deal because it suits one part to israel. and as i excepted at all by the palestinians, and by the out of that's why there's a big difference between this initiative by trump and his administration,
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the kind of situation when i can because he will be tough enough for what i know. how did he know they did not? i agree with you. he. he got up to be stuff that i have doubts regarding this because i follow up resolutions of the arab league, the positions of the out of countries collectively. oh, but actually they wear or the participation of the gulf country? i gave it to you? no, no, no. listen. oh, for the policy and ins ah, on those who can control themselves and the issue, not the country is not the arab come to the final say is for the palestinians
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regarding the palestinian issue, the, our friends. that's why i think all the arabs are supporting the rights, legitimate tribes of the palestinian people. and the arab initiative created by frames in saudi arabia indulged in the bare route summit and in the climate conference summit. so this is a common ground between the arabs to build on and also between the most countries. let's move over to north africa now and libya. what is russia's objective when it comes to libya, the civil war? there, you've been involved in it. russian mercenaries through wagner are present there. what is the aims of russia's foreign policy when it comes to libya? stability, this is what we need in libya. bees, libyan libyan acorda. this is the goal of russia. also,
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we have common ground to create a solution to the libyan crisis. outcome of berlin conference. mr. put in personally, was there, and i was among the accompanying delegation. i bought dissipated in the preliminary meetings in january 2020. after that based on the berlin conference, the security council should the resolution 2510 and this is the ground of accepted by the celestial community. and now by the way, we are ready for the foreign ministers meeting in berlin after 2 or 3 weeks in june. that's why since the beginning we were aiming at making success. fortunately, unfortunately,
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native in 2011 has destroyed libya. lead. oh, the gym of get that he was not only toppled, but the country has been destroy. it has been dismantled. the institutions have gone. but allow me mister of you to russia. it also is accused of supporting one fight, wagner, the russian mercenary, made up of former russian military are present in libya. no, no. you supported the half star over the other side. not more than enough with them . we never impose ourselves for the sake of any party, whether in libya or outside libya. they were so many soldiers and as you say, the division was there in the libyan society. even within the contradictions, let me give you an example. i follow the arab resolutions and the before the
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meeting, the elections by elementary elections. the parliament de la la la was there de la la la land, the libyan parliament, elected by the libyan people. and their results were acknowledged by libyans, by the way, the national community before so play a lot of fun, was residing over all the delegations in old, the summits after hierarchy. the phase of roger government has been formed. this government doesn't include all the libyan parties, and there are some sort of a complete the beginning the parliament escape from tripoli to brooke, because of the threats imposed by the militias. but i'm sorry that's not
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a fair representation because he wasn't helpless. he was provided with weapons and supports by the united r m. a rich by egypt and other in reality, you actually did support once hired over the other lender, the national. no, that was marginal. no, no, no. we were in contracts with all the libyan partners, for example. and so she was in october 2019. we have the russian african summit. raj was the head of the libyan delegation. he met mister bolton. there was a presenting, libya visited some more than 100 eyes visited him and rapidly we were in contract with all the pop is a leave. yes. the fusion's in libya, the national army, the commander half, and de la la la face the raj, misery, the leader of the high council. those who
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works in the age of the country works in the west of the country, work in the south of the country. we were in contact with all of them, even those who are supposed to look to see if it's land, the former redeem that we couldn't have to talk to them to encourage all parties to be together, to sit and to have a comprehensive dialogue, to be part of the libyan libyan that long hold to have an agreement. we welcome this political libyan dialogue. the appointment of then from leaders and they will council the government of the bay, but the national cool, national unity government, he visit the us. he met putin. i know him, by the way, the baby. i know him have it is us when he was a prominent figure from a slot. that's why we were in contact with every one. mr minister,
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do you believe the hustler has a political future? we'll continue our conversation with russia as deputy foreign minister on the higher book done of on the next episode of talk to all dra 0 ah. in the next episode of science in a golden age, i'll be exploring the contributions made by scholars during the medieval period in the field of mathematics. the term algebra can be traced back to the arabic word l . january. we're going to the limit to mobile technology 40 percent, often with beta found they gave us the final building block, find the discovery medieval on science and a golden age. with gym alkalinity on al jazeera, weekly critique of the stories hitting the headlines. the news media have been left to sort through nick messaging on
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a quite complex story from mainstream street journal is been main objective, is to get me to send it to the wall and what's going on, exposing real world threats to objectivity. often about the return to moscow and left and tunnels and people were arrested. the listening post covers the way the news is covered on a jazz eda june on a jesse who will take half honeys. please will bring you the latest from ron's presidential election on june 18th. the bottom line returns to discuss current developments in us politics and how they affect the world member state to gather in the u. k. on june 11th for talks on key issues at the g 7 summit, a new series portal brings 0 award winning digital content to our tv audience. and the sentencing of derek children will be handed down on june 25th join us for lloyd coverage. as the historic us court case reaches
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a conclusion. june on our jazz we understand the differences of cultures because what movies, news and calling does that matter to you? i ah, this is al jazeera ah, for washing and is are alive from headquarters in del hi. i'm getting obligated coming up in the next 60 minutes. molly's qu, leader is warning us presidents, colonel asked me go to promises to honor his international committee.


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