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me play an important role protecting human life. ah, ah, ah, i'm how the market in a go with the headlines and i'll just 0. the factory is in flames on the skirts of bank. oh, chris, thousands of liters of lakes chemicals opposing a major risk of more explosions. the plastics, manufacturers building near the tele capitals airport, exploded early on monday morning. holmes, within a 5 kilometer radius had been evacuated. as far if i to struggle to bring a fire on the control air quality in the area is described as toxic. so any change has more from bank. cokes. i skype for
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a few hours around mid day local time. they lost control. they were very concerned about a reserve of about 20000 leases of chemicals, resume, highly flammable. as much of the chemicals in the factory appear to be, they were real concerned amongst the firefighters that that could explode and the ferocity of the plays and forced them back out. one of the problems has been, they don't know exactly what they're dealing with. we've seen video footage of them inside this fire other in the day in areas they thought they had on the control. and suddenly the claims returned again to push them back. so it's clearly a serious challenge that they haven't yet to speak with from video post on social media. they don't appear to be particularly well equipped for these kinds of chemicals. in addition to which we don't know much about this, actually them being the chemical actually other than that, it was producing phone packing materials. but this is
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a highly industrialized area. it's on the edge of bangkok, it's close to the ports where there's a lot of industry. also the fact that this had such a big impact on the residential area. this video again pushed on social media with people sitting and watching television. when suddenly the whole room includes. one resident said the ground shook like an earthquake after the explosion went off. i think the fact that such explosive chemicals were being stored. clearly unsafely close to a large residential area and thousands of people to be moved out of this area. now, i don't know when they're going to get back in again because of this is huge. plains talk 6 know can think there are going to be a lot of questions asked when eventually the find those get back on to control if you appears prime minister of the fight defending the decision to find rebels of the northern seek our region, he's been answering questions in parliament and to sky, to go in forces as
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a danger to the rest of the country. with significant tide plan, they prepared an army, but they didn't stop there. they started encroaching on the rest of the year and started to destabilize the entire nation in all sorts of ways. this is quite dangerous, and at the end of the day, it would endanger the existence of the nation. it's considered as a threat. my hundreds of afghan trips have gone into neighboring tajikistan fleeing telephone advances in the north. they crossed over from us kind of stand back, sean province, where local officials say soldiers and police were numbers one of the taliban. 11 days after an apartment building and florida partially collapsed, what was left of the structure have now been demolished. the plans to destroy what remained of the search site apartments near miami were brought forwards. just the region, braces for tropical storm elsa,
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which is expected to reach the florida coast on tuesday. authority say the demolition will help search and recovery efforts. the number of people missing are unaccounted for after a landslide in japan has risen to more than ac rescue crews. they tell me or taking advantage of a break in the rain 2 days after the disaster, japanese prime minister says the focus is still on finding people alive. 15 hundreds, emergency workers and soldiers are on the sites and both processes recovering from scheduled call on surgery. the vatican says he's alerts. i'm breathing without assistance. the 84 year old pontiff is expected to stay in all spittle for 7 days. the 1st time he's been hospitalized since becoming the head of the roman catholic church in 2013. i'm not few up to date to keep you here on al jazeera. witness is up next. ah,
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the late for the year thing going in nor does stick magnet and film and this is a n g o a's on a film and facebook and a film of and i g, dr. low. but i think sleep in his 5 or 5 on nor does como fooled us for the facts and built stage professors. what are the news that this guy today, you know, to film see a come back for the via the go to look gallo and he's at extreme of own and not down on the on the kindness time,
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but i feel the market kenneth played on the stuff my, this is a build on a hell of out of a lot of them at the college of africa than against that versus is still america day to day or the the like it was like yeah that's what i thought. i seem to get a good friend. there's another one about the
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time i come, i was one of the the key the wound up is out with that as we know, like i've done one of the rubric. i've been
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up in the morning because i mean, i've got my mom good physical i'm. i'm going to go up into the news and i didn't know what i'm doing wrong. when did i mess up the more muslims wrong because he lives in the mount will keep the north of the public who they really did it don't be much more money basket junky, even if the mas, when, if the mas as the, instead be needed him on monday, and they get cheated,
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that they don't need that a to, to construct it just feel it did on long. but she, on the same day they said this a walk in a little plugged and equal to the whole month to month. but i don't want best, an animal can limit it to be cool. is muscogee, why it is monday to get the photos and conley and put it on eco msf. we'll do that as you can, because it was done, it kills repair medical mantle in what in photography, delicate to jump on it. mm
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mm. wound. people go on latch room. magical pulled up. my dad usually took either, you know, you got now got 80000001 now when i when do you feel a month and i might about know miss maybe by no one has come along as long as it goes. all right. can i come up with them because he's not in ours or one of my back work. you can david, you know why? he didn't watch so much. yeah. yeah. yeah. yeah. not know what movie, what room has
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a question i'm talking about mostly about the word when you when the kids feel, roy, that he very little about going land in. let's go to the movies. it is. i don't was you prefer local local live. you see it the more so from one to view, come me your name on the not, not something done at home done it. will my school in the least it was the what will come civic team he give? why only want to rule in up up sit on the same. they say he plays on till remember it is the this he did did this, he did the quality meet. he did the walk if the quality meet, you don't complete my it with me body they did it the the me to call follow me to
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do that. if you look you belinda, meet the muslim up. look on the ticket newness. i won't buck in with a woman will be there for like a minute. there's no man in the think it a little bit a or he'll d. c. when the bus, she's the, the, you know, you said the little girl was all due on the wall on the she was on the exam is see how they've been on the the the wondering what's going on when i 1st i'm going for think by noon that's one of
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the thought it began me the local, but it seems to me what i mean, what i mean? yeah. no gee, just don't tend to cain something to clean him gun in the same way that it gives them away. but because of us back a month and then last we said to m y and police on the down go
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on down. program law got got got got, i got my all that i got that i may not be the doctor that they do accept a book you as my country now, if you end up little more than glad i got, does that go please you're welcome to complete that will come up with you and if it was, you will read the code on be on the positive, but it's a good day to get a physical done of what you see. but i got a good luck that i hope, you know, depend on what i mean. it's a big demo. if you bought the column and put on it, that was the bed just on the feeney amendment
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with me. i ah, ah ah . so the question is that we do anything neo colonial b o me in the last 2 weeks there's
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a letter you got to on if you remember yeah. ww. trust me though. if you change guns and i reaching ok, we start again. your busing bone case, you both will conditions can shove the bottom for us as case you see are due to not your own lab roodick don't do ria pre mozy. they said the do now, ozone f like you demands to sediment, a part of what you actually don't the discrete a ship by large, very, pretty pheromone. we saw suppose get killed fish and i bought the biscuits for us in the car. and then nita assuming the you in car and this to st. kitts were standing next to the car. and then we made sure of them, and enough for that gives them a biscuit. who said wrong?
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is cassie some movie, a turn. the discovery is over the phone, but they did tell you that they were, they needed food. none it in. she said, don't you don't care, can go get over it in the can you see the bus, of course, on best. but the love it is on the just the get the don't quote, you did the dumpster them. you don't think that sometimes. it's nice to give a little money, so maybe they can have some food production. i'll put you on sponsored bus, touching the new year, plus the daily fair. these are meant to really make it you've been, but example like for example, inject a monkey. they don't bhaskar who is involved football think it can get them through this over it may to that gets you lift it up too much money to school as you sit down for i don't think i can keep doing it. the larger she still comes up,
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ask if they sell you much keys on them, but they say low. so they're going to feel what environment downhill over to you know what environment you may see that marshlin but see look for too much a month. said one, it don't feel as month in the move as can shoot in my move as perception. don't tell you, month ma'am. said to the month to month, i'll leave it. did the bomb? can victor of what he said in this case? no. we, we should probably say last year is e c e o book who don't fall? the larry seals on the bus killer, but we don't bumble sharla. moody. did i see the phone? see know the delivery you bought and tell them as well. but i do understand what you're saying, but i'm also thinking i also gave you this give you and you just being nice about
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us. you asked before anyone wanted us to do? no, no, so so say kids can feel mom on what you want to bunker one and bunker duly dusty fit meant the for the construction repair meant by the bus. get your pumps get you don't read the damage. you don't read the mom coke. it shows the money. you don't get it in so you show them their repair friend. won't this you give us that. of the local mino, that in so you know, i don't, i don't them the go up, but we didn't do that. do you
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feel about it? my little thought it did it was she i live like to get a quote to get approved on that because if you did, did you pick your one up? you don't need that because it wouldn't be much done. what was it for? you? good. you must be the one of the
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double. what about my the the the the mm. mm
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mm. mm. mm. mm. mm. mm. mm. because last the who is up in for larry presenting from a for again way, way above the level. the only thing
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that frontier thing shows kids with been pretty lucky. i won't do things with the mom that you live here this weekend, but more and i don't even want to be on a freaking level, and that's the best fun to do. but if it's on your end as well, if as long as you want me to call you home, you know, and if i, if i need to go see one more dealing with 2 to one has to be done. i
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don't know my complaint don't let me do it, but we do need your help. but it's bobby, pick him up at the sandy money to give it to the new york. and i think the much of it, when he gets there was, this is a lot of the b, but it's with, it's not like, well my phone, but it might be going to a sick wednesday then i'm going to jump it up with the panel for the month i'm not going to do it for the day,
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but in the late it seems like there's really sudden mother love us. love them. they're both in love to let you know we love, i love you, requested a few, but you know, i got it dutiful. i love your beautiful, really what i thought dandy did it before. i love that. no, no, no, no. i mean it's, it's, you know, if you saw the home in the and then what the
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sub bags you can do about it being a theme for me. the procedure and i'm going give isn't it? doctrine says it was good. think good. say us there's what i see says typical reshay refugee photo. we always seem less now. a hedge. coca cola pavlo cost american is injured. if you have a good fit seeking my demand was never done. say no acquainted, set on security. good bye. don't want to go and try it. don't don't. if you haul over a much does schuval touch refund? did you say the mom called on tom? i think you're going to demand it is he's double. it was
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a mom. but have you had before? don't do the mush hayes on c'mon on don't kerchief kin isn't slunk, isn't she by condition, but by his own good daughter to let the upon make you might've missed on that campus to help us because you see the rock me see knuckle p laundry upon the phone is given on photograph, giving me pauline for those by to do so on the pedals. updated i put in for those to did is also he printed the qu, make you yeah. he did to need to need to need to know the extra lifted off on the bus because you imagine i imagine
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i have to have to go died. paula should be and also to need it to be compound cc, seen as of yet it shows by the mortgage and the budget. we do show goes approve the monthly the feed on to kill everything the defense. but if it shows the photo garcia can more by the method of good, that's good to photographs and see if he kinda has picked up. and she was respect digital a little bit as a mechanical or even that self driving train of the apple. but androids today can be dearly humanoid robots, like me, will be everywhere. al jazeera documentaries, next lead on the weird and wonderful world of robot that learn. think for you and
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even trust. i feel like i'm alive, but i know i am a machine origins of this species on our 20 with bank energy and change to every part of our universe. or small to continue the change all around the shape by technology and human ingenuity. we can make it work for you and your business when a war crime is committed, is it kind of the, i'll just follows or garzon human rights investigator on his unprecedented journey to the french high court. i says it every place to make sure that the information
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that i'm going to bring it's taking on the arms trade in his fight for justice, for innocence, palestinians and their families made in france on all disease. ah, i have no hitting until the headlines and al jazeera emergency teams and thailand are battling to contain a fire at a factory. the bank of airports is caused by a large explosion. there's one person is confirmed to be killed, dozens more have been injured. so any chang has more from bangkok, the fi is still raging out of the control. they've been baffling it now for more than 10 hours and it doesn't seem to be diminished in the way. indeed, there's a large plume of blacks.


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