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tv   [untitled]    August 18, 2021 9:30pm-10:00pm AST

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more than 10 years after the global financial crisis, you've taken home more than $480000000.00. your companies now bankrupt our economies in the state of crisis. i have a very casey question. this is their last home the us held responsible. i will be fabulously wealthy and i will not take any price for it. thank you. lloyd. the man who still worked on al jazeera, the grim consequences of mexico's bloody drug. watch the people around you, mr. governor, you've got people who are with the narco, through the eyes of the journalists, determined to report the truth. your government is full of north and she said, that's how the article should start 60 as own we revisit the report is still risking their lives being another outbreak. violence of mar versus with you on the rewind, the deadly beat on algebra. oh,
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a couple of the top stories for you, starting with that breaking story. speaking from the you a, the united arab emirates, the afghan former president as ref. connie has defended his position to leave cobbler. he says he left to avoid violence and denies rumors, but he fled with suitcases stuffed full of cash. the. they're all reports, telephone seitz's, side on protests. there's in the eastern africa city of july, about 3 people that have been killed and several others rendered. you a prime minister,
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but johnson has told the parliament there that britain will do all that can be a humanitarian crisis and against on protest is gathered outside parliament, demanding the government do more to help those sticking asylum in the immediate aftermath of the taliban takeover. there was a surge in hospitalizations in the afghan capital cobble. some of the patients have come from cobble international airport where they were shot, trying to reach the departures area. charlotte bellis went to one hospital and cobble with some of those people are being looked after. this 10 year old from a scanner stands eastern province of park to you was shot on saturday. it took his family hours to reach emergency hospital and central cobble by been, he was in bad shape. this is the 1st intensive care unit in afghanistan. doctor say they witnessed the surgeon patients after the telephone took over cobble on sunday . they said most were the victims of armed clashes, criminals and chaos at the airport. politic situation. for
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so many causes many, many of the people by bullets by phone. so 2 days the hospital was slowing, they added extra beds. all admissions were from gunshot wounds. the hospital says it has received about 20 patients from cobble international airport since monday for have died and the rest of being treated for gunshot wounds after the taliban and us forces tried to disperse, crowns that breach the perimeter. be to see if the patient from around bug off they are going to spend most of most of them the ability to do it through the chest and hate this hospital. it's run by emergency in g o, an international humanitarian organization with the taliban in charge. they say the operations have continued on uninterrupted. they say the minister of health has remain the same. and fighters have introduced themselves. i have to say so far out
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of 20 years that we are in the country. we always, we able to work and everybody respect off, nobody for us to do nothing. that was not just a big part of the vision. the view brahman is 12 years old and the telephone took over his province of host on sunday he ran out to meet them. he was hit by a government, and now the child died and he is now paralyzed. let me have 18 or 19 years of war and in the last 10 minutes he was injured. at least he is alive and he will be okay, i can suffer and tolerate this if there is peace. that is after michelle. the war may be over in afghanistan, the healing will take a long time. charlotte bellis, osha. 0. cobble. well, of the taliban has made repeated pledges to respect african women's rights, but many are skeptical. on tuesday, the group said women's freedoms would be respected under its interpretation of
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islamic law. the taliban period empower more than 2 decades ago. so women shot out of public life and briefly punished for breaking rules many now fear a return to the past. i think it's just the farm all. i don't know. they're trying to foolish. they're trying to confirm and to modernity. but i think i personally think that it's just something that they're trying to fool as we had and i don't trust them. most thing with that story fatah galani is the chair person . we ask aniston's women's council. she says the taliban should explain how it intends to govern. i am not outreach from the college, but i want from the time of on to beat him soon as possible. she could piece to call the war in a thought for the african woman is very, very important to stop the war in killing is she could be
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and sick on the tunnel on should to explain which kind of share your d, r, bringing up on stuff because people get woman when we are a 100 muslims, we are not afraid for them, but slightly more shut up. but we want to be sure. what do you say about woman's right? we want to see now do you just talking about woman like buddy nicely, but currently, but we want to see what you are doing. what does program for the future for the african woman? i'm not actually, i'm fighting. i want to speak to fighting for peace for democracy, for woman. like for you my right foot, i am a good woman. i what more did for jackie? for my country, did call on the 5th. now is nice about one month i i,
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i try to leave. i stay with the whole. we are working. we are just working for p days more. lithuania says its concerns the bell, the russian president will open a migration route for afghans fleeing taliban rule. thousands of migrants and refugees have recently entity you countries from bellows. and the european union will reportedly offer more money and board officers to stop the search out to sierra step boston reports. now from the border area between lithuania and belarus, they were promised easy way into europe and paid hundreds of even thousands of dollars for 3 that quickly was on facebook and on social media. they says like, the bottle is free now of garcia. you can cross it or something together with his relative 17 year old alley. yes. him from iraq is detained in a campbell luther wayne ya. after crossing the border from barrows,
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they were picked up with thousands of orders by border guards in recent month. they tell us how they could easily enter battles and received help to regionally the waning and border gateway into the european union. every people had charge, very sought children. i'm baby and woman. this is in europe and a woman coming here with children. but it's in the sense why? because you're coming here because you weren't alive. lithuania recently started to push people who showed up at the board, back to barrows in return, the russian troops stopped them from entering on this footage, released by lithuanian border guards. a group of 35 iraqis are seen stuck between the 2 sites. lisa wayne eventually allowed the migrants in an accused bella russians from illegally crossing. it's border the, the playing deadly games with the human rise lives is acceptable
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and has to be condemned. unfortunately, people whom we consider to be victims in that situation. i used by lucas shanker regime as the tool as a weapon against the european union in general. and particularly sienna, because of its very strong political position in an effort to stop the influx of migrants and asylum seekers. lithuania has been constructing a barrier on its 670 kilometer long border with barrows. these are desperate people who have become victims of political conflict. far away from home. their presence here at this gateway into europe shows how vulnerable district use fans on asylum seekers and migrants has become. the e u. s. had more than 100 border troops and pledge 37000000 euros to helpless away . and yet that usually only sees a fraction of these arrivals to deal with the crisis. bella, russian opposition leaders, atlanta taken off guy, i was living in exile in lithuania,
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or just the you not to give in to look was shanker what the regime is doing is blake mailing european union with this migration situation. and the answer should be even stronger. you can't be blackmailed by regime. the number of migrants arriving at the board has decreased since iraq stopped at slides to barrows, but the situation remained. stands warning, shots have been hurt from the battle, which in sight steadfast and al jazeera vilios lithuania. ok, let's. so now to steven next, he's regional director for eurasia at the international republican institute. he joins us from washington, d. c. steven next. welcome to the news out. is this all about really all about mr. lucas shanker trying to point school against the e u. because of the position of sanctions and he knows he's got a weak situation there because his country board is lithuania and latvia. well i think that's correct. this is directed at the you, but in particular,
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the lithuanian country country lithuania. let's go back and really look to see how we got to where we are today. roughly a year ago, lithuania was at the forefront of the fight against the door, tearing regime in baler roots and after a completely falsified election, an election that alexander lucretia go stole an election that fits on a chicken australia we believe. and data supports actually won that election. she was forced to flee her country and take up brad region. lithuania. their lead by foreign minister lands burgess and others. they took her in, they supported her. now other western organizations are supporting her and she is building a very strong and vibrant opposition movement based in gone this that's the 1st of that, the 2nd event was the series of sanctions promulgated 1st by the european union.
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and then most recently by the united states targeting individuals and businesses and bail roofs. and so in reaction to these sanctions, luca shanker was basically a weaponized in the asylum process and trying to create a tremendous humanitarian crisis on the lithuanian border. ok, so that's how we got where today, but miss the next last week about 10 days ago, mr. lucas shanker of the u. k. basically said you guys can choke and he used the word choke. you can choke on your sanctions. is, is this actually an indicator of the fact though that the sanctions are working? because if you look at the map of europe, any refugee or migrant who wants to get into europe from either iraq or afghanistan, the less obvious path would be up towards bella luce and then into the
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e. u. via either latvia or lithuania, it make much more sense to try to it. very greece or turkey, greece and turkey have both stepped up to the plate, particularly 2 or 3 years ago when the migrant crisis was at a massive peak. so doesn't this mean 2 things? one, they'll have to be guided and to they'll have to be guided by bella roost. that's what i mean and to the sanctions must be working well, you, you correctly ascertain the situation, the actions being taken by the look or shank regime. now really drastic actions with this border crisis suggest to us that the sanctions are having the desired effect. the 2nd nomic sanctions on the very few enterprises are actually profitable and they. ready will ruse are now being sanctioned into private shan't go badly needed income? so the reaction to this is such that we now know the sanctions are working. and
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this goes back to the late senator john mccain who led the 5 war style sanctions to sanction authoritarian leaders for human rights violations. so it's been proven, i think now by the actions of the region, the sanctions are having the desired effect. what that suggested united states and european union is that the sanction should not just be continued. they should be strengthened because they are working. mr. next good to get your thoughts. thank you so much, steven. talking to us out of the states to haiti. heavy rain has complicated the search and rescue missions after saturdays, earthquake officials of won the damaged buildings could collapse. nearly 2000 people were killed and thousands more have been left homeless. florida del pinto is with the international federation of red crossman crescent societies. he says people in haiti are in dire need of assistance. the main priority is definitely to bring this report that the nation, the people need,
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they are. so obviously it's health care. this is one of the main priority, but also the need to ensure that we provide safe shelters. they food water for carrying the further operation. we also need to ensure that we have a good actress mentioned and today having the right information and woo is affected, remains very difficult because that the area that has been affected is really, really wide. and why and that, i mean, i'm really widespread. we need to be able to provide them as, as fast as we can, some emergency shelter for them to be able to have basic roof and not be wet at night. at the same time, we'll need to start seeing what will be a more sustainable solution for them and start handling what would be the repairs and so on. but we don't obviously take more time. we do hope to have further further interest from from donors. well, because of today we asked the law on defending with, again to the priorities also to to,
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to bring the relief to the people. we need it. us government hasn't as plans to cut the water supply as the air at west the state. so arrazola and nevada will receive less water in the coming months from shrinking reservoirs along the colorado river . rob reynolds reports now from the hoover dam. this is hoover dam, built on the colorado river in the 1900 thirty's. it created the country's largest reservoir lake, need water, and hydro electric power from here made the modern west possible. but look at the light colored bath tub ring around the shoreline. that's how far the water level has receded. scientists say the lake is at 35 percent capacity. its lowest level ever scientist say, global warming has contributed to a decades long drought. that's drying up the west. this is the 2nd worst 19 year period going back 1200 years. that's
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a mega drop. the u. s. government declaration of a water shortage on the colorado river is unprecedented. the fact that we are seeing the 1st separation is quite significant. historically, 40000000 people in the region depend to some degree on this water in booming city like phoenix and las vegas, san diego and los angeles water supplies to cities will not be cut, but agricultural allocations will now farmers like will. the lander in arizona face a crisis lose about half our deliverable water potential next year. so can have to come back on a lot of acres that we're having production right now. government officials say climate change is at the root of the water shortage. and it's not just here at lake mead. in recent months, the punishing effects of global warming up been made, brutally clear all over the american west. unprecedented heat waves have hit the
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normally cool pacific northwest monster wildfires have ravaged california and oregon. the water level in one of california is biggest reservoirs, lake orville is so low, the damn can no longer produce hydro electric power in the columbia river, huge numbers of migrating salmon sick and then died because the water simply became too hot for them. on tuesday, the southern california water authority issued an alert calling on consumers to voluntarily conserve water and prepare for continued drought. all of which raises questions about sustainability as scientists predict the dryness and the heat will continue rob reynolds al jazeera at hoover dam. still to come in the sports games we hear from the limpid champion on. why do you feel new technology is damaging athletes? credibility.
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ah ah, the news news news news with ah
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ah ah ah ah ah. time for thought his gym. thank you. p u. s. hyphen tennis champion, dominic team says he's really disappointed that he won't defend his title this year, but didn't want to take any risks about number 6 has withdrawn from the tournament with a risk problem, which will keep him out for the rest of the season. team suffered the injury back in jean at the new york right and on it forced him to miss wimbleton. he trained last week, but the pain returned and doctors have advised him to wear
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a splint for another few weeks. the austrians when at flushing meadows last september was his 1st grand slam title for the 2nd year in a row. for me, the ones that japanese growing pretty has been cancelled because of the current of ours pandemic. the race is due to be held in october, but has been caught off as a country experience as a continued rise in cases. and you schedule is to be released in the coming week. the, the fresh australia, cricket coach justin lag, has been given the backing of his boss despite a run of port results. this year. the all these last a test series against india and 320 series against the west and west indies. new zealand, most recently bangladesh, t 20 world comp is coming up in october, followed by the ashes against england. who took over in the wake of the bull timeframe scandal 3 years ago has a contract until the middle of next year, australia, cricket, c, nick hawk, lee said justin has done an incredible job and raising the coach values and behaviors of the australian men's team. his efforts have restored public faith in the national team, which is a side all australians can be incredibly proud of. he,
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his coaching staff, and the leaders within the team have an equally important part to play in ensuring a successful summer heads. one of the biggest names and nfl a brett far as adding parents not to allow that kids to play tackle or contact football until they're 14. the whole fame has released a hard hitting video in the u. s. alongside the concussion legacy foundation. if you put me in tackle today, by the time i'm a senior in high school, all paid 13 years of tackle football. i could already have c t, e and it will continue to destroy my brain even after i stop playing. by the time i'm your age, i can be fighting depression struggling to keep my false story. i can become violent, even chores, mom, children, keep me out of tackle football. tell them 40 in sci fi or chronic, traumatic philosophy is a degenerative brain condition. there's link to repeated concussions. symptoms
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a similar to out find this disease, but it can't be diagnosed until after a person's death. experts look to 65, a high school that will play his brains and found that 16 had c t. that's around 25 percent of their sample. even though none played in college or professionally. the concussion legacy foundation says that before the age of 14, a child's head grew faster than the body making head impacts inevitable more powerful and more dangerous. as a growing list of former players, he's been diagnosed with c t or suspected c t. after that death, they had a fell, is currently settling thousands of brain injury payouts. and 5 is one of the number of players trying to raise awareness. i don't know what normal feels like. do i have c t or early onset? i really don't know, but i can't complain. i'm able to do and function as i please for the most part.
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but you know, concussions are a very, very, very serious thing. and we're just kind of like scraping the you know, the surface of, of how severe they are and whether the repercussions the intentional power. then pick, committee president says he's hot break and for the afghan athletes trapped in cobble . but there's no safe way of bringing them to take a 23 year old of hi quando fighters. zach here. who did that was to be the 1st female to represent. i've kind of started the games that she and track athlete to wholesale. russ julie was unable to fly to the japanese capital on monday. following the suspension of commercial flights, kuta daddy pleaded for help to get out of the country in this video from cobble saw the messenger and of course it was devastating. it broke my heart while we tried to do what, but when we tried to achieve the problem, games is it does brain people together is 5 pressure. this is make
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a world where everyone is included. and by seeing what is happening in afghanistan, in terms of intolerance, and this is shattering the dreams of one of our aspects. you know, it's really sad and really break my heart. one of the styles of the turkey games, the constant of our home is concerned, that advancements into technology is damaging athletes. credibility. the norwegian, one gold in the 400 metre hurdles and smashed his own wild record in the process. and what many consider one of the greatest olympic races ever. afterwards, he criticized the so called super shoes and silver medalist bry benjamin was wearing, which contain a clarifying volume says it makes them acts like trampolines, vol. him himself was wearing spikes or the carbon plate and that also improves performance. when somebody does a great performance now everybody with question is it's the issue. and that is the credibility problem. people sitting at home. i don't want them to feel like they've
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been fooled the trick. even though you know, i'm all for technology pushing it a little bit forward in all sports because you know that that's just part of why we are nurse. i think nasa little bit is going to be, but that's ok, but not to a certain extent that people don't think about the athlete anymore. i want that leads also to have to have, you know, the credits that they deserve for one of them picked champion to another sweden's po, vote safest on monday. the plums, this is only $21.00 and fails. he hasn't plenty more to achieve. he's determined to keep breaking his own wild record and secure his place as the best ever in the sport. i want to do everything. you can the sport, and i want. i want to win everything there is to win. i want to get more times than anybody else has done it. but, you know, if you know what, you know, the history of, that's really, really big shoes to fill when you're following the likes of money and circuit.
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booker people that have won many, many global titles in a book, went in, i think, 6 or 7 mortality for 911 yet. so i paid like i still have a really long way to go. and the other athletes he competed at, the taisha lympics has auctioned off his silver medal to fund a young boy's heart surgery published a javelin for marie andre chick, who has south recovered from the income, says 3 years ago, have prized possession up to the highest bidder. it was sold for a $125000.00 to publish a supermarket chain. he told andre chick, she could keep her meadow the money raised will pay for the 8 month old baby to have surgery in the us. and one other line to bring you on the murray have been knocked out of the cincinnati masters tenants will have action from that much and it's a bit later the, the gym at. thank you so much. that's it from me peter toby and the late crew here and neve is next from london. we will see you very soon. bye bye.
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ah ah, ah ah. ah, the taliban reclaimed. the us withdraw began use earlier in 2013 and 14 witness follow the unit of the afghan national army as they commenced the onerous part of confronting with taliban without native support of a trail of young men fighting for their country. while knowing each day could be their la, i've got to stand own battle on a boat guerria,
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the poorest nation, the european union rock by allegations of corruption, seemingly linked to the upper echelons of the countries political in the aim of our ruling class was to get the money to fund people in power investigation where the country goes from guerria at the crossroads on a to know where the fires are and where they are going. greeks look to the skies worrying. signs helicopters have been getting close to major towns and cities. this one has just arrested and become much bigger. and if you can see by the trade truck, the fires climbing up michelle just behind us on the ground. this is what the business of fighting fires looks like. holding back, the inevitability of mother nature's fury is dangerous and exhausting work. and then to give whatever the hope is, the fire will stop when it runs out of fuel. but for the moment,
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the fuel is everything inside ah sure, i've got he takes to facebook to address. i've got to stop from exile in the u. e. he says he has left to prevent bloodshed plus i'm charlotte, balice and emergency hospital and cobble where doctors the treating patients who were shot a cobble international airport. ah, baka, this is i'll just hear a lie from london also coming up anger and frustration.


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