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in protecting democracy, the nobel entities only on al jazeera, the u. s. is always of impressed. the people around the world, people pay attention to what we got here. and i'll just, he was very good at bringing the news to the world from here. oh. and other crowded trucks, transporting my guns crashes in mexico, killing at least 53 people ever thought to be traveling to the u. s. ah other king val. this is al jazeera life. abdullah also coming up to we've said, we'll meet at any time in any place. they are the ones we're not prepared to do it . the u. s. envoy on or on telephone is era. hereon isn't ready for direct nuclear . a graduate ends, its diplomatic ties with taiwan,
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choosing to officially recognized china the international criminal court investigates the venezuelan government's actions during the unrest there in 2017. ah, an overcrowded truck has crashed in southern mexico kidding. at least 53 passengers heading for the united states and other 55 from central america suffered injuries since your prostate. i. reporter mine your rob palo has more from mexico city. a horrifying scene in southern mexico, dozens of body scattered on the side of the road after a truck, reportedly carrying more than 100 people in its cargo container, flipped on its side, recovered from the element of fortunately, the reaction promote the 2 ships, red cross fire fighters, he re, protection was really fast. we hoped that people taken to the gomez must a host be felt. gustavo and 2 other hospitals will be able to recover. emergency
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responders could be seen pulling bodies from the wreck. authorities believe most, if not all of the victims or migrants from central america, money for conquered are going to, some of them told us they were from one good us of all ages. sadly, we already have some debts, mexico's president, under this manuel lopez over the lord offered his sympathies and condolences to the families of the victims over twitter. national immigration observers say, accidents like these are not uncommon in southern mexico. experts say policy, enforced by the mexican government that prevents migrants from leaving southern mexico is creating overcrowded conditions at migrant camps and forcing many to grow desperate in an indefinitely migrants having prevent that from moving indefinitely . some with 3 to 6 months, with no work on the streets. a mass migrants are truly having a difficult time on their inhumane conditions. migrants have been known to cram
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into large trucks where they faced many risks, including kidnapping, extortion, and deadly accidents. manuel rap, hello al jazeera mexico city talks to revive the 2015 iran nuclear de la. continuing on friday in the eta, the happening on the increased pressure of the bind and administration, hinted at new sanctions, or even military consequences. a traditional diplomacy fails, us envoy for iran spoke with our white house correspondent, kimberly hunk it for leaving for the austrian capital. she started by asking him why the u. s. is still move into tyson sanctions. as the talks are ongoing. is it helpful to be pushing for that as you're trying to get a deal, we're prepared to get back into the deal as soon as possible as soon as her on is and we would lift all of the sanctions are inconsistent with adjusted to it, but in the meantime, we can stand by and not be prepared for world in which iran may be choosing to delay build its program, try to build more leverage,
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we honestly have to respond. and so that's what we're doing. we're preparing ourselves for that that, that outcome. how concerned are you or how concerned is the united states that israel could potentially drag the united states into an armed conflict with iran? we are privileging the path of diplomacy. we think it's the best way. it's best for us. we suspect it's best we're wrong, but iran will have to decide that as president biden is secretary blinking has both said, if iran chooses regard despite our diplomatic offer to take a different path, then we'll have to use the, the tools at our disposal to make sure that iran does not acquire a nuclear with why should iran trust the united states? so given the fact that it knows full well that 2020 for presidential election could bring another president completely and do any of the efforts you're making right now. this is not a deal that is based on trust, and so it's not a we don't chose arrange, rent is, don't trust us. and what happens when the u. s. withdrew from the deal?
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is that around started wrapping up its nuclear program. that's why president biden is back and has given us the mandate to try to get back into the deal, and he would not be extending this political capital and making this effort if his goal was to come in and then withdraw. of course, we don't know what the future president will do. we don't know what the future reigning leadership will do, but we think that it's in our mutual interest to get back in to deal with the united states. be willing, at any point to meet face to face with a run in negotiators, were prepared to meet with them face to face. we think it's far superior to indirect negotiations and we're dealing with something this complex with so much so much mistrust with so my potential for misunderstanding. so we've said we'll meet at any time in any place. they are the ones who are not prepared to do it for their own reasons. we think it's a mistake. we think it's a mistake that hurts both of us. we know that these talks are not open ended. the united states has made that clear. what's the timeframe we're looking for? as i've said before, this is a technological clock. it's not
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a chronological clock. in other words, if they slow down the nuclear program would have more time if they continue, the current pace than time is running out. secretary lincoln has made that clear over and over again. time is running out and we and the europeans will have to conclude if, if a run continues down this path, they have killed adjacent to a, an adjacent way would be no more. we hope that's not the case. we are fully committed to a mutual return to compliance with jesse pooley. we think there's still time to do it. if iran comes back and says they're prepared to roll up their sleeves and do it to us, state department has called for other democratic countries to expand their engagements with taiwan. often, nicaraguans government decided to cut the diplomatic ties with the island. the chinese foreign ministry welcomed the move of the statements and praise nicaragua, commitment to the communist parties, one china policy, taiwan expressed pain and regret at the decision. only 14 nations recognize taiwan as a country. by jing sees the island as a breakaway province to be reunited with the mainland bryan,
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who is the founder of new blue magazine and a writer for the diplomat. he downplayed the progress move and says taiwan unofficial allies, such as the us hold more weight. so that time, spite interesting because of the summit for democracy that can be in by the, by the new ministration town and invited despite not being a member of the us. so this is a sign of the us strength of amendments towards taiwan. ivr china has reacted quite angrily to that it is not invited. and so this is included hang back at the us. i was think of this show that it is not actually final anything significant. but the same time when you see this with nicaragua, breaking relationship, i want at this time, if it does seem rather suspicious. so what is interesting, i think, is how this will play out domestically in that the pro china opposition. the came t will use us to attack the ruling side ministration. and so the diplomatic allies that towel on has are smaller than it in terms of the size of the population or economy. they're probably role is to speak up or taiwan international relations
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from which it is excluded. and this occurred with nicaragua as recently as september. so it does come in somewhat of a surprise that there is a switch now over in terms of the substantive impact. it does not have a lot of impact on taiwan directly in that way. china would like to see how long have fewer in your life. and in this way, is a way to diplomatically humiliate taiwan on the world stage at a time in which there is increasing support from taiwan internationally, whether that be from the us, from european union countries or cetera. and so this is a way to work against the trent. and so this is a way to attack the administration that is currently in power and potentially affect elections. because sometimes how many is do perceive the stinking of international space when they do lose the amount of allies over in most cases, how on an official ties with other countries such as what the us food does not actually have formulation. taiwan are more important than d is de fanatic allies who do not actually do much except the to speak up or taiwan once in awhile. and these are josh or nations. but i think china will try to
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continue with activity. you're as president joe biden has reaffirmed his commitment to ukraine sovereignty and a phone call with president bonum. as uminski, the ukrainian leader says the pair also discussed possible options for ending the 15 eastern ukraine when they spoke on thursday. it follows tuesday's virtual summit between president biden and russian president vladimir putin, where the u. s. warned of heavy sanctions if russia invades ukraine. but he, by dish gifts that on now with the support of nato countries, ukraine is being pumped full of weapons and kia is building up its contingent on the line of contact in don bass. the number of sci fi violations which have happened since it was signed in july 2020. it's coming close 290000. the spatial monitoring mission to ukraine has registered the re deployment of heavy weapons, including high caliber artillery and armored vehicles to the east of the country over. well, that account has been disputed by the white house. it places the blame squarely on russia. the russians are known for their rhetorical escalations,
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as they are also known for their ah, ways of providing misinformation around the world are and within eastern flank countries. so i think we have to take their own efforts to communicate to their public with a grain of salt. what we know is that, oh, the aggression here is on the russian side. the military buildup is on the russian side. there is a path, a diplomatic path forward. oh, the part of the president's objective, our president's objective in having the call was to convey that clearly that certainly is our preference. but also to convey clearly that there would be consequences. they would be significant and severe and we're going to coordinate with our european partners on that. charles traffic has more now from pearson in southern ukraine. well, presidents and hence gay's office has put out some statements about the contents of that conversation. i'll read out some of the salient points to you that being said, according to lindsey's office, during that conversation,
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that was said that the u. s. has decided to become an active participant in the settlement process in dawn by us in parallel with the normandy format. now this is interesting because normally for math that is made up of france, germany, russia, and ukraine has by all accounts. according to most stanley's been and on l. tracy failure since it was initiated 7 years ago. so, and a lot of analysts have been trying to, trying to, to, to, to, to force the point that is absolutely vital to get the us a bigger role in, in trying to forge a lasting piece piece process and settlement to this conflict. so that's very interesting that there seems to be certainly some sort of agreement that there will be an increase role for the us in this office. also saying that the decision on ukraine's ascension to nato depends on the decision of ukraine and nato members
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. that's what biden said in that conversation was zalinski. obviously, this may not go down very well. it's whole with moscow. we know that obviously, nato nato membership for ukraine is one of the main big red lines for moscow. the white house saying that biden supports the aspiration of ukraine to be a nato member, and says that the aggression is on russia's side regarding ukraine. it's going to be very interesting to see what kind of response comes from moscow in the coming hours and days. late is fighting in northern cameroon. other access to water has killed at least 22 people. around 30000 people have said to neighbor and chad. people living in cassette, he say it some of the worst on rest, yet seen between fishing and hurting communities. he saw alone. i see mon galeb, the fighting cosivity has been very violent, or no,
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we had to cross the river at night to find refuge here. not that with safety, we faced the cold weather and lack of food and on our children have not eaten since yesterday. we asked the child in authority to help us doing otherwise. our situation here will be worse than the conflict we have at home. still ahead on al jazeera as a military operation against an armed group and democratic republic of congo, continues. we speak with one of the victims of violence who only just made it out alive. and how car is partnering with countries across africa to provide education to thousands of children left out of school? ah look forward to brighter skies the winter sponsored my cattle airways. happy friday, you'll be hard pressed to find a dry and settled area in europe. so way we go with the details,
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good to see you. we've got this feed of rain from the northeast slamming into belgium. it's going to generate some showers and snow where we have low temperatures and breezy conditions, as was snow through the alpine region and the parent ease that will go into iberia right now. it's been days of her monthly strain for northern areas of spain, the winds factor here as well. so we could see those waves about 8 meters high, 80 millimeters of rain over 12 hours in snow levels, about 10 centimeters, 800 meters, and above speaking of snow levels. i want to get you the latest for the alpine region. got a lot of snow coming your way, so we're thinking about 15 to 2570 centimeters, 400 meters. and then as you get above that, you could be while up with up to 45. so the very real risk of seen some avalanches here, eastern shores at the atria. see we could see there's wind wind up to about 85 kilometers per hour and rounds of storms for both greece and turkey. so on friday it's turkey's turn pretty much for that western side, so it's stumble to antalya. we've got some drenching rain. and because of all that,
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what weather in the central mediterranean we've got windy and wet conditions for tunis with a high of 16 degrees on friday. that's it. that's all fear. soon. the weather, sponsored by katara always healing the debate. 90 percent of the world brick, eugene have come from a common impacted country. the climate emergency is putting more pressure on across the world and amplify your voice. it's not for you the future. 8. now, not our lot can't believe you cannot know school. we know what to do, and we have the tools to build the dream on al jazeera. ah ah
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ah, you're watching aunt sarah remind her of our thoughts or is this our and of a crowded truck is crashed in southern mexico, killing at least 53 people heading for the united states. and other 55 were injured . that he suspect the truck overturned and had a steel bridge because it was so overloaded. the usa department has called for other democratic countries to expand their engagement with taiwan. to nicaragua was government decided to cut diplomatic ties beyond it. the chinese foreign ministry. welcome to the graduates decision. the latest wave of violence in northern cover route has left at least 22 people dead. thousands of fled to neighboring chad because of the unrest. fighting for access to water has been ongoing between fishing and hurting communities. uganda and soldiers have been fighting against an armed group and democratic republic of the congo as part of
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a joint operation that was launched last week. the so called se allied democratic forces has sparked security concerns for both governments groups been accused of launching several attacks and civilians. and as malcolm web reports, some of them barely made it out alive for him day because his sister was abducted by an armed group last month in the democratic republic of congo. he says when he went to look for her, he was lucky to escape with his life as a long while we went to search for our sister who was attacked while travelling in a convoy. when we found her with the rebels, they attacked us as well. one of my friends was shot in the head immediately. i was shot 2 times, but luckily i was able to run away. he knows one of thousands of people in this hospital being treated for injuries caused by armed groups. many have bullet wounds . others have at limbs chopped off with machetes. the allied democratic forces adf, blamed for most of the attacks in this area around the city of benny. thousands of
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civilians have been killed in the last 7 years. and in the last 6 months, the armed group has expanded its territory and started ambushing civilian vehicles on the roads. it's fighters kill or a ducked travellers and steal their cargo. it's only safe to travel in convoys, guarded by the congo lees army, but it hasn't managed to stop the attacks. you can as ami says it will. its tanks and soldiers arrived in congo last week. he says he will hunt down the adf and put a stop to the violence. you got, his army has entered congo before me, an accused of rights abuses and pillaging minerals. this time, you can the says it'll make the road safe and we build them 3 years ago, the 2 countries, governments and the you can, the company signed an agreement to build congress roads to the border. now that you can, the army has arrived, the construction has begun. investors hope profit from increased cross border trade
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. for now, travelers and traders wait for weeks for the monday to be armed convoys, which cost at least a $100.00 to join him or we salute the initiative of the joint military operation. we hope it will bring change soon to the situation on the road. we need the soldiers to hurry up, so we can see the results we needed for our business. life in eastern congo has been disrupted by conflicts ever since you can that. and rwanda 1st invaded 25 years ago. people here are hoping this time things will change. malcolm web al jazeera, essential criminal court has opened an investigation to the venezuelan government's handling of position protests. in 2017100 people were killed during months of unrest. first time the i, c. c has launched an inquiry against the south american nation. there is a boat report from crock of a thing. it's been 4 years since he read and hasi beverly. this son was killed
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during protesting venezuela, one battle with a student and died of cardio janick shock in april 2017. after being hit by a tear gas canister at close range for his sister with a cancer patient and want, barlow was frustrated with a situation which made it difficult for her to be treated to me. but i was told, my son was dead. it was like the world stopped, they broke our life. i remember that day because they killed my husband and me. 2 years later, our daughter died of cancer. they destroyed our family in the same way. they have destroyed hundreds of families in venezuela. hello was a basketball player and a student did last year was study a lot of sort of agenda. everything has been a challenge. fighting the prosecutor's office. the prosecutor has been changed 15 times in 2019. all the actions came from us. nobody does anything. they want to say
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it was an accident, and it was not one, boundless death is just one of them. many cases presented at the international criminal court against the government of president, nicola, my lord, are many swollen officials are being investigated for crimes against humanity for extreme repression. and serious human rights abuses won't follow parmelee. there was just one of the thousands of young people that took to the streets to protest against the government of nicola, my lord or this is his room. these are some of his belongings for the government. he was a terrorist, but these are some of the things he wrote. i want to graduate in a university in the united states. i want to be an n b a player. i want to be the best player in the world. and i want word piece the investigation against venezuela includes accusations of secret detentions, and torture sites. even a government plan that targeted protesters as opposition forces. it also includes
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human rights abuses against opponents, but also members of the security forces who dared to challenge the government. we feel like we've been without a trial at the international criminal court includes the possibility of a detention order, something the other reports do not have. and the fact that it's a shame to be the only latin american government to be tried at the i c. c, the whole our like what i li daniels is trying to assist a victims in their search for justice. that gives it buffer i with the actual elementary thought of the fact that there was an official investigation is historic . he has never happened. india america's. we have to consider that before there was a case in honduras and columbia, and this is the 1st time there is an investigation for the government says the crime should be investigated and tried in the country. it also says abuses are being committed by the united states and other countries against venezuela, through economic sanctions. but victim say, the violations committed against government. critics are brutal and should be punished in an international court. that is, i will,
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i'll just cedar kodak us. the levy is electoral commission has yet to announce the final list of candidates as in 2 weeks out from the presidential election. and advisory council has called for the vote to be delayed until february, with growing differences of voting regulations. the poll is seen as a key step to ending a decade of instability. one person has died after a fire broke out at the headquarters of china's is largest political party, at least 18 others were injured. people tried to escape the canada parties building through the windows. the group holds though, seats and parliament. it's been locked in a dispute with trinity as president since july, and he suspended parliament de seemed nearly all executive powers. it's unclear what caused the blaze. farm is in india, have officially ended a year long protest after the government abandoned agricultural reforms. protest who said the laws would have seen them lose the right to have a guaranteed minimum price for they produce criminal charges against for testers
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will also be dropped based on the pharmacy, the government has made. we've decided to suspend our protests who hold a review meeting on january 15th from the government doesn't interfere with promises. we could be seen demonstrations. well now of your game is an assistant history professor at william patterson university. he says, the protest as achievements will inspire all the movements around the world. protests was the most remarkable widespread a challenge to the government. the recent noon shows the power of collective action. farmers, workers, their vast orders across the v successfully defeated the most serious threat to their livelihood will be until the significance of that this victory is a defeat for the new liberal agenda. which is this obsession with deregulation and privatization. it's a defeat for
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a policy to this kind of majority. terry and premise be in for meant in communal trade between communities and defeat, for the kind of centralizing for us to be concentrating, our needs to be and depriving of of their right. so i think it success is something that people in india and across the continent and around the world are celebrating because it opens up new possibilities or different future governments are invincible until they're not. so movie has kind of built up an image as somebody who never backtrack. i'm going to once you make a decision final. and what we've seen over the year long protests through the bitter cold, through the blistering summer with all sorts of efforts to his credit and be legitimize this protest is that people when organized and determine, can challenge authoritarian governments and can succeed. a u.
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s. federal appeals court has rejected former president donald trump's attempts to block the release of documents relating to the january 6 capitol hill. riots from applied to use as privilege as the former president to keep documents and phone records. the secret with court ruled current president joe biden has the power to wave trumps privilege so that the documents can be given to a congressional panel that is reviewing the incident. trump is expected to appeal to the supreme court. the u. s. is expanded, it's covered 19 booster campaign, offering jobs to 16 and 17 year olds. the move players the way for millions of teenagers to receive an additional shot. the food and drug administration says with rising cove, at 19 cases, the benefits of a boost job. the people under the age of 18 outweighs the risks about 200000000 americans are fully vaccinated. there's countries around the world expand their booster campaigns. the world health organization has said it's not necessary for everyone to get the shot. the w h o says only people with compromised immune
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systems should be targeted for a 3rd shot. it says the priority needs to be getting everyone in the world vaccinated. emerging data suggests vaccine efficacy declines after some time, especially among older people. for the time being, we continued to support one, the need for equity into distribution, our location vaccines, and to the use of 3rd doses, only are those that we have previously recommended. those that have received inactivate vaccines and those that are immunocompromised, which are the 2 groups that we feel should be protected further by a 3rd ghost of the primary process. getting an education is something many take for granted, but it's out of reach for millions of young people around the world. that's why for countries in africa have partnered with a foundation and caught our to provide primary education to hundreds of thousands of the most marginalized children targeting with this report. zanzibar minister
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of education signs a pledge in the katara, capital, doha, that has the potential to change the lives of tens of thousands of vulnerable children by ensuring that all enrolled in full time primary education in the semi autonomous region of tanza, near some of his kids go, they come from poor families, but if they can make a difference to the lives they might become political leaders, social leaders, or entrepreneurs in the society in the future. and i think that is where we need to understand that for these kids, robinson, rector school vision will be denied the primary and secondary education. rwanda, the gambia, angie beauty, also partnering with cat o's education above all foundation to fund and support projects that will focus on the hardest to reach out of school children, including those who work in homes, disabled people, and refugees. we have 4 countries committing to go that very last
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mile to get those last few children back into some kind of quality education. why is that important? it's important for those children. it's important for those countries. but as equally as important to have some beacons to say, this can be done, the un says school age children is supposed to spend $200.00 days in the classroom every year. but last year, 59000000 didn't spend a single day at primary school. so how will this initiative help? well, in the gambia, 65000 children will get to go to school. in rwanda, it will target 67000 out of school kids that 3 percent of its primary age population. in debussy, it will help 35000 children get an education and officials hope it will do the same . and zanzibar with a $6000000.00 project, the announcements made here in dough hall. com. as education above all celebrates,
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reaching its initial goal of getting 10000000 of the most marginalized children into school. but it says its focus now is on identifying and enrolling what's it called? the invisible children. the ones who have sofa proved hard to reach victoria gates and be al jazeera, doha ah algebra. these are the top stories and over crowded trunk has crushed in southern mexico, killing at least 53 people heading for the united states. another 55 were injured for the suspect, the truck overturned and had a steel bridge because it was so of a loaded or quarter minute battle has more. from mexico city accidents like these are not on common. what we're hearing from many immigration observers, folks that are paying very, very close to take attention to changing immigration policy years here in mexico. they're pointing or placing the blame specifically.


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