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good flawed is that say good flowers in english has dedicated his life to them from may when they 1st planted his livelihood rests on these plants. doing well, recommend this healing good is practically, it's a years in coming. a lot of families depend on this. more than one half fails and families just in such a mil coker from work. and they're hoping for big bounce in sales as met. screw continues to open up in christmas comes. john holman. out is eda mae exclusively ah and almond the throne of n dot harvard. the headlines on al jazeera u. s. president joe biden has want unvaccinated people face severe illness as the army con variance spreads. meanwhile, health officials have recommended americans choose the pfizer or more dern of vaccines instead of johnson and johnson. because of rare cases of clotting. and the un secretary general says, fraud, vaccine policies have contributed to the threat posed by the new variant. the
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strength of g, a vaccine, horribly, the step that g, a vaccine nationalism or the step, the g eviction that the policy and fate these new veterans is demonstrated by you. and so my hope is that companies understand that is from not one. we need to have an equitable way to address the pandemic, or we will all be victims of it. okay, prime minister bonds. johnson's under increasing pressure after has conservative party last a bi election for a seat. it has held for needy 200 years as being interpreted as vote a backlash against a series of controversies. at least 27 people, a fear dead, alter a fire in a psychiatry clinic in osaka, local media say police are investigating suspected arson victims report to have suffered from heart and lung failure. a missionary group who could mapped and haiti
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2 months ago have been released. the group of americans and canadians that included children were taken captive in a tobar after visiting an orphanage near the capital portal prince is not clear of ransom was paid. now the u. s. senate has unanimously voted to ban imports from china sion john regent unless produces can prove that forced labor was not used. the chinese embassy in washington called the senate ban totally groundless. facebook's power company matter has been 7 companies that it says we're operating as surveillance for hire, offending warning notices 248000 people in more than a 100 countries who it believes were targeted on its social media platforms by malicious activity. and north korea has commemorated the 10th anniversary of its former leaders death. the country of the 3 minutes of finance kim jong il has summoned currently the can. john was not sing publicly paying his respects like other years. well, those are the headlines on al jazeera inside story, the next,
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the 20th century, 1st genocide. so it has set the blueprint for the holocaust is too often overlooked . this then will come in very everything. but for some reason, they refuse to bury these people. they want this story to be taught over a century on the injustice echoed down the generation. and the pastor, reparation is not an easy one. namibia, the price of genocide, people and power on al jazeera, ah tensions with the west push of russia and china, closer together. their leaders hail what they call a model of corporation for the 21st century for the us and its allies is suspicious . so is this the start of a new cold war for global leadership? this is inside store. ah,
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hello or his or program? i'm him ronko on the u. s. europe and their allies in the west often portrayed russia and china is threats to global peace. they cite examples including russia's troop build up along the border with ukraine. and chinese crackdown on human rights in hong kong. and sion yang. but moscow and beijing see things differently. they accused the west of destabilizing their countries by imposing sanctions and interfering in their domestic affairs. presidents she's in pain and bloody may. putin reinforced that point in a virtual summit on wednesday. they pledge to corporate on trade and security and to respect each other's interests. katrina, you set up our discussion from beijing. this is, it is a virtual summit and show of solidarity. the presidents of china and russia. she didn't ping and vladimir putin spoke for more than an hour on wednesday,
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hailing their close ties. voltaire, the roll has undergone unprecedented changes and a pandemic in the last century. so no rotten religious. how we do the terse of versa. storms as like a deep historical traditions of friendship and a mutual understanding have allowed us to take our relations to the next breakthrough level. trade between china and russia exceeded 115000000000 dollars this year. a new high. the leaders pledge to increase corporation on energy paging already relies on moscow from much of its minerals, oil, and natural gas plants underway for nuclear power stations. they're also coordinating on efforts to further space exploration and scientific innovation. chinese analysts say the relationship is now stronger than it's ever been. they'll milan was outdoors as the 2 countries support each other in their core interests. for example, when it comes to china's core interest, those are territorial, integrity and sovereignty development and security. that the meeting comes as both
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nation's face mounting criticism for their policies at home and abroad. russia for a mass build up of troops on its border with ukraine, and china for increasing military activity near taiwan. a self, rhode island dating claims as its own common interests as well as holly grievances have brought china and russia closer together. both face rising tensions with the u . s. and its allies, as well as accusations of human rights abuses. and boy hasn't every support each other on the international stage. officials in washington have under schooled a growing military threat from birth, russia, and china putin. and she, you say they'll work more closely when it comes to security. they have conducted several joint exercises this year. moscow provides bating advanced weaponry, including fighter jets and miss our defense systems. the u. s. is now completely focused on great power competition after they left our canada. and so there is
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a short window of opportunity. i think that both moscow amazing. see before the u. s. military kind of gears up for this great power competition. and they are trying to explain that the leaders are known to share a good personal bond. several countries have declared diplomatic boycotts of dating 2022 winter olympics. but vladimir putin has confirmed his attendance. the only major leader to do so, so far, katrina, you al, jazeera dating. ah, let's bring our guests at joining us from oslo. glenn decent professor of international relations at the university of se, norway and an editor at russia in global affairs from new york. david l. phillips, director of the program on peace building and rights at columbia university. and from london, steve sang director of the china institute at so us university of london a warm welcome to you all. let's begin with steve sang in london. steve, this isn't quite a declaration of a new cold war,
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but it is an unprecedented declaration of a cooperative agreement between russia and china. what's that based on? well, it is based on a lot of come and interest attached it to countries share. at the moment, the share tensioned with the united states, and they want to make sure that they will prevailed and not the united states. they share a common objective of making the world safe for authors, terrorism, so dead, the well will be safe for putin and for she in pain. they also shared the issue of you, in the case of russia ambitions over your cranes opinion, the case of china ambitions over taiwan. so there's a lot for them to work together. and we should also not forget that she jumping age, reviving marxism leninism as the, the, all the already in china,
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which makes him much more better disposed to format. so with countries that are weak turnings to offer. ready a terrorism, russia is one of them in of low. sorry, glen. what is the right, what were the russians getting out of this? all they're getting very well what this is monica partners. so someone to help them develop some alternatives so. so the partnership kind of expands in many areas, they 60 integrate their economy coordinator, political positions, and then also some degree and military corporation. now obviously, the main thing russell would get from this is what they never had before because they were never invited into the west or the part of europe after the cold work. so now they think they found an alternative, instead of knocking on the door for your,
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for another 30 years. so. so this is the main main thing they need. but then if you have 2 components, one of it it's, it's agenda and interests. so they both have an interest in cooperating, but also a huge component of this is also of course to print the document themselves from us pressure, both military and economic. so so it's only been seen since the global financial crisis. both china and russia believe that the current position of us isn't tenable . so you need an alternative ask the us trade balance keeps going down. it's a bit spirals that are controlled, it's inflation now also seems to be quite enduring. so i think for this reason they've been seeking an alternative. now the fact that the u. s. also uses economic instruments our as a weapon against russia, china only intensifies the need to cooperate further and again, insulate themselves from the american economic course. david phillips in delta
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lives rather in new york, you heard what both, i guess how to say this is a great deal for both of those countries. now, separately, the u. s. was able to exert. certainly some influence over russia. china, perhaps less so. but here we are now 2 countries getting together to very big countries getting together. what will the united states position, hey, can't do anything look color when it is an axis of tyranny. these are 2 countries that ignore the rules based international order and evolves during the 20th century. they aggress against sovereign states. in this case, russia is threatening ukraine, and china is threatening. i want to other countries in the south and east china. david, if you're talking about a threatening serenity of different countries, i mean the war in iraq was illegal. that was by who it was the americans. so let's
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be very, you have a good day. i thought we're going to be talking about right. you know, but you know, i, we are, but why would it be? want to be fair, like, just tell her, talk to me about what the american position has been for the united states invaded occupied iraq, illegally detriment of the iraqi people. have no argument with that. what we're talking about today is aggression by russia in china, not only against sovereign states, but also domestic, ethnic, cleansing of muslims, weaker and sion, john rushers, denial or freedom of expression. it's a fascination of political opponents. so the current challenge to the world order is an in iraq, it's with china and russia, ignoring the international rules based order and aggressive against neighbors and their own citizens. therein lies the great challenge of our attention. so use the word authoritative authoritarian regimes. david phillips is used the word
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tyrannical or tyranny regimes. what is it? what is this coming together? well, i think if we are looking at china, it is not my wish to enter a terrorism to day. it is a new form of very, very strong and effective authoritarianism that uses hbo technologies to give it near totally terry and control. but not the old fashioned to does it carry control . it has systematic abuse of human rights. so it is a very problematic government in that sense, but i don't think we should confuse by using any terms that would describe china as if it were like the maoist era or as i said, we were in the start and his iraq isn't glen. you were shaking it had furiously
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there. what david phillips was saying, what's your disagreement? well, not curiously, but i think it's misrepresentation. first. first on the china side, one is not a foreign country. the whole. the whole format which china us that's agreed on for more than 40 years and i was the one china policy. and it's the us was now acting at the remission is power seeking to chip away at the one china policy by pushing taiwan towards succession. and this is what, this is what the chinese are reacting on saying that they will intervene if they go down the path. and the same is true in here in europe, nato that has been expanding towards the ukraine. and russia has had to do only intervene if the proxy regime in the us, which it can only do with support from the united states. so i think it's the present if some sort of partnership about is about the value of some kind of
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a commitment to authoritarianism. i think that's a very unfair representation. however, i would agree that the book of propose what they get from new york are sort of the rules based international order. because at both china and russia and says that the international law has to come 1st in accordance with with you and charter. now the rules based international order is a bit of an william concept. it doesn't actually include any rules such as the u. s . can insert interfering domestic affairs. it can government that can be as long as it's legitimize under democracy promotion and human rights. so being that the us has to stick to international law. so on this course, i do agree, david phillips, is there an opportunity here for the west, for america to re tool its way of thinking about russia and china? is there an opportunity we live in a multi polar world? we have to recognize that power is diffuse. russia and china do have legitimate
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national interest. but those interests are served through aggression and through domestic human rights and use. when we speak about international law, we also think about the universal declaration of human rights. we think about international humanitarian law. the great struggle that we face today is between the rights of states and the rights of people in those states to realize their full potential. clearly, china and russia are champions of sovereignty and they put states right ahead of the rights of individuals. is that really the multi polar world that we want to live in is a formula for development, peace and security. those kinds of abuses will ultimately backfire and d, stabilize russia in china, in the u. s. should support victims by expressing solidarity in developing policies
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that push back against hearing. but david, when you're talking about pushing back, you sound a little bit like can, can you, you know, wanting to push back the tide. we're talking russia and china, hey, we're talking to the very big countries whom the u. s. has had to tense relationship with simply because it call it as easily influencing as say for example, can your opinion the u. k. so when you say pushed back, what are the tools to push back with? there are many to dispose of the us and the international community, including sanctions against individuals, trade restriction, we have the global magnetic, which imposes economic and travel sanctions on corruption and human rights of users . so there are international rules that allow opposition to tyranny. the us needs to play by those rules. it shouldn't rollover and allow charity to prevail. it's shared push back and make sure that tyranny does not win the de rights and
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freedoms do prevail. as they sang in london, whenever there's been sanctions put in place against china, whenever the, the international tools that david l phillips is talking about being put in place against china. often china has just run and said, we are too big. this is not gonna affect us that now even bigger with this corporate agreement with russia. well, they use that power responsibility. will they now have a law sympathetic to the international community? well, china will push that and chime that will push for his own way. i think when the chinese told me about an international rules and orders, they would like it to be the chinese rules and chinese order. and they basically saw that's what the americans told me about the international will base or the us americans or the american will. so this would quite by to replace it by their own
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bush and of it. so the more powerful they are, the more they will do. so i think if i may, i mean what the united states really need to be thinking about is not just pushback in that old fashioned cold war way. we are in a new world. we are dealing with a different kind of competition between china and russia on the one side and the u . s. and other democracies on the other side is a beauty contest, democracy. we will have to prove to the rest of the world that democracies asked deal more beautiful than what the chinese and the russians models are able to present to the rest of the world in terms of their effective governance. and in terms of the capacity to deal with the pandemic, which the chinese and the russians will say that the democracies and the americans are not really doing very well with at the moment. glen, this is the same question to you every time the u. s. of the west is used sanctions
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and other international tools against russia. russia has simply hardened its position. now, is it going to be softer because it knows it has much more power under this new agreement, or is it going to get harder? well, russia, the way it sees it can go into an issue of ukraine this, you know, it's essential threat. the american weapons and they are all into ukraine and others consider on acceptable. so they won't, they're not going to invent any pressure on this area. however, it has to be said that the 1st rule of economic sanctions, if it's enduring too harsh, the one, the sanction will simply learn to live without you. and i think that's what you see now with russia and china as well. so that was what this is some, it was about between putting a sheet that it's and the seeking a new economic architecture for the world. and we have 3 pillars. the 1st is the industry in which the seeking corporation continue cooperation. high tech industries go into the 4th industrial revolution in order not to be their reliance
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on american digital platforms. and also for the russian not to be dependent on exporting energy to the europeans, which are becoming less reliable. the 2nd this and then 2nd pillar will be the transportation cor, north again, then the chinese course, trillions of dollars into this belt enrolled initiative to reorganize this course. and russia is also more mothers but also developing this arc, the core door in partnership with china. and all the other initiatives, the last will be the financial architecture, which focused a great extent, which means that russia and china should not stop using the us dollar, they should stop using us control development banks, not using the switch payment system. so begin to slowly the couple away from this, and i just thought that they've been quite successful to some extent for a couple of 2015, 90 percent of all trade between the chinese and russia were in dollars by 2020. it is supposed to reduce in half, so delta 46 percent. so i think it more pressure,
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more sanctions, us pushes on the russians, and the chinese more they will simply continue this partnership because this is an initiative to learn without the us since it's seen as being so unreliable. then bill phillips, during my research for today show i was actually speaking to a bunch of people who are and i mean this is just me speaking to people is by no means like scientific a bunch people in foreign affairs and the, the term cold war kept coming up, this is just a new cold war. is that helpful framing for the us? or do we need to say as list? steve sang said, actually it's a new world order. color was mention economic reliance on slave labor and the u. s. by products, norway, u. s. corporation by products where slave labor is practiced in production. and this isn't just about the us versus russian china. it's about the west and the european union. and countries believe in human rights and democracy,
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opposing the tyrannical regimes of russia and china. so the u. s. has joined with you and other countries push fast multilaterally on the kinds of practices that we see in russia and china. it's a scary world where tyranny and slave labor become routine. it's important that the west oppose that we can do that diplomatically. we can do that through dialogue and essentially building with russia and china, if they will. but if they don't, and they persist in their ways, then there's clearly going to be a cost to pay for them. the u. s. and the west of costs. and what does that cost? the saying is china worried about the cost new? i don't think china is really to worry about what the americans are pushing at the moment, driving in china. it has a lisa who is incredibly confident in so any,
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in the direction of travel which that china is going when can question that and they are good ground to question whether the direction of troubleshoot jim picks. china is the white, one is the good want, but he is very confident that he is right. so he is not so worry about the american push back. he is a voting resources, redirecting all the capacities of the chinese parties stay an economy to come to what the americans are doing. so i think the americans really need to be much more imaginative if they are going to win this competition. it is not just a direct confrontation between china and the united states. it is about winning the hearts and minds of the rest of the world. for the marriage to win, it has to show that it is genuine, the better i just didn't see it, but by the rest of the work. oh davy, they'll bring you in in just a 2nd. but i want to put is point to glen. i mean, you're talking about
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a decoupling of the u. s. dollar, but that's been replaced mainly by the euro. and some of the currency is that still the west. so russia still has a debt, as russia still has a debt mechanism with the west, that is going to be a problem. no. well it's, it's a gradual process, but the dollar has obviously been the key priority. but now you're, you are correct. when the date, when they reduced the reliance on the dollar a, it also entailed increasing the use of the euro and also more and more the mist use of the mist occurrences. and obviously that's also the china and russia like to go to increased use of the mr currency. and therefore, not just simply replaced us dollar with euro. but again, it is a process. i'm not saying it has come a long way or the past 56 years. and i just like to have moved this idea that this is all about values. i think, i think it's a, her strongest representation against russia is excellent relations with south korea, japan, india, israel, the main, the common denominator here is nato. it's
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a military block expanding upon its borders. sorry, as we are, we are sorry, go running out. and i do want to come to david phillips wife heard from all 3 of you is very entrenched positions when it comes to describing the west. china and russia describing their position or saying that your positions, they seem very bullish or do you think, and i'll ask the question again, do you think this kind of david, this kind of bullish, this is the right way forward. a 1000 wrote an issue, subordinates, countries, earnings them with debt, ignores labor and environmental standards. that's not going to win hearts. and when it comes to nato it's much more than a security alliance. it's coalition of countries with shared values. you know, he's looking for the stupid russia, but according to the north atlanta charter members have to subscribe the minimal standards, right? human rights and democracy. that's why turkey in trouble with nate, just very,
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very, can fix your running out on by. do need to come to the other guests. so steve, do you think this bullish us is helpful? i think the bullish on all sides. it gets into more deep concentration of it saying, i think we need to move beyond best to find ways forward. that would be more beneficial for the whole. well, not just picking it up and when showing position again very quickly. g thing is bullish, this is helpful. no, i think everyone needs to take a step back and find some ways some your corporate or arrangements. so i did that some that thank you. this is off towards the economic or actual war. so i want to thank all our guests, sag glen dice, and dave phillips and steve sang. and i want to thank you to for watching. you can see the program again any time by visiting our website out, is there a dot com and for further discussion, go to
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a facebook page. that's facebook dot com, forward slash ha inside story. and you can also join the conversation on twitter. we are at a j inside story. for me, i'm wrong hon. in the whole team head my for now. ah. it was supposed to be a refuse, but south korea's brothers home was allegedly the scene of torture, rape, and even murder. 11 east investigating the crimes and those set to be behind them on al jazeera, new zealand is a bird watches paradise. but this south pacific nation has one of the worst extinction records on earth racks and other interesting predators have decimated the nike bird population. the decline is still ongoing. if we let it roll for another 50 years, they will be much left to restore. now you zealand is leading the world with an
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extraordinary goal to wipe out the countries with peers. by 2050. there is nowhere else on the planet like this. and we now have the technology, the well and the know how to do it and take those bases. finally, after 2 days of $36.00 that we made our 1st k wait. both birds will join 14 other kiwi relief in the locked b mom. it's a vital step in saving while t we, which will almost walked out across the region 2 decades ago. i've come back to san diego to revisit the fascinating pa, to pulse me in history. they were crazy, creative, even visionary. they were top lester, not to realist. i was them as a child during and just pops into people still love them. it was basically too bad to be true, what they were predicting can coleman to heal ethnic divisions and national
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tensions exist in both yesterday. once upon a time in san diego, on algebra, there is no channel that covers world news like we do, we revisit places the state. i'll just there are really invest in that. and that's the privilege. as a journalist. ah, he was president joe biden warms of a surgeon cases of the on the con very and saying it's critically important for people to get vaccinated on vaccinate. we're looking at a winter of severe illness and death. ah, i'm elizabeth.


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