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this woolly mammoth tasks of another holy grail: oh, an incredible journey into the realms of science fiction, where cloning and synthetic biology have scientists playing god. witness genesis to point toe, the hunt for the woolly mammoth on al jazeera. ah, ah, this is al jazeera ah, hello sir. hello raman, you're watching now. is there any is outline from our headquarters here in doha coming up in the next 60 minutes? south africans pay tribute to anti party hero, archbishop desmond tutu, who many hailed as the nations moral compass. somali as prime minister cries foul
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after the president says he suspended him. the allegations of corruption. also, israel's cabinet approves a plan to double the number of seconds they occupied golan heights. and as part of our look ahead to 2022, we see what's in store for europe's power houses, germany and france. i'm german ashwood sport cave at 19 continues to close big problems in the english premier league. while england's cricketers add to place at her crashing she series defeats and australia ah welcome to the news al. he was a voice against injustice in the world and at home. now, south africa is mourning. the loss of archbishop desmond tutu. people are paying tribute to the man who rose to prominence in the 1980s as an opponent of apartheid
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during white to minority rule. even won a nobel peace prize for his walk, too, too was 90 years old for me to mila joins us now from outside to, to his residence in cape town. and of course i we should have other that she is so waiting patiently. and so me to the clergy have also now been speaking talking about the protocol and the ceremony around the funeral, which everybody, i'm sure across south africa was a hugely anticipating what details do we know about the funeral arrangements or so far? we know that the federal will be held at saint george's cathedral on saturday from about 10 a. m local time. but ahead of that to the body of the archbishop desmond tutu, will lay in state on friday. and during the course of this week, were expecting to see a number of memorial services across the country, including one in cape town where the city has described the archbishop as its
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greatest residence. in fact, there'll be an interfaith ceremony on wednesday, which i think also speaks to how the archbishop has and was viewed in terms of inclusivity and also being progressive even within the his foundation within the anglican church. so we are expecting people to come out on wednesday onwards. the cities also paying tribute to the archbishop by lighting the famous table mountain purple in the city hall as well. and we've seen a number of people come out to the saint george's cathedral through the course of the morning laying flowers and paying tribute to the, to the archbishop of the country. really hasn't seen anything like this, have a for me to since the, the passing away of nelson mandela. and i really do think we can address that comparison. um, this is one of the times where we haven't
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a we were seeing an enormous amount of tributes being paid to the archbishop. um, i think 2nd only to nelson mandela and it was nelson mandela who had previously spoken about the archbishop in terms of the role he played against enter in the fight against apartheid. this was somebody who and political leaders were either in exile or imprisoned. just like nelson mandela, the archbishop kept the fires burning in terms of confronting the justices of a part 8 or within the, his religious role within the church. and outside of that, this is somebody who in 1980 was the 1st of black leader to confront of the former minister p w border. and that meeting might not have resulted in very much, but it was historical. it was symbolic in that he had wanted to confront to these issues. head on was speaking for people in the country who were marginalized and
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through that became both a national and global icon. indeed. and of course, looking at various social media and, and obit. so across global newspapers to day for me to one thing that to several commentators have said that it will be an injustice to the late archbishop not to talk about the other campaigns campaigns for. to betty also campaign to the palestinians. people in distress, people he cared about, and people he felt needed to have their voice heard beyond the issue of apartheid in south africa, which of course he was heavily invested in and, and this is precisely why he has that recognition globally. he spoke not only about palestine saying that piece was necessary and without it, it was an injustice. but he also had invited the dalai lama to south africa, a number of occasions. and they had a great relationship with the south african government, denied him a visa to enter the country. and that's one of the instances where the archbishop
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spoke out against the government and injustices. just simply because of its relationship with tine at china. and this is where he spoke about the plight of people into bits and how important it was to bring these kinds of injustices to light, how important it was to have freedom, peace and, and, and, and so, and certainly just not to sort of route the world of that kind of prejudice. so it was very important for him to always deal with social and economic injustices as well as in quality equality. and specifically in south africa. he also spoke out against the african national congress, the governing part in south africa, outgoing as far as in 2016 said you'd no longer vote for the a and c because they weren't doing enough to deal with economic problems in south africa, poverty and corruption. so this is not somebody who held his tongue in terms of stating what he believed was right for me to mila forced her in cape town. of
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course, we'll continue to check in with you for me to on developing start from south africa . thank you. well, only we spoke to the river in peter story, he was friends with doesn't 2 to 5 or 35 years. he says that to, to was disappointed with post party governments under the accused of failing to live up to the promises of liberation. well, the interesting thing is he never lost hope during the struggle against apartheid. but the most, most depressed i've ever seen him was in recent years when the very movement and the people who hoped to bring us liberation betrayed the vision of a rainbow south africa. and have taken us down the road of corruption and greed, and, and avarice and vitality. that is what has made him sad. and he has struggled with that. he said to me, i am in a conversation. not all that long ago. he said, you know, peter, we, we, we know our theology, we understand that human beings are frail and fallen and therefore we shouldn't be
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surprised that this is but we are allowed to be very, very sad. and i, i think he struggled with that. he spoke out against them with the same strength and almost ferocity as he used against the apartheid regime. and he said to them, you are worse, you are worse because you could and should be different. we trusted you to be different and his words were strong. i warn you, i want you, he said you will bite the dust. and when he said that i remembered him saying that to the advantage reggie. and we all know that his prophecy looks like it could come true. because recently, the agency government has suffered some real setbacks, people are tired of their corruption and their inefficiency. and, and so i,
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but i, i don't want to leave him on that note because while he was deeply disappointed with the, with the generation that, that should have liberated us and, and stayed faithful to the values of that, of that liberation. and he had immense hope and confidence in the younger generation. small as prime minister. mm hm. it has saying robledo says his suspension is a violation of the constitution and the country's laws. both houses reported having surrounded by military and presidential guards, president abdullah, for my jo, suspended the prime minister allegations of corruption and abusive power. the assistant information minister has accused the president of staging and in direct qu, correspond benefits choice. now on sent to his, extensively been covering somalia in the region in the past 8th, and unfolding situation that is still very unclear, really, isn't it? so this seems to be the result of
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a dispute. another dispute between the president and the prime minister, both accusing each other a frustrating somali as parliamentary elections. now they began on the 1st of november and were supposed to finish on december 24th. ready and this is complex system in direct system where regional councils select members to go to stand in parliament. now it seems, according to one m p only 24 of 275 representatives of so far been elected. now there's been disputes before between the present, the prime minister in april factions of the security forces for both sides see different parts of the capital of marg. margaret tissue that was only resolved when the president put the prime minister in charge of security and in charge of the elections. no indication to how serious this has become this time round, no indication as to what will happen between the 2 sides. to return some sort of
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stability. so we'll, we'll come back to you and see for more as we get better. thanks very much. now my brighton is a strategic advisor for the hon. research i think tank fixing on politics and security in the horn of africa. he says the president tried a similar paragraph early this year. the president's constitutional mandate expired in february, and he stayed on and tried a very similar power grab in april this year, which led to fighting in the streets of mogadishu and, and would have it probably concluded in his overthrow, if a deal hadn't been negotiated to produce elections for parliament and president by the end of this year at that agreement for elections expired these for the parliamentary elections expired today. the prime minister was planning to convene a national conference today to charge the wave forward. and now the president has once again intervened. and has created
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a situation of real uncertainty endanger the hold up is that the electoral model that used to pertain in somalia, which was quite straightforward, it's been used before, was modified at the insistence of the incoming president with a number of changes that favored his incumbency. and probably his re election and the entire process now has come down almost to one of cherry picking where seat by seed. we are seeing rigging, we are seeing appointees, of the president intelligence officers from the national security service being essentially given seats. and these are the people who would choose the next. the next president. well, plenty more had here on the knees are including lockdown school closures on the loss of one or more parents. we look at the emotional, totally creative ours is having own children, improve the latest,
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find them and moving company 1st to such a bumps office milestone. halterman's full covered 19 continues to recover the english premier league. those details ah, at least 4000 villages, and mima, fled to neighboring thailand, fighting between government and ethnic, her envil says intensifies. the violence was triggered by a military raid in lake core in the east last week. the town is controlled by the current minority who want greater autonomy from the central government to any changes in the border. city of may sot and thailand with more. we arrived in this area which is about 10 kilometers, are further down the my river from minnesota. or on the way we saw an attack helicopter parade patrolling along the border. and we got out of the van. and there was the sound of gunfire. immediately. small arms fire,
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automatic gunfire. small percussive bangs that appear to be from mortars and louder bangs that are, that must be from heavier artillery to it. there's a slight lull at the moment word. so we were just speaking to the time military who are patrolling nearby. they said that sir, they have been some hit on this side of the border. they've also fired warning shots across to the other side to try and stop anyone coming over here. but clearly the situation is very fluid. we've also just seen a group of villages from across the river on the mere ma side coming across. they say it's very unsafe over there, as we understand it. at the moment, there are various different groups belonging to the correct ethnic armed groups are fighting against the myanmar military and the myanmar border force. one of the reasons they're fighting here is because the river is shallow. it's very easy to cross at the moment. no one's out there. the locals on this side,
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staying well within the boundaries of their houses. at the situation remains very tense, though he's still out as the foundry coordinator of out son burma, a network of assy, an organization's working to support human rights and democracy in me. mar josephine our vice guy from bangkok. good to have you on the program again, miss dot out. before we talk about, i see an as an organization who, who might have an impact on the situation. the local authorities in the border area are giving very clear warnings ah, to me and mar that the violence must not spill onto their territory. obviously the title authorities very concerned while back arthur should have been concerned even had early as april because there were multiple a strikes, launched along the tiber in the border, but the escalation of violence and i trust the crimes against civilians in the eastern border. the border with tylen basically should be long for the rest of
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us see that something concrete needs to be done to prevent the situation from getting further out of hand. we're seeing multiple attacks we're seeing offense is being launch on both the border with thailand and with india as the military try to gain control of the country. but also we're seeing an issue for a ty residents on the board or who they themselves feel and the threat on moving more in line. this is becoming a slowly more increase the growing problem, the tile authorities, that they're not only having to deal and protect their own nationals, but also having to potentially look after an influx of refugees that could take some time. something that the title thought he really didn't want to do. i think it's, it's very clear that the legal military who tell mom young my poses in the imminent threat to human security in the entire region with thailand being the front line. and i think it's time for tylen, austria,
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and the rest of the international community to month, a multi national humanitarian of exit on the ty bernice border to prevent the situation from getting out of hand to ensure their civilian protection for the refugees on the bernie side of the border and 4 tire residents on the high side. and there lies the problem, doesn't it? because individual countries, like thailand can say to me in an express that concerns whatever they may be. certainly in this particular scenario, i see on which is the collective group of south station nations have got their own internal struggles about how to deal with the current 2 authorities in me and ma, do you acknowledged them? don't you acknowledge them? do you scold them for what they are doing and would naperville even listen? well, i see and made some progress earlier this year by denying invitations or representation from the illegal hunter at 2 summits in october, november. but the head of the cambodian authorities,
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who in sin is dick is planning to come to me and my as a chair i see on, on january the and january the 7th. so this potentially could undermine any minor progress made by us young, who's here and 20. 22 is going to look terrible for both burma and i see an unless an individual states start to team up with the rest of the international community to get a coherent in concrete response. not just for civilly and protection in burma, myanmar, but also protection of people in the rest of the region. because the off the out, the, the follow from this escalating violence. it has very serious implications on regional security in the years to come. so in terms of what i see and can do in the short term of the long term, they sometimes you drag their feet that can be very slow on occasion. and maybe that's a more so of the not. but can they really do something in the short term that would
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make the authorities and they for dollars? i think i need to keep the line up and start cooperating with other international actors because of what is absolutely horrifying is the fact that as the end has been stunningly silent, even as news of escalating as crossett, these against civilians have emerged over the christmas period. that we stood alba in bangkok, thanks so much for joining us. thank you. protested in iraq block roads leading to the federal court in the capital, baghdad, supporters of iranian back sheer groups found to appeal against the electoral commission after suffering heavy losses in october of elections. she clerk with others, others movement one most sees the federal court is considering the case the israeli government is putting to double in the old jewish settlers in the occupied colon
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heights, the cabinet and doors to 300 $1000000.00 investment plan for the region where $25000.00 israelis live. colin was sees from israel by israel from syria in the 1967, middle east warren annexed in 1981. the us was the 1st country to recognize israel sovereignty over the territory. grammatical, honestly, the, golan heights is israel money? this is obvious. since 1981 israeli law was applied on it. it's the on debate from the fact that the trumpet administration recognized it. and the fact that the biden administration clarified there is no change in this policy, is also of importance. after 10 years, the horrible civil war in syria, any sensible person, understands a peaceful and flourishing israeli. golan heights is preferable than any other alternative. wallace has caused to hurry full, said he's in west truthful for that. let's just in pick this now what all the
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details of the plan this is a plan over the next several years. so the 3 to 5 years costing $300000000.00 plus and the policy sees the creation of more than $7000.00 new housing units. most of those going in the existing jewish israeli conservation settlement in the occupied gold on the heights. but also the proposal for to further such settlement smaller ones. on top of that, the current population levels, there are very, very spots. it's a large area 150000 or so people. half of them is rated use the other half mainly drew's arabs with a handful of allies as well. and so what is being deposed is doubling the population of israeli settlement within the occupied area. now as far as
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the ready public is concerned, mainstream is ready. political opinion, it does pretty much accord with what natalie been at the prime minister. there was saying that this is seen as pretty vital is ready territory on a security level. it is a lot less controversial as well than such supplement building inside the occupied west bank. well, you have to make inroads into what could be a future palestinian state with until velocity is a live peace negotiation process going on. and so it is an opportunity for a right wing pro settlement is ready, prime minister to make a big settlement announcement without potentially some of the orders that could come in the way internationally. if he made some of the proposals within the west bank, how are you this remains occupied, land and international law is this sort of move a direct result of the recognition that trump gave israel over the sovereignty of
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this land just a few years ago? that's right, back in 2019. as you heard bennett say in that sound bites, he made a specific reference to that. so it definitely opened a window. the fact that the binding ministration has made clear that so far the u. s. policy remains unchanged without making a big song and dance about endorsing the trunk position. that certainly has made it clear that it's not walking it back. and on top of all of that, you have the fact that there is a very different situation inside syria in the last 10 years. given this, the effects of the civil war within israel, it is not seen as something that is conceivable that any syrian government let alone a syria which is currently in such an uncertain state, should have this high ground overlooking israel. and so the civil war, the u. s,
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endorsement of his rating sovereignty gives bennett a window to make this kind of policy announcement so far without huge levels of international condemnation. and as i say, apart from the very far left with an israel apart from palestinian israeli politicians with an israel. it is a fairly mainstream position for a right wing pro settlement prime minister, such as him to capitalize upon how he forces force wester's. the thank you with will show you his most populous state of new south wales as recorded. it says death linked to the article bearing to have 19 testing science across the nation has been overwhelmed. managers of a hospital and sidney apologize. after incorrect test results were sent to nearly a 1000 people to another major and the board tree mistakenly told 400 people infected by the virus that they tested. negative. the hundreds of your slides have
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also been cancels a 3rd day in a row. airlines say they just don't have enough staff to get planes off the ground as more people become infected by the american variance of 19. in new york, doctors reported the number of children in the hospital. treatment has increased half of admissions. the children play the age of 5 who are too young to be vaccinated. michaela has been following the latest developments from new york. there's been a role on affect, test frights or canceled people, book on another one, then those flights get cancelled. or we're talking about a massive amount of lights, just the stay alone, some 700 flights within the u. s. were cancelled as many as 1400 were delayed for a lengthy period of time. so the problem is in effect, compounding at these figures have remained pretty constant over the past 3 days. airlines attempting to fool the gaps as it were, getting more pilots, getting more staff. and of course the airline industry as well. getting people to
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process a passengers through airports, but as they do so, as they fool the holes, more people contract the virus, particularly versions of the new variant. so it is an ongoing situation. well, the only cranberry very, and continues to drive the vast majority of infections. and if we just take a look at new york state, for example, in the course of the past 24 hours have been over 47500 new cases recorded. the vast majority of the army kron variant. this is, in fact, a pandemic record. and what is significant about this figure is that we are talking about a state in which more than 80 percent of people have at least one vaccine shot. a many of them have had of double shots plus the booster shot. so this just indicates how good army kron is had getting through even to vaccinated people.
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iran has been the entry of travelers from several european countries to catch the spread of overgrown people flying from britain from denmark and norway won't be allowed in for the next 15. days a similar band imposed into them, but on travelers from 8 african countries has also been extended. thousands of belgian artists and event organizers have taken to the streets to oppose the latest cave in 1900 restrictions. they keep the government of unfairly targeting the culture industry. most concepts for them as and theaters will be shut down under the new rules fil, ahead. here on the news, our thousands of people in northern brazil are trapped up to 2 done birth, and course flash flooding and outlawing prostitution will tell you why spain wants to criminalize the world, the oldest profession. and it's actually a dramatic day in the in melbourne. ah
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hello, thank you for joining in. we're starting to see the rain peter out across siberia. good to see you. but wave is moving in across western areas of france toward the south as well. this is concerning because earlier in the month there was extreme flooding in southern france. we have a mild push of air across siberia look at some of these temperatures, valencia, 24 degrees in the sunshine that mile there will eventually make it into northwestern europe. but for now, london, 11 degrees, there are some more of that rain into western france and where we have low temperatures and precipitation. so across germany, there is the risk we could see some freezing rain, so red weather alerts out for that. now we talked about those temperatures rising. look at this in london, you could be up to 16 degrees on wednesday. the all time, december temperature record across england is $17.00. so this is near record breaking stuff after central areas of europe, sir, the balkans,
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we do have some heavy falls here. once again could see some freezing brain across hungry and still for is stem ball breezy conditions. and we see a shield of rain for western areas of greece on monday, off to africa and the east. it is a bit cool here her tomb. 31 a d sub about 23. but further toward the west we've got heat a buddha hive. 36 degrees on monday, the truck they'd soon, ah coveted beyond well taken without hesitation, fought and died for power defines aloud, and honestly, babies were dying, and it had nothing about it neglected babies to death, beeble and power investigates, exposes, and questions the use and abuse of power around the globe on al jazeera
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from the world's most populated region in den and untold stories across asia and the pacific. to discover the current events with diverse coaches ah, and conflicting politics. one 0, one east. on al jazeera. ah ah look back you're watching all zero's news are with me to hell. robin a reminder of all top stories
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