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tv   [untitled]    December 30, 2021 4:30pm-5:01pm AST

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now as i run out, so see democratic republic, congo, through zombie. as in bob, we sang some heavy showers, eastern parts of south africa, also seeing some heavy showers, try and find for the most part in cape town. by the time we come to saturday, they're the funeral. of course, the big funeral. we can see some wet weather, just weeping out of the clouds. and still had an al jazeera will tell you why traditional bath houses are making a come back in war torn syria inverting animal waste into fuel. how a british do is leading the way in creating renewable energy and a new statue of portuguese football stall, christiano. now though, is sparking controversy in the indian state of goa, details later in sport, ah, in the country with an abundance of results for the trade are and why indonesia, his firms, for me, we move pool to grow and fraud. we balance for green economy,
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blue economy, and the digital economy with the new job creation law, indonesia is progressively ensuring the policy reform to create quality jobs, investment. let it be part when disease is growth and progress in indonesia. now, cut out one of the fastest growing nations in the world. ah, ronnie, cut needed to open and develop it into national shipping companies to become a p middle east. and trade and money skilfully met down 3 key areas of development who filling up from it. so connecting the world, connecting the future, wanted cato cutters, gateway to whoa trade. oh,
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a. wanting out just in time to recap all headlines. now. security forces in sudan to 5 to gas protest is in the capital costume. thousands of others rallied nationwide demanding a transition video rule in the end of military rule. for another day in a row, countries around the world of reported reco numbers of code 19 infections. government, again trying to balance, taking appropriate measures with concerns about the economy. chinese city of shyanne is battling the largest community outbreak of coven country has seen this year. it's reported another $155.00 domestically transmitted cases. 13000000 people have been under locked down for 8 days. now. world powers are in vienna
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for a final round of talks to try and salvage the iran nuclear deal. diplomats have indicated that making some progress, those jabbar has more from vienna. there is definitely a sense of urgency. there is a sense that these rounds, this round could possibly be the final round, but there is a feeling that all sides are not very serious about reaching some kind of an agreement or altogether coming to terms of the fact that this nuclear deal can no longer be revived. of course there were events that took place on wednesday morning in the rating capital, ron in iran space program. the defense ministry officials announce on wednesday morning that the iranians launched another satellite into space. this is the 1st time since april of 2020. the radians have done this and to talk more about what this means and put it into context of the talks here in vienna. i'm joined now by mohammed mirandi. mr. mandy, can you tell us 1st,
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specifically this launch into space? was it part of the ballistic missile program, or is it part of the space program? are they very separate or intertwined? and also can you tell us why with the iranians decide to do this at this juncture? it's a part of the iran space program, and iran had a space program for quite a long time. it's spent satellites into orbit on a number of occasions. it's over 10 years since iran incentives for a satellite into space. i think it's pretty clear that the iranians are going to continue with business as usual, whether it's regards to it's based program or even it's miss out ballistic missile technology we saw runs military maneuvers just carried out a few days ago. that was obviously a message the united states into this railey, that any military conflict would need to devastating consequences. in other words, those maneuvers were carried out to prevent war. but when the iranians believe that
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when the united states is trying to prevent iran from importing even medicine, and when the europeans assist the united states in batting, such import, then iran has to become self sufficient. both sides have to work together and they can't have anything extra them before. thank you very much for your time. mama, randy, they're from the university of to hon. the point he's making is that there is a lot of work ahead, and that is the general consensus by all parties involved moving forward into the new year. they're going to have a lot of things to hammer out. and the europeans, the european union, who's hosting these talks of also said that there is a lot of hard decisions that are going to be, have to made and tear on and washington. but there is hope that they will be able to reach some kind of an agreement in the coming weeks ahead. now, a 2 month sit in is coming to an end near bank that's green zone. iranian backed sha political parties have been protesting against the results of october
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legislative elections. they say the vote was rigged down now dismantling the tents with all areas set to be clear by fact. today, the supreme court ratified the election results. after 6 weeks of legal challenges with the why has joins us now live from baghdad. so my mood, the latest line is that the prime minister will be calling for the parliament to meet or the president rather quoting for parliament to meet. does that mean? i mean, i guess that's a good sign for the election results. right? when apparently it is me because the president's announcement for the parliament to convene on january 9th, that is also an implementation of the constitution, which stimulates that the parliament should convene within 15 days. since the day the supreme court rectifies the election results. and also it follows an important
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meeting and measure of city between the religious religious leader looked at the southern who's the block achieved the majority of seats in the parliamentary elections. he met with the political leaders of the iranian backed political blocks, which lost many seats in the election. remember in this area, what am i standing right now? pro iranian supporters of the support of the prearranged in a political park in the occupied this area for almost 2 months. now, it's clear, as you can see behind me, that there were probably dozens of 10 set up in this area before yesterday's meetings with between mac to the southern and the political leaders of the prearranged and she political parts. so it seems that things are going smoothly,
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at least for the time being also according to the constitution that in the 1st session of the parliament, the parliament members should name a speaker and to the pity's of the parliament. and then, within 30 days, they should choose or elect the president of the state and the president of the state, the new president should assigned the majority the the biggest block in apartment 2 for the government. so now, as you can see, there are no supporters of the political parties that last in the election. no demonstrators, no tense. so it means that the meeting in the city between the political arrival factions is probably going will, at least for the time being. all right, thanks so much madame de la had birth the devastation caused by 11 years of war in syria means taking a hot shower at home is
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a luxury for many? so going out to take a diff in a traditional bath house is popular again, the leper i said. bag reports on the revival. ha, going to a public bath is a happy occasion here in syria. the hammock hours is where these men come to relax . have a chat with their friends, have something to eat, perhaps. pockets in the city overlap home in taking showers. is a luxury men have lost or did you return to these ancient buildings to continue this tradition? i am, oh, it's for us to have fun and hang out with our friends. i'm the eldest here. we come here to enjoy the warm atmosphere because we can't do that at home. she's the lack of fuel and the power outage keeping warm. it's a little hard through these narrow corridors are saunas and customers can spend hours here. hello. and we're had virginia. sure. now. then people leave work tired
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and go home to find no electricity here at the bath house. people can gather with their friends and shower is a poll is a sauna, and a massage room. they can forget all about the tightness and enjoy a luxury. they may not get at home. this particular bath house has recently reopened in the discrete cobbled streets of repose, old city, the entrance desert give a hint of the marble floors inside the dorms and fountains. it's one of many bath houses in the city, diesel, fuel and firewood are used to power the furnaces at home. these men make sacrifices, so their children can take warm baths at home. here, it's a sanctuary from the troubled outside and the civil war that has raged for almost 11 years. i said big al jazeera, the u. s. and russian president, the jew to ring each other with ukraine, expected to be discussed. the white house says they may have put in requested the call with joe biden, before talks in geneva next month,
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the kremlin denies wargames near ukraine's boy the r a pre lou to invasion a jury in new york because found british socialized gallon maxwell guilty on 5 counts in the thanks, trafficking trial charges against the former associate of american financier convicted peter fall, jeffrey epstein include sex trafficking of under age girls. kevin, a lot is on the reports. it took the jury 5 full days more than 40 hours of deliberations. elaine maxwell guilty on 5 of the 6 charges she faced convicted of grooming young girls for sexual abuse by her former boyfriend, jeffrey epstein, and even sometimes joining in the british social. i remained calm and whispered to her lawyer and drank as sip of water as the verdicts were read out. outside court maxwell's friend, lee sat in a regular throughout the trial,
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and he left without comment. your chance to give a reaction to the verdict. for the prosecution, the verdict was a welcome relief. the road to justice has been far too long. but today justice has been done. i want to commend the bravery of the girls now grown women who stepped out of the shadows into the courtroom. their courage and willingness to face their abuser made today's result. and this case possible. the trial attracted enormous global attention, wealthy and influential. epstein in maxwell moved in elite circles counting the rich and famous even former presidents and britons, prince andrew, among their friends and associates. maxwell's lawyers argue that she'd become a scapegoat for epstein crimes. he committed suicide while awaiting trial in august 2019. defense lawyers attempted to poke holes in the testimony of the 4 main
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witnesses and even brought in memory experts to undermine their accounts. but to no avail, we firmly believe and go less innocent. obviously, we are very disappointed with averted. we have already started working on the appeal and we are confident that she will be vindicated. delaine maxwell turned 60 years old during these jury deliberations. the sentencing will be at a later date, but she's now facing up to 65 years in prison. gabriel's dondo al jazeera new york, the risk of food shortages is increasing in pakistan as a growing number of farmers fell off their and federal line to property developers . housing is in short supplies box dons population heads for 240000000. 1 is more homes of built calls are growing, the slow, the highest rates of urban zation in southern asia. thousands of 8 reports
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and these decades old mangled trees will soon become fuel for fire. cutting down tens of thousands of fruit trees has made room for more housing, society, and focus on southern milton city. but farmers here who are already struggling, they pandemic related locked downs and high diesel costs have made their lives more difficult, nicely good bottles out of the me data. i'm chopping them down because we don't get enough from these trees. we don't have enough to feed our families. we are selling because labor is expensive and profit very low. now it will be up to the buyer to plant new trees or build houses. all farmers who are giving up the trade believe they're cutting old trees, which are difficult to harvest, and they will have no impact on mango crops. but marcusson's rapid urbanized ation is becoming a threat to its sources of food. predict fear the government doesn't have a land use policy or an urban development strategy that could improve it's long term planning. pocket fun for that matter is,
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has the highest rate of openings ation. in south asia, it is being, it's accelerated because of the lack of development as well because you're just populated, or people are moving towards cities from really as in the need of economic opportunities. whereas the cities are not providing those kind of economic opportunities. what you'd really need to do is provide people with opportunities at the place where they live, to provide people with skills so that they can actually, you know, give benefits to their own local community. we say that our policies, but i think the policies are not holistic and not comprehensive. it's a story repeated all over the country. it's not just the cities people are also moving towards doris hotspots in the north, and that's rapid. uncheck growth is endangering pockets on water supply as well as agriculture, with less fresh produce being grown locally. more foreign reserve is being spent on important fruits and vegetables. and that's led to a price increase. columns,
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famous potatoes are becoming an exotic commodity. for small scale farmers who see no profits in farming, there's no real incentive not to cash in on their land. pushy november. this like the local, we do, the people are moving to penn job and other parts of the country after selling the agricultural land. a good price of land here, i know very expensive and people from urban areas of buying and paying them good money. our people are migrating from here and buying lands in other areas at cheaper rates. this scenic valley is now being overtaken by new hotels. there's no real planning for sustainability. the government says it recognizes the dangers of unchecked loss of agricultural land, industries, and housing societies. we have banned at the expansion of how things are hated into farmland, are farmland, which is our big basket. it's a new law and we have boston, this is hard to go down to the provinces. so the problem,
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it says now i have to put it into legislation and then i'd like to take it down to the local government level that it gets implemented. that process takes some time and until new laws are implemented because some streets will continue to be hacked away, and farmland will keep losing 2 concrete jungles with some of in job other there are column northern bikes done. a fire is damaged astray, the as old parliament house in cambra. the cause of the blaze still unclear. it's now popular tourist attraction and houses the museum of a strange democracy. it's been 10 years since kim jogan became the leader of north korea. he took control in 2011 after the death of his father, kim jong il. while his leadership style is widely criticized few dare to question his grip on power. dotala pezora on reports. he became north korea's leader before turning 30 at the time. many hope king jam own would lead the country into
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a new era. one though it opened the reclusive nation and its economy to the world, the sun. okay. and i'm wondering if other got instead, kim's decade empower, has been defined by brutal violence, nuclear weapons and meetings with donald trump. later, we will have to work with them. it wasn't easy to get here. and all prejudices and practices worked as obstacles in a way forward, but we are became all of them and were here today. unprecedented meetings to gradually the nuclear rise, the north in exchange for sanctions relief, ultimately failed, and threats against the regional neighbors and their allies continued. you will want to journey will the entire united states is within range of all nuclear weapons. and the nuclear pasa is always on my desk. but kim's fixation on nuclear weapons has come at a heavy price. the united nations and others have kept tough economic sanctions.
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garcia could young but put north korea has been working towards to huge goals, strengthening national defense and improving living standards. living situation got worse because of sanctions and the pandemic april hudelin. bonnie kim's appetite for international respect has led him to the global stage. but his leadership has been described as ruthless with reports of executions including against his own brother, rivals and dissidence, say, poverty, and starvation are rampant. ah, to marked her years since the death of his father, king john hill, north koreans were reportedly band from laughing, drinking or shopping for 11 days. kim, now leads of political dynasty spending 3 generations. that few dare question to miss on best. that one is what i'm kim, is emulating his grandfather because many people missed the past. so he tried to look and dress similar to his grandfather and shed tears while giving speeches.
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that's cost, but i'll hold among done. don't get much is still unknown about the young leader, including his long term plans for north korea, katya lopez, so the young al jazeera still had an al jazeera alignment moment and was been cole, one sports biggest band offs of 2021. ah.
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ah oh lou ah, welcome back to in the u. k as become the 1st of its kind to generate renewable
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energy using animal waste droppings from zebras are x and other animals are converted into fuel using biomass technology. me voc or reports from hampshire. morning at ma, well zeus and dung patrols out eagerly collecting an abundance of bowel movements because where there's pu, let's power to generate heat and keep other parts of the sea warm until recently, $600.00 tons a year. if the stuff was taken off site and composted with a significant carbon transport cost, but not any more, it's definitely 1st in the u. k. and as far as we know, it might well be the 1st in the world. i don't not azusa our colleagues around the country all watch what we're doing very closely. they're very keen to see whether this does work and it does work. they've also got the same problem. they've got lots of oil, 5 buildings. they've got lots of big buildings that need lots of hate and they've got lots of waste for you know, how the 1st works. food goes in waste. goes out as them brought by this boom,
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avail to their special energy center, and to get them picked up all the all bathing and renew. oh, you can see an overall steam coming off already. i didn't dump it into this giant threader. after that, the manual goes through a series of pipes where it's dried and compressed into these highly combustible brackets, but then fed into a furnace and use the heat, thousands of liters of water. sh elisa, some of the beneficiaries of all that posterior power sant off the slot, native to the jungles of south america, could continue doing very little lazoodo hot house, untroubled by the cold weather outside. and donnelly, the crocodile monitor, could stretch his scaly limbs and sub tropical climes. apparently, desert dwelling animals such as the oryx produced the best manure for making briquettes because the dogs generally dry,
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given the urgent need to reduce our dependency on fossil fuel. a similar systems in the pipeline to use human waste to power towns and cities around the world. for now, this zoo is leading the way in creating a self sustaining power station. by simply harnessing some of the best fuel nature house to offer me burger al jazeera hampshire, changed topics. now it's time to catch up on all the suppose use with far off. yes, indeed. thank you, sammy, thanks al brooklyn, that's player kyrie. irving was back in training with his team on wednesday for the 1st time since october been outside. told irving to go home after player declined to be lax unaided, but with coffee. 19 raging through the league. irving was asked to come back earlier this month, but his return was delayed since he himself had to enter the embers health and safety protocols. at 29 year old will only be allowed to play in road games because of local rules, which say he must be vaccinated to work in new york. irving as expected to return
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to action on january 5th. understood are their decision and are respected it. ah, you know, i, i really had to sit back in and think, ah, and try not to become too emotionally attached to her. you know, to, to, to what her, to what they were decided to do is i had to sit down and really evaluate things. and, and see from their perspective, meaning organization and my teammates, ah, you know, just really empathize and are and understood their choice to, to say if you're not going to be vaccinate fully vaccinated, then you know, you can't be a full participant, novak jock, which is a serbian t made say the well number one is still waiting to hear of he'll be allowed to compete at next month's australian open jock, which is pulled out of the atp cup and sidney and has yet to confirm if he has been vaccinated against coven, 19 only players were vaccinated or have a medical exemption will be allowed to compete at the years. first grand slam
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tournaments. he said to you that he was trying to get to the store. i know i am in the decision only said, i'm not coming guys to d a to be cub we'll see about is really an open. i mean, he didn't specify his coming or not, but that he's waiting for monsieur manchester city or 8 points. claire at the top of the english, primarily pap. cordial aside, b. branford, one nel away on wednesday. england international. phil fought and getting the gold city are in really hot form at the moment. this was their tank league when and around but it was a bad night for cities huddle, rivals. chelsea, you took on brighten at stanford bridge. spite taken the lead through rama lunar cuckoo blues could not seal the 3 points for him. arsenal forward. danny, while begging the visitors an injury time equalizer with the game and in $11.00 by only drawing. chelsea move up 2 seconds in the table. we have 7 covey cases. we had 4 or 5 key players out for 6 or more weeks. how should we compete in
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a title raising everybody else? who has a, who has a full squawked and has everybody in training and does training every single day in full power to, to, to come through this lead would be stupid if we can do it. if we can do it out of, out of, out of covered and if we can do it just out of injuries and just play and, and everybody would be super to have to have $23.00 should play us and a new statue in portuguese football sir castiano rinaldo was sparking controversy in the indian state of go up. sculpture was unveiled on wednesday with local government officials saying it's to help promote the sports and inspire young people to play the game. some residents are rejecting to portuguese, for brawler being honored instead of a local player, the european country occupied go after centuries leaving only 60 years ago. rinaldo is not publicly commented on the statue. okay, and that is all you support for now?
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back to you. sammy, thank so much follow. well that's it for this news hour, but i'm back in a moment just a couple of minutes with another full bulletin of the day's news. so to stay with us. ah, the political, the base show that's challenging the way you think is a military man summit going to stop the family today. is that a company right now? people are very, very upfront with me walking on hill on algebra, celebration with just a way into the diverse culture with nice together.
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wedding monday. oh no. ah mother nature's kiss. cold full landscapes, but strong infrastructure governance arising. we're investors are waiting to flourish with even supplied by tradition where beautiful possibilities are offered. a a
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with a. ah . i protested of all ages returned to the streets in saddam's capsule, prompting police to 5 j gallagher. ah, hello, i'm sammy's a dan. this is al jazeera live from dell hall, so coming up, you covey case, his world wide surpass 1000000.


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