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tv   101 East Exploited Filipino Workers In Geneva  Al Jazeera  June 10, 2022 1:30am-2:01am AST

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be stressed out about legal issues or who they can sell their products to. southeast asia is known for its strict drug laws. the changes mean about $3000.00 prisoners serving time for cannabis crimes will be released. activists say they'll keep pushing for the rules on recreational use to be eased. alex here brian al jazeera nasa new $10000000000.00 space telescope has been hit by a tiny meteor. roy, the space agency says the james web device was slightly damaged in may with one of the gold plated mirrors knocked out of alignment by the small rock. it was launched in december, but it's not expected to hurt the missions overall performance. and it's due to release its 1st views of recalls most next month. ah, a reminder of our top story on al jazeera, a u. s. congressional committee is set to begin public hearings into the january.
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the 6th capitol hill attack. in about half an hour, about an hour and a half now is the 1st of 6 public hearings for new evidence is going to be presented in january last year, support as of then president donald trump stormed the capital. encouraged by his false claims the election. he'd lost was stolen, a russian back caught in damascus sentence to british men and one moroccan to death by firing squad. they were captured while fighting for ukraine, and all 3 were expected to appeal. surveillance cameras and other monitoring equipment are being removed from nuclear sites in iran by the international atomic energy agency. that's according to a report by the reuters news agency full as of decision by to iran to remove the equipment. it says it's responding to criticism from the un watchdog for failing to explain geranium particles at some sites. it stop one or one east that we leave you with memories though of our colleagues showing abstractly. we'll see very sick.
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ah no, no, not a sub with the know that on in the future i don't need to be of them with nuclear, the mac, and i'm a good neighborhood. hm. i get to me and also to missouri, if any of these starting a month for this, the new book with us. and we said at the home and the yahoo day, in the my young, asian with other boys wanna give you what he said or to what the hell that the put to people with me. either one is a de la melodic infamous linea obama possible good for the week. i know you're the one i don't the build in. i will see bobby house out on lobby. i mean
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shooting a lot abuto to live with . we understand the differences and similarities of cultures across the world. so no matter what lucy al jazeera will bring you the news and current affairs that matter. to you, al jazeera in the swiss city of geneva. thousands of undocumented workers aren't able to legally rent a home. instead they're forced to rely on so called slum lords, paying them exorbitant prices to live in overcrowded apartments. it is not an easy earned money. it is like pled incident for us. the only solution
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for us to find a place is to share some slum lourdes. rent out dozens of properties to vulnerable workers. she doesn't give receipts when she gets her payment. she only gives like a text message, like thank you for the food. it is a sign that she got the money $1.00 or went east, meets the filipino tenants being exploited in one of the wools, richest countries. ah ah, in downtown geneva, cecilia, she is a 40 square meter, a one bedroom apartment. this is maryann and is marina. this is judith, this me and the couples behind dera, 6 people in the through cecilia flatmates are all filipino.
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they only come home at night. the official rent for the apartment is about $1200.00 a month. but the 6 tenants pay more than $2200.00, almost double. the difference is kept by the landlady. we have to bear with each other. so it is not like it is my own room that i can have my own privacy. it is not like that. if you want to be alone, you can go to the park. you can take a walk, just like that. so how's every one uncle and auntie? there. okay. oh good. oh, speaking her to see your is 48 years old and has 2 children who was studying back in the philippines. she came to switzerland to make money to send home for
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their education. i haven't seen me a family for 4 years on ready. and it is really difficult for a mom to pee away from them. it is. it is hike, breaking a say, because i wasn't able to witness their lives. they go to school. i wasn't able to. oh, i wasn't there to prepare her food to greet them when they come home to send them to school. you know, as a man, i miss oldest opportunities, but then ah ah, it is really tough, but you know, he need oh, for the family we have, i have to do this. so i decided to come in work we cannot afford to pay for the hoodie apartment because it's very expensive. so
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the only solution for us to find a place is to share ah, across town these duplex is managed by the same landlady. ah, it's sunday. lunar leases day off. oh i yes. yes. yes, yes. no. they're following an evangelical service back home in the philippines. they live in this small apartment with 9 others. together they pay the landlady about $6.00 and a half $1000.00 a month. nearly double the market. rent will it's, it's really difficult because our half of our salary will lead to repeat. the
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house for our room is 1100 or so. so this a 125 square meter apartment has 5 bedrooms and only one common room. a small kitchen to stay out of each other's way. they meticulously time their activities, according to a tight schedule. i am the 1st one. whoa, whoa, whoa, up in the morning at around 5 b. m. because we have our own schedule. ah, for me. yeah, because i am the 1st ones i had the walk up by 5 in the morning and i'm using the bathroom for 30 minutes. so after that, i need to lay down again with my bed because i'm, it's still early for me to go to the work. sometimes at 730 or 8 o'clock, there's no hot water anymore. so we need the heat from the boat broiler to use the head board there for dose. and luckily we who are not the having their, their best during some, it's a very,
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very hot and now it's winter. ah this so heat, there's not dorking began at cook all together. we have this schedule. we are all a doing miserable here for all of us in 11 who are living year. luna has never seen her grandchildren in person. she came to switzerland 9 years ago to support her family. ah, an agency based in the philippines capital manila organized her travel and put her in contact with the landlady with coster, fish in 1000 francs, or some ha,
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it depends upon the brushing up the papers because we don't have any i, we don't know anything. all are in for the agency. we just had to give the initial premium. and after that, if everything is already okay, they arranged everything lorna, still paying back the agency and i just get rid of my her financial situation is precarious, largely because of the amount of rent she pays. but she has little choice. if she leaves her and the others want to stay here, they have to pay ah, being undocumented in switzerland doesn't just affect to commendation. it's also impossible to have a legal job. all these women are in formal domestic workers.
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cecilia is a kina in this up market apartment. i do our time jobs. so i am doing cleaning housekeeping for 4 hours and in the afternoon i have to pick up kids. okay. bring them to from schools to home and play with them for an hour. i work like 8 hours a day from monday to friday, i get touring like a decent amount of 2005, 2003. and then i have to pay my rent, which is so she had $40.00, i have to pay my bills. i have to buy for my food it is not an e. c or
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a money. it is like blood and sweat for us. so every cent should be spent wisely. ausa. cecilia spent 11 years working in south korea before coming to switzerland. attracted by the high wages, but she was quickly reminded of her vulnerable position. you don't treat you as an employee, a treat you as a slave. is like anytime they tell you you have to be there. you have to come now is like people cannot wait and sometimes we don't get paid the right way the right amount. ah ah, it is always in a bargain situation. it is like take it or leave it situation because we're already here. we don't have a choice in ah,
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lorna urns about $3000.00 a month. she baby fits often 7 days a week, even following her employers on vacation. but the cove at 19 pandemic has made her work more regular, less oh, not for the whole week, but at least a half of our foot. do we need in one leak? that we can get there in caravan? since 2015, the age group solidarity caravan has given essentials to those in need. it seen an explosion of people needing help during the pandemic? nancy or wow, one of the co founders of the organization is filipino activist charlie hernandez.
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he's well aware of how precarious the lives of his country men and women ah, is arnold promise it bernard were id is who was the could be our minimum saws other non for up or so i see deeper. holla, thanks you don't need it. i mean, result, malick led to legendary did the defeat by the let the noise to his opening or for bell. there's just this off hold on are good, me call brother? bang the gasket with it is the deluxe is exhausted till in the utterly affleck. when i was a young, a disadvantage, i mentally milan, he's ok. her type to disperse. imagine an up after more and took it up after monta dap. yes, he does not, but since he doesn't know, no, no, he's on puffer. and outside of the legal housing market, these workers are vulnerable to exploitation by slum lourdes alexandra to filippo
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coordinates, a support network for undocumented. foreigners in geneva, one 3rd of those who come to him, a filipino thing by the bellamy group. i was actually hoping a ratio got more for the most, marcia, and looks for simone. not there is a pre v, a diverse system organism server with the person long the design. it does end up after more, solano da, 2nd. this is about a more. yeah, preserved person debate to hardware. yeap, no. purple, awesome man. bless poorly for matlab. to mom lou lou sir, is on a commode, the gift of all the filipinos we met at the same landlady, profiting from the situation we'll call her miss k. introducing herself as
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a pilot. she's believe to be in her forties and makes a good income from subletting. when miss carnes to get the rent, she always comes very late. like 10 o'clock, 11 o'clock, we are already asleep actually. and then she knocks on the door sometimes because we are already asleep and we have to go to work early in the morning. we don't open it anymore. but still she goes up and down from the building, knocking and knocking. sometimes she has the key, so she she opens it. oh, she doesn't give receipts why she gets her payment. she only gives like a text message. like thank you for the food. it is assigned that she got the money in this building as she has sir. 6 other flats including us. ah, but it is not under her name. she uses attorney like her sister,
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sister in law rather in law. you know, countrymen, cousins. i don't know. miss k has been managing around 30 apartments in geneva and across switzerland. since 2011, she is housed hundreds of people. a well we'll system. it was suddenly exposed in march 2020. after a series of dawn. raids by the police. ah, we walk up, read her big bang on the door and when he snacking. so loud and the door at 6 45 in the morning. and then we opened a door. they woke us up telling i still wake up and get our as far as an add her to commence documents that we have. and we should all move in the kitchen. i know all of you here. don't have beepers. please, sir, don't be afraid. we just want to ask something about the owner of this house.
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i got. despite the risks, some tenants made formal complaint against miss k. lawyers, celine miro, represent some of them. all preventative were ali, does alo, gala de la police, those under galleries, dr. beach sansa watson, luciano sick, disha. if liam saw to basketball, yo on the bad alternator. down to new or different sir. urge fed condition put onto tip also in plenty of them. white robe. put awesome o martin. that is, they want to cap, wanted you to acclimate it on libby, assumption deliveries, knowing that i didn't have the document, it is the best thing to do because no one can give us protection anymore. it is only let we have to rely on the government. the authority that may be just telling the truth in supporting them, they could support us back miss k was arrested on charges relating to
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usury that is making unlawful financial gain through exploitation. lux one does you've seen advice from care yet? watkins was out to a concert balla leopard now sir james. in beth certainty. lady tim. mm hm. only dad . deniability of attitude err. yeah, let's put this on said for now. i mean, did it pre yar or are you just put basra and myself, his co fair in a moment on kid monday, april so so he said it was, it is wrong. i preach on fox austin jumper do for priscilla. cur. school boy is feeling well. they would love to talk to her. oh lord yamashita, if buffer will have little get there on the old ladder to to have been affordable. you don't, don't actually to lose on there as near clermont on, on this just from his you are. so she looks like she has money. if you look at her, she has nice out feed and expensive like this she,
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she looks like. and yes, of course when he comes, he has lots of money in her bag because she came from other places already led to get rent. we contact ms clay to ask her about the allegations, but she directs us to her lawyer, yell hyatt, sole he she already got a very gilmore schuler door urgent but bullish on on his tin slippers are gov exquisitely. so he she of member of junior high gun a ship stall, said senate basil. go don't, don't as you look he fool appealed it duly been tool in not done more asked with him noted there under g, aren't they given low risk orse capacity? besson looks good, long sulu ain't been a joy, and yet all upon a risk that of none were so it for a pretty solid a. christy the 5th king, who augment t o lin, where he was at the number of salt ash osgood or point at least it pressure dum.
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ordeal for it. see it? yeah, w o. according to the police, miss k earned more than $21000.00 per month from subletting. yeah, almond door left from the fair yeoman daughter village and found a kia member sees a proposal regina is from popovic gooey. if this ones to are a key see cur. yeah. 2 tom bond le papoulias. sure. where do you hook on this tin azure nerve? he deli see are the reggie trick. lemme lots go and bell me unable, he a said populace. jo. a boy that was literally clear that jeanette is i and boy 50 moss has killed aunt or sanchez to the to when she can star replace and get our rent each it is just like business is
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a business conversation you pay and she said good bye. and that's it. she doesn't stay long. she doesn't spend much time talking with us now. she doesn't even say where she came from. our fresh is going next or what she has they i needed fast. okay, fast her. i'm late. i'm late. always late. it's always laker. drank for her ms . kay, also has other rooms advertised on air b and b, making her seem more business woman than benefactor. but she does provide a roof for those who can't use the traditional rental market. people without legal status or steady jobs. ali christoph gerad is c o it hospice general, which implements geneva, social welfare policy, embellish preserve, does vary. oh jesus, all essays are latasha. look of it the more loc, grenada oscar,
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and bizarre. go news. every school more. come up with a new president at the ball. he saw to the fair, a legal, former, a diving, the modem, where you get a hold of her dolly by him. the latasha naughty larry and as us or bob love, the old girl, the facts, your side law. ms. kay was clearly aware of the welfare rights she'd asked for the maximum possible amount. $1200.00 per tenant, often for just a simple room. according to the investigation file, she housed at least for welfare recipients. one who was unable to manage his spending, had his benefits paid directly into miss kays account. and his doesn't seem to be an isolated case. in going to source of the gnome, earl, does the matter on so may and may in forego senate bundled mother with equal to live in a man. it brought dark, girlie boy in looked on the lawyer. yes,
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we're gonna go the law on go f l ot oglesby chanel. if you don't get as much, he'll see the whole new machine you're most. he's all lucas origin ever these rocky so that it's a c l o n o him of difficulty of hoover and above them all your crib would probably at the tip of bio he's will play on a nearby alone or pull the situation, plays into the hands of slum laws and it seems miss kays business is just the tip of the iceberg. in geneva, it's estimated more than 10000 undocumented migrants struggle to find accommodation, its market that could also appeal to property management company. ms. k has winded 20 apartments to zimmerman. a company with $11000.00 tenants on the books worth more than a $160000000.00. lawyer saline. moreover,
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it is difficult to believe that company was unaware of her activities. if it is a button that you want from the she doesn't remember the show on the district was it launched in which is a strong off the particle moon. the remember loved also to say for sancho camel? no, i'm just now remember, criminology the piece on the average. you have if i'm not going to the harvard, don't don't me. oh, in 2018, a subtenant with a residence permit alerted the company to miss kase activities. i contacted him, her mom. i told them see, charging us much, much more. i sent them everything, all the i've done
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a harder. i told them she was ready and 2 people even without pay, pears, excessive price. i sent them a lot of names. i called them. i went there to their office. they told me ah, okay, we are not sure what between the situation someone has to report it. um, but nothing helping. we contacted zimmerman's management to asked them about miss k. read because she was at blair for so long left, fell them cow for jason conflicted with fas you for your for is if i you the it pulls the director of the company declined to be interviewed, but told us he was stunned to hear about the actions of miss k. zimmerman's history with the landlady suggests otherwise. after
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a quarter investigation began in 2015 management terminated her laces, but by 2016, the company was back in business with her. and according to a search zimmerman had leases with at least 2 other slum lords even more, damming documents foundering. last year's police rains, show that in 2018. when ms. k. made a request for a lace, the company's administrator judged it too dangerous, but her director asked him to turn a blind di ah miss k is still under investigation. if convicted if she faces up to 15 years in prison. for those at the heart of the case, the struggle to find affordable accommodation continues forced out of their
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apartments after police raids. some now living rooms managed by others, some modes. so keep doing the malware as should with top chic. the community exists basque exist said to said popular so, but to get more vulnerable, as he said, popular some particular more renewable exists of us can the kind of doubled when you were de la pro c of we a memorial and placidity that figured out his he said it doesn't keep what i saw to you to such a bit. don't please it. i did that multi alcorto fondle. such a de criminal entity. lou, while geneva, slum lords, make a profit, undocumented filipino workers try to survive the best they can far from the families they're providing for. i would be home by gets grace a few more years to work here. if i would be able to have a dish and saving,
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then maybe it's enough for me to call me ah, ah, do on al jazeera, as wash as invasion of the frame approaches the 100 day mark. we bring you the latest from on the ground and the wars global impact. a new 3 part series describes the struggle for the return of african art funded by colonialism and still housed in europe in museums today. the g 7 m nato, hold key summits with the water ukraine, and the growing global food and the cost of living crises. this much to discuss is the influence of far right. politics grows. the big picture examines francis struggle to live up with the self proclaimed ideals of liberty, equality and fraternity. the men's world help qualify. i'm male biting oppertunity for countries to secure their support for caught our 2022. june on al jazeera.
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when you're from a neighbourhood known as a hot bed of radicalism, you have to fight to defy stereotypes. in gunshot, join, the stories we don't often hear, told by the people who live them in all my leisure. when, when dick visually along summer, the buck seth, this is year on al jazeera ah after almost a year of investigation in u. s. congressional committee is due to outline its findings into the january 6 attack on capitol hill.


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