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tv   Sport Today  BBC News  April 20, 2017 1:45am-2:01am BST

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hello, i'm marc edwards, and this is sport today, live from the bbc sport centre. coming up on this programme: no second camp nou miracle. juventus knock barcelona out of the champions league. monaco are into their fourth ever champions league semi final as they see off borussia dortmund over two legs. serena williams will not play again in 2017 after her spokeswoman confirms that the tennis superstar is pregnant. hello and thanks forjoining us. the line up for the champions league semi finals is now complete. there will be no barcelona, who were unable to overturn a 3—0 first leg deficit, while monaco have knocked out borussia dortmund 6—3 on aggregate. i spoke earlier with our football reporterjohn bennett to find out about those matches. well, messi, luis suarez and myanmar
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scored 92 goals this season but they met their match on wednesday night —— neymar. thejuventus defence, and masterclass from the italians. messi at the best chance, shooting wide of bouffon‘s goal, 65% possession, i9 shots but listen to this, only one on target, credit to the back four and especially the centre backs, and in fact during the whole of this champions league campaign they have been superb — just two goals conceded in nine champions league games, so conceded in nine champions league games, so juve progress conceded in nine champions league games, sojuve progress to the final fourfor games, sojuve progress to the final four for the second time in the last three seasons and you have to say, they stand a great chance of me that champions league this season. and it was a comrade the windfall borussia.
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yes, it took three minutes for mbape to open the scoring, in amazing form, scoring all four of the first champions league knockout games, five goals in the champions league knockout stages, nine goals in the last eight games, falcal made 2—0, than one came back, make a game of it, but with nine minutes left monaco scored the decisive goal, just 21 seconds after coming on, jamais scored. i think this game will still be overshadowed by the events of the first leg, and many people will be asking, should borussia dortmund had been made to play less than 2a hours after the attack on the team bus? should they had been made to play less than 3a hours later? they have their minds not on football, and performance in the first leg really made this tie out of reach, and monaco did what
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they had to do in the second leg but obviously borussia dortmund's poor performance made it difficult for the germans. lyon and besiktas have both been given suspended bans and fined for the crowd disturbances that delayed the first leg of their europa league quarterfinal in france last week. lyon supporters spilt out on to the pitch after being hit by projectiles thrown from the tier above by away fans. five police officers were injured in the violence, which included battles outside the stadium too. both clubs will be banned from the next european competition they qualify for but only if they transgress again in the next two years. 23 time grand slam champion serena williams is pregnant and will not play again in 2017. an announcement was made by her publicist, confirming the end of her season and a return to the tour in 2018. williams had earlier posted a picture on the social media app snapchat which appeared to show her with a bump and added the caption "20 weeks." she had since deleted the post. in december williams
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announced her engagement to reddit co—founder alexis 0hanian. she hasn't played since winning the australian open injanuary, citing a knee injury, and it now seems that williams won in melbourne while pregnant. well, on court at the monte carlo masters, rafa nadal has started his quest for a tenth title and was made to work hard for the victory. the king of clay overcame britain's kyle edmund in three sets. the spaniard took the first very comfortably, 6—0, but then lost the second 7—5, before going on to win the decider 6—3. andy murray made a winning return to competitive tennis after a month out with an elbow injury, beating gilles muller. the world number one was broken in the first game of the match but came back to take both sets 7—5. joining murray in the third round is the swiss third seed stan wawrinka, who saw offjiri vesely 6-2, 4-6, 6-2. three—time grand slam winner wawrinka won here at monte carlo three years ago.
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the british and irish lions squad has been confirmed, and one notable absentee on the tour to new zealand is the england captain dylan hartley. the a1—man party tasked with taking on the world's top side, the all blacks, includes 16 players from england, 12 from wales, 11 from ireland and two from scotland. wales flanker sam warburton has been named as captain for the second time. there are had been months of speculation but one man seemed sure of the spotlight. 0nce speculation but one man seemed sure of the spotlight. once again sam warburton will lead the captain alliance against the world's best new zealand. it is going to be the toughest thing i have done but definitely it is the biggest honour that i have had as well and to captain the lines for the second time against new zealand ranks as the pinnacle of my career. 41 players were chosen by warren
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gatland and as predicted england dominate the squad —— lions. wales have four players while ireland, who beat the all blacks in november, have 11. scotland, only two. half of the squad are making their lions debut including carl sinclair, who is yet to start a test match for england. people look to sam warburton for leadership, who was given the armband despite longer captaining wales. this is the second time sam warburton has stood in front of the cameras as lions captain and even though he is injured there was no danger of warren gatland leaving him out. the surprises in the squad were looking elsewhere. despite leading england to back—to—back six nations titles dyla n to back—to—back six nations titles dylan hartley was left out of the squad as well asjoe launchbury, one of the players of the tournament. after an underwhelming six nations, wales have more than expected, while scottish players will be disappointed stuart hogg is only two making the trip. i would love to see more boys going but you have to look
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at the squad under pressure warren gatlin has been under two pique squad. i wouldn't like to do it. -- to pick a squad. four years ago they w011 to pick a squad. four years ago they won in australia but what is good enough to be the aussies might not be the same in new zealand. the lions one in new zealand only once in1971. lions one in new zealand only once in 1971. getting selected could prove to be the easy part —— won. tournament favourite judd trump, has been knocked out of the snooker world championship by world number 54 rory mcleod. an out—of—sorts trump was beaten in the first—round ten frames to eight by the 46—year—old1000—1 outsider, while earlier in the day former world champion graeme dott earned a tense 10—7 victory over two—time finalist ali carter. jamie broughton has the rest of wednesday's action from the crucible in sheffield. dong is making his second appearance at the world championship, and he played well to reach the tournament in qualifying, and he made a confident start to this match. the
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early frame saw him play well against his more experienced opponent and he raced to a full frame lead. ryan day has already appeared in one ranking event this season appeared in one ranking event this season and he showed why as he fought back —— four frame lead. they couldn't keep the momentum going and while dong punished him to win the final two friends of the opening session, the chinese star continue to play well in the second session of the match and it was a long for him to complete a comprehensive victory. —— it wasn't long. dong plays world champion mark selby in the second round. when i hit the shot ijust think the second round. when i hit the shot i just think of the plot, the second round. when i hit the shot ijust think of the plot, this is close for me, it is very difficult for everyone. and also the venue difficult for everyone. and also the venue is very good and the people — eve ryo ne venue is very good and the people — everyone knows snooker, yeah, so, it is good for the players, more concentrate for the game. senkam is
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only the fourth player from thailand to play at this iconic venue and there was a warm welcome from him as he was introduced to the crowd. playing on the greatest age for the first time can be daunting and the star made in the start. neil robertson is a former world champion and he punished his opponent's mistake. after going 4—0 down, senkam had his first frame of the match to give him some confidence, but he couldn't build on that and robertson continued to dominate proceedings. the australian is now closing in on a place in the second round. in basketball‘s nba play—offs, there are three more games on wednesday night. these are all first round matches — and all game 2 in the best—of—seven series. atla nta atlanta are at washington, leaving 63- 56 in atlanta are at washington, leaving 63— 56 in the third quarter, while
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0klahoma are at houston and oklahoma leading 46— 40 in that one, in the second quarter. coming up later, portland at golden state warriors. from me and the rest of the sport today team, goodbye. hello. after several days of fairly quiet weather taking us through much of the weekend, next week is looking very different. next week's weather will get us talking, stay with me for a tease of what's to come. this is how thursday begins, with more cloud around than recent mornings, not as chilly as it's been on recent mornings, but that cloud will produce some damp weather in places and a bit of patchy rain for northern and western parts of scotland, perhaps into northern ireland and parts of north—west england to begin the day. low cloud around as well. venture into the hills it could be misty and murky and a similar story into snowdonia.
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a band of thicker cloud into the midlands, wales and yorkshire producing patchy rain, not amounting to much. to the south of that for some it could be a bright start but quite a chilly start here. even here cloud is going to increase, just leaving by the afternoon limited sunny spells, southern england, east anglia. a few brighter breaks into south—east scotland, north—east england, east wales, west midlands and eastern parts of northern ireland but on the whole a good deal of cloud around, patchy rain in north and west in scotland, maybe at times into northern ireland and north—west england but many places will stay dry. breaking out in the sunshine it will feel warmer, maybe 15, 16 or 17. going through thursday night we're going to keep a good deal of cloud around, pepping up the rain in northern scotland with a strengthening breeze but for many it looks like a mild start to friday morning. on friday we are going to take this rain southwards across scotland eventually reaching into parts of northern ireland. colder air following this,
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maybe a few wintry showers in shetland during friday. to the south of that for much of england and wales, a good deal of cloud around, some sunny spells and the temperatures peaking into the mid—teens in some spots. friday night we continue taking this weather front southwards across the uk, barely any rain associated with it, but it is the leading edge of cooler air so it will be turning somewhat chillier by the start of the weekend, a touch of frost in a few spots to begin the day. quite a breeze in the north—east, not as chilly as the rest of the uk into south—west england, maybe south—west wales, a lot of dry weather around with variable cloud and sunny spells. on sunday, england, wales and northern ireland mainly dry but the wind here will pick up. wetter and windier weather will move east across scotland through the day. this area of low pressure across scotland is significant because into next week it will take colder air south across the uk and some of us will see some snow. keep checking the forecast. a very warm welcome to bbc news, broadcasting to our viewers in north america and around the globe. my name's mike embley.
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our top stories: fighting for the french presidency. as support shifts, sunday's first round in a crucial election is looking too close to call. seven weeks and counting: british members of parliament vote to confirm a snap general election, onjune the 8th. two people are killed, as venezuela's biggest anti—government demonstrations in years turn violent. and grand slam mum—to—be. serena williams‘s agent confirms the tennis star is expecting a baby.
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