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tv   Monday in Parliament  BBC News  November 21, 2017 2:30am-3:01am GMT

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proceedings against president mugabe on tuesday. he's expected to be accused of giving too much power to his wife, grace, and of failing to respect the constitution. the country's former vice president is expected to return to the country soon. the south korean foreign ministry has welcomed president trump's decision to declare north korea a state sponsor of terrorism. the declaration is an attempt to increase pressure on kimjong—un over his country's nuclear ambitions. further us sanctions against pyongyang are due to be announced on tuesday. another american media personality, charlie rose, has been suspended by his television networks over allegations of sexual harassment. mr rose has apologised for what he said was "inappropriate behaviour," but added that he didn't believe all the allegations against him were accurate. now on bbc news — monday in parliament hello and welcome to our look back
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at the day here at westminster. coming up: the humanitarian situation in yemen could get worse, the foreign office minister warns. concerns are raised about the company that administers student loans. and during a debate on the tv licence a bit of appreciation for one bbc channel. the bbc parliament channel, of course, is worth an entire
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