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tv   The Briefing  BBC News  August 8, 2018 5:45am-6:00am BST

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"speaking up for liberal values". the ft says elon musk announced on twitter he might take tesla private, shortly after the financial times reported saudi arabia's sovereign wealth fund had taken a $2bn stake in the electric carmaker. the news sent tesla's shares up as much as 8.5%. and finally, are you frustrated by difficult to understand accents or dialects whilst on the phone? well, the times reports that online retail giant amazon is developing technology to detect the speech origins of two people in a phone call and adjust their voices so that each hears the other in his or her own accent. your tweets have been coming in on that and i will share some later. with me is dr stephanie hare, who's an independent political analyst. the new york times, this fire, when
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you are talking about hundreds of thousands of acres, it is hard to visualise the scale of it. this is an area larger than la itself, you really start to get a sense of the scale. it is a difficult because americans, in particular, are used to wildfires in the west. we have tornadoes in the midwest, hurricane katrina at the east coast, while buyers in the west. but it is no longer wildfire season. it is becoming a year—long phenomena and the scale of the damage and destruction is unprecedented. this categorisation of it by the president, to allow funding to be unlocked is significant. the
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president's view and this is perhaps not where everybody in california would like be. firefighters have been going at it for two weeks without a break in some cases. it has not been declared under the label to free up enough funding. so there is a further categorisation?” think that is where this is going. there is always different ways to go at it. president trump and a warning to the us trading partners that, if they do this is with iran, they do not do business with the us and this is interesting because the signatories to the iran nuclear deal say they will stick to the deal and said they could potentially find
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companies having difficulties in the us. this is a complete nightmare and the sort of thing you would want to avoid if you are a multinational company operating in different markets. it not want to take the us government to court because you think you have the backing of your eu sponsors, if you will. it is a disaster of diplomacy and not great for business. it may also be a technique and the part of president trump. he may do people a favour by dropping it in time.” trump. he may do people a favour by dropping it in time. i guess it has to make this sort of threat or warning for his decision to have the impact he wanted to have. exactly. he likes to go in hard and then step back, it is negotiating tactic. the
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daily telegraph, a story with a lot of controversy. the comments by borisjohnson, former of controversy. the comments by boris johnson, former foreign secretary, about the full face veil and he seems insistent he will not apologise. does he have to apologise? he has the right to say what he likes and other people have the right to say they find it offensive. all it does is create headlines for him. and it also keeps people from scrutinising his record on brexit talks and promises he made that may not be the field so it is a wonderful diversion for him. the freedom to make controversial comments that comes with leaving the
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government? it is playing with identity politics. it is a man talking about how women should dress. it has asked talking about it now but my point is what does it have us not talk about? a very good point but i suppose the interesting thing is, we know he has these ambitions, even though he perhaps has a put them on the backburner, to become prime minister but these comments could alienate a large suede of the electorate, is that harm political fortunes? suede of the electorate, is that harm politicalfortunes? it suede of the electorate, is that harm political fortunes? it is suede of the electorate, is that harm politicalfortunes? it is also a question, is it a sign of desperation to say something deliberately controversial. i would encourage anyone to look at his economic policy and sit if he can deliver on that. —— see.
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economic policy and sit if he can deliver on that. -- see. financial times, elon musk in a tweet sending tesla shares soaring by thinking of taking the company private. interestingly it was done by twitter and not official filing. twitter has become an interesting social media platform. it is becoming a record. donald trump doesn't. here, the case ofa donald trump doesn't. here, the case of a ceo of an electric car company raking a statement. he has done this in the past. he likes to joke on twitter, insult people, play games and pun on twitter so whether or not this is a serious will be more important for the securities and next year it commissioned in the us because they need to seek it he is being honest with the market. —— to see if he is. the saudi fund taking
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a stake in tesla which could come at a stake in tesla which could come at a very necessary time. indeed. tesla has this fantastic brand yet it has failed to turn a profit. it loses money and burns through cash and it needs cash badly so the financial times cannot with the scoop of a $2 billion stake i saudi in the company, right below the 5% threshold where they would have had to make a public announcement about it. and then elon musk tweeting saying he might take the company private. the fund is one of the top eight investors in tesla say they just got a nice cash injection. whether or not he takes it forward is anyone's gas. -- guests. in the times, why do we need amazon to
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adjust our accents and dialects? on the one hand, if someone uses the technology and find it helpful, that is capitalism. the tech knowledge is in me is concerned this is another way for amazon on to take voice and data and use it for other purposes and there are privacy concerns for that. and also security concerns. using audio gathered from millions of alexa devices in homes and that is where the privacy issues come in. 5 million people is voice data were taken at and it is being looked at asa taken at and it is being looked at as a legal matter. and as honourable say it someone is choosing to do this, we have the right to do
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whatever we want because it has been handed over in exchange for a service. it has created a lot of thought on twitter. janet says wide don't they use their great wealth to create something to help people. and dialects are good and should not be in race. chris thinks the same. rj thinks it is a good idea because if you are hard of hearing it could be easier to hear a voice in your accident. a range of views. thank you for your tweets. stefany, good to have your thoughts. that is where we will leave the paper review for now. season and we will see you soon. now. season and we will see you soon. i buy. —— see you. hello there.
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tuesday marked the end of the heat wave across the south—east, we saw temperatures reaching the low 30s celsius, but it all ended with showers and thunderstorms late on tuesday and into the early part of wednesday. these tending to clear out into the north sea, leaving a legacy of cloud here. a few showers across the north—west of the country, otherwise a dry and a clear start to wednesday morning. a cooler feel, 10—16 or 17 degrees. for today it really will feel cool and fresher right across the board, including the south—east, with a mixture of sunshine and showers. most of these in the west. the reason for the change and dropping temperatures is because we have cooler north—westerly airflow of the atlantic, pushing all of that heat into the near continent. so this is the picture for today. maybe a bit of cloud to start with off across the south—east, but most of it will be across northern and western areas where we will see scattered showers, some heavy and maybe thundery. showers around, the temperature is 17—24 or 25 degrees, feeling cooler than what we are used to over the past few days. on thursday and other largely dry day, could see some rain into the near continent clip the south—east of england, uncertainty as to how far
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westwards this will be. most of the showers will be across the north—west corner with temperatures pretty much where they should be. 17—23 degrees. on friday it is another similar story of sunshine and showers. some of them could be quite heavy across northern and western areas, but probably the best of the sunshine across sheltered eastern parts, temperatures in the high teens to the low 20s celsius. significant change into the weekend for some of us. a big area of low pressure hurtling off the atlantic and at this point it looks like it will affect more northern and western parts of the uk with persistent and heavy rain at times. it could be a dry start on saturday across northern and eastern areas, before the cloud tends to push in as the day wears on. i put wind arrows here because it will be a blustery day wherever you are. pretty dusty over southern and western coasts and over the hills. temperatures wise, 19—22 or 23 celsius. into sunday, most of the heavy rain will be again across the northern half of the country, maybe a few showers into wales and western england, but notice the south—east could escape and we could see quite a bit of sunshine. a blustery day on sunday, variable amounts of cloud and most of the rain across the northern and western areas, the best from 18—25 celsius. a blustery day on sunday,
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variable amounts of cloud and most of the rain across the northern and western areas, the best of the sunshine in the south—east, temperatures range from 18—25 celsius. good morning. welcome to breakfast with dan walker and naga munchetty. our headlines today: growing pressure on borisjohnson. a muslim peer says the former foreign secretary should be kicked out of the conservative party for his remarks about the burka. cracking down on junk food companies. the advertising watchdog upholds complaints against kfc and kelloggs for targeting their campaigns at children. california's biggest wildfire on record is expected to burn for the rest of the month. 100 years since the battle that helped end the great war
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at amiens. comemmorations will be held today.
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