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tv   The Briefing  BBC News  January 28, 2019 5:45am-6:00am GMT

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and communication at atos. to the brexit. the borisjohnson and homes. what is he saying here? —— let's talk about. rose johnson, a former brexit secretary, especially basically giving the prime minister did support on one side of the fence so we say, because did support on one side of the fence so we say, because this time tomorrow, there will be votes in the house of commons. there are nine amendments being proposed to the deal was rejected by parliament at this point, we do not know how many of those will be voted on it is clear that a couple that probably will be will be looking to tie the hands of the prime minister by taking an ideal option off the table for her, but also by saying what is going to happen about the irish backstop issue? and here, boris johnson in this column in the daily telegraph, and on the front page, is saying this clause must be amended so saying this clause must be amended so that there is an option to take it out. it has a sort of end point to it, and that is the detail to
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amendments n, which brady is proposing. it would say that after a certain amount of time, the backstop would not come into play and northern ireland would not fall into a sort of eu stasis. he is saying is that gets taken out, there is a deal on the table that the brexiteers can agree to. really? is that really a realistic viewpoint here? it seems to simplify things quite a lot. -- status. it is. i think the challenge here is the brexiteers can start to see brexit disappearing in front of their eyes, there is potentially a path towards a second referendum, a path towards a second referendum, a path towards a second referendum, a path toward a very soft exit, this is probably not where they saw brexit going on are looking to help support the prime minister get the kind of strong brexit that they have been seeking. let's talk about labour and students because this is
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in the independent, it is a very different angle to take on the news on the brexit news. it says here that support forjeremy corbyn, or for the labour party, has dropped ten points over the last year among student to 52%, so there was 62% supported labour, it has gone 52%, at the same time, more students are supporting second referendum. -- labour. yes, well, it is a clear view from the young people of this country. many of them did not and could not vote in 2016, so they feel that they've not been heard on this issue which will shape the rest of their lives, sick and understand and they felt thatjeremy corbyn was not offering or speaking for them in terms of what they want, which is another vote. they do want a second referendum, people's boat, which ever way you want to count should, however, using the words of his own
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backbenchers, jeremy corbyn seems to have prevaricated over his own position. —— vote. he has dabbled with providing some support towards a second referendum and categorically now looks like is not going that way because he has not tabled anything this week in parliament that would go that way, so parliament that would go that way, so it appears he is not in a position to be able to offer that. the students are realising that is not the alternative and therefore, where are they going? exactly, support for the party ‘s top 10%. —— ten points. where the students going? lib dems support is down, the tories are down, so where is that 9% going? i think they probably will not go to the conservatives at this point because the conservatives are seen as brexiteers, the liberal democrats would be a natural place for them to go they wanted a referendum, that is what the liberal democrats have spoken about all the time but i think there are still some deep wounds on tuition fees and an era when students felt they were down by the liberal democrats and therefore, voters are going there. i
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think at the moment, it is probably looking for home. let's about the elegy, we talk about the economic powerhouses is a way they battle for dominance. this is dominance in the technology sector and the article in the new york times says the us is basically taking aim at china in this tech power race. it says that a p pa re ntly this tech power race. it says that apparentlyjeremy hunt, the minister, has arrived in washington and the main question being asked it should britain risked its relationship with beijing in order to please the trumpet ministry should's push to move away from chinese tech? especially in this era we are looking at building a 5g networks are at chinese companies to build those network. we are, and i think this is really serious conversation to had. we are hearing more about cyber wars and cyber attacks, well, actually, this is about when the state comes back into control and the war that is going to go on about information and information flow. the 5g network is
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going to be faster, more superior, it is going to bring the reality the internet of things, where everything can talk to everything seamlessly. ability of your fridge to order the ability of your fridge to order food for you, all that kind of stuff will become very simple, very easy, very fast. however, vast amounts of information and data, knowledge and awareness, and big networks will be able to control that. now, huawei is very closely tied to the chinese state and had been concerns over a long period of time about the influence that the chinese state has over huawei and if huawei and has control and power and creates a lot of these networks, what access could that give chinese government? that is the question on the table, i think it is quite right that it should be asked because we can already see that the chinese state is managing its own citizens in a very specific way when it comes to technology, is already monitoring them, it is influencing them, it is manipulating them, so we have to be cautious about any organisation that is closely related to the chinese
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state about how it might be involved with it. corbyn is it that the us looks like it is pressuring some countries, for example in this article, they are talking about poland being under pressure to ban huawei building their 5g network and if they do not do that, they will be repercussions. —— that is a right. —— but is it right. repercussions. —— that is a right. -- but is it right. if the us want to raise the matter, that is another thing. i think reassurances should be achieved. distro was action on the bbc website, this specific story about molly, who is 1a years old, killed herself after viewing posts about suicide on instagram. what is your take on this? depressingly sad story, is depressingly sad on many levels, especially about molly herself but also other children are affected by this. to the social media giants have a responsibility, do you think? absolutely they do,
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the health secretary map hancock is saying they must look at controlling this kind of content. it is notjust the content, it is the pathway to the content, it is the pathway to the content. it is the algorithm. there must be more ability to control that can manage that, i think that is absolutely right in here seen if they do not listen, there will be more legislation coming down the line. somewhat argue what about parents, carers, people close to young people? —— some would. i think. is close to young people? —— some would. i think - is right that would. i think that is right that technology is now i prolific, i is ts} around us, you cannot escape it. all around us, you cannot escape it. i think it is hard to say you must i think it is hard—tersayyeumust i“ to i think it is hard—tersayysumust i“ is to i think it is hard—tersayysumust i“! is like i to i think it is hard—tersayysumust i“! is like saying you control can control ca n to gontrol can to in playground. i wish. now, playground. iwish. now, what the playground. iwish. now, what came first, the chicken or the egg? have always wanted to know the have always wanted to you the answer to that questionffé battery organic
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i have f; ’ of them, too many !-+.: sues—s $517,445... 7,7... !.-.l.:—.. $517.44...” 7.7... cg“??? free 7'— 9595 59999555. 95.59.5995 9.5... 7.57... 2321?" free range. consider right now. —— free range. do you eat egg? consider right now. —— free range. agggsssstsegg 7; some 2“ agggsssstsegg 7; some chicken g agggsssstsegg 7; some chi when 5- agggsssstsegg 7; some chi when our 5- that pssflx"; of are producing theiriqht kind of for me. l the to be cost, research it, the cost look. into the reseatchittthe—sfist these leek. inte the reseetchittthe—eest these proteins that can help of these proteins that can help fight cancer and various other fight cancer and various ofllec seems to be anywhere between things, seems to be anywhere between a hundred and ten times less than medicine and the traditional cost of producing medicine. does that lead toa producing medicine. does that lead to a tiered structure around what kind of medicine you can have? do you want the natural? the eggs are f g pills? that i not a more expensive pills? that is not a world is i want to inhabit, just have ease? roasted at ‘ restaurants "5 probably have i look . this the i have l look i this the times. e l look i this
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the times. do you have i story in the times. do you have fitbit? dus wearable tech . track fitbit? dus wearable tech to track your health? doctors are saying that people are coming in saying my 59515 ii “33‘s t‘ ”seas gs is ee‘eie fie “33‘s i; ”seas gs is not well, ee‘eie fie “33‘s i; ”seas gs is - not well, therefore ee‘eie fie “33‘s i; ”seas gs not - not well, therefore ee‘eie fie “33‘s i; ”seas gs 7, e i the is there, do not fret ‘fitbit. ere, do not fret ‘fitbit. the do not fret ‘fitbit. the hypochondriac seems to be . sees-9s to be where . sees-9s to be where we of technology seems to be where we are all i we'll need of technology seems to be where we ar manage i we'll need of technology seems to be where we ar manage a i i - we'll need of technology seems to be where we ar manage a screen i we'll need of technology seems to be where we ar manage a screen time, ll need i way see the data. this is pure data, we see the data. this is pure data, i think we need to be wary of it, but be happy, do your steps. do your steps, be happy, be healthy. as the doctor says. yeah, thank you for that. thank you very much indeed. stay with us on bbc news because there is so much more to come. goodbye from me though. hello. we have a cold and wintry week to come.
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there will be some snow at times. thankfully, after a stormy sunday along north sea coasts, this was a view from norfolk from one of our weather watchers, the winds aren't as strong in the day ahead. you may still catch a shower close to the coast of east anglia, though. but the area of low pressure that brought the wet, windy weather over the weekend has moved away. still got a flow of air coming in from the north—west. it is chilly out there. and there's a widespread frost to start the day under clear skies. we do have an area of patchy rain in the very far south—west of england. 3-4135 me 95? 2.41 mes—“45a it” but let's get away from the showers. most places are going to have a dry day with plenty of sunshine. it's still a brisk north—westerly wind but it's not as strong as it was on sunday.
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quite a snowy tuesday to come, leading to an area of low pressure to our south, the position of which is uncertain, but basically there's going to be an area of moisture spreading southwards during tuesday into tuesday night, increasingly falling as snow in places, too. so it probably won't look exactly like this by the time we get to it. but what we need to take away from this is that there will be some snow spreading southwards on tuesday, giving a covering of a good few centimetres in places. and, of course, with snow comes difficult travelling. the likelihood of some disruption in places as well on a cold day. and the southward movement of that continues as we go on through tuesday night into wednesday morning. so, an icy start on wednesday morning. there is a bit of
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a lull on wednesday. some of us will get to see some sunshine again, but there's another weather system coming on thursday, and that looks like it is going to push some snow northwards, although it may not reach all the way into parts of scotland. so, yes, it is a cold and wintry week to come. now, there will be some sunnier days, there will be some frosty nights, mind you, but there will be some spells of snow around and some disruption at times, too. so it is a week to keep across the forecast every day. good morning welcome to breakfast with dan walker and louise minchin. 0ur headlines today: knife crime on the railways has tripled in the past four years, with a quarter of victims in their teens. we have an exclusive report. health goals — the nhs is to employ 1,000 specialist workers to help patients with exercise and group activities, as an alternative to medication. fears over tesco jobs. the supermarket says plans are "still being finalised" but there is concern up to 15,000 jobs could go. i'll have the latest.
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it's yet more disappointment for spurs.
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