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tv   Sport Today  BBC News  March 5, 2019 1:45am-2:01am GMT

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a very warm welcome to bbc news — broadcasting to our viewers and more than 200 people take part in north america in a skating marathon and around the globe. my name's mike embley. on a frozen lake in siberia. our top stories: something like a war zone. the search for survivors goes on, hello there, and welcome after the deadly tornadoes to the programme, in alabama and georgia. venezuela's opposition leader where we start with football, makes a triumphant return to the capital, and calls for more protests against president maduro. at china's national and the news that seven points people's congress, stood between liverpool the country's biggest and title rivals political event of the year, manchester cityjust two months ago. new targets for the now, it's the defending champions city who lead the title race economy are announced. by a single point. liverpool's goalless draw with everton is their fourth and tributes are paid in the past six league games. so, is pressure starting to show to the actor luke perry, in liverpool's pursuit of a first who's died aged just 52. league title in 29 years? patrick gearey reports. it is getting close. with a pool stalemate means their breathing spaceis stalemate means their breathing space is gone. they have a one point deficit. the road narrows. there is pressure and even paranoia. everything is analysed, every
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result, every reaction, every response. do you think we took enough risks today? is that what you wa nt to enough risks today? is that what you want to ask? that is really a disappointing question because i tell them we take more risk. come on, boys. we go for it. with that any draw we didn't try to win? what is that? some say that betrays a pressure not seen in manchester city, the league's most in form team. they have been here before, so the logic suggest they can handle pressure better. but how do you handle pressure? this elite performance, if they cherish the moment, if they engage within that moment, if they engage within that moment and see it as a privilege, likelihood is they will be more successful. experience helps dealing with that situation helps and i think the role of the manager will help. maybe manchester city have a stronger minds, but will their legs
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hold out? they are still in the fa cup and will probably progress in the champions league which means they've play in the week before they ta ke they've play in the week before they take on the spurs, currently interred at home. they have to go across the city to old trafford to page manchester united four days later, the game which may decide the title. or liverpool's toughest fixtures are at home against spurs at the end of this month and chelsea in april. they hope to find form and perspective at stanford. as a manager, you try and take the pressure of way. it is a game of football. we know the ability you have got. i am sure they are talking about one point, nine games to go. a few weeks ago we were quite a bit ahead, a few weeks before, city were ahead. the lot to play for. zoom out on the strength of liverpool's current position becomes clearer. they would have been top at this stage in eight of the past ten season. they are still going at a breathtaking pace and hope their
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campaign is defined not by the last few stu m bles, campaign is defined not by the last few stumbles, but the manner in which they walk on. real madrid have a 2—1 advantage over ajax heading in to their champions league last—16, second—leg clash on tuesday. real failed to score in two el clasicos against barcelona last week, which saw them eliminated from the copa del rey and then falling 12 points behind the catalan league leaders, leaving the possibility of retaining the champions league as their only realistic hope this season. here's joe lynskey. in this corner of madrid, there is no feeling worse than their own team's form tumbling while their rivals soar ahead. right now, though, that is the reality for real. on saturday night, barcelona comfortably won 1—0, a match which saw gareth bale substituted and then booed off by his own supporters. an act from real‘s fans that bale's agent says they should be ashamed of.
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he says bale deserves more respect. it is now nearly six years since bale broke real‘s transfer record, but reports in spain suggest even now he's not adapted, and some team—mates even say he is still struggling to speak with them. but luka modric, voted the world's best player last year, still thinks there is a way back. he told reporters, "i don't agree this is the end of gareth here, all he needs to do is work, work and work." for now, the team and coach are focusing on a champions league knockout tie with ajax. they lead 2—1 from the first leg, but with form that has seen them slip to third in la liga, there is speculation a vacancy might come up here. and there is one former real manager
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now waiting for an opportunity. for some of football's bigget characters and one of footballs biggest clubs, the future, for now is uncertain. saudi arabia's al—ittihad came from a goal down to win 5—1 against qatar's al—rayyan in the group b of the asian champions league on monday. the home side found themselves on the back foot when gonzalo viera fired al—rayyan ahead on 23 minutes. that was a decent effort. fahad al—muwallad finished off the match with a goal in the 78th minute — that was his second and the team's fifth. the saudi arabian put their domestic struggles to one side and top the group. a controversial 62nd—minute penalty from brazilian midfielder fabio lima decided the outcome of the match in group a — al—wasl of the united arab emirates narrowly beating saudi side al—nassr 1—0 in dubai. let's look at some of the day's other stories, shall we, and staying with football, manchester united's alexis sanchez could be out for six to eight weeks
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with knee ligament damage picked up in the premier league win over southampton on saturday. ole gunnar solskjaer could be without up to 10 players for wednesday's champions league tie with paris saint—germain. tiger woods has withdrawn from this week's arnold palmer invitational at bay hill after suffering from a neck strain. the 43—year—old american currently ranked 12 in the world hopes to play in next week's players' championship at sawgrass. the usa eagles beat samoa 27—0 to win a second sevens title in a row on home turf. the las vegas win was their first on this season's world rugby sevens series and they are now clear at the top of the world rankings ahead of new zealand. the great britain rugby league team is back. it was announced on monday that they'll play new zealand, tonga and papua new guinea in a southern hemisphere tour later this year, 13 years after their last tour. the funeral of england world cup winner gordon banks, who died last month aged 81, has taken place in stoke. thousands lined the streets
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to say goodbye and pay their final respects. the bbc‘s sports editor dan roan was there. for one final time, they'd come to honour the greatest goalkeeper this club, this country has ever had. fitting that the final journey of gordon banks began here at stoke city, where he went from legendary player to club president. the funeral procession then pausing at the statue, which, since banksy‘s death last month, has become a focal point for fans' tributes. some of the game's most famous faces, both past and present, among the mourners here at stoke minster, including team—mates from england's iconic 1966 world cup winning side. describe what kind of man gordon banks was. well, he was a superstar on the field, but the beauty about him was, off the field, he was an ordinary guy. he was down to earth and we were very fortunate in ‘66
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to have some superstar players, like banksy who, off the field, werejust ordinary guys. in a poignant tribute, banksy‘s coffin was then carried into the service by goalkeepers from the teams he graced. we remember gordon as someone who gave so much to this city, this nation, and the world. as well as being in goal for england's finest hour, banks will be remembered for that save, one of the greatest the game has seen, miraculously denying pele the 1970 world cup. commentator: what a save! but for all his footballing achievements, banks was also a family man. we shared gordon banks, a great goalkeeper, with the world, but gordon banks, the great dad, grandad, great—grandad and all—around amazing man, was ours. dad made our world a happy, wonderful, magical place. # i did what i had to do...
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to the sound of frank sinatra's my way, a moving service then came to an end. undeniably english football's safest pair of hands, banksy‘s sporting immortality is just as secure. dan roan, bbc news, stoke. finally, more than 200 people have taken part in a skating marathon on lake baikal in the russian province of siberia. the event comprised several different races, including one at night, with distances ranging between 5km and 100km. this was the seventh edition on the world's largest and deepest freshwater lake. wouldn't want to fall into that water, would you ? you can get all the latest sports news at our website. that's but from me, tulsen tollett, and the rest of the sport today team, goodbye.
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hello there. last tuesday brought some exceptional winter warmth. this tuesday, a very different story, quite a chilly start to the day and it remains unsettled. we'll see some rain and some snow over high ground in the north, some sunny spells to be had as well. a lot going on on this satellite picture. there's one swirl of cloud here, an area of low pressure pushing away across europe. another one in the atlantic. that one will be approaching from the south—west as we go through the day. this first area of low pressure, feeding some showers in across northern ireland, northern england and scotland. quite a chilly start, particularly in eastern and north—eastern parts of the uk. temperatures for some spots down below freezing. so, as you go through the day, we will see this showery rain across northern england and northern ireland, some snow over high ground in scotland. here's our next batch of wet weather approaching from the south—west.
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in between, there will be some spells of sunshine, some sunny skies in the tuesday afternoon. but outbreaks of rain, sleet and hill snow moving northwards across central and southern parts of scotland, still a few showers across northern england and perhaps northern ireland. a zone of sunnier weather into the north midlands, east anglia, the south—east. although that sunshine will tend to turn quite hazy as cloud invades from the south—west ahead of this frontal system, bringing outbreaks of rain and a strengthening wind. as we go through tuesday night, we could well see gusts of 50 to perhaps 60 miles an hour in exposed spots in the south—west, heavy rain driving its way northwards, but snow developing almost on the northern edge across higher ground in scotland. a chilly night in aberdeen, freezing. 10 degrees in plymouth, something milder spreading across parts of the south, but low pressure firmly in charge on wednesday. frontal systems, areas of rain spiralling around it,
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and as the wet weather meets some cold air across scotland, we will once again see some wintry weather, plenty of showers eastwards over northern ireland, wales, into england with some sunny spells in between. but single figures definitely across north—western parts of the uk, and actually, that colder air will dig its way southwards during thursday. it will be quite windy as well across parts of scotland, some wintry showers falling to increasingly low levels here. rain showers further south. those temperatures ranging from around 6 to 11 degrees and it stays unsettled as we head towards the weekend. we will see some showers at times, some of those wintry over high ground, and it will generally feel a bit chilly.
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