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you're watching bbc news. that was rachel o'connor from the i'm reged ahmad. new zealand red cross. thank you so our top stories: much forjoining us to date on what new zealand's prime minister has again pledged tougher gun controls following the attack on two is presumably a busy day for your organisation and many others as well. we can he now from prime mosques in christchurch. ministerjacinda ardern yet again. as we mention she gave a press we cannot be deterred from the work conference in the last hour. one of that we need to do on our gun laws several that she has been giving over the last few days since the in new zealand. they need to change. attack took place. regardless of what activity may or may not have happened with gun retailers, they will change. earlier, she held emotional meetings with islamic leaders and other members of the islamic community in wellington. today i went to kilbirnie mosque to lay flowers with wellington were —— singing mayorjustin lester and lay flowers with wellington were —— mayor justin lester and met lay flowers with wellington were —— mayorjustin lester and met with this in the community leaders and meanwhile, crowds have been their message was one of gratitude gathering in christchurch to pay their respects to the outpouring of love that they and lay flowers. have experienced from the people of 50 people are now known to have died, while 13 remain wellington. and an acknowledgement in a critical condition. of the grief that the community feels. as the police commissioner confirmed this morning, 50 people have been killed and 3a people remain in christchurch hospital, 12
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of them in the intensive care unit in critical condition. a four —year—old girl remains in a critical condition at starship hospital in auckland. i can confirm that the bodies of those who have died are beginning to be returned to their families from this evening. it is likely, however, to be a small number to likely, however, to be a small numberto begin likely, however, to be a small number to begin with. that was a ministerjacinta ardern speaking there. there will be a press conference that is about to be held by the police commissioner, mike bush, and we can listen in now. returning the victims of this horrendous incident to their loved ones will commence this evening. and hopefully will be completed by wednesday. we have medicalforensic staff, highly trained police staff
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all working to enable the chief coroner to have this process commenced. and completed. as soon as possible out of respect for those loved ones for their family. the next point i want to make is that tomorrow being monday, people in christchurch and across new zealand will want to return to their lives, it is the role of the new zealand police to ensure people are safe to do so. so what will you see tomorrow? you will see a highly visible police presence on the streets around your businesses, around your schools and even in the air, right across the country. so you will feel safe to go about what you will feel safe to go about what you want to do tomorrow. the last thing i want to clarify is there is
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some commentary in the public domain about police response times to this incident, this tragic incident, on friday afternoon. i can tell you that within six minutes of police being called on 111 within six minutes, armed police staff were on the scene. within ten minutes, members of our armed defenders squad we re members of our armed defenders squad were on scene. but for armed offenders. and within 36 minutes we had the mobile offender in our custody. thank you. and i will take any questions. what is the usual response time? unaudible question. the squad that we normally have to call out, the aos, it would be longer than this so this was a very,
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very quick response and i thank the people and the public should be assured —— i think the public and the people should be assured that we train for things like this, hoping we never ever have to respond. unaudible question. it is all part of the ongoing investigation but i think it is already in the domain that the offender has used a number of firearms, including semiautomatic r . of firearms, including semiautomatic weaponry. the police know unaudible question. we are still working through the process. unaudible question. but commentary has come to us question. but commentary has come to us and we are exploring that and we will speak to those people, we would anyway, as part of the investigation, and anything that comes to light, like that, we will be sharing. someone said they brought it to the police's attention at the time so to... i am also aware
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of that but i am not aware of whether or not it is actually true that we were —— are working through that we were —— are working through that someone we know the answers to that, we will share them with you. how many victims have been returned to their families tonight?” how many victims have been returned to their families tonight? i think you have the chief coroner today saying we hope to have at least one of the victims returned tonight and the process will build momentum. you also heard her say that the most important thing is to ensure that the identifications are done to 100% certainty. and that is what the process will ensure. you talk about a heightened police presence tomorrow. what assurances can you give the public as they return to their lives? that if we believe there were threats that needed to be managed, we would do so. at the same time, we would be highly visible on
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the streets, in neighbourhoods, businesses, schools, places of recreation and sport, and even in the airto recreation and sport, and even in the air to ensure that people can, and should, go about their lives. unaudible question. we have in excess of 200 extra police staff doing a number of roles, i have been talking to the district commander john price to ensure that he has every available resource so he can deploy them in a way that makes people feel safe to go about their business. unaudible question. we will keep you updated on that. unaudible question. the community says that he has been harassing them and was arrested after the attack and was arrested after the attack and released. are you aware of this?
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iam aware and released. are you aware of this? i am aware of something you may be talking about but i think you have your chronology wrong if we are thinking about the same thing. and there was a person belt with sundays ago and they have been posting online but i think you have your chronology incorrect. are we done, everybody? the 50th victim came out not that long ago. how were they missed? i talked about that this morning. i need to be really sensitive in terms of what has occurred so i don't want to be descriptive but there were a number of victims, as you know, a deans avenue mosque ——at the end mosque that it avenue mosque ——at the end mosque thatitis avenue mosque ——at the end mosque that it is understandable how they we re that it is understandable how they were missed among others. thank you, everybody. thank you for your time. that was the chief commissioner police, mike bush, taking questions
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from the press. he continued to stress of course the role of police to try to keep people feeling safe here. he said of course as people return to work tomorrow, it is monday, to expect extra police presence at their schools, offices, evenin presence at their schools, offices, even in the air. they will ensure that people are made to feel safe. he talked about some of the criticism over the response time that police had made on friday when, of course, the attack had taken place and he said of calls within six minutes of police being called, they were on the scene, they were armed, and within 36 minutes, they had apprehended the suspect. he continued to add there was 200 extra police staff in deployed here in christchurch, including defence force, they have taken every available resource to try to keep people safe. so that was the police
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commissioner mike bush, we heard from his deputy and little earlier, as well is the chief coroner, and of course interest the last hour or so we heard from the prime minister, jacinda ardern, she talked about the ma nifesto jacinda ardern, she talked about the manifesto that the suspect has sent to over 30 organisations, including herself. i was one of more than 30 recipients of the manifesto that was my old out nine minutes before the attack took place. it did not include the location. it did not include the location. it did not include specific details. i am advised that within two minutes of its receipt, in at least my office, its receipt, in at least my office, it was conveyed directly the parliamentary security. but the assurance i want to give his habit provided details that could have been acted on immediately, it would have been —— had it provided.
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u nfortu nately, have been —— had it provided. unfortunately, there were no such details in the e—mail. unfortunately, there were no such details in the e-mail. was that pretty chilling for you to receive, ina pretty chilling for you to receive, in a broader sense, i understand it was not directly to you. it was, it did not go directly to me, i did not directly receive it, and as i said, it went to over 30 e—mails, including media, including the parliamentary tourism desk, it went quite widely. but again, the fact that there was an ideological ma nifesto that there was an ideological manifesto with extreme views attached to this attack, of course is deeply disturbing. jacinda ardern there, the prime minister, in one of there, the prime minister, in one of the several press conferences she has held since this attack took place on friday. of course, she has already said that the gun laws in this country have to be changed, and of course we know that the suspect
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had illegally obtained five firearms and she pledged again in this last press co nfe re nce and she pledged again in this last press conference that there would be tougher gun laws. again, we cannot be deterred. on the work that we need to do on our gun laws in new zealand. they need to change, regardless of what activity may or may not have happened with gun retailers, they will change. we will be discussing some of the more detailed policy elements at cabinet tomorrow and of course i have had conversations directly with the deputy prime minister and as you would expect, already but again, i will leave until we have had those policy discussions before i give you further details. prime minister jacinda ardern there and of course asi jacinda ardern there and of course as i mentioned she has been talking to the press in the last hour or so and we continue to be here monitoring this awful attack, the response from the community has been extraordinary and i have been here
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on deans avenue which, as i mentioned, is close to the al noor mosque, the site of one of the attacks, and people have been coming into hundreds today as a show of support and solidarity with their muslim friends and neighbours. we heard of course many maori groups coming here, a haka dance and singing and choruses happening and those floral tributes behind we continue to grow, as do the crowds. but if it from me. but over to you. sharanjit leyl there. but if it from me. but over to you. shara njit leyl there. leading but if it from me. but over to you. sharanjit leyl there. leading our coverage from christchurch on those terror attacks, those two terror attacks on those mosques in new zealand and of course don't forget, there has been a lot of information put out there, especially in the last hour but you can get all of it on our website. especially a lot of
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detail on what we know about the victims and some of those missing. that information will continue to come out in the coming hours. also at bbc/ braking. the french president has returned to paris for a crisis meeting after more violent clashes broke out in the centre of the french capital —— breaking. . between security forces and yellow vest protesters. the movement has been protesting every saturday for the past four months against the government of the economic policies as well is wider issues such as globalisation. lucy williamson has more. central paris came under attack today, just as it did in the early weeks of this protest. explosion. police used tear gas and water cannons to push
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back protesters among whom, the interior minister said, were 1,500 professional thugs. security forces called on peaceful demonstrators to leave the capital as kiosks were set alight and shops, symbols of france's wealth, were smashed. the world —famous restaurant, fouquet‘s, was left ransacked. as the protest spread to nearby streets, 60 firefighters were called to tackle a blaze at a bank. a mother and her child were rescued from the apartment above. despite overtures by president macron and the transformation of some protest leaders into electoral candidates, some of this movement's original anger remains. translation: as a gilets jaunes, i'm not calling on emmanuel macron to resign. not at all. that's not the case for everyone, but it is for me. i'd like him to put in place a republic with more fiscaljustice, more social justice.
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it seems he's arrogant, he does not like people, he despises them. translation: france is a rich country, and that wealth should be shared with those who have less and less. unfortunately, it's a political decision, we won't stop saying that, and unfortunately, the politicians who are now in power are making our situation worse and are not working for us. this was seen by some as a crucial day in their a—month protest, marking the end of a national debate launched by the government to address their concerns. protest leaders have called this show of force an ultimatum, but there are those who hope it marks the last eruption of a movement whose momentum is fading. tropical cyclone has struck central mozambique killing at least 21 people and cutting off more than
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half a million residents. it in eastern zimbabwe, the storm swept away bridges and homes killing at least 2a people. it also affected neighbouring malawi, where over 50 people were killed. even before the cyclone made landfall in mozambique, heavy rains and flooding forced the evacuation of thousands of people. bbc weather presenter sarah keith—lucas has tracked how cyclone idai swept acrsoss the region over the past three days. the cyclone has spread a trail of destruction across parts of south—east africa. the first cyclone to make landfall in mozambique since 2017 and at its strongest it produced gusts of over 230km/h as well as a significant storm surge. here is the cyclone on the satellite image. it is no longer a cyclone, but it did make landfall in mozambique on thursday night and on through friday into saturday the storm system has slowly been edging its way further west through zimbabwe, malawi bringing torrential rain and flooding.
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although the wind has now eased, the storm will be slow moving again through sunday into monday, and we can see another 200, 400 millimetres of rain exacerbating the ongoing flooding problems. a murder investigation has begun in italy after the mysterious death of a moroccan model who gave evidence in court against the former prime minister, silvio berlusconi. italian media reports say tests show that imane fadil, who was a regular at mr berlusconi's notorious "bunga bunga" sex parties, was poisoned with radioactive substances. caroline rigby has more. the 33—year—old died on march 1st, a month after being admitted to hospital in milan with severe stomach pains. her lawyer said she expressed a fear she'd been poisoned. one of italy's leading newspapers, corriere della sera, reported toxicology results from samples sent from the hospital to a specialist laboratory suggested the presence of radioactive substances, including cobalt, in her system. though this has not been confirmed
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by italian prosecutors who say doctors have not identified with any certainty any pathology which could explain the model's death. imane fadil was thrown into the public spotlight in 2012 when she testified in the case of the former italian prime minister silvio berlusconi. she had been a regular guest at his notorious sex parties and became a key witness during the trial. the former italian prime minister was accused of paying for sex with an underage prostitute at one such gathering at his private villa in milan. initially convicted, he was acquitted on appeal. speaking from milan, he gave this reaction miss fadil‘s death. translation: it's always a pity when a young person dies. i never met this person, never talked to her. what i read of her statements made me think that everything was invented, absurd. the 82—year—old former premier is now on trial for bribing
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a witness to give false testimony and is being investigated further for witness tampering, accusations he denies. italian media say miss fadil had been writing about her experiences for a future book. it's reported magistrates investigating her death have obtained a copy of the manuscript. caroline rigby, bbc news. let's get some of the day's other news flash floods in indonesia's easternmost province papua have killed at least 42 people and left 21 badly injured. the sentani area near the provincial capitaljayapura has been hit by torrential rain since saturday which triggered the floods. tens of thousands of supporters of catalan independence have rallied in spain's capital madrid — in protest at an ongoing trial of twelve separatist leaders. protest organisers said 120 thousand people attended — but spanish police put the number at just 18,000 the separatist leaders
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of catalonia's failed 2017 independence bid face rebellion charges. if convicted, some could face up to twenty five years in prison. sporadic protests are taking place in various parts of algeria after the president postponed next month's elections without setting a new date. massive demonstrations on four successive fridays forced abdelaziz bouteflika to abandon his bid for a fifth term in office. protesters are calling on the eighty—two year old to step down immediately and for the ruling elite to go with him. for over two years, former us vice presidentjoe biden has refused to answer the question: will he run for president in the 2020 election? should he enter the race, the 76—year—old would join a packed field of more than a dozen democratic candidates hoping to challenge donald trump. speaking at a rally in deleware on saturday evening mr biden says he mispoke — after giving the impression his campaign is already underway
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i get criticised by the new left.|j am the most progressive record of anybody running... anybody who was run. “ anybody running... anybody who was run. —— would run. anybody running... anybody who was run. -- would run. cheering of anybody who would run. martha keeney has travelled to one of the world ‘s most northernmost inhabited areas. this form mining there each has the feel of a frontier village in the wild west. our posse headed out from the base on snowmobiles. i have joined a convoy of scientists heading across the tundra towards
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iglesia, one of the most studied in the arctic. —— towards a glaisher. this is the edge of the original glacier where the ice brought huge boulders down. we heading towards its modern edge, a form of time travel. after a kilometre we reached the snout where the glacier now ends. so starting around 1900 the glacier was all the way down the bottom of this valley and it has been rapidly retreating in the last 100 or so years. more so in the last 20 or30. 100 or so years. more so in the last 20 or 30. the kind of changes that we are seeing are happening all across the arctic. this is... this is an emblem of what is happening in other places. it has a big impact on
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sea level. it is personal, in a way because these landscapes are amazing and spectacular as you can see. these places are not found all over the planet and we are losing them. when you look out here you can see that these glaciers are retreating. here on the top of a glacier which is 5000 years old you really do get a sense of the extent of the melting ice, of climate change. but scientists across the arctic are worried about a new threat which they have noticed here as well. and thatis they have noticed here as well. and that is growing rainfall. this microbiologist has been coming here for 12 years to study climate change. i willjust use this probe to measure the depth of the snowpack and identify layers of reef rose and rainwater within the snow. it has gonein
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rainwater within the snow. it has gone in easily. i've hit a hard layer, that is one event of rain. push through that and you can hear a hollow sound tapping onto a layer of reef rose and rain. that is to now. through that... i think that is a third. and that is difficult to get through. the animals live in the arctic, like reindeer, are suffering because of the increase in rainfall which troubles bianca. what happens is that the rain ends up in the snow interpolate down through and forms an ice barrier. it is impossible for small herbivores to get through so they can't eat and the population crashes. for her, like so many scientists to devoted their lives to be up there, any of the new signs of climate change are mysterious and troubling.
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stay with us here on bbc news. much more coming up. if you are hoping for some warmer, drier and less windy spring weather, you might have to wait another day or so, although things are slowly improving. we've still got some strong winds around and some snow over the hills on sunday. this was the picture on saturday in conwy, north wales. we've had a lot of heavy rain over recent days that has brought some flooding issues across wales, parts of northern and western england too. now, through the day on sunday, as low pressure drifts off towards the north sea, we've still got a lot of isobars on the map, so still some fairly windy conditions. not as wet or as windy as it was on saturday, but sunday brings us a fairly chilly start, some icy stretches through the morning, scattered showers, and some of those showers will be falling as sleet and snow over the higher ground in scotland, northern england and northern ireland too. so, this is the temperatures first thing, just a degree or so above freezing in the north in our towns and cities. it will be below freezing in the countryside, a chilly start
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really wherever you are. do watch out for those icy stretches across northern ireland, scotland, northern england and north wales. now, through the day, it'll be a day of sunshine and scattered showers, so it'll be nice to see a bit of sunshine, but some of those showers will be quite heavy, chance of hail or thunder particularly towards the north—west, some sleet and snow over the higher ground too. temperature—wise, just 7 to 10 degrees at best on sunday. when you add on the wind chill, it will feel pretty chilly out there through the day. so, nowhere immune to seeing those showers. it does look like they'll fade away on into the evening hours and the winds will fall lighter too, so things are starting to change as we head on into the new working week. quite a chilly night to come for much of the uk under those clear skies with light winds, temperatures not far from freezing. even a few degrees below. could be seeing “11 or —5 in the countryside across parts of scotland for instance. through the day on monday, we will see the cloud and some patchy rain moving in from the west, so that's on this fairly weak warm front arriving here. but for much of the country actually, we should keep the blue
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sky and the sunshine on monday for much of the day. after that chilly start, some mist and some fog possible first thing in the east, that should clear away. you can see the cloud building in from the west, bringing some patchy rain to northern ireland, western parts of scotland, perhaps into the north—west of england and wales too. for eastern scotland and for eastern england, should stay dry and bright throughout the day, much less dramatic, much less windy than recent days and temperatures will start to nudge up a little bit too. on into tuesday, a similar story. we've got the cloud and patchy rain in the west and the north—west. clearer skies with some sunshine further east. temperatures around about 9 to perhaps 12 degrees or so by the time we get to tuesday. and looking ahead towards the middle part of the week, those temperatures will start to warm up a bit. so we could see around about 16 degrees through the middle part of the week. it'll be less windy and there'll be some sunshine around too. bye for now.
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