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tv   Sportsday  BBC News  May 25, 2019 6:30pm-7:01pm BST

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just into the high teens in the very warmest spots. as we take a look at the picture into tuesday, it is going to feel much cooler and fresher, because notice the winds now switching round to a northerly. a lot of dry weather around, but building cloud will bring the chance of catching one or two showers out there, and for many of us, temperatures will actually be a bit below average for the time of year. so we are entering a spell of cooler, more unsettled weather to come, for the rest of the weekend. temperatures gradually coming down, the breeze starts to pick up, some rain around, maybe not as much as you'd like though in the gardens across southern most parts of the uk. this is how it looks all the way into next weekend, and by next weekend, it looks like high pressure is building in from the south, as it starts to turn warmer once again.
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hello this is bbc news, with me, chris rogers. the headlines. another two cabinet ministers — matt hancock and rory stewart — enter the race to become
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the new conservative leader and prime minister. a british climber dies on mount everest. robin haynes fisher is the tenth person to die on the mountain this season. president trump arrives injapan for the start of a historic four—day state visit. universities in england are told not to ‘scaremonger‘ over finances as a review is expected to call for them to reduce their tuition fees by nearly 2000 pounds per year. now on bbc news it's time for sportsday. hello and welcome to sportsday, with steven wyeth and lizzie greenwood—hughes. the headlines this evening. celtic make history in scotland, beating hearts in the cup final to complete an unprecedented treble treble. warming up for the world cup with a win — england's women beat denmark 2—nil.
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england men's cricket warm—up, australia beat england in southhampton. also coming up in the programme. pushed to the limit but lewis hamilton clinches pole for fi's glamour grand prix in monte—carlo. nick tompkins scores a hat—trick to keep alive saracens hopes of a european — premiership double this season. yes, hello there. celtic have maintained their absolute dominance of scottish football and in the process made history. they came from behind to beat hearts
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2—1 to win the scottish cup and complete the treble treble. 0dsonne edouard scored both celtic goals. it's the third season running they won all three domestic trophies. with more on their unprecedented achievement, here's chris mclaughlin: for 134th scottish cup final come for celtic, three was the magic number. they were looking for their third successive treble. it wasn't a great game to be honest, the first half was pretty much like the glascow weather, all a little bit dull. they soaked up what celtic could offer, despite this edward chance, the champions offered up very little. it wasn't great all around, actually, this hurts chance sort of summed it up just before half—time. but shortly after the break, the goal the game was crying out for, first blood to the underdogs. but their lead didn't last long, celtic pushed, hard's
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tired, and a penalty was given. edward leffler, providing relief for those in green and white. all a little bit stodgy again until ten minutes before the end, with history in their sites, edward once again, made hampden roar. these fans came along here hoping to see something, something special. and once again, celtic delivered. it wasn't their best performance, these fans won't ca re best performance, these fans won't care about that, because their side have made world football history. the treble treble is theirs. chris mcglocklin, bbc news, hampden park. yelm are probably the best i've ever felt in this club, you will never see this again. it's all about them, i had to whip them a bit at half—time, because we didn't start off the first half. and then, the score, we will come again, but we needed hearts to score before we
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really got our energy levels up, and oui’ urgency, really got our energy levels up, and our urgency, and then the response was brilliant. i told you before the game, the hearts wouldn't let us go off hazy, and as a very big fan, in terms of pressure, emotion, well, they've done it. it shows you the lads relentlessness. in 90 minutes, we are 1—0 down, we believe we are going to win the game to matter what happens, they could throw the kitchen sink at us, and yet again, we held out, we defended well, and we held out, we defended well, and we finished with what we needed. for us, that's phenomenal, for the fans, it's unbelievable, and we had our perfect season. we've done the treble yet again. and we aim not to push on next season. we frustrated celtic for long periods, and we had possession, but you know, we were are playing against against a good side, and we did lose momentum and moments of concentration, in the match, i could come to mind one hand, we lost a couple of goals, and
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that ultimately is what cost us. having guided that trophy, the club has announced that the manager has been offered the job on a permanent basis. since returning in february, lennon has won the scottish premiership, as well as today's scottish cup final. england's women won their penultimate warm—up match ahead of next month's world cup, beating denmark 2—nil in walsall. it was a less than convincing england performance but goals from each half from nikita parris and jill scott proved to be enough, asjoe lynskey reports. in a fortnight‘s time, england's women swap the west midlands for the south of france, the world cup now is coming into view. and these are the final lessons before the summers main exam. denmark haven't qualified this time, but two years ago, they were second out the euros. although this was a friendly england were having to quickly adjust, after that block from jade moore, next denmark
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was stopped by a referee's decision. this finish was ruled out for handball, but next month, when dar checks up, it might be different. in times like this, england need their star quality, and in france, that may often come from paris. nikita paris has just been voted the rightist player of the year, these are the moments she can muster to change an underwhelming first half. and soon from being up against it, england found control. lead with the cross, and a terrific second half or england, again, it's someone on the play, but it was beautifully created! that goal number two would see england through to the finish, but this was a day when denmark were unlucky, on the home side toiled. at the stage, this close to the finals, they know there is work to do. ijust want to do the basics well, pass the ball to each other, it's a bit sloppy at times, sloppy, slow, i was bored watching in the first
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half, and i don't want the supporters to feel that way. i want to play with a better temple, we have to play through the elements, my players were shattered, i've got to say, we have worked so hard, but there are still massive improvements to go. england have one more home farewell to come next weekend, but it's performances go, they hope the world cup looks very different from warsaw, joe linsky, bbc news. a days before their term and opener against scotland and nice. you might gabby logan has been getting the thoughts of casey stony. blue max of the lionesses played their warm—up match for the word up cup today at the banks he stayed in in denmark, it was a 2— no win, but alex, there was still much that he will need to improve in the next seven days when they play their final warm—up match against new zealand. the omega, the need to be better in possession at times, i think of the first half, they gave the ball away, and really dangerous areas, and you can do that
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in world cup, you will be punished. so there are lessons there, but overall, they manage to even though not having the performance, you've got the win. and that's a sign of a good team. casey obviously made a few changes, perhaps expecting some really senior experienced players, not in that line—up. do you think he knows who is best? is he still working it out? i would say he's got eight to nine and that team. i would like to think that you know, he will now probably new zealand game might test that out and see if that's going to be a start against scotland, he will have a good idea, like you say, i think england missed those senior players today, those abilities to keep the ball under pressure, you know, i think they will need that against, obviously new zealand, and the world cup. what kind of chance will new zealand be for them? i think physical, england have matched up well in the past against them, getting those winds, but going into a world cup, it's about performances. i want to see better linkup play, because we saw that in the second goal for mingled today. when you have those patterns of
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play, england looked very dangerous, wa nt play, england looked very dangerous, want to see more about against new zealand. of course in the 12 days that we have to the start of this tournament, the height will build and build commits for those younger less experienced players, coping with that, with their first expense ofa with that, with their first expense of a big tournament. absolutely, i think phil being, will help that, though senior hats are going to be so in vital, so important, those players have been to that tournament, keeping them focused on the game and on the pitch. ignoring all the distractions that are going to be around you at the world cup. you can see that new zealand game the final match 12115, bbc one, next saturday. tranmere will be playing in league one next season after snatching a dramatic late winner in the league two play—off final against newport at wembley. after a goal—less 90 minutes the game appeared to be heading for penalties until connorjennings struck with less than two minutes of extra—time remaining to clinch back—to—back promotions for tranmere. england have lost their world cup warm up match with australia by 12 runs. in a tight game at the hampshire
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bowls in southampson. england won the toss, asked australia to bat but then failed to chase down a victory target of 298. it was the first game australians steve smith and david warner have played in england since their ban over ball—tampering last year.patrick gearey reports. 0n on one hand, this was a friendly, and the other, it was australia. a chance to welcome back david warner. an old friend. hard to take it hazy, but no time for risk so close to a world cup. mark wood felt a twinge, so world cup. mark wood felt a twinge, so off he went for a scan, safety first. another way warner tends to bat, and his first match against england from his ball tampering then, he made 43, and the locals reminded him where he was. he will have to get used to that, as will steve smith, also booed back from his band, batting like he'd never been away. they jeered his band, batting like he'd never been away. theyjeered him to a century, in england, ones weren't enough. pantomime over, england on
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stage, 298 to win, and with just butler battling australia repeatedly found, its behind. england's captain for the day smashed 50, then suddenly, strangely, he was gone. and so was his sides momentum, they lost wickets and with it, their nerve. england ran out of road and the final over, warm—up match turned wake—up call. the final over, warm—up match turned wa ke—up call. patrick the final over, warm—up match turned wake—up call. patrick erie, bbc news will still with cricket somerset beat defending champions hampshire by six wickets to claim the 0ne—day cup at lord's. they were chasing down a target of 245 to win their first 50—over title for nearly 20 years. with the details, michael redford reports. defending the one—day cup is not hazy, it's been ten years since a cou nty hazy, it's been ten years since a county achieved it. hampshire had plans to change that record. they chose to bat for against somerset at lourdes, the right decision, four early wickets suggested not. they needed to dig in. captain sam northeast led from the front reaching 50 from 85 balls. he was gone for 56 though, in hampshire hope of victory surely gone with it,
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not quite. step forward james fuller, he scored his first one—day 50 to help hampshire reach 244 from their 50 overs. was there hope after all. not if tom benton had anything to do with it. he scored 69 in an opening stand of 112, with as a rally. they needed wickets quickly, they got four, three of them from fidel edwards. but in an unbeaten half—ce ntu ry fidel edwards. but in an unbeaten half—century from james hildreth guided somerset to a six wickets win, and theirfirst triumph in a one—day cup and almost 20 years. ten times runners up in domestic competitions, now it somerset‘s turned to celebrate. michael ra dford, turned to celebrate. michael radford, bbc news. lewis hamilton said he had to ‘take his car to the limit‘ to claim pole position for the monaco grand prix — getting the better of mercedes team—mate valterri bottas byjust 800ths of a second. hamilton took pole with his final qualifying lap but the story of the day was another strategic failure by ferrari. trackside for us in monte carlo isjenny gow. well it's turned into a beautiful
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day here in the monaco, certainly for mercedes, they have managed another 1—2 and qualifying, but for ferrari, what could have been, turned into a pretty disastrous day. nick parrot reports. 0n the tight and twisty streets of monaco, ferrari were hoping to turn a corner. their young driver went quickest and final practise, and held the backing of royalty in his hometown. but knowing the place like the back of his hand didn't stop him or his team from making mistakes. theirs was deciding not to send him out for a final lap in the first session of qualifying. as he tumbled down the leaderboa rd, team—mate sebastian was also struggling to make it through. the german took his last chance, but that knocked leclair out, condemning him to start from 16th. today we really only got one driver, they need to understand how, how to make these decisions better. world champion, lewis hamilton, said driving it was like wrestling a
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ball. but he held on to break the track record, and claim pole for the first time since the opening race of the season. that's it i'm talking bout! yes! just the desire and the will to get this poll, it means so much to me, i had to dig deeper than ever, and i'm so glad i got to get that deep, and i'm just really grateful, as i said, to my team, and it was beautiful. i feel amazing. on a circuit where it's difficult to overtake, he will be favoured to beat his team—mate, valerie bottas, for a second race in a row. so lewis hamilton beside himself with joy at getting pole position. so important around a track like monaco, but in short, it was shar leclair, the young for ari driver, who wanted answers from his team. how could they let him just sit there in the garage watching his time, as others went faster and faster. he will start the race in 16th position, and on almighty task
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for him to finish, even in the top ten, on a circuit that's his home track, and where he is so desperately wanting to prove a point. let's take a look at some of the day's other stories. brazil's lucas di grassi won the berlin e—prix, with formula e championship leader jean—eric vergne having to settle for third. alexander sims and oliver rowland came seventh, eighth, and ninth respectively. ecuador‘s, richard carapaz, is the new overall leader of the giro d'italia after winning stage fourteen. he broke clear on the giro's toughest climb yet to claim his second stage victory to take the pink jersey from jan polanc, who finished over 7 minutes behind. britain's, simon yates, bounced back from disappointment yesterday to finish second, forcing his way back into the top ten. there was a british 1—2 in the irish 2000 guineas when phoenix of spain shocked
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the curragh crowd to win the classic at 16—1 in his first race of the season. trained by charlie hills and ridden byjamie spencer, phoenix of spain comfortably saw—off the favourite too darn hot by three lengths. robert mcintyre is in contention going into the final round of the made in denmark golf. the scot is eight under par — one shot behind leader bernd wiesberger after a round of 67 — his best of the season. england's, bronte law, kept her place at the top of the pure silk championship leaderboard with a second—round 68 in virginia. she shares the lead with americans, jacqui concolino and jennifer song, on 9 under par. saracens remain in contention for a european and domestic double after crushing gloucester to reached the premiership final. a second—half hat—trick of tries
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from nick tompkins helped the champions‘ cup winners to a 44—19 victory. chrisjones was at the allianz arena. the cluster fans have certainly enjoyed their trip to allens park, and to the premise ship some final, rare appearance of the last four, not since 2011 has there been at this stage, but it was all that one tea m this stage, but it was all that one team today, they were the men in black. saracens and natasha, they england half, gloucester scored early, without all, will someone call something special here from the gloucester point of view, but when saracens took control, they took total control. you only get, they do have a stranglehold on the come on teams that they managed your time your time teams that they managed your time yourtime and time teams that they managed your time your time and time again. especially when it comes to knockout rugby. gloucester and the first three minutes, everyone was on the edge of their seats, thinking they would do something special, and that it was just the saracens from thereon. saracens completely ruthless. six tries, three of them scored by replacement, the tiles medic saracens captain limped off with a hamstring injury, doesn't look like he will be fit for the final next
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saturday. thompkins came on, and they did miss a trick, and he scored a hat trick. the only citizens 0liver, the strength in depth they have in their score is unbelievable. you lose some of them scored by replacement, the tiles medic saracens captain limped off with a hamstring injury, doesn't look like he will be fit for the final next saturday. thompkins came on, and they did miss a trick, and he scored a hat trick. the only citizens 0liver, the strength in depth they have in their score is unbelievable. you lose summary like thereto just the way that he carved back on the inside shoulder, just fantastic placement. alas of gloucester, you gain something out. when mac saracens i won gain something out. when mac saracens i won seven gain something out. when mac saracens i won seven major trophies in the past decade, they are eyeing up in the past decade, they are eyeing upa in the past decade, they are eyeing up a that took next saturday for they are eyeing up a second double in three seasons. and on this evidence, who would bet against them? sarries will face the ciefs in the final next weekend. they beat northamptonxxx in their semifinal at sandy park 42—12. it's rugby league's magic weekend at liverpool's anfield stadium and the opening game was a cracker. dominant second—half performance,
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for tries, including the solo effort from tom 0'flaherty, which sealed their place in fourth consecutive premiership final. it's rugby league's magic weekend at liverpool's anfield stadium and the opening game was a cracker. wakefield trailed the catalan dragons 12 nil at half time but fought back to lead before benjamin garcia restored the catalan advantage. they were soon level though thanks to this try from ben jones bishop. a try atry in a try in the corner for ben jones bishop! there was just one point in it going into the final minute before garcia got his second try of the match to seal victory. things gone our way in the first half, we are 12—0 up, then suddenly the men changed, it was more interesting really to see our reaction. if you want to be a team that competes regularly, you have to whether those come and come through.
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earlier in the season, we have collapsed on a couple of those, so it's a good sound for us today. we were 12—0 down at half—time, i thought it was disappointed, but where we clawed that game back, and iam where we clawed that game back, and i am really proud of the guys. as it was, we didn't get victory today, we got outsmarted a little bit you know, game management, probably wasn't where it needed to be. that effort today wednesday more games than you lose. huddersfield scored ten unanswered tries as they beat hull fc by 55 points to two. the giants are now unbeaten in seven magic weekend matches. wigan take on warrington in the final match of the day from seven o'clock. as we mentioned earlier, we're less than a fortnight from the start of the women's world cup in france. among those hoping to make an impact is england's, toni duggan. the barcelona forward missed out on a champions league winners medal at the weekend when her side
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lost to lyon, but she's out to put women's football centre stage this summer. as part of the bbc‘s change the game season, sally nugent went to spain to meet her. got actually really right now... go on. you like 0k. your spanish is good. tony certainly knows where she is going. it settled in spain, but headed for the biggest summer of her career. it's a massive few years for women's football, i think. this is the biggest thing on football calendar, you've got the world cup, and hopefully, we've got the 0lympics next year. and then the year after, we've got the european championships. so for me, the next two is for women football is generally come i know people say it every year, and it's going bigger and better, but this is genuinely the biggest it can be for women's football, and i hope i can be at the
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forefront of that. i hope i can be a pa rt forefront of that. i hope i can be a part of it, and i hope we can be successful. when you were a kid, how unusual was it for girls to be playing like you played close so it was not common i was on the girl in the school plane, never mind the class. i was always getting called names, there was people who supported me, don't get me wrong, but more so there was more name—calling from the lads, and why are you plain football, go on and play with the girls, it was tough to take, because you are only a kid, and now we can sit and laugh about it, but when you are a little girl, and it's difficult. i'm glad i stuck with it. now i get messages before the game from the people saying good luck, how are you doing, it's quite nice tojust be luck, how are you doing, it's quite nice to just be like, how times have changed. i'm trying to greet a better pathway for the next generation, because i'm very thank full for the ones that created it for me. so i think 5—10 years ago, we put would have been screwing up her any publicity, any radio interviews, any tv interviews, brands coming on board, so any chance that i get to work with
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brands, do media, i give it, i give it everything. things have changed so much for you over the last couple of years, you moved away from home, you are living in barcelona, playing for one of the most famous clubs in the world. do you ever pinch yourself? sometimes you just need to stop and take it all in, because even women's football in general, it's just moving so so fast. like sharing planes with the men's teams, playing for barcelona, just things he would never would've even trumped up, but the dreamscape coming true, and honestly been crazy. of luck to tony and the rest of the team, we have one scorcher tell you about before we go, that's in the pro 14 final, defending champions are playing glasgow at celtic park. they are about 90 minutes into the first half, the score is 7—5 to glasgow. we will have an update for you on that later. that's all from sportsday. we'll have more at half past seven. goodbye for now. goodbye.
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hello. some of us have started the bank holiday weekend with some sunshine. there was a fair amount of it around this afternoon, particularly across south and southeast england, this was the scene in top linen on the isle of wight this afternoon, for others it's been a very different story. you've had a lot of cloud around come outbreaks of rain across northern ireland, parts of northern england, and scotland. it severely mixed picture through the rest of the bank holiday weekend, for all of us, it's good to turn cooler. the winds will be strengthening as well, and most of us will see some rain at times. it's all coming courtesy of this frontal system moving in from off the atlantic, and impact for parts of northern scotland, that front is going to linger through much of the bank holiday weekend. it scotla nd much of the bank holiday weekend. it scotland which will see the lion's share of the rain overnight. it will tend to ease from northern england, so much of england and wales becoming mainly dry, but some heavy persistent rain across the western side of scotland, shetland probably staying mainly dry, could see some mist and fog developing across parts
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of england and wales, rain returning to northern ireland as the night wears on, and moving into parts of western areas of wales and england. it will not be a cold night for most, we will stay in the double figures. here is the ring tomorrow working its way eastwards. becoming more shari on itsjourney across parts of england and well. so east anglia southeast england may see very little rain at all. the rain will clear from northern ireland, seven scotland, wales, southwest england, sunshine returning here. becoming confined to northern parts of scotla nd becoming confined to northern parts of scotland persistent and heavy at times there. you will notice that the ones will be strong or tomorrow, quite dusty across northern and western scotland, so that is meant to ta ke western scotland, so that is meant to take the edge off temperatures, despite some sunshine. for england and wales perhaps 16—21dc, 17—18 for northern ireland. single figures for northern scotland, and it's here that we keep the rain on bank holiday monday. elsewhere, some spells of sunshine. there will be some scientific neck showers brewing, particularly across northern ireland, wales, southwest england, fewer stars that further south and east you are. but nowhere
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near, still quite a brisk wind as well, sometimes teachers will be in the mid to high teens. we keep that brisk wind as we go into tuesday. still some showers to be found, but probably not as many as what we see on bank holiday monday. so for many, it will be a mainly dry day, some bright or sunny spells, and improvement across northern scotland, while we could see some showers and loosely persistent rain, and spousal sunshine for a time. it still just and spousal sunshine for a time. it stilljust 9—10dc here, and elsewhere we are looking at 12—17dc. this mixed picture continues as we go through wednesday and thursday. there will be showers, longest buzz of rain, particularly the further north and west you are, but driest with the best of the sunshine the further south and east you are, it's here for some of us, we do need that rain, goodbye.
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this is bbc news i'm lukwesa burak. the headlines at 7pm. the race to become the new conservative leader and prime minister is under way — matt hancock is the latest to enter the contest. delivering brexit is absolutely mission—critical and it must be done as soon as possible, and it has to be done in this parliament. a british climber dies on mount everest. robin haynes fisher is the tenth person to die on the mountain this season. four children who were "rescued" from a house in sheffield yesterday, have been released from hospital. two boys, aged 13 and 14, died in the incident. president trump is injapan for the start of a historic four—day state visit. universities in england are told not


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