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tv   The Briefing  BBC News  March 12, 2020 5:45am-6:01am GMT

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the fact ii‘ul‘ei ffistit if‘ai‘ii it-‘ufie ”feat if‘ai‘ii fiufie il-‘lfie ”fistl l‘lfisl ‘ul‘e‘. ruer about the fact that he joined forces with the bank of england to try and live a package of monetary and fiscal measures including tax and interest rates cut to cushion the uk economy at this time of crisis. in at times, disgraced film producer harvey weinstein has been sentenced to 23 years in prison for rape and sexual assault. the new york prosecutor delivered the message. only weinstein‘s record of sexual attacks and harassment of women dates back to the 19705 in a lifetime of abu5e so say the prosecutors in which he trapped women in his exclusive control and attempted to assault them. and the male online website looks at a member of the panic buying public whose found themselves on the wrong side of the law after being caught in a van which was more than a ton overweight because of the number of toilet roll5 parked in the back. the driver was stopped by officers from the
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driver and vehicle standards agency in london and find £300. i wonder how much the toilet roll cost him as well. if is back, we are going to delve through these stories. —— fiona. bbc online is looking at the announcement from the president, from the oval office which took many by surprise. the travel ban in particular. interesting that bbc online has just updated, itjust says it does not apply to us citizens. this is the confusion, who does it apply to and who doesn't it apply to? that's right. and there are a couple of other confusing areas, if you like. there was initially, trump also suggested this travel ban was with cargo and trade, which has been backpedalled on since in a tweet. so there is some
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confusion surrounding this. it's the first time we have seen it's the first time we have seen president trump appear to ta ke seen president trump appear to take the coronavirus situation seriously and address measures and moves to protect us citizens from the spread. it's a big move, but it's one that perhaps markets have been waiting for a little earlier. we will see what the reaction is like in a moment. futures predict where wall street will open indicate another dramatic fall on the stock markets in the us, which indicates perhaps they are not that impressed with these announcements coming from the white house. the other issueis from the white house. the other issue is a cause for president trump when it comes to things like changes in tax, the kind of thing, he has to get it to congress as well. there is a process to follow. there is a process , process to follow. there is a process, it is not necessarily a very quick process. the delay is unnerving investors. the point to really focus on it is fear that is driving the markets. it is the fear of the unknown. markets are unable to
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put a floor under this, we don't know how this is going to pan out. bbc online article say what is the situation in the us? it says in some parts you have got the, you know, we have got containment going on in new rochelle, north of new york city where there has been an outbreak, troops being deployed. there are a lot of different actions being taken across the us. viewers have beenin across the us. viewers have been in touch about this. we ask you the beginning of the programme whether you think this is the right move not. we heard from some who are actually in midflight, melissa from austin, texas says: "i am ona from austin, texas says: "i am on a flight from austin, texas to croatia. we now have 2a hours to figure out how to get home. luckily my sister is staying up late and on the line with live bands are to get help." but we're also hearing from one person this is not
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necessarily us citizens that this applies to, but foreign nationals and is where the confusion arises —— on the phone with lufthansa. so, on the daily telegraph, virus can only be delayed. that's right. and this is referring to the four different stages of protecting the uk against the virus. we started in containment and are moving to delay. there is the cobra meeting today where the cabinet will agree to that, i believe. this is going to be looking more at social distancing, different measures with the idea of trying to delay the real outbreak of coronavirus and still towards the summer months when the hopi is the virus won't spread so quickly in the summer months because we are outside more and we aren't stuck in an enclosed spaces —— the hope is. so we will be
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looking at elderly homes, working from home and if you have any symptoms, isolation. those measures are what they will be looking at and then the budget that was yesterday, to help support those who do need help. you and i were both talking about the fact we haven't heard from schools yet, we both got children in school and my children are just desperate for a bit of self isolation, they can't wait. it's like a snow day on steroids, isn't it? anyway, financial times, sunak budget ta kes financial times, sunak budget takes aim at coronavirus. so many big headlines about this budget, the biggest span for over 30 years, notes been in recent times. will it work? —— the largest seen in recent times. it's difficult to know the answer to that question because we don't actually know what the impact is going to be. so there's no way of drawing a line at the bottom of this even
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virology is to say they can't actually predict how many people are going to suffer from this. there is this sort of worst—case scenario where 20% of the uk population will be ill also isolated at any one time, so there are ideas about how bad is dengate, but what we saw here was an end to austerity in a big budget —— how bad it is going to get. and this budget had so much in it for the uk economy and the fact the bank of england announced the bank of england announced the rate cut at 7am in the morning, pointing out the ftse closing 1.4% lower. the market predictions are saying the ftse will open the law again today. no matter what governments are saying, it would seem investors are not convinced. they think a lot worse is to come. completely. and policymakers can't stop the spread of the virus and that is what is putting the fear into the
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market. let's change the subject now. how wayne steen, the hollywood mogul for subject now. how wayne steen, the hollywood mogulfor — former mogul, it says, denton's 223 years. it has the pictures here ofjessica mann and lauren young leaving the court room, clutching hands. he got a very long sentence. this sends a message, doesn't it? definitely. these were two very brave women who had to give graphic testimonies. they have said, you know i'm they have made are that he abused his power over the powerless, this is from jessica mann. this was a known offender whose crimes we re a known offender whose crimes were covered up, a known offender whose crimes were covered up, so a known offender whose crimes were covered up, so there is a sense of justice for them. which is great. and if we move on finally... to this story about the van driver in the uk getting a 300 pound fine after being caught with his van
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overweight with a ton of toilet paper. was he aiming to make a quick buck on toilet paper speculation? we have all been to the supermarkets, we have all seen there was a shortage of toilet paper stop no toilet rolls on the shelf and now we know where it has all been hiding. it was that the blackwall tunnel, to be very, very specific —— it was at dark. one of the headlines in the metro earlier this week was ‘shelfless', as consumers we are selfish and helpless. we are selfish and helpless. we are hovering around the toilet — the toilet roll section and pastor. we do what we can to help ourselves —— toilet rolls
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and pasta. but just help ourselves —— toilet rolls and pasta. butjust want to talk about your responses to our topics. is this the right action from president trump in the oval office? monica bell says after trump finished his remarks, he clarified it would not bar all americans, just foreign nationals. another person says i would be interested to know why the uk is exempt? is it politically motivated? and finally, another saying it is not ourjob to second—guess their actions. have a good day.
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hello. meteorologically speaking, it is now the start of spring. but of course, winter is not that far behind us and i think we will get a reminder of that through the next couple of days. cold air flooding into the uk around an area of low pressure will bring us quite a few showers actually, on thursday, the most frequent closest to the low centre, so across the northern half of the uk. but can't rule out some pretty sharp ones whipping through on that strong wind further south, either. and as you can see, the blue has flooded its way right across the uk for today, but all sitting in the polar air. so it will add a definite chill to proceedings, even where we see some sunshine. after showers overnight and plunging temperatures, snow and ice a possible hazard as we start our morning commute. there could be some further falling snow through the earlier part of the day as well for scotland, the higher ground for the higher ground of northern england and for northern ireland. we should see the snow levels rising as the day progresses, however. some showers to the south, though, could have a little bit of hail mixed in with them from time to time. there'll be quite squally winds here, too. but the showers should be more scattered, they'll tend to come in more persistent bands to the north of the uk, across northern ireland,
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parts of northern england and scotland. it will feel chilly and the wind, while the strongest across southern scotland, northern england, northern ireland and to the north—west of wales, gusts could touch up to 60 miles per hour here but gusts of a0 miles per hour quite widely. through thursday evening, still a lot of showers around, then we move into the small hours of friday and things start to become quieter. we pick up a northerly wind on the length of the north sea, that will feed some showers into eastern counties the uk, temperatures fall away across the northern half of the uk and in particular again into the small hours of friday. so ice a risk for the north of the uk for first thing on friday once again but our showers will tend to shift offshore quite quickly through friday morning as high pressure starts to build just a little ridge — a brief ridge of high pressure starts to build for friday daytime. so the early showers clear, the northerly wind eases, there'll be pleasant sunshine the majority for a time
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at least before our next low starts to approach from the south—west as we get into friday afternoon. the wind will begin to pick up once again and we'll see the arrival of some further rainfall. and then it's another weekend, another area of low pressure. saturday the wettest of the weather to the north—west of the uk. for sunday, this front needs to make its way through so i suspect all of us will see some rain at some stage. so quite a bit of cloud around widely around the uk on saturday, rainfall fairly limited. sunday definitely looks like soggier prospects across the board.
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good morning. welcome to breakfast. our headlines today: president trump announces a travel ban on anyone from mainland europe, other than the uk in an effort to prevent the further spread of coronavirus. to keep new cases from entering our shores, we will be suspending all travel from europe to the united states for the next 30 days. the new rules will go into effect friday at midnight. the government is set to step up its response to the coronavirus, moving to the delay phase focussing on slowing the spread of the disease. oscar winner tom hanks confirms he's contracted


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