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tv   The Briefing  BBC News  March 13, 2020 5:45am-6:01am GMT

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as a "nuanced reponse". however, the guardian says medical, scientific and public health experts have criticised the uk's approach. the papers says the measures put england at odds with neighbouring countries. the financial times leads with trauma on the global markets, the worst day for the ftse 100 since black monday in 1987. the japan times carries a warning that specialist ecmo machines that are needed to help severe cases of coronavirus are in very short supply and most are already being used for patients with other serious heart and lung issues. bloomberg are reporting that italy's school shutdown is driving a surge in internet traffic as students turn to online video games to stave off boredom. and seeing as social distancing is becoming the new norm — harvard business review carries a very useful report on how to avoid hand shaking.
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so let's begin. with me is mark davies — ceo of strategy consultancy, camberton. will come to that in the moment. the daily telegraph, many more families are going to lose loved ones. this is the morning from borisjohnson yesterday, very stark and distressing for many people. unsurprisingly, it's what taken headline space onjust unsurprisingly, it's what taken headline space on just about every paper this morning with the exception of the son which has cough and you're off. everyone else is wrong with this. it was a very sober press conference. really not the borisjohnson were used to sing at all. he is having a good crisis so far because people are surprised by the measured approach he has been taking.
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people are surprised by my minister's statement like —— statesmanlike and sombre handling of the press conference. given president crump —— president trump came under criticism, it is in stark contrast however the measures that have been introduced in other papers have really been criticised. in the guardian, there is criticism from other health experts saying actually, england should follow the lead of other countries, scotland and different measures which have been introduced but they are saying in fact, the uk in this go it alone approach is quite dangerous. they are saying that. my own view is the uk approach is the only one which seems to be more strategic stop they seem to have a plan which, as the prime minister put it, is to flatten
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the sombrero. that and what the peak of cases to come too quickly. they don't believe they can stop spreading through they can stop spreading through the population and therefore what they want to do is control the way that it spreads in order to be able to manage hospital admissions accordingly. when people say we should have stopped this, we should have stopped this, we should have stopped that, we shouldn't let people fly in the way donald trump is done, what the british government is doing is looking at the scientific evidence which apparently says this will just delay evidence which apparently says this willjust delay things by a day or two. delaying things a day or two doesn't help anybody it also now more focused on where the resource comes to deal with the problems which are now inevitable. the virus is in the population. the problem is, many people watching this will be saying, i'm very worried about older relatives in my family but we are not being told to implement social distancing just that ——
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yet. when you see what is happening, italy on lock down, it's hard communication to make. if you think about it, it's less than a month ago there were three cases of coronavirus in italy. there are now over 15,000. the fact that the italians have taken a different approach doesn't mean it's the right one and you mention a contrast between borisjohnson mention a contrast between boris johnson and donald mention a contrast between borisjohnson and donald trump. donald trump's ‘s conference yesterday, his announcement that he was going to ban travel from europe to the united states, has had a calamitous effect on the stock markets which will have a serious knock—on effect to people in their everyday lives. in a way that actually the virus itself may not. the virus itself is going to be something that the mast majority of people who get it, 99%, will recoverfrom mast majority of people who get it, 99%, will recover from the economic impact is going to have knock—on effects which have knock—on effects which have real—life consequences as well. i think if you contrast the british prime minister with
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the british prime minister with the american president and the way they are handling this, they are chalk and cheese, particularly interesting given these were two people who often compared with each other and i think borisjohnson‘s compared with each other and i think boris johnson's approach has been farther better. talk about the global stock market and the financial times, traumatic day. it describes yesterday which has spurred central banks to step up action although many people would also say the european central back took action, the key rate of interest. perhaps not enough is being done. the fed came up with some extra action but it certainly doesn't have seem to have come to the market. what we haven't seen as a co—ordinated approach in the british government published its budget on wednesday, the europeans have come out with something different. so there is in the same co—ordinated approach we saw in the global
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financial crisis and stop also problematic is the fact that we don't have very much room. there isn't much we can cut of interest rates. 0.5%, but we are now down to 0.25%. not much wiggle room. a number of stocks fell by more than a third. the japan times is reporting on our hospitals are low on the last resort remedy. these are ecni resource intensive but cutting—edge machines. a fraction in the uk, compared with japan. this comes back to the strategic point that we started with which is that you need to make sure this affects people at a time when they can get help. it's about the most vulnerable people being able to have medical attention when
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they needed. if everybody gets it at once. clearly there are never going to be enough ecmo machines and this is first arisen in italy without having to make decisions about who uses to make decisions about who uses the machine and who doesn't. they're uses the machine and who doesn't. they‘ re making uses the machine and who doesn't. they're making a choice based on people's age and what we are trying to do here is to even that out so that the availability of the machines will cover more people as they get it rather than everybody getting it at once in their still only being one set of machines used. the japanese, yes, that had experience of using these machines for. it hasn't been good compared with some of the european impacts. the numbers are in the article here. a 90% survival rate when this machine was used in european countries like finland and sweden but injapan last
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time, 30% and they weren't using the machines as effectively. there is history on this an hour trying to learn from it. let's move on to the story about how apparently lots of people in italy, because they are housebound and pupils instead of doing homework are turning to on line gaming, no surprise really. the port side marathon and call of duty going on. this is a slightly light—hearted story within a lot of gloomy ones. a problem with the amount of internet bandwidth. we were talking about earlier, which share prices can possibly can go up in this kind of scenario with the markets in freefall and of course there are going to be some organisations that will benefit from new subscribers as a result of people coming in. netflix is an obvious one. microsoft. you might need
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multiple playstation is to stop lights in the house. let's move onto last story is well about how to avoid shaking hands. it seems that this is a real issue because people are so used to shaking hands. how do you stop that? there is a video of prince charles remembering not to shake hands. in greeting people like that. the one i like this best is the word handshake where you tap feet but the one that is gaining the most traction is the touch of the elbow and i watched my daughter play netball and after the match, all the players congratulated each other by touching elbows. thank you very much for all of that. so many other remedies as well. stay with us here on bbc news.
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hello there. well, the weather's been quite unsettled really, often quite windy with a number of showers around. we certainly have plenty of these on thursday and this was one of those shower clouds spotted in the skies around the wolverhampton area. now, the satellite picture shows showers swirling around an area of low pressure that's just moving out to the north sea at the moment but that's not the last of the lows. we have another couple of swirls of cloud, one coming in late on friday and another one working in just in time for the weekend. now, if you're out and about for the next few hours, across northern areas, there will be further showers and at times, those will be falling as snow over the hills of scotland. elsewhere, it's going to stay quite windy. temperatures of the most part keeping above freezing but with a nip of frost in scotland, perhaps northern england, where we could see if few icy stretches where we see those showers fall. the rest of friday morning, showers get driven down the north sea by these
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cold northerly winds and we could see cloud thicken and outbreaks of rain across wales and south—west england. in these two areas, we'll see areas of sunshine that is when moves across wales combined with winds coming across the north sea, we will get this line of moisture which will generate showers, more from merseyside down through the midlands to the greater london area. it could be quite slow—moving and could turn cloudy for a time as well. we got rains on the day across wales and south—west england. the aim becomes more extensive overnight and for the weekend, slow—moving weather front pushes its way eastwards across the uk so we will see rain at times across this weekend. the rain will be followed by showers. so it is an unsettled looking weekend and often it's going to be pretty windy as well. we'll take a look at more detailed forecasts and on saturday, a strip of cloud, the rain quite heavy in scotland, easing off later in the day but that's only because the next weather system
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will be racing its way in, bringing more rain across northern ireland and the return of wet weather for western scotland, north—west england and wales across the day. the rain could turn quite heavy across the hills across northern england overnight. and on into sunday as well. with some fairly large rainfall totals. given how what it's been recently, this could provide a risk of some further localised flooding. as it moves into east anglia and south—east england, it will then be followed by showers and eventually, we will start to drag in some cool air across north—west areas as well. looking beyond that, we could see some high pressure develop towards the south, so it could become drier in london but it will become rather unsettled further north.
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good morning. welcome to breakfast, with charlie stayt and rachel burden. 0ur headlines today: a new phase in the fight against coronavirus. from today, the government says anyone with a new or persistent cough or high temperature should self—isolate for seven days. the prime minister declares coronavirus the worst public health crisis in a generation, and will be more dangerous than flu. more families, many more families, are going to lose loved ones before their time. good morning from cheltenham on gold cup day, one of the few sporting events going ahead as


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