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tv   Our World  BBC News  March 22, 2020 3:30am-4:01am GMT

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the headlines: the death toll in italy has seen another dramatic rise due to coronavirus. nearly 800 people died in a 24—hour period — by far the worst single—day total worldwide, since the pandemic began. the covid—19 pandemic has now infected more than 300,000 around the world. there's been a steep rise in the number of deaths in spain as well, an increase of more than 300, bringing the total to more than 1,300. spain's prime minister has underlined the importance of people continuing to confine themselves to their homes. in the uk, the prime minister, borisjohnson, has urged everyone to follow the guidance to stay at home to protect the nhs and save lives. he also warned that the coronavirus outbreak is "accelerating." the uk death toll has risen by 56, bringing the total number of dead to 233.
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as the coronavirus spreads around the world, it has been followed by a mountain of misinformation. chris morris from the bbc‘s reality check has taken a look at some of the myths — separating the fact from the fiction. we know the experts say, above all, wash your hands frequently to try limit the coronavirus‘ spread. but there have also been a variety of myths circulating on social media and elsewhere which amount to fake health advice. so here are a few things to ignore. myth number one: eat garlic to avoid infection. there's no question that garlic is a healthy food. the same goes for other fruit and vegetables. but the world health organization says there is no evidence that eating garlic or anything else has protected people from covid—19. myth number two: drink water every 15 minutes. again, drinking water and staying hydrated is good for you, but that doesn't mean
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it can stop coronavirus. you get a virus like this when you breathe in, there's no biological mechanism to suggest you can flush it out of your system by constantly drinking water. myth number three: don't eat ice cream. the idea that avoiding ice cream or other cold foods could prevent the virus taking hold is totally untrue. and trying to heat your body to make it inhospitable to the virus just won't work. we know the flu virus doesn't survive well outside the body in heat, but we don't know about how that it will impact the coronavirus. myth numberfour: drinkable silver. the use of colloidal silver, tiny particles of the metal suspended in liquid has been suggested, but the clear advice from health authorities is that it doesn't treat infections in the body or boost immunity. in fact, it could cause serious side—effects like kidney damage, seizures oi’ even
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turning your skin blue. again, the best advice in all circumstances is to keep washing your hands. chris morris. bbc news has gained exclusive access to two filmmakers inside the chinese city of wuhan. our world tells the story of life under lockdown. wuhan, central china, with a population of 11 million, it's bigger than greater london. this is where the coronavirus outbreak began last december. injanuary, as it started spreading across china, the government took an unprecedented step, to lockdown wuhan. two residents began to film.
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police barricades ring the city. all roads out are shut. lin wenhua, a travel logger, heads out with his camera. lin has lived in wuhan his whole life and knows the bustling city like the back of his hand, but today it is empty. many factories, offices and shops are closed.
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the lockdown is a huge gamble to stop the spread of the virus to the rest of china by shutting off wuhan. residents do not know what it will do to infections within the city and there is no word on when it will end. two dozen people have already died. wuhan central hospital is the epicentre of the outbreak. it is under unprecedented strain. li ting is a nurse in the emergency department.
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she has been treating patients for several weeks and shared her concerns with her husband, cai kaihai. but the hospital needs workers like li ting. despite her fears, she believes it is her duty to carry on.
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the government has shut all public transport — it has paralysed the city. lin wenhua has been contacted by a doctorfriend with a request for help. even those on the front line fighting the virus are unable to get to work. lin arranges to pick up his first passenger, a nurse.
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after driving several doctors and nurses to work, lin drops in on his friend, lil lil. it's chinese new year.
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families often travel across the country to be together at chinese new year. the lockdown was implemented to avoid this epic movement of people and stop the spread of the virus beyond wuhan.
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the people's liberation army now arrives in wuhan. construction starts on two new mega hospitals to be run by the military. 40,000 medical workers from around china are drafted in and, to solve the transport problem, the government organises buses and hotels for hospital staff, but doctors have struggled to understand the virus and protect themselves from it.
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many are becoming infected. cai takes his wife, li ting, to her shift in the emergency department. she's not feeling well. soon after, she calls him.
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li ting is told the hospitals do not have space to treat her so, like thousands of others, she is sent home to self—quarantine. avoiding infection requires extreme measures.
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it has been over a week since the lockdown. new infections have grown by 500%. there are reports that people with the virus who have stayed at home are infecting their families and neighbours, and that some are dying in their homes. but with hospitals full, the self—quarantine policy continues. crying li ting has now had the virus for five days but her condition has worsened. cries.
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until a bed becomes available, the couple are stuck at home. 10,000 wuhan residents have become infected in the last week. the two new mega
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hospitals have opened. sports stadiums and conference halls have been converted into giant mass—confinement centres. everyone suspected of having coronavirus now has to be in hospital. only a country with china's command system could react this fast. lin wenhua is helping to deliver medicine. although there is currently no cure, the government has advised that hiv drugs may help ease the symptoms. hiv patients have donated their drugs to people with the virus who cannot get them
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through the hospitals.
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breathes heavily.
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nurse li ting needs to go to hospital. it is the first time she has been out of the house for 12 days. the doctor is checking her lungs with a ct scan. they have to go home. cai desperately calls the hospitals asking for an available place but no luck. in bed, li ting speaks to him by phone in the next room.
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the next day, li ting is finally admitted to hospital. lin has now driven over 1000 miles around wuhan. there are thought to be up to 50,000 volunteers like him. it is a lifeline for the city. but they are exposing themselves to extreme risk.
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but lin has finally hit a dead end. in a bid to self isolate, residents have cut off the entrance to their district.
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the lockdown has slowed the spread to the rest of china. but in just one month, nearly 50,000 people have become infected in wuhan. now, the government escalates the lockdown. it orders every residential complex must close its gates. cai goes to pick up a delivery.
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food supplies are now organised by the management of each apartment block. anyone who tries to leave risks being arrested. fewer new infections are now being reported. li ting is still in hospital but she is finally on the mend. lin wenhua is also now
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confined to his complex. he is unable to carry on his volunteering work and he is having to miss a big family event.
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hello there. there is a lot of fine and settled weather in the forecast right across the country. but we will see subtle changes in the north—west. as high pressure holds on for most of us, this weather front will encroach in to bring more cloud, outbreaks of rain to the north—west, and also fairly strong winds. the rainfall amounts really could mount up here as we move into next week. but for most of us, it's going to be settled, thanks to that area of high pressure, so dry for most with a good deal of sunshine around. we'll continue to have a chilly wind. certainly, over the next few days and nights will be cold with some frost around. now, as we head into the early part of sunday, looks like we could see some low cloud just rolling in off the north sea into the north—east of england and into eastern scotland. a bit more cloud for the west of scotland as well. further south, though, clear skies. it's going to be a chilly one and we will see a touch of frost in places, particularly through central northern areas. now, the cooler air mass is still with us as we head
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through sunday, being brought in on an east—south—easterly wind, so there will be a bit of a chill to the air again. it's going to be a chilly start generally across the board, but bright with lots of sunshine. we should see that low cloud across the east coast drift northwards and clear away and then we should see more sunshine, in fact, through the day for northern ireland and for much of scotland. but by the afternoon, most are seeing some sunshine with fewer clouds around. the winds still a feature but not as strong as they were on saturday. so i think with the sunshine and slightly lighter winds, then, it shouldn't feel too bad. if you are out of that breeze, the top temperatures 11—12 degrees, but cool across southern and eastern coasts. now, as we head through sunday night, there's another cold one under clear skies. that weather front starts to close in to the north—west of scotland, so here, less cold that it will be further south. it could be quite a cold night, in fact, through sunday night. and for monday, we start off with quite a bit of frost around, at least clear skies with plenty of sunshine, too, so that will compensate for the cold starts. winds a little bit later as well, coming in from the south—east.
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for the north—west, though, it turns cloudy. outbreaks of rain for the hebrides and into the northern isles as that weather front loiters there. but elsewhere, in the sunshine, not feeling too bad with light winds, 10—12 degrees. tuesday, again, a sunny day for most of us. that weather front introducing a bit more cloud to scotland and northern ireland and the rainfall starting to mount up in the north—west corner, some of it heavy at times. notice the temperature's a little bit higher as well — we could see 13—14 degrees through tuesday. so feeling that little bit milder as we lose the colder air from the east. so it stays generally fine and dry through the week across england and wales. a bit more cloud further north and west.
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this is bbc news. welcome if you're watching here in the uk or around the globe. i'm james reynolds. our top stories: in italy, coronavirus kills nearly 800 people in a single day — the highest total anywhere in the world, since the outbreak began. in spain, there's been a big rise too — an increase of more than 300 people, bringing the total number of deaths there to more than 1,300. as the death toll rises in the uk, a plea from the prime ministerfor everyone to stay at home — to protect health services — and lives. and deserted streets in south america as brazil's largest state, sao paulo, announces a two—week shut down.


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