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hello, this is bbc news. the headlines... the children‘s commissioner for england calls for teaching unions and the government to ‘stop squabbling‘ over plans for primary schools pupils this is bbc news with to return to the classroom. the latest headlines for viewers in the uk despite looser travel restrictions in england, a warning to daytrippers not to visit rural and coastal areas and around the world. this weekend amid fears the number the children's commissioner of infections could rise. for england calls for teaching unions and the government to ‘stop people in italy will be able squabbling' over plans to travel in and out of the country for primary schools pupils and internally from the beginning to return to the classroom. ofjune, as the government moves to ease one of the world‘s the whole debate defended into what i would call a squabble, and the strictest lockdowns. position didn't really become entrenched and i fear that the best interests of children, which is what and the german bundesliga is back — we are all meant to be looking out it‘ll be the first major within this debate, are being european football league to restart later, with matches held in empty stadiums. overlooked. as one of the strictest coronavirus lockdowns begins to ease — people in italy will be able to travel both internally — and now on bbc news, and in and out of the country — annita mcveigh has more information from the beginning ofjune and health advice on the coronavirus but despite looser restrictions now in england — a warning to day—trippers not to visit rural and coastal areas outbreak, in this special programme. this weekend amid fears the number
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of infections could rise in the us — president trump announces a programme to speed up the development of a vaccine against coronavirus — dubbed ‘0peration warp speed'. the german bundesliga is back — it'll be the first major european football league to restart later, with matches held in empty stadiums. and could sniffer dogs be trained to detect coronavirus? a new government—backed trial begins in the uk. good morning, you're watching bbc news, i'm karin giannone with the latest on the coronavirus outbreak in the uk and around the world. here in the uk, the government
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and teachers‘ unions should "stop squabbling" and agree a plan to reopen schools safely. that's the message from the children's commissioner for england who says disadvantaged children are losing out from schools being closed for so long. teachers‘ leaders met the government's scientific advisers yesterday to seek assurances over safety, but have not yet agreed on how schools should open. the government has set out plans to begin a phased reopening of primary schools in england from the ist ofjune. the public is being urged to "think twice" before heading to england‘s beaches and country parks this weekend, despite the easing of lockdown rules. councils in beauty spots are worried that a surge in visitors
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could result in a rise in coronavirus infections. in a major step to re—open its economy, italy has announced plans to lift its strict travel restrictions. from the 3rd ofjune, travel will be allowed to and from the country, as well as between regions.(ani) —— to and from the country, as well as between regions. in the united states, president trump has said the country will reopen "vaccine or no vaccine", as he announced an objective to deliver a coronavirus jab by the end of the year. football fans in germany — and around the world — are eagerly awaiting today‘s resumption of the bundesliga. it‘s the first top flight european league to restart since coronavirus forced the suspension of play across the continent. all games will be played behind closed doors. more now on those comments from the children‘s commisioner for england, anne longfield, who has urged the government and teachers‘ unions to ensure schools open as quickly and as safely as possible. i‘ve been disappointed over the past week as the full deal completed in two new —— into what i would call a squabble. i think children are being overlooked. we will not get to the stage of having a vaccine well this is going to be 100% safe but i think
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what we can see from where schools have stayed open and in all countries and indeed with nurseries that have stayed open around the nhs hospitals, it can be managed. proper testing as well and proper monitoring. mike might put this into context for us. the row is rumbling on. borisjohnson said that neck set out his road map last sunday, a conditional one, lots of ifs in there. one of them was to start the opening primary schools from the ist ofjune, reception, year one and year six. the government set out how they think this can be done safely. things like having limited classifies numbers, not mixing those classes with other ones staggered break, stagger break times. they did not feel there was enough clarity and unions, not enough safety.
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discussions going on, unions met with scientific advisers from the government, left that meeting saying, to some extent, they had more questions than answers. the bbc has been speaking to kevin courtney from the national education union. the government said schools will only open on june first that certain tests are past. we do not know what they are, we think they are around they are, we think they are around the r rate but we do not know what number they want to have to reopen schools. what we know from denmark, when they open their schools in a much better way than we think we would, having studied it, when they open schools, the r increased further. not long to sort this out, june one is when schools were partially reopened. yes, the children‘s commissioner for england, this all applies to england because the administrations can make their own decisions on this, scotland,
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wales and northern ireland, she is appointed to stand up for the rights of children so she is saying the government unions, they need to stop squabbling, work together. her particular concern seems to be from vulnerable children saying if they miss out on school, it could do particular damage to them so she wa nts to particular damage to them so she wants to see children back at school as soon as possible and the union says they want it, too, but it must be safe. italy has said people can travel in and out of the country from the third ofjune. it‘s a significant change in a nation that imposed one of the world‘s most rigid coronavirus lockdowns, and suffered significant loss of life. more than 31,000 italians have died of covid—i9 since late february, but the infection rate has fallen quickly. our reporter freya cole has more. italy is opening up. preparations are under way to welcome people back
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to the mediterranean for the start of european summer. but there‘s still a lot of uncertainty. translation: with the measures that will be imposed, according to rumours, because we still don‘t know what they will be, we risk having 30-35% what they will be, we risk having 30—35% fewer umbrellas. what they will be, we risk having 30-3596 fewer umbrellas. tourist operators are planning as much as they can. everything could change if there is a second wave of infection. but from june three, the government plans to reinstate free movement around the country. holidays will be allowed and encouraged. translation: in two months, we‘ve only had two overnight stays. this gives you an idea of the situation. the newly published government decree also reveals plans to open italy‘s borders but it‘s unclear what restrictions will be put on international travellers. already, at airports in rome, thorough cleaning is taking place. as well as
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temperature checks at customs. it is a gradual process. business league is very different. tables must be two metres apart and there is more cleaning than ever before. the challenge is huge. we are used to working hard, rolling up our sleeves and providing the best for our customers. are tines waited more than two months to share their love of food with others. but a new era comes with new traditions. meanwhile in greece beaches have opened today. the authorities are limiting numbers to forty people per one thousand square metres of sand —
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the prime minister says he wants the tourist season to begin injuly. in england — "stick with the rules and don‘t take risks"— that‘s the message from the health secretary matt hancock, during the first weekend since lockdown restrictions were eased. local councils are warning people to stay away from beauty spots and beaches, fearing a surge of visitors will lead to an increase in infections. it comes after scientists revealed the infection rate across the uk has risen. john mcmanus has the latest. in southwold in suffolk, they‘re hoping for visitors this weekend, so long as they follow the distancing rules. they don‘t want to see a repeat of these scenes from march. with warm weather on the way, and a resumption of travel in england, resorts across the country are worried that day—trippers may bring more than just their suntan lotion. but ministers in london say they trust the public‘s common sense. this weekend, with good weather and the new rules, i hope people can enjoy being outside. but please stick with the rules, keep an eye on your family,
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and don‘t take risks. meanwhile, there‘s been another 384 deaths from covid—i9 across the country, bringing the total to nearly 3a,000. the travel ban remains in force outside england, and the welsh and scottish governments have already warned tourists to stay away. bosses in cornwall and devon have joined them, urging visitors to give their beaches and beauty spots a miss. and it‘s a similar message from brighton to whitby. and the authorities in scarborough are notjust worried about the virus — they‘ve pointed out there will be no lifeguards on their beaches, or indeed on any across the uk. and there‘s a worrying development. the overall rate of infection has crept up to between 0.7 and 1.0. if it goes above 1.0, it means the virus begins to spread again.
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there are geographical variations. london has a lower rate than wales and northern ireland, and it‘s thought the up—tick may be down to hospitals and care homes, rather than the wider community. this weekend the rac says it expects 15 million leisure journeys to be made by car, but if there‘s a further rise in the infection rate, the brakes may come on again in the next few weeks. john mcmanus, bbc news. let‘s speak now to holly hamilton who‘s live for us in the peak district this morning. it is looking stunning, breathtaking. that is the problem. you can see why so many people are tempted to come to places like this in the peak district. rules were relaxed on monday. people will be looking to do something different this afternoon, especially with the weather predicted to be a lot nicer. of course, with the option now to
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travel a little bit further afield, they might be tempted by these pictures. but the message from residents here, from the police, from the national trust and the council is do not. stay at home or stay closer to home if you can. they are concerned beauty spots like this right across england could be overwhelmed. that speaking out to sarah fowler, the chief executive of the peak district national park. good morning. the restrictions were loosened slightly in england at the start of this week. have you seen a difference between last week and this week? write like we have seen a gentle increase with the easing of restrictions. i want to send out a huge thank you to everybody over the last seven weeks because we saw a massive decline in numbers. i do not wa nt to massive decline in numbers. i do not want to see a second wave of coronavirus happening here. if you
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can, if you can exercise locally, please do so. why track they might look at the landscape. —— please do so. why track they might look at the landscape. -- they might look at the landscape. -- they might look at the landscape. -- they might look at the landscape and want to come here. what would you say? go make many visitor facilities are not open, toilets, cafe, pub is not open. if you think about this countryside, the footpath here is really very narrow with quite a steep drop off. it is very difficult for people to maintain a social distancing in some of these locations so that is where we are asking people to keep at peace. what are people been saying today? here we have had a number of community so if you come up to me. people of
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vulnerable, we have people on our doorstep and the residents you want to offer a safe welcome but we cannot do that right now. many of the people who are vulnerable. of the people who are vulnerable. of the millions of people in our doorstep, we have a real risk if they come back your. people have come from further afield and are not so keen to speak to you because they really know they shouldn‘t be here. ican really know they shouldn‘t be here. i can understand in these times when you‘ve had seven weeks of work done, people want to turn to the sanctuary of our great national parks and a connection with nature. that i am asking people to consider giving it local. if you do come here, be self—reliant, facilities aren‘t around, be flexible. if you come to around, be flexible. if you come to a car park and its full, don‘t pack any villagers because it will impact
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the local community and emergency services. thank you for your time. really interesting point. there are no facilities here whatsoever so if you are thinking of coming today, saveit you are thinking of coming today, save it because what is worth remembering is all of this will all still be here when it is over. after weeks of misery for football fans, top flight action returns in europe later when the german bundesliga resumes. games will be devoid of fans, with strict regulations in place. that will include modest goal celebrations and players not shaking hands after the final whistle. officials from other european countries will be watching closely to see if the safety protocols work. yes, our correspondent jenny hill is in berlin this afternoon, one of jenny hill is in berlin the and following developments.
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top—flight matches of the bundesliga will get under way with brochure document taking on local rivals schalke in what is a local derby but it will be different from your average match. —— borussia dortmund will take on schalke. the bundesliga is back, big day for germany but these will be so called coast games place to empty stadium. fan not allowed anywhere near. very disappointing for a lot of fans. —— so—called ghost games taking place an empty stadium i was fans not allowed nearby. a cross daily, number of players and staff have tested positive with others breaking social distancing guidelines, coaches having to temporarily stand down after admitting nipping out of the hotel to buy some toothpaste. it
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is very difficult for players to maintain social distancing on a pitch they will be expected to but players will say there will be no victory pile on should they manage to score a goal. frankfurt the team say there will be disinfecting the balls at half—time but this is a nation which is quite concerned. they managed to get this outbreak under control and now. germany say it isa under control and now. germany say it is a bit too soon to resume the national sport. how has germany managed to weather this crisis relatively well arctic to some of its neighbourss? the rate of infection seems to be under control. the government says there are plenty of hospital beds and intensive care station to spare.
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this is why we will see an easing of restrictions that have governed daily life. it is big business here, 4 billion euros. there are concerns though. we have seen the spent some time here. bear in mind theatres, operas, ballets are still closed. we met some ballet dancers yesterday who say they want to perform, too. why can‘t they do it of footballers can? you can see how some parts of society are frustrated by this decision but it should be a big day for germany, sending a huge message around the world that germany is at the stage of which it can allow its professional players to go back out onto the pitch but there are a lot of people here who are concerned it might start infections climbing
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again. when the words of one football fan, football without spectators isn‘t really football. so what‘s the future for large scale events? will large scale music festivals, and other major sporting events ever be the same again? we‘ll be putting your questions to two guests working in the events industryjust after 3 o‘clock bst — that‘s 4 o‘clock gmt. get in touch with the hashtag #bbcyourquestions on twitter — or you can email yourquestions@bbc. co. uk. president trump has unveiled an aggressive us effort in the hope of a breakthrough in the race to find a vaccine for covid—19. he has dubbed the plan — operation warp—speed and says he aims to have a vaccine in production by the end of the year. here‘s president trump. we are getting ready so when we get the good word, we have the vaccine,
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the good word, we have the vaccine, the formula, what we need and you‘re ready to go as opposed to taking yea rs ready to go as opposed to taking years to get up. let‘s return now to the news that authorities in scenic parts of england are asking the public to think twince before visiting this weekend. there are fears that the government allowing unlimited travel within england for exercise — and the forecast for good weather could bring an influx of tourists and cause infection rates to rise in vulnerable areas. nice weather forecast, to nice weatherforecast, to picture like so far? most of the country seems to be coping pretty well. you're right, the research was to put out drivers appetites for journeys as the lockdown eases. i
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think it is quite a reassuring picture with half of drivers saying they were planning a trip of some form this weekend but the vast majority it looks like we'll be very short indeed. as far as coronavirus is concerned that some of the tourist boards are concerned, hopefully it will not be too many people but the temptation is that the sun will come out so people will be wanting to go out. why track 15 million leisure trips but people opting to stay at home. —— million leisure trips but people opting to stay at home. -- 15 million leisure trips for people opting to stay at home for that we right. people being apprehensions. —— apprehensive. anything but a normal summary day trip with most facilities being shot, public toilet shot. i could about car parks getting too busy and some of our villages and parks in particular so
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i think it‘s a good idea for drivers to use their common sense this weekend and think about if there is an option of staying local to enjoy the good weather, it‘s be worth doing that rather than going too far. you like the rac device devices not to stay at home but to use your common sense and not travel so far? that‘s right is what a lot of people are thinking of doing. the lockdown restrictions have been eased slightly but you‘re not at the end by any means and if you live close to the border, people should regard the nations around england is closed because they are not places that you can travel for leisure journeys this weekend. places like brecon beacons, snowdonia should be seen as out of bounds and people can stay local, use your car, make the most of the better weather but perhaps it makes sense not to do a particularly long trip this weekend. looking at the forecast for much of england, it will get pretty warm over the next week or so, it‘s a bank holiday as
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well that we have to think of. what is your prognosis? we need to think about how busy our patrols will be in delivering information to customers who break down. the weather is due to warm up through the course of next week so the temptation of drivers will be increasing with a longer weekend for many of us. it‘s something to keep a watching brief on. we will compare the research we have put out today to what driver sells about the plans for next week and do hopefully a good comparison to understand whether the appetite or interest in driving, particularly longer distances, plays a beaches and national parks, really gets up through next week or whether the majority of us actually feel like the lockdown is very much still in place and staying local is the right thing to do. a number of european countries are begining to ease their border restrictions. our correspondent bethany bell is in vienna says a small group of nations are cooperating on easing their lockdown
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restrictions. we are seeing a lot of countries gripping together looking at ways to ease travel restrictions. what happened overnight is that the border controls between germany, austria and switzerland have been eased. they are still in place until midjune eased. they are still in place until mid june but now instead of having systematic checks at the border, they all just have systematic checks at the border, they alljust have spot checks on they alljust have spot checks on the idea is that people who have family or relatives, or property on either side of the border, it will be easierfor them to either side of the border, it will be easier for them to move backwards and forwards but at the moment, the borders are still closed to tourist visits. we have also seen restrictions being eased in the baltic states. they are allowing
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people from in those three states to cross the borders but not people from elsewhere. this is being linked to infection rates are still seem to be low or high. and very interesting hearing those reports about italy as both germany and austria have said it‘s too soon to start talking about opening their borders to austria has been saying it‘s too soon to start talking about opening its border to italy, so it remains to be seenjust how many people will be travelling backwards and forwards to italy and whether there will still be quarantine measures in place. scientists in britain have begun a trial of sniffer dogs to see if they can be trained to detect symptoms of the coronavirus before they appear. the clinical trial is being boosted by half a million pounds of investment from the uk government with the hope that
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if the scheme works each dog would be able to screen around two hundred and fifty people an hour. dogs are already able to sniff out diseases such as cancer, malaria and parkinson‘s. professorjames logan is one of those working on the trial. what we know about other respiratory diseases and what of other diseases, hundreds of years we‘ve known diseases create changes in our body odour and we think the same thing is happening with covid—19 and if it does change, we are confident these dogs would be able to detect it and you could have a new way of diagnosing people with covid—19. you‘re watching bbc news. the german photographer — whose early shots of the beatles helped turn them into pop and style icons — has died. astrid kirchherr took the first photo of the band in hamburg in1960, and is credited with helping develop their early visual style. she passed away, aged 81, in germany on wednesday following a short illness.
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just a few weeks after captain tom moore hit the top of the charts, another centenarian has become a record—brea ker. dame vera lynn has become the oldest artist to have a top a0 album in the uk. the 103—year—old saw her greatest hits album re—enter the chart at number 30, boosted by last week‘s 75th anniversary of ve day. now it‘s time for a look at the weather with chris fawkes. hello. many of us, the early morning cloud is beginning to break up and we will see some sunshine across england and wales but particularly so into the east midlands and east anglia, i think. so into the east midlands and east anglia, ithink. further so into the east midlands and east anglia, i think. further north, so into the east midlands and east anglia, ithink. further north, if you apply to brakes coming through in scotland but still in with patchy rain here. in northern ireland,
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largely dry but largely cloudy as well. this evening, some rain will move into northern ireland just towards the end of the day. the wet weather will spread to scotland overnight with you in becoming heavier and more extensive year. england and wales turning criticality through the night with temperatures in the mild side compared to recent nights, those between 6—9dc for most of us. tomorrow, rain on the way to the north—west, more extensive and heavier for northern ireland and scotland. further south, the other patch of rain for the north—west of both england and wales but england and wales largely having the best of the sunny spell throughout the afternoon rope will be warm with 00:28:37,754 --> 4294966103:13:29,430 temperatures reaching a high of 21.
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