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they didn't give up on me, and i have to say i'm forever grateful to them for that. ijust want him to hurry up and come out. ijust really need him to come out so i can take him home. inside, guy's finally ready, saying goodbye and going home. i'm so excited. together again. oh, my love. how are you? i'm fine. good. did you ever think this moment would come? i didn't but i'm glad it has, i really am. guy and denise, the lucky ones. ed thomas, bbc news, lanarkshire. the queen has taken part in a video conference call — her first in public. she joined princess anne and four carers on the call to mark the start of this year's carers week. her majesty and the princess royal heard about the carers‘ experiences
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during the pandemic. there are 7 million unpaid carers in the uk and, during the call, the queen paid tribute to them. it's interesting listening to all your tales and stories and i'm very impressed by what you have achieved already, so i'm very glad to have been able to join you today. time for a look at the weather here's helen willetts. some much—needed rainfall in some parts of wales and the south—west, and today it has been the turn of the northeast where it has been particularly wet. all driven by this area of low pressure in the bay of biscay which will be with us for the best pa rt biscay which will be with us for the best part of five days. this rain persisting and potentially causing disruption because we could see up to 40 disruption because we could see up to a0 millimetres, so locally a lot of spray and standing water. it tends to extend further west, further south the shower easing away. fresh in scotland, down to 5
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degrees in the glens, and fog around the coast but for those further south a warm night and quite muggy. for tomorrow, everything is moving northwards. the low pressure in the bay of biscay is making its way northwards and so too will the rain. so the sunshine diminishing in the north. in the south, a band of rain that has been across the channel islands much of the day could turn thundery, so some rather large rainfall totals accumulating here. if it brightens later, there will be some showers. in between the rain bands as well there will be showers. in northern ireland rain, and edging into scotland. around the coast and north—east there will be missed and low cloud fog around. despite the brisk wind and cloud, it is still warm, temperatures a little up on those today. that's because we are
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pulling in airfrom the those today. that's because we are pulling in air from the south around that area of low pressure which will continue moving northwards over the weekend. we will lose the wind so they showers will become slower moving and temperatures will increase, but there could be some nasty showers, particularly on saturday through the northern england and wales, sophie. thank you. the new coronavirus track and trace system is working but figures show a third of those who tested positive for the virus couldn't be contacted. that's all from the bbc news at six so it's goodbye from me, and on bbc one we nowjoin the bbc‘s news teams where you are.
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hello and welcome to sportsday — i'm 0lly foster at the bbc sport centre. professional golf returns with a powerful show of suppoort for the black lives matter movement.
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we'll have the latest on football's return, but dele alli will sit out spurs first match because of an fa ban. and atheltics is back tonight, but not as we know it, the impossible games start in the next half an hour. evening, we are so thankful that we are increasingly reporting on sports retun, but as it coincides with the global black lives matter protests, sportsmen and women are finding that they have an even more important voice in the stand against racism and inequality. professional golf returned in the us today, rory mcilroy is one of those taking part at fort worth,
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where a minute's silence will be held on every morning of play rhia chohan reports. as rhia chohan reports. professional golf returns to ti usa, as professional golf returns to the usa, the tea—time of 8:a6pm in texas was reserved for silence and reflection. referencing the eight minutes and a6 seconds that black american george floyd late dying beneath the knee of a white police officer. perhaps the sign that golf is embracing change in taking a first step in addressing its own structural issues. i think everyone can just be a little more tolerant. i'm a little more educated and not as ignorant and despite of ruining the game of golf, there are so many people that are involved with the game and as long as we continue to give people from different backgrounds and opportunities to be in golf, then that can only be a good thing. conversations about race and inequality are also being had in the
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world of cricket. darren sammy spoke out about facing derogatory slurs when playing in the indian premier league. there's an opportunity to learn and educate people through that experience, and i've seen a numberof that experience, and i've seen a number of people that have now come back and have admitted that most of them have had in the cricket circle who have experienced that. is the black lives matter movement gives football platform to be heard from it's also inspiring younger players. i'm glad that some of the players have addressed it and spoken and shown how they feel about it all stop i think many people that believe in that way should be doing what people are shown and protesting to make their voices heard. in a situation wherein, black lives matter now, so we have to show that in every aspect. you can in football, whether of kneeling down or doing something else, i feel like it can be shown, because obviously,
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the amount of people watching foot ball the amount of people watching football and the profiles we have as footballers i feel it is the right thing to do. and with nascar announcing the ban of the confederate flag, which for many, remains a symbol of slavery and racism. soccer overturns a banner kneeling during the national anthem, this wave of protest mayjust be getting through and sport. you might have always felt athletes have a unique situation, having a platform and because of that we have to be more responsible. i think for the first time in our history, that people are actually listening to black people. i really think and feel this is an opportunity for us to change our culture and to make this world a better place. we saw golf at the top of her piece. the pga tour's return in texas, the first round is well under way. let's speak to our golf
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correspondent iain carter who's keeping across play. evening to you, ian. rory mcilroy spoke very strongly about golf needing to be more diverse and we had that really powerful minutes silence during play. how sharp are the players looking, what's the latest? we did, yes. 8:30pm six time reserve for a mark of respect for george floyd, and those players were already out on the golf course they took their pause at that point. there was a short message from the commissioner of the tour and that meant that play was suspended just for a moment of reflection they then sounded once again, beneath beautiful clear blue skies, although there were no spectators in fort worth, texas, there has been plenty of very very good golf played, most notably by an englishman, justin rose who is leading after a seven under par 63. isjust going to ask
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about that, because there were a couple of charity events there were a bit ropey, but here we are we are backin a bit ropey, but here we are we are back in the pga tour, it... ill make it look like justin back in the pga tour, it... ill make it look likejustin rosemont back in the pga tour, it... ill make it look like justin rosemont a back in the pga tour, it... ill make it look likejustin rosemont a lot of locked on practising, because he was absolutely devastating the green, certain over the first 12 holes. there were other players who showed a real battle, finished one over par, kevin the defending champion struggled as well. but we have seen some excellent play. johnny vegas rounded under par, succeed for under one—shot rows. he really bulked up, hitting the ball miles off the tvs days. five under par 65, and impulse is going well, 60 holes into his first round and for under par, he is within three shots of the lead. we have all booked up in lectern you can make you that. many thanks indeed. coverage with iain on five live sports extra from 10pm.
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let's have a quick look at the days other headlines. tottenham's dele alli has been given a one game ban and 50,000 pound fine by the fa after posting a video on social media in february that made light of coronavirus and mocked an asian man. he will miss spurs match against manchester united next friday. the england midfielderjill scott has signed a new two year contract at manchester city. she joined the club six years ago, the new deal will also see her take on a coaching role. the moto gp season will start on the i9thjuly in spain. organisers hope to stage at least 13 race weekends. the elite riders in motogp were unable to take part in the opening qatar grand prix in march because of travel restrictions. let's get back to football. the premier league clubs met today and voted unanimously in favour of the return to play protocols for next week, signing off on the matchday operations behind closed doors. the three month lockdown has cost the division £1 billion in revenue. the finance firm deloitte who have come up with the figure say
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that 500 million pounds of that is in rebates to broadcasters and a loss of matchday revenue which will be permanently lost. the rest will be deferred to next season if the remaining 92 matches are completed. the 20 clubs made a combined five billion pounds last season. as the premier league resumes next week, celtic returned to the first phase of training today ahead of next season. they were declared champions over three weeks ago when the premiership was called off. ross county also began non—contact training today, i spoke to one of their players liam fontaine. he had to receive our testing. have the test from abram was negative, so that's what gave evelyn the green light that we could come back in today to train. obviously turning up today to train. obviously turning up to the training ground, we had to go through the protocol that is in place, which is obviously a
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temperature check and questionnaires and social distancing. so waiting into your —— waiting in your car until you go to your area of the page that you've got to working on your own and get as much work in as your own and get as much work in as you can in the area provided. it's nice to be back on the pitches. we are aware that it could have a longer preseason, but a nice sort of easy break and get the body start conditioning again to be out on the pitch and kind of force the body the exercise that we haven't been able to get in the last few months. spain's top division, la liga returns tonight as sevilla take on city rivals real betis. there are 11 rounds of games remaining with barcelona leading the table by two points from real madrid — those two get going at the weekend the seville derby would normally be a a0,000 sell—out, but of course it'll be played behind closed doors. sevilla are third in the table but, despite that, their managerjulen lopetegui is a man under pressure. to bea to be a founder you are used to success to be a founder you are used to su ccess you to be a founder you are used to success you are used to winning
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titles and trophies, so it's going to be really interesting to see just what the result of this match is going to be. if you don't manage to get the three points on the border even get the three points on the border even what they need to lose, they could conceivably end this match day in sixth place. the pressure is going to be ramped right back up and you have a game every 3—a days for the next six weeks, so it's going to be intense, the pressure is going to be intense, the pressure is going to be on and every single team in la liga is going to be really keen to get off to a winning start and to give themselves operating in the space of the table. good news cricket fans. pakistan say they will tour england in august and september for three tests. and three 2020 test matches. the west indies have already arrived for their test series next month at bio secure venues. the first test is at hampshire's ageas bowl, with the rest of the series at old trafford. the england fast bowler james anderson has praised them for making the trip. it's brilliant that we are closing in on getting some test cricket played. after a decent lay—off, yeah, we're certainly from our point
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of view, very grateful that the west indies are coming over here. obviously, with what's going on in the world commits can... i imagine it's a scary decision for a lot of them, for all of them to make the journey home, so we are hugely grateful. now, we finally to get... a deal, in principle, is in place for a heavyweight unification fight between tyson fury and anthonyjoshua — a two fight deal has been agreed for next year, although it will depend on the british fighters keeping hold of their belts both have title—defences coming up. joshua against the bulgarian kubrat pulev fury has a third fight against deontay wilder. obviously, we know there are some hurdles to overcome here, but i thought that it was important to let the public know and let the sport know that these don't get these guys have agreed to fight, sometimes the most difficult of that deal is the financial and that has been dealt with. he was always meant to be the undisputed heavyweight champion of
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the world and holds three of the four belts, tyson very holds the other one, but for a long time from anthonyjosh was wanting to fight the anti—wilder because he held it up, the belt, so if wilder was to beat fury, which quite honestly can't see happening, but if us, we would turn our focus to dion te wilder, because anthony wants to create that legacy of becoming the undisputed heavyweight champion, but let's be honest, the fight we would love to see is fury against ajay, two britts, two great characters, two britts, two great characters, two fighters that have been up and down and come back from adversity. just a huge moment for sports in general, but of course british sport. nothing compares at all to the situation of two british fighters contesting for the world heavyweight championship, and undisputed heavyweight world championship, so this is certainly the biggest fight of my generation. they are two britts, if we can find a way to do it in the uk, it would be very special. certainly one of the two fights at least as well. there have been offers from the middle east, from china, from the us commits the biggest fight in the sport. so we will have to see where
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that plays out, and we will be trying to finalise those details over the next month. some big negotiations ahead. it's certainly something to look forward to perhaps in 2021. oslo was supposed to be hosting a diamond league athletics meeting this evening, rather than scrap the event, they are putting on the impossible games, some atheltes are in norway, but many will be competing via video link. steve cram will be commentating on tonight's competition and praised the organiser steinar hoen for making it happen. as time is going on particularly norway where restrictions have been eased a bit more, they have been allowed to move towards what looks like a more normal athletics meeting. it is a normal come it's very different, we've got some quirky things going on, and he signed a couple... you into those names straightaway. he said will you come, this was back in april and he said yes, he went to
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