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tv   BBC News  BBC News  June 20, 2020 9:00pm-9:30pm BST

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which, in eight minutes and 46 seconds, raised hopes of bridging a racial divide. this is bbc news with the latest headlines for viewers in the uk and around the world. president trump's supporters prepare for his first rally since the covid pandemic hit the us.
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they say it's not a health risk. and we give everybody facemasks and hand sanitisers. and i will show you — here's my facemask. it says "trump 2020". so, i will be wearing this today. as the uk considers plans for summer travel, the spanish foreign minister says british citizens will be allowed into spain without needing to quarantine from tomorrow. we'll allow british visitors to enter spain, just like the rest of the european union or schengen area, from the 21st ofjune, freely and without the need for a quarantine. brazil becomes the second country in the world to report more than a million cases of coronavirus. and all the support, including... no fans, but no shortage of incident, as the english premier
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league gets fully back into action. hello and welcome if you're watching in the uk or around the world — and stay with us for the latest news and analysis from here and across the globe. we begin in tulsa, oklahoma, where president trump is due to hold his first election rally since the coronavirus pandemic hit the us in march. this was the scene outside the venue a short while ago. 19,000 people are expected at the indoor arena. they'll be asked to sign a waiver, ruling out legal action if they contract covid—19. it's already being reported that six of the trump campaign's advance team have tested positive for the virus. in a moment, we'll bring you the thoughts of a local
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republican on the rally — but first, here's the chair of the oklahoma black caucus. we cannot speak for other folks, we're not going to be distracted here in tulsa, oklahoma as it relates to the behaviour of other folks. what we're going to do is remain focused on votes that we have upcoming as it relates to health care — very needed — as it relates to action that deals with police reform. we have here in america, as i know you've seen, george floyd, who had a knee on his neck, and he died and he expelled his last breath for the world to see. well, guess what — before george floyd, there was a derrick scott in oklahoma city who also had a knee on his neck and died in front of cameras. so we're focused on justice, we're focused on reform as it relates to body cams, as it relates to excessive force, as it relates to hate crimes. that's what we can do collectively to make this world better. that's our focus. we're not going to be distracted. well, i think the president's
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intention of bringing to tulsa is to highlight what happened 99 years ago. the state of oklahoma is sponsoring a museum that we are building here in tulsa so that the whole world can know about what happened, so i take it as something positive. more people are going to know about what happened at the race riots into tulsa, oklahoma now because president trump chose to come here and highlight and focus on it than if he would have ignored it, so i'm proud of him for coming to tulsa. live now to our north america correspondent peter bowes, who's in los angeles. peter, an interesting choice of location from the president. yes, interesting and controversial for another reason. there are historical reasons why people are saying that this weekend, never mind the events of yesterday, which marked the end of yesterday, which marked the end of slavery in the united states, but
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across the weekend, people have concerns for other reasons, notably the coronavirus and it is just a few days since many saw a peak in new infections. certainly those people attending the rally have been asked to signa attending the rally have been asked to sign a waiver or release by paying for their tickets in effect, they are signing a waiver that says that they won't sue the trump campaign if they contract covid—i9 after this weekend. and we have just heard in the last couple of hours about some embers of the advance tea m about some embers of the advance team from the trump campaign who have in fact tested positive, they have in fact tested positive, they have been put in quarantine, we are being told they will not be at the valley, they won't be anywhere close to the attendees either. of course, you can see many people attending the valley, there does not seem to bea the valley, there does not seem to be a lot of worry amongst people in the rally about covid—i9. i interviewed someone earlier on this evening and he did not seem worried at all about covid—i9.
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evening and he did not seem worried at all about covid-19. sometimes, it's like living into separate worlds. some people are truly concerned about coronavirus and others, and it seems particular people who are attending this rally, are not so people who are attending this rally, are not so concerned people who are attending this rally, are not so concerned and don't believe that is necessary to wear a mask. everyone going in there is being offered a mask and hand sanitiser as well, some people actually refusing to take the mask because they don't believe they are in danger, and if you ask people around the country, there is a lot of worry that getting together in large groups still is a major concern, especially if it's inside. this is a venue with thousands and thousands of people who will be shouting and cheering and in a very point mood. experts say precisely the kind of situation where it is very easy for the virus to spread. and of course, at the moment, things are tough for president trump right now. we have got thejohn bolton book that he is having to contend with. how does look for him moving
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forward to november? president trump has been itching to get back to these rallies, there is no doubt about that, he feels... in these situations, he is less filtered, he might be using a tele— printer but it's a lot of ad lib as well. he is very close to his most loyal supporters, where it is very obvious the president feels comfortable in terms of getting his message across, and that's with some polls showing him lagging behind. that's exactly what he needs to do in the next few months. peter bowes, think here much indeed. —— thank you very much indeed. wa nt to want to bring you some breaking news at the moment. british media reporting several people have been stabbed in the town of i l--|n , —— in the ,—— in the town of reading. , —— in the town of reading. other news outlets are reporting the stabbings have ta ken news outlets are reporting the stabbings have taken place at the sight of a black lives matter protest in the town. you know that black lives matter protest have been
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happening across the uk for the last few weeks at weekends, on saturdays and sundays, so the latest report suggesting that this has happened at a black lives matter rally. also, the royal berkshire hospital has reported that it is treating two casualties at the moment in its emergency department who have been brought in from the incident in reading. the emergency permits as it remains open for anyone else who needsit remains open for anyone else who needs it despite reports on a social media that it has actually in fact shot —— the emergency department says. the latest from the director of comms from the royal berkshire, there are two casualties being treated there and we know there have been a stabbing said and in reading. police say they are investigating the incident and it looks as if it happened on the site of a black lives matter protest. of course, will bring the latest here as and
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when we get it. spain's foreign minister announced the country will from sunday open its doors to british tourists without the need for two weeks of self isolation. madrid is set to lift its state of emergency it imposed in march, opening on sunday its borders to travel from european union and schengen countries. spain's foreign minister, arancha gonzalez laya, told the bbc earlier today that spain was discussing whether britain would reciprocate and lift its quarantine measures, but explained spain took the unilateral decision out of "respect" to those with second homes in the country. we are discussing with the uk authorities to see if they would do the same on their side. we nevertheless are doing this out of respect for the 400,000 british citizens that have a second residence in spain and that are dying to benefit from their homes in our country. we want to make sure that we honour our commitment to treat british citizens who are, on an epidemiological basis, similar to other european union member states to continue to be able
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tojoin their homes in spain as from the 21st ofjune. joining me now is the bbc‘s guy hedgecoe in madrid. an interesting development there, that spain has now unilaterally decided to allow brits into spain without the two week quarantine. yes, that's right, and we've known for some days now that spain was going to take that measure for number of other countries, as you said, across europe. the big question was whether it would do for britain. the foreign minister did stay a few days back she wanted to see some kind of reciprocal arrangement with britain, but now they have taken this decision you —— unilaterally, it seems the british tourist factor is the main
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factor here. it is the single most important factor for foreign tourists for the country. any brits travelling on sunday, what will they find? they will still have to go through some controls. they obviously will not have to sigh fell asleep for two weeks but they will have to show their documents and they will have to go through a temperature test, having their temperature test, having their temperature take as they arrive to whatever airport there arriving at, to try and give the authorities an idea as to whether they might possibly be infected with coronavirus, so the spanish authorities are still maintaining some of these controls but they are much lighter control than we are seeing before, and that reflect the fa ct seeing before, and that reflect the fact that spain feels it really has ove i’co m e fact that spain feels it really has overcome now the coronavirus crisis, it has it under control, and it does wa nt to it has it under control, and it does want to make sure there is not a second wave coming from outside
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spain. thank you very much indeed, arancha thank you very much indeed, guy hedgegoe. the reproduction rate of the coronavirus in germany has jumped to 1.97, well above the level needed to contain it. the number is a setback for germany, which has fared better than many european countries due to early testing and social distancing measures. experts say it's due to a number of local outbreaks in locations such as meat—packing plants and family parties. the us attorney general william barr says president trump has removed geoffrey berman from his job as a federal prosecutor in new york. mr berman, who led the investigation into mr trump's personal lawyer, michael cohen, had earlier denied reports he had resigned. he said he would stay in place until a successor had been confirmed by congress. a usjudge has blocked president trump's attempt to halt the publication of a book written by his former security adviser, john bolton. mr bolton was fired by mr trump
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in september after 17 months of serving in the white house. the book includes claims that mr trump had been unaware that britain was a nuclear power, and that he had sought help from chinese president xijinping to win the presidential election. let's turn now to the coronavirus pandemic — which is continuing to spread rapidly in brazil. there were more than 5a,000 confirmed new cases in the last day, taking the total to more than a million. only the us has more. katy watson reports. this is the reality behind brazil's spread of covid—i9. the cases keep climbing. the infection keep spreading. and brazil doesn't yet have it under control. friday saw a massive spike in the number of new cases, a record at nearly 55,000. according to the health ministry,
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the rise was due in part to several states having trouble in reporting data early in the week. but numbers are numbers, and they are frightening. translation: in fact, people only start believing covid—i9 is real when it is a family member or themselves who get it, because as long as it is no one in the family, no one they know who gets it, people won't get real about what is happening. each and every day, more people are taken by covid—i9 in brazil. this week saw four consecutive days of more than 1,200 fatalities. all the while, cities like sao paulo and rio dejaneiro are starting to open back up. after more than three months in quarantine, people are trying to get back to some kind of normality. but life in brazil is anything but normal. president jair bolsonaro has from the very beginning campaign for brazil's economy to reopen. he has railed against social distancing, even going against his own health ministry and firing those
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who dared to disagree with him. translation: brazilian people really had a hard time figuring out how to behave because of the questionable guidelines. the health ministry, along with governors, asked for and stressed the need for isolation, for distance. the president said exactly the opposite. he did the opposite. he systematically broke those recommendations. he made many people question them. bolsonaro is referred to by some as the trump of the tropics. it is true he has long admired donald trump and his way of doing politics. the two men have much in common, not least the way they have handled the pandemic. the figures in the us are staggering, but brazil too is alarming. they are now exclusive members of a club nobody wants to join. just want to view an update on
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braking is coming to us from reading, a town in southern england. people have been stabbed in reading. police are investigating. the latest we have is they are two people being treated at the royal berkshire hospital, local hospital which is very close to where the incident occurred. the foundation trust sank two casualties being treated there, so two casualties being treated there, so the latest we are hearing is this incident happened at forbury gardens, two air amulets is responding to the incident, andy leader in the area is urging people to stay away from the area, saying police are dealing with "a serious incident". i will try and bring you
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more on that in a few minutes' time here on bbc news. let's return to our top story now — in less then three hours, president trump is set to speak in front of a crowd of 19,000 people in tulsa, oklahoma. it's set to be one of the largest events in the united states since the coronavirus forced most parts the united states to enter a state of lockdown. this is the scene outside the bank of oklahoma center, where president trump is set to speak. critics say the event will help the coronavirus to spread. president trump's team say they had more than1 million requests for tickets. masks will be handed out to attendees, but the president will not wear one himself. well, let's get a sense of what it's like on the ground at the rally in tulsa. i spoke to tommy zegan — he's an ardent trump supporter and artist who's spent the last year building this, a six foot installation he calls president trump and his magic wand. the piece has president trump holding the us constitution in one hand and a magic wand in the other.
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he's at the rally in tulsa, and i asked whether he thought it was a wise decision to hold a rally during a pandemic. my my feelings on the coronavirus is it isa my feelings on the coronavirus is it is a personal responsibility. i believe i already had the coronavirus and i basically busted my immune system, i took 500 mg of vitamin c, and i think i beat it within 48 hours. i didn't have to go toa within 48 hours. i didn't have to go to a doctor. i think it's a personal responsibility. if you're afraid of the coronavirus, my advice would be to stay home, don't come to the rally. we are to live life, not stay in our closets and fear the unknown, so in our closets and fear the unknown, so my feeling is that coronavirus is going to come and go, but life is going to come and go, but life is going to come and go, but life is going to go on. and how do you think president trump has dealt with the coronavirus pandemic in the us? you know, a lot of people want to point fingers and i don't think he's the one that we want to point fingers
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at, honestly. ithink one that we want to point fingers at, honestly. i think there are some other people that are responsible for the virus. trump is doing the best that he can with what we have and again, it is a personal responsibility. i don't fear it, i believe that i had it, and so i don't think i can get it again. and i'm go to live my life. i drove all the way here from florida, took four hours to get here, chose to come to the shelter to promote trump and... a maid the statue of from and his magic wand statue, which we
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